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tv   U.S. Senate Senate Minority Leader Mc Connell on US Supreme Court Abortion  CSPAN  May 4, 2022 12:18am-12:28am EDT

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now on the ballot to help fight the courts awful decision. i urge every american to make their voices heard. this week and this year. i urge americans to call their members, write their members, to e-mail the members, text and ,most of all, to cast their ballot. make no mistake the blame for this decision falls squarely on republican senators and the senate republicans as a whole who spent years pushing extremist judges, spent years confirming three far right justices to the supreme court but who claimed to somehow that this day would never come, but it has and we will fight it all the way. i will yield the floor. >> the radical left has attacked
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the institution of the supreme court. last night it appears the campaign hit a new low. historically, the justices, clerks and staff have prized and protected the courts confidentiality. the justices must be able to discuss a delivery in the environment of total trust and privacy. americans cannot receive a fair trial ifit politicians, pundits, bullies and mobs get a say in court. judicial independence is vital. but the far left has spent years shamelessly attacking it. democrats in congress endorsed plans through the justices threatening legal briefs and scheduled sham hearings.
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in 2020 of the senate democratic leader marched across the street to the court and shouted threats that multiple justices by violate if they didn't rule how he wanted. in 2018 literal activists changed to's and others around the capital and now last night a shocking new breach. somebody like me somebody inside the court itself leaked a confidential draft to the pressc to stir up in an appropriate pressure campaign to sway and outcome. the radical left immediately rallied around the stunned. the cheerleaders applauded what
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they suggested was the work of a brave blinken to cause a political firestorm and to cause the court to reconsider. liberals want to rip the blindfold off of lady justice and override impartiality with intimidation. they want to elevate the mob rule over the rule of law. the same political movement that moved up the timeline of justice breyer's retirement process is trying to use another to make the court less secure and less in never before in history has an t internal draft been leaked to
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the public while the justices were still deciding the case. whoever committed this act knew exactly what it could bring about. the justices already require security. less than two weeks ago in an unbalanced person but himself on fire on the court steps. less than three years ago a liberal mob tried to storm the court shoving past law enforcement and pounding on the doors. everybody knows what kind of climate the far left is trying to fuel. it's antithetical to the rule of
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law. top democrats began publishing wild statements about what the court might decide, packed with using unhinged rhetoric that could easily insight light a match. so what else happened, activists flocked to the court. an angry crowd surrounded the court shoving justices names. there were calls to smash the institutions of the senate and the court at the same time. one of the courts most essential and sacred features was smashed by the outrage of the industrial
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complex a few extra days to scream nonsense about what the court might rule. this should be investigated and punished to the fullest extent possible. i'm certain the chief justice will seek to get to the bottom of this if a crime was committed the department of justice must pursue it completely. i want all nine justices to know there are still principle to senators who have their backs no matter what. there are still some people in this capital and majority in the senate whose support for the
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rule of law is not conditional. the court should tune out the noise and feel free to do their job. they should follow the facts and with the law wherever that leads. as i warned in the past, courts bowing to activist pressure would never enhance judicial legitimacy. it could only eroded and they would never settle.
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the world changed in an instant, but mediacom was ready. internet traffic soared and we never slowed down. schools and businesses went virtual and we powered a new reality because that is mediacom, we are built to keep you ahead u.s. support for ukraine and of the recently
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passed democracy defense lease act. the legislation that passed with bipartisan support will make it easier for the united states to provide further military equipment and humanitarian aid to ukraine. the act was first used in 1941 in support of great britain's defense against germany prior to the u.s. entry to world war ii. this atlantic council discussion is about 15 minutes. >> good morning. welcome to the council's front-page event will the united states again be the arsenal of democracy, a conversation on land use for ukraine. i am on the board of directors at the atlantic council and also vice chair of the scowcroft center for strategy and security and senior fellow at harvard kennedy's school for science and international affairs. the council's front-page series


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