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tv   Washington Journal Adam Guillette  CSPAN  May 5, 2022 10:54pm-11:32pm EDT

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a conversation now on the media. serving as the president of the media t watchdog group. you've been on the program before but remind the viewers what you do and how you do it and howed your group is funded. >> we are a nonprofit charitable organization the bad actors you're concerned about from
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liberal groups, liberal politician media. >> we don't know their ideology or check their voter registration with the hidden camera investigative journalism with public education has been explosive yet i don't know the ideological beliefs of anybody we talked to. we simply allow them to speak their mind and allow the american people to hear what they have to say. in the entire career going after people of all political parties republicans and democrats who are doing bad things. want to get to the critical race theory but first on the biggest media story of the week, the month and probably the year so far, the leak of the draft opinion from the supreme court. i want to get your thoughts on what you're seeing in the media.
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any concern about bias and how this is being reported or talked about. >> of course we see from so many in the media like bose feed and msnbc sensationalizing and teaming up with leftist allies to make it seem like an apocalyptic situation and the world is coming to an end. you see gavin newsom in california talking about the threat to abortion rights as if in any way shape or form this will affect abortion in california. that's why it's to report honestly on things whether you are pro-life or pro-choice you deserve an accurate depiction of the events and politicians are allowed to say things thato are simply signaling virtue to the base but the media works with them hand-in-hand. >> host: one of the taglines is about cultural activists in the news media.
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what makes a reporter a cultural activist? >> you can tell the difference between a cultural activist and journalist by looking at their stories. a journalist would interview both sides and a cultural activist simply pushes one point of view. a journalist youou can tell the difference between their talking points and those of politiciansh cultural activists are one of the same. we saw that under the trump trumpadministration where many e media realized get more clicks for the stories by institute of reportingn accurately, simply telling the audience what they wanted to hear. journalists were happy with they simply wrote fanfiction stories about how horrible trump was because they knew that it would garner attention. that'syo bad. >> host: the state of u.s. media how would you describe the stateig of u.s. media right now? >> in w many ways it reminds mef
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that era of sensationalistic headlines before there was qwik great, playing on people's emotions to capture their attention rather than simply report on the fact to educate themselves. i feel like the more you read the less you actually know and with this fractured media landscape a lot of attention listed some of the players that were less damaging. some of the most damaging players are those like bose feed and now this. news outlets that build a massive following with stuff unrelated to the news and once they started putting up the propaganda that's what does feed to did and it's morally outrageous. >> host: our guest with accuracy in media if you want to follow them online. phone lines are open for you to call as usual democrats,
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202-748-8000, republicans 202-748-8001, independent, 202-748-8002. folks are callingic in. talk about that critical race theory investigation and how did you conduct it? >> sure. over 100 school districts in states with critical race theory band in public schools and we asked administrators and officers have these affected you and consistently theyaf tell us know they simply change the wording and teach what they want to teach. many of them write t to us they don't let the politicians tell them what to do. i don't want to live in a world in which politicians micromanage educators i don't think that they are experts but the notion that they are unaccountable to the law and don't care about the law when administrators brag to us about how they changed the
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name and use the tactics to trick parents, and their words not mine whenn i see things like that it makes me terrified about education in america and that is why investigative journalism is so important. .. and talking about which and what itit looks like and feels like d how what teachers need to do in all of our buildings. and we still have a lot more to do. as those we can still discuss
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social studies and racism. is that inherent capitalism?pi >> guest: absolutely. hosted that hidden camera investigation again you can find it on accuracy media web site at you are talking about thisin a pack asked by teachers and administrators. when is it okay in your mind to useni the tax take of hidden cameras? >> guest: i think investigative journalism is perhaps the most essential form of journalism. anybody who's ever been interviewed a reporter always afterwards feels like fall vastness isn't exactly what i said or they got that part slightly wrong or i was talking about this 90% of time but they elected a 10% that wasn't conducive with what i said that if one feels that way when they are interviewed by reporter. what we do is take people's own
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words capture them on video and put them in a longform context so you can see what people have to say. i love that police officers wear body cameras. i think it's better for them and better for the public and i love if politicians were body cameras. it's the next best thing we can do is to use hidden camera investigative journalism to expose public officials when they are engaging in bad behavior wherever that may be. >> host: brian is in maryland on the line for republicans, good morning. >> caller: good morning and thanks for having me. i have a question about the investigative journalism and how you feel about the report coming out about the senators texting one another about their true view links about the january 6 outcome in what they were saying publicly and i know you referred to the.
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i mean investigative journalism keeps having the truth told during the coronavirus when they knew it was coming in january and they didn't release that information until february or march. isn't that stuff that's. >> host: britney think we got your question. go ahead adam guillette. hguess who he makes a great point. think about this a covid-19 pandemic theov biggest story of our lifetime and investigative journalist of the "washington post" and "new york times" imagine they have all the resources ofwash jeff bezoss and having a democracy darkness and weather them powering investigative journalism and rather than putting their resources into maybe uncovering the truth behind what caused the pandemic instead the "washington post" just put out fan fiction telling people what they want to
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hear blaming trump not ever going after the real causes of covid-19 had people suggest it have leaked out from a lab. with all their resources the mainstream media simply dismisse thatt idea until we had to admit it turns was a real possibility rather than being more informed they are less informed in the point about senators texting their true feelings i always think the true feelings of any politician comes with ideological persuasion. might be radically different from what they say publicly and that's politicians unfortunately. hosts are you going to pick up the book about the conversation of kevin mccarthy and top republican officials on how talking about president trump and the january 6. in a look, this will not pass by those "new york times" reporters? >> guest: i'm always interested in hearing opposing
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viewpoints and interesting viewpoints and i do think then january 6 was an incredibly conflicted situation with politician saying one thing publicly and another thing privately. "the new york times" isn't the first one of my list. >> caller: i'd like to know exactly whichik republicans meda accuracy in media's called out because everything you are saying is negative towards democratic spaces and nothing about fox, nothing about sean hannity laura ingraham any of those people? >> guest: two things, first of all as interesting and people forget this. fox's viewing audience in prime-time is so massive they have more democratic viewers than "cnn" does. people think fox is only.
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she to the choir. they are the biggest channel in all of cable so it's really a bipartisan audience i'm mike in the otherti news channel and to that point as well there are plenty of people going after fox every day. we asked how many people are going after farsi. you turn on fox and you expect sean hannity to cover conservative talking points. teens and young women to have an ongoing series that pushes marxism two young girls. that's not hyperbole. you can look it up or they push marxism in young girls anatomy is far more dangerous than sean hannity talking about conservative ideas to an audience of largely conservative but also has democrats. >> host: gina adams in mississippi republican, good morning. >> caller: good morning.
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i'd like to thank you for coming on today and speaking truth. absolute truths. i am a political. i have followed politics for 25 years and i have watched what the liberal media did to donald trump before he even got into office. this man was harassed degraded by so many people and by the liberal media and they have turned him into a. and it's all a lie. the "washington journal" which i do love the "washington journal." there is so much misinformation and lies on the show daily.
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it's really. once again i would like to thank you sir for coming on this show. thank you. >> host: mr. adam guillette. guess why. k share kind words and the thing that's important for all of us to remember is this a those of us who follow politics closely don't get caught up in the personalities for better or for. whether the big politician of the day is your bogeyman or your hero politicians or tools to be used used used in disposed of once they are no longer t usefu. they are vessels to advance the ideas that we are passionate about. the ideasit that matter not the players. don't get caught up in the personality ever whether it's a personality that you hate her that you love. ideas last and politicians don't. >> host: how long has accuracy media been around? reporter: we were founded in 1969 a. reed irvine when regardless the american people
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obviously deserve to know what was really happening over there. we started this organization to expose the mystery mr. is sent when he passed his way his obituary played him for causing mainstream americans to inherit mistrust in the media and i love that. we should all be a little bit more skeptical towards what we hear from news outlets whether they are telling us things we disagree with the things that we love. we should have a healthy skepticism towards the media. >> host: how did you get into the were? >> guest: i've been in an activist my entire life. i was a kid taping to rush limbaugh and listening to him when i got home from school, middle school. i have always thought the culture was the most important thing for politics as andrew breitbart famously said. the less is understood that so
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incredibly well. k-12 education higher education and the right spend their time writing policy papers and putting graphs and statistics together so i thought it was incredibly important and helpful for us to go after targets because they are the most influential voices in american politics today. >> host: reminding you of project veritas and has that had an influence on what you do? guess why was the vice president and the development for veritasl for three years. they are nonprofit the uses hidden camera investigative journalism to expose fraud and abuse and melt reasons within public policy. i think we need to see more of that threat or movement throughout our country. think that's the best way to shed light on what's happening in our society and they use it against their enemies. i think we need to see more journalists of all stripes using investigative journalism to expose bad things in our
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society. >> host: for charlotte florida on the independent line, good morning. >> caller: that morning. thank you. i've i have a couple of questions. you mentioned you were an activist.. are you still an active story you a journalist's? if you were journalist with journalist school -- what journalism school did you go to? you also mentioned you are nonprofit funded. who does fund u.n. who pays your salary and you mentioned personality. there seems to be a lot of firsts now the on the people. as the u.s. a lot of questions. go ahead. >> guest: i appreciate all the questions i appreciate q the ca. we don't disclose individual donors. our foundation are legally
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required to be disclosed and as a result they are so they are availablee on or irs 994 which you can check out on line. what were some of his other questions? >> host: activist versus journalists. >> guest: i don't have a journalism degree that's for sure. a lot of us don't have a journalism degree. i don't think having a degree makes you necessarily the most qualified person. i have neither of political science nor a journalism degree. >> host: tim in albany, new york, democrat or a good morning. >> caller: hi. first off i'm particularly upset with c-span for having somebody like thisav on sitting in frontf a sinus sign that says actors and media. he's financed by financial think
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tanks from the right-wing and he started up a saying he doesn't check people's registration when he is doing investigations of them which clearly is right-wing. you can check google if you want to neil i find out things about this gentleman and his organization. he's against the agent orange claims by the vietnam war. i could go on and on but to have somebody like this on without having somebody challenge him. right now in real time. i don't have much to say about this. >> host: is no way you are doing right now? >> caller: i am but you need to have somebody professional or maybe somebody from politifact's
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or snoop's or something like that who can stand toe-to-toe with him. >> guest: media matters for america? >> caller: i've heard of media matters. i don't think you should have anybody on without some sort of challenge because he can get on and say his piece and you don't convince people that he is from a normal organization with that accuracy mediaim sign behind hi. he should have someone challenged someone from the left-wing as well. c-span is isn't doing that. i've been watching you since you've been hosting the show and jeff vaughn was a reporter for the hill and brian lamb and it was a much more civilized show back then intelligent and it was
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before rush limbaugh and "fox news." you are doing serious damage to yourself and c-span by entertaining these kinds of people. >> host: adam guillette anything you want to add? >> guest: i really appreciate his call and if appreciate him challenging me. there's nothing more fun than having a discussion on ideas. the wikipedia page there are people who dislike us in slamming us on there. i can attest to the details that everything w happen at 52-year-d organization where things were done before i done before i was even bored so i can't her sling be held accountable or assuage or persuade them in terms of what every a accuracy media didn 1977. i wasn't alive but thatti being said we are freedom oriented organization. we believe in g individual libey and i'm passionate about those things. we are not a did i think tanks and i don't think think tanks
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funded the organizations. we are funded by donors and i'm not sure about 20 men are not that we are freedom oriented organization. imo small government minded individuals and if you google me i'm from gainesville florida going after republicans. when i was in my 20s at that massive increases pushed by republicans and st. johns county florida. yount can google it to sail thoe things. i don't care about the letter next to somebody's name and similarly when we do this critical race. investigation i have no idea the affiliation of the people we meet with. i don't know they are democrats or independents or whatever else. labels are important to me. >> host: a few minutes left with adam guillette with accuracy in media and what are your thoughts on elon musk purchasingng twitter?
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>> guest: i think it's incredibly interesting and i was totallyy wrong. when it first happened i was convinced this was another elon musk prhe stunt. it reminded me when he said he would take tesla private but it's actually happening and never have i been more delighted to be involved. it's incredibly funny because we have always been told when twitter is caught with investigative journalism when they were caught and facebook was caught hosting conservatives with republican viewpoints on our platforms that everyone shouted from the heavens these are private companies and they can do what they want. you can start your own social network and elon musk comes in purchases the sole -- and these are private companies and they can do what theyat want when out the window. people are terrified about it really in our owning a media company. they never complain when jeff bezos but the "washingtonbo posg
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the hypocrisy is amazing. >> host: thisng is greg from oregon, republican, good morning. >> caller: that morning and i have a question for adam. adam you talk about accuracy in media and they see a lot of non-accountability from everything from the russian hoax to things that aren't really talked about and i hear other callers talk about trump and his gaining from the president and they have a comedian that checks into this and he was profiting from the presidency. i don't see anything of the media on something like this. so i'm kind of wondering about the accuracy and who really takes care of that? >> guest: trump was the gift that kept on giving to the left-wing media into his credit
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trump took advantage of that quite a bit on his own. he certainly would have would have on those primaries if they didn't know howse to play so incredibly well. it really is amazing how there's that love-hate relationship between trump and the media. the left-wing media outlets rose to record high ratings and trump it's amazing the media who claim to take on trump -- trump his best ally in many ways. we wouldn't expect them to report positive things on trump because this is the time where we are in a fractured media land scape and subscribership start dwindling so rather than reporting the news outlets -- if it's a positive trump story that wasn't going to generate tweets in if it's a story held clamp will be removed from office next week we have an expert this is so that wool generate attention.
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obviously that applies while the outlets but but this really bens quite a bit from him being around. >> guest: plainville illinois, thomas independent, good >> caller: is on the news yesterday they are putting fencing up around the supreme court and i'm just wondering if they were getting ready for an insurrection or something and i was just wondering they started climbing over the fence or attempted to. was that being considered an insurrection would be covered as an insurrection or is it just a protest brexit like to hear thoughts on that. >> guest: that's a great point. we remember when people took over the senate office building. i've never hearde of that he referred to as an insurrection but it's amazing how they are called differently by thee medi.
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they set off a bomb in congress and how come that never gets talked about in congresswoman talked about january 6. they can pay tens of thousands of dollars to speak on college campuses youro tax dollars payig for on-ramps for a guy who is a terrorist to kill people and some of their own people at times and i think the new york city police headquarters and in congress all of these people who were so outraged by the bad behavior and january 6 although there were some they don't seem to remember care about what was done previously. for them it's just an opportunity to go after people they don't like rather than surely being morally outraged. >> host: jennifer in california, democrat. hi.aller: i was wondering about his thoughts about what happened on january 6. >> guest: obviously i don't -- i'm not for physical violence
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and protests i'm not for property damage and protest to the people going in there threatening people in breaking windows and stuff like that is. they should beth prosecuted and they wish should be held accountable. conversely when you watch on tv thesev writers many were walkig stay on the walkway going to stores and walking inside of the building that is ao public government building walking inside peacefully. i don't think people should be rotting in jail for something like that. that's. i think it's a conflicting story in the media should report that it honestly instead what we get is these are insurrectionists who set out to threaten our democracy and overturn our democracy. it was not jobs and broke windows and they should be arrested for it but there were also people and protesters who unlike wide-open doors and walked behind velvet ropes.
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i would hardly call those people terrorists. >> caller: so you don't believe in the peaceful transfer of power? >> guest: that's definitely not what i said. >> host: concord north carolina david, republican. good morning. >> caller: two things for you. thank you adam for doing what you are doing. that's it. >> guest: thank you for calling in. >> host: done inat baton rouge, democrat, thank you. keep >> caller: i'm disappointed c-span for bringing someone like this man not produce a right-wing activist and he's not honest with what he is saying. he is saying the insurrection was okay and he is praising the
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candidate who won ohio and is the guy said we shouldn't help -- you right-wing republicans just admit it. guess who we haven't even talked about ukraine and i don't even remember the guy who won the ohio primary. i wish i was professional enough to have talking points that ioi could just read off. these are thoughts coming out of my head, a love your viewpoint and i love engaging with friends of mine who have different viewpoints. it should be done openly nicely. we can agree to disagree and we should build to have a beer and chat about it. there's no need for anybody regardless of your beliefs whether you are a lefty or righty. we haven't discussed ukraine or ohio, come on man. >> host: a couple of media stories. we are coming off the white
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house correspondents' dinner and i wonder your view of that event. >> guest: sure it's the same thing it is every year. i appreciate biden in the self-deprecating and hample jokes and it's the best way to handle something like that but it's frustrating we get the same slate of left-wing every year. but why can't we mix it up and why can't it be hosted by greg gutfeld or stanhope or somebody like that. i would like not to be the same masquerading as a journalist. and trevor has anyone told a that is funny quick some of my favorite comedians but you have this cadre of up-and-coming who are after applause more than laughter. fti'd much rather have a mix whe
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we can get a comic duo can make fun of both sides and everybody laughs at themselves and we go home happy instead of being the same old thing. i will say i praise biden for selling -- for saying the self-deprecating jokes about himself. >> host: the hunter biden laptop and accusing him of russian disinformation. guess who can you imagine that in can you imagine being a news outlet that was trying to unwrap one of the biggest stories of election and instead of real journalism investigative journalism all of the resources that the "washington post" and jeff bezos haven't set of them and covering what now know is a real story they were actively suppressing it and accusing it of being a russian hoax. you literally can't tell the difference between thess russias
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and the left-wing mainstream media times because they both seem to overstate the power of russia. he doesn't brag on his powers much as a left-wing media does when they say they changed the elections in the hunter died in stories a russian hoax. i would imagine putin is laughing his you know what off about how funny these american journalist claimed that rush is that powerful. we have created by the way -- good or russia and we have quotes and you have to guess whether they are from a buzzfeed journalists are russian propagandists is incredibly difficult to get them right. >> host: we have time for a couple more calls. this is corey out of davidson bill maryland, independent. good morning. >> caller: i have three quick points.
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windows investigative journalism come to private entities crossed the line as domestic spying on private citizens and secondly when you have a concentric conservative or liberal view that's i an extreme. pushed you are leaving out a lot of moderate independents like myself from the national spotlight. and thirdly will go ahead and address those two points. >> host: go ahead with the third question because we may run out of time before we get back to you. >> caller: autistic with those two. >> host: adam guillette upon award. scott adams makes a great point. republicans use the most radical
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marxism assuming that makes it the majority are conversely the leftf should not assume that te rightists of the 11% to wind up getting caught up talking about the search of things but he makes a great point that that's not the average republican. that's not the average democrat. there is very little that separates us unfortunate times i think there's little ideologically that separates our politicians. trump dramatically increase federal spending with bailouts and republicans get mad when biden did it but they didn't get mad when trump did it. obama deported more people then trump did. we get caught up in these things without realizing we are more together ideologically that my relays and unfortunately the politicians are closer together ideologically than we realize. i'm not for private spying on citizens. i don't t know what it is but it sounds and terrifying.
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.. we are not for going after private individuals. i guess, we haven't done anything with the hunter biden tape. that would be the line. he was playing on his dad's name and peddling influence, so i think that makes him ok as a target. i am not for going after people who weren't directly involved in public policy or working for the government. host: policy. >> host: we will have to end it there. the president of accuracy in media, thank you so much for your time this morning. >> thank you for having me and everyone for calling. >> our guest angela president and ceo of media matters for america remind folks what the mission is and how you are funded


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