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tv   Washington Journal Rep. Sheila Cherfilus- Mccormick  CSPAN  May 18, 2022 12:45am-1:18am EDT

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at >> "washington journal" continues. host: we welcome >> welcome to "washington journal" representing 40 is 20th district welcome to the program. >> we were talking before hand and determined you aresp the newest member of congress. you won the specialists on —- the special election to win the seat from hastings.
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>> and to be a hotel executive in the district over 15 years and growing up in the district i felt there was a lot especially when it comes to solutions of economic growth to create jobs so i thought this was the right plan. >> you cover fort lauderdale, west palm beach and pompano beach and a lot going on. what are the number one needs your constituents said when you came to washington you needed tohi focus on quick. >> economic opportunity and justice a lot of times they have trouble living and getting paid a living wage so opportunities to be involved even with infrastructure so how do we attain the american dream is the biggest issue. host: but you have your own story you are the first democrat elected to congress tell us more.
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>> it's exciting one of the things my mother cried and said she cannot believe everything she worked hard for growing up make sure we got our education and do everything that we can but always believed in the training of how we could push forward to make it to this place and it seems like a dream. host: you got a lot from st. thomas university but you were at howard so how do you end up at the us capital quick. >> i thought that was beyond me ipi wanted to be an international lawyer helping other immigrants settling conflict and resolution. i cannot believe i'm here but it shows if you were card taking every opportunity but i never thought a little girl like myself would be here. >> we will open the phone
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lines for those who have questions. so early on what are the issues initially you are i focusing on quick. >> right now my committee is education and labor and veteranav affairs. we are focusing on homelessness and veterans affairs and healthcare especially in florida we see rising issues with homelessness but there is an overarching issue with housing coupled with inflation puts every economic gain we have had is being pulled back because of inflation and housing. that's where we are trying to focus my introduced bill to meet to their deeds but if we have flexible spending.
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>> so i can congress do or what can the president do on the housing front quick. >> the present have a lot of initiative for build back better so we are trying to reintroduce the initiative also we are looking at inflation and prices are destroying the economy we see a promise that people are overpaying several million dollars in palm beach county so the presidents bill he is putting forth for affordable housing has beenn a step forward. host: are you seeing evidence of rent going higher than they normally would go and is that a result of post covid
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inflation? >> definitely we have a good number of people moving into palm beach county who actually workrk from home from other states so they are coming in with their salaries paying cash so that's not allowing the people that work in the district to have affordable housing. we have put a lot of initiatives to put more affordable housing instead of pushed out. >> youay came back to congress after the massacre in buffalo and we want to get your reaction. >> it is devastating we cannot normalize moments of silence we have to take steps we saw the president did allocate funding for us to start talking about actually putting more incentives toward gun violence and education when he legislation that will actually stop the access to these
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weapons because the increase of guns we see more violence especially with the toxic culture right now thatco conversation but all of these are enforcers we are living in a society seeing high numbers of white supremacist taking guns in their own hands and fighting against civilians and people who are not expecting it may have to stop the rise of white supremacy and the red what fuels the fire and then those that promoted. host: has a democratic conference met to discuss these issues quick. >> ever since that happened. this has been an issue when it comes to gun violence we have been inciting. we took a moment of silence but everyone sat back we had
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the same frustration. we have been talking about moments of silence and at this point seems like a travesty against the american people because we know we have to do to protect the american people that the senate isan not passing it. >> lancaster california on the republican line you are on with the congresswoman. go ahead. >> i'm a member of the cherokee nation. my great-grandmother was removed and at 16 years old sheas was pregnant and removed again. she had to get out of the
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cherokee nation because she didn't want her children to put into the indian school. another relative was searching court and they hung him for not picking a side. host: that's a difficult history. >> any injustice especially historical isre heartbreaking. especially the pathways to have and and then going back to that place in history where minorities don't feel safe because we are all americans at the end of the day. to make sure we don't go back. >> on the independent line go
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ahead. >> thank you for taking my call. >>caller: i know you are new to congress that has there been anything. host: are you still there i think we lost him. up next indianapolis go ahead. >>caller: good morning. the one thing that eludes me with this whole thing why hasn't farmer president trump be imprisoned for the attack initiated at the rally? things have not been the same in this country we have all these other issues going on
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donald trump separated the country as president and tried to overthrow the country why can't we get him prosecuted and going to prison? explain that. >> right now we are still in the middle of the hearings taking steps toward that but i agree. that rise of hate throughout the country comes directly from what was said with the administration what is continually being said it makes it even more important to unify the country for those who are supporting us as we do that you are haitian background yourself and they have been subject to a people
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what would you like to see change in american immigration system. >> but it's also not applied equally and when it comes to black and brown immigrants the process is aen different rationale i remember growing up to allow haitian people to have asylum. and the reason why is because we know there are political finalist and then to have an opportunity to have an interview to have that credible fear and especially with the claimant and with the
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post covid word why do we have not just a pathway to citizenship access. >> the democratic line go ahead. >>caller: west palm beach. about the housing crisis and the change of the whole spectrum of how people view just where they are in the south and whether it is for whether or just getting out.
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how would she feel about the raise of real estate prices with over the ukraine war and with inflation. what about especially in south florida? as we mentioned earlier more more people are coming in from the states to overpay for housing which is not allowing for the regular residence to rent her own. and even the actual equation for those who are overpaying has risen. if you qualify for the housingow right now, the average pay is 90000 per year and that would afford a three-bedroom at
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$3300 a month which is unrealistic for our residents. we are fighting to increase more affordable housing and to make sure the equation reflects the hard-working people in y my district which most are not making 90000 per year. host: talked about the house education committee. and with the florida battleground to limit school board terms for 12 years with the purpose and what is your view quick. >> our governor is picking a war with everyone in the state even the don't say gave bill.
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is even education is not inclusive but some school board members are concerned who understand a the district and now we wake up for new attacks on our governor and constituents and us. >> i want to leave a some ideas on white supremacy in y january 6th and trump. donald trump, the way he spoke the last time upset me. he was not a good speaker. his policies were good but like what happened in the summer of 2020.
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joe biden's separated a lot of people. down at the border he would not even allow press where the kids were packing in and piling on top of each other it all goes back on trump i voted both democratic and republican. we are not white supremacist. but even those policies areve good for america. >> i don't believe that all republicans are white supremacist. i have good friends were republican but we have to address certain members of the republican party including trump, used in fuel then created a relationship withtr white supremacy and called out
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the proud boys that validates them as an organization and emboldens them we must hold people accountable because as you are using the policies and ideology not just as a republican we have to check no party or person increases or supports white supremacist we see that and social media and every day we see it growing seeing people against gay
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people those who have a governor who keeps spouting this all it does is grow hate this is what we sacrificed where the immigrants have worked hard to sacrifice their life. this isn't it we all have to take a stand and not allow white supremacist to go any olonger to push these theories and not allow any social media especially toward the kids would get the children engaging in these activities even before they are fully formed even the young soldiers in africa were successful to co-op them because they don't have the capacity to even understand what they are doing
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so wepr have to step in every time there's a white supremacist that justifies mental health then we are blocked them after hold everybody accountable is notto scapegoating everybody has a part who has played and the truth is if you are going out to kill people because of race or color or creed it iss not a mental disease but make any excuses theyy even acted out it is scripted. everyone has the same behavior and enough is enoughen we see through it stop the foolishness. host: out t' washington on the independent >>caller. >> thank you at c-span also the congresswoman for serving
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our country. i served inld the iran crisis and here i am 60 years old. i have my own issues with regard to law p enforcement that you have an 18 -year-old who lives in suburban usa who can purchase a gun and stopped people and then the end result is there is no black or white or american. the only two differences are from here to russia to china. and those who have accepted jesus as our personal savior otherwise you have the walking dead when i look in the crayon
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box a white crayon and a black crayon nobody on planet earth the feels that color the only thing on a white person is the silver liningve of god living on a black person from africa is the black hair on the skin or face. host: what about the alleged purchase of the gun by the shooter do we anticipate the house will press for more gun control legislation quick. >> definitely we have seen the correlation the more guns on the street than the more violence we see in growing in the hands of younger and younger people and it goes back that i hate to look at things with the silver bullet with more gun restrictions that will not take away the terrorist activity.
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and those that actually make sure that we are stopping the use of the justify of the killing. >> but my question is we have been in this country for so long why do we have to ratify those voting rights and another question i have is i understand bringing up the middle class period people that live under bridges in atlanta and we have a bad homeless problem and it's only getting worse.
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we need some help can you please answer and tell me t what's happening quick. >> am happy to talk about the infrastructure bill we have been able to connect opportunity pushing more money for more jobs and to make sure we have more education to gallow people to enter the market and then to create more opportunities for those living in poverty as a business owner we saw directly the correlation if you can trade them through vocational training a stay in their jobs and they grew it's about collective opportunity for people and training and that's what we see with the infrastructure bill and that we could push it through it may take some time that we try
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to push more legislation and job skills training. host: talking about some of your first i want to get your reaction at the white house the first african-american of haitian dissent taking the podium as the new press secretary of the white house. >> i'm excited with these opportunities it reminds me of who our nation is. talk about the hate in the country but the truth is we are a great country where everyone should have the opportunity. sometimes it feels like those in this area see more minorities and women and being engage.
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to see the supremacist coming out. i'm just so proud people are waking up because i truly believe we will win the battle and finally put to rest the idea of supremacy for anyone because we're all human beings living a human experience. that is what the nation was built on and to prove but i believe we will overcome. >> kaiser west virginia is next. >> the lady does that everybody should be held responsible but what about the rhetoric put out about white supremacy all the time?
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that's it causes people topl go out and shoot other people when white people shoot it's white supremacy of black people they never say anything is that black supremacy? they just keep spewing out the rhetoric. that's why people get so mad they are fed up with the allies. host: so calling out white supremacy is rhetoric quick. >> it is factual his gun specifically and when he pointed at a white male he said sorry. talk about replacement theory so denying that racism exist.
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and nobody should be in a place with a feel like just because they say something i have a right to take a human life. you have a right to act on that. so we have to be honest as a nation of who we are and then get to healing but not because they are speaking truth that the white supremacist are actively recruiting people in theng military. but then we continue to lose more unnecessarily. >> not much time between now and november but one thing you could get done for your district in particular to be more broadly past what would it be quick.
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>> housing if we could get those that were embedded the housing issue is a crisis all over the country. and issues more like any other place in the country. and then we have a responsibility to see the crisis that everyone has access not just poor people but working-class families who were educated those to lift up theirr family and then in conjunction to ensure we have theon initiatives. host: welcome to washington thank you for being here on "washington journal". >> thank you for having me
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. >> i remember the same senator from massachusetts and i were opposite on the polls in many respects be he doesn't realize he's a lot more conservative than he thinks. and i more liberal than i think. so when kennedy and hatch can get together people say that they can anybody can.
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