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tv   Homeland Security Secretary Others on Cybersecurity In Maritime  CSPAN  April 7, 2022 7:21pm-8:05pm EDT

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at cspan you get it straight from the source no matter where you're from, or you see on the issues, cspan is america's network. unfiltered, unbiased tenant word for word, and if it happens here or here or here or anywhere that matters, america is watching on c-span, powered by cable. >> homeland security secretary of hundred mochas and joins us from the netherlands and in sausalito talk about cybersecurity and issues facing maritime specter this is from the atlantic council. >> hello all around the liberty lake to australia in the wee hours of the morning, president and a ceo and on behalf of our
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cyber initiative for the strategy andcr security, thank y for joining us in a today's comes as a peerless moments, like sewage we have not seen since the end of the second world war, and the russians you can enter an invasion of ukraine in the horrific mouse attacks, civilian targets across the country, remind us of the fragility of that we have for so many years taken for granted and part of that system that's often overlooked, is a maritime transportation system or mts which plays an outside an unusually quiet roll across the region. quiet of course with - from 2017, the cyber attack it, debilitated a global shipping diet, millions of dollars of losses in just a few days,
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billions of dollars globally. in covid-19 pandemic, has disrupted supply chains and revealed our independence on the vast interconnected systems of international and they haven't the backbone of the world's industrial economy and international network of ships, tradenames and ports, is the basis of global power projection if the unitedl states military and the basis of military commitments to many of their allies and partners and yet, despite 25 percent, u.s. gdp, and moving up tog 80 percent of global trade, the mts is vulnerable and increasingly targeted by cyber threats and cyber attacks against a maritime sector and is forcing the ships, and operational technology grew by 900 percent from 2018, 22020,
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and there's little coordination across the mts, the reverse range and vast number of vessels, scattered and varied operating systems that run them, and inconsistent inconsistencies and securing mts will require coordination it across a staggering array ministries governments and stakeholders from corporations and infrastructure agencies, unions and los angeles braided improving the mts cybersecurity will challenge our ability to find common ground with our allies and adversaries and of year and have, the initiative, e importance of this contextxt with some and help develop strategies for better security and what more must be done, to e homeland security coast guard
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maritime private sector, directors, continue to address the critical issues to ensure the trade and commerce in a soccer bullet by flaws thereby the cyber attacks and innocence and cooperation of all security challenges, without the heart of the mission and it has been in of our mission since our family 60 years ago and is therefore my great pleasure to welcome today'sto panel, led by the secretary of the department of homeland security, and he began his government service in the department of justice where he served as an assistant united states attorney in central district of california's before coming to give this is turning the nation and he was head of the department's responses and cybersecurity homeland security
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units for governments and love the immigration system among many other initiatives and at the dhs in the u.s. united states coast guard within it, missing great strides to address this security we are delighted to partner with him for the future and we are also joined by mr. ken andrews, minister for - who has more than a decade's worth of government at the intersection of industry and technology elected to parliament in 2010, is been the assistant vocational educational skills, assistant minister for science and industry science technology before her current roll as the first woman appointed to the position of minister and last,
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joins us from the netherlands where she serves that the minister of justice plan security the previous cabinet, she was state secretary and climate after working for more than 30 years as a member of parliament where she was among other roles, a spokesperson for issues involving climate, security, cybersecurity, threat of terrorism and drug policy and so that, is a powerful trio with crucial global discussions we are so pleased and honored their guests could join us for this event todayay and with that, we introduce 19, two cyber security officer, usa to guide us through this conversation. >> overuse. >> everyone i'm deeply honored
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to be moderating, and madame minister and i would like to start by first to invite to you to get a few comments as well as the context in which you operate in a maritime transportation system at an can i start with you secretary alejandro n. mayorkas. >> thank you so much kurt i don't think the council for hosting this very important conversation i think it -underscore something that the president's intent set in the very outset, the maritime transportation system here in the united states andni across e world, fuel so much of the world economy and when think of the cybersecurity challenges that we encounteron here but domestical, but across the world, vulnerable
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tone the threats and on domain n have vigilance and building defenses and response capabilities and resilience in light of the threats. we here in the united states are very focused on maritime asportation system and we are speaking of more than 25000 it miles waterways and hundreds and hundreds of course and thousands of docs transportation system in the maritime, domain in the international sphere, feels more than $5.4 trillion economic it growth. and if there is one message it would have to mitigate, in my opening remarks, is the criticality of the value of partnership it is not only partnership between the department of homeland security
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in our component it, agencies in the offices in the private sector, the partnership across the globe that i'm so privileged and gratified to join my friends and partners in australia, and the netherlands in conversation this morning because it speaks of the importance of the partnership in meeting the challenge. .. s coast guard. that is driving the development of cybersecurity plans. that is delivering assets and resources and expertise to strengthen us, to work with our partners around the globe and a shared mission, a shared challenge and therefore a united opportunity. soon i'm really looking forwardo
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our conversation very grateful to the council for hosting it, thanks so much. >> thank you mr. secretary. madame administer your opening remarks? >> thank you so much. thank you mr. secretary and of course for the opportunity to discuss this important matter. as you may know the end of the lens is a country for which the sea is a vital lifeline. it has a long history of living on the scene especially with the sea. in addition to the myth netherlands is mostly in the world like the rest of society this has with opportunities for development. however, she will agree, this comes. maritime public security is a key issue for the netherlands. and matter of national security. whether it be the seat search to protect our country from the
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sea, from amsterdam does maritime security is connected to it all. the importance of maritime cybersecurity is also underscored by the war in ukraine. that is in two respects. first, the disruption of food and energy supply and one part of the world can have its effect around the globe. when seconds, it's underscored an essential role for transporting strategic and military equipment. this reality with step up of maritime cybersecurity. we wholeheartedly welcome the upcoming symposium in may together with our values and international partners. thank you mr. secretary for hosting this and long beach, los angeles. let us act together.
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>> thank you madame minister. wonderful opening remarks by both of you for economic growth. 25000 to you madame minister having a dependent so much looking for to this discussion. let me start by asking quite blankly thought you were, what does it look like for that maritimeus industry? >> we have a mantra at the department of homeland security and infrastructure security agency. has expressed throughout the country the extraordinarily vigilance in the wake of the brutal russian attack on the sovereignty and people of ukraine. giveniv the need for vigilance.
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that is shields s up. we must be alert to the threat. we do not take a look at any domain and being invulnerable to open the public discourse the maritime domain and specifically that maritime transportation system was not spoken of on a daily basis. we do not view it as invulnerableln when we speak ofa need to be alert. the need to understand the vulnerabilities, the need to close those vulnerabilities and be really prepared responsive and resilient. it is a very marked uppermost in our minds for. >> thank you mr. secretary.
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inmadame administer you said it yourself one of the most digitalized countries in the world. i can imagine it is ever-increasing for what are your priorities what is it look like for f you? >> i think secretary mayorkas put it very well. it's a huge importance with no longer inseparable. with the nervous system combined. and continues to grow digitally and also in our country also all around espionage to other countries to risk to international national security. it's disruptive read some more attacks by criminals with society. the time it reaches technical is also a risk.
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i think the landscape is huge and very diverse. >> thank you, thank you very much. let's talk about obstacles for a second period note the maritime industry in general is so critical for national security and economic prosperity. that is in the hands of the private sector as well. some retrospective mr. secretary, notice off w the visit biggest obstacles for maritime cybersecurity? as well as a national organization? >> you very well know that what we say in the cybersecurity it's all about raising the bar.
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we have a regulatory authority in that maritime industry, the maritime transportation industry. the coast guard is using that regulatory theory collaboratively with industry. i think of what we are very focused on his raising awareness of the threat. especially with respect to those entities and operators and owners that perhaps lack the resources or are not as auteur and understanding cybersecurity landscape. and are trying to drive their preparedness. the coast guard for example last fall drove more than 2300 entities to submit cybersecurity plans to a coast guard. the need to raise awareness and
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ensure a planning and preparation is really central to our efforts. we are trying to do it albeit in the regulatory arena, and it's corroborative way as possible emphasizing partnership and the public-private arena. i think would say that is our focus for us not so much an obstacle but rather an opportunity to raise the defense. >> thank you veryou much. madame minister, your perspective? [inaudible] >> madame minister is having some bandwidth issues. mr. secretary, you mentioned.
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[inaudible] also in 2021 to know organizations have h other. he mentioned some things that i absolutely love it. with the potential obstacles could also be opportunities. i part of what we call is cooperation which even though it might be a potential obstacle very much is an opportunity as well. if you have some more remarks to mention. >> you are muted. >> it would not be 2022 if you
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didn't have that statement at leastt once. [laughter] i wanted to ask the evidence showing an analysis two main ports and they work very closely with turnkey organizations each in the port area. this is to gather they face the challenges ahead, help each other, share information. they have opportunities also the best practices and information about incidents and what is going on in general pretty think that is very important we have that cooperation. >> thank you, thank you very much. i love you both mention collaboration, sharing, i think the maritime industry in particular has a unique opportunity to leapfrog forward when it comes to cyber that's
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fantastic to hear. those awareo policymakers i woud love it both of your thoughts on what is that role? how should they be approaching part of the issue of private security in the maritime industry the symbol start with you madame minister then go to mr. secretary. >> thank you so much. i think one of the key challenges is to identify in the supply chain are because of the interconnectedness of our global trade system and the consequences of incident are hard to oversee. an example a cyber attack on a ukrainian would eventually face companies all over the world. including an amsterdam it's the port of amsterdam. i'll explain it next time.
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expertise and resource are still scarce. so we have to follow our risk approach to follow her efforts where it's needed most. it can help us understand these dependencies and find it with the largest risks are. they organize its largest exercise so far it involved more than public and private organizations that participated including departments within the maritime supply chain such as our ministry of infrastructure and management. these exercises also help us to get to know and build trust. it is crucial to make friends i think before we need it. >> thank you madame minister. mr. secretary. >> thank you. so, let me go back to the last question very briefly you asked about obstacles.
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one that comes immediately to mind is resource constraints. there are owners and operators for example that might not have the resources to advance as well as or as far as others might be able too.. but my counter to that is, there are basic things that one can do to enhance once cybersecurity so significantly they do not require a significant amount of resources. whether it is multi factor authentication's whether it is backing up systems, some of the blocking and tackling. i think one of the very interesting areas of policy is how to drive cybersecurity vigilance in the context of voluntary and partnership collaborative environment. yes indeed we successfully,
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thanks to congress, have here in the united states a newly enacted paradigm that will require cyber incidents to be reported the cybersecurity infrastructure agency. that is just an imperative given the gravity of the threat. but there is so much more involved than merely recording cyber incidents, given the interconnectivity the minister spoke so powerfully of the digital environment in which we all live. i think how to drive behavior in a collaborative voluntary framework, without compromising a level of autonomy that industry once to continue to enjoy i think is going to be a fertile ground for policymaking.
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>> thank you very much mr. secretary. which is a good lead into the next question. i mentioned previously national security economic growth, the rule the maritime industry plays for countries the fact that most of it lies in the hand of the private sector. can each of you tell me a little bit about what you are currently doing in that space when it comes to mitigating -- what are some of the takeaways the private industry can leverage. i have heard for example secretary you mentioned the hygiene culture awareness. if you can put that altogether your key points for private industry the things can start doing now. i would say the most important thing is information sharing. that information is empowerment.
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one has to -- there are different levels of understanding of what the threat landscape looks like and if we really raise the bar of knowledge, then we can correspondingly raise the bar of defense and preparation. we have some think through the cybersecurity and infrastructure security agency the joint cyber defense collaborative. we know it of course by its initials us everything in our government as known the jc d.c. we have 25 ofig the big cybersecurity technology firmsti as members of that. we are sharing information in an unprecedented way. and a rising tide raises all boats. that is really i think our mantra. that enables us to ust understad
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what we must defend against. and raises the bar with respect to the activities we can undertake to infect better defend ourselves and one another. i think information sharing is critical i am very proud of the information sharing partnership we have with the netherlands. we worked jointlynd and closely together to strengthen ourselves. strengthen one another andnd strengthen other allies in close partnerser. >> thank you mr. secretary. madame minister your key take away? >> thank you so much. i agree with secretary mayorkas. information sharing is important for private security is key and inescapable. within our country within the netherlands information sharing
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i mentioned an area to work closely with key organization each of the areas together close cooperation because we have also very nice the national center. as challenges ahead, share information, best practices and information. another great initiative in the area could be translated as strong or robust. it is part of the program. its goal is similar to corporations in the area to elevate the awareness and to keep the focus. organized information showing activity, training and also shares cybersecurity intel with its members.
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the role of the dutch government is to support the existing initiative and to stay in close contact with the organizations in the private and public sector working in the netherlands and cybersecurity in the maritime realm. international collaboration and information sharing i think we can add value and learn from each other. >> thank you madame minister. we'll take five months of q&a and then have remarks from australia. the first question while intended for secretary mayorkas seen very much what your thoughts as well madame minister. the question is what specifically is dhs planning to do over the next one -- three years to mitigate cyber threats in transportation system? >> thank you and thank you to the participant impose thatth
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question. one of the things we are looking at very closely is how the coast guard can use its regulatory authorities to drive industry. we are looking at that because the coast guard has already exercised its authority as i referenced earlier, to drive the preparation of cybersecurity plans. to direct more than 2300 entities to do so. what we are looking at is how we can use that regulatory authority most ably and most collaboratively to drive industry. and, we are also, the cybersecurity and infrastructurd security agency has been equipping, thanks to congresses support with s grant funds thatt can distribute outside, not in a still exclusive to the maritime transportation industry. but we are what we are also
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exploring is how we can take those less resource and really drive their cyber hygiene most effectively. i would say those are two main lines of work. >> thank yourk mr. secretary. madame minister in the next one -- three years to address this topic? >> well, first of all i like to mention europe i in general and its new legislation on the corporations within the eu. which extends to operators and sectors as mentioned and discussed before. so much larger portion of that maritime circle will be by the legislation including transportation companies, port authorities also made our national would get mandates and advice for these rules will also harmonize inside the au these
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issues do not stop at our borders. benefits through businesses but in different countries. and it might government specifically in the netherlands additional finance amongst others with her national public center so that we can be better assistance to the maritime sector. and europe legislation and we have dedicated authority within our country as well. >> thank you. so, the maritime transportation system is loosely connected set of systems that around the osglobe. the connections are little bit looser as we tried to set country boundaries. they are still so very much yconnected. so your perspectives, do you think, where are we in terms of
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building the type of resilience but would need cross-border when it comes to maritime transportation system question requester with you first madamee minister. >> thank you so much. i think we must go back to the early point secretary also mentioned which is information sharing. that is so easy to say it is so easy to write down but it's very difficult to make real progress because that has to do with legislation and so many other legislation we have in our country for example in india but all over the globe. i found that one of the most challenging developments we still have ahead of us. when it comes to cybersecurity in general. information sharing iss crucial. and to make progress it's also one of the most difficult
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issues. that is why i we have cooperation between countries is so important. we have to be willing to add people to our government but to all of our services if we would arrange us and come up with legislation and rules so you can share the information. it's much more difficult than just sharing information is crucial but a lot of work. >> thank you madame minister. mr. secretary? >> oh just echo what the minister articulated. we have very strong partnerships. our relationship with the netherlands is a shining example of that. with australia as well. but, not all of the relationships with other
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countries may be as strong, but the sharing of information, the structure to facilitate that might not be as auteur. we really do not have the luxury of time in this arena. and we are pressing very far forward in negotiating agreements bite multilateral agreements with countries with whom our partnership and our sharing of information is not as auteur to accelerate. and so i would echo the minister statements. >> thank you very much. this address by the honorable karen that the commonwealth australia. >> hello everyone. i am sorry we could not meet in person. nevertheless i'm very pleased to announce to you that australia will host the 2023 global marine transportation system cyber
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security symposium. the form will be jointly hosted by the australian department of home affairs and the australian border. the symposium is a well-established platform bringing together technical and regulatory experts from across all geographical regions to discuss the cybersecurity of our critical infrastructure as it relates to maritime transportation. australia is at maritime trading nation who understands the critical importance of securing the world maritime system. and as a global security landscape evolves at an unprecedentedt' rates, we know that it is more important than ever to collaborate on shared challenges. that is why australia is committed to work and cybersecurity issues across our region and beyond. and is pleased to join with our partners to maximize the exchange of ideas and best practices. i know the 2023 symposium will
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provide all participants with an invaluable opportunity to exchange information between government, the private sector, and academia. we look forward to working with partners on this symposium, chipping prep fresh perspective the important issue of maritime cybersecurity, thank you. >> thank you madame karen anders. minister of home affairs for australia. >> mr. secretary madame minister for closing remarks as we come to an end. >> start with mr. secretary >> thanks so much bread once again, thanks to the atlantic council for hosting us. for everyone for participating into the minister for the great partnership.i' i am going to steal the minister's words. i think they are very powerful, make friends before one needs
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them. make partners before one needs them. one wants to be poised should an attack materialize. poised means equipped, prepared, empowered, and in the cyber domain one cannot do thatha alo. and so that would bege the messe i would want to communicate and my thanks again. >> thank you mr. secretary. madame minister? >> thank you so much. i would like to thank secretary mayorkas for his invaluable exchange for this valuable exchange of idea and for sharing his point of view with us. and continue to join us for these online events. i believe it is the cyber will
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serve maritime transportation systems is essential to the function of our society. at the national and global level. so, let us keep working together to put all of this into practice starting with the symposium and may and long beach. unfortunately i am not able to be there but i wish i could i'm very much looking forward to the results. i like to thank you so much for this opportunity. >> thank you, mr. secretary, madame minister step out of character for just one minute as your moderator and someone who works in private industry i have to tell you it has been incrediblyly encouraging, firstf all to hear from your team mr. secretary the engagement the private sector to hear. from the netherlands and all around the world incredibly encouraged and quite excited for where we are going to be. many more opportunities than they are risks. but my key take away i have
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learned and embraced in this discussion is this approach for the t other is the landscape of collaboration, hygiene, culture, awareness, preparedness, make friends, make partners, share information. all of which i think is a key takeaways. what did thank you again. want to think our audience for joining us. and i hope you have a wonderful day, thank you. >> c-span issue unfiltered view of government. we are funded by these television companies and more including comcast. >> you think this is just a community center? >> know it's way more than that. comcast is partnering with 1000 committee centers to create wi-fi enabled so's dudes have low income families get the tools they need to be ready for anything. comcast support c-span as a public service along with these other television providers. giving you a front receipt to democracy.
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