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tv   Campaign 2024 Iowa Democratic Party Officials Discuss 2024 Presidential...  CSPAN  May 9, 2022 11:34am-12:03pm EDT

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c-span it now is available, downloaded today. your front row seatto washington anytime, anywhere . >> c-span is your unfiltered view of government funded by these television companies and more includingcomcast . >> is way more than that. >> comcast partnering with 1000 community centers to create wi-fi enabled list so students from low income families can get the tools they need to be ready for anything . comcast supports c-span as a public service along with these other television providers proceed to democracy. >> next the chair of the iowa democratic party ross wilburn talked about retaining iowa's
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position in the presidential caucuses after the democratic national committee suggested a change to the early primary and caucus scheduled for the 2024presidential election . this is about 25 minutes. >> the morning and thank you for joining us. i am ross wilburn, chair of the iowa democratic party joined vice scott running our member on the dnc rule and bylaws committee. scott and i will the restatements and open it up for questions . this morning the iowa democratic party submitted our letter of intent to the dnc rule and bylaws committee to begin the application process and are quite the iowa first in the nation. a copy of the letter will be emailed to all the journalists on the call as soon as our availability is . maybe clear, the letter of intent is just the first step in a robust application process. in addition to our application we're also planning to engage with stakeholders all over iowa to explore substantive changes to the causes that would make
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them more straightforward and accessible. it is important to us to continue to evolve iowa's caucuses tso as many people as possible can participate in this tradition. iowa has a critical role to play in our presidential nominating calendar . we're a small state and we provide the perfect opportunity for democrats to rebuild their national within rural communities. that's why it's critical iowa continues to have a voice in the nominating process so p candidates can meaningfully connect with the grassroots infrastructure that includes working families and a diverse applying rural america. we got a lot of work to do and have us in the next few weeks i'm going to fight like hell for iowa and i'm going to look forward to making our case before the world and bylaws committee. i'm going to turn now to stop running for comments and then you go ahead and use. >> thank you chair will
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learn. again this letter of intent with is the first step in our application process. next month the iowa democratic party will extend its formalapplication to the rules and bylaws committee . we didn't expect to be given the opportunity to present our case late in june. the iowa caucuses have a long and proud tradition as important early contests in the nominating process and we will point out the ways in which iowa meets necessary attributes to the process. we make the point that for current three window states were very intentionally chosen back in 2007 to be taken together as representing geographic racial and ethnic diversity as well as retail politics. but at the same time we recognize the changes must be made in order to make the contest more straightforward and accessible and we indicated in the letter we
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are willing to make elegant procedural changes as well as expand ways toparticipate . >> thank you scott and thanks for the work you've been doing to advocate for iowa. we're going to open it up for questions. use your raised hand function and i'll call on you and then unmute and i ask you to lower your hand. there's a lot of you here, i got two screens worth of media so please exercise patience as we go through this process and the first hand i see is who 13. can you go ahead and unmute, lower your hand and state your question. >> it's dave brennan. i'm going to just throw a couple things that you. tell me ifthese are accurate . i know you're not getting all the details yet but i was still wants to go first, still wants to go first solo so not sharing it with another state.
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make sure it's a caucus, not a primary and yourpromising major changes to the format or whatever of how the caucuses work, is that accurate ? >> that's accurate . >> sorry i muted myself again . i should know how to do this by now. can either of you talk more about what are you willing to do ? you still want the caucus format and preserve the feel of a cucaucus but you already did a bunch of things last go round that helped open it up to new people and outside of the app it largely worked so what else is thereyou can look at here ? >> i'll take this. just off the top of my head things we can do, to simplify the process maybe there is no
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longerrealignment . the 15 percent threshold could be a question that we need to discuss. there was a non- present participation aspect and maybe that's something we can resurrect and maybe strengthen that. all this has to be approved by the state central committee so these are just ideas that are frankly floatingaround in my head right now .>> what i'll add is it's fair to say everything's on the table. we win elections in november by strengthening our grassroots network and by engaging democrats in the important decisions within our party like making changes to the caucus. it's a short window before we have to submit and were going to proceed and as scott said it's still sort of an . evolving process with the rules of the house committee in terms of what they're
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looking for. if youcan lower your hand i'm goingto go to clay masters . could you lower your hand and state your question ? >> between now and the meeting in june, are you going to start coming up with ideas for changes to how to revamp the caucuses or what's going to take place between now and when you're actually before the rules andbylaws committee meeting your case and how will you be preparing between now and then ? >> there have been many examples discussed now as well as in the past and that's a portion of this and scott said the rules and bylaws committee, we will be waiting to hear if there's any more details in terms of going to do any waiting on specific criteria. that type of thing but we have been having conversations behind scenes. my teams and having regular conversations like with the greater detroit partnership. in fact last week just her
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and i spoke with the partnership board about our efforts and discuss ways that they can help us lobby for iowa during thecoming to washington dc . >> so there be a difference between now and june or do you expect there's any changes between now? >> what i would say instead and i to jump in here is as you're aware of the process as currently seen, it's just recently been developed but even within that some of this criteria there's room for subjective is the word i'm looking for. subjectivity in terms of how they're going to develop the criteria. that's all the states that are developing and will be looking for. >> the only thing i'll add is
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there is a virtual meeting of the bylaws committee on may 18 and my understanding is we will talk about some of the value to the ricriteria we're going toutilize going forward . that might put a more fresh off the process. >> the next hand i see is katie. can you go ahead andunmute , lower your hand? >> tanks for holding the call. i know republicans, national republicans have reaffirmed iowa will go first in their process in 2024. that hold anyways as you're making this case to keep things next up? >> right now iowa law requires people the caucus no later than the fourth monday and february that's both parties. we're reminding folks at the dnc and outside of iowa right
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now is required by state law we have a caucus and in order to make changes iowa has to change the law. otherwise i have been working , communicating with the republicans party chair. it's always been a joint effort between our two parties. democrats, republicans we don't often agree on much and more recently we see something we disagree but they are maintaining, their nominating calendar as an order and sequence. republican presidential candidates are already visiting iowa as far as the press and public are concerned that means iowa is first . dave, i see your hand. can you lower your hand, unmute and state your question. >> i just wanted to know if you feel like the criteria as extracted works against iowa
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and is that one of the reasons why you'll be making changes.ak are you trying to make changes to line up with what their criteria and the way there waiting the criteria is ? it seems like a foolish situation and you're trying to respondto their measurements , thank you. >> in addition to the caucuses having long been a proud tradition after every caucus there is a look at what will make things more straightforward and accessible. that's been part of conversations in the past. we're going to continue to do that and we also have to respond to the criteria that the rbc is putting forward because this involves getting in the weeds further than i want to go today but gets to selecting delegates for the democratic national convention. it's that process all goes together so i would say it's a combination of just trying
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to make them as straightforward and d inclusive as possible as well as making the case to the dnc. >> other page. >> what other questions do you have western mark. >> said the i see your hand. state your question please. >> diversity is one of the criteria that they seem to amplify. how are you showing diversity as one ofiowa strengths ? >> first i'll point out that they listed that diversity but they cannot talk about what type of diversity. that's a broad category and i
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will start. if the focus is racial diversity i would say first of all there wouldn't be president obama withoutiowa . we have big grassroots strength here. friends and neighbors help strengthen presidential candidates so are well organized network of activists are ready to mobilize behind any of the candidates extending a progressive message so that's part of that component. the other piece is just iowa is a small rural and accessible state. the infrastructure to rebuild the democratic brand hfor rural rural america is right here in iowa and the dnc, national democratic party needs to commit to it and not waste this opportunity. iowa democrats are listening, putting aside politics which means putting in the hard work every day n.
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not only forgetting our candidates ready but trying to win the elections that are right in front of us in november. >> the other piece i'll add to is if democrats can't figure out how to talk to rural voters then we're in big trouble as a party. so it's no secret party has been losing seats across the country because of we can appeal to rural working-class americans and retain the white house and maintain congress can't afford to ignore this group of americans and iowans and if we win iowa we went across thecountry . >> i see your hand, go ahead and state your question. >> thank you and you kind of started to answer my question there . but i'll just ask you to expand on that because we've seen republicans making a similar point at this maybe a
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signal that the national democrats are unwilling to consider the rural voters. do you share that concern that if iowa is among the early carveout states and they had not been states more dominated by bigger cities that could be another just another issue that makes it challenging for democrats to reach those kinds of voters? >> i disagree with my republican colleagues saying the democrats nationally have given up. that's quite the contrary. we're always looking at the presidential calendar. we want to make sure all voices are heard. i am just here and scott and i hear from iowa to remind them as part of our process that we can't allow the presidential campaigns to be solely decided by campaigns. that can't afford ads or
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corporate interests that only have the funds to pay for their candidates to get exposure. in part that's why we need to focus on midwest and then like i said, in order to reach those rural working-class folks, where they can own their message iowans on the best advertisement money can buy. we open up our homes not doors, volunteer for candidates that may not have those resources so that's part of the importance for making sure that rural working-class voter in america as well as the mu diverse communities we have across the state in urban and rural areas. >> benjamin, i see your hand if you state your question . benjamin, you are still muted . >> sorry about that.
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here in dubuque we can see illinois and wisconsin. i know that some of our full have been jealously looking west for a long time. but maybe see some similarities as wisconsin and iowa but also perhaps growing in diversity and population. what tactics do you have against states that see their chances increasing? >> it's our position as scott alluded to. the four early states currently as a whole as well as individuals ringing a unified and important voice to the presidentialnominating process . we each have our strengths and represent an important region that democrats must win and for example iowa is a small rural state resident obama carried twice and we
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have enough small media markets and give the presidential candidates an opportunity to broadcast their methods to a wider audience while also allowing molar campaigns the ability to connect with leaders across the state. and benjamin if you go ahead and lower your hand. i see a comment or question let's see. skyler, you your having audio problems you were wondering how we plan to approach any concerns that may be brought up in june. maybe brought up in june about the iowa caucus. i'm assuming you mean this june going forward. as i mentioned we are talking with different stakeholder groups talking about the
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demoing partnership we continue to do that with our current electives and that will be incorporated in the final applications that we put together. so we have to describe the process but we also have to dread that needle with whatever requirements the rules and committee will set forward. we have to be enough to try and state what some of the possibilities are but we ahead of the process andwaste valuable time given the short window . and case is how will we make the case the caucus process aligns with party values when it comes to ballot access and voting rights? you know, again, taking a look at that accessibility whether it's some form of absentee effort, a way for
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people to participate and have some of this historic challenges, we're going to take a look at that and i go back to its fair to say there's nothing that's on the table. we have to be creative and also have to make sure we can be, to build upon the great involvement we have inthe state . and finn gomez can you lower your hand and state your question please. >> thank you mister chairman for having this time to speak with us and i know you referenced on the criticism i was at the last meeting in dc and i know your response was the present window, there would not have been president obama but for the success in 2008 but from the criticism i heard in that committee meeting in washington dc it felt like it's still the lack
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of diversity in iowa, in the state and how do you counter that ulwhen iowa continues to be a population that overwhelmingly i think it's 90 percent of the state continues to be white and what is your argument is that an representative of the current state of the democratic party as opposed to nevada, south carolina where there is a larger percentage of people of color voting in the states. how do you counter those criticisms? >> thanks for the question. we have growing diversely in thestate . i've already pointed out the result has been president obama being elected twice getting his campaign started here. but you take a community like waterloo islands where the black mayor was reelected and now also has a majority african-american city council.
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you go to the small town of west liberty where the entire city council is going to be a black mexican community. there's just this past year with our local city council school board and mayoral elections there is a record number of communities of color, people of color running for office and the vast majority of them winning so that gets back to the success that we had. also i point out on the first black chair of either major party in iowa. i'm also currently the first african-american representative from my county and my city. i'm the first, i have the distinction of having served as the first black mayor of the city. so bwe build upon that growing diversity and the issues the
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diverse community space across the country we face them here and iowa as well but iowa has led and the nation has followed and we said that the black man barack obama could be and should be president of the unitedstates . we led iowa in saying that love is love and who you choose to marry, start a family with his up to you the rest of the country followed and going back to decades before brown versus board of education , iowa said schools will be integrated. first here in iowa, the rest of the countryfollowed . >> okay. we are coming up on the half hour so i want to thank you all for attending. we will be sure you have access to our letter and
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recording after this is over. i want to thank you all for helping us get our story out. we will continue to work with you and thank you for the work you do as members of the media. >> this afternoon president by an outline's efforts to lower the cost of high-speed internet when he joined vice president harris in the rose garden. watch live coverage at 1:30 eastern on c-span. >> c-span is your unfiltered view of government funded by these television companies and more including charter communications . >> broadband is a four-star empowerment. that's why charter is invested billions upgrading technology, empowering opportunity in communities big and small. charter is connecting us. >> charter communications supports c-span as a public service along with these
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other television providers giving you a front row seat to democracy . >> this week on the c-span network, both chambers in session with the senate planning to vote on whether to begin debate on a bill codifying a woman's right to have an abortion. this in response to the leaked supreme court draft opinion suggesting role versus wade may be overturned. tuesday at 10 am, treasury secretary janet yellin testifies before the senate banking committee on an annual report about this the ability of us financial markets and live 2:30 p.m. eastern the senate foreign relations committee holds a confirmation hearing for several executive nominees including the next us ambassador to ukraine. wednesday, doctor anthony fauci and other members appear on budget requests for
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the national institutes of health and then at 10:30 a.m. eastern on c-span three mark miller testifies on the defensedepartment's budget . watch this week live on the c-span networks or on c-span now, our free mobile video app. head over to for scheduling information or to stream live on demand anytime. c-span: your unfiltered view of government . >> ..
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>> certainly johnson's secretaries knew because they were tasked with transcribing many of those conversations. in fact, they were the ones who make sure that the conversations were taped as johnson with signal to them through an open door between his office and there's. >> you will also hear some blunt talk. >> jim, i one report of the number of people assigned to kennedy on me the day he died and the number assigned to me now. and it might are not less i want them less right quick. >> yes, sir. >> and if i can ever go to the bathroom, i won't go. i promise you i won't go anywhere. i'll just a right behind these black gate. >> presidential recordings, find it on the c-span now mobile app or wherever you get your podcasts. >> federal officials were asked whether their agencies are ready to handle the projected influx of migrants coming to the u.s. southern border as title 42 is
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brought to anand later this month. title 42 is an emergency public-health policy that was put into effect by the cdc to stem the flow of migrants entering the u.s. during the covid-19 pandemic and prevent further spread of the virus. this hearing from the senate homeland security and governmental affairs committee is just under three hours. [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations]


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