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tv   U.S. Senate Sen. Minority Leader Mc Connell on Ukraine  CSPAN  May 18, 2022 9:42am-9:51am EDT

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threatened, not by russia's war in ukraine, but by congress' war on the american taxpayers. the vast majority of americans simplify ukraine. they want to repel the russian invaders. if congress were honest they'd take the money from elsewhere in the budget or ask americans to pay higher taxes or heaven forbid, lone the money to ukraine instead of giving it to ukraine. but congress will do what congress does best, spend other people's money. i, for one, will not. i will vote no. somehow, somewhere, a voice of fiscal sanity must remain vigilant. must remain stallwart amid a sea of madness. >> yesterday in a bipartisan landslide the state advanced legislation to get more arms and assistance to the noent people of ukraine.
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senators collins, barrasso, cornyn and i just returned from kyiv, it was moving to feel impacts of putin's aggression. to see a free and independent nation made to literally fight for its life. but it was also inspiring to witness the bravery and the determination that have united ukrainians in the face of this onslaught. ukraine has had more than its share of political differences in recent years. putin must have thought that some ukrainians would actually welcome invading russian forces. instead, both ukrainian speaking and russian-speaking ukrainians have united in defense of their sovereign nation. some predicted ukraine would
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fold in a few days, russia would stroll right to kyiv. that was wrong, too. ukraine is tough. and kyiv remains in ukrainian hands, with life moving back towards normalcy despite the continued threat. our delegation was honored to meet with president zelenskyy. he expressed his gratitude to the united states for our leadership and support on a bipartisan basis, as well as for other countries that have stood by his people in their time of need. america's not the only free country that has the ukraine's back. president sleb was moved by the countries who have given ukraine literally everything they had. of course, other european countries can and should do more to help ukraine and the u.s. should lead an effort for
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broad, sustained, international support for ukraine. american support for ukraine highlighted the limits of our stockpiles and shortcomings in our own defense production capacity. a number of european countries have dipped deeper into their weapons inventories. they'll need a refill as well. as our european friends wake up from their, quote, holiday from history, end quote, an increased defense spending, i hope the u.s. will be a reliable supplier of advanced weaponry to our n.a.t.o. allies, a textbook win-win. our delegation reiterated to president zelenskyy, the bipartisan consensus which the senate demonstrated with last night's vote. the united states of america has ukraine's back and will stand with our friends until they win. ukraine is not asking anybody
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to fight their fight for them. they're only asking for help in getting the resources and tools they need to defend themselves. we and our friends and partner across the free world will stand by ukraine until they achieve victory as we define it. the outcome of this fight has ramifications, and they should not be standing alone. the senate reaffirmed yesterday that america's decision to support ukraine is not some forgive less act of charity, it serves our own national security and streak interest for name borders to mean something. if serves our own security and interest to impose massive costs on putin's long running campaign of violent
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imperialism. and to deter future wars of aggression before they start. so, maed madam president, i assure you that the ccp is watching, and there's a reason why countries like yaip and taiwan are rooting for ukraine to-- and they'll want a stable and security and strong europe on our side. speaking of america's national interest, our delegation also visited what we hope and expect will soon be the two newest members of the n.a.t.o. alliance. we arrived in stockholm and helsinki just as the leaders of sweden and finland announced their nations will seek to join the alans that has secured peace in europe more than 73
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years. it was an honor to have robust discussions with prime minister anderson, defense minister holdquist. and the prime minister, and defense minister and the parliamentary leaders in helsinki. i gave them my assurance that i fully support finland and sweden's accession. i'll do all i can to speed treaty ratification to the senate. finland and sweden are impressive and capable countries with military capabilities that surpassed many of our existing n.a.t.o. allies. as new members, they would more than pull their weight. these two nations, geographic locations are streak. they have well equipped and professional armed forces. their military and high-tech industrial bases are robust.
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there's already significant inner operability that connects their defenses and n.a.t.o.'s i'll have more to say on this subject and the days and weeks ahead. finland and sweden would make n.a.t.o. even stronger than it stands today. finally, it must be noted that our delegation was not the most important group of americans shipping out to stand with our friend in europe. not by a long shot. there are 100,000 american soldiers currently stationed in europe to bolster the peace and shore up n.a.t.o. this includes the kentucky based v-core. as we received world just last week, that 4700 members of the 101st airborne from kentucky's fort campbell would come there in the coming months. the screaming eagles have a
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long history of america's security interest in europe. i'm proud of these brave men and women deploying in moments. and to make the peaceful allegations to our sovereignty and strength in europe and proud of the entire fort campbell community to keep them well prepared for this mission. >> now, ma madam president, it's been a sorrowful, painful few days for the people of new york. i joined with the president, first lady, governor hochul, senator gillibrant and other local officials to meet with relatives of those killed where the supermarket where it happened and to grieve with the community that's been ripped apart by unspeakable violence. there is no single word to encapsulate what it was like to


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