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tv   Washington Journal Rep. James Comer  CSPAN  May 18, 2022 1:17am-1:48am EDT

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spent time bay congressman
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from kentucky and is theg ranking republican of the house oversight and reform committee and now wrapping up your sixthin year in congress. welcome back to "washington journal". >> great to be back. host: last hour we talked about past last week before the billion-dollar measure awaiting senate action moving forward lastt night. >> i voted against this package in favor of the earlier package bit i support ukraine and everything we are doing we have given them $10 billion but having said that we have a terrible inflation problems in america right now and it has created by overspending in washington. why should we give ukraine a
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little bit at a time instead of one great big check one of the things they're calling for is the appropriate route is that congress is trying to get on the backs of the taxpayers right now at a time with government -induced inflation. congress has to get back to regular order. there will be more transparency we see that with the ppppp loan program that was a huge amount of money but also enriched a lot of major corporations you cannot have one-size-fits-allon too much spending and not enough transparency and not enough oversight so if we can fix that and i for see packages in the future.
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>> how much have you overseen the spending their quick. >> the democrats just got a grade by the nonpartisan group reading government oversight the f because they have not provided any oversight we've had committee hearings and to encourage them to decrease production and get off the disinformation campaign with the washington redskins one —- washington redskins football team doing everything that governmentin oversight. with all the covid related money and the stimulus money and ppp.
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>> and if you become chairman of the committee with the horrible massacre. >> it's terrible anytime there is a tragedy like that what can congress do certainly thoughts and prayers go too the back terms of the family it is a needless and unnecessary tragedy. host: some people have ten to the blame on the political nature of the alleged shooter manifesto and some members of your own caucus and tweeting shortly after that house republican leadership has enabled white nationalism and anti-semitism history what
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begins with words ends in far worse. republican leaders must reject the views of those who hold them. >> republican leaders have. it's very unfortunate. i totally disagree nothing better than anything that condone unnecessary violence oror racism so i disagree but obviously there is no room for racism in america. host: we welcome your calls and comments. >> there is a story about meeting with kevin mccarthy
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and business leaders and house republicans to make a case for the november victory with the roundtable on inflation affecting every american what will your party do differently on the inflation front if you gain the house in november quick. >> hopefully provide oversight and you will see attitude among members of congress over the past year and a half and to get spending under control. and every major crisis isad a result of whether it is the
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energy crisis because of the bad energy policy or increasing crime because of lack of border security and the baby formula shortage the fda warned months ago they did not have a backup plan. we have got to get this congress under control and spending under control to have transparencyer and oversight and try to stop the bad policies and get security ony the southern border get crime under control these are the priorities of the republican-led congress. >> and with oversight on the cdc and covid response the money appropriated what are some specific areas in a house
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run gop hearing. >> there was so much money appropriated through unemployment the government had a policy not to work that many states were victimsra of fraud people that were still working in hundreds of billions of dollars and this is something we willip have multiple hearings on natalie to identify the problem that fix it so it doesn't happen again and repeat history if there's a large unemployment rate than the ppp loan program period areas millions of dollars worth of loans they
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don't have to pay back your paid taxes and with that unnecessary respirator purchases and bad actors keep on —- gouging the system will always be there for that so these are the t types of hearings we will have. host: is it too late to class some ofgu that back quick. >> it will be difficult. the overall objective is to never repeat this again they said in congress many times whenever congress goes on the unnecessary spending spree the history will show the majority of congress lost their mind with respect to the american people checkbook it is just unimaginable numbers in the name of covid with little or
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no transparency or oversight. getting back to the origination we have dug up a lot of e-mails transcribe it was redacted too the public between doctor collins and doctor fauci and with the onset of covid-19 where it appears there was a effort to dispel the theory from day number one without sending any crew or investigators to look most think that covid-19 came from the lab then wuhan. iue do. we will continue to try to get the american people the answers they deserve where did this virus start get a hold anybody accountable. >> there was a piece about the biden family and the headline
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is hunter widen to care of uncle jim you made no secret that you would look into a hearing investigation with hunter biden what you interested in quick. >> we have an ongoing investigation with hunter biden. every week it gets a little worse. we are in possession of the hard drive. going through every e-mail and bank record. is out the average american could have gotten away with from a financial or banking standpoint. that people he has done that business with many on different watchlist that the government should not be doing business with. nobody in the american government.
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whether russianit oligarchs or for the chinese communist party. there is a history there and a pattern of hunter biden profiting off foreign nationals and no individual is allowed to dosi business. there is a lot of questions the business associates can answer i wish joe biden would answer but we already caught the president at least in one line where he said he had no knowledge of the business of hunter going to the white house 27 times. we saw the individual e-mail where he said he had the tax refund from delaware and were deposited into the vice president's account and then write a check to hunter for the money he owed hunter. if you have access to
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someone's checking account you are familiar. more will come out because of the e-mails the worse it will be for the biden family. host: the congressman with the oversight committee the rankingki republican first to lexington kentucky. >>caller: good morning. thank you for allowing me this moment. i live in kentucky and moved here two and a half years ago i love it. florida nebraska california and colorado. but why hasn't kentucky past marijuana laws? there is so much potential in the state and we are slowly being surrounded by other states that are taking the revenue in the full potential.
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why hasn'tne this happened quick. >> thank you for the question that is for the kentucky state legislature in frankfurt. i was there 11 years 2001 through 2011 before becoming commissioner of agriculture. i keep upth with what they do and they had an opportunity to pass a bill to legalize medical marijuana. i agree with a collar. it is popular in kentucky. recreational marijuana the more untestable numbers are not the same but look at the government model to treat pain in america in the past is write a prescription for the opioid that has not worked out very well especially states like kentucky. and then we have to look at alternative forms of pain relief as opposed to what the
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current business model is in kentucky to write a pain pill. i think that will be brought back up but that is more of the state legislators then congress. host: republican line up next. >>caller: a quick question. can you inform the public about what will be occurring with the geneva conference next week? it's my understanding the who governing legislative body and then taking a vote on the healthcare system and it sounds like it will pass with serious concerns for national
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sovereignty so can you please explain that? >> you did a very good job to explain that. you know more about it than i do. i am definitely with that but i will familiarize myself with that today. with the who, have a very low level of confidence in the who.
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with a clear and apparent cover-up of the origination of covid-19 so i am still not a fan of the who. until they come clean with what went on in that lab. and every day the oversight committee digs up more e-mails we find more information that proves that the very least they knew what was going on in the lab. they were do we gain of function research and american tax dollars were going therethrough ego health alliance and then when it was time to send people into look at the wuhan lab they would send in the ceo of eco- alliance as the american representative. we will get caught up on what is going on. host: a call from your district. >>caller: good morning.
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>> i have a comment i am a constituent of yours. i want to say that we feel very fortunate to have that issue as our representative. new and massey and rand paul we are happy to have representation with backbone. i like what you said about the funds for ukraine in installments and then rand paul's idea of thepl inspector general for the whole thing. because people are waking up about the slush fund and the money laundering of ukraine. that's all i have to say. >> thank you for the call. and everybody in kentucky thinking of murray right now with the deputy sheriffca who lost his life yesterday in marshall county. but with respect to ukraine we have to get a handle on spending you just cannot write a blank checkck and expected to trickle down especially were supposed to go with no
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unintended consequences. but if you print 40 billion more dollars to ukraine that will make inflation even worse. people are yelling loud and clear put america first. >> ralph from augusta georgia go ahead. >> thank you for taking my call. my concern is we have to democrats and republicans always at odds that all are here right now when republicans get back into office and they say right now they are not supportive ofarhe anything that thede democrats do go head-on and investigate that you don't think that putin and ukraine but to say we will not do this or tell another country how they willai stand by. we are losing people here. republicans have said nothing.
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>> we'll get a response. >> i think every republican in washington has condoned unnecessary violence in buffalo and i don't know what more could beno said. but when biden became president he tried to be they united that's what he campaigned on but every policy that is come out of this administration with the exception perhaps the infrastructure bill, has been overly partisan, far left wing policy and that joe biden is
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tired of becoming vice president and president considered a moderate middle-of-the-road guide to bring people together in the senate but unfortunately the first year and half e an office i don't see a lot of effort and hopefully when republicans get to the majority me to look
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for ways to work with democrats moving forward. host: many of your colleagues called on merrick garland to protect supreme court justices has he responded back? >> no. what we want to do iss make sure we are providing section this is clearly an effort to intimidate the court and we don't want to see that happen. >> and having security details i. why does she have security video and i was shocked that the supreme court does not. this is something that we need to take very seriously, especially right now when they are dealing with an issue that gets people's emotions as high as abortion. host: republican line, brenda,
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go ahead. caller: i have a question. 99.4% of the population is in the hands of a document that is going to the world health organization on may 22 and they do not know why you do not know this. it causes the united states to surrender its health sovereignty during a pandemic. it affects every country on the globe, read the document. it is 193 countries on it as well as the united states and it was submitted for approval for may 22. i am completely surprised you do not know this because i am not into politics. i watch the show and so many people are talking around it -- about it around me and you do not know this? what are your thoughts on this? guest: there is so much stuff on the internet. this has not been discussed in congress or anything else. i do not think there is going to
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be -- i am not even going to comment on it. i did not know what it is. >> there is so much stuff on the internet this is not been discussing congress. i'm not even going to comment i don't know what it is this
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could be happening but i am not familiar with it. >> good morning. i used to be a republican but i want to look at the comment you made about buffalo. not all republicans are racist at all racist are republican. >> i disagree with that. but go ahead. i have met racist democrats. >>caller: speaking about the pandemic do you believe what trump was saying that it was a democratic hoax? were chinese because it was supposed to go 2020 but it didn't but he blamed it on the democrats do you believe what he believes? >> i will jump in here. i don't think the democrats
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blame covid on the democrats he blamed them of overreacting and i do agree with the president on that. even biden miscalculated the severity and the longevity. we need to tryfi to learn from those mistakes. i know people right now that have covid. we have to continue to take this seriously but we cannot take on —- continue to spend trillions of dollars unnecessary we have to figure out how to do better during times of a pandemic without bankrupting the american people.
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host: those that were subpoena by the january 6 committee what are your thoughts on that quick. >> i don't consider january 6th a legitimate committee if you listen to concerns there are a lot of concerns the january 6 committee never comes up when i talk to people in kentucky american people expect congress to get inflation andsu crime under control or secure the border this really set americans schoolchildren behind and these are the areas we will focus moving forward. >> you are running unopposed so what is the number one issue quick. >> to get government spending under control. 30trillion-dollar national debt and growing every day we cannot be the police man for the world and pay people not to work. we cannot continue. i try to be a watchdog for the taxpayers the role of the government is limited.
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we have too much government. we have bureaucracies out of control and spending out of control. my goal is to get the
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government off the backs of the public sector. host: thank you for being here on "washington journal". >> today the senate is considering a bill $40 billion to ukraine


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