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tv   Transportation Secretary Testifies on Presidents 2023 Budget  CSPAN  May 5, 2022 4:45pm-7:18pm EDT

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>> testimony by transportation secretary pete buttigieg on the president's 2023 budget request for the agency. the inference of infrastructure investment and talks about wearing face masks on public transit. this is about two and a half hours.
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pete buttigieg discusses budget priorities for fiscal year 2023 and dot's budget request, 142 billion in fiscal year 2023. this represents 50% increase from the trump administration budget request from 89 billion, significant increase things to members of congress and bipartisan fashion and president biden for making historic investment in our nation's infrastructure to create jobs to remain competitive in the 21st century. president infrastructure package aims to solve transportation challenges we are seeing today. infrastructure was operating above capacity before the pandemic but not able to handle
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44% increase in e-commerce sales in two years. every part of our supply chain is strained due to capacity issues since the middle of 2021, container ships waiting in u.s. ports have doubled peaking at 150 in early february. highly congestion has increased by $74 billion. freight services have increased the cost of moving single railcar by as much as $3000, potentially increasing cost of agricultural products from south to the order of sit, by 40%. we must improve capacity especially with shipment expected to increase 50% to 2050, the ranking member is a priority for him as it has been a priority for me in the state of washington. infrastructure project helps us by doing the things we need to do to invest. 2.25 million over five years in the infrastructure program which is dripping of funding for the
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program this year. we seen the benefits of the program to the modernization in support of seattle helping us deal with increased volume of goods. roads and bridges over the next five years the 2% increase in 2015. dot has allocated money to our state helping us improve infrastructure. 8 billion and freight rail over five years, a program we offered in the transportation bill passed out focusing on a grant program to help eliminate the most congested bottlenecks in our communities and very much appreciate our colleagues support on this. 5 billion increase in the new programs with economic significance in my state, the bridge over the columbia river which adjoins washington and oregon but a critical part of the i-5 critical network from
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the canadian border down to mexico. the department is charged with helping minimize impacts transportation infrastructure has on our environment. that means more than a century of building roads and bridges and infrastructures has devastating impacts in our state and other so that's why the corporate removal investigation program providing grants to state and local governments to remove these and replace improved as a key priority. the department also needs to focus on safety both in air transportation safety and roads. tragic increase of motor vehicle facilities has shown we have a long way to go. in the state of washington, 634 highways related fatalities in
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2021 which has most increased since 2025, that's 2005. i look over to ask the secretary about this. the budget request helps us improve safety focusing on faa's technical capacity with the national air grant fellowship program, an important step sponsored and was included in transportation safety program. it's a great program and including here on capitol hill, it looks over to that and thank you for that included in the budget. it must be a top priority in manufacturing so we look forward to continuing to focus on that with the secretary as well. these are many issues we have to discuss.
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we will release soon our report as it relates to the covid package as a result of the package. many of my colleagues will ask about refund issues, part of the report will show refund issues is how the department of transportation could help consumers guarantee the right to the refund. i'll turn it over now. >> thank you, madam chair. i appreciate the way the team has worked with our offices getting funds through local communities and the states in a way that would provide for infrastructure and jobs and transportation around the country. transportation in developing
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shaping and advancing our economy, we need transportation system that enables peoples and goods to move safely and efficiently. last year congress passed the largest infrastructure bill in u.s. history, the legislation hardmake investments in infrastructure, airports and i will say members of the committee and the senate worked day in and day out with secretary buttigieg and other members of the administration on specific revisions of this legislation as we hammered out specifics sure legislation was crafted for bipartisan agreement on members of the committee. this would be crucial in determining whether americansts see its benefits.
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the white house and department of transportation are responsible for incrementingan this law as written yet so far, that has not always been the case i joined senator cap a toes letter expressing deep concern about the highway administration's memorandum that discourages states from highway capacity and madam chair, i'd like to enter into the record and opinion piece by the editorial board "wall streetec journal" kill american infrastructure on the spot. >> without objection. >> basically, let me quote if i might, some portions of this, white house counsel environmental quality is revising rules under the national environmental policy act or permitting nature construction projects.
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brenda mallory says it will provide regulatory certainty and reduce conflict, instead it would cause more litigation and delays, they don't kill projects outright. speaking further and later on about new book, the 1970 law was intended to prevent environmental disasters, it's a weapon to block them. the trump administration saw that check projects limiting the environmental effect. how the pipelines construction would affect the stream. liberal judges have interpreted the broadly to require the study of the effects that indirect, such as emissions. the biden administration now is mandating this and i would interject. i certainlyho hope that does not continue to be the case. it would require agencies to
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calculate indirect and cumulative impact that can result from individually collectively significant actions taken over a period of time. this is death by a thousand regulatory cuts for many projects. i would simply say i share the concerns of the writers of the editorial batch. many of the projects in hopes we had out of the bipartisan info search act would not be easy to accomplish. separately, the safety administration's requiring motor carrier to participate in a program for 18 to 21-year-old truck drivers having registered apprenticeship program with the department. there was no engine of the department of labor programs in
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the statute. again, it was hammered out deliberately and carefully between republicans and democrats in conjunction with members of the administration. the department of transportation is requiring applicants major grantpp program in environmental justice a funding despite no different to thees terms in thoe parts of the bill. i've heard from constituents who have decided not to apply because of these burdensome addition. the administration shouldn't use this carefully crafted bipartisan law carefully worded bipartisan law as an opportunity to insert its own priority.
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nominating personnel is another key part to intimate this bill ensuring the safety and efficiency of transportation system. faa is currently without a senate confirmed administrator. we need one soon. the staff and resources to improve facilities, upgraded training keep students safe. i was pleased to see the budget proposal includes an additional $11 million to begin addressing the campuses convert maintenance and to hire adequate staff. i hope the secretary will ensure excellent school has the resources it needs the ongoing supply chain issues plaguing our economy are well known to the committee incrementing infrastructure law in a timely effective manner will help address many of the issues but they are near term solutions. the senate passed senator klobuchar in the ocean shipping
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reform act unanimous support, the bill includes key provisions from the fht act which i authored and i urge the house without delay. it's good to have our friend senator buttigieg with us today to iron out some issues and i look forward to assessing this. >> i would say, you are reminding me there all several positions on the report inside that are critical, i forgot to mention that. thank you for being here, thank you for this major investment into our economy. a lot of the investment is coming into effect, it's heartening in our community so thank you for your leadership and we welcome you to make your
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opening statement. >> thank you. chair cantwell, all the members of the committee, appreciate the opportunity to discuss department of transportation fiscal year 2023pa budget and priority. i want to thank the members on both sides of the aisle who delivered bipartisan infrastructure law in fiscal year 22. this committee helped deliver much needed resources vital for communities across america. because of these historic investments, the department is in a much stronger position to help build transportation future of the american people they need and deserve. one safer, more efficient, more affordable for everyone from families transporting kids to businesses moving. with acted urgently and responsibly to do just that. let me offer a few examples. we recently saw dramatic collapse of a bridge in pittsburgh where if not for the divine grace of a snow day, there could have been no buses school buses driving over the bridge. in december we provided the biggest federal highway funding
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in decades, $52.5 billion to make roads andnd bridges safer, modern and resilient so people could get to where they needed to go. another urgent priority is addressing pandemic driven supply chain disruption and accompany inflation while also ensuring nations supply chains are resilient in the future. ... in nearly doubling the number of apprenticeship drivers. olympus is designed is designed to help move record amounts of goods more quickly and stem the cost of shipping and to join results.s. a three weeks ago in southern
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indiana i saw how federal court investments would port shipments there a small river. across the country the total number of container ships waiting at u.s. ports is dropped by about 35% since peaking in early february. tracking rose in 2021 to its highest level since 1990 and grocery and drug stores have products in stock at almost the exact it was before the pandemic. they are still far more to do to achieve our goals from lowering cost to giving people back -- in fiscal year 2023 are poised to build on progress through the department of transportation that totals $142 billion including 6.8 billion in advance of appropriations of infrastructure law. here are a few highlights presage remains or top priority in a request includes funding on
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america's roadways. it supports the elimination of railroad grade crossings that blocks block strains which will save lives. $4 billion for the new mega-program and rebuild century-old infrastructure laid the groundwork for americans to compete and win. we are also starting fomenting her ambitious fuel efficiency program which will save hundreds of thousands of dollars in reduced lanes of metric tons of nccarbon dioxide emissions. will invest a total of $17.9 billion for investment in intercity passenger rail and make fast reliable transfers available for people and to keep making progress on the supply chain to help move to fight inflation invest $680 million to modernize the ports and 3 billion to improve the roadways that carries the majority of america's freight and a total of $1.5 billion for
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grants. a sample of the improvements the american people experience when they fly drive right back and shop as transportation system directly helps lower the cost of goods and services. it only happens at most once every generation and it only happens if we work together. thank you for showing that democracies can deliver for the people they represent and for ensuring united states remains the global economic leader. i look forward to this hearing. >> thank you mr. secretary and baked for the fine point and however structure vestment helps drive down the cost of goods and services. my state feels as if every corner of our state so we appreciate it. if i could i have several issues if i can run through them as quickly as possible. the grant program that you mention we want to getet those funds. we are committed to working with
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me to ensure the recipients are able to execute their own funding as soon as possible to help speed up the port infrastructure? >> i didn't catch the question. >> the question is you are diceglie, i've heard from stakeholders there's still confusion about how the maritime administration will administer new authority. and we work with me and others to ensure recipients can execute their own funding as soon as possible on their project? >> yes, absolutely. they went up for 2022 applications is over now we want to see the dollars employed as promptly and efficiently as m possible. >> you are delayed and holding up some of yours, nominees and s i mentioned in my opening statement can you describe the impact these delays are having on the department collects. >> it would certainly be helpful
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if helpful to have her nominees confirmed. people in the department doing a terrific job. there's no substitute for having a confirmed operating administration had and a deputy to fully rise to their responsibilities as well. that's important for safety i would add for the cfo the department is asked to handle such an influx and general counsel many other positions which we are eager to see confirmations for the benefit and safety supply chains fiscal responsibility and everything we are responsible for.sp >> thank you for the support of the budget for be contagious see the faa to make sure they are hearing to the lot that we passed on aviation safety and implementing those rules into law? >> yes we recognize the importances? of properly and effectively and something that law. my understanding is 30% of the requirements for prescriptions have been addressed so far and we will end sure the faa meets
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its responsibilities. >> i think everyone is concerned with the change of the faa and stray shower with the n. continuity and the faa is the final word on safety and we continue to make the improvements we have outlined by congress. oness of the issues and i know y colleagues will bring it up and my f colleague senator markey ad blumenthal i appreciate your leadership is on the new rules to address policy gaps in significant delays and how that is defined in whether consumers deserve to have refunds. what is d.o.t. going to do to help a set of standard so our consumers, we are going to save the psp in the supply chain support all of us collectively to have positive results. we want to make sure consumers who felt the impact also get a
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fair response from airlines in a timely fashion. doc is not set a standard for how long the delay will be. >> we agree in addition to supporting a robust aviation sector we need to make sure that everyone as held accountable are doing right by consumers and make sure the traveling public is treated fairly. part of how we responded to that is by enforcing our obligation to provide refunds with american solutions or significant changes to flights. we find one airline $5.4 million for the way they provided refunds and we are working on a rule to address protections of consumers unable to travel due to restrictions u or concerns related to serious communicable disease. that should be ready within days and ihe welcome the chance to wk with you on other ways to ensure
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that consumers have a positive experience and are treated fairly. >> thank you. i appreciatete it. i have two other issues. on the budget request for 1.5 million for megaprojects and funding for projects and can explain you explain what's important? >> these are flagship programs that support things are around the country everything from projects to raise smaller rural projects and for passengers and goods through the u.s.. >> i have to take exception to my colleague. we agree on many things but it was something that scoop jackson was the author of and when i look aten my state and the transportation infrastructure that is literally -- and the things we are now having to pay
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so much more because of the impact. i look at these issues only acted be able to do both. we have to be able to do both. we have to have smart transportation infrastructure and continue to help make sure it is protected. i lovee the greening of the arrs particularly because it's going to help us with air quality problems throughout the diocese and this is going to help so we have secured money for that and i just want to know we can maximize the potential of the program and waiting for noaa in d.o.t. to get together. >> we are committed to working with noaa in fish and wildlife serviceed and everyone who's committed to so we can get the $200 million out the door. >> senator wicker. >> thank you madam chair and just following up mr. secretary
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[inaudible] >> a cole porter road construction depending on the specific project. >> okay not an indirect or cumulative effect. let me start by getting into following the requirements of the bipartisan infrastructure. >> absolutely. our intent is to apply the law as written. >> would start with the truck driver partnership program. i think it's important to enact this for 18 to 21-year-old drivers to participatete in operating in interstate commerce. and as a mentioned in my statement the additional work wire meant are not in the statute.
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is that seeking to register with the department of labor? the department of labor are also highly effective in the long-standing state of partnership programs. in my state of mississippi community college is have put together their own apprentice programs that have been quite effective. where in the section of the law does it say that thebo labor department should require the department of labor apprenticeship programs? >> i don't think that's in the text of the law. it is in our aim to apply to the text of law. 32022 requires we stand up to the program in as short deadline to begin a safe driver partnership program. our challenge is to do it
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swiftly and safely and in this case we believe the best way to make sure we are meeting our obligation to ensure that there is no trade-off as we introduce the younger drivers is to make sure there's a clear and effective pattern for education so having it existing in a framework and a successful one it helps us to attract the broadest range of participants and have a high level of attention to the excellent retention record of that program. >> it's a nardi existing framework that's preferred by the political left. thereg are other effective frameworks and i can tell you we will just have to have a discussion about that because wi think you have chosen winners and in an arbitrary way. moving to the u.s. merchant
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marines program. >> of the deputy secretary was there recently and i'm looking g forward to visiting. >> i think you'll be very impressed. there's a national academy of public administration which says we are woefully -- and training personnel and yet it's still a great academy. we have got to prioritize these recommendations. we commit to working with this committee in tracking the progress to these recommendations? >> i'm tracking it closely for my office and i look forward to seeing how it's going on the ground. >> okay. now what do you think about this editorial. there's no language in the structure love it authorizes
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d.o.t. to require applicants l o address actors that are not in the statutes and art role is to start delving this infrastructure quickly. for example of them all bill attendance in building roads and bridges that's almost like a non-sequitur. that's going to may get harder. saying that the applicants must consider automobile attendance as a factor. >> the idea is to make sure people have options whether driving a car or t transit are using active transportation. want to make sure we are moving toward a highway that provides rothe best options for americans
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to get around. >> i thinkha what we are seeing and what this editorial indicates is that we are going to see a lot of minor back ers pileup and slow projects much as the litigation is done over the years, you will admit that this opinion piece mentioned has rightly or wrongly serve to delay the implementation and you will admit that will you not? >> our intention is to build good stuff well and we'd like to do that properly. part of being prompt is making sure there is compliance with the law on the content meaning there will be less litigation. >> let's comply with the law and not leave in requirements that are not in the statute.
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say thank you senator wicker. senator klobuchar. >> thank you secretary for being here and for all your good work. you and i have discussed this a few times and i so appreciate your leadership on the shipping and supply chain. we know we have to get this done. the past few years have highlighted significant supply chain disruptions and the price of shipping containers increased and that goes on the backs of consumers from manufacturers and farmers who were hurt this -- hurt by this and that's why we join together and i want to appreciate the leadership of the chair and ranking member shift on this as well to get ais bill passed. to get the shipping reform act through this senate. thanks to the committee and chair and leadership but also through the senate floor. now it's in the house where there's a similar version.
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i just want to get this done as does senator thune. as we know anything can happen inin this town and things get delayed we have a winner here and we have a winner in terms of showing the congress speaks with one voice when it comes to shipping. can you talk about the urgency from your perspective of getting this done? >> we know we are in urgent moment when it comes to our supply chain and anything we can do to make shipping more efficient and effective scored to make a difference at a time where fighting inflation with everything we have got. i want to recognize your leadership and others that you mentioned and the sooner it can be enacted and signed the sooner we can get to work with support from our department. >> there is talk of putting it in another bill. months and months can go by.
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a bill that has 60 or 70 comp worries and we actually have all of the groups enforcing this bill and i think it's time to move and work this through the house. the months go by and we don't send the message we want to to the international shipping supplies. the other thing i wanted to talk about was trucker shortages at our ports may force -- faced a shortage of truck drivers. we are short 80,000 drivers in 2021. can you talk about what the department is doing on that front? >> we view this as a major issue in we need to make surema we recruit and retain truck drivers put in the recruiting site we have been working with the department of labor on apprenticeships and we have seen a huge swell of trucking companies consortia recruiting more veterans and younger drivers in the workforce and we
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need to do more to bring in more women into that trucking career so we have a body set up to do that. then there's the retention peace. we lose. a thousand truck or busy or so we need to look at everything from working conditions to compensation and one of the issues i would mention the truck market. the sooner we can address those we cannot only bring people into the career. have people stay and thrive in its mightily important for the supply chain. >> thank you. distracted driving and we have every day eight people die and more than 1000 are injured in crashes. can you talk about the department's plans when it comes to driving? >> we have made such gains the country when it came to impaired driving and distracted driving especially with the advent of the smartphone. when need to understand it's a major factor in fatalities and
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we are rolling out our new safetyol strategy program to sae lives. >> going a little more local the supply chain bridge which connects minnesota and wisconsin and the president and his state of the union visited the bridge and earlier this year the department announced significant funding for a number of grant programs including megaprojects, projects that are too large and complex for funding programs. how is the d.o.t. coordinating and communicating with the state department of transportation to promote competitive grants, appreciate the help t authority gotten with the initiated projects as well as the rapid pace.
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talk about some of the bridge idprojects and homeport mayor. >> week made over $70 billion available for programs ranging from the bridge investment program to the port selection programs like mega-which you cited. this is important for these large ridge projects that were bigger than what was contemplated by our current programs and the state department of transportation and the governor's enthusiastic about the bridge projects. we are committedsi to make sure there's a smooth process for those applications. >> thank you very much secretary. >> thank you senator klobuchar. senator blackburn. >> mr. secretary welcome and we are so pleased to have you before us. a couple of things i want to touch base with you on today. there has been aliens of taxpayer dollars that have ended
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up with fraud and abuse including some of the grants and the different projects that are out there. i know that when you look at the infrastructure funding some of them enhancements that are not for roads and bridges for walking trails and bike paths and things of that nature. i have talked to groups and i've got some questions about it. i think many of us have questions about -- received a grant for project utilizing storytelling and tree blogs aimed to increase awareness around the inlet equitable -- so top to me about how you can assure us that this money is going to go to what is needed, roads bridges and railways. the party mentioned today a
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bridge collapse in memphis. when we toured in d.o.t. worked with tennessee and arkansas to address the bridge collapse so talk with me about your monitoring of these grants and making certain this money goes for infrastructure. >> thank you senator and i remember well our many conversations about the i 40 bridge in memphis and the closure. every program in the bipartisan objection will be subject to strict controls on high standards andi i can tell you n addition to our own personal attentionr to this the presidet has charged each of the department heads involved in the info structure law to make sure our inspector generals are empowered. it's a very important part of their workarar as well. if you encounter any case where you believe the laws not
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followed in the delivery of the project would certainly encourage you to refer that to my office and/or the inspector general. >> i want to make certain that these groups and the one i mentioned that money is not going there when we need this for expanded roadways. there are construction projects that are needed to facilitate commerce and to see money going to something like this when it's taxpayer dollars and it's not federal government money it's taxpayer money. you and i talked about the automotive innovation taking place in tennessee whether it's with electric vehicles or autonomous vehicles and the av's. that's talk about those for a minute because china is investing heavily in autonomous
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vehicles in trying to be the first to market and for a vehicle that is going to be affordable. i would like to hear from you what you are doing at d.o.t. to support the state and to support some of the innovation that is taking place not only with the ev's and also with av's and how are you working with the federal motor vehicle save a standards to set aside areas where innovation and testing can take place in order to bring these to commercialization? >> thank you forc. raising suchn important issue. the future of driving is unquestionably going to include automated vehicles. if we get it right it means our vehicle travel will be safer ant more efficient so we are going
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to collaborate with safety organizations and congress and make sureeholders to we are supporting this kind of innovation and make sure it develops in the ways that are safe. more than many people might be aware there's a lot that would stop the automated vehicle from being available provided meets federal safety standards. we regulate the car and not the driver. we are doing is we are working to make sure the regulations -- a simple example can be illustrated here. we have a reference to the passenger and driver seats. if there is no driver we have to be concerned about the left seat in the right seat and not a drivers seat in the passenger seat. we are working on that right now
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to make up we keep a -- to make sure we keep upping up with a regular since. >> regulatory complexity continues to be a problem and i asked you about this when he came before us for your confirmation hearing. i will submit a question to you on that for the record. thank you so much and thanks madam chair. >> thank you senator blackburn. i don't think senator young is on the screen or is on our side. >> thank you madam chair press secretary buttigieg i appreciate the department committed to congressional directives however i am concerned that the department is not considering [rollpa call] states. in establishing the council this committee directed the department to the council to ensure transportation meet the attributes of rural areas and are fully addressed during the
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development and application of programs activities and policies according to the directive. last week's hearing before the appropriations subcommittee the green gas -- greenhouse performance rule is sent to omb. >> i will check whether the internal body has been involved in to what extent they've been involved and get back to you on that. >> if you would. i think things like population density need to be adequately addressed and as you know measures to root these emissions in urban areas are not viable in rural areas so i would ask if this reticular review is not in
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council that the rulet be withdrawn from all and be an it be undertaken. is that something you can do? >> i certainly: will commit that any rule will consider to the innate interest of rural travel. >> back to av's in a question on that. i've worked for the pastoral years to try to address in a bipartisan fashion to an act automated vehicle legislation which is a key to ensuring they are tested under a consistent framework. in the absencece of legislationi believe it's essential to establish a framework for the tf measures such as exemption editions are updated regulations
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that are crucial to modernizing vehicle safety standards and gathering relevant safety data to ensure the u.s. remains and leadership of this importantch technology. there are initiatives to ensure theth united states is not fall behind in this critical phase of technology and he described thede work to advance those programs. >> the short answer is yes and no sure couple of examples and pending congressional action to pave thee way for funding. one is nhtsa has the authority under section 555 to allow the department of motor vehicles to be exempt from safety standards as long as an operator shows alito and the "them level as it read 2500 vehicles per year. and they can be extendeden to oe
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exemption. we do have additional petitions for exemptions in our trying to adjust those promptly. the other thing i would mention is the exemption called walk seven for imported vehicles. a number ofcl exemptions have bn granted to allow for the deployment of restricted and specific route or put another way to ensure they are playing out on u.s. soil. >> the nation's trucking industry is -- and i advocated for a regulatory framework that provides the flexibility that truckers need to safely deliver goods across the country by the fmc a publication.
5:32 pm
could you describe how the department is addressing drivers and cultural goods when evaluatingng regulatory action? >> we recognize those were hauling agricultural goods in particular livestock face different issues than if you were hauling a load of shoes or inanimate objects. i think the framework and the different requirements happen to refight that. your question notes this is -- are norstar has to be safety but when we provide looks ability to doesn't go against the goal of >> i hope you will do that to flexibility is really key and there are in rural areas particularly when you are hauling this great they are out to be a different application for some of thesee regulations
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which cannot only be very expensive that make it difficult for agriculture to get their animals hang commodities to their destination.n. thank you mr. chair. >> senator thune as chair i'm not her question so i can recognize myself. it's good to have you here with us and thank you for the work you are doing in appreciate your testimony here today. last week along with 11 of my senate colleagues including members of this committee i read to you about the need to develop a federal framework to facilitate the development and deployment of autonomous vehicles here in the united states. i have questions related to that so you know the subcommittee is interested in this topicic and i know you've only had the letter for six days so i certainly don't expect the complete answer
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for that here today. i appreciate your attention. i do want to have a conversation about autonomous vehicles. the fact of the matter is one day i think we all know that cars will be electric and they will be autonomous as well. there are really two open questions in first will those cars be made here in america with good-paying jobs including good paying union jobs and second will we enact policies to achieve the best outcomes for the economy and society and will it a reactive to what is inevitably coming? >> history is taught us that changes are inevitable andl whe the reduces benefits for society there's plenty of examples of workers getting left behind as this technology moves forward so i believe we can seize the moment for good jobs and innovationte. my question for you to you agree
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with me that we can embrace new tech, knowledge he like autonomous vehicles while opening up opportunities for current transportation workers in addition to creatingg new jos and what are some of the steps you think are necessary to achieve that initiative a few great? >> i very much agree and like you i'm interested in making sure this transition whether talking about electric or automated is principally made in america and it creates more opportunity and it came. we need to provide the right policy framework doing everything we can with existing authorities to make sure it builds on the confidence of american technology and the same time provide flexibility for research developmentex and testg and believe there is more that we can be doing with our existing authority but alsong vy much believe we need to work witho congress on a legislative framework that contemplates these vehicles becoming more
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widespread. >> i appreciate that and if we have time for questions related that i want to shift a little bit to a different topic. over the past year we have seen substantial congestion towards on the east coast and the west coast which contributed to significant delays and problems for our economy and i believe part of the solution to ensuring we don't see congestion like this again is to make it or her use of our ports in the great lakes which can play a significant role in easing congestion across post -- coastal freight and reduce emissions in the process which is great for our environment. in order to achieve these goals we need to ensure that all ports have equitable access to federal resources and are held to the same standards. that's why i'm committed to working with our smaller seaports as they work to balance security concerns and evolving
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threats with business operations and the need to move freight. my question for you mr. secretary can you describe your vision for how we can better support smaller seaports and ensure equitable distributionf of resources as well as the role they can play in alleviating congestion in our larger coastal ports? someone who is eminently familiar with the rate lakes region i'd love to have your thoughts. >> this is very important in how we will address our supply chain challenges in ways that are more environment to a responsible. vision of the bipartisan infrastructure law authorizes major port infrastructure development programs. 684 million being of available this year with funding for what congress enacted. we recognize the importance of supporting our ports and while most of the headlines this
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public imagination -- match a nation might hope -- focus on the ports. we were able to support marquette michigan which might seem small relative to what you might see in l.a. or long beach. are no less important. in the regional economy those investments at up two you have my commitment that we will have smaller freshwater ports as well as larger ports. >> that's good to hear and this weekend i will be in trevor city for a graduation. i know you see those freighters as well who have a tremendous opportunity to grow the industry in thew great lakes and appreciate your support for us in doing that. >> thank you for your answers.
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senator fischer you are recognized. >> thank you mr. chairman. mr. secretary they filed a 90-day notice of the attempt to terminate service that 29 essential air services in nebraska and three community -- carney north platte and scott leopard i'm concerned about this development because the central air services critical to our committee said last week i sent her letter requesting the d.o.t. continued issuing an order for these nebraska airports requiring skywest to perform minimum service requirements t y statute. we'll continue issuing orders to skywest and ensure maximal obligations are upheld in these communities? >> thank you for the question. we recognize how important it is
5:40 pm
and we share your concern about this some announcement of skywest. we will prepare a formal response to your letter and to make sure the public is served. >> thank. you and i hope you wil work with my office so we can serve the essential air program across my state and across this country. in access larger aviation networks. mr. secretary i found recent comments from employees within a bannister asian extremely worrisome when it comes to decision-making that is traditionally left up to our for example internal guidance about the december 16 memo directing staff on how you would implement not only discretionary grants but also formula funding
5:41 pm
and the need for a process. these actions do not align with the bipartisan law, a law that i supported. it appears that this administration intends to have the heavy hand in an adversarial approach with d.o.t. implementation of the highway program.m. this is a start departure for the fhwa relationship with the state d.o.t. historically. mr. sacre do you feel the administration is trying to strong-armed local partners in the implementation of the law in order to advance climate change goals that didn't make it into that bipartisan bill? >> wee recognize their different needs in different states. do we view the guidance is sustaining common sense -- that
5:42 pm
are important or as an administration that department but also taking care to make sure that any guidance that goes out internally or externally is compatible with the law as written and certainly nothingan for example in this guidance with preclude any lawful use of fonts from taking place and if there's ever any indication that comes to you for the project that is lawful that rents into trouble i would welcome the chance to speak to about itt or you. >> i will hold that to you sir that we have that conversation because i know it's not just my state department did but many others across this country that are concerned about the direction that it's going. in your view what is the fhwa ministry that plan and working with transportation partners that have movement on the ground and are charged with funding these projects.
5:43 pm
ultimately the success of this program really depends on the local and state partners to get the job done and it's not that will beucrats doing this. >> we have a responsibility to make sure the state spend the funds in the ways that are comply with the federal law. ultimatelyde dollars or deployed by state leaders and federal highways have presence on the ground in t a state which allowa special working relationship. when i found is different states are at different levels of i would say energy when it comes to pursuing the goals of interest federally and based on conditions on the ground. one thing that is going to be the most important is to ensure that these dollars are used in the way that maximizes the value to the taxpayer. we recognize the need different things in different context but
5:44 pm
will be ensuring that is compliant with the law. >> i appreciate that. every state has funded infrastructure projects of in their state as well. to be able to have the state without the federal government coming in for that federally elected senators and representatives picking projects that they think shouldld be a priority. i think you have to look at how states are priorities and how they determined what those priorities are a based on the plans do you have worked on forever and the goals that they set forth in their five-year plan in their tenure plans in the growth that they see in various hearts ofwt their state. it's extremely important to be able to have those decisions
5:45 pm
made at the state and local levels, don't you agree? >> is the context of the dialogue. on the other hand we may have access to best practices that are important to consider we value that an provided any knowledge or resources we can in the states are on the ground implementing the dollars. >> thank you. i appreciate the conversation. you have been that way in the past and i look forward to it in the future. >> thank you senator fischer and senator rosen you are recognized. >> thank you mr. chair and thank you mr. secretary. i want to talk travel and tourism something that's important to every single state in this country. more than two years in the pandemic international tourism in las vegas remains below 2019
5:46 pm
the level sent our industry continues with challenges for the infrastructure investment jobs act included my bipartisan bill with ranking member wicker the tour is max acquired requires the department of transportation update their travel and tourism infrastructure strategic plan and develop an s immediate long-term strategy for infrastructure investments to provide travel to tourists and economy o in this wake of the pandemic. we have developed 180 days after enactment which gives the department until may 14. even with the spending deadline can you provide the committee with an update on this strategic land? >> we know how important travel and tours missed every town and is you know there was a lot of -- under the fast that there
5:47 pm
is an adviser committee on travel and tourism tourism of the structure that d.o.t. supported and that didn't get dedicated funding for their additional requirements now better in the bill and updating the strategic plan which needs needs -- leads to covid-19 recovery and also study of how our departmenttu by which travel and tourism needs in considering application for grants coming in for the programs in establishing a travel and tourism officer for a department to carry out these strategic plans plans. we are o working on all these right pieces. right now where participating the tourism policy counsel led at commerce department. they are developing the national travel and tourism strategy. we want to make sure that's completed in order for us to integrate that into run strategic plan and of course her goal is i to. >> i appreciate that and like i said i believe travel and tourism are probably the top economic diverse every state in
5:48 pm
this country so it's really important bipartisan issue. i also want to talk about electric vehicle charging stations in the west because then the infrastructure and jobs act which authorized the formula program that provides funding to stayay strategically for electrical vehicle charging infrastructure. there are alternative fuel corridors and will not be considered fully built out for states to be able to take full advantage of available funding until ev charging and the infrastructure is in delta every 50 miles along the interstate highway system. the 50 mao criteria could be challenging forou nevada. for example and interstate 80 in some of the most rural areas there is seven charging infrastructure gaps and 50 miles.
5:49 pm
secretary buttigieg how does d.o.t. plan to provide western states flexibility in mountainous and frontier areas given the challenges of geography and their resources in our communities. >> senator understand the ied passes through south bend indiana we are trying to incher that we reflect an understanding of that difference. the intent of the vehicle and that is our program is to ensure when their vehicle on aa road trip you know there were the axis to reliable ev charging stations and we need to make sure that's available in remote regions. i'll say the program allows states or requests for exceptions based on conditions that could be justified by her breed justification provided by
5:50 pm
the state. this is done on a case-by-case basis and i don't want to prejudge how it's done. every state has a mayor for exception request. >> thank you. i appreciate that. there will h be definite differences. the last question i will ask if i could submit it to the record is about autonomous vehicles and the challenges and opportunities in deploying artificial intelligence and machine learning and i will take those off the record. i'm taking over as the chair so i will take this time to thank you and recognize senator young. >> thank you madam chair and welcome mr. secretary. it's good to have you before the committee put a testament discussed the crisis of deaths on america's roadways and urgency to address this major
5:51 pm
safety concern and i couldn't agree more. one significant way to tackle this crisis in the short meeting the long-term is to support the development and deployment of vehicles. av's reduces traffic and benefit the disabled elderly and others. it's long been at the forefront of automated vehicle innovation covers we approach a critical point in the evolution of the technology companies need opportunities to safely test employments. other nations are creating opportunities in the u.s.. singapore is dedicated over 600 square miles and road testing tg for av testing. secretary buttigieg are automated vehicles a priority at the department of transportation in this administration if so do you support the passage of the national framework? >> they are a priority for us partly for the reason you cited.
5:52 pm
if we are the middle of a crisis and a roadways many -- one of the many promises that exist and it's an opportunity stunt to fundamentally change the safety outcomes. we are doing what we can with the flexibility that we have that we a legislative framework for that and we welcome one. in particular i would mention the division of labor that unofficially exists between the department and the state which doesn't contemplate automated vehicles. we intend to regulateeg ensure e design of the vehicles with concern for the driver. that framework makes sense until you have a scenario where the vehicle is the driver. i don't know how we can address' those issues. >> thank you for that. with the d.o.t. doing to support
5:53 pm
the creation of pathways for the safe deployment of automated vehicles? >> we are using the statute authority that nhtsa does have two allow deployment of vehicles that are exempt from the vehicle safety standards. to give a you a few examples of how this might come into play the vehicle safety standard right now might -- were where mayor has begun a vehicle that doesn't have a driver in the same thing around the steering willett said rep. it limits how exceptions can be authorized and if we can offer up to 2500 a year for two years and 5000. applicant. we had one exception and are working promptly to address those. we want the research development and testing to continue. >> thank you secretary. the department is currently
5:54 pm
relying on a standingan general order to collect safety related data and driver assist technologies in being tested on u.s. roads. what is the goal of this standing general order and why is the department relying on the standard general order approach as opposed to something like a pilot program for streamlined and expanded exemption which i would think provide the department with much more robust data needed to inform future regulations in their policy parties. >> the the standard general order is intended to help us assess the safety of automatedl vehicles and position -- that poses an unreasonable risk to safety and by doing that
5:55 pm
requiring reporting crashing. we take a while to gather that information to the u most recent are one example would be the ies recall. that happened because of information we had through that standing general order. again this is something that could no doubt be refined through updated congressional authorities. it's an effort to make sure the authorities we do have we not missing those risks. >> so would the administration be open to a specific direct if that gives the apartment the authority for a pilot program which in turn would lead to more robust data collection? >> we'd certainly be interested
5:56 pm
in working on something like that. >> thank you secretary buttigieg. >> senator baldwin. >> good morning secretary. it is good to see you in a few weeks ago i know you are in the ekstate of wisconsin and highlighting rural investments from the bipartisan infrastructure law and our ongoing work to support the engineering workforce. i'm also pleased to note that you were meeting with high-schoolers who are eager to learn about careers inar the construction trade so that's marvelous. when you came before us back in january of 2021 i asked you about by america waivers for manufacturing goods. this waiver has been in place for over four years and that's despite the clear intentionn of congress to require that federal
5:57 pm
dollars only buy american made manufactured goods. as you know it includes strong bipartisan -- and the infrastructure law at this gave agency six months to put procedures in place for full implementation by may 14 however last week the president announced it intends to make a waiver byqu america requirements to purchase american-made construction material for 180 days. given the history with perpetual waivers at dod i'm concerned by this waiver and i would like your assurance that d.o.t. is passed to fill it by america program promptly and fully. >> we are committedeg to delivering on the intent of the buy america prevented laudably know how important is for the country in states like wisconsin
5:58 pm
and areas like my midwestern hometown. an interest waiver provides vendors with what it is intended to be reasonable adjustment. magnets open for comment through me 13th. met me back up and say it's not an alternative to increasing production. as a tool for allowing us to get on the right path. we recognize capacity has to be built so to deliver on these projects some of the relief fund will be needed. we also recognize how important is to allen that with serious requirements as soon as that capacity is ramped up it needs to be used. >> thank you. the bipartisan infrastructure law also contains historic investments in our nation's
5:59 pm
roads and bridges and this allows us to ensure that those investments support infrastructure that is better able b to withstand extreme weather and climate change. secretary the new law incorporates legislation that i introduce called building stronger if the structure act which one they both state to use emergency highway funding to rebuild infrastructure that can withstand the next flood in the next storm. can you provide me with the status of implementation of that provision? of the laws you mentioned requires several updates in the reprogram including resilience in the er manuals that is a comprehensive update to the manual which will include these requirements. the big undertaking. erwe are hard at work on this.
6:00 pm
as you indicated there is an increasing need to recognize it makes little sense to have the asset the equally vulnerable after suspending as it was before. we recognize the importance of this provision in the law and working as promptly as we can. >> that well so like to give you the opportunity to highlight the investments included in your 23 budget request that also support strongert more resilient infrastructure. citi yes, thank you for their $7.31.4 billion. competitive rants over five years. their budget request reflects our desire to get those dollars moving. we know often where they are. haven't had dedicated funding to address that and we are looking
6:01 pm
forward to working with project sponsors in the state and local tribal transportation authorities and get these dollars aligned in theet do rigy to me that transportation infrastructure. >> i would like to now recognized senator scott for your questions. >> pursuant to thank the chair for hosting this important hearing.n mr. secretary been called on to testify for six months to understand inflation in the supply-chain crisis. first let's talk about x. months ago in january 2021 you increase the gas tax in we have seen an unbelievable increase in gas prices any tummy where you are increasingngyo gas prices? >> as you know they are a number of proposals in congress on gas tax holiday provisions. i think all options need to be
6:02 pm
lookedt at. >> so you are consistent in your open to raising the gas tax collects. >> no we are not open to raising the gas tax right now. thank you for the chance to clarify that. >> since you were here last time time -- the biden administration is called this huge increase in prices is a high-class problem so do you believe a .5% inflation is a high-class problem? >> which biden administration are you referring to? >> talking about a high-class problem. >> we viewed as a problem that's why we are doing everything we can to cut costs for american consumers. when it comes to gas and oil company doesn't check with the administration on how much to charge for the price of gas. that's why we see.
6:03 pm
>> do believe that only gas companies are the problem and not the biden administration shutting in the pipeline and making it difficult for or i guess to be produced in this country? >> the oil and gas companies. >> the leases are there but not thes, p permits. your administration is prevented from table from getting permits. >> i'm sure your senator the statements from oil company executives that they are not pursuing production at this time. >> that is not true. let me ask another question. you said first off to take responsibility for the inflation prices in this country? >> we take responsibility for doing everything we can to each shipping costs which contribute to inflation. >> the secretary said it was the federal reserve's problem. do you agree with her that the biden administration is not responsible and has focusing on tax increases making it more
6:04 pm
difficult to get permits and regulatory environment and you believe that sullivan ornm were served like. >> we oppose tax increases especially for the poor. would also send a bounce between monetary and a skull policy both of those can have an effect on inflation is one of the reasons why we are acting to reduce what we view as the most under the area of responsibility for the department of transportation knowing that contributes to high prices. we are talking about tracking and ocean shipping. those are unquestionably part of the source of pressure on prices. >> we sawed gdp members were in the first quarter 1.4% down so do believe we have a growing economy? >> well if you look at the period of the biden administration so far we have been exceptionally high rate of
6:05 pm
economic growth and a drop in unemployment and we think that's due to the fiscal policies of this administration we know it will take a lot of work to keep that going. >> you saw the crisis in the portse in california and i was surprised that youou only one ot there one time and why have you not gone out there more when it's one of the biggest crises we have had an shipping in the country? >> one thing we did was take advantage of opportunities can to convene players around the country virtually and i met with physicallyua as well as. i would add when you see those ships backing up and long beach and a late part of that has to do with what's going on because the results of thousands of miles in length so it's just as important to be dealing with modal issues in the midwest crisis or the problem of availability of labor for
6:06 pm
truck-driving as it is the things that are physically located at the port. we are proud the investments we have made on the west coast and around the country. >> one last question. seen since president biden unelected gas prices drop inflation is up andpl supply train -- supply-chain crisis. what would you have done differently? >> hindsight will point all kinds of things that we could refine that what we are doing right now i believe will make the biggest difference. of course if i could persuade your colleagues to ease some of the other sources of pressure on families facing inflation in the costca of childcare and we think that might take the edge m of some. dynamics in the petroleum market. faced with the tools we have we are proud of the work we have done to get the backlog of containers cut and you have my
6:07 pm
commitment that we will continue that. >> thank you. >> next i recognize senator lujan for questions. >> thank you so much chair baldwin and secretary buttigieg it's good to see you and i want to begin by thanking you for working with us to senator scott and i worked to pass the act to terminate -- the law requires all new passenger cars to include impaired driverpar technologies to end drunk driving whatever on outset to the department of transportation and nhtsa to implement this statue. one concern i do have mr. secretary is the national roadway safety strategy released in january this year said youja were quote initiating rulemaking for other safety standards but when the report discussed the act the document said quote
6:08 pm
consideredce a rulemaking effor. i'm concerned your office is holding the requirement by the standard went talking about the right of -- mr. secretary are you aware that section 42220 the iij i requires you to issue a final rule within three years to require passenger motor vehicle to be equipped with impaired driving prevention? >> thank you and yes we are committed to implementing that. senate mr. secretary the statute requires you to establish a -- why then did they safety strategy used thehe word consid? >> i will investigate that language. the final rule has to establish a federal motor vehicle safety standard and would have to meet the requirements that go into it. it would take a lot to ensure that timelines can work.
6:09 pm
i will check on the alignment of that language. >> i appreciate your commitment mr. secretary. they stun what i've been learning here colin d has something to say about this and i hope omb folks are listening into this hearing of the calling them soon to find out what's going on. from the beginning we were warned other manufacturers are doing everything --. as you know i'm a survivor of head on drunk driving crash myself and i've met and i know you've met we are killing too many americans on the roads every year so we have to get it done and i appreciate that implementation. hot air balloon regulations we have had a chance to chat during
6:10 pm
a short walk of hot air ballooning in new mexico is an important tradition. the federal aviation administration follow. i want to thank you and your team for your responsiveness for fixing this year's festival in new mexico. much more must be done before the next with upcoming rulemakings. after our reach by myself and senator heinrich the department granted a one-year waiver for this rule. one of the questions that i have this has the faa continues to work on implementation of this rule and others do i have your commitment to provide practice can occasion regarding rules and regulations? >> the faa will make sure to be in touch with the albuquerque community writ large. we know how important this is not just recreational.
6:11 pm
economically. >> i appreciate that i know you're travel responsibilities are taking in many areas i want to thank you for being ast responsive as you have been across america. if time allows that like to invite you to come to mexico and visit with those bulleton lists and chat with me directly. we will see if we can get some time and willing we will getnd u to new mexico soon. madam chair ebenetter question on papalexis infrastructure. >> send my experience in the past based on other of the structure projects it appears there has been not a strong environment to support investments in tribal communities meaning once one rafederal agency declares an emergency oror accesses funds is hard to get an easement approved. sometimes those projects which can take a few years end up taking a decade or more and i'm
6:12 pm
fearful but that would mean with the bipartisan for structure built. i'm hoping we can find a way to find an expedited ruble process bringing federal agencies together getting those approvals done as quickly as possible rather than one thing been being done and then offering thes next one. tribal nations and indigenous areas are not left out. >> thank you senator lujan and thank you for the point about the governmental relationships. >> thank you madam chair and welcome mr. cabinet secretary. good to see you again. i have a couple of quick questions. first i'd like to comment on taxiway a relocation project at the international airport the airport that i flight in and out
6:13 pm
of. it does not meet the modern design taxiway. it's close to the airport runway so we have a relocation project which will create this issue and i support the faa allowed this project is a category exclusion. you don't need to comment unless you want to. i wanted to also call to your attention the faa contract tower program. it's important to our safety and airports in the state of west virginia and congress created the competitive grant program which allocates 20 million annually for five years. will will you and your teamwork with us to ensure the contract tower program continues to play a key role in our nation's aviation system? >> we know how important this is especially in smaller [roll call] kncommunities and welcome the chance to continue to a work wih you. smith the interagency policy
6:14 pm
with the faa and 5g there has been a resolution working with the coordination initiative. how were we going to avoid this? how do you see this in the future and can we work on this? >> there are been allotted discussions in the interagency about how to get ahead of this. we know there will be more spectrum over lock -- overlap. it's important to address it before hand. as you know the issue with aviation that happened early this year that we are still working through was partly the consequence of regulators not being on the same page.
6:15 pm
>> the regular being the regular being the f. c. an faa? >> you could view the ntia being part of that as well. the new leader of ntia secretary of commerce i've had dialogues with them and the white house is encouraging the faa and the fcc and the tia and i would add dod in some cases so that we can have a smooth as possible process at this issue comes up in the future. >> we don't want to lose her expansion of 5g. we are already behind on some of that. certainly it will save time and money to move us along. let me ask about the workforce spirit airlines had a seasonal flight of the charleston airport that goes from the airport to myrtle h.. they canceled that flight
6:16 pm
because they didn't have the workforce. i don't know that's the only part of the workforce having a great challenge. what can we do about this? and no sky with senator fischer mentioned that and our airports. how will you meet this lechallenge? >> this is a national issue affecting the whole domestic aviation industry. disproportionately affecting smaller regionall carriers. even major carriers have schedules on regional routes. the larger carriers tend to offer better salaries that can track these pilots. safety of course is such an important part of aviation and that leads to the necessity of regulated standards. that doesn't mean we can't act to boost pilot recruitment and
6:17 pm
retention. i want to recognize a lot of players have been at the ayforefront of this taking steps to expand training and recruitment of pilots. we have tools that we can use as well and the faa will shortly be releasing notices of funding opportunitysi for aircraft pilos workforce development grants program which is one example. we take federal funding to help boost that. it won't be a quick fix. we have got to work on shoring up that workforce. >> do we have enough pilots trained or is a situation where we don't have enough from the very beginning? >> we were on track for shortage. with the pandemic we had early retirement programs aimed at reducing long-term airline staff that is c compounded that issue. >> we have want it vermont and
6:18 pm
shepard gates as well. we are doing what we hope we can do to help us with those workforce issues. there is projected to be hundreds of thousands of jobs. thank you. >> thank you senator capito. senator blumenthal. >> thank you so much for your service in the good work youse e doing for the department of transportation. i'm going to try to avoid replicating questions that were he asked. last saturday as you may no, me
6:19 pm
first was national heatstroke prevention day and i want to thank you for the campaign again this year. that tragedy can happen at any time and that's why i have worked hard on the hot cars act which passed into law the infrastructure investment jobs at. berries civically the law erects your department to issue a rule requiring automakers to implement rearseat alerts in vehicles and thatt language failed to go far enough. what we need is the requirement that there be detection and not just alerts the detection that is not an abstract or
6:20 pm
hypothetical issue. there's a heartbreaking story of a family who lost their child. the car would be compliant -- this tragedy occurred because they are in the backseat and there was no. it's easy to implement and it would cost pennies and it sort have been implemented by many manufactures. with this long-winded introduction couldld you up dataset as to the status of rulemaking requiring backseat alerts and the possibility of requiring backseat detection systems? >> thank you. we recognize the importance of this conference of data
6:21 pm
collection. begansi in 1998. 800 children have died of heat related injuries after being trapped in a hotin car and this provision in the bipartisan infrastructure law will help you. we want to make sure wewe do everything we can to save lives and it is hard at work. where we are of the interest in safety and measures the can go further than alert system and it takes all input on board during that ruling process. thank you. another issue close to our hearts in connecticut and i should tell you about the family of cory. on april 20 of 2020 cory stopped and assisted vehicle driver that
6:22 pm
was disabling never made it home just doing his job working for his family business and the driver didn't slow down or move over. his death could have been avoided avoided. connecticut like other states have a move over law that directs owners toec slow down fr a stopped emergency vehicles. these laws are critically important for the safety of our travelers and equally important for people who are affected by them. understand each state has its own laws and it partners with law enforcement authorities to help raise awareness for slow down move over law's. nhtsa plays a more assertive or aggressive role in either providing incentives or raising and elevating these issues so
6:23 pm
more people are aware of that? >> will have to investigate how the nhtsa's authorities may overlap or align with the laws. i'm certainly aware of the context of the roadway safetyt strategy let's make sure we are contemplating those effects and the responsibilities we have in that direction. >> thank you. my time has expired madam chairwoman. >> thank you madam chairman and boca mr. secretary. it's nice to see you again. i know senator fischer senator capito and senator lujan have raised this issue. i'm going to raise it again because it makes you aware of just how significant it ise in our state and that is retention of commercial air service and our small communities. the largest regional airline in north america skywest recently announced it would be withdrawing from 29 markets due to lack of pilots and of course what is so surprising about this
6:24 pm
is that most pullouts occur from some of the largest in the country. wyoming dodgeded a bullet this time but it's only a matter of time because our communities are small and they are far apart so theno economics are very diffict for airlines. knowing those challenges and recognizingg in the west especially the rocky mountain west which is the most sparsely populated these are tough issues. do you have any -- what are you noodling about on this in the department? >> we certainly recognize the importance of it. let me mention 22 pieces we we are working on that touch on this.
6:25 pm
one as was mentioned early senator capito's question about the pilot shortage. we are making sure we have a strong pipeline and support aviation sector that's competitive in retaining as well as cultivating talent. it's going to be important to prevent further cases were pilot shortage is cited in that happen case to skywest and the rationale for much drying. the second art direct authority to intervene in cases like this. proposals for replacement come on the 11th of may in the meantime we have that holding action and third thing is continued support in the form of funding to make sure it's able to robustly support either communities where it's an economic lifeline in many cases. of course we see that in
6:26 pm
particular in smaller in rural committees. >> and dider you receive adequae funding in the infrastructure bill and does yourr current budget provide adequate funding? >> the budget request does include an increase for the payments to air carriers of $8.7 million. altogether it's a funding level of ordered $50 million in that screen$4 and 68.7 out of the payments to the air carries appropriation and the supplement of 81.2. there was so much reduced air traffic in the past couple of years and now we see that only think thing that will be helpful. we do believe the 50 million-dollar request is robust. >> thank you. i want to join with senator lujan who earlier invited e2 his
6:27 pm
state. you could hit wyoming colorado and new mexico write in doral. [laughter] and get a sense of the unique needs needs of first dates i know senator hickenlooper whose probably her next questioner wouldd be delighted to host you as well. we love to show you the unique needs of our state with regard to a variety of transportation issues because of our large size and population dispersion. our transportation needs both in terms of highways and air service are different from what you are going to see east of the mississippi. by all means let's try to work with your staff to arrange for you to visit and get a sense of
6:28 pm
how truly different the rocky mountain west is when it comes to our special and unique needs and thank you mr. secretary and i look forward to working with you. >> thank you senator lummis. it sounds like give a big western invitation coming at you. senator blumenthal. >> thankou you madam chair and secretary buttigieg is good to see you again. you would stople and speak to te people who work on the roads and help us deal with the lan side and the issues that we have had all across the country so thank you for youre service. i want to talk about autonomous vehicles. they are a great opportunity for innovation. benefits includebe safety job creation and transportation. we work hard to ensure that
6:29 pm
colorado will be welcoming to an autonomous vehicle testing. i think one question i have is how would the d.o.t. assure america maintains a leadership in the autonomous vehicle technology? >> as our question notes a great deal is at states awaiting to make sure there's a healthy state and federal partnership. many states have offered themselves up to test the technology and our responsibility is toou make sure that vehicles are safe. we have been working to make use of exemptions and flexibilities under current law and i very much welcome the opportunity to work with congress on updated the legislative framework. as you know that federal regulations tend to be enforced around the state law around the
6:30 pm
conduct of the driver. we have an area in terms of the car becoming the driver that's simply not contemplated by this. >> exactly and i appreciate that because i've tried to actually facilitate an orchestrated how this process moves forward so as with the case we talk some time ago about elevators and they had autonomous elevators at the end of the 19th century yet they were not used by the public in 50 years. .. admissions, -- reducing emissions, that has been a top priority. passenger and freight rail require i think targeted solutions to integrate technology to increase efficiency and reduce emissions. how do you look how do you look at the ot's work
6:31 pm
to improve rail efficiency in connection? >> pound for pound rail can be one of the most -- i should say at least carbon intensive ways. it's also a vital part of our system went all eyes are on how we can improve the fluidity of our supply chains. recently i testified for the surface transportation board, the first time i'm told and perhaps two decades for the secretary transportation is done so in order to emphasize the importance our part department places on the responsibilities and freight, rails and goods movement at large. we see a lot of opportunity through enhanced data sharing, perhaps clarification to responsibilities and other measures but some of which we cg can encourage some of which might be deserving of attention to congress but all of which would add up to more fluid and
6:32 pm
effective rail service in this country. if there's even an ounce up efficiency to ring out of the system now is the time to capture it. >> absolutely. the aviation sector has made many commitments to get to claimant appropriate goals. some companies in colorado areco developing -- they are relying on sustainable aviation fuel to reach net zero goals. how can program such as the faa continuous lower energy emissions and noise programs, the clean programs help foot these efforts to a cleaner energy for aviation? >> within the $42 million requested in the 23 budget for the cleanup program that you just mentioned, there are 18 million specifically aligned for sustainable aviation fuels. we take that as the most
6:33 pm
promising medium term to reduce aviation climate impact. we also are partnering with the department of energy in agriculture and sustainable aviation fuel grand a challenge trying to advance the development of the deployment sustainable aviation fuels. i should mention i expect this will be a big subject at the september meeting of the international civil. we want to make sure america's leading the way that's being discussed in the global context too. >> thank you so much and keep up the great work. really appreciate it. >> senator sullivan. >> thank you madam chair and mr. i wanted to complement your undersecretary policy, carlos recently visited alaska pretty got all aroundal the state. really appreciate that. i think he came away with a
6:34 pm
better sense of some of our challenges of it being here all wanting you to get up to our states i think the chair had a good idea they swing out west the unique challenges i'll give you one in my state we have over 200 communities that are not connected by road, it is a unique challenge. we are quite big. wyoming not very densely populated. think it is important for you to see that. let me provide another invitation to you, if you canan make it. senator cantwell and i will be hosting a meeting on may 23 dealing with the two dod strategic courts that matter a lot to our states to -- to tacoma, the port of anchorage they are connected from a standpoint of economic activity together. but they are also very important
6:35 pm
to our military, to me read, and they were ranked the lowest in terms of readiness of 18 dodts strategic ports. so we are trying to get together with the administrator, the trans- com commander, undersecretary monet and, if you can make that as well, that would be an important meeting with the members including the chairman of this committee.. so mark your calendar on that one if you can make it. >> center sullivan if i could, how much of the product that goes to alaska is delivered by water? >> 90% too. >> in 90% of what alaskans consume is delivered by water? >> correct. most comes to the great state of washington. >> it is important stuff too. >> the point is the support infrastructure the port is more than 90% of the goods cannot be easily delivered or delivered at
6:36 pm
all. >> yes. big priorities you and i have talked about it. the chair and i have been focused on it together. so we want to shoot or try to make that pretty won't try to get your commitment now. but if you can take a hard look at your calendar and try i and make it will be really important. i also want to mention like so many others central air service for our states is really, really important. let a me talk about another topc hopefully you are concerned about one of the republicans who voted for the bipartisan infrastructure bill. i'm on the ep w which wrote a lot of that bill. one of the things we were able to get in that bill we thought was very important was to reform it and i have talked about reform. think some of the biggest advocates in america for
6:37 pm
streamlining not cutting corners, but ten years to permit a bridge, 20 years to a gold mine in alaska. over 400 jobs at that mine in kensington mine. eight system isis broken. there has been a bipartisann effort is in the bipartisan infrastructure to startrt addressing that. a number of us are talking aboui infrastructure and energy issues even yesterday bipartisan group we have the discussion last night, it was a really big topic of discussion i think bipartisan interest. i know when you and i talkce during her confirmation process and mayors and governors in particular regardless of political party are very motivated by this. they see challenges on the front lines when it takes ten years. which is just ridiculous.
6:38 pm
were you consulted on this very recent regulation that came out of ceq? madam chair elect to submit an op-ed for the record for this is from the wall street journal and tied how to kill american infrastructure on the slide. the white house revises rules that will scuttle new roads, bridges and oil and gas pipeline. >> i think it already was but just to make sure. >> we will do it again. were you consulted on this? i am reading through it i am really concerned that what we all want to have happen now in terms of implementing the bipartisansa infrastructure legislation is literally going to be delayed, i know it's going to be delayed by this new rule. were you consulting on this are
6:39 pm
you consulting and are you concerned it's going to delay infrastructure projects? >> we are in processes like this one and value. we want to make sure all laws including the need for are of course complied with would be also want to make sure the project delivery is prompt and efficient. one of the first things we did coming out the passage in bipartisan law was to work on the one federal provision decision which was a 60 day requirement to establish that pathway and information about categorical exclusions which is why the way projects with very little friction. c we recognize where the concerns are coming from. also though believe the right level of partnership, transparency and technical assistance upfront these requirements need not unduly delay projects that are worthy and legally compliant trade. >> really quick of time but one quick follow-up.
6:40 pm
it is not just nippon compliance. that rule has to comply with the bipartisan infrastructurein bill itself which had a number of important reform provisions. not as many as i would have liked. but it did have some. can you commit to need to make sure you are looking at that new rule and make sure it actually complies with the mostt recent law that just past which was about streamlining and moving projects more quickly. i think this new rule is going to do the exact opposite can you commit to me for doing that? >> yes my expectation is everything we do will comply with law will certainly review that thank you. her eccentric chester are you ready? >> i am. i will apologize too. >> just so my colleagues that we've been joined for people online. the next recognition would be
6:41 pm
senator cruz and then sinema, and then lee and then mr. warnock. >> is good to have a here, secretary buttigieg. as i think you already know, othere has been a lot of legs f the flights that have been canceled for the reason they have told me is because they don't have enough pilots. not because of demand the planes are full orer nearly full they have cut it back. i'mo going to have delta in my loffice later this week and i'e sure that's they're going to tell me, they cannot get enough pilots. so is the of transportation playing in this realm is far as getting pilots? outev confusion but regional or whatever but if the planeg, aint flying, the plane ain't flying. are you playing in this game is a farce trying to get more pilots available to this airlines? and if so what are you doing and will be to anticipate this problem being solved?
6:42 pm
>> thank you. we recognize shortage of pilots that in some ways is not completely dissimilar to the shortage of truckers we are seeing. we think it's related to a number of issues from the pipeline to the thinning out of workforces that happened during the worship. if covid related flight cancellations. to some questions about payingit conditions. as with truckers there many pilots were very well-paid. many who are less so in that can make it difficult for regional players to be competitive. even as we speak faa funding is being aligned towards a strongee pipeline into the profession. >> are you monitoring how the d faa is utilizing these dollars? >> what i'm saying is are we actually getting more people trained or finding saint do it? or who is watching them are you?
6:43 pm
>> i have requested updates on how those dollars are being usei and want to see them translate obviously and outcomes as we go. >> wind of the dollars go to them and has it translated to a bigger pipeline yet? and when do we anticipate? i will be honest with you, because of the issues i drive four and half hours sometimes so i don't have to fly halfway around the world to get to washington d.c. and ifli i'm doing that, every business person the state is doing that too. what i can tell you is we are gathering we have presented touch with your office and what resources we need. oscar testified for the transportation board becoming the first sitting a transportation secretary to do that a more than years, thank you. the issue that brought you there is an ongoing supply chain s disruption. continued to have the challengep to keep consumers to be able to
6:44 pm
buy keeping the farmers to keep their products and get to their ultimate conversation a lot of program with interconnecting parts, ports, trucking, freight rail is going to take a lot of work to resolve the problems and make sure we do not end up at this point again. so mr. sennacherib a thing you have seen and heard, what concrete steps do we need to take, do you need to take to get past this? >> we testified about this and have engaged the freight rail. that's a number of steps that could deliver more fluidity on the system. some were pressing in the industry including data sharing and clarified common carrier. but we also have a role to play ourselves in delivering infrastructure that will help the fluidity. congress provided us with the funds to do it's one of the maie
6:45 pm
supply chain relevant uses of the dollars info structure law. we are working with speed to get those out there. >> as far as this goes is it adequate to continue to address the problem? >> it's a major step up. it is certainly not a make too big a difference. but p bring more resources are needed requests doesn't everybody? >> cruz. >> thank you madam chair. secretary buttigieg, welcome. i want to start by discussing president biden's disinformation governance board or as many of us are calling it the ministry of truth that was recently announced. you said in 2019, the point of defending free speech is not the expect everyone to be perfectly aligned with every speech access. as the fundamental freedom is a huge part of what makes america, america. when that same flag was on my
6:46 pm
shoulder i did not think of the flag is something itself was an image was sacred i thought of it something that is sacred because of what it represented. one of the very reasons that's the reasons i serve i got to say secretary buttigieg that is the sediment i wholeheartedly agree with. most americans do as well. a simple question, do you still believe? >> ofct course. freedom of speech should not be subject to censorship by the government? >> yes. >> why is the biden administration then putting someone who isn't obviously partisan, someone who is engaged in the repeated pushing of misinformation, putting them in charge of a board extensively
6:47 pm
directed at free speech. >> let me begin by acknowledging this is outside my area of expertisesu. i should also note when i was wearing that flag on my shoulder i was qualified with the call information warfare. knowing the use of misinformation are. >> with got limited time, shouls the government be censoring and regulating the speech of american citizens? yes or no pay. >> that is a complex philosophical question part of us to believe in free speech. you don't have the right to yell fire in a crowded theater if you regard that as the government regulating speech i agree. >> if the conveniently inconvenient at disagrees with it. >> as a matter of are they create a board to do that misinformation and disinformation is used as a weapon. >> was the hunter bided laptop misinformation? >> i am not familiar with all the details of those.
6:48 pm
what i know is that russia notably in other players to pay. >> except it wasn't russia to an accurate laptop laptop now than your times has acknowledged that after the election. and yet the head of this disinformation board happily pushed out it was disinformation. that is a code word that are politically inconvenient. let's turn to different topic. as you are well aware, recently a federal court struck down the mask mandate. that happened americans across the country saw footage of people on planes hearing the announcement over thet loudspeaker and cheers bursting out. when i flew to d.c. from houston yesterday, on the plane, i would say there were fewer than 10% of the people who chosehi to wear masks. does it concern you the biden administration was putting in place a policy that now federal
6:49 pm
court has concluded was illegal and that a huge percentage of americans found arbitrary and unjustified? >> if i'm not mistaken most americans support the mask mandate. i think a lot of us are also -- where they cheering on planes? >> look, think a lot of us have been looking forward to thean dy when that converted to being a personal choice. >> so you are the secretary of transportation, is it safe to travel on a commercial airline without a mask? >> people should make their own choice. it is no longer required. >> when you next fly commercial you wear a mask? what's it depends where i am traveling to paris. >> anywhere. you were on a plane line from one american city to another american city. >> i'm not sure it will depend on conditions that day i don't have a flight today and xm radio think itt over. okay, so under the current cdc
6:50 pm
guidance which post in the department of transportation website, it says quote cities continued people recommend to wear masks in indoor public transportation setting at this time but it also says quote traveling on public transportation increases a person risk of getting and spreading covid-19 by bringing people in close contact with others, often for prolonged periods, i and many others are very dismayed with both cdc and the department of transportation for the politicization of this issue. would you agree with the statements? >> certainly support cdc is the authority in this country on public health determination. and i share your dismay at the politicization of mask i think the most important thing by far, senator, whether it is on eight flight, bus, or anywhere else, respect is shown to those who wear masks and to those who choose not too. >> if you greet the cdc statement on the department transportation website multiple pictures came out this weekend
6:51 pm
jokes are being told, how did that not qualify as to use the cdc's words bring people in close contact with others often for prolonged periods and why did you make the choice not to follow? >> i made a personal risk decision consistent with public health guidance and rules in effect. which as you know did not require wearing a mask in that environment. i would add if i'm not mistaken the cdc for aircraft would have expired by now. >> why is the administration appealing that decision and presumably trying to reinstate the mask mandate even now? >> i would not like or the premises of that question. the mask mandate is not the same as the rationale for appeal. i do not have the legal background that you do. by understanding is the appeal concerns with the cdc has the authority to do that.
6:52 pm
when this pandemic or any pandemic which is not the same as whether a mask mandate should be applied any given day pre- >> are you telling this committee if you prevail onn te camille hunter appealed the administration is not going to reimpose the mask mandate? rex is not meeting say so it would have expired by today. >> and prior to the court decision administration kept extendingse o it despite littleo no scientific basis because if you will recall the extension was going to ask if i'm not mistaken those two weeks are past that. >> are you saying you don't intend to extend it even if you prevail on appeal questionic request is not obvious at tsa acting on cdc guidance. certainly in barring something that would have led to an extension of the mask mandate would have expired which means even the case was one for. >> you think it should've been allowed to expire? it's based on the conditions of the time yes. but again that's not my call with the cdc. >> thank you, senator cinema. >> thank you chair camped well.
6:53 pm
thank you to my friend a secretary but a judge for joining us today. the bipartisan infrastructure law represents a historic investment and national transportation infrastructure that will update and modernize our highways, airports, railroads and public transit systems. for example arizona or receive an additional $200 million annually above existing funding levels for highways and bridges over the next five years. the department transportation is a crucial role to play and dispersing these funds for the bipartisan infrastructure law to make sure the money is distributed equitably with the provisions of the law. i look forward to working with you, secretary for colleagues on this committee to continue to advance implementation of the bipartisan of a structure law to help arizona families and small businesses get ahead. one significant highway project to arizona is extending interstate ten on the 26 miles the highway passes belong to the indian community. arizona motorists lazy i tended travel between phoenix and
6:54 pm
tucson when departing phoenix to understate a per this is the only stretch of the eye tenant narrows to two lanes between arizona's two largest metropolitan areas. congestion on this part of i-10 cost arizona voters time and money. in commercial products to arrive at their destinations on time. states like arizona highly expansion projects are important piece of addressing our states transportation challenges along with improving other transportation such as public transportation. secretary, can you share what kind of funding made available to the bipartisan infrastructure law and give me your commitment to distribute how offending with a statutory provisions within the law. >> thank you said of answer is yes, i am of course making sure all funding formula and discretionary should be consistent with the provisions of the law. the order in the area you are describing is a good example of
6:55 pm
a place where for safety reasons that we need to consider five every expectation competitive applications will be comingnd i. >> thank you. under the provisions of the bipartisan infrastructure law, arizona airports were expected to receive $340 million in infrastructure improvements over the last five years. for budget year 2022, phoenix international airport will receive over $41 million under our laws and every airport in arizona will see increased funding.e sarah kellyanne i enjoyed hosting at sky harbor in november of last year to tour the new concourse at terminal four. which will serve thousands of travelers every day once it becomes operational. infrastructural also includes funding for the 5 billion-dollar airport terminal program and $5 billion for air traffic control towers. could you provide us an update
6:56 pm
on those aviation infrastructurh programs? >> thank you and it was a pleasure to visit sky harbor with you and senator kennedy -- max hunter kellyanne see the work that's going on. we are working as swiftly as we can to make sure all this funding is aligned and ready to be distributed. recognizing there is a great deal of need for improvements and enhancements that we are talk about our terminals, or in some cases runway and other enhancement will serve to make our airports not only more effective in moving passages and goods but also more environmentally sustainable and more accessible to all for something i was especially impressed with the planet sky harbor. will be happy to provide your office of the more detailed timelines on that notice of funding opportunity in the formula apportionment. but to tell you we are working to meet all statutory deadlines get these dollars delivered efficiently. >> thank you. on that same trip last november
6:57 pm
he also visited the valley metros northwest extension. thate will extend light rail systems across interstate 17 of the former metro center property that's currently under redevelopment. now arizona's public systems like the macho ache expansion and the tempe streetcar will shall be open to writers later this month for the bipartisan infrastructure law increased investment in communities of all sizes. i'm particular proud of a parishioner work, senator moran to increase funding to smoke transit intensive cities but these are cities like flagstaff and yuma that up under 200,000 residents but enjoy high-performance transit system. as a former mayor of the city of a city about that size can you talk to us about the importance of public transit investment in these smaller communities? >> thank you. it is a very important topic. note the transit office invokes images of subways and some of our biggest cities. that's a very important part of
6:58 pm
the american transit store but so is transit and lower. i think there's a great deal of potential now special new technologies of micro mobility connecting transit systems. and some alternatives to traditional hub and spoke models of how bus systems and related transit systems work to better serve these kinds of communities where the need is as great or tagreater. and to create alternatives of people, whether they own a car or not have many ways to get to where they need to be that are affordable, sustainable and reliable i. >> thank you, i will give back the remainder of my time. >> thank you, senator lee. >> thank you madam chair, thank you mr. secretary for being here and for your service. on march 31, just a few weeks ago, finalize café standards. pursuant to which cars and light
6:59 pm
trucks would be required to meet an industry wide of fleet average of about 49 miles per hour gallon by 2026. tell me, how much will that rule cost an average vehicle? >> i will have to pull the statistics for you and send them. >> let's assume it will cause increase, that's going to require, we don't have cafés, standards anywhere near that m approach it will have innovation of new technologies requests it will require innovation you also yield savings hundreds of dollars to the customers. >> hundreds of dollars per customer per year in fuel savings out your describing? any idea how much will cost oneh the vehicle? >> again when we pulled that exact number of provisos to his welfare. >> thank you. i do worry about this because
7:00 pm
the average american family struggling to get by especially with inflation. it n is causing a concern, it worries me a lot hurt respect was headed that's exactly both of these rules are so poor the gas savings for families will be savings in people's pockets it. >> that's why it's important to ask this question whether at this really will mean savings. the café standards at issue also deal with possibilities that regulatory compliance can be achieved bye manufacturer if thy threshold is 17% rate 17% of manufacturers sales consist of electric vehicles. but of course electric vehicles require access to a lot of minerals like cobalt, and lithium for their batteries. : : whether this really will mean :
7:01 pm
>> someone very important issue is the sourcing the raw materials and refining capacity as well for them to go into that risk is been a lot of work to ds with the many of the u.s. auto industry leaders on how to onshore nearshore that and a lot of resources including lithium, existing the u.s. untapped and certainly preferred alternative to some of the alternate and important sources concurrently leaving and some of these raw materials and with the average cost electric vehicle is averages can be misleading. the less i saw that is the kelly blue book figures $55000 but that also includes hundred 89000 old portion of you with vehicles coming on right now start of to high 20s and go on from there pretty. >> overall they are the higher
7:02 pm
price point and i understand it that's includes a higher into vehicles and relatively few number of those hybrid vehicles that are being sold. and the technology because many summa if not careful, could end up being a group printed a regressive policy that infects the poor and hard-working middle-class americans people in rural communities and people are already struggling with inflation it troubles from getting from one place another is this i don't want us to make this so expensive that it would price them even further out of the market. the switch gears recently to talk about the transportation mask mandate and i know this was discussed a moment ago when my colleagues as a policy matter do you think that the mask ought td be required as a condition legal condition for interstate travel. >> it is a policy matter, i
7:03 pm
would defer to the cdc in the csa who have the authority in this regard. >> right but you are the transportation secretary coming got role between this and what are yoursw policy views on how that affects the transportation on whether this is worth the difficulty that it creates. >> the difficulty from crate and wearing a mask. >> yes, you know in a few moments ago in response to the question by center personally think the standard to be people need to show respect for those who wear a mask and respect for those who choose not to wear a mask. in a few ways in which more disrespect can be shown byof threatening to arrest those not wearing masking, choosing not to her mask. >> to be clear, i don't mean people are not wearing a mask is what, i mean, in an environment with mask mandate has been lifted be on a bus or to play
7:04 pm
but hopefully everybody is treated respect we. >> it is been lifted by court order the court order is being appealed. some of the standard to be showing respect to those who are massed and those who are not, we the ministration appeal it. >> i thank you so important to establish the cdc's authority in this regard. i have any number of safety measures in the country ranging from the requirements to wear seatbelts into the reform and to a mask duringaw the pandemic.s >> my time is expired and we have more time i will ask you some of these in writing. the administration is yet to rule out vaccine mandate for interstate travel ask you about that and a few other things and thank you. >> at senator warnock and thank you for your indulgence thank you so much very much and mr. secretary, it is great too see you again and i know that you have been down for my home state oftr georgia.
7:05 pm
you have been to atlanta in my hometown and you have seen across the overpasses of the highways and bridges that help georgia get to where the need to go. but forcefully many of these bridges and highways were built directly through historic communities without any concern for how itat would affect the folks who live there pretty disproportionally affecting historic black communities when we look at these bridges and overpasses, kind in lansing history of the ark of our country. these project contributed to the poor air quality in the communities that in the image access to jobsun and economic it opportunity in the race with the communities and half and disrupted the rich culture of these neighborhoods that t was down my hometown of savannah georgia, and some of the folks they came to me were talking to
7:06 pm
me but heather community where i grew up, helen's in a vibrant just community with restaurants, black businesses in all disrupted by ict that literally goes straight through the middle of these communities and then, suite avenue, historic community was a black businesses in america's largest concentration affect the black-owned wabusinesses also disrupted. and when we look at these structures, built in the name of urban renewal this is structural racism in the most literal sense of the word and that's why think to reverse the damage and by highways another forging for structure projects by securing $1 billion in a bipartisan and for structure law, for the reconnecting communities program braided so mr. secretary, what
7:07 pm
is the transportation department's high timeline for an permitting this very important program that i think in a literal sense, buildings the beloved community and how will you ensure that the program accomplishes our goals. >> thank you senator we are hard at work delivering first year's funding reconnecting communities pilot program that the community colleges provided $195 million will be ready to go out and funding opportunity we hope to forward by the june and we already know is there will be applications from place around like those that you cited in georgia, and we seen it everywhere from jackson and in richmond that he visited is not too long ago to iad one in syracuse to the hill district in pittsburgh and often as you said, peering the fabric of the
7:08 pm
communities and knowing transportation infrastructure to connect and never to divide and we recognize the moral as well as the policy imperative to ensure federal dollars went into this division federal dollars go into healing them as well. >> thank you so much and you know is a talk to the folks down in savannah, they are very excited to hear about this and i hope we can deliver for those folks in atlanta and all across our country who are on the underside of this shameful legacy of progress at the expensive that historic communities and i was feel pride and sorry to talk about some am much but that is my hometown of the things that i'm printed a savannah sport and report and how they showed remarkable ingenuity and adaptability in the face of the supply change challenges last year and for example they were e the ones who came up with the idea of using pop up container yours to unclog the port keep supply chains
7:09 pm
running i'm glad i was able to work with you in your office you worked well with us to secure more than a million dollars of the georgia ports authority to alleviate congestion of the port of savannah and in some of these off of container goes out of the funding of this transportation network support the departments national priorities for improving transportation infrastructure and restoring supply chain resilience. >> you rightly have a lot to be proud of, work is been done in the port authority in particular and savannah and appreciate you highlighting particular creativity and problem-solving the when into the context like that pop up over the temporary your is being emulated in the pacific northwest in oakland i think we will continue to be emulated in other areas of the country as well and when that matters not only for the goes with the exported agricultural project which is when area were savannah leads and we think that those of flexible and original approaches need to be matched
7:10 pm
more permanent improvements which we are now able to make things to be funding in this bipartisan info structure law and everything from the foursomes up to the rails and highways it connect them to the rest of the country. >> think you for your work on this i'm gladrd i was able to secure $11 million for george's roads, bridges, highways, and other critical infrastructure and i look forward to working with you on this and also reconnecting this. >> likewise and thank you. >> thank you secretary pete buttigieg i'm going to submit other challenges that you may have in particular for air-traffic commercial space, aviation including the flight standards air certification i hope thatt you will respond to those enter your leadership to help prioritize those safety reforms the congress mandated. i want to note your exchange with senator cruz and the think
7:11 pm
the difference between the challenges we make every day and this applying the public and everybody there had a clearance and got tested prior to that event here we are now not knowing when everyone's status is and we have the callings we have suggested that they continue to push forward on to mature checksi at airports and t broadway that many of her colleagues have had great success on so thank you for considering that and continuing to work on that in this hearing will remain open for two weeks until may 17th of 2022, any senator would like to submit questions of record do so by may responses return to the committee as quickly as possible but no later than may 31, 2022ol so you think you for being a great partner with us on the infrastructure bill and thank you for your due diligence and i think that you conceive my colleagues here they appreciate when you visitor state and i think that interaction in
7:12 pm
helping us withk this infrastructure investment in getting it outis the door will e great for america and thank you very much the committee is adjourned. [background sounds]. [background sounds]. [background sounds].
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