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tv   Prime Ministers Questions Time  CSPAN  April 28, 2022 7:22pm-8:03pm EDT

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brings you over 40 years of audio recordings from our video library comparing the events of the past to today. president biden set to appear at the white house correspondents' association dinner on saturday. the first presidential appearance to the dinner since 2016. and on this special all-comedy edition of the weekly, we look at past media dinners, jokes told about joe biden, jokes told by joe biden. no ticket or proof of vaccination required to listen. >> all this change hasn't been easy. change never is. so i've cut the tension by bringing a new friend to the white house. he's warm, he's cudly, loyal, enthusiastic, you don't have to keep him on a tight leash. every once in a while he goes charging off in the president wrong direction and gets himself into trouble, but enough about joe biden. [laughter] >> you can find the weekly on c-span now, our prix mobile app, or wherever you get your
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podcasts -- free mobile app or wherever you get your podcasts. >> british prime minister boris johnson talked about the accomplishments of the british government as he began the final prime minister's questions of the legislative session. he also talked about the possibility of more sanctions against russia. knox. [inaudible conversations] >> the end of questions, i come to prime minister's questions. i would like to point towards the british sign language interpretation and proceedings, it's available to watch on parliament live tv. we now start with questions of prime minister. sally ann hart. >> mr. speaker, this will be the final of this session, i wanted to remind the house of what we have achieved. the acts of parliament have been passed including our national insurance act incleesing -- increasing the threshold through july, the largest tax cut for a
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decade. and our economic -- response to putin's war in ukraine. and we hope by the end of the session to have passed our borders bill to take control of our immigration system, our police bill to make our streets safer, our health bill to reduce bureaucracy and help cut the covid backlogs. onlied today new figures show that we have recruit over 13,500 additional police since 2019, well ahead, well ahead of our 1,000 target -- 12,000 target. already on your streets making your communities safer. we're focusing on delivering the people's priorities, and there is plenty more to come in the queen's speech on the 10th of may, mr. speaker. in this morning i have meetings with ministerial colleagues and others in addition to my duties in this house. i shall have other such meetings later today. >> as a proud maritime --
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nation, the united kingdom can has long relied on its coastal communities, but today they share challenges. does my right honorable friend agree with me to insure these conning stitch wents can properly unleash their full potential and specific and targeted government subsidies focusing on communities, on social communities if needed, and will he meet with me to discuss this? >> yes, mr. speaker. if she looks as the leveling-up white paper, she will find that it is, indeed, directed clearly at enhancing, improving the lives in our coastal communities, tilting resource and attention towards those fantastic communities, and we'll make sure that she gets a meeting with the relevant menster. >> now to the leader of the opposition, kier starmer. >> thank you, mr. speaker. i know the prime minister will have wished his back benches to
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scream and shout, and that's fine. that's fine. [inaudible conversations] but i i hope, i hope he's also sent a clear message that there's no place for sexism or misogyny or looking down on people because of where they come from his party, in house or in britain. next year with, mr. speaker, the u.k. is set for the slowest growth and the highest inflation in the g7. why is he failing to manage the economy in -- economy? >> mr. speaker, well, let me first of all say in response to what the right honorable gentleman has said about sexism and misogyny that i exchanged messages with the right honorable lady over the weekend, and i repeat what i said to her, there can be absolutely no place for such behavior or such expression in this house, and we should treat each other, mr.
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speaker, with respect that each other deserves. and on his point about the economy, yes, of course it is true that there is a crisis of global inflation around the world, but this government is battering it with all sorts of ways that you would expect, mr. speaker. helping people with the cost of their energy, british energy -- far more, by the way, than labour, a security strategy to undo the mistakes of previous labour governments, mr. speaker. but above all, above all, making sure, making sure that we have the pastest growth in the g7 -- [inaudible] and if we listened to him, we would have, frankly, never come out of lockdown, mr. speaker -- [inaudible conversations] in july, in july last year. and never forget, mr. speaker, that no labour government has left office with unemployment lower than --
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[inaudible] [cheers and applause] [inaudible conversations] >> mr. speaker, it sounds like the -- cost of living crisis. [laughter] he pretends the economy is booming, but the problems are global. in the real world, our growth is set to be shower than every g20 country except one -- slower than every g20 country except one, russia. and our inflation is double the rest of the g7. does he think that denying the facts staring him in the face makes things better? or worse? for working people. >> mr. speaker, the facts are the imf has said that the u.k. came out of covid faster than anybody else. we had the fastest growth in the g7 last year. that would not have happened, mr. speaker, if -- [inaudible conversations] and if he studies, therefore, we will return to the -- by 2024
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and the fast in 2025, mr. speaker. that's what the imf forecasts say. he asks about, he asks about working people, mr. speaker. this is the government, this is the party that supports working people -- [cheers and applause] s -- with the biggest increase, yes, yes, i'll tell you what's going on, the living wage is going up, mr. speaker. employment is going up, mr. speaker, by record amounts. 500,000 more -- they don't want to hear -- let me give him figures. 500,000 more people in paid employment now than there were before the pandemic began, and youth unemployment, youth unemployment at or near record lows. under labour, just remind you, everybody, under labour you've -- you saw unemployment rose by 45%. [inaudible conversations] >> mr. speaker, this must be the
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opposite of debating skills we've been a hearing -- [laughter] garbled metaphors, powerful stuff, prime minister. [laughter] here's the problem. it's not just his words that are complacent, it's his actions as well. the cost of living crisis was blindingly obvious months ago. but he said worries about inflation were up founded. -- unfounded, and he backed a tax-hiking budget. does he think that his choice to be the only leader in the g7 to raise taxes during a cost of living crisis has made things better or worse for working people? ..
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are working people, went down mr. speaker. now just 330. it needs talking about. it needs talking about the health and care. maybe that is what he is droning on about. that is what is enabling us to pay for how tragic, how pivotal the party of should now be opposed to the mhs. >> mr. speaker and ostrich happy of keeping its head in the sand working nearby worried about paying their bills, spending less and cutting back and. that is bad for business and bad for growth. and it will look at the pay slip with the tax rise with his
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fingerprints all over because he thanks tax rise has made better or worse for working people asked mr. speaker, what we are doing for working people is not only lifting the living wage by a record amount, helping people is the universal credit tax cut mr. speaker pay but also cutting national insurance contribution lifting the thresholds of the average person pays three to 35 less. what we will also do is taking our country and economy, investing which is a priority for the people of this country, unlike the labor department, mr. but we have a record creation of jobs mr. speaker, that is what matters. high wage, high skill jobs. they don't care about jobs we do, we do.
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we believe in high skilled jobs and that's for the economy. >> mr. speaker it's as if he is only waking up to the cost-of-living crisis. ask fewer. that actually makes the hot line but truly inspirational. oil producers among so much unexpected profit they called themselves achish machine. that cash could be used to keep energy bills down. instead he chooses, he chooses to protect their profits. flat taxes on working people who are earning a living. think choices made things better or worse for working people? >> we are doing is making things better for working people then his plans by a mile mr. speaker.
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the different energy cost than tax on business. 9.1 billion an immediate cut in people's tax. 6.6. what it does, what it does is it clobbered the very businesses invest in energy to bring the prices down the people across the country. clean, green energy. the hydrogen this country needs but this government is also doing mr. speaker is reversing the tragic labor party refusing to invest in nuclear. we are going to have eight nuclear reactor every year if not a nuclear reactor every decade which is what we've got for labor. >> they are the party of excess oil and gas a profit we the party of working people. the government has its head and
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the sand for the cost-of-living crisis. first to get out of control then they denied it is happening. they failed to do anything about it than that make it worse with higher taxes. because of his choices have the slowest growth of the highest inflation in the g7. mr. speaker a vote for labor next week is a vote for a very different. [inaudible] we would ask oil and gas companies to pay their fair share. we would not hammer working people with the worst possible tax of the worst possible time. to get bills found. and with close certain tax avoidance schemes reduce the family tax bills while putting everyone else up. it's the proper fund for the
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economy so why doesn't he get on with it and finally make choices that make things better and not worse for your working people. >> mr. speaker i can tell they many weeks many years this guy is soon to be a permit spectator mr. speaker. we have a plan to fix social care. they have no plan. we have a plan to fix our borders with rwanda they have no plan. they have no plan for it let me tell you something. talking about the election in a few days time. >> may remind them everywhere you look at 27000 and the eu flags mr. speaker?
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bankrupt because they are invested in communist energy plan never forget, neighbor never forget. look at the difference. or somewhere like that. neighboring west minster which is the lowest in the country better services. both conservative on the fifth of may.
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>> with the prime minister joined me and the generation i would agree that's what locals agree. my honorable friend is jolly right. which people are going to be is a better value and better services. thank you, mr. speaker with that leader of the opposition by the labor department what's happened over the last few days. mr. speaker, this morning the
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trussell trust enters 70000 children across the uk are being left to mirror parcels. instead of a talking shop cap of the prime minister help those children and help families through the cost-of-living. if he is genuinely looking for ideas to be wiser to look beyond the cabinet to know he would be there for very much longer. so as a parting gift scottish government has introduced a double in the of at least 140 pounds they are helping those families the hardest hit. as the prime minister prepared to march across the uk to help families.
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>> mr. speaker what we are doing to help families of course it is important to do everything we can to help families. that is why we have increased and particular hardship. the holidays and activities as there as well. we'll do everything we can to support our families when we tilt the shops of the covid pandemic mr. speaker prettify may say so this is another example you may not appreciate reporting this out but it is true. it's another example of the vital strength of our economic union. the support from the uk treasury which is what you get. >> my goodness mr. speaker we have children the responding want to invite again later this year. nothing but empty words they prime minister bread there's plenty of desperate pre-election
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that we had earlier i'll take it as i know from the family pretty it's cleaner by the day the cost-of-living crisis is not only nonphysical it is nonexistent. so prime minister let's try again. with help families with costs right now, the the universal and match scotland benefits instead of imposing. these things that won't make a difference to millions of people as they prime minister but the reality if he fails to actonel the borders will send him and his party a message. >> mr. speaker we are helping families up and down the country with the universal credit, we are tapering it so people get
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another 1000 pounds in their pockets bird working people are getting another 1000 pounds in their pockets. work helping in the ways i have described. found out far fewer children and work less households than there or before the government came in. we believe in championing work and helping and high skilled jobs. that's our political longevity i like to bet with him on that outlasting meet mr. speaker. >> thank you, mr. speaker. has received an additional 120,000,002 waiting time for diagnoses. that outline a general ambition set no target for improvement with some families waiting two years.
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my friends a great with significant investment of public money people have the right to know how and when. it would he support my campaign for a 12 month maximum weight to any share seeking a diagnosis. >> she is absolutely right. it is a great campaign she is running mr. speaker. and the government is indeed providing the funding to improve or dilute disability services. it's also important to people get the message and assessment they need within 12 weeks. and the measures and our health and care bills local accountability. >> thank you, mr. speaker. as the association has confirmed with the cost of moving goods from this part of the united kingdom to northern ireland has risen by 27% in the first year of the operation of the
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protocol. the border is harming our economy. it is undermining political stability in northern ireland. next week or go to the polls to elect an assembly. what hope can the prime minister give to the people of northern ireland that this protocol will be removed in within the uk internal market will be restored. >> i think in very much pretty think what the whole house but want to support is the balance and symmetry of the good friday agreement. that's what matches the great legacy for all of us. it's a vital and critical the arrangements we have in northern ireland should command the support of all sides. that is what the government will undertake to ensure. >> additional funding and support in recent years tackling crime and for our senses this
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spring. want to see the tangible outcomes, think about how our friends took seriously how it might accelerate the process quite the lengthy process of getting successful funding announcement that can benefit. >> my honorable front is a fantastic champion and indeed a wider area. i am delighted funds i can't endure any specific project. they next run is coming up shortly will be announced in the autumn. >> sometimes thank you very much mr. speaker bridge 66 mowers of this house are under investigation for sexual misconduct. that includes three of his cabinet ministers. prime minister is just rightly said there can be no place for
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sexism in this house. in the confirm whether he considers sexual harassment apparently unlike a bullying and lying is grounds for dismissal under the ministerial code? >> thank you, mr. speaker. of course sexual harassment is intolerable and it is quite right members should not have a procedure that shrek should have it so they bring it to the authorities. that is a good thing and of course it's grounds for dismissal. >> think it mr. speaker. bright dramatically in recent years the most common form of crime harming millions of families every year. most are enabled by online platforms such as facebook and google does my right honorable friend of the prime minister agree with me those companies who profit should help pay the cost of fraud their online
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platforms should compensate they help create we work with me too achieve that end? >> look i have to say mr. speaker to my honorable friend for many years as is typical to be created will look at exactly how we could make that measure work. i think it's important we proceed with care and getting it right going to make sure he has a meeting as fast as possible. >> thank you, mr. speaker. hundreds of thousands of people are still shielded. they note the vaccine has not answered an antibiotic response for them. they remain increased risk of serious illness. there is hope though both immunocompromised people 83% protection for six months. sadly the government despite
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given approval on the 17th of march. i appreciate the prime minister might not have all the details at hand. so will he meet with me too talk about lifesaving and life changing drug? >> i think her very much and she's absolute right to speak up for those who are who are anxious and doing everything we can to protect them and reassure them. we are evaluating for the moment i will make sure she has a meeting as soon as possible with the department. >> thank you, mr. speaker. my conservative counsel 500 pounds then laboring camden. it has four times as many
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collections. 500 pounds left, four times as many. does my right honorable friend agree with me and good services. [inaudible] >> mr. speaker do i agree with my honorable friend? there is not a civil but why with any sensible person could possibly defend. >> thank you, mr. speaker. there is this headline a you rules the northern ireland could benefit from those energy efficiency because of the protocol.
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the financial cost of the political will be measured but the true cost in relation bat to medicines the covetous and damaged relationships is much, much greater. when is the government going to question it. >> i thank you very much. this cost of the protocol. that is also turning into a political problem and an imbalance. we need to rectify that balance for the sake of the good friday's agreement by which this country. >> thank you. >> liberal democrats have a debt of six and 50 million pounds. 6300 pounds for every resident. does the prime minister think that is acceptable for his
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counsel with respect to his proxy developer? can i get my constituents next week give us spot to the casino capitol and weight? >> my honorable friend is completely right. [inaudible] not even delivering the values to the constituents as we speak. >> thank you, mr. speaker for the cost of households is process all the supermarket honoring to help customers struggling to buy food. the resolution foundation has reported that 1.3 million low income will be pushed into absolute poverty by the cost-of-living crisis. this is doing nothing to protect people who are struggling. if the supermarkets are stepping in to protect people's pockets,
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over the prime minister do? >> it will be done as per 22 billion pounds and to help people with the cost of living. i want to pay tribute to those businesses which are now trying to protect consumers from the impact of the global crisis. the fact is in many, businesses now have the cash reserves but to shield consumers and i hope they do so. i've recently been contacted by my ukrainian counterpart the chair of the ukrainian treasury committee with how we can further tighten the screw of the russian economy particularly through the tax regime. with full support who right across this house and also my
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honorable right friends have done to promote sanctions internationally paid would he consider eating with me to consider the new proposals that are being called forward to make sure no stone is unturned in facing the regime? >> i think my vital friends for what he has been doing it with the community has been doing in this area about tightening the screws on the pollutants regime. i think uk companies have already shown to think happily about investments with business in putin, russia we put a ban in with russia i honorable friend my meeting is soon as possible
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offering advice on sexual exploitation. he is under investigation for allegations he assaulted for which she has been found guilty. it's been on this long after the conservative party received a complaint from the victim. is it a shame the party did not take a bit more seriously? someone would abuse a minor in such an important position in such opportunity to apologize to them. >> i believe the home office is already made any further comment to make. thank you, mr. speaker. secures millions of pounds. my prime minister welcomes the recent appointment of a new chief counsel and new command
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and getting a dedicated response units. >> i tell my honorable friend who is an avid champion and mr. speaker, i can tell him as i said early on i run 13576 on the country taken by the government as well mr. speaker. opposed cracking down on drugs is soft i think the opposition i think i have to say that on cross channels migrants. people who have a the life of
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her cracking down on them. as far as i know those scrap the agreement on the partnership mr. we have a plan, they don't. >> thank you very much mr. speaker. four and a half million people use a prepayment meter. they already pay more for their energy than direct customers per the number of people who are disconnecting themselves because they have run out of money for the meter is increasing. what is the prime minister going to do to ensure all of our constituents have a right to lights? >> mr. speaker we are working with all the companies to ensure we protect people in this difficult time. we are also is making sure we
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support people with the cold weather payments making sure there half a billion times more councils we look after people and the gentleman is referring to. i find it a particularly we do everything we can to shield the people of this country as we get through the aftershocks of covid in a global inflation problem. >> it is being reported 287 members of the house have been sanctioned by the russian state. no one here is rushing to change that in their holiday plans. perhaps the prime minister will assure us he will continue his excellent relationship with president zelenskyy and continue to provide ukrainian military with the support that they need. >> well, mr. speaker i have no
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disrespect to those who have not been sanctioned, when i say all of those should regard it as a badge of honor. but we will do mr. speaker will keep up our principal support for the ukrainian people and their rights to protect their lives, their families and defend themselves. that is what this country is doing that has the overwhelming support. >> final question. >> mr. speaker, today a court has found the government acted on lawfully with his policies led to the discharge of hospitals to care homes at the start of the pandemic. the court also found no evidence of former health secretary address the issue at such transmission despite the government insisted at the time a protective ring had been thrown in care homes for the government is once abound been to have broken the law. will the prime minister
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apologize to the families of the thousands and thousands of people who died in care homes in 2020 and will he also healthcare workers for the shameful comment he made in july 2020 when he said too many care homes did not follow procedures in the way they could have? >> mr. speaker of course i want to renew my apologies and sympathies for all of those who lost loved ones during the pandemic. people who lost loved ones in care homes. and i want to remind the house incredibly difficult time that was but how difficult that decision was. we did not know very much about the disease. the point i was trying to make to which she refers this code could be a symptomatically is the way it was.
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that something's trying wish we would have known more about. as the ruling she mentioned we will study it. >> xc spent as unfiltered coverage of the u.s. response to russia's invasion of ukraine bringing you the latest from the president and other white house officials the pentagon and state department as well as congress. wells of international perspectives from the united nations and statement from foreign leaders all on the c-span network. the c-span now free mobile app. and are web resource page watch the latest videos on demand go c-span bridget unfiltered view of
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democracy. coming up on c-span2 secretary of state antony blinken testifying on u.s. foreign policy. joint news conference with u.s. and canadian defense officials on support for ukraine. later the british prime minister on the possibility of more sanctions against russia. secretary of state antony blinken took questions on present buttons 2023 budget request for the state department we also talked about ukraine in response to concern over iran's nuclear capabilities for this is before the house foreign affairs committee. >> the committee on foreign affairs will come to order. without objection the chairs au


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