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tv   Ukraine President Addresses U.N. Security Council  CSPAN  April 5, 2022 10:01pm-1:11am EDT

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cox, bringing us closer. the un security council meant to hear from ukrainian president zelenskyy about the alleged war crimes being committed in ukraine. he said russia must be held accountable land called for the country to be removed as a permanent member of the security council. [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations]
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>> good morning, everyone. the 9,010th meeting of the security council was called to order. i give the floor to the russian federation. >> translator: president, before we go to the agenda, i would like to express protests in connection with the fact that the just started british presidency got with the two requests to convene a security council in connection with the
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horrific provocation of ukrainian forces. from the beginning, the first meeting, which we requested sunday, the third of april, monday at 3 p.m. and an emergency meeting at 12:00 on the fourth of april, after you refused our first request. we considered -- you considered that it was possible to blatantly violate the rules of the council, and for the second time issue a decision that wasn't coordinated with anyone that it would be better to discuss the topic today. this is an outrageous situation. sent in my letter to you yesterday and official documents to the council, i would like to ask on what basis you feel that you can act in such an
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outrageous way and all existing norms and rules. don't you know that in case you don't rule on the proposal you should have convened a meeting and put forward the issue of the viability of holding a meeting for a vote, especially since you should have an example of our presidency where we didn't refuse a single time to convene any of the six meetings on ukraine. we demand an explanation from you, and we hope that in the future you will not challenge the right of the members to request a meeting enshrined in the rule. >> i think the representative of the russian federation. is there anyone else who wants
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to comment on this? i will explain the presidency's presidenciesposition in just a . if i could respond to your points from the russian federation, we did not reject your request for a meeting. we received your letter on sunday, and it is the responsibility with the obligation of the presidency to schedule a meeting. you particularly requested a meeting free time on monday. our proposal is presidency was to schedule the meeting either alongside the meeting today, so well within the 48 hour limit which has been conventional for security council, or to hold the meetings sequentially one after another. and i'm sad that the russian federation turned down both proposals, but i wish to be clear that we did not reject the request for a meeting, a
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difficult proposed was less than 24 hours, and to be clear, we share the view that this is an urgent situation and we have, as i say, offered the russian federation either a separate meeting today or to combine it with this one. so, as far as the presidency is concerned, we did everything in line with the provisional rules of the procedure and with precedent. we have received no other complaints from the councilmembers on the subject. i give the floor to the russian federation. >> translator: we have evidence, factual evidence, that this was no less than 24 hours before the meeting that we requested. this is confirmed and documented
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if anyone is interested we can provide proof. but i want to express the hope that what you said today means you will not in the future refuse member states of the security council to hold meetings when they request for them. thank you. >> i think the representative of the russian federation. the presidency will not refuse to host meetings in the future, and i hope that that closes that point and we can proceed with the adoption of the agenda. the provisional agenda for this meeting is dated from the permanent representative of ukraine to the united nations addressed to the president of the security council, s/2014/136. the agenda is adopted.
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i should like to start by taking the opportunity to pay tribute on behalf of the council to her excellency, the permanent representative of the united arab emirates for your service as the president of the council for the month of march. i'm sure i speak for all of us in expressing our deep appreciation to the ambassador and her team for the skillful conduct of the council's business last month. thank you very much indeed. in accordance with rule 37 of the council's provisional rules and procedure, i invite the representative of ukraine to participate in this meeting. it is so decided.
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on behalf of the council, i welcome the participation of his excellency, mr. volodymyr zelenskyy, the president of ukraine, and just add that as the usual presidents, the permanent representative of ukraine will also join the meeting in case of any technical issues. in accordance with rule 39 of the councils provisional rules of procedure, i invite the following breeders to participate in the meeting. the regiment under secretary-general for political lead to peace building affairs and mr. martin griffith, under secretary-general for humanitarian affairs, emergency relief coordinator. it is so decided. in accordance with rule 39, the council provisional rules and procedure, i also invite his excellency, head of delegation of the european union to the united nations to participate in this meeting.
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it is so decided. >> the security council will now begin its consideration of item number two of the agenda. i wish to warmly welcome his excellency, the sector in general, his excellency anthony, and i give him the floor. >> madam president, excellencies. the war in ukraine is one of the greatest challenges ever to the international order founded on the united nations. because of its nature, intensity and consequences. we are dealing with a full-fledged invasion and when members of the united nations,
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ukraine by another, the russian federation, a permanent member of the security council in violation of the united nations charter and in several ways including withdrawing the borders between the two countries. the war has led to a senseless loss of lives, massive devastation and destruction of civilian infrastructure. i will never forget the images of civilians killed and calling for an independent investigation to guarantee effective accountability. i'm also deeply shocked by the personal testimony of the rape and sexual violence that now is emerging. the high commissioner for human rights has spoken of possible war crimes, breaches of international law and serious violations of international human rights law. and the russian defense has also led to the displacement, the
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fastest movement since the second world war. far beyond the borders the war has led to increases in prices of food, energy because russia and ukraine are linchpins of these markets. its descriptive supply chains and increased the cost of transportation, putting even more pressure on the developing world. many developing countries are already on the verge of debt collapsed due to the impact of the covid-19 pandemic and are stemming ultimately from the nature of the global economic and financial system. for all these reasons, it is more urgent to silence the guns. that is why i ask the coordinator martin griffith to travel to russia and ukraine to press for the humanitarian cease-fire and the secretary-general griffith will update you on the humanitarian situation and the results of the
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contact so far. and the secretary-general will also brief you on the political and human rights dimensions. the secretary-general of the united nations it is my duty to call the attention of the council to what is being done to the economy and particularly to the vulnerable people in the developing countries. madam president, this indicates that 74 developing countries with the total population of 1.2 billion people are particularly vulnerable to spiking food, energy and costs. the debt obligations take up 16% of developing countries export earnings and in a small island developing states, the figure is 34% and rising because of increased interest rates and the need to pay for expensive imports. in the past months alone, prices have increased by 22% -- prices
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on the first of april were more than a 60% higher than at the same time last year. the series of events have led to that. prices have more than doubled over the same period. we are already seeing some countries moved from vulnerability into crisis and assigns of serious social unrest. the flames of conflict are fueled by inequality, deprivation and underfunding. with all the warning signals flashing red, we have a duty to act. madam president, the global crisis on food energy and finance has formulated some recommendations for the consideration of member states, it's financial institutions and others. we are urging countries to keep markets open, resist unjustified and unnecessary export restrictions and make reserves available to countries at risk
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of hunger and famine. this isn't the time for protectionism, humanitarian appeals must be fully funded. people cannot pay the price for the war. on energy for the use of strategic stockpiles and reserves would help ease the energy crisis in the short term. but the only medium and long term solution is to accelerate the renewable energy deployment which is not impacted by the market fluctuations. these will allow fossil fuels and nobles that are already cheaper than most of the cases. one finance, international financial institutions must go into emergency mode. we've urged protection by the financial institutions to increase liquidity and physical space so that the government can provide safety nets for the poorest and most vulnerable. i've been going for the global financial system and its
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long-overdue. these are linked with the prevention agenda and with building and sustaining peace. madam president of the war in ukraine must stop now. we need serious negotiations for peace for the principles of the united nations charter. the council is charged with maintaining peace and doing so in solidarity. i deeply regret the decisions that have prevented from acting not only on ukraine but other threats to peace and security around the world. i urge the council to do everything in its power -- and i think you. >> i think the secretary-general for his remarks. i now give the floor over. >> thank you. madame president, as i last briefed the council on the 17th of march, the security situation
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in ukraine is seriously deteriorated. the number of ukrainians killed has more than doubled. ukrainian cities continue to be mercilessly pounded, often indiscriminately, by heavy artillery and aerial bombardment. hundreds of thousands of people including children, the elderly and the disabled remain trapped in and circled areas. the devastation brought on ukrainian cities is one of the shameful hallmarks. the hoarder this past weekend and shocking images emerge from dead civilians, some with hands bound lighting in the streets, the town near kiev formerly held by russian forces. many bodies were also found in a mass grave in the same locality. reports by organizations also
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alleged execution of civilians. madam president, away from the fighting, diplomatic efforts to end the war including direct talks between ukrainian and russian representatives have continued. we commend the government of turkey for hosting these discussions as well as the efforts of many others engaging with russia and ukraine to help bring about peace. we welcome the willingness of both sides to continue engaging to reach a mutual understanding. this requires good faith and earnest efforts. and for the negotiations to be quick in action on the ground. while there has been a reported reduction of russian troops and attacks around kiev, such moves should not be made tactical and
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provision forces for attacks on ukrainian cities and towns elsewhere. the general assembly has twice called for the russian forces to withdraw entirely from ukrainian territory and cease all military operations. we also take note of the reported withdrawal of russian forces around the chernobyl nuclear site. the international atomic energy agency reports that this development will hopefully allow it to conduct a support mission to provide technical advice and deliver equipment when necessary as soon as possible. on the nuclear sites in ukraine they must be fully protected and secured. military operations in and around these locations must be avoided. madame president, the numbers tell a tragic and yet incomplete story. according to the office of the high commissioner for human rights, at least 1,480 civilians
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have been killed, and at least 2,195 injured between the 24th of february and the fourth of april, 2022. the actual figures are considerably higher. we are gravely concerned by the use of explosive weapons in the impacted areas and populated areas. as such weapons are causing most civilian casualties as well as massive destruction of civilian infrastructure including residential buildings, hospitals, water stations and electricity. oh cer has received credible allegations that the forces have been in the populated areas at least 24 times. allegations that ukrainian forces have used such weapons are also being investigated. as noted by the high commissioner, indiscriminate
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attacks or prohibited under international humanitarian law. the massive destruction of civilian objects is the high number of civilian casualties, strongly indicates the fundamental principles of the distinction, proportionality and precaution have not been sufficiently adhered to. in the cities, a significant increase in mortality rates among civilians can also be attributed to the disruption of medical care and basic services. people with disabilities and the elderly are particularly vulnerable. the fourth of april, 2022, the world health organization has reported a total of 85 attacks on healthcare facilities and at least 72 fatalities and 43 injuries. madame president, we are seriously concerned about arbitrary arrests and the disappearances of persons who
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have been vocal against the russian invasion. as of the 30th of march, we've documented the arbitrary detention and possible disappearance of 22 journalists and civil society members in kiev and other regions. twenty-four local officials have also been detained in regions under russian control. thirteen of whom have been subsequently released. we call for the immediate release of all individuals who've been arbitrarily detained including journalists, local officials, civil society activists and others. also as of the 30th of march, we recorded seven journalists and media workers killed since hostilities began. another 15 have come under armed attack, many of whom were injured. allegations of conflict related to sexual violence perpetrated by russian forces have also
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emerged. these include gang rape even in front of children. they are also claims of sexual violence by ukrainian forces and civil defense militia. we continue to seek to verify all thesee allegations. we are also concerned about disturbing videos depicting abuse of prisoners of war on both sides. all prisoners of war must be treated with dignity and full respect for their rights in accordance with international humanitarian law. madame president, the many credible allegations of serious violations of international humanitarian law and international human rights law from areas recently taken from the russian forces does not go unanswered. we support efforts and examine the allegations to gather evidence. ensuring the accountability and justice committed will not be easy but it is essential.
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madame president, we are heartened by the generosity of the neighboring countries who have accepted millions of refugees and the solidarity of the ukrainian people who are hosting their displaced compatriots. with more than 10 million people displaced i believe mostly one quarter of the population, united nations is gravely concerned about the heightened risks of human trafficking. suspected and verified cases of human trafficking are surfacing in the surrounding countries according to the international organization. madame president, this war is devastating ukraine but it also threatens its future. early assessment projections suggest that if the war continues to 20 ukraine faces the prospect of socioeconomic progress lost.
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this would set the country and the region back decades and leave deep long-term social and economic impact. nations are working to help preserve ukraine's development gains. this is supporting the government structures and basic services including emergency management to sustained livelihoods such as cash-based assistance. madame president, the war in ukraine has damaged the security architecture. its economic repercussions are already evident far from the battlefield. the longer the war continues, the greater the risk that it will further weaken the global institutions and mechanisms dedicated to preserve peace and security. the war was started by choice.
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the united nations is ready to do everything to help bring an end to it. thank you madam president. >> i thank you for the briefing and i now give the floor to mr. martin. >> thank you, madam president. as you just heard from the secretary-general, ukrainian civilians are paying far too high a price of this war. i want to speak briefly about the humanitarian needs and what we are doing to meet them before i then refer to my recent travels. in the last six weeks as we have heard at least 1,430 people have been killed. among them, over 121 children. and we know this is likely a serious underestimate. homes and infrastructure bridges, hospitals, schools have been damaged and destroyed.
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the current figures on displacement tell us that more than 11.3 million people have now been forced to flee their homes and 4.2 million are refugees in those neighboring countries referred to. so total more than a quarter of the population of ukraine has fled in this extraordinary short time. unfortunately, we can imagine that these figures will continue to rise until we can find some peace. madame president, the ground and the counter offenses are making it possible for many civilians. faculties, the elderly, women and children have been trapped already for too long. for more than five weeks the people have been put up in the fighting and it's
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well-documented it's the center of hell. other cities remain cut off from essential goods and services. the perilous conditions are hampering our efforts to offer them access to us and we stayed here civilians must be allowed to move to safer areas without fear of attack at their own choice and selection. it's vital that all parties respect their obligations under the international humanitarian law to protect civilians and allow in personal humanitarian organizations safe, rapid, unimpeded access to all civilians in need wherever they are in ukraine. madame president, as the world watches the humanitarian need for and in ukraine, the united nations and partner organizations are making every effort to dramatically increase
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our support to the affected civilians. the work of the 6,000 volunteers from the ukraine red cross as we've noted before in this chamber together with local ngos in eastern ukraine these people, these organizations continue to work tirelessly at the frontline of assistance to communities. the program has reached more than 1.3 million people and plans to push that number up to 2.5 million people. health partners report more than 180 tons of medical supplies were delivered in ukraine and another 470 tons on the way. this will address the health needs of 6 million people in the months ahead. and i'm pleased to say to save the context of ukraine is after much effort in the past day
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another convoy went to the far east. today food, winter clothing, nonfood items, medicine, hygiene kits offloaded to the ukraine red cross and will reach the hands of those most in need. notification to both parties the process. for convoys have provided critical support to people in some of the cities encircled by the war affected by ongoing and several more are planned. so these are initial steps but it gives us a basis to understand and take our efforts up to scale expanding much more than one convoy a day. as the secretary-general and undersecretary general already
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said, i want to also join them in expressing my concern over the number of reports we are seeing of human trafficking, sexual violence, exploitation and abuse in ukraine and other regions. such horrific incidences are overwhelmingly impacting displaced women and children more than others. the protection of gender-based services through agencies to provide specialist care and through the wealth of civil society organizations in ukraine. these services are designed and carried out directly in collaboration with the ukrainian civil society including very particularly, women led organizations. madame president today i'm addressing you from geneva having just returned from moscow overnight. as you know the secretary-general as you said
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charged me to bring both sides together on the humanitarian grounds to explore specific and sustained ways to reduce humanitarian suffering including in particular entirely evident the pursuit of the humanitarian cease-fire. yesterday in moscow i had long and frank exchanges with the minister of foreign affairs left off and then separately with the deputy minister of defense. in my meetings with the senior officials, i discussed also in addition to the possibilities of the humanitarian cease-fire's ii discussed the issue with humanitarian convoys in a safe passage to which i've already referred to. the possibility for building
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further sharing specific suggestions and mutually agreed upon to allow for evacuation of civilians and for the safe passage of lifesaving aid. it pauses in different parts of ukraine to save lives and bring back a modicum of safety for those living in those places. my counterparts in moscow received the suggestion of the intent to carefully study those ideas which i left with then and we agreed to remain in close contact. i came away from these meetings believing that we have a very long road ahead of us but it must be traveled and we will travel it. tomorrow i hope and plan to travel to ukraine to have discussions with senior authorities from the ukrainian government on thursday on the
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same issues and others that they will no doubt presented to me. and also to see firsthand with the crisis coordinator the humanitarian response. madame president, thanks to generous contributions many from governments in this chamber, the humanitarian response has indeed been a scaling up allowing us to meet the needs of 1.5 million people. we will need sustained financial support. i want to stress what he has done for funding has not been diverted from other crises and madame president -- [inaudible] yes you heard from david last week, the conflict, climate shock impacted the costs as
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indicated by the secretary-general could push another 47 million people globally into severe food insecurity. the total number of people around the world who will not know where the next meal will come from could be driven to the astonishing figure of 325 million people around the world. that is by a long distance the highest in recent history and well over double what it was years ago. i close by reminding the council what the council already knows well. the world cannot afford this war and neither can the people of ukraine and like others i call on all member states to support all efforts from whatever part they come from in the pursuit of peace the alleviation of humanitarian suffering for the
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sake of the people of ukraine, for the sake of those around the world we cannot afford to bear the burden this imposes on this and we must. thank you, madam president. >> i thank you for the briefing and now i give the floor over to his excellency, mr. volodymyr zelenskyy, the president of ukraine. you have the floor, sir. [speaking ukrainian] >> translator: dear madam chair, dear mr. secretary-general, distinguished members of the security council and other members of this meeting. thank you very much for this opportunity. i'm sure that all the representatives of the united nations member states will hear me today. yesterday i returned from the
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city recently liberated from russian troops not far from key of, so there is not a single crime that they would not commit to there. the russian military searched for and purposefully killed anyone who served our country. they shot and killed women outside of their houses when they tried to call someone alive. they killed entire families, adults and children, and they tried to burn the bodies. i am addressing you on behalf of the people who honor the memory of the deceased every single day in the memory of the families who were shot and killed in the back of their head after being tortured. some of them were shot on the streets, others were thrown into wells so they died and suffering. they were killed in their apartments, houses, blowing up grenades. civilians were crushed by tanks while sitting in their cars in the middle-of-the-road just for
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their pleasure. they cut off limbs, cut their throats, slashed their throats, women were raped and killed in front of the children, their tongues were pulled out only because they didn't hear what they wanted to hear from them. so this is no different from other terrorists who occupied some territories and here it is done by a member of the united nations security council destroying internal unity, borders, countries and taken the rights of more than a dozen countries who are. they pursue consistent policy of destroying interests with wars and deliberately leading them in such a way that to kill as many regular civilians and to leave
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the country where they deploy their troops in ruins and filled with mass graves. you all see that and they support hatred at the level of the state and others through the system of propaganda and political corruption. a global food crisis that could lead to famine in africa, asia and other countries and in many countries were destroying their domestic security. so where is the security that the security council needs to guarantee? it is not there although there is a security council, so where are those guarantees? it is obvious the key institution of the world which must ensure the coercion of
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peace simply cannot work effectively. now the world can see that what the russian military dad while keeping the city under their occupation. but the world has yet to see what they have done in other occupied cities and regions of the country. geography might be different, but cruelty is the same, the crimes are the same, and accountability must be an inevitable. ladies and gentlemen, i would like to remind you of article one, chapter one of the un charter. what is the purpose of our organization? the purpose is to maintain peace and make sure that peace is adhered to and now they violated literally starting with article one. and if so, what is the point of all other articles?
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today as a result of russia's action in our country, in ukraine, the most terrible war crimes of all kinds are we see since the end of world war ii and they are being committed. russian troops are deliberately destroying the ukrainian studies and with artillery and airstrikes. they are deliberately blocking cities creating mass starvation, they have civilians on the road trying to escape. they even blow up shelters where civilians hide from airstrikes. they are deliberately creating conditions in the temporary occupied territories so that as many civilians as possible are killed. the massacre in our city is only one, unfortunately only one of many examples of what the occupiers have been doing on our land for the past 41 days.
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and there are many more cities in similar places where the world has yet to learn the full truth. there are dozens of other ukrainian communities, each of them similar. i you know and you know perfectly well what the representative of russia will say in response to the accusations of these crimes. they have said that many times the most significant was after they were shooting down the malaysian boeing by russian forces with russian weapons ordering the war in syria. they will blame everyone just to justify their own action. they will say that there are various versions, different versions, and it isn't possible to establish which of the versions is true. they will even say that the bodies were of those killed were
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allegedly thrown away and all of these are staged. but it's 2022 now. we have conclusive evidence. so there are federal images need we have full transparent investigations. maximum access for journalism, maximum cooperation with international institutions, and involvement of the international criminal court, complete rules and full accountability. i am sure that every member state of the un should be interested in this. for what? in order to punish once and for all those who consider themselves privileged and believe that they can get away with anything. so, show all the other potential war criminals in the world how they will be punished if the biggest one is punished, then everyone is punished. and why did ukraine -- why come
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to ukraine? because it's like colonizers in ancient times. they need our wealth and people. russia has already departed hundreds of thousands and conducted more than 2,000 just simply conducted them. and they continue to do so. russia wants to turn ukraine into silent slaves. the russian military are looting openly that cities and villages they have captured. this is why it's looting. they are stealing everything starting with food, ending with earrings, gold earrings that are pulled out and covered with blood. we are dealing with a state that is turning the leader -- this undermines the whole architecture of global security and allows for them to go
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unpunished, so they are doing everything they can. if this continues, the countries will rely only on the power of their own arms to ensure their security and not on international law, not rely on international institutions. the united nations, ladies and gentlemen, are you ready to close the un? do you think the time of international law is gone, if the answer is no, then you need to act immediately. the un charter must be restored immediately. the system must be reformed immediately so that the veto is not the right to die, that there is a fair representation in the security council of all regions of the world. it must be brought to peace
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immediately. the massacre from syria to somalia, from afghanistan to yemen and lydia, that should have been stopped a long time ago. if tierney had at least once received such response to the war, it would have ceased to exist and honest piece to be guaranteed after it and the world would have changed for sure. and then perhaps there wouldn't be war in my country. again, our people against ukrainian people, against our citizens. but the world watched and didn't want to see the occupation of crimea or the war against georgia or taking the entire from moldova and how russia was preparing the basis for other conflicts and wars near their
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borders. how to stop it. the russian military and those who gave them orders must be brought to justice immediately for war crimes in ukraine. anyone who has given a criminal orders and carried them out by killing our people will be brought before the tribunal which should have been similar to the others. i would like to remind the russian diplomats that they haven't escaped punishment of the war crimes in world war ii. i would also like to remind you those others did not go unpunished. nobody, but the main thing is today it's time to transform the system so i propose the global
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conference and we can do it here in order to determine how we are going to reform the world security system and how we will rely, how do we establish the guarantee of the recognition of borders and integrity and states and countries. how will they insert the rule of international law and is it now clear that the creation of the global security and international organizations have not been achieved and it is impossible to achieve them without reform. therefore, we must do everything in our power to pass on to the next generation and effective un with an ability to respond to the security challenges and thus guarantee and force aggressors to please have the determination
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if the principles of peace are violated. there can be no more exceptions of privileges. everybody must be equal regardless of economic strength. the power of peace must become dominant. the power of justice and the security power and humanitarian always dreamed of it. ukraine is ready to provide a platform for one of the main offices of the newly updated security system is similar to the geneva that deals with human rights and environmental protection. and here we can have an office to specialize in preventive measures to maintain peace. i would like to remind you of our peaceful mission in afghanistan when we evacuated
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over more than 1,000 people from our own extent. it was a very difficult phase, and ukraine came to their help. we took in the people of different nationalities, ethnic groups, afghan citizens of european countries, u.s., canada. we did not know who needed the help. was it one of our own or somebody else. we helped all of them and saved everyone. anytime there was a need everyone would be confident help would come the world would be definitely safer. therefore they have the right to propose the reform of the security system. we have proven we help others not only in happy times but dark times and now we need decisions from the security council for
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peace in ukraine. if you do not know how to make this decision, you can do two things. so decisions about its own aggression and its own war and then do everything we can do to establish peace or the other option is to show how we can reform or change or work for peace. if there is no alternative and no option, then the next option would be to solve and i know you can admit if there is nothing that you can do beside conversation. we need peace, ukraine needs peace, europee needs peace and
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the world needs peace. finally, i would kindly ask you to watch this short video. please give us one more minute of your time to show that one country can violate rights and that's the result of being unpunished. if possible, please watch this because it is impossible to get everyone to come to the country and see it with your own eyes. therefore, i would ask you to watch this video. thank you very much. [applause]
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>> i'm not sure the video, is it just coming? [inaudible] they have it in their possession. >> we will sort that out. technically, we don't have the video so i propose that while we
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sort that out, i think his excellency, mr. zelenskyy for his compelling and powerful remarks. we will come back to the video when we sort out the technical issues around it. and may i say speaking in my national capacity, may i express appreciation to the president for his leadership in war time and for the extraordinary fortitude and bravery of the ukrainian people under this unprovoked and illegal invasion. i resume my function is the president of the security council and while we sort out the technical video, i propose to give the floor to the council members who wish to make statements as i now give the floor to the representative of the united states.
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>> thank you, madam president. let me start by thanking the uae and the ambassador for her successful presidency during the month of march. madam president, as you begin your security council presidency, i want to thank the united kingdom for your leadership and were organizing this discussion on ukraine today. i also want to thank the secretary-general for his remarks and the other breeders and i would like to extend a warm welcome to president zelenskyy. i was moved by the addressee made recently to the congress and we are truly honored by his presence here under the circumstances that he and ukraine face today. madam president, last night i returned from a trip to moldova and rumania. i saw with my own eyes the refugee crisis caused by the unconscionable war.
10:57 pm
i spoke to refugees who indicated to me their desire to return to their home. and we've all seen the images on tv of the bombed out buildings. but what we have not seen is that behind those destroyed buildings are destroyed lives and families. i met with women and children who have fled ukraine and discussed their life and left the only home they have ever known. and of these were sobering conversations. one young woman i spoke to came with her 6-year-old brother who had autism and is struggling with cancer. the single mother helped them escape to save their lives. but russia's war has interrupted the care her brother desperately needs. another woman i spoke to fled
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with her 18-year-old from odessa. the father that had been left behind told them there were shelling was right next to the apartment that very night and they very well could have died had they not left. a third woman i met told me that she used to love to travel but never expected her next trip would be to flee her life, for her life. when i asked her where she was from, she started and then stopped with tears in her eyes and said i'm sorry. i don't know how to say it, but i live in peace or whether i used to live in peace. she was realizing the moment just how dramatically her life had changed because of this senseless war. these are three stories of more
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than 10 million people, 6 million internally displaced and 4 million who left ukraine altogether. 4 million people who have relied on the countries like moldova, romania, poland, slovakia, hungary and others across the region into the world to welcome and support all of those leaving ukraine in search of safety. ukraine's neighbors are bearing the brunt of europe's most significant refugee crisis since world war ii and i want these countries to know that they have a committed partner in the united states and that is why the united states announced recently that we are prepared to provide more than 1 billion u.s. dollars in funding toward humanitarian assistance for those affected by russia's war in ukraine and its severe impact
11:00 pm
around the world. and it is why we are welcoming up to 100,000 ukrainians and others fleeing russia's aggression to the united states. we will continue to assist humanitarian efforts to help the people of ukraine and all those fleeing putin's violence. as heart wrenching as the stories are that i heard in moldova and romania, there are some stories we will never get to hear. these are the people that we saw in the images. we've all seen the gruesome photos, lifeless bodies lying in the streets, apparently and similarly executed, their hands tied behind their backs. as we worked independently depict these images, i would
11:01 pm
remind the council based on the currently available information, the united states has assessed members of russian forces committed war crimes in ukraine. and seeing the images, president zelenskyy reported children were being abducted and we heard them say that today. also mayors and doctors, religious leaders, journalists, and all who dare the aggression. some according to credible reports including the city council have been taken to so-called filtration camps where russian forces are reportedly making tens of thousands of ukrainian citizens relocate to russia. reports indicate that russian federal security agents are confiscating passports and ids, taking away cell phones and
11:02 pm
separating families from one another. i do not need to spell out what these so-called camps are reminiscent of. it's chilling and we cannot look away. every day we see more and more how little russia respects human rights. and that is why i announced yesterday that the united states in coordination with ukraine and many other un member states will seek russia's suspension from the un human rights council. given the growing mountain of evidence shouldn't have an authority in the bodies whose purpose is to promote respect for human rights. not only is this the height of
11:03 pm
hypocrisy, it is dangerous. russia is using its membership on the human rights council as a platform for propaganda to suggest russia has a legitimate concern for human rights. in fact, we will hear some of that propaganda here today i know and i will not dignify these with a response only to say that every lie we hear from the russian representative is more evident that they do not belong on the human rights council. 140 un member states voted to condemn russia over its unprovoked war and the humanitarian crisis it has unleashed upon the people of ukraine. here is my message to all of you. now is the time to match those words with action and show the world that we can work responsibly. and i share president
11:04 pm
zelenskyy's view that this requires responsible power for the global leaders to show some backbone and stand up to russia is a dangerous and unprovoked threat against ukraine and the world. the secretary-general said that confronting this threat is the security council's charge. it is and it is also the responsibility of the un leaders and the leaders around the world, every single member state with a voice. no one can be a shield for russia's aggression. suspending them from the human rights council is something we collectively had the power to do in the general assembly. our vote can make a real difference. russia's participation on the human rights council her to the council's credibility and
11:05 pm
undermines the entire un and it is just plain wrong. let us come together to do what is right and do right by the ukrainian people. let us take this step to help them start to rebuild their lives and match the courage of president zelenskyy we are so honored to have with us today. president zelenskyy, i want you to know we stand with the people of ukraine as you face down this brutal attack on your sovereignty, on your democracy and on your freedom. thank you. >> i think the representative of the united states for her statement and give the floor to the representative of mulvaney. >> thank you, madam president.
11:06 pm
thank you for having served during the month of march and wish you success in the work this coming month. we welcome president zelenskyy to this meeting. his remarks are painful in his account on what ukraine is experiencing under russia invasion is building. we stand by you, your compatriots, all ukrainians for your resilience the entire world is admiring. you are not alone. you have the world on your side because it's the side of the right of the trust and we hope a victory. let me thank you for your clear and powerful remarks and also for the updates.
11:07 pm
this is the 15th meeting of the security council the 31st of january when the war of aggression has entered the second month. let's establish a few facts russia has stalled taking ukraine. kiev was too hard to swallow. the army is in disarray but is still chilling bombardments. all of this isn't news. the news is what russia is leaving behind, the unspeakable horrors, the soul crushing images in areas from which russia is withdrawing. images of civilian with a bullet in the neck, sometimes with their hands tied behind their backs were shot to death on
11:08 pm
their bicycles. images of mass graves overflowing with corpses. images of carnage and devastation and rape and sexual violence, acts usually attributed only to thugs. this is from the same calling is the bombardment of cities, homes, hospitals, schools by the russian forces. it's an open air graveyard. the notorious facelift of the russian aggression. madam president, we have heard time and again it is not russia. it will be hard to convince anyone that the discrete tanks in the roads, the booby-traps, the wreckage and the bodies of
11:09 pm
civilians killed or staged scenes for propaganda. who would believe that russia addressed ukraine to protect civilians while ukraine -- you cannot fool the images were blind independent reporters and human rights ngos on the ground. waiting for russia to accept and tell the truth, it never does. these are facts, hard and acidik proof of the atrocities committed. such crimes as documented and verified by independent and respected professional reporters, those bound call for answers, for better investigations, effective accountability and justice. if the pre- minister called
11:10 pm
these crimes a terrible pain and horrible shame. russia has an international obligation to abide by humanitarian law including the geneva convention and its additional protocol. russia has an obligation. but unfortunately russia has made another choice not to respect any of it and the law will push to it. the commanders cannot escape accountability. the names of the criminal that have reduced cities to ashes and made citizens go from three meals a day to barely three meals a week. this is why we will support the call to suspend the participation in the council.
11:11 pm
the resolution stipulates and i quote, members of the council will respect the highest standards in the promotion and protection of human rights. as we see, russia's standards and its presence there is a desecration of the place that is called to be the century of rights. dear colleagues, it will not shift its focus on eastern ukraine. this means the brutality there may end up becoming a war of attrition. russia has blocked the renewal of the international mission in ukraine. this denies the international community independence that it needs there. this anticipates sadly more and more, atrocities, crimes and more humanitarian disaster. this continues to particularly affect women and children.
11:12 pm
many have been displaced many of them alone in search of safety and security. it is heartbreaking to see mothers write down names and addresses in the back of their children so that they are recognized in case they end up being orphans. we welcome the efforts of osha and partners to deliver assistance to the millions of refugees in neighboring countries. madam president, let me end with this note. rarely has the outcome been so disastrously the complete opposite of what it wanted to achieve. russia's army has been defeated and outnumbered by ukrainian resistance. russia violated like never in its history. it has become the worst lost sanctioned country in history. no country has ever seen himself transformed in a matter of only ten days from a global player into a financial and
11:13 pm
international pariah to the point that it is obliged to find support from north korea. dear colleagues, this aggression is separating the face of ukrainians and russians because the case is also the cause of democracy against his democracy. between the people, the vicious will of one whose reckless actions have challenged everything we stand for and who is directly responsible for what is affecting the entire world. he may choose to stop the troops or continue to descend into the abyss he has created and face the consequences. thank you. >> i think the representative of albania for his statement. i understand we now have solved the technical problems so i suggest we return to the video.
11:14 pm
thank you. ♪♪ ♪♪
11:15 pm
♪♪ i would like to thank the delegation of ukraine for sharing that video with us. the images are harrowing. speaking in my national capacity, we are appalled by what we have seen and reiterate our solidarity with ukraine. i resume my function as the
11:16 pm
council president and now give the floor to the representative. [inaudible] >> translator: i think the secretary-general. under secretary-general as well as mr. martin griffith for their respective briefings. i welcome the participation in this meeting of president zelenskyy. madam president, we continue to witness the war in ukraine while
11:17 pm
the toll of the dead and displays moves and fighting continues easing as lives and civilian infrastructure are destroyed day in and day out, it is without a doubt one day to many and the conflict entered with the number of displaced persons is now surpassing the 10 million mark almost 4 million of which have sought refuge in the neighboring countries this is a frightening humanitarian catastrophe. the repercussions are sure to worsen as a result of the risk of food insecurity due to the unpredictability which will have a trans regional affect. i would like to welcome the secretary-general's establishment of a working group task force on food security,
11:18 pm
energy and finance to reduce the impact of the war. madam president, allegations concerning violence especially sexual violence against women are cause for grave concern. my country is very concerned as well at attacks against infrastructure and humanitarian personnel. humanitarian workers should never be the target of armed attacks. they are often the link between victims of war and what remains of humanity when the rug has been pulled from under their feet. workers should be able to funnel humanitarian assistance wherever it is needed without the security guaranteed by both
11:19 pm
parties. it should be possible to form security evacuation convoys to allow for the smooth evacuation of persons wishing to leave combat zones. this is vital to the almost 18 million people in the humanitarian assistance and ukraine. the situation is becoming plainly unattainable. the deterioration of living conditions in certain places is very concerning especially when civilian infrastructure and the provision of the essential public services is affected. we are concerned at the risks of the disease resulting from the water shortages in certain parts of ukraine but also health risks ensuing from the specialized healthcare. women, children, the elderly,
11:20 pm
anyone not taking part in how serious it is should be able to be rescued in every sense of the word without fearing for their lives. madam president, war is a -- this break in international humanitarian law to not give free range of expression to right is right in fact it's an attempt to address through the break in the contract. all parties should abide by the humanitarian law with reports of massacres, execution, atrocities and other crimes against civilians. there is an urgent need for a un leadfree and independent inquiry
11:21 pm
into as soon as possible to shed light on the victims and circumstances surrounding these atrocities and it's vital the council not lose sight of its role which is to work towards restoring peace and security by offering the return to peace in ukraine will not be achieved through [inaudible] this war has lasted long enough and its effects are already being felt beyond ukraine's border. from our perspective, in terms of a decision on establishing a cease-fire in creating the conditions for safe and unfit provision of humanitarian assistance needed by populations in distress. to the neighboring countries that continue to mobilize to urgently welcome refugees we've encouraged them to extend the
11:22 pm
same welcome to all persons without sanction to origin or race. we request them to ensure respect for their dignity and call for fair treatment of all persons in distress. it's urgent the parties commit resolutely to negotiations to bring an end as we cultivate de-escalation and hopes to combat that. there's no other way. my country is closely following the current negotiations between the parties especially an istanbul and we hope that they will soon lead to a cease-fire and to establish a climate of the column needed for diplomacy to make its voice heard and guns to be silenced. thank you. >> i think the representative for her statement and give the
11:23 pm
floor to the representative of the russian federation. >> thank you, madam president. i would like to first of all express gratitude to the delegation of the united arab emirates for their presidency and also grateful to the secretary-general for their briefings. we also listened to the president of ukraine, volodymyr zelenskyy and we thank martin for his visit to moscow, during which as far as we can judge, he had some useful meetings and discussions. better than anyone else, he should know the efforts russia is undertaking every single day to organize cargo doors. corridors. however, the arrangements reached with the help of international mediators is consistently not being implemented by the ukrainian
11:24 pm
side. i'm not going to overload you with figures. you can communicate as they are published every day by the ministry of defense. i would simply like to say that just towards the east without any participation by the ukrainian side, we have managed to save 123.5000 people. now overall since the beginning of the special military operation over 600,000 people have been evacuated to russia including 119,000 children and we are not talking about any kind of coercion or abduction as our western partners like to present this but rather the voluntary decision by these people as testified by many videos that are accessible on the social media.
11:25 pm
madam president, another topic of the meeting is which is practically not being discussed today so i'm going to leave that out. i simply would like to take advantage of the virtual presence here of the president of ukraine and would like to address him directly. now we place on your conscience as the ungrounded accusations against russian military, which are not confirmed by any eyewitnesses. and we spoke about this in detail yesterday in our press conference. we all remember that when in 2019, you were elected as the president of ukraine, and if there were a lot of hopes tied to your election because you as a candidate pledged peace and an
11:26 pm
end to the war including the russian-speaking population which you pledged to protect. it seemed we were on the verge of correcting the injustice when the coup in 2014 ukraine began to be transformed into anti-russia and that was on the verge of that page being turned. however, those hopes failed to materialize and now you scornfully call the residence sub species repeating what your predecessor stated, who in fact threatened they rot in their basement. and you are calling on them to
11:27 pm
return to leave russia and now you've declared war against your native russian language by introducing the linguistic inquisition in the country where russia is a native language for a minimum of 40% of the population. today, explosions in artillery over the entire territory of ukraine but not only in the east where they have been deceased for the past eight years. and exploding precisely because there was no other way of bringing peace unfortunately. after you and your subordinates categorically refused to comply with the minsk agreement. at the same time, preparing already back in march to solve the problem by military means and in the course of the special operations, we found many secret orders testifying to this. we are told that there can be no
11:28 pm
nazis in ukraine however, we know very well not only are they there but they are running the show. how can it be any other way when the national heroes of ukraine are collaborators responsible not only for the holocaust but the killing of hundreds of thousands of peaceful polish, russians, ukrainians and jews? you've simply preferred not to notice ukrainian nazis, pretending they are simply not there, but unfortunately, they are there and very many among them a lot of young people. how do we know that? they are not concealing it. they have tattoos, they decorate their clothing with swastikas and others symbols and nazi greetings and they are open about it on social media.
11:29 pm
particularly many of them in the national battalions such as the right sector and that would be one thing, but they are also acting like nazis and killing like them. and they are not just killing the soldiers which they torture" about on social media, but they kill their own. the radicals are showing an unrivaled cruelty against the civilians they use as human shields and position heavy artillery next to the buildings and multiple rocket launchers as well. today we have heard once again a huge amount of lies about russian soldiers and military. we have hundreds if not thousands of video testimonial of people ready to provided
11:30 pm
testimony about the cruelty of ukrainian internationals. i will just read some of them here. if the are cruel but we need to hear them. the mayor of the town that was one of the first afterward lied that russia wasn't letting people through the humanitarian corridors. the national battalion under threat of death kept women and children in basements and robbed civilians at checkpoints. a grandmother said the other battalion didn't allow her to leave the basement and even when tried to leave was shot at a checkpoint. women and girls were stripped naked and had their jewelry and money taken away. ..
11:31 pm
testified that she was quartered in the basement by security services. they tied me to a sewer pipe when they find out i was russian, they beat me and raped me and threatened to raise my young daughter. we left mariupol the 25th of march. prior positions of ukrainian army between residential homes, they used civilians and cover around the theater, a tank drove around firing indiscriminately
11:32 pm
including residential buildings and the territory of the 69th, 68 and exhibits close. i saw it with my own eyes. mariupol starting from the 25th of february the soldiers were asked why they are doing that, they replied until they destroy the russian spirit, they will remain there. they started loading immediately and plundered everything. it was the forces of the people's public who evacuated us. there are many other heart rendering stories, russians and
11:33 pm
ukrainians tortured to death swastikas burned into their chest, looters and criminals distributed weapons to, civilians and farmers and in spite of all factual evidence and common sense, you try to lay the blame on the russian military. this is unacceptable the fact to even consider russian military would be capable. now we are seeing criminally staged events with ukrainian civilians killed by their own radicals and best traditions to accuse the russian army. those killed in the areas from which forces, encouraging peace negotiations. it turns out we should not have withdrawn, i'm talking about bucha.
11:34 pm
i understand you saw corpses and heard testimonials but you only saw what they showed you. you couldn't ignore the inconsistencies in the event promoted by ukrainian and western media. against civilians. if you saw the video that was shown today, he will see those people on the ground have white armbands, civilians. they been lying on the street for three or four days based on the sensation, scientifically absurd information since the 20th of march.
11:35 pm
the only want who could fall for this, western partners who don't want to hear anything calling black and white and vice a versa for a long time now. these countries don't give a hoot about ukraine, it's simply a pawn in the geopolitical game against russia. in the meantime, they will prolong the conflict delivering as much weapons as possible but the most important thing is, how have we sunk to this cruelty nationalists are displaying? and you i am addressing the ukrainian president. in your interview the american media, he bashfully state they are what they are. i really hope you will reflect on this and hope you will find the solution to the situation
11:36 pm
because we came to you, to ukraine, not to conquer land, we came to bring the long-awaited piece to donbas. not intrusive but are true and lasting peace. we need to rule out the cruelty, cut out malignant tumor consuming ukraine and began to consume russia. we will achieve that goal, i hope sooner rather than later. we are not shooting civilian targets to save as many civilians as possible. precisely why we are not advancing as fast as many x expected, we are not acting like americans and their allies in iraq and syria raising entire cities. i have no pity for them but we have great pity because these are people, the radicals have nothing to lose, they couldn't
11:37 pm
care less about the civilians, they are ready to go to the grape empire population of ukraine is clearly demonstrated by bucha. don't allow the west to achieve its goals. make the right decisions needed your country because the west is ready to fight ukraine until the last ukrainian. make that now because the real situation on the front. later, it might be too late, thank you for your attention. >> i think the russian federation for his statement. i get the floor to the representative -- >> thank you very much, madam president. i would like to thank the secretary-general and other reverse this morning. i want to express a warm welcome to president zelenskyy being with us this morning. your courage, your leadership and the courage of ukrainian people are an example to all of
11:38 pm
us. secretary-general, the 24th of february has russia launched large-scale invasion of its neighbor, ukraine, hugh told us russia's actions were wrong, it was unacceptable. we agreed with you. however, he also told us this invasion was reversible and called on president putin to and war, save innocent lives. we echoed those calls. sadly 40 days later, our call has been left unanswered. instead, the last 40 days we've witnessed on presented levels of destruction and human suffering. we are watching cities handed by russian artillery, we are seeing millions forced to flee their homes, taking refuge from russian aggression.
11:39 pm
minutes ago here in this chamber we've seen utterly shocking images of civilians lying dead in the streets of bucha and elsewhere in ukraine, some are piled to improvise mass graves, simply howling. so many innocent lives lost on our watch, please for peace go unheeded. the attempt here today to nearby russian culpability are appalling in their cynicism. i see it as an insult to the memory of both civilians. we condemned the atrocities reported by the russian armed forces and a number of occupied ukrainian count. images from bucha and other towns in the kyiv region, liberations by ukrainian forces are horrifying. we cannot suspend our humanity.
11:40 pm
first and foremost, most families of those killed, they lost loved ones in an unspeakable manner, almost unimaginable. to be clear, the russian authorities are responsible for these atrocities permitted, they've had control of the area. russian authorities are subject to the international law of occupation. there can never be impunity from such crimes, never ever. not bucha, not in any other town or village ever. crimes have been committed they must be fully investigated and evidence perverse preserved so the crimes can be prosecuted by domestic and international court including the international criminal court.
11:41 pm
we will continue to support efforts to ensure robust and independent investigations of all violations of international law. we must have accountability and justice for the victims and survivors of this war. we share that responsibility in such a atrocity. we call on the russian federation to abide by the order of international court of justice and immediately cease military action and withdraw from the entire territory of ukraine. madam president, in the last what he days we've seen horrific humanitarian disaster unfolding ukraine because of the russian federation unprovoked unjustifiable further invasion of that country. a country where just weeks ago for peace and prosperity transformed now into one where
11:42 pm
families lack access to basic necessities, bomb shelters and basements, millions have become idp and refugees. explosive weapons in populated areas have a devastating impact on civilians in the midst of active populace use. once again we call the conflict to comply with international humanitarian law including the obligation to direct attacks on the against military objectives. the prohibition against discriminate disproportionate attacks and obligation to take precautions in attacks. we've heard increasing allocations for sexual violence by russian soldiers. he referred to this this morning, we must stress conflict related violence and constitute
11:43 pm
more crime part of the perpetrators of such crimes must be accountable, must be held accountable and will be held accountable. sexual violence is another.crime of this war but cannot go unanswered. we iterate the need for food, faith and unhindered humanitarian access to those in need is called forth today. we echo your calls for russia to increment immediate humanitarian fire, the very least they can do, it's way past time. as we know, reverberations of this war are reaching far beyond ukraine. it's unacceptable russia's war of choice against ukraine will continue to have significant spillover effects. deterioration of food security,
11:44 pm
surging energy prices, increasing poverty. the most wonderful impoverished developing countries who suffered the most. madam president, these are responsibilities here at this table maintain peace and security. nothing left. this is why we call on the russian federation to stop this war, unlawful attempts to establish occupying parties, stop destabilizing democratic foundations of ukrainians. the steps are further reprehensible violation of ukraine's independence sovereignty and territory and integrity. it gets harder each time to take this but never too late to do the right thing and the war now.
11:45 pm
thank you. >> i think the representative for her statement. i now give the floor over. >> thank you, madam president. let me start by thanking investor along with her team of the mission competently navigating the work of the security council in march. i welcome his excellency, volodymyr zelenskyy, president of ukraine and the council today i'd like to thank secretary-general under secretary general for political affairs and humanitarian affairs for the updated presentations about the situation in ukraine. madam president, as we enter into the sixth week in the ukrainian territory, we continue to witness appalling images of
11:46 pm
human suffering. recent reports with acts of violence against civilians in bucha, kharkiv, donetsk and other places affected by the country are extremely worrying. according to the statement. with call for an independent door investigation, all reported violations in the conflict, without projecting any conclusions, i underscore they need for perpetrators to be held accountable. the international community is witnessing for too long destruction shocking images from the contract and desperation of thousands of civilians trapped in the battlefield. no food, no water and no electricity.
11:47 pm
once again, brought an effective hostilities in ukraine. only after silent of the guns and withdrawal of troops from weatherby possible to hold human suffering this conflict has brought. madam president, general assembly recently adopted a new resolution on the humanitarian situation in ukraine. as you said on that occasion, the general assembly could not become a bystander of the shocking consequences of the conflict. as we added last week in this chamber, the security council. the main un primary responsibility for the maintenance of peace and security.
11:48 pm
the security counsel has the mandate and responsibility to address the situation in an effective manner. nevertheless, our assessment the security council failing its role in supporting, to foster constructive dialogue with the aim of brokering an effective settlement in this conflict. we deeply regret the security council has not been able to throughout the crisis. for compliance with international humanitarian law, protecting civilians, calling for peace, these are objectives that should unite rather than define us. we should strive to create the conditions on the one hand, invigorating political negotiations and on the other,
11:49 pm
reaching an understanding practical missions to minimize human suffering in ukraine. civilians wishing to flee hostility must be able to do so in safety and those who decide to stay cannot become targets. parties have much grant this message to those in need. once again, the call for all parties to fully respect and ensure respect for international humanitarian law. the causes of conflict, whatever they are, do not undermine obligations of the parties have to guaranty civilians should be productive, receiving medical care, humanitarian assistance reach those in need and continue to be treated and all
11:50 pm
circumstances. there must be no politicization, no selective applications of international humanitarian law. also geopolitical objectives must not supersede for peace nor human suffering caused by war. madam president, this conflict and its associated sanctions, apart from enormous human suffering and devastation caused in ukraine is having spillover effects in the entire world especially to increase prices of oil, gas, grains and fertilizers. food insecurity has become an even greater threat. above all, in developing countries. the longer this conflict persists, the higher risk further stability and
11:51 pm
devastation in ukraine and around the world. it's time to return to dialogue and diplomacy, peaceful settlement of the conflict. we urgently need this. the escalation of tensions and negotiations are the only way out of this conflict. not only for the countries likely involved but also the entire world. thank you, madam president. >> i think the representative of brazil for his remarks. i give the floor to the representative -- >> thank you, madam president. i congratulate you on the security council for april, my delegations full support. i listened closely to the remarks by secretary general and his undersecretary general, rosemary and griffin.
11:52 pm
our years of the war in ukraine have entered a new and more dangerous phase exaggerated. topic, they've ignored this. we are left with the words of his excellency volodymyr zelenskyy, president of ukraine whose described the horrifying suffering of civilians in bucha and other towns and neighborhoods in ukraine. the atrocities in stark contract with the security counsel. representative of the russian federation but the fact that the truth in bucha is contested is a sure sign we stand on the precipice of more widespread abuses of human rights. in april 1994, even as genocide engulfed, there were members of the security council on testing horrifying troops that 1 million people were being murdered.
11:53 pm
we should stand warned inability of the council to establish the facts and attribute responsibility, enable the rest into far west crimes. beyond the city of bucha, extremely worried about the safety of civilians and other besieged cities and villages such as mariupol. we should seek to prevent work we witnessed in bucha take place in mariupol. why we debate whose responsible for the horrors in bucha, it's contestable that what started as a special military operation is now a war. what began to reassure is limited aims, not targeted civilians led to thousands of dead civilians and millions of
11:54 pm
refugees and displaced. no one can doubt they are violations of international law, humanitarian law and the un charter in ukraine. the abuses taken in the past few weeks, those in the east provinces of the country during the years the conflict has raged. madam president, the war in ukraine is today's most dangerous threat to the maintenance of international peace and security. it's the latest assault by the most powerful states against the multilateral order. their continued abuse creates growing over the years in the global security order. now the bottom has fallen out. ukraine may now become immortal for new generation of disastrous wars on multiple continents. millions of refugees are being
11:55 pm
created and there will be many more as economic effects of the war produce and intensify conflict elsewhere. food and energy prices, millions into worst forms of poverty. the un solutions to humanities is losing prestige and historical funding. president zelenskyy left us with ideas for security counsel reform we need to consider seriously. things have fallen apart and the center cannot hold on our united nations. we must reform. they are not easy solutions. even negotiations not properly structured to protect the people sovereignty of ukraine could be a wider work.
11:56 pm
for now we urge missteps understanding their limits, continued inability of the security council to act decisively. we call for impartial prompt united nations investigation into atrocities against civilians in bucha and other towns in ukraine. this calls for immediate facilities to guaranty access by the investigating team. we urge conflicting parties to immediately make clear to which i personnel they will be held to account on the basis of command or superior responsibility if they violate international law that regulates warfare. we command ukraine's neighbors for opening their borders to refugees and multiple nationalities from ukraine and continue to urge them to ensure thousands of affected africans be treated in accordance with international law and basic
11:57 pm
decency. we command order in organizations and individuals who have come to the aid of the deserving people of ukraine. in this regard we welcome third humanitarian convoy reaches thousands of people in need. we call for safe passages with no restrictions and call for unimpeded humanitarian access to many in need, particularly those in mariupol and other besieged cities. we also urge security council to reassure the world of its relevance for other conflicts with renewed vigor. "humanitarian crisis" caused by conflict in afghanistan, haiti, the whole of africa, unfolding situation in the peninsula, lebanon, palestine israel,
11:58 pm
syria, yemen deserve our attention. we look forward to the secretary-general in the international community for resources to push on the most vulnerable from the conflict in ukraine. the hostilities to allow humanitarian operations and clearly defined product line and humanitarian passengers. madam president, i finish by reaffirming recognition of the rights of ukraine for its sovereignty, territorial integrity and political independence. i thank you. >> i think the representative for his statement and i now give the floor to the representative. >> we wish you every success during your presidency month.
11:59 pm
recognize and acknowledge the work of the united arab emirate last month. we thanked the secretary-general and under secretary-general griffiths for their briefings and appreciate participation president volodymyr szymanski in this meeting of the security council. we've listened to him and we did closely in respect of the office. we have looked on with horror and the images shared with us. we've created with even more.
12:00 am
for six weeks the world has been working on the devastating consequences of russia's invasion, general assembly resolutions, a clear strong start by deploring the invasion and demanding immediate decision of hostility of any attack against populations or civilians infrastructures and pointed to urgent need for secure unfettered swift military and access. international court of justice ordered the immediate suspension of military operations on ukrainian territory. the united nations to take action is the guarantor
12:01 am
enforcement of the icg decisions in the dispute, established under international law must be geared toward achieving this progressively and the humanitarian needs including the humanitarian needs and more and more urgent needs of refugees and internally displaced. the flood of images of the streets of bucha and other cities circulating in recent days have moved the world. we strongly condemn atrocities captured in those images, there is nothing that can justify
12:02 am
them. protecting the civilian population is the responsibility borne by the international community. the high commission for human rights pointed out gross international humanitarian and international human rights law violation to consider the possibility war crimes may have been committed. mexico stands strongly and resolute by secretary-general's calling for prompt impartial investigations leading to the identification of perpetrators and accountability for them. by the same token, we think following the work of international criminal court and we support the prosecutor now in
12:03 am
the process of investigating allegations of international crimes committed in ukraine as well as independent international commission established for the same persons by the united nations human rights and decisive. the consequences of the war have been horrifying. patrick impact will produce serious effects medium and long-term and throughout the world clearly stated by the program, millions of people will pay themselves total.
12:04 am
given all the difficulty this implies and urgency to tackle humanitarian tragedy are temporary and it has been fed and an immediate and and political agreement in negotiations. you are resolutely and support under secretary-general initiatives to broker humanitarian forces to pave the way forward and commence the work of all humanitarian access involved in ukraine and neighboring countries. they've received millions of refugees in these efforts in
12:05 am
this country. it is our hope this counsel will take contribute effectively to put an end to the war to hume peace and strict compliance with international law and humanitarian flaw and put an end to war and restore peace. thank you. >> i think the representative of mexico for his statement and i give the floor to the representative here. >> let me begin by thanking secretary-general for his presence and remarks on the situation in ukraine. i think rosemary and mark for the briefings on security and
12:06 am
humanitarian situation. we thank the president of ukraine at today's meeting. i take this opportunity to thank you note emirate further excellence. matter president about the situation in crane has not shown any significant improvement the council last discussed the issue. the security situation deteriorated, humanitarian consecration. recent report in bucha are deeply disturbing. we condemn these killings and support the cause for independent investigation. we hope the community will continue to respond positively to the humanitarian needs. we support all guarantees for
12:07 am
the humanitarian medical applies. keeping in mind the entire humanitarian situation in ukraine, setting surprised to ukraine and its neighbor, including essential relief material, we stand ready to provide medical supplies to crane in the coming days. there continues to remain deeply concerned worsening situation doing get to call for immediate cessation of violence and end to hostility. we've emphasized right from the beginning of the conflict need to pursue diplomacy and dialogue. innocent human lives are at stake, diplomacy must prevail as the only viable option. in this context, we take note including the meeting between the parties. the impact of the crisis is felt
12:08 am
beyond the region, increasing food and energy costs, especially many developing countries. with our interest to work constructively both inside united nations and outside toward seeking early resolution. allow me to read the importance of guiding principles to the humanitarian assistance once again. humanitarian action must be guided by the principles of humanitarian assistance, humanity, neutrality, impartiality of independence. these measures should never be politicized. continue to emphasize all members of the un global order on international law, you and carter and respect integrity, thank you, madam president. >> thank you for your statement i give the floor to the representative of china.
12:09 am
>> thank you, madam. matter president, i would like to congratulate you of your counsel for this month. i would like to think the uae team for their outstanding work, uae was a president of the council. the escalating tension and ukraine and putting an early end to the fighting as urgent expectation of international community and a strong desire of china, we have many times emphasized the dialogue and negotiation is on the way out. russia and ukraine have already had negotiations, to stick to the general generalization and continue to build conditions
12:10 am
from the crisis. international communities show favorable conditions between the two sides. they should not set up roadblocks to increase resistance let alone add fuel to the fire to aggravate competition. as i should be made to prevent escalation of the localized conflict. china attaches great importance to the issue in ukraine and supports initiatives and measures conducive to alleviate the crisis ukraine. the conflict continues, we call on the on the international humanitarian and protect the safety of civilians to minimize casualties and ensure safe and smooth evacuation in excess of corridor spirited as well as
12:11 am
guarantee basic rights of women, children and providers. this should not be politicized, the needs of ukraine and countries are enormous and humanitarian agencies should maintain impartial and impartiality and coordinate resources and save lives and protect civilians. continue to provide humanitarian assistance. international law should be spared of any forms up private and armed conflict attacks against civilians are unacceptable and should not occur. they report images of civilian death in bucha and relevant
12:12 am
circumstances and courses of the incident must be verified and established. any and all accusations should be based on facts before conclusions are drawn. avoid audit acquisitions. as pointed out by secretary general, like ukrainian crisis has a major impact on the world and developing countries in particular. this requires our great attention and strengthened management. sanctions are not an effective means to solve the problem and accelerate and renew complex problems. today the deep development of globalization and close community of mankind, the
12:13 am
implementation in indiscriminate sanctions to politicize instrumental lysing and recognizing the economy for a serious crisis in the global economy and trade, finance, food, industrial supply chain and endangering development gains of the international community and making people of all countries pay a hefty price. vast number of the countries are not in the conflict and should not be involved in those competitions let alone forced to bear consequences of geopolitical conflicts in great power competition. the what economists would be responsible for managing the risk of crisis maintaining the stability of global markets and momentum of the global economic recovery. matter president, more than 40
12:14 am
years after the end of the cold war, such a geopolitical tragedy taking place in europe deserves our profound reflection. the integrity of all countries should be respected and small and medium-sized countries should not be pushed to the forefront of competition great powers, all countries have the right of foreign policy independently and should not be forced to take sides. how countries is inseparable and security of 100 cannot be achieved at the expense of others. nato and european union to engage in proper has a dialogue with russia to face head on different source accumulated over the years and find solutions to the problem and promote billing of a balanced and effective sustainable security of the framework.
12:15 am
>> i think the representative of china for his statement. >> president zelenskyy, the courage and resistance of the ukrainian people. i think secretary general for
12:16 am
political affairs and undersecretary general for humanitarian affairs. the war of aggression that russia is conducting against ukraine the past few days has reached a new threshold of or. images of mass graves and mass atrocities against civilians in towns north of ukraine and bucha. around the world. the victims and solidarity with ukrainians and we are shocked by horrific images shown in the video this morning. condemn in the strongest terms, atrocities committed by russian forces, these atrocities could constitute war crimes but also crimes against humanity.
12:17 am
disinformation tactics used by russia to conceal it crimes are no surprise to anyone. the disgrace of civilians and children is adding disgrace of denial. in the face of horrific crimes, not giving into hatred and rather take action along the following lines. we need to maintain strongest possible pressure to compel russian authorities to put an end to our work compromising global security. the european partners approach presidency of the european council and g7 and continue report to ukrainian authorities and all possible forms.
12:18 am
crimes committed in ukraine should not remain unpunished. international jurisdictions incompetent to perpetrate these atrocities in particular with russia and ukraine and fully cooperate with international criminal court and commission of inquiry set up by human rights account. russia pursuing methodically and determination were of ukraine with destruction tragedy. we call for respective international humanitarian law, civilian including humanitarian personnel must be protected. the same for civilian infra structure and hospitals and schools we welcome mobilization of countries neighboring ukraine playing a major role in receiving refugees and hospitality they've shusterman demonstrated, european union
12:19 am
mobilized a package of 500 million euros in urgent support to ukraine and european council that took place on the 24th and 25th in place to set up a trust fund of solidarity and contributing 109. besieged cities and access to humanitarian assistance. efforts should be made to achieve cessation of hostilities, this is an initial stage toward the conflict necessary but credibility of russian involvement in negotiations. determined to contribute efforts peace and supporting ukrainian authorities and local solutions want cease-fires achieved maintaining channels of dialogue with china. the french minister in foreign
12:20 am
affairs and the third of april importing and and which the human cost and humanitarian impact is increasing by the day in the face of order of russian aggression and solidarity and support for ukrainian people and we call on the russian people who are victims in this want to continue to find ways of expressing opposition in spite of repression. it's necessary to break hatred in which vladimir putin to imprison ukrainians and russians. thank you very much. >> thank you, representative for her statement and we go to the floor. >> thank you, president. thank you for valuable insight. norway expresses support
12:21 am
secretary general to make use of officers and search for a peaceful solution. i want to thank president zelenskyy, to you ambassador for strong testimony this morning and heroic fights president, ukrainian government and ukrainian people for your country and the freedom of us all. we are with you and support you. as we heard from president zelenskyy and have seen this need for peace could not be more urgent. for more than 40 days and nights, a text from russia continued to batter ukrainian people and the cities causing death and destruction and suffering is escalating. we are appalled by the reports
12:22 am
out of the area around kyiv and other regions. atrocities committed against civilians and places held by russian forces including bucha. the images are distressing. homes, schools, hospitals and other infrastructures destroyed. russia is desperate. atrocities must be investigated and those responsible must be brought to justice. we welcome the establishment by the human rights council and inquiry on ukraine, to investigate all humanitarian law and human rights law. we also welcome investigation
12:23 am
into the situation into ukraine. we urge russia and everyone holding evidence to cooperate with these investigations. we cannot allow there to be impunity for war crimes committed in ukraine. the world is working. russia's illegal war against ukraine, an attack on democratic values and freedom, blatant violation of international law and the principles of the un charter. secretary-general this morning, this council has the responsibility, and must do everything in our power to and the war and mitigate the impacts. let me repeat the message by the prime minister gave to president putin when they spoke on
12:24 am
thursday. he urged him to cease hostility and emphasized aggression robert, safe unimpeded humanitarian access to the civilian population, particularly in mariupol. he stressed the need to find negotiated solution to end the war. the suffering is widespread, precious were causing "humanitarian crisis" in europe since the second world war. a quarter of ukrainian population has been displayed. this will continue to maim and kill long after the conflict has ended. this will take years. ukraine has the economic department and consequences of the work will be felt by generations by ukrainians forget russia is being felt globally
12:25 am
exacerbating other "humanitarian crisis" crossing serious negative effects on the agricultural sector insecurity and increase prices of fertilizer. let's be clear, russia must abide by national law, comply with the order of international court to immediately suspend military operation. the killing and destruction must and. >> thank you for her statement and i give the floor to the representative -- >> thank you very much. the proceeding and wish you and the delegations the very best.
12:26 am
let me begin by thanking secretary-general for the council and briefings, the situation in ukraine at humanitarian of the united nation. ukrainians excellency, volodymyr zelenskyy, delegation has taken careful note of the remarks from his country commitment on peace and dialogue and diplomacy in this war. the president, the war in ukraine continues to be of deep concern for china. we are disturbed by increasing
12:27 am
military unjustified aggression by the russians against. we've observed bombardment, civilian populated areas and civilian and other critical infrastructure without regard to customary norms of international law and humanitarian law. gravely concerned by reports of alleged gross violations and humanitarian and international criminal law. including reports and images of the killings of civilians in mariupol, kharkiv and other areas such as bucha. the secretary general for independent impartial investigations to establish hold
12:28 am
perpetrators crimes accountable for these actions for if the killing of children, humanitarian workers in general. we have restraint on all sides and emphasizing agency of hostilities nationwide. the process of civilians and delivery of the people in the cities that remain under siege. humanitarian requires unobstructed access to people in need of food, medicine and other critical supplies and all parties must guarantee this. both local of the pandemic, interdependent and reinforces unified international forms of support of the dialogue and
12:29 am
diplomacy. we look forward to negotiations between the parties and progress made in the forefront of consultations on the 39th of march, 2022. in negotiations demonstrated on the ongoing hostilities in resolving this critical parties. on the parties, by counsel and full attention supporting confident in this immediate conflict in international law and other internationally agreed ways. this would be the only way to end tensions within the party and he unified positions in ukraine. thank you.
12:30 am
>> thank you for his statement and then welcome to the floor to the united emirate. >> thank you and i would like to join others in congratulating presidency and wishing a productive month. ... infrastructure are a reflection
12:31 am
of the tragic human cost of war. the images coming out of other towns and cities are shocking. they are of the utmost gravity and the first and foremost as others have said we must establish what has happened with the cooperation of all parties. it is imperative that we do not get caught up in a war of narrative in addition to the conflict that is ongoing. indeed we need to allow for the mechanisms to investigate the facts on the ground in partially so that justice for victims can be served and we acknowledge the secretary-general has called for that independent investigation at one of last week's appointments of the human rights council independent commission of inquiry on ukraine. as we enter the sixth week of conflict, we believe that the hostilities throughout ukraine is imperative to move towards a peaceful solution to the war in
12:32 am
ukraine and we take note of efforts to read a diplomatic resolution to the conflict and we see the ongoing negotiations and rounds of negotiations between russia and ukraine and the positive development we remain helpful these efforts at the negotiating table can urgently translate into the escalation on the ground, and we urge others to support these efforts. we also welcome the read out from mr. griffith on his meetings with senior russian officials as well as his upcoming meetings with ukrainian officials. establishing a viable humanitarian cease-fire could be a steppingstone for border negotiations and sustainable peace. however, until the suspicion of hostility is achieved, the priority must be to work towards protecting and alleviating the suffering of civilians. and in addition to the points we made during the last council meeting on ukraine on the 29th of march, i want to focus on for additional points for the council's consideration.
12:33 am
first, as always done, we need to continue to reaffirm the need for all parties to abide by their obligations under international humanitarian law. in particular, the protection of civilians and respect for the principles of distinction and proportionality that are paramount for conflict. second, the difficulties in providing relief of humanitarian access need to be addressed immediately and can be addressed quickly. it's critical to find either local or broad-based agreements for security guarantees to allow for the safe provision of humanitarian assistance in civilians to voluntarily evacuate safely. these are initial confidence building measures that can be developed down the line and should also be encouraged including the proposals left by mr. griffith with the government in moscow. third, as noted, false narratives and disinformation have the potential to cause harm humanitarian organizations on
12:34 am
the ground. the use of digital technologies that amplify the spread of harmful information including misinformation, disinformation, hate speech is a challenge and conflict and these phenomenon are not new but the technology has greatly increased the scale and speed at which harmful information reaches the target audiences online and this is particularly concerning in the crisis settings where information can influence the dynamic on behavior on the ground and can put communities and humanitarian responders at risk. fourth, in a time of conflict, protecting civilians of course must be our top priority. however, we should not forget the impact the war has on a nation's cultural heritage and identity. we are concerned about unesco's recent reports on the dozens of cultural flights that have been damaged in ukraine since the conflict began. we know from our experience in the middle east the protection of cultural sites is critical to rebuilding peace, and in moments
12:35 am
of violence, turmoil, cultural flights are essential cornerstones for collective memory and the foundation for future reconciliation. we, therefore, call on all parties to refrain from the unlawful destruction of cultural heritage and to think about what comes next after the war concludes for the people living there and how they go about building peace. before i end, allow me to take a moment to reflect on what others have commented on including the thisacademy general, and that ie devastating impact of the conflict on the food security worldwide. we are alarmed by these figures shared by the secretary-general just now on how the war is affecting some of the most vulnerable communities around the world, 1.247 billion developing countries are at risk due to rising food prices. and food shortages are aggravating situations already on the council's agenda and the shortages are felt in other settings where high prices into basic commodities can lead to further unrest and instability, not just in this part of the
12:36 am
world, but around the globe. so we look forward to seeing the un global crisis response group on food, energy and finance address these issues and offer support. and let us not forget that the affects of the bar or hitting communities that are still reeling from the global covid-19 pandemic, and these vulnerabilities are further exacerbated by reduced domestic food production due to the rising costs and scarcity of chemical fertilizers and pesticides and the effects including global conflicts will be grave coming into the council must stay focused on all of them. unless we do something to end this conflict now, it will continue to drive suffering and instability worldwide in the coming months and years, and ofe world simply cannot afford this and the security council should do its part to stop this conflict and help parties. thank you. >> i think the representative of the united arab emirates for her statement, and i will now make a
12:37 am
statement in my capacity as the representative of the united kingdom. president zelenskyy, by video, secretary, colleagues, the united nations was created in the wake of a european war of aggression that laid waste to europe and engulfed the world. all of us who signed the un charter committed to ending the scourge of war two fundamental human rights, the dignity of human persons, the equal rights of nations large and small, to justice and respect for international law. yet now, we are facing another war of aggression in europe. we've heard today, again, the devastating impact of russia's
12:38 am
unilateral and illegal military action in ukraine. it's impact on surrounding countries in the region, and on the security and prosperity of the wider world as it seeks to recover from the covid-19 pandemic. thousands killed, millions displaced. cities to the ground. hospitals bombed. citizens cut off from food, water and medicine. blockades at seaports, and the rapid increase in wheat prices. pressure on already stretched humanitarian resources. and now, as russia is forced into retreat from areas around kiev, the brutality of the
12:39 am
invasion is laid bare. we've all seen the horrific images from the towns, of civilians deliberately killed in areas from which russian forces have recently withdrawn, and the video we saw earlier underlined that. these acts and other incidents must be investigated as war crimes, and the uk fully supports the work of the international criminal court, and the work of the ukrainian prosecutor general and other national prosecutors. colleagues, as we enter so many others have said so many times, all of this could be stopped if the russian federation ended this war now. i resume my function is
12:40 am
president of the council. the representative of the russian federation has asked for the floor to make a further statement. >> translator: thank you, madam president. i know that this doesn't bring us closer to the end of the meeting but since today's topic is extremely important, i think it's essential to say a few words about the meeting that we didn't have a chance to say yesterday because we were not given a chance to have a separate meeting on the security council on this topic. and unfortunately, yesterday's meeting -- our western colleagues tried to kind of sweep it under the carpet, and we have seen an example of how the new order, the new rules-based order.
12:41 am
i would like to once again focus on the events that became the process for conducting today's meeting and lead to some far-reaching conclusions that many of you have already made. all units of the russian armed forces fully withdraw as a gesture of good faith on the 30th of march. the very next day after a round of negotiations with russia and ukraine and turkey and in the presence of negotiators. now a report about this was published that very same day on the official website of the russian defense ministry. during the time that the talent was under control of the russian armed forces, not a single civilians suffered from any kind of violence. people were able to move around freely around the town and use
12:42 am
their cell phones. furthermore, the towns of the kyiv was for the russian armies applied for hundred 50 tons of humanitarian assistance to the cities. this was confirmed. now the russian army did not prevent people from leaving the towns. all inhabitants could freely leave the towns towards the north. at the same time, these areas including residential areas were shelled around the clock by ukrainian forces. after the withdrawal of the russian forces, the mayor and his video statement on the 31st
12:43 am
of march presented this as a heroic liberation of the city by the ukrainian armed forces. now, let's set aside the so-called liberation. and let's focus on the fact that on the 31st of march there were no more russian soldiers in the town on the 31st of march. furthermore, the mayor didn't mention any local inhabitants with their hands tied having been shot. can you imagine the mayor wouldn't have noticed on the streets as reported at 280 corpses, he wouldn't have noticed that? the deputy counsel of bucha on a video warned several times local residents that representatives
12:44 am
of the ukrainian security forces had entered the town are conducting a mop up operation and she's asking everyone to be very careful. on a social media you can also find an almost eight minute video about the mop up of bucha on the second of april. on that video, there are no bodies of civilians on the streets. furthermore, on that video, the national guard of ukraine also interviews local residents who didn't mention any corpses or mass shootings. one of the ukrainian news sites, there was also a warning posted on the upcoming mop up of bucha on the 22nd of april from russian collaborators.
12:45 am
now it's been deleted, but users were able to save that video. now, testimony, so-called testimony of crimes or evidence of crimes by the russian armed forces in bucha appeared only on the third of april, on the fourth day after the russian forces left the town. once again, without any evidence based on the presumption of guilt. the russian army is being accused of some kind of evil deed. we could not notice how the ukrainian videos were taken up by western media and human rights organizations who claim to be impartial. the clear inconsistency between the ukrainian version and the actual facts is clear. if the corpses of civilians had
12:46 am
been out in the open several days, they would have several signs that are well-known to forensic specialists. and our western colleagues don't seem to be bothered by that. otherwise, "the new york times" wouldn't go further by stating the corpses were on the streets since the 20th of march. can you imagine what kind of state they would have been in? furthermore, many of those, of the bodies in the videos circulated by ukraine have white vans. these are armed after the entry of the armed forces into the town. in one of the videos posted by a ukrainian radical, you could hear a call to shoot anyone who
12:47 am
doesn't have blue armbands on. that video during the mop up of bucha was posted by a member of the territorial defense battalion to whom the ukrainian authorities had enough weapons. furthermore, the member of the city council in bucha when mentioned [inaudible] stated on the website medusa that she didn't see russian forces there killing any civilians. in the same interview she confirms it is ukrainian armed forces guilty of most of the violations. of course these are details that have not been mentioned in the presentation of the western and ukrainian colleagues.
12:48 am
however, ukrainian president zelenskyy is already claiming the staged events in bucha gave the ukrainians a) uncivilized response. well, we can just imagine what that is based on how ukrainian radicals behaved in the east of ukraine. many testimonials of their crimes are shocking. unfortunately. as the ministry of defense claimed.
12:49 am
troops from the main center conducted another staged video of so-called killing by russian troops of civilians. these kinds of activities have been carried out in other towns. in conclusion i would like to address we understand very well that what you are doing by fueling anti-russian hysteria every single day. so we are assuming that there will be further horrible provocations similar to the one in bucha.
12:50 am
new attempts to discredit with the soldiers and how to present them as murderers and rapists. i said once again this is an incredibly low blow and of course not interested in the fact modern technologies today make it possible to create any video. today, already ukraine is full of information refuting the video stating that it wasn't filmed in the right place or with the right people. a few words to my american colleagues who declared a crusade to exclude russia from the human rights council.
12:51 am
this is stated by the representatives of a country that three years ago criticized the council and the strongest and harshest terms that it had the audacity of condemning the actions of american soldiers in afghanistan and the united states left the council. i hope that our colleagues from the united nations will not allow themselves to be manipulated and play of two washington and it's very dangerous games. thank you very much. >> i think the representative of the federation for his statement. the representative of ukraine has asked for the floor to make a further statement.
12:52 am
>> thank you, madam president. before i switched to english i will say a couple of words in russian. [speaking russian]
12:53 am
[speaking russian] >> translator: after lowering the rations, why didn't you quote the whole interview? [speaking russian] >> translator: this is about humanitarianism. after you provided that humanitarian assistance
12:54 am
[inaudible] an interview from the same woman you mentioned. >> i would like to make my further statement in response to the hypocritical questions by putin's representative. after the video that we saw with the shocking images from bucha and other sites, he should ask the very questions to himself. how have russians caused to the cruelty of nazis? when have you started enjoying acting like nazis, killings civilians, attempting to withdraw internationally recognized borders, setting the task to finalize, finally
12:55 am
resolve the ukrainian issue like hitler attempted to resolve the jewish issue? when did you miss the point of russia entering the nazi style [inaudible] unable and unwilling to stop expanding and bringing to neighboring nations suffering, destruction, pain and death? i'm appalled over your cynical and outright lie that you don't paid the civilian targets, and that is why you are moving so slowly. you hate the civilian targets and you kill them. yesterday in the press conference you gave in the headquarters, you said the
12:56 am
civilians are killed -- should i play the video? you said this is more. civilians were killed in war. or perhaps in your mindset, a children's hospital destroyed by the russian strike yesterday was a military target. and perhaps a child killed as a result of the strike was a ukrainian nationalist. you've said you are not moving as planned and the only reason is the resistance of the ukrainian army and the ukrainian people, not your military
12:57 am
planning. the ukrainian people who realize quite clear what the russian war in reality means. the international community with ukraine -- ukraine will weigh in in its territory, and the entire world will win, despite the threats that the criminal throws in the face and the security council chamber. finally, if there is anything that we have to thank the russian representative for, is the acknowledgment of yesterday's press conference that russia is waging war against ukraine. war, you said several times, not the special operation. and i consider this confession shall impact the un assessment
12:58 am
of what is going on in the center of europe. perhaps it is a unique moment when we should believe what the fully accredited representative says in the united nations. once again, a reminder to putin's diplomats denied any knowledge of concentration camps, extermination policies, yet was found guilty of the war crimes trial and we all know what happened to him on the 16th of october, 1946. thank you. >> i think the representative of ukraine for his statement.
12:59 am
i now give the floor to his excellency, the head of delegation of the european union to the united nations. >> thank you, madam president. i address the security council on behalf of the european union and its member states. macedonia, republic of moldova, georgia, monaco aligned themselves with the statement and i wanted to start by congratulating you, madam president, for the united kingdom for assuming the presidency for the month of april and for convening this meeting and for inviting us to speak and also acknowledge the presidency of march of the united arab emirates. i want to thank the secretary-general, undersecretary general for their presentations, and i want to express our full support solidarity and respect for the heroic people of ukraine as an embodied by their message this morning by president zelenskyy.
1:00 am
madam president, 41 days ago, russia decided to wage a war of aggression against ukraine in blatant violation of international law. the principles of the un charter and of the osce coming and a friend to the rules-based order and to the global security and stability. and we've heard and seen again today the tremendous cost to the people of ukraine. the dramatic consequences of russia's war of choice are well-known. thousands of lives have been lost. over 11 million people, most of them women and children, have been forced to leave their homes over 500 schools in 52 hospitals have been shelled, entire cities you raised to the ground. the unfolding drama and the images from bucha stain our common humanity. russia must stop this senseless act of violence. the eu condemns the strongest terms russia was unjustified and unprovoked war of aggression
1:01 am
against ukraine. we demand that russia immediately stop its military aggression immediately and unconditionally withdraw the forces from the entirety of ukraine and further respect ukraine's territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence within its internationally recognized borders as demanded by the united nations general assembly. we condemned the strongest possible terms the reported atrocities committed by the russian armed forces in a number of occupied ukrainian towns. haunting images of massacres with large numbers of civilian deaths and casualties as well as destruction of civilian infrastructure show the true face of the brutal war of aggression. these massacres will be inscribed in the list of atrocities committed by russia on european soil. the russian authorities are responsible for these crimes committed while they have control of the area. they are subject to the
1:02 am
international law of occupation. russia is directing attacks against the civilian population and is targeting civilian objects including hospitals, medical facilities, schools and shoulders. these war crimes must stop immediately. of those responsible will be held to account in accordance with international law. we welcome the international court of justice's provisional measures ordering rushahd to suspend the military operations immediately. we fully support the investigation launched by the prosecutor of international criminal court into war crimes and crimes against humanity as well as the work of independent commission of inquiry. the eu is assisting the ukrainian prosecutor general in the civil society in the collection and preservation of evidence of the war crimes. it is clear there must be and there will be accountability. the member states are providing shelter for the more than 4 million refugees that fed russia's violins. violence.they do so regardless e
1:03 am
nationality, religion or race. we have adopted a sanctions against the russian government, its financial and defense sectors and those individuals enabling and financing the aggression. we have committed a significant funding to the humanitarian appeal and the refugee response plans for ukraine. so far, the eu and its member states mobilized over 1.1 billion euros in emergency aid. this comes on top of the 2.4 million euros in the humanitarian emergency in early recovery assistance. the member states have provided to ukraine since 2014. and the largest ever operation under the eu civil protection mechanism, 29 countries all eu member states with norway and turkey have responded to the request for assistance with ukraine. as of the fourth of april over 13,000 tons of medicines, hospital equipment and ambulances and fire fire equipment, food and energy supplies have arrived in ukraine. the european leaders have set up in ukraine solidarity trust funds to channel support postwar
1:04 am
reconstruction and at the pledging event on the ninth of april with canada, we will further showcase that we stand with the courageous people of ukraine. madam president, after the security council was unable to take action, the general assembly demonstrated, once again, less than two weeks ago that overwhelming international rejection of the russian aggression and an overwhelming support to addressing the humanitarian crisis in ukraine. the international community demanded a safe and unhindered passage for civilians fleeing violence as well as humanitarian access to those in need. international humanitarian law must be respected. the dramatic consequences of russia's war against ukraine are not limited to europe. they are global. ukrainian farmers are prevented from selling as a result of russian shelling. ships filled with wheat blocked in the black sea port by russian
1:05 am
military forces. as a result, food prices have rocketed, pushing people into poverty and threatening to destabilize entire regions. the poorest countries, as we've heard of them are the most vulnerable to the shocks and food prices. all this is a direct result of the war, despite russia's cynical attempts to shift the blame. madam president, the eu and its member states are fully mobilized to end the war in line with its international law at the un charter, but at the same time, crisis need our urgent attention. the eu will continue to provide humanitarian development support to our partner countries from north africa to the middle east and from sub-saharan africa to asia. we are scaling up on the action to provide support to countries with the food insecurity and are committed to keeping global trade routes open so agricultural staples can feed the world. the eu has pledged 2.5 billion euros for international
1:06 am
cooperation related to nutrition for the period 2021-2024. we also fully support the work of the un to deliver and scale up humanitarian assistance, protect refugees and work towards a cease-fire. the particular focus on food security, we will contribute to the work of the global crisis response group to deal with the global social and economic effects of the war. we heard your recommendations this morning, secretary-general, and we've already launched a strategy for safeguarding food security and reinforcing the resilience of the food systems backed by an increased assistance. madam president, once again, we call on russia to seize the destruction of innocent lives across ukraine and immediately and unconditionally withdraw all its troops. we call for an immediate cease-fire, safe passage to civilians trapped in war zones, and uninterrupted humanitarian access. we stand in solidarity with the people of ukraine and all other
1:07 am
people affected by the war of russian aggression. we stand in support of ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity, and we will continue to work diligently with the un and our partners to end this aggression and address the humanitarian needs. thank you, madam president. >> i think his excellency for his statement. i also acknowledge the statements submitted by the delegation of poland earlier before the meeting and also from the eight nordic baltic countries. there are no more names inscribed on the list of speakers. the meeting is adjourned.
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