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tv   U.S. Senate U.S. Senate  CSPAN  May 19, 2022 1:59pm-4:09pm EDT

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the presiding officer: on this vote, the yeas are 52, the nays are 43.
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three-fifths of the senators duly chosen and sworn not having voted in the affirmative, the motion is not agreed to. the clerk will report the motion to invoke cloture. the clerk: cloture motion, we, the undersigned senators, in accordance with the provisions of, do hereby move to bring to a close debate on the nomination of executive calendar 855, stephanie dawkins davis of michigan to be united states circuit judge for the sixth circuit, signed by 17 senators. the presiding officer: by unanimous consent, the mandatory quorum call has been waived. the question is, is it the sense of the senate that debate on the nomination of stephanie dawkins davis of michigan to be united states circuit judge for the sixth circuit shall be brought to a close. the yeas and nays are mandatory under the rule. the clerk will call the roll. vote: vote:
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the presiding officer: the yeas are 48. the nays are 36. the motion is agreed to. the clerk: the judiciary, stephanie dawkins davis of michigan to be united states circuit judge for the sixth circuit.
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mr. schumer: mr. president? the presiding officer: the majority leader. mr. schumer: are we in a quorum? the presiding officer: we are not. mr. schumer: mr. president, i ask unanimous consent that the senate proceed to legislative session, be in a period of morning business with senators permitted to speak therein for up to ten minutes each. the presiding officer: without objection. mr. schumer: mr. president, i ask unanimous consent that the senate proceed to the immediate consideration of h.r. 7791, which was received from the house and is at the-esque did. the presiding officer: the clerk will report. the clerk: h.r. 7791, an act to amend the child nutrition act of 1966, to establish waiver
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authority to address certain emergencies and so forth and for other purposes. the presiding officer: is there objection to proceeding with the measure? without objection. mr. schumer: mr. president, i further ask that the bill be considered read a third time and passed, and that the motion to reconsider be considered made and laid upon the table, with no intervening action or debate. the presiding officer: is there objection? without objection. mr. schumer: mr. president, the senate has just passed legislation to help ease the terrible nightmare parents are facing trying to find baby formula for their kids. it's rare that we have unanimity in the senate on important measures, and i wish we had more. but this is one of these important issues, and i'm glad we're acting with one voice. it's the stuff of nightmares for parents to race to the grocery store or the drugstore only to find the shelves empty of baby formula or, even worse, maybe causing more anguish, there's
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formula on the shelf but they can't buy it because w.i.c. didn't allow them to. this shortage, the shortage of baby formula, is causing unimaginable stress, unimaginable anguish to parents and immense harm on america's young kids. there's already such a strain on the parents of newborn children especially in the times of covid. the last thing parents and care gives need is for it to be even harder to feed their children. the stept we're taking today is going to add flexibility and relief to w.i.c. beneficiaries and almost half of all baby formula consumed in the u.s. is by w.i.c. beneficiaries. now millions of parents will have an easier time finding the baby formula they need. i want to thank senator stabenow. she's been amazing in shepherding this through. she got it through the house. she came up with the idea, and now we're here to pass it on the senate and send it to the president's desk. and she had a great partner in senator boozman, who stepped up to the plate as well.
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so i thank them for championing this legislation. as i mentioned, it already passed the house with overwhelming bipartisan support. and i'm glad it's passing the senate. now, yesterday president biden invoked the d.p.a., the defense production act, to respond to the shortage of baby formula that's hurting parents and caregivers of newborns across the country. the president appeared democrats in congress are taking this -- the president and democrats in congress are taking this issue seriously and invoking the d.p.a. was the right response. to the parents and caregivers, we hear you. the senate is taking action. president biden has taken action to increase imports of safe baby formula and to increase production of formula in our country. the house has taken action, and now the senate is. we must keep going because there's more to do. i yield to senator stabenow, who as i mentioned did an amazingly great job on this issue. ms. stabenow: well, thank you
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so much, mr. president. i want to thank our leader who has been there right there every moment giving us the opportunity to be able to move this through quickly. i am very pleased to say that the access to baby formula act, after senator schumer's actions, will be going to the president for his signature. and this is really important as part of what we need to do to deal with an immediate crisis. the reality is that right this minute moms and dads are trying to figure out what they're going to be able to do to give safe baby formula to their children. is it on the shelf? where will they have to go to get it? how many days, hours are we going to have to wait to do this? it's an incredible, incredible emergency, and what i've so appreciated is that we came together, house, senate democrats and republicans and acted faster than i've
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participated in from writing a bill at the beginning of the week to thursday having it pass the house and now the senate to go to the president. now, i don't think we should be giving ourselves too many kudos here, because i think this had happened in the very beginning and we shouldn't have seen what happened at the abbott plant. and in my mind, the f.d.a. should have moved more quickly to respond to it. but when we became aware of all of this, we came together very quickly to do what we could. the reality is that half of the baby formula in this country goes to moms and babies that are on a very important program that is called the women, infants, and children program. and we know that we've got to do everything humanly possible to take care away any -- to take away any barrier for them to get this important food for
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children, to get baby formula for children. and that's what we have done to make sure that the usda can act quickly -- and i want to thank secretary vilsack who has in fact worked quickly and has worked with us on this legislation. and we also want to make sure that every manufacturer of baby formula going forward is required to participate in w.i.c. to have a comprehensive plan of what to do in an emergency, what to do if there are supply chain breakdowns or something else that stops our moms and babies from getting what is essential daily nutrients for them to be healthy. this is an important program that has worked for a long, long time. i'm so pleased to have my friend and ranking member, senator boozman, working with me. we came together very quickly. i want to thank our staffs for doing that as well.
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this is not the only thing that needs to happen, but it's really important that we move forward and make it clear that if you're on w.i.c. and you go to the baby store -- or go to the grocery store and the formula that you're supposed to buy by brand is not available, that there's something else available, that you can get it. we're not going to put any barriers up for your getting safe baby formula. and so this is an important piece. i want to thank president biden for acting as well, reaching out to our partners in the european union to be able to import safe baby formula as fast as possible. there are other producers, manufacturers in the country increasing their production right now. but the most important thing is that we let families know that we're going to do everything possible to make sure that their babies get what they need as
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soon as possible, and that we understand -- i certainly understand as a mom, i understand as a grandma that this is a horror for families. families with babies. i'm very appreciative that the united states senate came together as quickly and as in a bipartisan way as we have done, to do our part, those of us on the agriculture, nutrition and forestry committee, to make sure that those moms and babies that we are responsible for through w.i.c. are getting all the support that they can to make sure they can sleep easy at night, except when the baby is crying, of course, but to be able to sleep easy at night and know that somebody is going to work as hard as possible to make sure they have the baby formula they need. so i'm going to -- i would defer to my friend and partner,
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senator boozman. mr. boozman: thank you, senator stap. mr. president. the presiding officer: the senator from arkansas. mr. boozman: again, i want to compliment senator stabenow for her leadership in this area, and as she said getting this done in a record amount of time. we're facing an infant formula shortage across the country, as we all know. moms, dads, in the most prosperous country on earth should never have to worry about their ability to obtain something as vital as baby formula. one of the most vital nutrition programs, the w.i.c. program, provides formula to families in need across the country. these shortages have disproportionately impacted these families, as it makes it more difficult to find formula on the shelves. this legislation will bep fit -- benefit every american family by ensuring formula manufacturers and regulators are always prepared to respond to any shortages or supply disruptions,
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and by providing more flexibilities to usda and states in helping parents meet their children's nutritional needs. our bill has the support of the national w.i.c. association and more than 250 other groups across the country, and most importantly the support of 100 senators, which we're very proud of. i want to again give a special shout out, a special thanks to senator stabenow and her staff, my staff who worked very hard to get this done, and then also to the majority leader, senator schumer, for again pushing this through. as senator stabenow said, i think this truly is a record amount of time and great collaboration amongst the house and the senate, and really is a very, very good example as to how we need to collaborate more. with that, i yield back.
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the presiding officer: the senator from missouri. mr. blunt: mr. president, i rise today to honor police week and recognize the service and sacrifice that law enforcement officers make every day to protect communities across my state of missouri and my hometown of springfield, right here in the capitol that you and i benefit from every day, and all across the country. when i came to the senate 11 years ago, with senator coons, we founded the senate law enforcement caucus, and i've had the privilege of working closely with many of missouri's police officers, sheriffs' departments, local, state, and county level police officials, the missouri highway patrol, and frankly in the rules committee work i work closely with the capitol police here, and it's something i'm pleased to be able to do. the men and women have done
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every -- that serve us really do put their lives on the line, and i'm going to talk about that a little bit today. they made the choice to put the safety of their communities first, and i, like many others, are grateful to all of those who wear the badge and stand in front of danger for us. tragically, in the last year, five of missouri's officers lost their lives in the line of duty. officer blaze madrid evans of the independence police department was killed by a violent suspect evading arrest. officer madrid evans was just 22 years old, engaged to be married, graduated from the academy two months earlier. his mother, shannon, said he could charm anyone he met growing up. one of the staff members at smithville high school remembers him as a young man who spent time serving his community, this
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was her quote, she said, he wouldn't hesitate to help a fellow student or another person. he was a wonderful leader and a wonderful friend. i have no doubt his impact would have been far-reaching in the years to come. indeed, it will be, as it turned out, because selfless person that he was he made a decision to be an organ donor and save the lives of others. one of the people being helped by his decision is springfield, missouri, police officer mark prebe, severely injured in the line of duty in 2020, and officer prebe received a donated kidney and after successful surgery said he hoped to honor officer madrid evans and his family by the way he lives his life. the ability of these two families, two law enforcement families, to come together and find a purpose in tragedy is the
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statement to the power of faith and inspiration, i think, to all of us. officer madrid evans is survived by his fiance victoria atkinson, his mother shannon evans, step-mom, sharon braley, mother, michelle madrid, his sister, jordan evans, along with his grandparents, uncles, an aunt and a cousin. detective antonio balancan tine of the -- balantine of the st. louis county police department was killed during a vehicular pursuit. he was a 14-year veteran of the department. served in the army, including a tour in iraq, and was recently retired from the u.s. air force. his uncle, scott, a fellow law enforcement officer with the st. louis metropolitan police department, remembered him as a man who always put his family first. when he was a child, according to his uncle, things were hard,
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and his uncle's quote was there's nothing like having to fight a roach for a cracker, his uncle said, but no matter what little the family had, detective valentine went without to be sure his siblings had what they needed. as an adult, he often asked his uncle to make sure his kids, jalen, alicia, antonio jr., were taken care of. i hope they'll find strength in knowing how completely devoted their dad was to them and all who benefited from his life of service. police officer lane burns of bontere, missouri, of that police department, was killed responding to a violent disturbance. he was a five-year veteran of the department. his fiance, shannon chassine, would osen listen to the police -- listen to the police radio while he was on duty. she heard the call the night he
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lost his life. really a tragic remember rance how tragic it is when a frame never knows when or how their loved one will be challenged and in danger. the families are basically in danger all the time someone is at work and they're wondering what that person may be facing at any moment. officer burns is survived by shannon and his children, ivy, claire, and ray and michael burns. his parents, joe and julie burns, brothers, scott and steve burns, and his grandmother. officer jack reed and corporal benjamin cooper, both of the joplin police department were fatally wounded reintong to a dis-- -- responding too to a disturbance. officer reed was a five-year veteran of the department. he said jake it was the epitome of selfless service and sacrifice.
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joplin police chief sloan roland said like officer madrid evans, officer reed was also an organ donor and will impact the lives of countless recipients and their lofs ones who -- loved ones who, thank to his selflessness, will have more time together and better quality of life. chief rowland said about officer evans, his fervent hope is someday individuals will learn of this remarkable man and learn of a life well lived, a life full of caring and full of humor, just like lake lived, completes the chief's quote about jake but obviously doesn't complete his interest in jake or the lives he saved or the people that jake cared about. and that included his wife bailey with whom he celebrated his first anniversary earlier this month, as well as his parents robert and melissa
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reed, his brother sam reed, his in-laws and a nephew. corporal benjamin cooper was a u.s. army veteran, joined the jop list police department in 2003 and returned in 2013 after spending time as a k-9 officer? colorado. his funeral brought together former colleagues from all over the country. reverend brian henderson remembered him as an officer who didn't pull any punches but, quote, always had your back no matter what. reverend henderson also said despite his tough exterior corporal cooper had a sneaky sense of humor. he was survived by his wife roxie, two daughters, tiffany and ashley, his parents steve and joyce cooper, sister robin jensen and her husband and two
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nephews. these five people -- and i wish i wasn't here reading the names of five people today -- these five people represent the determination of all our nation's brave law enforcement officers together above and beyond for their communities. three of these officers were lost in a span of roughly a week in march. officer burns, officer reed, corporal cooper. their loss was certainly a gut punch to the missouri law enforcement community. i was proud to join my colleague, senator hawley, in introducing a resolution to honor their service and sacrifice which was adopted by the full senate on may 10. there are few jobs in this country as difficult, as dangerous, and demanding of sacrifice as being a law enforcement officer or one of their fee members. the challenges they face today are growing as local debts struggle with staffing shortages caused by record had been high
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departures and difficulty figure open positions. so everybody has to work harder than you would hope they would work in a job that's already hard enough. this is all happening against the backdrop of a crime wave inflicting communities of all sizes all across the country. this is unfortunately the predictable result of the movement that has villainized law enforcement and as cochair of the law enforcement caucus, one of my priorities has been to ensure law enforcement officers have the support and resources they need to do their jobs as safely and effectively as possible. ensuring americans can live, work, and raise their families without fear should not be a partisan issue. we can all agree that there should be a zero tolerance policy for police misconduct. and anyone who engages in that conduct should be held accountable. but we can't allow the millions of outstanding public servants who put their lives on the line
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to question whether they have our full support and gratitude for the work they do. i know i do, and many of us every day thank the capitol police that we see multiple times during the day. and i want to thank all of our nation's law enforcement officers for leaving their houses today or later tonight, as they do every day to patrol and protect their communities. i offer my sincere prayer that each and every one returns home to their families safe and sound. for all those who made the ultimate sacrifice in missouri and across the country, i offer my deepest condolences to their families. we must never forget their bravery and their service, even as we hope that next year there will be fewer names of the fallen to share. mr. president, thank you, and i yield the floor.
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ms. stabenow: mr. president, are we in a quorum call? the presiding officer: we are not. ms. stabenow: all right. thank you very much. i understand there are four bills at the desk and i ask for their first reading en bloc. the presiding officer: the clerk will read the fights of the bills for the first time. the clerk: h.r. 350,en act to authorize dedicated domestic terrorism offices within the department of homeland security at the department of justice and the federal bureau of investigation to analyze and
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monitor domestic terrorist activity and require the federal government to take steps to prevent domestic terrorism. s. 4261, a bill to suspend duties and other restrictions on the importation of infant formula to address the shortage of infant formula in the united states and for other purposes. h.r. 7688, aen act to prevent consumers from price gouging of consumer fuels and for other purposes. h.r. 7790, an act making emergency supplemental appropriations to address the shortage of infant formula in the united states for the fiscal year ending september 30, 2022, and for other purposes. ms. stabenow: i now ask for a second reading and i object to my own request, all en bloc. the presiding officer: objections having been heard, the bills will receive their second reading on the next legislative day.
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ms. stabenow: i ask unanimous consent that the senate adjourn until 4:07 p.m. today. the presiding officer: without objection. the senate stands adjourned >> it's u.s. senate approving a
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when the senate returns, watch live coverage here on c-span2. ♪ >> cell phone span is -- c-span is your unfiltered view of government. we're funded by these television companies and more, including cox. >> cox is committed to providing eligible families access to affordable internet through the connect program. bridging the digital divide one connected and engaged student at a taoism. cox, bring -- at a time. cox, bringing us closer. >> cox supports c-span as a public service along with these other television providers, giving you a front row seat to democracy. >> host: joining us now, derek johnson, the president and ceo of thect naacp. thanks for giving us your time today. >> guest: thank you, good morning. >> host: good morning. it's reported that you and other leaders --


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