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tv   Washington Journal Open Phones  CSPAN  May 16, 2022 2:33pm-3:00pm EDT

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to to opposite poles in many respects although he doesn't realize he's more conservative than he thinks and he thinks i may be more liberal than i think. when kennedy and hatch get together, people say if they get together, anybody can. >> find the weekly on c-span now, free mobile app or wherever you get your podcast. >> reporting this morning of new york times headline grief and anger sweeps through buffalo the day after a racist massacre. the day after, one of the deadliest races massacres in recent american history. law enforcement officials in new york descended on the home of the accused gunman probed disturbing his into his behavior. governor kathy hochul promised action on hate speech she said spreads like a virus.
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shot 13 people on saturday afternoon out of top supermarket in east buffalo, killing ten. almost all of the victims were black shoppers, grocery workers. the security guard down together. he chose an area known for its black population visiting the neighborhood the day before they attack and what authorities describe as recognizance and nearly a year after -- a year before the mass shooting from elsewhere, police said sunday he would be picked up from high school last year by state police threatening remarks and taken to hospital for mental health evaluation. on the comments of new york governor kathy hochul yesterday this morning, this week i should say she spoke about the role of social media in all this in
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particular in the shooting. >> it's so we are so much planning went into this massacre, the shooter drove several hundred miles, published a 180 page document, tried toe, live stream it. had he been on the radar of law enforcement at a all? >> except for the high school student suspecting something under surveillance of the time but i'm going to investing in that, i want to know what people knew and when they knew it and calling upon law enforcement and social media platforms, the ceos are the company's should be held accountable and are sure all of us they are taking every step s humanly possible to monitor this information. how these depraved ideas are fermenting on social media spreading like a virus. white supremacy manifesto, white
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supremacy concept of replacement theory, concerned and taking is motivated by the idea that immigrants and jews and blacks, it is spreading through social media platforms that need to be monitored and shut down the second these words are put outt there, it has to stop. otherwise there is no stopping, this incident live streamed, the massacre of innocent people were torn style execution, is viewed by other people. this could result in otherer replicating the same. >> how do you stop -- >> is not enough monitoring because this information was clearly out there. they have thehe responsibly andi know it's a huge massive undertaking but these companies have a lot of money, they have
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resources, technology. keywords show up, they need to be identified and someone needs to watch this and to shut it down the second it appears. short of that, i will protect the rights of free speech but there's a limit, a limit to what you can do and hate speech is not protected. >> this morning starting up the program, for the reaction from the murders in buffalo over the weekend particularly the role of extremism in all this. 2,027,488,004. the eastern and central timen zones -- in mountain and pacific (202)748-8001. opinions this morning of eugene robinson syndicated here in the washington post buffalo black victims were killed by white supremacy is the headline. political leaders and commentators from far left to far right will denounce saturday's massacre and will have customary arguments about the need for sensible gun control and need to focus on
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mental health. the arguments will teeter out, nothing meaningful will change. what we need to talk about is how politicians and leaders on the right are using the poison of replacement theory to further their own self agenda honoring campaign donations and vote, television ratings. we need to talk about how most of this, demagoguery is coming from people should know and probably do know what they are telling potential killers such as peyton gendron the man in custody after the buffalo shooting is complete fiction. let's go to calls and comments and hear from vince in orange beach, alabama. >> good morning, sir. i read over the past 24 hours they've had this 180 pageni psychotic manifesto, the kid shows up for school for a whole week in fullup hazmat uniform. his the fbi, local government
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ffault, all we hear is he's falling over racism in this country, they know this nut job is out there wants to kill people and they do nothing about it so he's going to hell in handbasket for murdering people, he's a file criminal. the federal government and fbi for not pursuing this and monitoring this. >> how could they have known, they didn't catch him when he went to purchase his firearms, a record of his didn't come up so how would it be known to the gun store owner or federal officials? >> federal officials knew about the manifesto. he was removed from school under psychiatric evaluation. somebody knew something. who gives a crap? this is an agenda to create a race war by the federal government, crazy theory. >> sharon in glen oaks maryland. ahead. >> how are you doing?
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>> fine, thank you. >> when i heard about this mass shooting, it really got me upset and sickenedck me, i just felt ill. i don't understand, we live here in the united states of america, a country god has blessed. we have wickedness in this country, is going to bring this country down. don't judge you because you are white or blue eyes or whatever, the race you are, he judges you by your heart and that's it. there's too much violence going on in this country. it seems like the country is going down in handbasket and it started with donald trump because he's a liar. he got so many people so messed up going by what he say and he's a habitual liar. god is a god of truth and
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righteousness and does things right. my family is successful because i make sure they do what's right and i have sons and i do not allow them to do things that's not right and i make them do the right thing. if i was a caucasian person and i knew somebody like that young man, i would do something about that. but people don't want to do it. thank you for allowing me to express my opinion. >> thank you. here are some details on thehe suspects purchased on one of the firearms he used, he modified rifles to hold more ammunition, the buffalo supermarket massacre purchased primary weapon used in the shooting, used xm 15 semi automatic rifle from a licensed dealer near his hometown but he said he then illegally modified the gun so he could use
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high-capacity magazine, the suspect 18-year-old payton gendron described how he amassed his arsenal lengthy online postings, authorities believe he wrote in the weeks before the massacre saturday, he said he bought the bushmaster in january from vintage firearms, a gun store about 15 miles from his home in new york saying $960 for the rifle, a sling to carrier and ammunition. he recounted how he acquired to backup weapons, a 500 shotgun he purchased in early december and xp semi automatic rifle he received from his father as a christmas present when he was 16 years old. henrietta in florida, good morning. >> hi, good morning. what i understand and have been able to glean from the reports, this young man had been in legal trouble a yearye ago, he commitd
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a felony. my question is, we have gun laws, why was this young man able to get a gun? that's upon the fbi and those in the atf department to monitor these applications. i am a little bit tired of the angst that the gun is the problem. no, the government is the problem. the murderer is the problem. we need to take these people off the street. we used to have them in mental institutions. now they are on meds in my neighborhood.
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this is a government problem. >> the caller mentioned this earlier, at one time in therl process with this online manifesto posted online at some time, at what time does the government, federal or state or local interfere here? clearly he was able to buy a gun.ll >> i find it very interesting in a disgusting way that twitter flagged a curse word in two seconds and you are suspended. the great government apparatus who can't even identify a crazy? >> the headline from yahoo! news copycat mass shootings become deadlier expert one after the new york attack, 18-year-old
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white man suspected of fatally shooting ten people in a black neighborhood in buffalo appears to be the latest in line of copycat government, deadlier mass shootings inspired by previous attackers. experts one on sunday. pain rendering who surrendered to police after the attack publicized racist manifesto on the internet broadcast the attack in real time on social media platforms, twitch, live video service owned by, authorities called a racially motivated violent extremism. the trend of mostly white young teens inspired by previous racist gun massacres on the rise, recent mass shootings including the 2015 black church in cap charleston 2018 shooting at a synagogue in pittsburgh ini 2019 attack on walmart and hispanic neighborhood in el paso. rick is up next, good morning. >> good morning. i would like to extend condolences to the families and loved ones of those lost in in
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this tragic event. i want to lay the blame squarely at the seat of murdoch, the murdoch brothers, fox news, sinclair broadcasting and a litany of individuals on the internet who are pushing extreme violence. i live in a small community with an am broadcast which is box affiliates daily in edition of hatred and fear mongering and some of the most vile commentsom and there comes a time when we must hold comcast, hold cable providers allowing this garbage to stream into our homes daily. i have conservative friends in their 70s and 80s who listen
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to this nonstop and it saddens me and sickens me from some of the things they come forth with and it's directly the work of tucker carlson, waters, lora ingram, we stop the shenanigans and charade of its free speech. it's not. a call to violence, a call to destroy the fabric of our nation and i think all of us need to lay the blame where it is. it is the individual who committed the connect back but those who push the weak willed and weak minded have as much responsibility and they should arrest carlson. that's it. >> the shooting saturday happened at the end of the national law enforcement a week marked here in washington and across the country.
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the ceremonies of the national peace officers memorial, president biden's speaking ates the event and as he began hisut remarks he spoke about the shooting that happened hours earlier. >> let me say a word about yesterday's mass shooting in buffalo new york. the lone gunman, hate filled soul shot and killed people cold-blooded at a grocery storef saturday afternoon. jill and i, like all of you pray for the victims and their families in a devastated community. receiving an update from my team and the white house in close contact with the justice department, already justice department stated publicly investigating the matter as a
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hate crime, racially motivated act of white supremacy and extremism. as they do, we must work together to address the heat that remainsns sustained on the soul of america. hearts are heavy once again but a result must never waiver. no one understands this more than the people in front of me. moms, dads, children, family members. how those folks in buffalo feel today when i got the call. if you get pulled out of a black out. there's no way jill and i know, no memorial, no gestures can fill the void in the hearts they have now or you have lost someone as well.
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>> back to your calls on our opening topic, bradley is in marietta, georgia. good morning. >> i want to send my condolences to the people of buffalo and i have to say i've seen this happen quite a bit in my lifetime and they are scoundrels but i'm not going to let my white fellow americans off the hook. the civil war hasn't came to an end yet. we have a remnant of the past that this won't go away. they are attacking, right wing fascist, willing to use violence and i like to say to fellow bracken brown, especially the men but also the women, you need to take advantage of the second
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amendment because there are white people gunning for you but the war is on and they listen to fox news and all that and that is free speech. they are terrorists, actual terrorists, worse than isis, basically the same and have to be treated as such. while we are getting gunned down, strongly worded letters and i don't think the democratic party gets it and i don't think america understands was headed down the pipeline in the future. we have to stop in the second amendment and take advantage of the second amendment, it's a sad day in america. >> nick, good morning.
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>> i cannot believe you let that guy go on doubting the vile hatred. c-span, i think you are a pathetic host let me start by saying that. about the shooting, first of all, to have people come on here and blame, you have one idiot from maryland, the moron fromm washington blame tucker carlson and the guy from georgia blaming everybody under the sun including white people. you to understand you are encouraging this kind of stuff from happening when you don't blame the shooter, when you blame tucker carlson and a lady says it's donald trump's fault. it's really pathetic you guys allow this stuff to go out over
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the air. how come when a white person, a sick white person the fbi should have been following, how come it's white supremacy but when a black man shoots up white people on a subway, it's not black supremacy but when a black man in minneapolis drives into ae crowd, a parade and the media reports as a car drove into a crowd. they didn't mention the fact that it was a black man who had the same type of vile hatred on the internet. the last caller mentioned something about democrats have to unite and get together and start embracing the second amendment.nt where was anybody when bernie sanders supporter targeted republican politicians on a baseball field?
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anybody blame bernie sanders with that? >> hampton, massachusetts, good morning. >> i believe that guy stole my thunder, is going to say the rhetoric about white people suck and past barriers to kill white people. i heard you talk about tuckerr carlson, you heard way read and wallace were heavy talks to john lennon and his rhetoric? they are race baiting all day talking about white people suck and we got to unite. talk about fascism, nobody can have a different opinion. >> for this particular alleged gunman, do you think he was motivated by some of those, both media views and actions of previously clearly raise motivated shootings like 2015?
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>> let me answer like ad democrat, i don't know, we haven't studied it enough. what about the waukesha guy or those who killed white people is say we just don't know, it happens to be a coincidence. that's what you always say. hypocrisy is a double standard all day. >> buffalo news this morning, reporting on the manifesto, alleged shooter behind, racist manifesto details, hateful views, methodical planning of the gunman. law enforcement officials investigate mass shootings sometimes struggle to find out what led the assailant to commit heinous crimes. in the case of the manla they sy perpetrated saturday's assault, that took the lives of ten people and wounded three c more, they did not have to look far. chilling detail accused shooter laid out 180 page manifesto why he wanted to kill, how he came to believe a racist conspiracy theory and recordedd himself driving to a supermarket on
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jefferson avenue in carrying out the attack. law enforcement officials sunday told buffalo news they are convinced of the authenticity of manifesto they say patent gendron posted online saturday sometime before he pulled up to a top market and began a racist shooting spree. gendron, white, posted the manifesto online daysci earlier. the time the document to the public in the moments before the shooting officials said. the details of the fuse how he said he planned hate crime attack and what he targets the supermarket in a predominantly black neighborhood 230 miles from his hometown. in georgia, good morning, go ahead. >> good morning to you. my utopian dream if i wish to see in america in which the second amendment has been repealed, all guns have been bought back and destroyed. the only guns remaining would be for people who like them from
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sporting, hunting, target shooting. for those people, treat the guns like a car, make sure they have a title and registration and license and make them expensive and have to be renewed, the income source from that. that's my it's and i know it's a pie in the sky in but i think america would be a safer and wonderful place if the guns were taken out of the equation. have a good night, have a good day. >> the mayor of buffalo spoke yesterday on "face the nation" on cbs on tighter controls. >> we are saddened that someone drove from hundreds of miles away, someone not from this community who did not know this community who came here to take as many black lives as possible,
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who did this in a willful premeditated fashion, planning this but we are a strong community and we will keep moving forward. >> is there an ongoing threat? are your residents face to that? >> i think the question we need to ask ourselves, are any residents in this country anywhere? we have to focus on sensible front control. that said, after all of these mass shootings that have taken place in this country for different reasons, year in and year out, munson and month out, weekend and week out, buffalo new york needs to be the last place in this kind of mass shootingen habits.
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>> governor kathy hochul saying extremism in this country is spreading quote like a virus. we are interested in your comments (202)748-8000. eastern and central time zone 2,027,488,0001. the couple comments on twitter, america was founded on extremism, the racial nature, this is a new phenomenon nor is it likely to end anytime soon. not a threat police are able or willing to protect its targets from. she's correct here in pa, we have three far right candidates for major offices on the brink of winning republican primaries tomorrow. in my county, there's nosu increase in the activity of white sub rosa groups and organized openly at local restaurants. buffalo shooter quote -- >> and can watch washington girl website


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