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tv   Campaign 2022 Georgia U.S. Senate Republican Debate  CSPAN  May 5, 2022 5:54am-6:54am EDT

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moderator: hello.
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i'm russ spencer, anchor with fox five and welcome to the debate series. this is the debate among the republican candidates for u.s. senate. let's meet the candidates for this debate. they are in alphabetical order, gary black, your jager cultural commissioner, josh clark, a business owner and former georgia state represented of, kalvin king is a veteran and business owner, don mccollum is a veteran and clergyman. latham sadler is a former member of the trump administration. herschel walker is a businessman and former professional athlete. he has chosen not to participate and is represented by this empty podium. let's meet our panelists. the atlanta bureau chief for next our media group and veronica waters covers legal affairs for wsb radio in atlanta. for complete rules on today's debate, please visit the atlanta
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press club website. we will begin tonight with two questions we know are on everyone's mind and we are going to give everyone 60 seconds to respond. veronica waters commuted the first question. >> good evening. the current front runner, herschel walker, is clearly sticking to his beliefs that he does not plan to enter into any debate with his primary challengers and come as we see, the podium here tonight is empty. on the debate trail, in the campaign, you have talked about herschel walker's absences at some of these debates. tonight, i want to ask each of you why are you a better candidate for the job of u.s. senate it than he and what makes you the best of all your other opponents on the stage? >> thank you so much for having us here today. herschel walker was my childhood football hero, i respect him as a football player, but it has been fascinating seeing him in action or inaction in this
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campaign. as you have noted, this is our fifth debate or forum and he hasn't showed up. we need a leader and fighter who's going to show up at to defeat raphael warnock in november. raphael warnock is a very smooth operator. we got to see him in action this last election cycle and we need somebody who's going to hold him accountable for the bag of goods he sold georgians that folks are feeling the pain of right now whether it's at the grocery store and gas pump. i had the good fortune of serving as a navy seal eight years on active duty in two years reserve. i served in the trump white house advancing the america first policy agenda for this country and we need somebody to knock warnock out of that seat and fight day one for georgia. moderator: why would you be the best candidate? >> that's a great question. the first thing i would like to say is i would like to wish my daughter happy birthday and now i will tackle your question.
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after 35 years of service in the most powerful team in the world come the united states army, i retired as a rigged ear general. after retiring as a general i made the determination that something was wrong in georgia and require repair. the one thing i've done in my 35 years as i have showed up every single time when i was asked. when i was ordered to go somewhere, i went. that's called leadership. leadership shows up when you are winning and when you are losing. the absence of herschel walker speaks volumes based on my words. that's one thing you can know in me that after 35 years, if i can do this for 35 years and represent you, the united states of america and representing georgia, then i can do the same thing in representing georgians stop that's what i plan to do -- return power to the people, which is where it belongs in accordance with the constitution of the united states of america. moderator: calvin king, why you and not herschel walker? >> thanks for having me here.
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i'm born and raised right here in georgia. herschel walker was, too, but herschel walker is not the selection we should pick to go in front of raphael warnock. i'm not going to harp on his past but currently he is not showing up for debates. he's not involving himself with the media with questions. he has not been vetted and frankly, he's unprepared to stand up against raphael warnock, who we know he will be well-funded, he has the media on his side, and he considers himself a historical figure for the u.s. senate seat. myself, born and raised in georgia, i'm an air force academy graduate, air force veteran and started a construction company from scratch. i own a ball thousand square-foot building near the braves stadium. i've been able to articulate my positions on creating a strong economy, my positions on a strong military and protecting constitutional rights. there is no candidate in this race as well-rounded as i am.
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>> i want to say thank you to all of you watching this debate and vetting us all. as far as herschel, he's my childhood hero, i love the guy, but as i told him personally, i do not believe you can win in november having read your book and everything. i'm in this race because it's not about me. it's not about any of us, it is about fighting for the next generation. that is what concerns me. herschel being in this race scares all of those who has prior legislative experience from the race. i grew up in suwanee, georgia on a small farm. my father was a pastor and my mother was a teacher who homeschooled us. when i grew up, i knew i needed to get involved. right out of high school, i rolled up my sleeves to get constitutional conservatives elected. i went back to private life but i'm stepping up because we need somebody who is proven, who has experience, and can be ready on day one.
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i'm a tie-breaking vote that can serve the citizens of georgia from day one with past experience. moderator: commissioner blatt, the pulse of herschel walker at 66%, you are second, so a runoff would seem unlikely. why should you be in it? >> i want to thank everyone for watching. herschel walker will not win in november. selecting someone who can win, that has a record that can defeat raphael warnock should be the number one priority and i hope it is on your hearts and minds at home. the democrats have purchased $24 million of advertising set to start on september 1. when they prefer that on top of herschel walker's record that he has not been accountable for, domestic violence, threats of shootouts with police, despicable business deals, and a bloated resume, that is not going to work with the citizens of georgia.
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i believe georgians want somebody that is going to secure the borders and work with teams to do so. that is going to fight this inflation affecting all of our families and cut spending. actually balance the federal budget. i have the experience, the background and leadership, decision-making experience to do this job and i would be honored to earn your vote. moderator: we now go to ask the other question that has been very much in the news today. >> it has been a slow news day, gentlemen. let me ask you a very pressing question about roe v. wade. the supreme court may overturn that. tell us your reaction and where do you stand. are you pro-choice or pro-life and why? >> certainly. first of all, there's really two issues we are facing. one is the leak itself and i think that is going to be investigated thoroughly and
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there should be punishment. you are really compromising one branch of the federal government. the second is a question of life. i am pro-life. i hope, i would be grateful for this decision if it comes down the way it has been reported. i am thankful my mother was pro-life because it was my mother that lost to infant children before me. so i'm very thankful of that. i believe the word of god is clear. there is a contrast with a pro-choice pastor which i do not understand that terminology. absolutely, absolutely pro-life, it begins at conception. moderator: josh clark, the poll suggest two thirds of americans and georgians do not want to see roe v. wade overturned. does that factor into your thinking? >> no.
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for me, it's about principle i've been unashamedly pro-life and i understood the issue from the age of six years old when i asked my mother. i said which party are we? she said we stand for the party that supports life. i'm the only candidate before you join -- endorsed by the georgia right to life and the only candidate who has actually backed up my talk as a former legislator. i was proud to be part of passing the bill that helped to reduce drastically the number of abortions. i look forward to getting to the u.s. senate and dropping the personhood amendment because just as the constitution said, we hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal and if you don't have life, what does liberty mean? what does the pursuit? i'm very strong on that and proud to be the only one endorsed by the georgia right to life before you today. moderator: george's heartbeat
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bill would go into effect if this does happen and the supreme court rules this way. there's some talk about outlawing abortion altogether. what is your take? >> it is personal to me. i was born to a 15-year-old mother and i thank god and my parents that they saw value in my life. my parents did marry and try to do the right thing but after we moved from macon to atlanta, my father started doing drugs am a violence occurred in my house full top it was a rough upbringing. when you do things out of order, you suffer from it. but i don't know or understand what a pro-choice pastor is. i think he's preaching false doctrine. i will fight with every fiber of my life to make sure our young people, our unborn are treated like human beings. beyond that, i thought of it child, now that son of mine is a
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veteran like his daddy. he also works for his daddy's construction company and i could not be more proud of him. these are the kinds of examples we need to see in our communities of fathers treating our sons like they value their lives. moderator: thank you very much. you were referring to senator warnock saying he is a pro-choice pastor. he said i will always fight for a woman's right to choose. your reaction? >> in the words of ronald reagan, everybody for abortion has been born. it's amazing. i sit on the side as a minister, having served as a pastor, having been licensed here in atlanta and in newman georgia at mount baptist -- the only way to consider god's creation is to consider like because god asks us. i want to ask those people who are for abortion, i want to ask you this question -- what did the baby do wrong to deserve to
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be killed? god loves life and so do we and i'm 100% for life. as a pastor, it is unreasonable, and ungodly to select a position of being pro-choice. we are pro-life. god says i made you and i knew you in the womb, therefore so i might because that is the message of godliness and the baby deserves that. moderator: how far should georgia go in restricting abortion and should there be exceptions for the life of the mother, rape, insets? >> this is a very serious issue and we are all on the same page. i'm proud to be pro-life. it is personal for me as well. as somebody that literally shared the womb with my twin brother who has down syndrome, i am a proud defender of life and it is unconscionable to me you've got countries in the case of iceland who are completely trying to get rid of people like
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my brother. so i'm encouraged by this potential ruling and i'm concerned by the leak. this is going to fundamentally change the operations of our highest court because there is leakers now within our supreme court and i experienced this personally. when i was up there in the trump white house, we would be in the situation room with classified briefings and i would see in the news a handful of hours later that information had leaked. so we have to find whoever did this leak and start taking it far more seriously when people are willing to do this to jeopardize our democracy. moderator: we will go now to the traditional first round of this debate all top candidates will be asked one question by one of the pended it's -- by one of the panelists. candidates have 60 seconds to answer. the first question is to calvin king. >> how will you bring jobs to georgia and what three focus areas will you focus those jobs in? walk us through that process.
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>> i'm the only candidate that has campaigned in every county. i've coordinated all counties and have done over 300 to pay public opinions -- public appearances not including media. that is my wheelhouse. one of my platform items is creating a strong economy. you do that by pushing regulations back. one thing you heard is calvin, the federal government has made it hard to make a living. as the opposite of what the federal government should be doing. push regulations back, allow free-market principles to take effect. let's put a senator in his seat that has started a company from scratch and created jobs right here in georgia that has over 150 subcontractors, someone who understands the value of the dollar, understands this inflation we are in is going to hurt to get out of it and the government has to make serious cuts by stop spending money and
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get rid of a couple of departments like the department of education, like the epa and like the irs. moderator: veronica, your turn to ask a question. >> do you agree with president biden's policy on the support of ukraine and the russian invasion and would you commit u.s. troops should russia cross the boundary into a country which is a sovereign country and part of nato? >> your question is a very good one and intriguing one and one that needs to be asked. as a result of the mistakes the administration made initially, i would think right now it seems they are doing the only thing they can do which is providing arms, adding diplomacy and economic policy. the mistake that was made is the administration did not or chose not to get involved earlier on.
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i would question the veracity of wood some of those working on this staff. national security policy and strategy is one of my strongest suits. i did it for 35 years and have the training and experience in this. i trust that and trust the leadership of zelinski. he's done a yeoman's job and does that kind of leader i am and the kind of leader we need full stop the leader that refuses to lead, the leader that -- refuses to leave, stands with his country in the midst of the difficulties and i believe as a result the ukrainian country will do well. >> asian americans have faced significant backlash during the pandemic with words and terminology like the china virus. what will you do if elected to help asian americans feel safe here so we don't have that type of racism or hate crime in the peach state, including what we saw last year? >> asian americans, i have a
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great passion for. we have worked with, one thing we have help from a cultural standpoint in my recent job is a valuable vegetable and we've been able to make that cultivated here in georgia. that's a simple thing in agriculture but it has been a real building of relationships and that community here in atlanta. everything should be fair for everyone. it's the land of the free and the home of the brave stop we need to have an immigration program that works. we need to have them that are streamlined. that focuses on asia and everybody else but it also goes back to our southern border. we have to secure our border first before we do other types of immigration issues and i would love to see some real progress had that way. i'm real thankful for the asian community in atlanta and appreciate the relationships there will stop welcome to georgia and help them build these relationships as they move
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forward. moderator: veronica, you get the next question. >> mr. sadler, also a veteran, i wanted to ask you what would be your next step or steps, what is your take on what is happening with the russian invasion of ukraine? how would you advance the case from here? >> thank you. our state has had a proud tradition of having a national security leader in the united states senate until now. we had richard b russell, sam none, johnny isaac ms. -- johnny isakson, saxby chambliss and now we don't have a senator on the armed services committee from our state which is a huge deal. when i look at what is going on in ukraine right now, it shows me this whole thing happened because biden's deterrence failed. wokeness equals weakness equals war we do not want. when i was in the trump white house, it was america first.
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our adversaries respected us. they feared us every single day. when i was managing our black ops portfolio, we had our adversaries on their heels everything will day. we've got to restore american credibility and strength over there. we obviously need to support the ukrainians with military and humanitarian aid. i don't want to see boots on the ground and make sure we encourage our european partners to be coughing up more to help their fellow europeans in ukraine. moderator: you have the final question in this round. >> what will you do to help save george's rule hospitals and ensure those in other parts of the peach state have proper access to health care? do you believe we should expand medicaid? >> as a former legislator, i served on health and human services and one of the things i learned from my experiences we absolutely have to look out for rural hospitals to make sure they have the necessary funding, that we are looking at health care statewide.
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one of the things we have to do is make sure we keep the federal government, their role should be very limited when it comes to health care and keep them out of the dr.-patient relationship. that means i'm against them mandates, the vaccine mandates. that means i am for patient-centered health care. it also means that from my experience, i'm the only one appear that has experience having stood up and been tested in my time in the legislature when we tried to run the not affordable care act through georgia. i will never forget being called out, speaker olson says who you are, you need me to get elected. i said in all due respect, it's about when i get home knowing i fought for the next generation and when i lay my head on the pillow, having a clear conscience between me and god. i'm going to fight for georgia and keep big government out of the way. moderator: that concludes the first round of this debate. the candidates will now ask a question of an opponent of their choice.
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they will have 30 seconds to ask the question, 60 seconds to respond and the candidate who asked the question will have 30 seconds for rebuttal. i random drawing my john mccollum, your turn to ask the question. >> my question is for nathan sadler. congress has a responsibility to provide funding for a number of issues. part of the funding is understanding mandatory and a -- and discretionary spending. my question is what is your understanding with regard to mandatory spending. prices are far above discretionary spending. what is your solution toward minimizing and bringing mandatory spending under control in the budget process? >> great question. thank you. this is one of the most important issues as it relates to who we choose to get up there in the united states senate to fight for our state and fight for our country.
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i have sat at the decision-making table at the white house in the situation room, when you are racking and stacking the nation's priorities and you have something popping off in venezuela, something popping off in syria, something popping off in north korea. remaining strategic and disciplined and long-term in your view in a resource-constrained environment with that backdrop is very difficult work and is why we need serious leaders up there. you are exactly right, john. we don't have the resources we had in the past. up until the 70's, we had half the world's economy and now we are the fifth. we have to get our mandatory spending under control and the first thing i'm going to do is hit to the green new deal and all this wasted spending we've seen over the past year plus that is killing our economy. that's the first thing i'm going to go after. >> this is why past performance is the determinant of the future. you can't ask someone to do
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something they've never done if they don't understand something. that's a good answer about the general funding but mandatory spending has everything to do with the total all caps things such as social security, retirement, those kinds of funds. those funds and entitlements are escalating so greatly, we have to make a determination on how we are going to fund them and at what level and, if necessary, how to rescue things like social security to assure those funds are available for those people who paid into that. this is so important for a future senator. moderator: carrie black, your turn to ask the next western. >> i've got a question for herschel -- i'm going to ask herschel's podium. given the facts that have come out with domestic violence, stalking women, threatened to shoot out with police, business deals that have gone sour, i'm just wondering if the podium has ever had a conversation with
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your candidate. have you ever hold your candidate how important it is to tell the truth and if you haven't -- i guess if you had that conversation come when is it going to start? i wonder when it's going to start. moderator: we could wait for a minute for the podium to talk but that's probably not going to happen. >> may be herschel will email and answer the question or get his podium to help them. herschel walker is ignoring the voters of georgia, ignoring us. he is ignoring the voters of georgia. that's what he does now, that's what he will do in the future. he has not told the truth, he has not been factual. that's what he will do in the future. i've always showed up, i've always told you the truth and i will beat raphael warnock because herschel walker cannot. moderator: latham sadler, your turn to ask the next question. >> i have a number of questions
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for this pathetic situation as well, but my question is for you, gary. we see each other on the trail a lot. i think i ask you this question every time icu, so i wanted to ask it here today. where the heck is herschel walker and how on earth does he think he can beat raphael warnock in the general election? >> it's not going to happen. he will never defeat raphael warnock. it is coming, folks. if you want to know the truth, herschel is not going to tell you the truth. i invite you to go to real you can find all the facts, the things he's not accountable for all thought he says i wrote a book. he did not talk about everything. he's not representing the truth, he's not going to defeat raphael warnock. georgians deserve better.
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this is an honorable group of folks right here and we are going to have a good discussion tonight, but he is letting you down, folks. i would love to earn your vote. >> obviously i agree. everyone on this stage has been out hitting the trail, taking the tough questions from voters, like a united states senator showed. a simple question for herschel walker is right do you think the united states senate does? it is the deliberative body of congress. it is what you do as a united states senator. you get up there and debate ideas, debate i'll see and you have to win for your state and for the country. if herschel walker can't get up here -- this should be the easy part. most of us agree on most issues. if he can't do this, he certainly can't beat raphael warnock in november. moderator: josh clark, your turn to ask a question.
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>> latham, i appreciate your military service, but we all know that does not necessarily make someone a conservative. you call yourself a lifelong republican. however, you registered as a democrat in 2001, voted democrat in georgia in 2004. what's scarier is you are a member of the council of foreign relations, which is a globalist, elitist organization. your first job out of your fellowship in d.c. was to work for a big bank as an assistant to the ceo where you earned $563,000 your first year. how do you assure georgians you won't be another global elitist sellout? >> this is exactly why i entered this race. aren't we tired of this? seeing this of previous politicians? i'm proud to defend my record as a republican. when i was 18 years old, you are correct. i was a registered democrat stop
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then i got to the university of georgia and my freshman year, i woke up. i became a republican and i've been a republican for over 20 years and i'm proud of it. ronald reagan was a republican in his use, ronald -- donald trump was a republican in his youth and they woke up as well and we saw what kind of conservative leaders they were. what i would tell any 18-year-old in this audience watching today, if you are confused and you registered as a democrat and six months later, you wake up and become a republican in college, watch out because the josh clark political polices coming after you in 20 years. moderator: your response? >> i want to say first and foremost, i respect the military. i've got 13 family members, one just graduated as a green beret. however, the issue is not -- i'm glad you have come over.
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i've helped a lot of people come over to the republican party because i was in the trenches in 2002 helping turn the state read as a volunteer. issue is when your first office at the u.s. senate is not two years, not for years, but six years, we can't have another john mccain who we appreciate but we all know he sold us out. that's why i bring this relevant issue up. moderator: calvin king, you get the last question. -- kelvin king, you did last question. >> i'm going to focus this on josh. the supreme court leaked an opinion that confirms democrats will campaign on social issues like voting rights, abortion and wealth disparities because they are more effective at the messaging. in the general election, we will face raphael warnock come out first black senator, we will face stacey abrams who thinks she is our first black governor. democrats have engaged in
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divisive politics. what is your message that will earn the votes of nonpartisan's and minorities during wet democrats will brand as a historic election? >> i appreciate you bringing that up. that's an issue i'm passionate about. i grew up the oldest of 10. i slept on the floor for over three years, on the floor in our living room while we had homeless people and others living in our home. i've always had a heart for those who are struggling. i've called myself a compassionate conservative. as we were speaking earlier, i was in the trenches right out of high school trying to help bring democrats into the republican party. when i ran into thousand 10, people thought i had no chance of winning. but one thing i did was go into the minority areas and connect with them because that is my heart as a capacitive -- compassionate conservative. i can't wait to do what i've been doing for over 20 years.
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just like trump was able to bring over the highest minority votes of latinos and african-americans, we can do that again in this election. moderator: you have 30 seconds. >> i don't think growing up poor is synonymous with minorities. that's what you said. my messages not only good for republicans. i have a shared experience. when it comes to issues of life and wealth disparities, i can communicate about voting rights -- i don't know a black person without an id. we can overcome disparities because it's about repeated patterns of behavior and cultural priorities. when it comes to abortion, that's the number one thing that hurts the black communities. moderator: that concludes our
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second round. for those just joining us, this is the debate between the republican candidates for u.s. senate. herschel walker declined to participate and is represented by an empty podium. we will now go back to candidates to ask a question of candidates of their choice until he ran out of time. i will determine when a rebuttal is appropriate. you have the first question in this round. >> the question to you, josh. just a few weeks back, a court overruled mask mandates on planes. do you think courts should have that kind of authority? should we still have masks on planes? >> absolutely no, we should not. in fact, the reason why i'm before you today, i served in the past and left under posed and i've been back in the private sector serving as an executive. in 2020, when i woke up in a
6:28 am
sleepless night watching our freedom and liberty being ripped right out from underneath us, that is when i was reminded of the words of ronald reagan, who i named my youngest daughter after. ronald reagan said freedom and liberty is never more than one generation from extinction. it has to be fought for and defended. or else we will explain to our children what it was like when men were free. i'm not going to have that conversation with our children. it is things like vaccine mandates, the mask mandate where i saw a mother standing up for the children who were being forced, being mandated to wear them. she got arrested for speaking up and that cannot happen in america. we've got to be vigilant, we've got to step up and that is why i'm running, frankly. i'm running to fight for the freedom of the next generation. >> i wanted to know if i could ask a quick follow-up to that answer. in regard to masking. how do you make the decision
6:29 am
that a judge should be able to override the advice given by medical professionals when we are talking about ebbs and flows of a pandemic? >> one of the things we unfortunately learned is at the cdc has gotten to be political rather than science-based. that's one of the things that has outraged so many of us. we have woken up to realize they have got to be reined in. they need to be about science. i'm blessed. we have a lot of medical professionals in my own family. we have these discussions about science and put politics aside. it should be about the constitution, i am carrying it and my back pocket. i call myself a constitutional conservative. the judge got that one right. >> my question is to kelvin. crime has gone up during the pandemic. we have human trafficking, gang problems.
6:30 am
what do you believe is the root cause of crime in georgia and as a senator, how will you keep our state safe? >> it's a straightforward answer. the root cause of crime increasing interstate and country is divisive rhetoric coming from the democrats. when the blm riots occurred throughout 2019 and 20, you did not see a lot of convictions. you didn't see people being punished for violating the rule of law and tearing down businesses. now you see the biden administration is talking about taking away our weapons and guns because crime has increased. of course crime is going to increase when you don't back our law enforcement. they demoralized our law enforcement. what we need to focus on is making sure our law enforcement is protected and supported. i will never allow any community to go disarmed. the second amendment right. i call it the life amendment because the constitution and
6:31 am
declaration of independence was put together to protect our god-given right. life is one of those god-given rights. god would not give you the right to life without giving you the right to protect your life. that's where we can address our spikes in crime. >> i would like to take a moment to ask for pick answers from each of the gentlemen. i want to ask each of you do you support codifying an abortion ban into federal law and would you ever support a ban that does not make exceptions for insets, rape -- >> i support eight total ban. >> absolutely. under the 14th amendment, i believe it is already clear that just as we see in the declaration of independence, a
6:32 am
god-given right, the first is life. as soon as i get there, you see in my track record, we need to introduce a personhood amendment. you speak of exceptions -- if you look at my record and the reason i have the georgia right to life and the only one that has a georgia right to life as i do not believe in exceptions for rape and incest, because as a democrat turned to me and then he described the person. it doesn't matter. what happens if they rape your daughter? first of all, we are either going to put the child up for adoption or raise the child but why should the child be murdered for the sins of the father? sometimes it's a tearjerker when i think about that but no, there should not be exceptions and i will work hard to pass that. that's something my mother taught me at an early age. >> no, there should not be exceptions. i believe in life. when you look at the challenges
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of fertility that families have, when you look at how a child born out of order is able to create a successful business and attend the air force academy like myself, there's opportunity even though you may be unintended. our country needs to look at this as a humane situation versus a convenient situation. our kids will be loved and cared for. life begins at conception and that's the bottom line. >> the first thing i want to take note -- notice in round two, no one asked a question to me. and if i were them, i would not ask a question to me with the breadth and depth of experience i've gained over 35 years and has more experience than any of those. answering specifically to this question, i believe the answer is no, but i believe you absolutely have to have some mercy and how you do this.
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it's another thing to ask someone to not have an abortion when you are not allowing or making the way for perhaps adoptions and mechanisms to help people who do go through and carry out the pregnancy throughout the terms. so i'm asking the community -- this is a community issue, through private partnerships, with churches and the community, we can all do this together and help take care of those kids that people for whom women agree to carry on their pregnancies to ensure life continues but we have a mechanism of continual support. and for those who do carry, we are able to fund and separate them mainly from the private sector. >> whenever the supreme court decides, women are going to continue to have abortions. >> one thing i was going to say is with the leak that came out, the encouraging first step if this is true and the justices
6:35 am
stay strong and resolved on this issue. what this ruling would do would be to kickback those decisions to the states. obviously as a conservative, i like that as a first step. we all have our own stories and views on this are deeply personal and my case, as some buddy with a twin brother with down syndrome, seeing what is happening in iceland, that is just blowing me away. we need to be compassionate on this issue as conservatives. every pro-life advocate i note demonstrates compassion to expecting mothers and i think that's incumbent on all of us to be this way. but i do support not codifying it at the national level. moderator: the next question is for gary black. brian kemp and secretary of state both agree and say after numerous audits, there was no
6:36 am
examples of widespread fraud. however, u.s. senator david perdue and president trump say the elections were rigged. who do you agree with and worthy elections fair and square? >> would you do me a favor? this bunch nose that happens sometimes, could you speak into your microphone a little better. the first part of that just went dead. moderator: no problem. governor brian kemp and secretary of state brad raffensperger, after numerous audits both said there were no examples of widespread fraud in the 22 but the elections. however, former u.s. president donald trump and former senator david perdue says there was fraud and that is why president biden was elected. who do you agree with? do you believe the 2020 elections are fair and square? >> that question has been asked a bunch of ways. do you think the election was stolen? i've heard people say they think
6:37 am
it is. my answer is i don't know, do you? i'm not talking to you, i'm talking to him. what i do know is this -- one election that will never be stolen as the election where we all show up. we would not be here but for people not showing up on january 5. that's my opinion. i don't know what happened in michigan and arizona. i know we had a mess here in georgia. i believe senate bill 202 took steps toward correcting that. i would love for there to not be a drop anywhere. if we restored truth to the paper ballot or trust, i'm for that. but i do know we have to vote and i'm asking for your vote in this election so we can do feet raphael warnock. we will trust the system and move forward. >> if i may, i would like to ask this question of mr. black and
6:38 am
general mccollum. then president trump's call to secretary raffensperger discussed needing to find 11,780 votes. how should we interpret that? >> we shouldn't ever try to make a public official -- they have a sworn oath to uphold the constitution and you have to step forward and do it. you know based on the information you have -- i would be honest with you, it troubles me when you have that kind of conversation going on. i read them just like everyone else on this stage. we need trust in the system. we need grassroots involvement with young people reaching out which we are doing in this campaign, restoring trust and actually having people who have a record that have stepped up and done everything they've ever said they had done and you build that trust on the campaign trail doing what i have done and what most of us have been doing for a
6:39 am
while. i'm troubled when we don't trust our system. i'm hopeful the advances georgia has taken, that this will be the safest election because our country come our future depends on it. >> i will answer the question generically speaking. the most important thing, one of the most important things we are suffering from today is the failure to adhere to the rule of law. when the rule of law begins to dissipate from the infrastructure of the united states of america, these things take place, especially when it takes place with leaders. when leaders make the determination they have this overwhelming, overarching authority as a result of power or influence that they can do whatever they choose to do, that is not the case. we've seen it in the fbi, we've seen another agencies, we've seen it with secretary mayorkas on the border.
6:40 am
when people won't fairly execute their responsibilities, know that you've got to do this thing right, you got to honor the rule of law, you got to understand those who work for you and let's not get in the way as leaders to ruin the processes that make things look worse than they are and that is probably what took place. so i stand by the case of follow the rules, follow the law and let ethics be number one. moderator: her question was about the former president asking brad raffensperger to find votes. are you suggesting president trump was acting as an authoritarian? >> exactly. there could be the perception of. when there is a perception of problems and that can be ethically wrong even when the person perhaps didn't do anything wrong. what i believe you got to make sure you are not in the wrong place in the right time and making statements to the wrong people at the wrong time about the wrong issues. that is what happens when the
6:41 am
confusion takes place and people cannot make a determination as to whether or not the president purposefully made a statement, purposely did something against the law or not. there is a perception and that's a problem. >> can i speak to why this election was absolutely stolen in georgia? i've been in the trenches while building companies, volunteering since i got out of high school just to help turn the state read. when i saw over 7 million ballots being mailed out across georgia, ballot applications being mailed out, i warned everyone who would listen and i said here is what's going to happen, we are going to have massive valid harvesting. unfortunately, i hate to say, but i was right. that's why georgians are so frustrated. they know the election was stolen. if you watch this 2000 mules, it confirms what i was saying.
6:42 am
when you have unsecured ballot drops and mail out ballot applications. this election wasn't fortunately stolen. i believe we have to acknowledge that or history repeats itself. we can also have hope that i believe we will win this next election in georgia just as youngkin did. we will show up and win. we can't answer that question, we can answer the question. moderator: i went to give you 45 seconds on this, keeping in mind the former president's own attorney general said any suggestion of widespread fraud is bs. he used the whole word. >> i can't communicate what is happening outside the state of georgia but one thing i know for sure is people came to our home with affidavits. my wife is on fox news and i had a show called the georgia gang and people came to our home, not sure how they found are
6:43 am
addressed with signed affidavits saying they saw infractions and improprieties and vote tallying and they wanted some help. so we sent this information to our secretary of state's office for some help and you know what happened? nothing. i do know there were improprieties in our elections. i can't tell you to what degree but what i can tell you is someone needs to be held accountable for the infractions in our elections. that is all the people of georgia one, for someone to stand up for them and hold people accountable for the infractions. moderator: we are running out of time. >> people just want transparency at this point. when you stay up watching the same two counties every time, fulton and a cab -- and dekalb counting, that does not expire confidence.
6:44 am
thankfully, due to republican leadership in our state, they passed sb 202 which cleans that up and they have to continue counting so that doesn't happen again. the answer is simple. we need to have full transparency and even though i'm the youngest guy in this race, i'm old school. i think we need to go back to paper ballots. it used to be a civic event, a community event wherever buddy showed up together to vote and that's what i want to see us go back to. it's not that hard. moderator: that is all the time we have four questions. each candidate will have 60 seconds for a closing statement. mr. sadler, you get the first statement. >> it is all on the line for our state. our entire state runs the risk of flipping blue in november and this right here is pathetic. this is the fastest way to making georgia blue again. we've got to have leaders that are going to show up and this is pathetic. georgia, you deserve better than this. there are two things that matter
6:45 am
in this race -- who can be raphael warnock and who can plug in one to serve and fight for our state effectively for the united states senate. i cannot wait to get on the debate stage with raphael warnock to hold him accountable for the bag of goods he sold georgians. a terrorist from afghanistan, and open southern border, inflation is through the roof. the price of diapers has skyrocketed. i'm going to knock him out of that seat and when i get up there, i'm going to fight for you every day. i'm the only person on this stage that served in a trump white house, i'm the youngest candidate in this race. we've got to have a next generation of leaders and i promise you i will fight for you every single day so please vote for me. >> after he landed his plane on the hudson river, u.s. airways captain sully sullenberger was asked how did you do that? he said for 42 years, i've been
6:46 am
making small, regular deposits into a bank of experience, education and training. when that fateful day, my account had enough for me to make a very large withdrawal. i'm going to secure our borders, we are going to arrest inflation, if we are going to balance the federal budget, it has to come with experience. you look at a balance of wisdom, of decision-making experience, my account is ready to answer for the state of georgia. you've allowed me to serve as your commissioner of agriculture for 12 years. i've honored your trust and i ask for your vote. let's not try a trick play that will fumble with a tailback that will never win. i will defeat raphael warnock. i'd be honored to earn your vote. >> captain sullenberger was an
6:47 am
air force academy graduate just like myself. that's part of my american dream story. the american dream is comprised of freedom and opportunity and american exceptionalism. that is what is at risk right now. what i want republicans to really understand is that this race is unique. this is the cradle of civil rights, atlanta georgia, george altogether, and raphael warnock, stake it's -- stacey abrams, that ticket is going to come at us with all they have. they are the top fundraisers in the united states. they are going to hit us on social issues and that something no one here has been -- i know how to debate social issues. growing up in a black family, you're going to learn how do you debate social issues. in terms of being the most well-rounded candidate, there's no one here born and raised in georgia, a veteran, business person knows his social issues, just like baseball.
6:48 am
he's saying i've got to put the right picture to get the right out. i'm there right candidate to get raphael warnock out. >> fellow georgians and patriots, thank you for taking the time to vet the candidate because this is not a two-year term, this is not a four-year term, this is six years. while all these guys here are nice guys, nice is not save america. haven't we always wanted people who would step up and serve and then walk away on their own unopposed? that is what i have done. but i'm stepping back up because our children's future is literally on the line. it's not a time to roll the dice on people who say all the right things. we need someone who is proven. i'm the only one on the state you as a legislative experience and yet we are running for the highest legislature in the land. we have that at 31 trillion and climbing. we have open borders killing our children. we have indoctrination of our
6:49 am
children -- i have six children. i will fight for your children, grandchildren, the next generation. i've sold all my stocks, i will not trade stocks, i signed a term limit pledge. go to vote and join the team. god bless. >> thank you citizens of georgia. i'm the absolute best candidate. you've heard every buddy make that statement but as a general officer -- every body make that statement. having commanded 6000 soldiers and been responsible for managing $6 billion annually in contracts and representing you in the middle east, i'm the best candidate and i'm ready to start today. i don't need anybody to hold my hands to take me through capitol hill because i've been there and done some of those things. in november, lightning struck when we lost the first senate seat in 2020.
6:50 am
lightning struck again in 2021 as a result of not having the best candidate. i predict lightning will strike again in november if we don't select the very best candidate based on performance. you would not expect me to be a football coach, so neither should you expect herschel walker to no national security strategy and manage people. i'm your guy. democrats, republicans, independents, vote for me. moderator: that concludes our debate. election day is tuesday, may 24 and early voting is already underway. our thanks to the candidates. and to our panel of journalists. you did an excellent job. we would like to thank the atlanta press club for arranging today's debate. for more information, they will host this election season, visit atlanta press
6:51 am
i'm russ spencer. thank you for joining us for the loudermilk-young debate series.
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house subcommittee this is about an hour and 40 minutes. >> morning. this hearing will now come to order. this is a virtual hearing we must address it in housekeeping matters. new participants


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