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tv   Campaign 2022 Pennsylvania Republican U.S. Senate Debate  CSPAN  April 28, 2022 8:25am-10:01am EDT

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on c-span, c-span radio, and on the c-span now video map. >> c-span is your unfiltered view of government. we are funded by these television companies and more including wow. >> the world has changed. then they pass level internet connection is something no one can live without the wow is therefore our customers with speed, reliability, value and choice. now more than ever it all starts with great internet. wow supports c-span as a public service along with these other television providers giving you a front row seat to democracy. >> several gop candidates running for pennsylvania senate seat squared off in a debate which did not include candidates dr. oz and david mccormick. they are all competing to
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replace republican senator pat toomey who is retiring after serving two terms in office. voters head to the pulse for the primary election in three weeks. >> good evening and welcome to the pennsylvania in the spotlight republican candidate for u.s. senate debate. i am scott lamar compost of smart talk daily program on witf public radio in harrisburg. the nights debate is sponsored by spotlight p.a. in partnership with "the philadelphia inquirer," triblive in pittsburgh, witf in harrisburg and the pennsylvania cable network pc in. the event is hosted by dickinson college and is being held here at the and need a auditorium. a special thank you tonight for otherci supporting partners, the pennsylvania news media association and the pennsylvania women's forum. before we get to the rules of the debate and introduce thehe candidates i want to introduce you to the president of
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dickinson college student senate. [applause] good evening and welcome to dickinson college including is watching on and as president's student senate hit is my privilege to welcome you to this debate among the republican candidates for the u.s. senate, and hear dickinson's most ideals which we are found in nearly 240 years ago, essential to the health of a democracy, this is why dickinson is happy to host this important debate, it is our hope that this debate will encourage the kind of interest among the owners they will offer both engagement and the upcoming may primary election, adams all of the candidates good luck. [applause] [applause] >> now i like to introduce you to christopher baxter, the executive director of energy and
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chief spotlight p-letter hi, organization spotlight, chris. >> good evening, i'm christopher baxter the executive director editor and chief and welcome to our third and final pennsylvania spotlight 2022, primary debate printed tonight's event is a historic milestone for our state, for the first time in pennsylvania's modern history, an unprecedented coalition of the state's largest immediate outlets, join forces to ensure that as many voters as possible can hear directly from those who seek to represent them. elective late-night host reach millions of pennsylvanians in all corners of the state, henry's deeply committed to public service journalism braided and for those of you not familiar with spotlight ba, we n independent nonpartisan newsrooo investigative and public service journalism, about the pennsylvania government an
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urgent statewide issues and a mission is to hold powerful public and private forces to account through urgent and compelling reporting empowers the voters and rise positive change for the states we all call home. under journalism is available to the public at no cost, and that is made possible thanks to the supportive people like you and today more than 3000 folks all across our state supportable financially make events like this debate possible i don't want to all remembers across the state, the deep commitments in the local news in pennsylvania if you don't yet supporter journalism, you mark about spotlight pa by visiting spotlight pa .org and that is spotlight pa .org i want to again thank our house for tonight's event dickinson college, all of our house partners and with that i will that affect your scott moderator, scott to get things going. >> now the republican candidates for the u.s. senate, and
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participating in pennsylvania's spotlight debate tonight, you may applauded after each of the candidates is introduced but i will have a rule about a pause after this, personal i like to introduce you to kathy barnett. [applause] [applause] >> and jeff burke those. [applause] [applause] >> george p-letter cano. [applause] [applause] >> shaun gail. [applause] [applause] >> and carlos sans. [applause] [applause] >> so looming over the roles first, before introduce our panel that will be asking tonight's question, and here's the part about a pause, please hold your applause or cheering reacting, during this debate and at the end, you can let off your seem and cheer on anyone you want but, were very much up against the clock and trying to
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get as many issues as we can and so we want to get through this as quickly as we can and as many issues so no pause during the debate itself and the candidates for a lot of the second entered 62nd opening statement and the sick and for 32nd closing and also the debate is provided into series of topics these beginning with the question to a specific candidate followed by each of the other candidates answering the same question and by the moderator and the questioners are permitted to ask follow-up questions and they must wait to be asked the question moderator or questioner to be on during on discussion before speaking and we will automate which candidate answers and what order and they cannot interrupt or speak over other candidates of the moderator questioners and candidates directly criticized during open discussion are allotted 30 seconds to respond only after the moderator calls on them and so coming introduce
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our panelists tonight, journalist who will be asking questions of the candidates, going my right to left or left to right yes, so i'm trying do this by television audiences on the good side for television anyway, joining us tonight, to ask the question, jesus, jonathan the mario of the philadelphia inquirer and paula rita quarter, have tried life and i want to think all three of our journalists, for being here tonight and asking the questions as well as so we will start with opening statements, and the candidates you have 60 seconds i should point out in the audience, that we have a timer here that will hold up a yellow sign when you have about ten seconds to go, and resign when it is time to stop. so let start with opening statements, and kathy barnett, will start with you have 60 seconds.
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>> thank you and hello pennsylvania me tell you enter the country as well, all of the state in our country and completely unapologetic about his handling america is the greatest nation that is ever existed and she's the greatest nation that is ever existed because he was founded upon the greatest political document ever written and right now our country is in danger because we have elected officials who are moving through our constitution my god will moves through an antenna news for a lot of people are country does not exist apart from the u.s. constitution it, this seat that we are running for, so crucial, who would've thought that the greatest nation will come down to just one seat but that's what we find ourselves right now and one seat separates the democrats from being able to do exactly what they have always said they wanted to do and that is to fundamentally change this nation and that is why i'm running these very serious times a look forward to explaining to you why
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i am the better candidate and thank you. >> i'm just going to say your name good, he has ready, jeff, 62nd. >> so before i start my remarks i just want life to all of her friends at home and of course starting with dave mccormick had are you cannot be here today answering a much warmer locations okay guys printed my name is jeff and i'm born and raised in a minute, married to cheryl for 25 years, child was d in allentown and our daughters emily and sarah 21 and 19, there also raised in the southeastern part of the stated we are all lifelong of pennsylvanians that i am running for the united states senate to save main street pennsylvania, are independent, when all of us voted to suffer under the lockouts and the shutdowns, and all of the fear that all of the tearing apart of this communities that we hold dear, i started a nonprofit to help save small businesses and we raised three and half million dollars not over thousand women and men
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keep the lights on saving thousands of jobs for working families and you cannot save main street if you cannot find it and we have political tours who parachuted into the states are run for the seat and you can trust me to fight rain the families and i always have and i always will. >> thank you. >> george, 60 seconds. >> thank you i'm so proud to be here and it started out in this world under somewhat harsh conditions, when i was left on the doorstep, kevin orphanage where i grew up for the first six years of my life and when you grow up in an orphanage, you have to learn us some lessons eo recognize reality the reality is that we face very very systemic it difficult x potential threats in our country. and we need to have people go to
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washington it to represent us who understand and understand these difficulties and have a sense of how to address them and solve them and have had the training as a lawyer, practicing in philadelphia and in pennsylvania for 45 years and problem solving, problem-solving is the most important obstacle we face today and i'm going to address some problems tonight employee also. >> sixty seconds: ready for the isis and the other candidates get off the regular themselves the promise never happens much about like an us because we have week that it publicans in washington do not champion conservative that is one of them being you senator the complete discretion to the booming this races for all the dead betrayal
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and bogus hearing back in 2021 and sentencing because pennsylvania republican party had a vote on whether or not for his vote to convict donald trump and the voted not to and they told us what we would get, that to me, just like that to me was our inspector and help if nothing for my talking today, and another that to me and we cannot afford the backstabbing rhino washington and we have plenty of them. >> thank you. >> and carlos, 60 seconds. >> i am not running for the u.s. senate, in pennsylvania, pro-life, pro- first amendment, pro- second amendment, constitutional conservative from america first, businesswoman christian and mom animal so any generation pennsylvania and my pennsylvania ancestors fought in the american revolution and in the civil war this is our time
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to fight for the heart and soul of our great country. those president trump's ambassador cometh to denmark greenland and the federal violence and you can russia and china with the deity of nato and also worked to increase our training with denmark over 43 percent and be honored to support and i will a reliable conservative vote in the senate, and whenever thou to the swamp. >> thank you candidates and now we will get into the questions and jeff, you're get the first question from pollock. >> even as a pet a big economic recovery continues, rising inflation is taking a bigger and bigger fight ever americans paychecks what specific policies would you support in the senate to combat inflation. >> inflation is another word for attacks on texan working families and since the pandemic, raising money and helping the safe small businesses across all
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67 counties, the business owners and working families organist businesses across all 67 counties, are suffering and they survived the pandemic, many of them in the gut punch on the biden administration's policies this delivering a gut punch, to those families is in his okemos disrespect for his unbelievably part of families and as we see her tonight center tonight, families making decisions about whether to fill up your tank, put food on the table or whether they can go on vacation or even go to continue to afford to go to work. inflation is running our economy will have to remember when policies put in place by the biden administration inflation we are suffering from right now is direct result of putting the field with money paying people to stay home, jenny saldana taking very delicate supplies and make them apart, get government out of the way is that we will solve this problem.
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>> same question, about what you would do in the senate to try to bring the inflation under control. >> inflation is clearly on the most important problems that we now face but i think that the solutions and the approaches to inflation are very straightforward, we have to stop printing money and we have to stop giving away money to the tune of trillions of dollars which will more money into the system which lessened the value dollars and we have to reach energy independence and when we are energy independent, we control the price and when we are not energy independent as we are now, when we are reliant upon opec and reliant on foreign nations, they said the price and when they set the price, firefox, we are stuck paying headed south to the inflation is very very straightforward and crystal-clear and it is
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something that i think that we need to talk more about into nice debate. >> 's impression pretty inflation have to stop the radical spinning out of control and also the putting money in this what driving down the dollar value and the inflation talk about most at the gas pump and remind people that when you're paying the gas pump, is not just inflation that is causing across, is 58 cents per gallon tax at the pump is brought to us by a republican governor, house and senate, total republican-controlled hunter tom - only an opportunity to do a lot of things only give us was the highest gas tax in the nation so often hear that in place to two things gas prices and inflation, and inflation only have of the problem nor paying a lot of extra that we should not have to pay as well. >> we have to get the inflation under control this hurting are working families and our seniors on fixed income and it is
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causing our pennsylvania families more than $5000 this year because of the out-of-control radical biden administration is spending on these multitrillion dollar big bad bills, green new deal policies, are the heart of else in the multitrillion dollar cost of everything to go up, then that inflation is biden for un-american and pennsylvania energy and i will work to increase our energy exploration harvesting come up with a pipe in and that is what help the cost of energy because of everything to go down, fertilizer has skyrocketed in price, largely because it's more on our energy number your energy center entering the price of the phone down and you pump your gas not want you to think of carla sands for the senate i will look after our families and our seniors and stop the out-of-control spending in washington on day one. >> let me just follow up a
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little bit, when you say the work on energy and bidens were, what specifically do you mean. >> will specifically on day one, he canceled the keystone pipeline and part of america's energy platform if you will, several months into his administration, he said is not going to sanction that pipeline i guess pipeline from russia to germany, 20 minute luck that pipeline miller place it was never completed, was dangerous waters and then i had a threat of sanctions, block the gas pipeline as part of putin's work on your part of the work using energy as a weapon. >> time, how the senate would you do to help with the inflation. >> imagine inflation mean for example like to use an example of me getting water and spelling it on the floor and in order for me to get the water up i would need something to absorb that he inflation of the water likewise
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with inflation, that inflation is everywhere is always and everywhere monterey, phenomenon so as i stated is direct result of the federal reserve printing too much money paying people to say don't know that but have you absorb that inflation had new absorbent by goods and services and products and so impressed talk about some things that they've done is perpetuated inflation with the energy crisis for example, that is a commodity that has the ability to absorb inflation but instead of allowing it in america to be energy in a minute, they can't afford nose despite her face no we don't have very real commodity that is independent to be able to absorb that and it is a born energy and i would be in office to make sure that war energy. >> let me follow up on that just a little bit in both economists even some democratic economists,
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will agree that the money was allocated by congress probably did out to the inflation but they said there were other factors as well meaning that a lot of people would've bought things that were not there because of the pandemic, to supply chain issues that we had it so if you see or do you blame it squarely on the biden administration or you accept other factors involved. >> listen democrats have changed all of this tomorrow, in order to do so they would have to admit that everything they they have done has been a complete and utter failure was only talk about the supply chain for example, 20 percent of 50 containers in the world is still floating outside of our parts incentive feet not being honest and figuring out how to get those goods and services while the boats and into the source, on the shelves because as goods would have absorb inflation but
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instead, he took maternity leave incentive to get goods off the boat and into our stores. >> thank you all right let's go on to our next question and now jesus has a question for george bochetto to start. >> many republicans in congress attempted to throw out pennsylvania 2020, electric boats disregarding the wishes of almost 7 million voters how would you have voted on the question of certifying pennsylvania's electoral college vote in the 2020 election. >> let me be some facts so that we all working from the same baseline, and the 2020, voting pennsylvania, joe biden received the polling places, proximally 1,500,000 votes, and donald trump received, the polling places, about 2,800,000 votes and he was actually up 1,300,000
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votes, so i didn't donald trump when. act 77, that unconstitutional statute, which allows the mail-in voting and here's a mail-in voting numbers, joe biden, that 1,000,990 to 5000 male in those and donald trump, god 595,000, donald trump ended up losing that election directly because of x77, no excuse, mail-in voting, which was harvested by the democrats we don't know who signed on and when they sign them how they sign them, and why to make something that you just that. >> harvesting is actually at the root of why. >> is a donald trump lost the election. >> he received a spouse and that election joe biden, however, what you have to understand is a
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reason joe biden got so many folks, because i were able to exploit act 77 which is unconstitutional statute of been held as unconstitutional by the commonwealth court it were not for this mailing post, joe biden got 20 percent of the million votes from 80 percent, no politician cousin 80 percent vote margin they harvested those most and they falsified those votes, the secured understeer the election. >> we have rules that we follow. >> in my role is that i'm going to complete an answer so that the public - >> you agree to these rules in the nose under the audience also exactly with the sake. >> if elected to you such a certified pennsylvania 2024, electoral votes as affirmed by pennsylvania department of state. >> what we need to do, the case
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of act 77, now ending in the pennsylvania supreme court awaiting decision, the pennsylvania supreme court overturns the commonwealth court ruling, the held statute was unconstitutional, that will be in front to every citizen in every better, in pennsylvania and i will be the first one to help take that case to the united states supreme court election cases my entire career have been involved in and out of election course all over pennsylvania and that is the most important thing that we can do this election. >> sean gale i would not voted to certify election 2020, because act me seven, give us 50 days of no excuse mailing voting is unconstitutional and divisive a new constitution lays out parameters for absentee ballot voting which requires a valid excuse and by creating today's no excuse mailing voting be clearly violated the constitution and the blood is on the hands of every single
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republican state senator in harrisburg who voted for it and it is unacceptable that there are two candidates running for governor in this election the voted for that unconstitutional mail-in voting legislation act 77 our this candidates is doug and i will tell you this, if doug wins at governors race is leading this ticket in the fall, regardless not only to the governor see, but the center seat as well because the biggest issue in this election, is election integrity and the voters disenfranchised and it is a direct result of act 77, it is the reason why we have joe biden in the white house. >> carla sands, same question about you in the senate whether you would certify pennsylvania in 2020. >> sewing 2020, i was working in copenhagen as the u.s. ambassador to denmark, greenland and the islands and i found an absentee here in pennsylvania
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because first of all we were in a pandemic and i was serving as the ambassador and were many days i was allowed out of the country. there are rules but as a matter of fact, we know that the election of 2020, was stolen in cinerama paul said, was the election 2020 soul and yes, he was stolen legally by zuckerberg money that controlled how the election was held an almost half a billion dollars, into a nonprofit that controlled how the election was held and where the ballots were harvested and where they were counted and rand paul said they did a forensic analysis and if not for the money, donald trump would be president today and i also refer you to the new movie, about the meals a harvested the ballots and put them in drop boxes throughout our country and you also affect the outcome of the election in 2020, happening it was real. >> okay let's talk a little bit about that being real, this is come up in courts across the country and there been 60 ruling
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to said no fraud, in the election. >> front is not the election, involving respect. >> what issue then. >> the issue is whether state legislatures have passed statutes allowing for mailing ballot in, they directly violate the pennsylvania constitution a. >> hold on, it is carla sands' turn. >> here is my answer about 2020, in 2024, 2022, if france a large country in europe, can have an election day, in person, with paper ballots, affirming that they are a citizen, they can count those votes and one day, and they can tell the citizens of france, the outcome of that election, how in the heck can we not do this in the greatest democracy in the country, in the world. [applause] [applause] >> i want to follow-up on on this, you mentioned a mailing in your votes when you were abroad in general, and you claim during
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that time the vote was not counted, and it was county come they're public records show that you regret making that claim. >> is a matter, no i don't regret that, the me tell you a story, i was working into market and a melding my ballots, and i checked online did my vote counted and said, online, there was no record of my vote i called my assistant and i said could you please check it did my vote counted she called a wonderful lady, she was very fun said yes as a matter of fact on the vote counted la back online and guess what, online it said your vote is not known and did not count into this day, i do not have satisfaction. >> okay same question for you kathy barnette is a senator you would certify pennsylvania's electoral vote. >> was interesting about this question is that i watch the debate from my site and i don't recall anyone asking the democrats senatorial candidates this treatment but they don't question it.
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>> while i don't recall anyone asking the question and democrats made an entire industry out of 2016, on election and challenging the election they made an entire industry on it i don't remember anyone specifically the media, and challenging any democrats run run talking about testing, trump is not my president and yes, republican candidates every time you walk into a room, where the moderators definitely more left because it's obvious that they begin to ask asked that question and what would've you done what you think and yet, i'm watching debate last night and already asked any of them and yet in 2060, we followed, there was fraud from the election there was rand paul called it legal fraud and there were air regulator into irregularities because i was a candidate 2020 another no but i experience and it was real and it was wrong. making sure that my one vote
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counts. >> envelope and then you mentioned your election 2020 coming less of the ocean might roughly funny percentage points, for congressional price and there's never been documented case of election fraud anywhere near that simple and there was an investigation by president trump's attorney general. ..
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as an american sibling is really to fight for our rights. to have great security in that. >> same question to you, would you vote as a senator to not certified pennsylvania's votes? looks when i get done here and check my phone my dad will send for voice messages are you going to talk in this debate are they going to give you a chance to talk? i promise i'll answer the question want to intern return to inflation for a second print only to state as follows for the question was asked is there anything we blame joe biden we blame the government. today, tomorrow at this point that president is already a sleep already tomorrow the president could sign with the stroke of a pen executive orders that open up federal land, more extensively for drilling but he could sign with the stroke of the pen allowing lng to be transported on tanker trucks i am sorry on trains we allow pipelines and we can start to waive all sorts of regulations around permits to let permits go
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and be released we get pipelines in the ground. we could have a meaningful impact on inflation at the pump through federal government action immediately of joe biden took the pen out and send his executive orders but is not going to but he should. >> on the voting yes of vote to certify -- make bows and the senate out certify the 2020 election per. >> let's move onto the next question. it is jonathan. will you answer the question? >> jonathan tomorrow night with the philadelphia inquirer heard this question goes to mr. gayle for. >> yes mr. gayle. if russia's attacks were to go beyond ukraine and to attack a nato ally, would you support sending american troops to defend a nato ally? >> think that be very careful that's very dangerous to engage with foreign nations especially when nato -- ukraine is not in nato. let's be honest that while we have the issues we have been ukraine is because we have very weak president.
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on the way he left afghanistan is what caused all of this pretty sent a signal to the world that america's week. and when america's week the world suffers. that starts with domestic policy buried the best foreign policy is the strong domestic policy. we hear a lot of talk about energy to cream we have energy right under our feet term pennsylvania should be tapping into that. not only to supply our own nation by other nations as well with plenty to do that. and also ukraine is a breadbasket of europe. big food supply at fort europe. number one industry here in pennsylvania is still agriculture but we could step up in that regard too. that is what we need to do to fight this work globally is to do what we need to do domestically. >> same question to you about position on sending american troops to defend nato ally. >> well, we have article five it is an ironclad agreement that we will defend our nato allies. but the fact is i believe in peace through strength. we have a weak, corrupt and
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compromise president in the white house. it has made the pathway open for russia to invade ukraine. they never would have done this under a strong u.s. president. they would not have dared to do this under president trump. the withdrawal from afghanistan, him not sanctioning nord stream2 him telling rush it's a minor incursion were not going to think about it, open that door we are in a dangerous unprecedented time and we need a senator who is ready, on day one to fight and defend our country but there's no one else in this race on either side of the aisle ready on day one to defend our country against russia and china a foreign adversary understand how to do that. highest civilian honor for my work. i ready on day when i will fight for america in the senate and make sure we are secure. >> at cap the same question to you. >> yes, in regards ukraine the question, right? listen, it's not just the one
9:00 am
thing, one thing and then done, right? the senators on our side of the aisle we need to be more deliberate but we need to be more sober and disciplined. right now our foreign affairs and policy looks like a wild game of whack a mole. whatever pops up we are patting it out for it become more disciplined. right now what are we showing our enemies is that america is not to be feared. but we are showing our allies if we did have to go to war could if we didn't have to go to war we could not fully going our own and right now our allies are beginning to pivoted look to new people to create relationships with someone were looking at her allies, forgiving right under the right now have we get out of afghanistan and what is taking place in the brain and that america is a treacherous printed to have everyone begin to show strength, it is not just sent weapons and was on fire, this would be this begin to show the world that we haven adults in te room and we are going to take
9:01 am
seriously not only our defense but our allies defense as well. >> right let's go on now to send in american troops. >> it would be to devote to said thee forces and their sense of daughters to fight in a foreign land and there is no more somber response ability of the united states senator and we are duty-bound by our nato and duty-bound and i would vote to support sending troops to defend any of her nato allies in the worst of the united states is critical, we are the leader of the free world, we are the indispensablele allies and so tt is a very difficult vote but if you can't take difficult vote you should not be running for office and i want to stress though, eve of this invasion, i was only candidate to put out a comprehensiveat plan on the stes
9:02 am
of the biden administration should be taking a night at some of theed advisors of the other candidates why people were silent and some of the people are not here tonight, and i was told by people who know them,th they did not want to take the chance and it was too risky to put out specific policies if you cannot lead to, do not bother showing up. i'm always going to lead and be honest on these difficult issues. >> what about nato and ukraine. >> yes and of course i would vote in favor of sending troops over to defend our nato allies we've agreed to do so and were bound to do so and to not do so is to shrink and surrender and avoid our responsibilities and i am not for that but i want to get back to this voter fraud issue, fraud is not the issue and here is the issue, joe biden deceived 1,995,000 mailing votes
9:03 am
in 2020 and pennsylvania and the commonwealth court said, those votes were unconstitutional and there's no disputing those two sets of facts and if that is the case and you look at the fact that mr. biden is one the so-called election, by 80000, overall votes, how the world can even say that joe biden constitutionally one vote, already stated in the me ask you a follow-up question on that. are you suggesting that the common law court did make that ruling that act 77 is written was unconstitutional are you suggest i should be retroactive. >> i'm not suggesting that but that was not the question, the question is not whether i would undo what has been done, but what the question should be and
9:04 am
is, what will we do in the future and are we going to continue to allow this unconstitutional statute to go into effect in theit pennsylvana supreme court right now, has undone the commonwealth ruling of unconstitutionality and sit act 77, shall remain in place most of you have already received in the mail, elicitation for the mail-in right now the supreme court pennsylvania is allowing unconstitutional process to go forward. >> okay let's move on to our next question in paula reed, no one oh you have a middle name as well. [laughter] but paul is going to ask a question of carla sanders. >> good evening winter your views on sales such as those essentials. >> that's an important question and i am a absolutely second
9:05 am
amendment and i say give no quarter not keep sickening and interior an inch there and it's time for conservatives for the republicans to take our country back into life that they can compromise for the next three of four decades because we are coming in are taking a country back and i also wanted to share that one of my opponents on this debate floor,at she's attacked most of us in this debate and i just want to share, so the record straight she's lost her election 2020, by 20 points to a week week democrat ballantine and it was in a red wave your father mr. for republicans since 1953, and as a matter of fact john fetterman is a strong democrat, and i will beat him in thee fall and we will hold the seat in republican hands and i will go and i put forward it in a first policy and washington representing every one ofrd you viewers. >> time. >> since she is directing you
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kathy barnette. >> i think that election egintegrity is very important ad i don't think there's any other question that is more important in our country today to make sure that my one vote count is your senator, i will make sure there is the case and regardless of electability, my very presence when i walk into the room, i neutralize more than half of the democrats talking points and that is power in the hands of the republican parties we understand the power because what exactly are the democrats going to run on inflation i don't think so we know with you going to run on. to follow-up if i could relative to answer about being a second amendment ngabsolute listed schema, constitutional conservatives. >> do you support any type of federal and went on assault weapons or high-capacity magazine, trump magazines and do you support any kind of
9:07 am
restrictions on any of those kinds of things. >> , prout gun owner and i don't own guns for hunting, although i do like to hunt and one of our opponents dr. mehmet oz has publicly caused and we have the video my teams when pushed out on social media and he has publicly for the cdc to regulate guns absolutely he does not share our values and our conservative principles and he has flip-flopped on every issue and he served in the turkish military even though he was born m in ohio and he served in the turkish military come decades ago in a turkish citizen. >> same question about guns whether not even support expanded background checks for sales of guns against euros in the following up, relative to a potential man of either assault weapons or high-capacity magazine. >> let me to ask you a question the audience the be watching at home a question, is a prerequisite to be a criminal.
9:08 am
that you don't obey the law and so we continue to come up with law after law after law, who are we really writing those laws for, except for a law abiding citizen right now we have over 300,000 laws on the books regulating the second amendment and so are we trying to say that 301, one more laws going to do the trick and i don't think so and i am a constitutional republican and i believe that the second amendment guarantees my individual and fundamental rights to keep and bear arms as a law-abiding citizen and i do believe that to be infringed upon that the left is so unnerved by gun violence, and stop allowing our legal system to become a revolving door for criminals and we need to lock them up and that is a surefire way of getting the guns off of the streets.
9:09 am
>> jeff bartos, same question to you. >> i grew up with my father who made his own bullets and my 21st birthday present was a glock 21 and at a young age i learned how to take apart and learned how to take apart again put back together you never have to worry about me compromisingwi our second amendment rights and will never let you know because i would never let my own father down and now kathy brings of really good point, only the twisted mind and i'm from philadelphia now we live in the philadelphia suburbs and i love philadelphia, unapologetically. it breaks my heart every day to see what is happening that great say philadelphia men and women in blue, feeling that they cannot do the job they have a district attorney said that he is there to make sure that people don't spend timee in jail and he will not prosecute crimes, he judging by how many people get released in the same
9:10 am
party, the same radical left that elected larry - should restrict gun rights so people can do for themselves and it's absolute madness. >> when you talk about adding more gun regulation and background checks and banning assault rifles and everything essentially what you are doing is penalizing law-abiding citizens with the conduct of criminals. law-abiding citizens whether they have assault weapons, bazookas takes what have you, obey the law and they are not out to hurt other people they do not commit crimes withpe guns. criminals commit crimes and if they didn't use guns it would have baseball as i did have baseball bessette would use knives and you're punishing the criminals, who misuse guns, not law-abiding citizens. in philadelphia loan, is spreading to the rest of pennsylvania, violent crime is
9:11 am
up 350 percent and yet at the same time, the release of criminals who have been arrested using a crime, using a gun and a commission of crime, releasing them on villas up 850 percent and you're putting criminals with guns out of the street and that is where your gun problem is, not with background checks. >> a question for you in the original question was about background checks as well. conservativetional and this is second amendment which said the right to bear arms shall not be infringed i can tell you is an attorney that is one of the clearest cut laws you will ever eat, shall not be infringed and the only think princelyight be the consultation which said, shall not be questioned so i'm going to upholdph the constitution and hold the gun rights in this country but i will say this, there's archetype crime in philadelphia, out-of-control tha
9:12 am
murder rates through the roof and carjacking said what we are saying is liberal government radical left, releasing criminals back on they wanted o defund the police and this is not the time to stripping for the right toht bear arms and i will defend that as a senator for pennsylvania. >> our next question is from dvd jesus and he goes to kathy barnette. >> it was to the u.s. to about than 10 million immigrants who are already in the country illegally what specific changes do you support in immigration policy. >> and have somebody on my team for spent over years with u.s. cis, enemy just say that 10 million, that 11 million number the people throw out at fact we have no idea how many people are in our country illegally and what we do know is the last .7 million people came
9:13 am
into our country illegally they call them my lovely present people of this year, were on track for 4 million, unlawfully present people coming into our country and we all know who they are, we don't know where they are going or how the going to take care of themselves and when we ask t a very legitimate question about the securing of our border and getting back into place, first assignment country people should not be able to stop or go across three different state countries and get to america and then asked for asylum, we are called racist not man black for the rest of us we are called racist will be marginalized and all of that there's nothing racist about wanting to know who'sut going io our country pretty. >> kathy barnette what would you put for policy to reform the invasion system. >> the u.s., 1.5 million people
9:14 am
are trying to get access or trying to get citizenship in there and back log and this takes about two years just to get in regard, five years to get citizenship and one of the things is your senator is provided the oversight is up abdicating my responsibility as a senator to provide oversight of the u.s. cis, to take away their defunded status and make them become a responsible for what it is they have not done. >> jeff bartos, a question with what is aef senator you would d. >> the sons and daughters of main streett pennsylvania are dying by the hundreds every year, because we have fentanyl, pouring over southern borders, poisoning americans all over the united states including right here in prince of any come up 100,000 souls were lost last year because of this poisoning this coming from china through the southern border we need to secure the border we need to
9:15 am
secure seven border we need in immigration policy that make sense in sanctuary cities are a huge issue herenc in pennsylvan, i traveled all over the state for fivei years, now they just parachuted in here and they couldn't bother to show up tonight to answer these questions and talk to you about the vision i spent five years across pennsylvania all safety county some of these issues matter to families, we need to safe and secure communities and it with a secure border predict pennsylvania will not stand for sanctuary cities and in the united states and i will vote to defund sanctuary cities including my belovedhi philadelphia, which break my heart but we absolutely have to hold our cities accountable to the role of pennsylvania deserve safe and secure cities. >> the low hanging fruit in the easy problem to solve, the border security, we have the shore of our borders and we have to start sobbing the outright
9:16 am
inflow of whoever was to come here but that is not immigration reform, and here is one of the big problems in immigration that we have right now. i know oregon agriculture industry prettily in pennsylvania, can only get visas going in skillet" workers on a seasonal a basis pretty they needed workers on a year round basis and therefore, those that cannot get your visa who art low skilled, unskilled, come into this country illegally from work and they are getting here and they are working pretty we need to do is for immigration reform is adapter immigration policies to the realities of the situation and and we need your round of lowow skilled visas so that we can keep track of these people and they can pay taxes ay are coming from and that is the kind of immigration reform we
9:17 am
need. >> called on your knee got your 6060 seconds see our. >> integration starts at the border as of his republicans watching them down with the and this big signs and bidens border crisis and kamala harris down there and fixes it would did they when they had control, they fought donald trump every step of the wayep come up sen. pat toomey voted the border wall and if i was there i would be have a big sign two and i would say sen. pat toomey christ is not the democrats who run d open borders, they don't care about drugs and disease and illegals coming across, that's what they promised us an blame border security when we gave them the majority to do that and present more than willingo to go, vallet it done and is your u.s. senator, lord hold us republicans accountable to do what they promised us, because they loot when they had the chance and i'm going to bring a wall down to the southern
9:18 am
border. >> someone referenced this a minute ago so before i answer this i just want to say that i didn't bother to show up because i think hehe is a mental, aftert that debate last night, and menno, about the border, we have to secure our border and built the wall president trump listen to the border patrol they said they needed a wall and he worked to complete that wall and we know all that nations we have record levels of you and illegal immigrants flooding over our border we havein record amountsf fentanyl, and the number one killer of our youth, hitting comes from china, into mexico, to be there in the drug cartels bring it over the border, and this is an unholy alliance to the chinese communist party and the drug cartels and we also know that president trump had policies like remain in mexico that you could come from a third country, and we know this
9:19 am
policies work we need to put it back in place and we cannot have 20 percent of our population illegal by the end of this administration and that is what is predicted. >> we have p gone through all of our first questions going to do something that we call rapid response where lightning ground where we ask for quick responses to these questions and you have 30 seconds if you well that he asked your question that whoever your asking responding has 30 seconds and notice i said you asked the question and jeff bartos we start with you and you had an opportunity to ask one of your opponents tonight a a question and that opponent has 30 seconds to respond. >> can ask for the moment. >> they won't answer. >> they can tweet about were living in modern times so dave and i have a bunch of question starting with why did you think that you canti move here and run
9:20 am
for a seat in a state that you have not lived in our you have not represented and you don't know us and you didn't care idabout us until you decided tht there was an opportunity using an opportunity in your ticket and i've been running around the state for five years i lived here my whole life and i look pennsylvania with all my heart and with all my fiber of my being and i want to go down to washington dc and fiber pennsylvania and where have you been for the last ten years. >> do you have a question for one of your funds. >> i'll just draw the question to all of mine i don't regard them as opponents by the way, i regard them as candidates for the united states senate which i thank you so a noble calling is something that every one of the people of your deserve respect for god my question to the entire group is good you imagine having john federman is our united states senator. >> no. >> the woke liberal person who
9:21 am
will continue nonsense policies that if are flicking our country right now, so let's think about that and think who will address that most effectively. >> sean gale de have a question for about a. >> i really don't have a question by any of ml uses opportunity to talk about something that we need to talk about, there's a week republicans we have starting with our senate majority leader, mitch mcconnell, so the question for him, you have been there for 36 years, 79 usual just got electedd it six more years and f you have not quite done yet, you're not going to get it done now and that is what we need to change, we need to change the leadership in washington we have the same regurgitated republicans which we see all of the time you name them mitt romney lindsey graham, susan collins, and sen. pat toomey and that's the problem. >> do you have a question for anyone on the panel. >> i would like to talk to the voters, to those of you
9:22 am
watching, the intelligent are sitting at your kitchenle table, many of you are undecided you are wavering a, i am asking who do you trust, who you trust to go to washington and to protect our farmers the green new deal overage by this radical administration r it and who do u trust to bring down the price at that pop, i will be your trusted conservative vote and will not bell a squish and they will note able to control me. >> that's a closing statement. >> i don't think that's the closing statement. >> okay, kathy barnette a question for anyone. >> yes, i would, i would take my cue from young and ask, dave mccormick, right now if you watch his commercials come on you hear him talk he tells us all of the time these were to be tough and here is my person being the really going to tough on china which one is the reason why you are so rich and are you really going to buy they had feed you and i don't think
9:23 am
so and i do not believe that you can be in been china financially and not be in bed with china ideologically, he had not spent the past 20 years pushing america first and you are pushing communist ideology. >> i have another rapid response question lightening crowd questioning and i would like a guess and know for me to view, deadline and then we can follow up and ask or talk about more. switching of the order because sean gale has change our strategy here, one of the questions i wanted to ask was whether you in support mitch mcconnell senate gop leader if you were elected to the senate. >> that is a resounding no med is a complete failure. >> he's already answered yes or no. >> good to not to support mitch mcconnell because i think we need new blood in the mitch mcconnell was very divisive in
9:24 am
the way in which he handled the second senate impeachment trial but we must make sure that we get a true leader in their and that's going to be very very important. >> carla sands, mitch mcconnell for leader. >> i thank you so am i going to take chuck schumer out and i'm going to say yes because were going to have a red tsunami this year, we are going to elect a market for senators and were to take back the senate and as a matter of fact, i want you not to think of this as a throwaway vote, do not vote with your heart, vote with your head, whose would've five real understands foreign-policy trade policy, defense policy, who will never back down for you, who bring the prices of the pump down who will start the out-of-control inflation, carla sands be marked i do want to have the answer yes or no.
9:25 am
>> in the green room, asked i ad answered very much. >> you won't answer it. >> even if you depose senator schumer, have to like him. >> were going to remove h chuck schumer . [inaudible]. excuse me and that path way goes right through the keystone state, pennsylvania. >> this move on to the next question. >> how about we asked the questions and you respond. >> will then do so. >> had kathy barnette. >> yes that would be a no on chuck o schumer, but i do want o say these are extremely dangerous times and these are very serious times that we are living in, and the state or country is going to come down to this decision an enemy i know that every - we say this is the most important election no, this is the most important election in felling of our 1500 away, going all across the commonwealth and i am people
9:26 am
feel squeezed right now they're unnerved and we all know something is fundamentally a gone wrong with the a way our country is being ran. >> i said no. >> i would like to know one has alreadywi coined this, you claim that because i would like to ask that one more question which is why when you were the ceo, other worlds largest hedge fund nor did you impose a vaccine mandate, there's one more question i would like to ask and with respect to the leader, and i gather and i said that we get our orientation sometime in november and maybe in december, i would work really hard to get tim scott driver leader but my answer to that question is it depends who is running but i can assure you that is my powers of persuasion and sometimes they are good is a mindless could avoid work really hard to get tim scott to run for leader. >> i am the only one that has the thoughts were actually go after the republican leadership, mitch mcconnell has been a
9:27 am
failure and he just bounces back from the majority leader to minority leader it on day one when i get to washington, i am going to lead the effort to oust mitch mcconnell as a leader he hasar to go. >> the next question is for you sean gale one more lightening round question now and weal have time we'll get to some others come yes or no, do you want donald trump to view themp republican nominee for president in 2024. >> i think on from still has of winning in 2024, the reason i say that is because when you look at the electoral college and in swing states like pennsylvania michigan wisconsin, those are blue states and you need to but he is not a generic republican to win the states as we donald trump is able to change electoral college, is the reason why i can win this election because i appeal to independents and this what we need come as nobody is going to go after both parties because that's with the events are not moderates come they don't like either party, guesswork, neither do i.
9:28 am
>> carla sands would you like to see president trump running 2024. >> he's ahead of the republican party and he still carries a loe of weight and power so course, izzy's intern if he's normally i them out just also want to mention that we are together this thin but here tonight it wanted made his fortune in china and is trying to first any actually could not have make that money without bowing to the chinese communist party the others aom turkey citizen as of the turkish not america first and he said is america first but he is turkey first-come clearly and every other word is trump when he speaks. >> tonight. >> i think we have good options but i willpt support think were going to have some really good options in 2024, it will be interesting in another question pivoting off of you to dr. mehmet oz as well as mccormick as their affiliation with the world economic forum in the fact
9:29 am
that with dave mccormick news corporation has been a huge proponent have esg environmental social governance, that is a equivalent of a china uses as social credits and you good enough, if you are woke enough felt do what they allow you to do this a very serious question. >> president trump in 2024. >> i the distinct privilege to travel all across the commonwealth and visit 67 counties multiple times ministries presents beautiful beautiful, donald trump 12015, before the first time in and generations millions of m pennsylvanians felt like someone was listening to them in fighting for them after being ignored for generations and i think that the changes we saw during the trump administration peace in the middle east, china that understood that he could not just keep bullying us and russia thatno understood birthplace wasn't we saw this economy in her lifetime, a president trump once again, i would be proud to support him.
9:30 am
>> thirty-six. >> i firmly believe that it's our obligation as candidates to talk about ourselves and highlight t our strengths and wt we propose to do and how we propose to help thehe people ani don't necessarily believe in getting up here and attacking somebody else and putting a somebody else's imperfections, donald trump one in 2016, because he talked about himself and he talked about what he was going to do any talk about how he was going to implement america first policy said that is what he did and that's the kind of candidates we need in the kind of candidate and i have. >> one more rapid response question in this comes from a reader of the philadelphia inquirer, jonathan. >> this question comes from a reader of the required election
9:31 am
which you can sign up for that inquire .com back stage pa 2022 and the rearrests, negative campaign ads seem to poison the attitudes towards all politicians and since some of those politicians eventually become elected leaders, do you think something needs to be done to temper this negativity and if so what this is to carla sands to begin with place. >> there has been so much negativity in thiss race, i have watched it and most of my opponents have been attacking each other sincet day one, fighting over - and i am fighting for our voters to make a much better and increase opportunities for youth entering new energy opportunity in the ring companies here and make opportunities but we know that kathy has been finding and attacking me and others over and over and she lost her locks and for the last election by 20 points and her red wave a year playing the same cards she's playing now and i will beat john the full.
9:32 am
[inaudible]. mentioned you. >> i would love for you to tell me what carter'sel excuse me wht card am i playing in this your second time today, what card am i playing. >> trinity. >> i am not attacking her and she has been attacking me since we have beene on the stage and i am not attacking i want to focus was on important and that is our nation it is in trouble, it is our never and i am your best chance at ever getting anyone in office who will actually listena to you and fight for you and that's was imported. [applause] [applause] >> no applause. >> thirty seconds carla. >> we recently did a farm in a church i have a coalition of over 50 patches across our commonwealth and she claimed that because she's a woman in a minority has a very personal
9:33 am
story, she will win in novemberr because one last general election, she had, she lost by 20-point in aed red wave year, e facts do not line up and it's far as think she's in the river in egypt called the denial and she needs to take a hard look in the t mirror and understand that she lost fair and square, they did not steal it by 20-point. >> now we could go back and forth all night okay but the negativity. [inaudible]. >> it is your turn. >> negative right, listen ulcer my time over okay seriously now, million dollars have been spent on his campaign you just have to spin the kind of money and you're trying to make - so
9:34 am
between dr. mehmet oz and dave mccormick if that is they've spent in the hospital, and tied for third bedroom first place and how did that happen because of the people, they are spreading a tremendous amount of i am spending very little nice been over 1500 miles talking to the people of pennsylvania so the people of pennsylvania have made me a tie for first place okay so thank you. >> all right, jeff bartos. >> cheryl this is for you, get it delivered every day the inquire so we are still proud to subscribe and she's going be very happy iri said that. >> look at $60 million kathy and things and around they been fighting with each other on the airways leaving our airways because negative ads work at another fighting with each other, nine fighting for you, my entire campaign, from day one is been focus on main street issues, economic opportunities, safety and security rental choice an educational choice and
9:35 am
empowering parents and students to make the best choices for themselves, we are the answer to negative two entered negativity we have to rejected folk for me and that f is the first up to stopping negative campaigning. >> it is interesting john that you would raise that reader question about civility and politics after i just raise the subject myself, there's a question but that this kind of bickering back and forth and personal attacks is counterproductive pretty also beneath the level of the office we are livingg ready for your running for the united states and to represent this country in the most noble and proudest way that we can, and i believe that we talk about our strengths, wel talk about our solutions, we do not attack each other on petty personal bases of who did what or what card was played or not played and we need to act like
9:36 am
adults. >> i'm not for a negative campaign been up for telling the truth and i think it's disingenuous for people to pretend that she's not runningia campaign true based on identity politics, the purple campaign will be different for public a black woman in the senate, envious were to go beyond that, she shouldn't have to so that is typically, the truth about what is happening here and i'm glad that carla sands and the backbone to say it, that is exactly what were sing the seven candidates running for this race, there's my running for governor is only one candidate as to put your picture on the side and that is kathy barnette. >> thirty seconds. >> lesson they are punching out right now. [laughter] there losing and so they want anything from the looking for a moment. what you say to all of that except again, over 1500 miles on
9:37 am
looking at the base of the people people feel innervated they feel squeezed in there what really answers and people want people to have a leader who will have a backbone at something a little more starting than this winners input then issues are ad that's what people want him a number of this foolishness and no more bickering. >> during this race to do a fox news contributor solicit go on. >> quizzical reports of that we have jonathan has a question from the inquire. >> this is for jeff bartos for 60 seconds. >> obviously oh oh of republicans will be in chargeonf the senate starting next year, and senator rick scott bully the republican campaign early since his plan that he believes theco gop should follow if y'all do take control of the chamber, owhen aspect would require all americans to pay some income taxes including millions currently make too little to pay
9:38 am
income taxes although they do pay payroll taxes sit other taxes do you agree with requiring all americans who pay federal incomere taxes. >> our u.s. me if i agree with senator scott or the proposal i just want to make sure i understand the question. >> requiring all americans to pay some level of federal income taxes. >> the traveler and state as we alled do, pennsylvania families are suffering, gas prices are out of control inflation has run american people are not working and businesses cannot find people to work, our schools have been shut for too long there's morning gaps is drug overdoses are running revenue pennsylvania are hurting and the last thing we as a party to be doing talking about raising taxes on anybody, we aredy the party of opportunity and i am running to save main street has many because i know i love it is united states senator, i will be in washington fighting for pennsylvania working families
9:39 am
enemy pennsylvania all that sheg can be that means absolute engaging in growing our energy ministry having our agriculture industry and helping young people make the decision to to stay here and we should not have to take a plane to visit our children our grandchildren, pennsylvania should be the most dynamic state in the nation. >> let me follow up on that those questions so you said we should not be raising taxes on anyone so specifically, just to be clear, you disagree with what senator scott is proposing that even the highest earners, should not face we knew taxes. >> we should not be raising taxes on anybody, this is very simple, and another economist make it complicated, this is very simple, tomorrow we could have a moratorium on all federal spending except - no more raises, we could tomorrow put in place a federal rule that no new regulations have impacting consumers of our families are put in place until we are out of
9:40 am
this inflation there are steps the government can take tomorrow congress could take tomorrow if i leave to stop this absolute tax on working families and this isru what you send us to washington to doing this is why the people hate politics because we don't get the stuff done. >> i think you got it wrong, i think it we should seek to impose of tax on everybody regardless of the situation or theirdl circumstance, what we should be working towards is making everybody a tax payer. let me training them and giving them educational opportunities, allowing themth to lead producte lives when they do that, then they can pay their taxes but until they get there, and until we provide the opportunity within the american dream, we need to extend helping has people we do not just punish them with annex whether they can pay for it or not had that is
9:41 am
silly but is not talking about low income earners. >> that's exactly what the question was. >> talking with the hirers. >> their already paying taxes call, it's called inflation. >> they should have skin in the game so i think they should pay some even if is minimal but to do that you have an administrative nightmare on your has the cause of actually limiting there would be through the roof so to do what we have to symbol by the tax code is reaching the summertime and i dread april 15, should not be that way is to be simple and be able to be done in the back of the b postcard. >> carla santos. >> cosenator scott is a conservative and i admire him however i find was that i would never raise taxes and will honor that pledge, also i want to talk to the moms in the grandmas out there, my mom as well, i want you to know that i will protect your daughters to make sure the biological males, they will not
9:42 am
compete with them and i'll make sure that there's curriculum is present at the federal level the particular is not indoctrinated with critical race theories until he learned to hate each other the right country, i was make sure that the teachers are not able to confuse her children sexual or sexual. minor children and i'll make sure that i protect your kids and i blew everything that i can the money follows the child and they arell not prisoners of the zip code but every pennsylvania child has the opportunity to absolutely perform to their greatest destiny. >> we asked you to answer the question whether to move on. q >> i did enter question from u.s. me if i supported raising taxes and i answered. >> along with a couple of other issues. >> may i go. >> yes.
9:43 am
>> i grew up on a pig farm below the bottom wrong and i clawed my way from underneath a rocket in order to be able to create a different narrative for myself and my children and along with my husband and let me tell you that it was not somebody writing me, none of that. it would help to me is that we are living in a country - so job is what people need to, but how do we do that jobs followed businesses and who are willing withth america businesses are willing to do that right now and there's a very hostile environment and so if you want help 70 like me, as i grew up in home with no insulation no running water and an outhouse in about site, that is forth in lu
9:44 am
do that, you create an economy where you are not giving people tax credits, not give me that you're creating an environmentir that allows them to be able to pull themselves out of that. >> let's move on. >> in the next question. >> all of you how describe yourselves as pro-life and it was stage of pregnancy is the preventing abortions, would be 15 weeks, six weeks, conception. >> conception, let me at least relate my personal story to you and as amended, slept in the doorstep of an orphanage it, i was and wanted child. and back in the day when i was born, they did not have roe versus wade, and they had orphanages and institutionsu systems, to take care of unwanted babies and today, abortions are all too readily available, i am living
9:45 am
personification of why there should not be abortion predict if there was abortion, i would not be here in the sanctity of life, is absolute and there are no exceptions that would make one exception with the mother'sy at risk on a childbirth and only if the child it did not have any kind of other issues by the sanctity of life is absolutely paramount and can't express it more strongly to you good to relate to my own story. >> life begins at conception without any exceptions, and the pro-life issue is the issue that put me in this race because of 2015 the republican party, the republicans endorsed a board member of planned parenthood to run for county commissioner in montgomery county and will my brothers got together and said this is unacceptable some of the
9:46 am
campaign manager i supported the candidate to run for a seat in iran on the pro-life platform, anyone that state it became the youngest commissioner in history he ever elected without the support of either major party is the backbone we need that we have conservative majority of the bench, on the u.s. supreme court, the issue of this will be coming up in a fight every that theyp overturn the decision that we have montgomery countyur commissioner as governor so that he can make pennsylvania a pro-life state and we can edit the atrocity of abortions. >> you said in your answer, no exception. >> i am pro life and life begins at conception, no exceptions. >> carla said. >> is imported question, i am pro life at the beginning of the life ended the end of life and we can see what today's radical democrats want to do in the united states and this is not the party of john f. kennedy in this of the democrat party, bernie sanders andoc aoc there's attempting to implement
9:47 am
federally paid for abortion up to and including birth and some places after birth, and i will quote always to protect life and peace radical democrats are such war with our values here in pennsylvania, that they are at war with our farmers and their attempting to implement it green new deal regulations on farmers relating the methane inl the water, they have a tax that they want to implement and to take the farms work to protect our farmers and our energy sector, they are at war with their energy sector and i will work to grow our energy sector and actually called fork operation f warp speed to harvest, to put the pipe sent,ar then to build a pipe to philadelphia so we can sell it to her friends and allies in europe and they don't have to buy russian gas. >> nine, abortion. >> thank you so much, i remember when dr. mehmet oz and i saw him talking about equating a beating hearts in the womb as an acorn
9:48 am
with just electrical currents and, moving through it and i was aghast with because my life has value andfe i am the byproduct f a rape and my mother was 11 years old when i was conceived. my father was 21, and i am so grateful that there were adults in the room who i remember my grandmother marked her name with an x and that was her signature but she knew enough to know that what was going in my mother's womb was a life and i'm so very grateful to god that there were adults in the room i saw value in me and as a result of me standing here, i have children who are amazing and exactly the kind of people we all want being released into our society when date and we've talked about this before, i'm so very grateful to god of that i am pro-life. >> can answer follow-up by asking if there's any
9:49 am
exceptions. >> no, suffer my own self, no deceptions for the life of a mother, not the mental acuity of the mother but they for the life the absolute life of the mother, right endangered about yes but for myself no. >> jeff bartos. >> scripture teaches that we are made in gods image image of and is conservatives, with ashley the unborn and passionately fighting for life because this is what it's all about and as a nation, we are where we are today when we step in philadelphia over people shooting up, and passing out of the sidewalks, when we allow the veterans to sleep under bridges and over the last 60 years or 50 years, we have gotten so far away from the simple notion of looking out for each other for protecting life, for caring o about each other and the reason we have gotten here is because of thehe government has steppedn and since the 1960s and certainly since roe versus wade
9:50 am
and 73,nd and is been a barrier between fellow citizens of this issue is so i divisive because e government is in the way. the most conservative of the values is that grassroots that we looked after each other we take care of each other. we must protect life because this is who we are a society believe life begins at conception and i do have exceptions to protect the life of the mother and the rare rare circumstance where the pregnancy is a result of rape or incest. >> thank you. >> we only have a few minutes left and we will get to another rapid response round if we can in kind of an unusual question, but i want you to think about this and this one does go to sean gale, name and democratic due to admire and why. >> with mib the tavis question you had tonight, but we've gotten out of the democrat party is embarrassing and frankly,
9:51 am
we've gotten out of the republican party is embarrassing but when we send them to washington remote like the dinner so iff you ask i have to scratch my head for a few moments on the other side maybe donald largely fought for what we stand for. >> so no democrats that you can think of. >> no, they don't impress me very much n it. >> carla sanders, three seconds, do you have a living to the two admire. >> you know i actually as a u.s. ambassador are used john f. kennedy to inspire me and he is no longer living, when his words still ring true, ask not what your country can do for you, ask would you can do for your country i think that he in retrospect was a great statesman and actually today he would be a republican so he is my favorite democrat proceedings answer. >> this will be put living in there but. [laughter] kathy barnette. >> thank you and i admire joe
9:52 am
manchin, it is your senator, i will look for the joe manchin the room because when you have all of this polarization, if the rest of us in the middle with a nation just is not working for us as your senator among other with a bone to pick, i will go there to actually get things done so our lives can be better and that iss the point of it all is to get people in office who will work for you would not go and find a video on television viral video to then fund raise, how will work for you. >> were running short onrwi time itself jeff bartos 30 seconds. >> i thoughtf it was so clever that it got joe manchin and then coming out off so i'm going to come up with another one although i will add joe manchin to that andho i would also add lieberman a deep manjo of faith, and a great advocate for the u.s. relationship so someone fought hard over the years to keep a nuclear weapon of the hands of iran, and have a robust
9:53 am
foreign policy in the middle east and a man that i know who lives his faith and so i admire senator lieberman be think that we have joe manchin in the united states senate because the biden administration disaster policies will be ten times worse if he were not there. >> there's no question, joe manchin is the one that i would pick, i may not agree with his philosophy or his outlook, but i do believe the man is principled and he wants to represent his constituents in the best way that he can then he made some awfully difficult choices at great personal risk particularly with regard to the crazy 5 trillion-dollar spending program predict any undemocratic courses that it don't know if they could be at marta but we have learned on fought his joe biden read is there anything more demonstrate a need of a republican administration official change of o leadership joe biden. >> were going to do 32nd
9:54 am
closings going to go backwards this time, sand, 30 seconds we might think youou comfortingly talking to you at home, i am carla sanz and running for s the senate, and i will never back down on behalf of the working for the people of t pennsylvani, and there's been a bout of rhetoric and a lot of talking defendant kate talk in this campaign but i'm a first amendment pro second minute pro-life constitutional conservative, businesswoman christian and mom, and will never be a squishifse i will als vote to protect pennsylvania and put 2 percent thank you. >> sean gale. >> i can't tell you that i'm going to go down single-handedly the border wall of my 70 cannot make up agenda there are the conservatives, ted cruz, constitutional. conservative wih a votingg record on all of the issued and probably fairly camp going ted cruz it isn't that i
9:55 am
am is it destructor to the system i'm going or not only to hold victim present credible bus the bad republicans let us him, time and again as of you want to conservative with a backbone, there's only one choice, instant rice and that is sean gale and thank you. >> i believe that rather than disrupting things, what we try to do or should try to do is find solutions. and him and finding solutions difficult problems my entire professional career, i found thn walk mob when they try to tear down themb columbus such enoughf the das when they try to release cop killers from jelena defendant donald trump when they try to impeach himmp a second time, i fight for what i believe it and i find solutions that some not going to washington to disrupt i'm going to washington to represent you and to make this commonwealth a better place to live. >> jeff bartos, 30 seconds. >> i can from pennsylvania and i
9:56 am
love pennsylvania with every fiber ofa my being and of the privilege to travel for five years and my campaign is about saving main street pennsylvania because i know that i love main street pennsylvania and you can trust me to go to washington to fight for you and your family, and i was half and i always will and thank you so much and be honored to have your vote on ma. >> kathy barnette. >> when somebody mentions i county, high see facesar now, i see stories and i'mac looking in your eyes that have been in the million dollar homes and evidence of very humble homes it and i love pennsylvania and as i said earlier, i am your best chance at ever getting anyone in office who will actually work for you and fight for you and listen to you and we have the better values and republican parties and we have the best story to tell you just gotta stop picking people who stocks at telling k it and thank you so much for your time.
9:57 am
>> i would like to thank thee candidates for their participation in the organizing spots of tonight's events spotlight pa, partnership with sponsors night spotlight pa, philadelphia inquirer, mi, wi tf pcn, and of course dickinson college and thank you very much. [applause] [applause] >> just a reminder there pennsylvania primary is on may 17, and thank you for joining us tonight have a good night. >> today, on c-span, houses back at 10:00 a.m. eastern for general speeches, followed by legislative business and noon, and members are considering a senate cast bill that expands the presidents ability to the military to ukraine by waiting in the reit and reimbursement requirements on c-span to this and returns at 10:00 a.m. eastern, and about expected in the afternoon on whether to start negotiations with the
9:58 am
house to reach a final agreement on the semiconductor manufacturing bill and at 10:00 a.m. on c-span three, when security secretary alejandra marcus testifies about border policies and of the dhs operations in front of the house judiciary committee and then at 1:00 p.m. the house foreign affairs committee, or some secretary of state about budget priorities in the u.s. response to the crisis in ukraine. >> on saturday, trevor noah headlines the first white house correspondents association dinner since 2019 and president biden is also expected to attend, he was the first time since 2016, then sitting president has made an appearance, our television coverage begins at 8:00 p.m. eastern on c-span, we will have sights and sounds from inside of the ballroom, and highlights from past dinners ahead of the speaking program coverage on, c-span now video app
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10:00 am
with providing more funding for science and technology research, we take you live now to the senate floor, here on "c-span2". the president pro tempore: the senate will come to order. the chaplain, dr. barry black, will lead the senate in prayer. the chaplain: let us pray. o mighty god, to you all hearts are open, all desires known, and from you no secrets are hid. strengthen all who put their trust in


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