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tv   Campaign 2022 Pennsylvania Republican U.S. Senate Debate  CSPAN  April 29, 2022 11:27am-1:01pm EDT

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century under president bush, obama, trump and biden including a look at the presidency of bill clinton. exploring the american story. watch american history tv saturday on c-span2 and find a full schedule on your program guide or watch anytime on >> several gop candidates running for pennsylvania senate seats squared off in a debate which did not include candidates doctor oz and david mccormick. they're competing to replace republican senatorpat toomey who is retiring after serving two terms in office . voters head to the polls for the primary election in three weeks. >> good evening and welcome to the pennsylvania spotlight. republican candidate for us race. i'm scott mark host of smart talk on w ips public radio in
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harrisburg. tonight's debate is sponsored by spotlight pa in partnership with the philadelphia inquirer , and live in harrisburg, wi tf in harrisburg and the pennsylvania cable network pcf. the event is hosted by dickinson college and is being held here at the tubing auditorium. a special thank you for our other supporting partners, pennsylvania news media association and the women's forum. before we get to the rules of the debate and introduce the candidates i want to introduce you to the president of the dickinson college senate. [applause] >> good evening and welcome to dickinson collegeincluding those watching on pcn . ex-president of dickinson senate it's my privilege to welcome you to this debate among republican candidates. here at dickinson we hold fast to the ideals founded
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240 years ago. an informed citizenry is essential to the health of a democracy . this is why dickinson is happy to host this important debate. it is erour hope this debate will encourage the kind of interest among voters that will allow for both engagements and turnout inthe upcoming may binary election . i wish all the candidates good luck . >> i like to introduce you to christopher baxter the executive director and editor-in-chief of spotlight pa etare organizing sponsor. >> good evening. i'm christopher baxter executive director and editor-in-chief of spotlight pa. welcome to our third and final pennsylvania in the spotlight 2022 primary debate . tonight's event is a historic milestone for our state.
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for the first time in pennsylvania's modern history and unprecedented coalition of the state's largest media outlets have joined forces to ensure as many voters as possible can hear directly from those who speak seek to represent them. collectively tonight's hosts reach millions of pennsylvanians in all corners of the state and are each deeply committed to public service journalism. for those of you not familiar with spotlight pa we are an independent nonpartisan newsroom dedicated to investigative and public service journalism about the pennsylvania state government and urgent statewide issues. our mission is to hold powerful public and private forces to account through urgent and compelling reporting that empowers voters and drives positive change for the state we all call home . all of our journalism is available to the public at no cost and that's made possible thanks to the support of people like you. today more than 3000 folks across our state support our work financially and make events like this debate
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possible. i want to thank all our members across the state for their commitment to the local news in pennsylvania and if you don't yet support our journalism you can learn more about spotlight pa by gvisiting spotlight hthat's spotlight i want to thank our host for tonight's event dickinson college and all our host partners and with that i'll hand it back to our moderator to get things going. >> lets meet the republican candidates for u.s. senate participating in pennsylvania's spotlight debate . you may applaud after each of the candidates is introduced but i will include a rule about applause after this. i want to introduce you first to kathy tran five. [applause] jeff bartos. [applause] george bochetto. [applause] sean gale.
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[applause] and carla sans. [applause] so let me go over the rules before i introduce our panelists that will be asking the next question. here's that part about applause. or applause or cheering or reacting during this debate. at the end you can let off your steam and cheer on anyone you want we're very much up against the clock and trying to get to as many issues as we can so i want to get through this as quickly as we can with as many issues as we can so no applause during the debate itself. candidates were allotted a 62nd opening statements, 32nd closing statement. most of the debate is sidivided into a series of topics each beginning with a stquestion posed to a specific candidate followed by each of the other e candidates answering the same question i.
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both the moderator and the questioners are permitted to ask follow-up questions. candidates must wait to be asked a question by the moderator questionnaire or to be called during open discussion . we will alternate which candidates answers in what order.rd candidates cannot interrupt or speak over other candidates for the moderator or questioners. candidates who are directly criticized during open discussion are allotted 30 seconds to respond but only after the moderator calls for them so let me introduce our panel tonight, are journalists who will be asking the questions of the candidates . knowing my right to left, left to right. trying to do this for a televisionaudience. it's not a good sign for television . joining us to ask a question ev to jesus, jonathan tamara of the philadelphia inquirer and paula read more of
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trendlines. i want to thank all three of our journalists for being here tonight and asking the question as well we're going to start with opening statements and candidates you have 60 p seconds . i should point out in the audience we have a timer here that will hold up a yellow sign when you have about 10 seconds to go and read sign when it is timeto stop . let's start with opening statements and kathy tran five we will start with you. >> i love this state. i love our country and i am completely unapologetic about it. i believe america is the greatest nation that has ever existed but i believe she's
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the greatest nation because she was founded on the greatest political document ever written but right now our country is in danger because we have elected officials moving through our constitution like a well moves through a net and newsflash to a lot of people, our country does not exist apart from the u.s. . constitution . this seat we are running for is , whoever would've thought the greatest nation would come down to one seat but that's where we find ourselves right now. one seat separates democrats frombeing able to do exactly what they've always said they wanted to do and that is to fundamentally change this nation . that is why i'm running because these are serious times. i look forward to explaining to you bwhy i am the better candidate. >> i was going to say your name again. jeff bartos, 60 seconds. >> i want to wave to all of our friends starting with mehmet oz. my name is jeff bartos born and raised in n reading
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pennsylvania. cheryl was raised in lehigh county. our daughters emily and sarah are 21 and 19 also raised in the southeastern part of the state and we are all lifelong pennsylvanians. i'm running for tonight's state senate to save main street pennsylvania. early in the pandemic when all of us started to suffer under the lockdowns and shutdowns and all the fear and all the tearing apart of the communities we hold dear i started a nonprofit to help save small businesses. we raised 3 and a half million dollars and help keep the lights on saving thousands of jobs for working families. you can't save main street if you can't find main street and we have political operatives who parachute into this state. trust me to fight for you and your families. i always have, i always will. >> george bochetto, 60 seconds. >> welcome everybody and i'm so proud to be here.
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i started out in this world under somewhat harsh conditions when i was left on the doorstep of an orphanage. where i grew up for the first six years of my life and when you grow up in an orphanage you have to learn some lessons early. and you learn how to recognize reality. and the reality is today that we face very very systemic, difficult existential threats in our country. and we need to have people go to washington to represent us who understand these threats. understand these difficulties and have a sense of how to address them and solve them. i've had training as a lawyer practicing in philadelphia and pennsylvania for 45 years . of problem-solving. problem-solving is the most important obstacle we face today. o
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and i'm going to address some problems tonight and also address how i think we should solve them. >> i want to introduce sean dale. mister dale you have 60 seconds >. >> i'm running for united states senate and while the other candidates promise a world that never happens i talk about why it needs to happen and it's because we have we that republicans in washington that do not champion conservative values . our us senator has been a complete disgrace and the issue that put me in this race is for what broke the back was his ultimate betrayal when he voted to convict donald trump in 2021. it's interesting because the pennsylvania republican party had a vote on whether or not to censure pat toomey for his boat and they voted not to censure so they told us what we're goingto get . pack toomey 2.0 just like he was arlen specter 2.0 and i hope nothing else is clear, i
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am not another pat toomey. wwe can't afford another backstabbing rino in washington. >> carlos sands 60 seconds. >> i'm carlos sands and i'm running for the u.s. senate. i'm a pro-life pro-first amendment pro-second amendment constitutional conservative. america first. christian and mom. i'm also an eight generation pennsylvanian and my pennsylvania ancestors fought in the american revolution and in the civil war and this is our time to fight for the heart and soul of our great country. i was president trumps ambassador to denmark, greenland and the feral islands . i want to counter russia and china with the dod and nato and i worked to increase our trade with denmark over 43 percent. i'd be honored to earn your support. i will always be a reliable conservative photo in the senate and i will never bow
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to the swap. >> thank you candidates and now we get into the questions and jeff bartos you're going to get the first question from paula. >> even as the pandemic c the economic recovery continues erinflation is taking a bigger bite out of americans paychecks. what specific policies would you support in the senate to combat inflation? >> inflation is another word for a tax and its attacks on working families. as i spent the pandemic helping to save small businesses across 67 counties those small business owners and the families that work in those businesses were suffering. theysurvived the pandemic . the gut punch, the biden administration policy is delivering a gut punch to those families is an insult. it's unbelievably hard on families . as we sit here tonight or
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stand here tonight, there are families making decisions about whether to fill up their tanks, put foodon the table or whether theycan go on a vacation . whether they can continue to go to work . inflation is writing our economy and we have to remember these were policies put in place by the biden administration. it's a direct result of flooding the field withmoney, paying people to stay home and shutting it alldown, taking a delicatesupply line and ripping apart . get government out of the way , that's how we start to solve this problem . >> emister bochetto, same question about what you would do in the senate to bring inflation under control. >> inflation is clearly one of the most improper problems we now face but i think the solutions and approaches to inflation are very straightforward. we have to stop printing money. stop giving away money to the tune of trillions of dollars which puts more money into
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the system which lessens the value of our dollars and we have to reach energy independence . when we are energy independent we control the price. when we are not energy independent as we are now, when we're reliance on opec or foreign nations they set the price and when they set a price higher we're stuck paying it. so the approach to inflation is very, very straightforward and crystal-clear and it's something that i nthink we need to talk more about in tonight's debate . >> same question for you. >> inflation we have to stop the radical spending that we're using and also the printing of money that's driving down the dollarsvalue . we are where we talk about inflation most is at the gas pump and i'd remind people i it's not just inflation that's causing the cost. it's 58 cents per gallon tax
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at the pump brought by a republican governor, house and senate under tom corbett and they had an opportunity to do a lot of things and all they gave us was the highest gas tax in the nation so i often hear they conflate the two things. inflation is only half the problem. where paying a lot of extras we shouldn't haveto pay . >> carlos sands. >> we have to get the inflation under control. it's hurting our seniors on a fixed income. stalking our pennsylvania families more than $5000 this year because of the out-of-control radical biden administration spending. these multi-trillion dollars big bills stuffed with green new deal policies are at the heart of it . multi-trillion dollars causes everything to go up and the kerosene on the fire of inflation is biden's waron
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american and pennsylvania energy . i will work to increase our energy exploration, harvesting. put the pipes in and that's going to help the cost of energy and the cost of everything togo down. fertilizer has skyrocketed in price largely because of his war on our energy . i'll bring theprice at the pump down . when you're pumping your gas i want you to think of carlos sands for the senate. i'm going to look after our families andseniors and stop the out-of-control spending in washington on day one . >> let me follow up. when you say though biden's war onenergy is typically what do you mean ? >> specifically on day one he canceled the keystone xl pipeline, part of america's energy platform. several months into his administration he said mihe wasn't going to sanction that
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nordstream to pipeline. my team blocked that pipeline and the only place it was never completed was in danish waters . it's part of putin's war on europe and part of his war using energy as a weapon. >> kathy barnette, what would you do to fight inflation? >> imagine inflation if i had to use an example getting water and spilling it on the floor. in order forme to get the water up i would need something to absorb that inflation or that water . likewise withinflation , milton friedman said inflation is everywhere, it's always and everywhere a monetary phenomenon. it is as a direct result of the federal reserve printing too much money, paying people to sit home but how do you
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absorb that inflation? you absorb it by having goods and services and products. democrats, let's talk about some of the things they've done that have perpetuated inflation with the energy crisis. that is a commodity that has the ability to absorb that inflation but instead of allowing it and allowing america to be energy independent they cut off our nose to spite our face and now we don't have a real commodity that is in demand to be ableto absorb that . it is all war on energy and i will be in office to make sure that war on energy ceases. >> let me follow up on that a little bit. most economists and even some democratic economists will agree that the money that was allocated by congress probably did add to inflation but they said there were other factors as well meaning that a lot of people went out and bought things that weren'tthere because of the pandemic . the supply chain issues that we had. so do you see, you blame it
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squarely on the biden administration or do you accept that there areother factors involved ? >> democrats could change all of this tomorrow but they would have to admit that everything they have done is bad and has been a complete and utter failure so when we talk about the supply chain 20 percent of all shipping containers are still floating o outside of our ports . instead of pete buttigieg not being on maternity leave and figuring rcout how to get goods on the shelves, those tygoods would have absorbed that inflation but instead he got maternity leave instead of doing what was needed to get those goods into the store. >> let's go on to our next question. amy cases has a question for george bochetto to start. >> many republicans in congress attempted to throw out pennsylvania's 20/20 electoral vote r. effectively disregarding the pieces almost 7 million voters.
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how would you vote on the question of certifying pennsylvania's electoral college vote in the 2020 election? >> let me give you some facts so we are all working from the same baseline. in the 2020 vote in pennsylvania, joe biden received at the polling places approximately 1,500,000 votes. donald trump received at the polling places about 2,800,000 votes a. he was actually up 1,300,000 votes so why didn't donald trumpwhen ? act 77. unconstitutional statute which allows mail invoting . here's the mail in voting numbers. joe biden got 1,995,000 mail in votes. donald trump got 595,000. donald trump wound up losing that election directly
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because of act 77. no excuse, mail in voting which was harvested by the democrats where we don't know who signed on it, when they signed them, how they signed them. vote harvesting is absolutely at the root of why trump lost that election. >> you said donald trump lost that election? >> donald trump received less in that election than joe biden. however what you have to understand is the reason joe biden got so many votes s is because they were able to exploit act 77 which is an unconstitutional statute. it's been held as unconstitutional by the commonwealth court and if it twere not for those mail-in votes that joe biden got 80 percent of the mail-in votes. 80 percent. no politician gets an 80 percent vote margin.
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they harvested those votes. they falsified those votes. they smear the election. >> i'm going to answer. >> we have rules that we follow. >> my rule is i'm going to completely answer. >> you agree to the rules ahead of time. >> mister bochetto if elected do nsyou plan to certify the 2024 electoral vote as affirmed by the pennsylvania department ofstate ? >> what we need to do, the case of act 77 is pending in the pennsylvania supreme court tiawaiting decision. if the pennsylvania supreme court overturns the commonwealth court ruling that held that statute was unconstitutional, that will be an affront to every citizen and every voter in pennsylvania and i will be the first one to help take that case to the united
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states supreme court. i had election law cases my entire career. i've been involved, in and out of election law courts all over pennsylvania. that is the most important thing we can do in this election. >> mister gale. >> i would not have voted to secure the election because of act 77. 50 days of no excuse mail in voting. the constitution lays out me parameters for absentee ballot voting. by creating 50 days no excuse mail in voting they violated that constitution and low blood is on the hands of every republican state senator and harrisburg who voted for it taand it is unacceptable that there are two candidatesngrunning for governor in this election that voted for that unconstitutional legislation . one of the candidates is doug mail and master not up and if done master not so wins that governors race and is leading this ticket in the fall for going to lose not only the
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governors seat but the senate seat because the biggest issue is election integrity and the voters are disenfranchised and it's a direct result of act 77. it's the reason why we have joe biden in the whitehouse . >> same question about in the senate whether you would certify pennsylvania's boat. >> in what year. >> 2020. >> in 20/20 i was working in copenhagen as us ambassador to denmark, greenland and the federal island and i voted absentee in pennsylvania because first of all we were in a pandemic and i was serving as ambassador. for 30 days i wasn't allowed out of the country but as a matter of fact we know the election of 2020 was stolen. senator rand paul said was the election of 2020 stolen? yes. it was stolen by the soccer money that controls how the
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election was held. almost half $1 billion into a nonprofit that controls how the election was held, where the ballots were harvested, how they were counted andrand paul said they did a forensic analysis and if not for that money donald trump would be president today . i refer you to dinesh d'souza's new mutt movie. >> let's talk about that. this has come up in courts across the country and there have been 60 ruling that said no fraud in theelection . >> with all due respect. >> what is the issue that. >> the issue is whether state legislatures have passed statutes allowing for mail in balancing to directly violate the pennsylvania constitution . >> it is carless and stern. >> here's my answer about 2020.
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2024, 2022. if france, a large country in europe can have an election day in person with paper ballots affirming they are a citizen and can count those votes in one day and they can tell the citizens of france the outcome of that election how the heck can we not do it in the greatest democracy in the world? >> i want to follow up on one item. you mentioned mailing in your vote when you were abroad in denmark. you claimed during that time your vote was notcounted . it was counted. there are public records claiming that. >> i don't regret that. let me tell you a story. i was working in denmark, mailed in my ballot. i checked online, did my vote count and it said online there was no record of my vote. i called my assistant i said
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could you please check if my vote counted. she called a wonderful lady who said yes as a matter of fact that vote did count. i went back online and guess what? online it said your vote is not known and did not count. to this day i do not have e satisfaction. >> question for you whether as a senator you would wocertify pennsylvania's electoral votes. >> what's interesting about this question is that i watch the debate from last night atand i don't recall anyone asking the democratic senatorial candidate that question. >> but they don't question it . >> i don't recall anyone asking the question. >> democrats made an industry out of the elections. they made an entire industry on it and i don't remember anyone specifically in the media ever challenging any democrat who ran around talking about that tax, trump is not my president yet
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republican candidates every time we walk into a room where the moderators have happened to lean more left because it's kind of obvious that they begin to ask us that question. what would you have done, what do you think yet i'm watching the debate last night and no one asked any of them and yet in 2016 we saw what they did. there was fraud in 2020 elections . there was rand paul called legal fraud. there were irregularities. i was a candidate in 2020. i know what i experienced.l it was real and it was wrong . there's got to be things more important than making sure my vote counts. >> you mentioned your election in 2020, you lost that election by roughly 20 percentage points during a congressional race. there's never been documented case of election fraud anywhere near that level. there was an investigation by bill lark, president trumps attorney general no fraud that would affect the presidential election.
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you can see that you lost the 2020 election fair and square . >> i never said i won that election. what i said was it was wrong. in the constitution article 1 section 4 very clear on who has the right to make laws concerning our elections and it is the general assembly. yet we saw on election night i watched six percent of the vote and over the next three days i saw with the mail in ballot i saw all that evaporating which is statistically impossible but my challenge has always been as an american citizen willing tofight for our rights . >>time . >> ... i should have security in that. >> just bartos, same question to you.would you vote as a senator to not certified as pennsylvania votes . >> my dad was absent for text messages saying are you ever going to talk in this debate ?
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thank you for the question. i promise i'll answer the question but i'm going to return to inflationonly to say as follows : the question was asked is there anything we blame joe biden for. the president is definitely a sleep already but tomorrow the president could sign an executive order to open up federal lands more el extensively for drilling . he could sign allowing lng to be transported on tank or trucks or trains so we allow pipelines in. we can waive all sorts of regulations around permits, to let permits go and be released. we could have a meaningful impact on inflation at the pump through federal government action immediately if joe biden took the pen out and signed those executive orders. he's not going to but he should. on the voting i would vote to certify. if i were in the senate i would vote to certify the2020 election . >> let's move on to the next question.
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>> jonathan with the philadelphia inquirer and this question goes to mister gale. >> if russia's attacks were to go beyond ukraine would you support sendingtroops to defend a nato ally . >> it's very dangerous to engage with foreign nations especially when nato, when ukraine is not in nato but i let's be honest about why we have the issues we have with ukraine. we have a weak president and it sends a signal to the world that america is weak and when america is weak the world suffers and that starts with domestic policy. the best foreign policy is a strong domestic policy and we hear talk about energy in ukraine. we have energy under our feet in pennsylvania. we should be tapping into that to supply foreign nnations as well.
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also ukraine is the breadbasket of europe. there a big food supplier. we have a number one industry in pennsylvania so we could step up in thatregard. that's what we need to do to fight this war globally is do what we need to do domestically . >> carla sands same question about the position on sending american troops to defendnato allies . >> .. but as a matter fact,it the withdrawal from afghanistan him not sanctioning nord stream ii come him telling russia if it's a minor incursion we will not dr anything about it, opened that door. we are in a dangerous unprecedented time and we need a senator who's ready on day one
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to fight and defend our country. there's no one else in this race on either side of the aisle ready on day one to defend our country against russia and china, our foreign adversaries that understands how to do that. i was awarded the department of defense hies civilian honor for my work. i am ready on day one. i will fight for america in the senate to make sure we are secure. >> kathy barnette same question to you. >> yes. in regards to ukraine, the t question, right? listen, it's not just one thing, one thing and then done, right? senators on our side of the aisle we need to be more did britt, we need to be more sober and more disciplined. right now our d foreign affairs policy looks like a wild game of whack-a-mole. whatevererol pops up we just are adding that out, right? we need to become more disciplined and right now what are we showing our enemies is that america's not to be feared. what we are showing our allies
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if we did have to go to war we could not solely go w on her ow. right now our allies are begetting to pivot and beginning to look to new people to create relationships with. so when we're looking at our allies we're teaching them right now by how we exited out of afghanistan, what is takenha ple in ukraine, that america is a treasures friend to happen if want to begin to show strength it's not just send weapons, boots on the ground let's begin to get taiwan what they need. let's begin to show the world that we have adult and a rim and we're going to take seriously not only our defense but our allies defense as well. >> let's go on now to mr. bartels and a question about whether nato, and agreements send american troops in. >> perhaps most solemn duty would be to vote to send the forces come to send the sons and daughters of mainai st., pennsylvania to fight in a foreign land. there is no more somber responsibility of the united
12:03 pm
states senator and a vote for that. we are duty-bound by article five, by our nato treaty. i would vote to support sending troops to defend any of our nato allies. the o word of the united statess critical. we are the leader of the free world. we are the indispensable ally, and so that is a very difficult vote but if you can't take difficult post you shouldn't be running for office. i want to stress and though on the eve of this invasion i was the only candidate to put out a comprehensive plan on the steps of the board and administration should be taken. i asked some of the advisors of the other candidates why people were silent. some people who are not b here tonight. and i was told by people who know them, they didn't want to take the chance, it was too risky to put at specific policies. if you can't lead, don't bother showing up. i'm always going to lead and be honest with you on is difficult issues. >> what about nato and ukraine? >> of course i would vote in
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favor of sending troops over to defend our nato allies. we have agreed to do so. we are bound to do so.e to not do so is to shrink and surrender and avoid our responsibilities, , and i'm not for that. i want to get back to this voter fraud issue. fraud is not the issue. here's the issue. joe biden received 1,995,000 mail-in votes in 2020 in pennsylvania. the commonwealth court said those mail-in votes were unconstitutional. there's no disputing those two sets a fact. and if, if that's the case and you look at the fact that mr. biden won the so-called election by 80,000 overall votes. how in the world can you then say that joe biden
12:05 pm
constitutionally won the vote? the commonwealth court has already stated that it hasn't. let me ask you a follow-upue question on that. are you suggesting that okay yes commonwealth court did make that ruling that act 77 act written was unconstitutional. are you suggesting it should be retroactive? >> i'm not suggesting it would be retroactive but that suck the question to the question is that whether i would undo what's been done what the question should be and is, is what are we going to in the future? are we going to continue to allow thisti unconstitutional statute to go into effect? the pennsylvania supreme court right now has undone the commonwealth court ruling of unconstitutionality andnd said t 77 shallct remain in place. most of you have already received in the mail solicitations for mail-in votes. right now thehe supreme court of
12:06 pm
pennsylvania is allowing unconstitutional process to go forward. >> okay, let's move on to our next question, and paula reed -- unmuting her middle name now -- but paula is going to ask this question of carla sands. >> good eating. what is your position unexpanded background checks for gun purchases to include sales such as those again shows? >> that's an important question. i am a second amendment absolutist. m a second amendment absolutist. i say give no court at the left keepsake an inch here and inch they are. it is time for conservatives, for republicans to take our country back until the left they can compromise for the next three or four decades because we are coming, we are taking our country back. i also just wanted to share one of my opponents on this debate floor, she has attacked most of us in this debate. i just want to share, set the
12:07 pm
record straight she lost her election in 2020 by 20 points to a week, week democrat metal indeed it was in a red wave you're the best year for republicans since 1953. and as a matter fact john federman is a strong democrat. i will beat john federman in the fall i will hold this seat in republican hands i will go in put forward america first policy in washington representing every one of you viewers. >> time. time. since she is directing to you kathy barnette 30 seconds to respond. >> i think election integrity is very important. i don't think there's any other question that is more important in our country today than it making sure it might one vote counts. as your senator i will make sure that is the case. in regards to electability my very presence when i walk into the room, i neutralize more than
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half of democrat talking points. that is power in the hands of the republican party if we understand the power. because what exactly are democrats going to run on? inflation i don't think so we know it they're going run on. >> i like to follow up, ms. sands if i could relative year answer about being at this second amendment -- >> do you support aides have a federal band whether on assault weapons or high-capacity magazines, drum magazines? do you support any kind of restriction on any of those things? looks i'm a proud gun owner. i do not on cones for hunting although i do like to hunt. one of our opponents, has publicly called we have the video my team is going to push it out tonight on social media, he has publicly called for the cdc to regulate guns. absolutely he does not share our values and our conservative
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principles. he has flip-flopped on every issue pretty served in the turkish military even though he was born in ohio he served in the turkish military decades ago and he is a turkish citizen. kathy barnette same question for. >> what is the question again question it clicks the question is whether or not you would support expanded background checks for sales of guns at gun shows and following up relative to a potential ban of either assault weapons or high-capacity magazines for. >> allow me too ask you come the added to the people watching at home a question, what is a prerequisite to be a criminal? pause for a moment, that you do not obey the law. so when we continue to come out with law after law after law, what are we really writing those laws for except for law-abiding citizens. right now we have over three to thousand laws on the books regulating the second amendment. are we trying to save 301 moore law is going to do the trick?
12:10 pm
i don't think so. i am a constitutional republican. i believe the second amendment guarantees my individual and fundamental right to keep and bear arms is a law-abiding citizen. i do not believe that should be infringed upon. if the left is so unnerved by gun violence and stop allowing our legal system to become a revolving door for criminals. we need to lock them up and that is a surefire way of getting guns off the streets for. >> same question to you for. >> i grew up in berks county a group in a house or my dad made his own shotgun shells, he made his own 45 caliber bullets he reloaded. my 21st birthday present was a glock 21 for it at a young age i learned to take apart, clean, put back together properly is improperly store a firearm for my dad raised me right that's the county way. you never have to worry about compromising on any of our second amendment rights but i will never let you down because i would never let my own father
12:11 pm
down. democrats he brings up a really good point. only in a twisted mind i am from philadelphia now, i love philadelphia unapologetically sorry for all of you penguins fans out there love philadelphia. it breaks my heart everyday to see what is happening in the great city of philadelphia. men and women in blue are filling they cannot do their jobs for they have a district attorney who in his own mind that he's there to make sure people do not spend time in jail. he will not prosecute crimes pretty is judging by how many people get released. then that same party the same radical left says we should restrict the gun rights to defend themselves. it's absolute madness. >> george bochetto. >> we talk about adding more gun regulation and background checks of assault rivals everything, essentially what you are doing is penalizing law-abiding citizens for the conduct of
12:12 pm
criminals. law-abiding citizens, whether they have assault weapons, bazookas, tanks, what have you obey the law. they are not out to hurt other people for they do not commit crimes with guns. criminals commit crimes. they did didn't have guns that use baseball bats that have baseball bats that use knives to punish the criminals who misuse guns, not law-abiding citizens. in philadelphia alone and spreading to the rest of pennsylvania, violent crime is up 350%. yet at the same time the release of criminals who have been arrested using a crime -- using a gun in the commission of a crime, releasing them on bail is up 850%. you're putting criminals "guns out" on the streets. and that is where your gun problem is. not with background checks.
12:13 pm
>> the original question was about background checks to pay. >> i am a constitutional conservative brit in constitution's second amendment shows right to bear arms one of the shall not be infringed. the own thing clean it might be the pennsylvania constitution which said shall not be question. i'm going to uphold the constitution and uphold your gun rights in this country. there's a record high crime in philadelphia it is out of control be the murder rate is through the roof. carjackings and what we are seeing is a liberal government radical leftist government releasing criminals back onto the street. they want to defund the police. this is not the time to be stripping law-abiding citizens of the right to bear arms and i'm going to defend that as a senator in pennsylvania. >> her next question that goes to kathy barney the start.
12:14 pm
>> what should they do about the more than 10 million immigrants who are already in the country illegally what specific changes do you support an immigration policy? >> i have someone on my team who has spent more than 20 years that 10 million or 11 million number people throw out at us that's a farce that's not true. facts we have no idea how many people are in our country illegally. 1.7 million people came into our country illegally. they called them on the lawfully present people. this year we are on track for 4 million unlawfully present people coming into our country. we do not know who they are. we don't know where they are going, we don't know how they're going to take care of themselves. when we ask a very legitimate question about securing our border, getting back in first
12:15 pm
asylum country people should not be able to shop, go across three different countries get to america that asked for asylum, we are called a racist not me i am black. [laughter] but for the rest of us were called racist we are being marginalized in all of that. there is nothing racist about wanting to know who is coming into our country. >> mrs. kathy barnette what specific policies would you put in place or vote for to reform the immigration system? >> thank you for the clarification. >> 1.5 million people who are trying to get access or trying to get citizenship and they are on backlog. it takes about two years just to get a green card. five years to get citizenship. one of the things as your senator i would do is provide the oversight not advocating my responsibility as a senator to provide oversight over the cis with their status into make them
12:16 pm
become responsible for what it is they have not done. >> jeff bartos question for you starting with what, as a senator would you do? >> the sons and daughters of main street pennsylvania are dying by the hundreds every year because we have a fence and low, absolutely southern border. poisoning americans all of their estates including right here in pennsylvania 100,000 sold lost last year because of this poison that is coming from china to the southern border. we need to secure the border. we need to secure its southern border pruning immigration policy that makes sense. sanctuary cities are a huge issue here pennsylvania. i traveled all over the state for five years. they parachuted in her they cannot bother to show up to answer these questions and talked about their vision. i spent five years across pennsylvania all 67 counties with these issues matter to families, we need safe and secure communities it starts with a secure border,
12:17 pm
pennsylvanians will not stand for centuries cities in the united states senate. i will vote to defund a sanctuary cities including my beloved philadelphia which would break my heart. we have to hold her cities accountable to the rule of law. pennsylvania deserves safe and secure communities. >> george bochetto. >> the border security issues the low hanging fruit that is the easy problem to solve. we have to shore up our borders. we have to start stopping just the outright inflow of whomever wants to come here. but that is not immigration reform. here is one of the big problems in immigration that we have a right now, right now our agricultural industry particularly in pennsylvania can only get visas on unskilled and low skilled workers on a seasonal basis. they need workers on a year-round basis. and therefore, those that cannot get a year-round visa low
12:18 pm
skilled come into this country illegally for the work they are getting here and they are working. but we needed to do for immigration reform is to adapt our immigration policies to the realities of the situation. we need year-round low skilled visas so we can keep track of these people. we can register them, they can pay taxes and we know who they are and where they are coming from. that is the kind of immigration reform we need. >> is not enough to say were going to plug the hole at the border precooked you've already got your time. >> sean gale. >> you cannot have a nation without borders and i seal these washington republicans out the board have a big sign and it says biden's border crisis they are saying, here's get down your fixes immediately. what did they do and they had control? they fought donald trump every step of the way.
12:19 pm
had to meet voted against the border wall. if i was of the board have a big sign to them i would crisis. because that is who i hold responsible not the democrats who wanted open borders, their correct drugs, disease and who's going across is what they promised us. blame republicans he promises border security and what we give them the majorities to do it in a president was more than willing to do it, they failed to get it done for a short next u.s. senator i'm going to hold those republicans accountable to do what they promised us because they blew it when they had the chance i'm going to bring a wall down to the southern border. >> carla sands to you? >> someone mentioned mehmet oz a moment ago i just want to say oz did not bother to show up today because i think he is a minnow he is a magnet in name only after that debate last night, a minnow. about the border we have to secure our border and build the wall. president trump listen to the border patrol and they said they needed a wall.
12:20 pm
he worked to complete that wall. we know, record levels of illegal immigrants flooding over our border. we have a record amounts of fentanyl. the number one killer of our youth come from china brings it over the border and it's an unholy alliance between the chinese communist party and the drug cartels. we also note that trump had policies like remain in mexico and you could not come from a third country but we know those policies work when you put them back in place. we cannot have 20% of our population illegal by the end of this administration. that is what is predicted. >> we have gone through the first question with all five of you. now we are going to do something we called rapid response a lightning round we ask for quick responses to these questions,
12:21 pm
you ask a question than whoever you are asking the question has 30 seconds. notice i said you asked the question. jeff bartos we started with you pretty have the opportunity to ask one of your opponents tonight a question. that opponent has 30 seconds to respond to requests can i ask. [inaudible] a quick someone will tweet about were living in modern times. have a bunch of questions starting with why did you think you could move here and run for a seat in the state you haven't lived in, have not represented. you do not know sp did not care about us until you decided there is an opportunity pretty see an opportunity and you take it. i have been running around the state for five years. i've lived there my whole life. love pennsylvania with all of my heart. with all my fiber and it being. i want to go down to washington d.c. and i for pennsylvania. where have you been for the last ten years?
12:22 pm
>> george bochetto you have a question provide your opponents? >> i will just throw out a question to all and i don't regard this as opponents by the way i regard them as candidates for the night state senate which i think is a noble calling and something every one of the people out here deserve respect for. but, my question to the entire group is, could you imagine having john fetterman as our united states senator? we and avowed socialist, woke liberal person who's going to continue the nonsense policies that are afflicting our country right now? so let's think about that. and let's think about who is going to address that most effectively. >> sean gale a question for your opponents? >> out have a question but uses opportunity to talk of a something we need to talk about that is the week republicans we have it.
12:23 pm
start with our senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. have a question for him, you have been there for 36 years, 79 years old just got elected six more years. if you have not got it done it yet you're not going to get it done now. that is what we need to change. we did change the leadership in washington we have the same regurgitated republicans all the time it for you name them, they are there. mitt romney, lindsey graham, susan collins that to that's the problem we have it. carla sands a question for an atomic panel? >> i would like to talk to the voters instead. for those of you watching on television or sitting on your kitchen table, many of you are undecided or you are wavering. i'm asking who do you trust? how do you trust to go to washington to protect our farmers and the green new deal overreach by this radical administration how do you trust to bring down the price at the pump? i will be your trusted conservative votes. i would not be squished they
12:24 pm
will not be able to control me precooked is that your clothing statement? >> i don't think that is a clothing and drink closing statement. all right kathy barnette question for anyone? >> yes i what i'm going to take my cue from you and ask david mccormick if he watches commercials or hear him talk he tells us all the time he is going to be tough on china here is my question how in the world are you going to be tough on china when china is the reason why you are so rich? i really going to bite the hand that feeds you? i don't think so. i do not believe you can be in bed with china financially and not be in bed china ideologically. you have not spent the past 20 years pushing america first. you are pushing communist ideology. >> i have another rapid response questioner lightning round question. like eight yes/no from each of you for good on the line that we can follow up and follow a
12:25 pm
little bit more. switching up the order because sean gale has kind of changed our strategy here. one of the questions i wanted to ask was whether you would support mitch mcconnell as said gop leader if you were elected to the senate to break. >> that is a resounding and know is a complete failure. he has already answered, mr. donbas yes or no customer. >> as 1010 not support mitch mcconnell but we need new blood he was very divisive in the way in which he handled the second senate impeachment trial. but we must make sure we get a true leader in their. that is going to be very, very important. carla sands, mitch mcconnell for later? what sets the wrong question but i think the question is not going to take out chuck schumer as the leader of the senate? the answer is yes because we are
12:26 pm
going to have a red tsunami this year. we are going to elect america first centers from and to take back the senate. and as a matter of fact, i want to not to think of this as a throwaway votes, don't vote with your heart. who's going to fight for you who's going to understand foreign policy defense policy never backed down for you, who will bring the price at the pump down, who will stop the out-of-control inflation? carla sands pickwick so don't ask the question yes or no, that acts as a matter fact this was discussed in the green room asked and answered thank you very much for. >> and others you won't answer the question. >> even you depose senator schumer you have to elect for. >> are going to remove chuck schumer and take back the senate. >> runs right there excuse me that pathway rides right through pennsylvania the keystone state. >> here's a suggestion let's move onto the next question but.
12:27 pm
>> how about we asked the question did you respond. >> will then do so. >> kathy barnette. >> yes, i'll be a no on chuck schumer. but i do want to say these are extremely dangerous times. these are very serious times we are living in. the fate of our country is going to come down to this decision. and i know every election we always say this is the most important election, no this is. this is the most important election. i am traveling over 1500 miles a week going all across the commonwealth. and people are unnerved, people feel squeezed right now we all know something has fundamentally gone wrong. [inaudible] >> yes or no on mcconnell questioner. >> i said no. >> jeff bartos precooked so what to do with these young people formed a twitter handle dave mccormick podium. somebody's very enterprising, and go claim that. i like to as i put them on my
12:28 pm
question when you're in the c of the world's largest hedge fund did you impose a vaccine mandate question at bismarck was elect asking. respectively i think we get down there, or organization sometime in november i going to work real hard to have tim scott run for leader for the answer that question depends who's running for with my powers of persuasion sometimes are good and sometimes are less could employ to try really hard to get tim scott to run for leader. >> brings a lot of clarity wind break on this debate said no one has the guts to actually go after the republican leadership. mitch mcconnell has been a failure with mentor leader to majority the right day when i get to watch and can lead the effort out mitch mcconnell's a leader our party has to go. the next question is for you sean gale walmart lightning round question now and while time will get to some others. yes or no. do you want donald trump to be
12:29 pm
the republican nominee for president 2024? >> think donald trump sells the best chance of winning in 2024 for the reason i say that is because of you look at the electoral college of swing states like pennsylvania, michigan, wisconsin, was her blue states unit somebody is not a generic republican to win those states. that's why donald trump was able to change electoral college is also reason i can win this election because i appeal to independence. and that is what we need somebody is going to go after both parties because that's what independents are, they're not moderates, don't like either party and guess what you do i. >> carla sands would you like to see president trump run in 2024? >> there is no president donald j trump is the head of the republican party he still carries a lot of weight and power birds of course if he is our nominee i will support him. i just want to also mention, we had two candidates that are not here tonight. one made his fortune in china, he is a china first. he actually could not have made that money without vowing to the chinese communist party.
12:30 pm
the other is a turkish citizen who certainly turkish military he is turkey first not america first pre-says he is america first but he is turkey first clearly and every other word is trump when he speaks. >> really good option think they would have some options there affiliation with dave mccormick his corporation had been a huge proponent environmental social governance, that is equivalent of what china uses as social credits. if you are, if you are woken up you get to do it they allow you to do. that is a very scary question. jeff bartos president trump in 2024 question workers have had the distinct privilege to travel
12:31 pm
around the commonwealth and visit six to seven counties multiple times. main streets across as beautiful, beautiful commonwealth donald trump won in 2016 because for the first time in generations millions of pennsylvanians i felt like someone was listening to them and fighting for them after being ignored for generations. i think the changes we saw julie trump administration, peace in the middle east, a china understood it cannot keep bullying us. russia that understood, we saw the best economy in our lifetime or to president trump runs again i be proud to support them. >> 30 seconds. >> i firmly believe the entire obligation as candidates to talk about ourselves and to highlight our strengths and what we propose to do and how we propose to help people. i don't necessary believe in getting up here and attacking someone else or pointing out someone else's imperfections. donald trump won in 2016 because
12:32 pm
he talked about himself. he talked about what he was going to do. he talked about how he was going to implement america first policies and that is what he did but that's the kind of candidates we need that's the kind of candidate i am. >> one more rapid response question. this comes from a reader of the philadelphia inquirer, jonathan you have any left? >> apparently so. this questions comes from a reader of the inquirers were elect which you can sign up at backslash pa 2022. the reader asks, negative campaign ads seem to poison boaters attitudes towards all politicians. some of those politicians eventually become elected leaders do you think something needs to be done to tempered this negativity? and if so what. to carla sands to begin with please. >> there has been so much
12:33 pm
negativity in this race. i have watched most of my opponents have been attacking each other since day one, fighting over and over pate i am fighting for our voters to make their lives better, to increase opportunity for our youth. to bring new energy opportunity, to bring companies here and make opportunity. but we know that kathy has been fighting and attacking me and others over and over part she lost her last election by 20 points and eight red wave year playing the same cards she is playing now. i will beat john federman in the fall. >> mrs. kathy barnette she mentioned you in particular pray. >> i would love for you to tell me what i am playing for this is your second time saying it, what card am i playing? [inaudible] >> i am not attacking her she has been attacking me since we have been on the stage but i am
12:34 pm
not attacking i am focused on what is important. and that is our nation is in trouble. it is now or never i am your best chance at ever getting anyone in office he actually listens to you and fights for you. that is what is important. [applause] hold applause. >> thank you. >> 30 seconds but we received a four-minute church i have a coalition of over 50 pastors and our commonwealth. she claimed because she is a woman, a minority and has a great personal story she will win in november paid by guess what in the last general election that she had she lost by 20 points in eight red wave year. the facts don't line up. as far as i think she is in the river in egypt is called the denial. she needs to take a hard look in the mirror and understand she lost fair and square print they did not steal it by 20 points per. >> we could go back and forth all night.
12:35 pm
rex negativity and candidates. >> political campaigns yes perfect example. [inaudible] >> negative, right. listen, start my time back over weight we were joking. okay seriously now $48 million has been spent on this campaign and just the first three months. you only have to spend that kind of money when you're trying to make good between mehmet oz and david mccormick that's what they've spent. i am and tied for first place and how did that happen? because of the people they are spending a tremendous amount of money i'm spending very little. i have spent over 1500 miles talking to the people of pennsylvania by the people of pennsylvania have made me tied for first place of thank you.
12:36 pm
>> are right jeff bartos 30 seconds per. >> caplinger defend the field of inquiry this is for you we get it delivered everyday we are still project subscribers will be very happy and said that. look $60 million i think is the number now they have been fighting with each other on the airwaves polluting our airwaves because negative ads left work. they are fighting with each other i am fighting for you. my entire campaign from day one has been focused on main street issues, economic opportunities, safety and security, parental choice, educational toys empowering parents and students to make the best choices for themselves but we are the answer to negative campaigning. we have to reject it as a people, but for me that's the first step to stopping negative campaigning. >> think it's interesting you would raise the reader question about civility in politics after i just raise the subject myself. there is no question but that
12:37 pm
this kind of bickering back and forth and personal attacks is counterproductive. it is also beneath the level of the office we are running for the united states senate to represent this country in the noblest and proudest way we can. i believe we talk about our strengths. we talk about solutions. we do not attack each other petty personal basis, who did what what was played or not played we need to act like adults. >> sean gale two. i'm not for negative campaign of offer telling a truth. i think it's very disingenuous for kathy barnette to pretend she's not running campaign based on identity politics is a first republic and black woman in the senate if you asked her to go beyond that, you shouldn't have too. typically that is the truth about what is happening here. i am glad carla sands of the
12:38 pm
backbone of sediment status was exactly were seeing and i'll prove it this way seven candace running for this racers nine running for governor, is only one candidate that had to put a picture on a sign and that is kathy barnette. >> kathy barnette since they are addressing you you have 30 seconds. >> they are losing and so they want any think they looking for a viral moment. what you say to all of that except for again i've been over 1500 miles i'm looking in the face of the people, people feel unnerved, people feel squeezed, people want real answers, they want a leader who will have a backbone made or something a little sturdier than cargo to understand what the issues are. that is what people want. no more of the foolishness, no more bickering. >> so sell a book and be a fox news contributor that's what's going on. >> let's go on tour questions
12:39 pm
next. we have jonathan of the inquirer has a question for jeff bartos. >> yes 60 seconds but honestly hope republicans will be in charge of the senate starting next year, senator rick scott have the campaign arm released his plan he believes the gop should follow, if y'all do take control of the chamber, one aspect of that will require all americans to pay income taxes that included millions who currently make too little to pay income taxes although they do pay payroll taxes, sales taxes other taxes, do you agree with requiring all americans to pay federal income taxes? >> are you asking me if i agree senator scott are you asked me by ruthie proposals just want to make sure i understand the question for. >> the proposal but requiring all americans to pay some level of federal income taxes. >> traveled on the state as we all do, pennsylvania families
12:40 pm
are suffering. gas prices are out of control. inflation has run amok. people are not working, businesses cannot find people to work. our schools have been shut too long, their learning gaps. drug overdoses are running rampant. pennsylvanians are hurting. the last thing we, as a party should be doing is talking about raising taxes on anybody. we are the party of opportunity. i am running to save main street pennsylvania because i know and love main street pennsylvania. as united states senator i'll be in washington fighting for pennsylvania's working families, to make pennsylvania all she can be. absolutely engaging helping her agricultural industry and helping a young people make the decision to stay here. wish not have to take a plane to visit our children and grandchildren, pennsylvania should be most fastest growing dynamic state in the nation. >> let me follow up on that question per we should not be raising taxes on anyone so
12:41 pm
specifically you would discredit senator scott is proposing even the highest earners should not face renewed taxes but. >> we should not be raising taxes on anybody. tomorrow we could have a moratorium on all federal spending no more it raises we could tomorrow put in place a federal rule note new regulations impact families are put in place so we are out of the inflationary mass for their steps the government can take tomorrow, congress can take it via legislation to stop this absolute task on working families that are crushing pennsylvania this is what you send us to washington to do. this is why people hate politics because we don't get stuff done. >> i think senator scott has got it wrong. we should not seek to impose a tax on everybody regardless of
12:42 pm
their situation or their circumstance. what we should be working toward is working everyone a taxpayer. that means giving them our educational opportunities until they get their comment till they provide the structure an opportunity for the american dream we need to extend helping hands to people. we do not that silly but is not talking about low income earners. >> does exactly what the question was. >> i misunderstood i thought you were talking about her. >> are already taxes is called inflation. >> think everybody should have skin in the game and should pay some taxes. even if it's a minimal amount per batch really to do that you have an administrative nightmare on your hands the cost actually implemented that will be through the roof. so, today we have to simplify the tax code it's ridiculous how
12:43 pm
much time i dread april 15 it should not be that wish be very simple should be down the back of a postcard. >> senator scott is a great conservative. i admire him. however i pledged i would never raise taxes i will honor that pledge. also, i want to talk to the moms and grandmas out there. i am a mom too. i want you to know that i will protect your daughters make sure biological males, males will not compete against your daughters. i will make sure there is curriculum transparency at the federal level and i will protect your kids so they are not indoctrinated with critical race theory so that they learn to hate each other and hate their great country. i will also make sure that the teachers are not able to confuse your children sexually or sexualize your minor children. i'll make sure the federal level i protect your kids and i'll do
12:44 pm
everything i can but the money follow the child and are not prisoners of their zip code that the opportunity to absolutely perform to their greatest destiny. >> time, time could be answer the question rather than move on to something else? >> i did in fact answer your question you asked me if i supported raising taxes asked and answered. >> along with a couple other issues. >> listen, i grew up on a pig farm below the bottom rung of the economic ladder i clawed my way from under iraq in order to create a different narrative for myself and for my children along with my husband. hell let me tell you is not some in writing the eight stimulus check none of that. what helped me was the fact we were living than in a country
12:45 pm
that created opportunities. so is a job is what people need but how do we do that? jobs of follow businesses who are willing to invest, who are willing to locate and produce here in america. how do we create an economy or businesses are willing to do that. right now there's a very hostile environment. if you want to help someone with me i grew up in the home with no insulation no running water and outhouse in the back with a well on the side. how do you do that you create an economy you're not giving people tax credits not tax credits you're not giving them but you're creating an environment that allows them to pull themselves out of that. >> let's move on. you have the next word for mr. george bochetto pick rex all of you described yourself as pro-life. what stage in a pregnancy do you
12:46 pm
support banning abortion? wait 15 weeks, six weeks or conception? >> conception. let me at least relate my personal story to you. as i mention i was left on the doorstep of an orphanage. i was an unwanted child. back in the day when i was born they did not have a roe versus wade. they had orphanages and institutional systems to take care of unwanted babies. today, abortions are all too readily available. i may living personification of why there should not be abortion. if there was abortion i would not be here. the sanctity of life is absolute. there are no exceptions. i would make one exception where the mother's life is directly and absolutely at risk at childbirth. and only if the child did not have any other issues.
12:47 pm
but the sanctity of life is absolutely paramount. i cannot express it more strongly to you than to relate my own story. >> life begins at conception without any exceptions. any pro-life issue put me in this race because in 2015, the montgomery county republican party, the republicans endorse a board member of planned parenthood to run for county commissioner in montgomery county. along with my brother joey got together so this is unacceptable as a campaign manager us he ran on a pro life platform and he won that seat became the youngest commissioner in the history and the first ever elected without support of either major party. that is the kind of backbone we need. right now we have a six -- three conservative majority on the bench of the u.s. supreme court. and the issue of roe v wade is going to be coming up i pray every day they overturned that and that we have montgomery county commissioner joe gale as
12:48 pm
governor so we can make pennsylvania pro-life state wicket and the atrocity of abortion. >> you said no exceptions. >> i am pro-life life begins at conception no exceptions. all right carla sands? >> it's an important question. i am pro-life at the beginning of life and the end of life. we can see what to do in the united states, this is not the party of john f. kennedy. the democrat party and produce manners and aoc and they are attempting to implement a federally paid for abortions up to and including birth in some places after birth. i will vote always with such war in pennsylvania we are they are at war with our firms are attempting to implement green new deal regulations on our farmers paid regular id methane, the water, they have tax and
12:49 pm
went implemented take the family farm. i will work to protect our farmers and her energy sector they are at war their energy sector. i will work to grow our energy sector i called for operation warp speed to harvest, put the pipes in and to build pipe to philadelphia so we can sell it to our friends and allies in europe. they don't have to buy russian gas. kathy barnette abortion? >> think is so much i remember when mehmet oz talked about equating a beating heart in the womb as an acorn with just electrical current moving through it. and i was aghast because it might life value. i am the byproduct of a rape. my mother was 11 years old when i was conceived. my father was 21 and i am so grateful to god there were adults in the room who, i remember my grandmother marking her name with an annex and that was her signature.
12:50 pm
my grandmother knew enough to know what was growing in my mother's womb was a lie from very grateful to god there were adults in the room who saw value in me. at as a result of me standing here, i have children who are amazing in exactly the kind of people we all want being released into our society one day. george and i talked about before i'm so very grateful to god i am pro-life. >> , after follow-up? any exceptions? >> no. except for my own self no exception. for the life of a mother not the mental acuity of a mother but the absolute life of the mother life in danger, yes. but for myself no. jeff bartos? >> scripture teaches we are made in god's image. and as conservatively passionately fight for the
12:51 pm
unborn. we passionately fight for life because this is what it is all about. as a nation we are where we are today we step in philadelphia over people shooting up and passing out on the sidewalk when we allow veterans of sleep under bridges last 50 years we've gotten so far away from the simple notion of looking out for each other, for caring for each other. the recently gotten here's the government stepped in since the 1960s and certainly roe v wade put up barrier between fellow citizens. this issue is so divisive because the government is in the way. the grassroots we look after each other, we take care of each other. we must protect life that is who we are as a society. i believe life begins at conception ridge of exceptions in the river circumstance where the pregnancy is a result of
12:52 pm
rape or incest. >> thank you. we only have a few minutes left. gets another rapid response round up we can kind of an unusual question. what you think about this this one does go to sean gale. they may living democrat you admire and why. >> that might be the toughest question you had tonight. what got at the democrat party is embarrassing. frankly with that now the republican party is embarrassing. we send them to washington about like democrats to view asked me a question of voting republican i'd have to scratch my head the only exception may be donald trump who fought what we stand for progress note democrat you can think of? >> no they do not impress me very much. >> 30 seconds do you have a living democrat you admire?
12:53 pm
>> as the u.s. ambassador is a speech of john f. kennedy to inspire him he is no longer living but his words still ring true, ask not what your country can do for you. ask what you can do for your country. i think he, and retrospect, was a great statesman and today he would be a republican. so he is my favorite democrat for this evening's answer. >> that's why we put living in there. kathy barnette. >> thank you so much i admired joe manchin. as your senator i will look for the joe manchin's in the room. we have all this polarization on the side as the rest of us in the middle it's just not working for us. i won't go there with a bone to pick i will go there to actually get things done so our lives can be better. that is the point of it all is to get people in office who will
12:54 pm
work for you. not go and find a video and tell them they can beat their chest for a video and then fundraiser i will work for you for. >> we are running short on time so mr. jeff bartos for. >> i thought so clever i got joe manchin and kathy got its i'm going to come up with another new though i will add joe manchin's bed also had senator joe lieberman a deep man of faith. a great advocate for the us relationship someone who fought very, very hard over the years to keep nuclear weapon of the hands of iran, to have a robust foreign policy in the middle east. and a man i know who lives his faith. so i admire senator lieberman. but thank god we have joe manchin in the united states senate because the by demonstration disastrous policies would be ten times worse if joe manchin weren't there. drat they there's no question joe manchin is the one i would pick. i may not agree with his philosophy or his outlook, but i do believe the man is principal
12:55 pm
deferred he wants to represent his constituents in the best way he can. he made some awfully difficult choices at great personal risk particularly in regard to the crazy $5 trillion spending program. the other democrat of course, i don't know if they can be admired certainly have learned a lot is joe biden. is there anything that demonstrates our need for republican in the administration of change of leadership the joe biden? >> recorded a thirty second closing statement were going to backwards this time. carla sands let me start with you 30 seconds for. >> thank you. i am particularly talking to you at home. i am carla sands i'm running for the senate. and i will never back down on behalf of working for the people of pennsylvania. there's been a lot of rhetoric, there's been a lot of ugly talk. and even hate talk in this
12:56 pm
campaign. but i am a first among pro second mmo, pro-life constitutional conservative businesswoman, christian and mom. i will never be a squish. i will always vote to protect pennsylvania put you first thank you. >> sean gale. >> i can't tell you i'm going to go down to single-handedly build the border while myself and i cannot make that pledge. there are other conservatives ted cruz is a constitutional conservative with a pristine voting record and all the issues out probably but like ted cruz. but what ted cruz is in and i am as a disruptor to the system from going there not only to vote for democrats accountable but those bad republicans who let us down time and again. if you want a conservative with a backbone there's only one choice in the senate race and that is sean gale, thank you very much. george bochetto, 30 seconds regrets i believe rather than disrupting things that we tried to do or should try to do is find solutions. i have been finding solutions for difficult problems my entire
12:57 pm
professional career. i have fought the woke mob when they tried to tear down the columbus statue spray fought the das when they tried to release cop killers from jail part i defended donald trump when they tried to impeach him a second time. i fight for what i believe in, i find solutions i'm not going to washington to disrupt, i'm going to washington to represent you in advance our common interest on to make this commonwealth a better place to live. >> 30 seconds for. >> i am a kid from pennsylvania i know this commonwealth and loved pennsylvania with every fiber of my being. i've had the privilege to travel for five years in my campaign is about saving main street pennsylvania because i know and love mainstream pennsylvania. you can trust me too go to washington and fight for you and your family. i always have and i always will, thank you so much for having us tonight. i would be honored to have your vote on may 17. thank you.
12:58 pm
>> kathy barnette for. >> if you know when someone mentions i county, i see faces now. i see stories. i am looking in your eyes. i've been in million dollar homes and i've been in some very humble homes. i love pennsylvania. and as i said earlier i am your best chance at ever did anyone in office whonc will actually wk for you, fight for you, listen to you. listen, we have the better value than the republican party. with theub best story to tell. we just have to stop picking people whoo suck at telling it. thank you so much for your time. >> i would like to think the candidates for the participation and the organizing spot just an accident, spotlight p.a. in partnership with sponsorship ton nightspot lot p8 "the philadelphia inquirer," penn live, witf and, of course, dickinson college. candidates, thank you very much. [applause] just a reminder that pennsylvania primary is on
12:59 pm
may 17. thank you for joining us tonight, and have a good night. >> live sunday on "in depth" author and foxbusiness host larry kudlow will be our guest to talk about wall street, the u.s. economy and taxes. he served as director of the economic council under president companies off of several books including insanity once more,, the rising tide, and most recently jfk in the reagan revolution, secret history of american prosperity. join in a conversation with your phone calls, facebook comments, texts and tweets for larry kudlow sunday at noon eastern on booktv on c-span2. >> the supreme court must decide whether by the administration had the authority to in the so-called remain in mexico policy that was implemented under president donald trump.
1:00 pm
under the program, noncitizens crossing the u.s.-mexico border were sent back to mexico to await their immigration proceedings. the homeland security department put an end to the program in june 2021. missouri and texas filed suit arguing it was unlawfully terminated. a federal district court ruled in favor of the states and ordered the program be reinstated prompting an appeal from the biden administration. this oral argument is just under two hours. .. hours. we will hear arguments first this morning in case 2154 biden against texas. the secretary of homeland security exercised his statutory discretion to make a policy outweighed by its domestic and foreign policy costs. t yet the lower courts order


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