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tv   Speaker Pelosi Holds News Conference  CSPAN  May 19, 2022 7:55pm-8:24pm EDT

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committee centers to provide wi-fi enabled list they get their families ready for anything bread comcast support c-span is a public service along with these other television providers. give you a front row seat to democracy. >> here's what is i had. next house speaker pelosi and her weekly briefing. then from today's edition of "washington journal" conversation with derek johnson president ceo of the naacp. nine enter secretary deb pollan testifies our department 2023 budget request. after that the latest white house coronavirus briefing. the senate passed an additional $40 billion to assist ukraine in its ongoing fight against russia. the legislation is on hold much of the week because of kentucky senator rand paul requested a special inspector general be added to the bill to oversee how the aid money is being spent.
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it against the measure which is already been approved by the house. and now has to president biden for his signature. next, house speaker nancy pelosi talks about the baby formula shortage, inflation and gas prices. after the november midterms. the briefing last 25 minutes. >> good morning. i just came from the senatesi si
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where i testified introduced our guesstimate commissioner of security in exchange for this is bittersweet he has been trusted as an intellectual asset resorts to the congress for a long time. while i mentioned that though senator tester was presiding and he -- i could congratulate him to convey the great news the senate democrats and republicans had come to agreement. something for our veterans and their families, for many years people have gotten cancer and tracing it back to the burn pits which have caused a terrible harm to our men and women in
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uniform. also some other issues which they have not disarmed minimum but our families as wellin terms of cancer et cetera. this is a very big deal for us this week. wonderful, wonderful accomplishment. in the week that was sad -- i started off so sadly and continues to beat sad and terms of what happened in buffalo. not only in buffalo where a white supremacist murdered ten people in dallas were three people were shot in a korean hair salon. and california were worshipers more and attacked there. yesterday house democrats took domestic terrorism by passing the protection act. this is very, very important. the bill strengthens the fight against the crimes by including
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giving federal, state, local and tribal laws and law enforcement the resources they need to train, to prevent and address domestic terrorism and to weed out domestic terrorism whether they exist in a law enforcement, military wherever they exist it's really quite sad. our chairman of homeland security cap committee for years has been talk about the issue of domestic terrorism. and in his hearing the head of the fbi said more exposed to violence from domestic terrorism than global terrorism. to date will be on the steps of the capitol led by cbc beatty the asian-pacific caucus. steps of the capitol to honor those killed and to demand action. it is not just about guns. we will never rest until we
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address the gun issue. until we solve it. we must call out against the replacement theory and denounce those who have allowed and even encouraged the bigotry. back to the kitchen table for the babies for the children we are very pleased yesterday were able to pass to bills that address the baby formula shortage this is about hungry babies and parents in anguish. took two bold steps i think you saw what they were even that much of the debate was in the evening. one to the build to improve access to the wic program to note that that is? women infants and children program. in half of all format nationwide is purchased at wic for women. lower income are more in need families.
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and then that herco that we did the emergency. that was under bobby scott and johanna hayes leading that emergency supplemental under the leadership to give the funds to the fda to do what they need to get formula back on the shelves as soon as possible. the president took action yesterday which is very important was to enable the defense production act to be able to deal with the baby formula and to make militaryav planes available to bring formula into the country. he has been veryy clear though who want to be as quick ase possible but we must be safe that we must be cautious for the children. we proceed again to make sure they have the nutrition to grow and reach their fulfillment. another kitchen table issues the price gouging democrats work to
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protect america's physical security also laser focused on protecting families economic security. while families are struggling to pay high prices at the pump some of it is caused because the pooch and price hikes some is because of lower supply because of covid or decisions made by other countries we do also see but the seventh largest oil companies announcing buybacks like a total $41 billion this year alone. and again and again why is this not being passed on to the consumer when they have all of the success that they have. will soon pass a consumer price gouging act to crackdown on big oils price cousy which spikes priced at the pump it allows the president to emergency -- energy emergency declaration that will prevent oil and gas companies
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from imposing exploitative excessive gas in home energy prices on families. another kitchen table issue democrats are working to lower food prices for the grocery store with the egg committee yesterday marking bipartisan bill that will help consumers and agricultural producers put all these issues like the price of oil affects the cost to farmersfa as well. these bills will lower cost by addressing supply chain disruptions and that very important, boosting meat processing capacity which is part of the problem here a big part of it. and holding a big meatpacking conglomerates accountable for unfair practices that hurt ranchers and push up prices. it is about increasing competitiveness, competition to lower costs. and we look forward to strong
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votes on these cost-cutting bills now thatt they pass the committee. one of the big contributors to inflation and the cost to increase in prices going up is of course supply chain challenge thatut we have it. we are very excited about the progress being made on the competes act competes is a cost-cutting bill to make more goods in america, make it in america was mr. hoyer always says with american workers and lower costs at home, to lower costs at home for as you know $52 billion for chips, chips, chips and semiconductors a $47 billion for supply chain challenges make again a more criticaler goods made in the united states and bolstering our u.s. research and innovation stretching u.s. global leadership it is such a busy time we have so much going on
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and we are so pleased we are proceeding is such a strong bipartisan way with the competes act is a transformational bill for america. it will make us independent it will make us self-sufficient. consumers can benefit from that. right now there's a lobbying effort going on the chinese communist party's having a big lobbying effort going on. we are confident will be able to pass the bill hopefully we could do so in time to celebrate our new independence on the fourth of july. again we haven't expedition's timeline we are hoping that will work. as we gather, we are pleased the senate will soon fall the houses lead in passing the 40 billion-dollar supplemental spending funding bill for the ukraine. this funding will make immediate and substantialal difference in ukraine's fight with funds for security, weapons, humanitarian
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assistance, food, giving them the opportunity to settle their food abroad.wh i meet humanitarian assistance to give food to people who need in ukraine, economic assistanceh and also all of this to combat putin's brutality. part of it being a discussion we have about sanctions as well. today, trying to anticipate your questions and my presentation today, shortly i have the high honor of meeting with thesesw finish president and the swedish prime minister. they are here to talk about their entry into nato. this is so exciting, it is so historic. in behalf of the pockets i will thank them for their partnership. i will thank them for their courage in the facel of putin suggestion and will warmly
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welcome will have a bipartisan meeting with them as we welcome them to nato. >> madden speaker. an infant formula issues are you satisfied the white house has handled the issue in the senate may or may not vote on something the test the wic bill we are here with debbie stabenow and just the other day when she was introducing the bill withci boby scott and johanna hayes. we have already gone down thatwe path. yes we have to have the money for the fda to do its job. i think we will have some success. was the objection? we do not want to spend money on babies were crying for food?
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okay let's have that debate. >> you are fully satisfied with the administration? am. first you have to analyze how did this happen? how did this happen? where is the problem?to in the private sector which has a contract to supply all of this, or did that fall down? in the meantime you're seeking it's one thing to solve the heproblem is we go forward it is another thing in the here and now to get that baby food on the shelf. the infant formula on then she. the president has been very clear we want to be as fast as we need to be but we have to be safe and we have to be there and cautious. they have taken the steps i'm very pleased with the president did yesterday but what they have been doing is we've been going along it is never soon enough to have food for a crying baby. reporter: price gouging bill.
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[inaudible] what's your message to the american people right now? [inaudible] x we are doing aos number of things. you're doing a market manipulation actually today as well. the fact is this situation had to be addressed for now. everything we talk about how do we sell but for now? but how do we prevent it from ongoing? the fact it might take a little while to implement is not a reason not to doen it. when they are exploiting the market in the manner in whichry they are. we are very proud of the work our committees have done. we announce that here again house and senate's was that a week ago? a couple of weeks ago i've lost track of time. but recently.
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we will do this and other things to help with the price at the pump. a lot of it is about supply and those are negotiations that have to go on about supply. countries just not ratcheting up the n supply or the people here not drilling using the permits they have two drill in our country. it is multifaceted it is not one thing. but this is for the ongoing, t stop price in gouging of the american people. let us have the market manipulation tools to stop market manipulation tools we t need for the ftc that is with these two bills would do. >> a couple members of both parties have expressed a concern there's another incremental phase reopening here at the campus may 30. members of both parties say they would like it to happen whiter and faster they are seeing no to school groups, can you use your office to make it happen faster
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>> i am not the house capitol physician i can't. if i ruled the world we would not have covid we certainly would have treated differently two years ago when it reared its ugly head. but this is all based on the capitol physician what he enables us to do working with the sgt and arms. we all put our people to come this is the people's house the joy of it all is to see school groups and others come. there is a lineup they try to move people in as quickly asbl possible but as safely as possible. so this is not up to me it is up to the capitol physician as well as the sgt at arms. >> good morning good morning.
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it seems is a modern below back ahead the wood districts you will run m in. all these maps in new york. some younger members already going after him. is he putting himself in the appropriate position in this historical race to be able to manage things? >> nothing involved in the politics of new york and redistricting. he as well as other members of the new york delegation said they were going to run and districts where their home is. we will find out what district that is on friday when the announcement is made. the public. comment ended yesterday, friday they will make an announcement, that is what that is. reporter: [inaudible] thanks not at all heard. >> it doesn't have a great chairman he is a master of the threee atoms. mobilization, the messaging that
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fuels the getna out and vote in the money, the resources needed to doo that. he has worked very hard and very proud of the work he has done hh is elected by the members he's not appointed by the speaker he is elected by the members. welcome to our world have you heard any complaints about me and politics may be. >> once or twice. >> we don't agonize be organized. >> two question since we met her for the next couplest of weeks. number one on covid relief when you anticipate and then the fda had a whistleblower report on the formula issue and has not even, i think the fda commissioner today didn't talk about why they didn't respond quicker to that whistleblower
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report i think rosa put out on that i'm curious if you could address that big. >> here's the thing on the fda, i gotta go with two heads of state let me try to be brief. you care about heads of o stater new york redistricting? nay out security the whole.f thing. [laughter] here's the thing. to the point of the whistleblower. there was a whistleblower in october regionally. that was reported regionally and was investigated and there is not found to be the problem as described so it was not reported up the line. that is what that isbu but doest excuse it or anything but that's what that was by the fda at large never really received that report that is the report madam chair was telling us about.
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the fda, when i first came here i thought was the federal drug administration and did know he think of food because at such a small food budget. one of the reasons i have a small food budget is because there is resistance from the food industry to pay the fees on the drug side you pay the fees that helps fund the fda as i understand it. he talked about this the other day there are obstacles to expanding. on the food side i think they have eight people doing formula. i mean really? we have to again think in charge of the here and now in the future we have to get more resources to t the fda to do its
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job and protect its people one more point didn't ask me about but the fda does not have the authority to recall on the drug side where they do not have that you think they do don't you? didn't you think they had authority to recall? they don't. they can talk about it about moral suasion, bad press or whatever it is the company would pull it in. the chips act the ability to recall a they have small amount with 26 million or whatever the final figure with the here and now due at food part of the food and drug ask how concerned you are about the problems about inflation impacting your ability to hold the house?
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>> elections oh one district at a time. this big spectacular more to come as primaries happen, spectacular. money, mobilization, message, be the three legs of the stool that hold up the platform for the canada and the candidate will largely tell. that is what we are so proud of. so, there are challenges. no question who would have liked covid to notot have other varias emerge. but it did in his being dealt with for the inflation issue is related to covid it's also related to other factors in terms of supply and arrest. and even some further very well place it does have an do with unemployment going down, it does have something to do with that.
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it is not about whether it exists or not it's what are we doing about it? the recognition what are we doing aboutut it? one of the biggest things we're doing about it as they compete to act another is to take down the price at the pump another is to reduce the cost of food in e the agricultural bills that we are doing. and then obviously the baby formula something we don't even consider political. that is f right at the kitchen table but we think the standpoint of the kitchen table there is no comparison. they don't even vote for domestic terrorism, isn't that sad? even three of the authors, sponsors of the bill did not vote against domestic terrorism. safety was the oath we take to protect. safety is a critical issue and that is where we have to show we
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would hope all of this to be bipartisan. this is not to find an issue to campaign on it's about trying to meet the needs of the american people. i have absolutely no intention of the democrats not winning the house in november. i think that in terms of the work this president has done, he has been a great president. i don't know about polls but i do know about winning the races one district atim a time. we were in 40 seats, 31 and trump districts. thirty-one and trump districts. he was not on the ballot now comes the hard part is now on the ballot in 2020. we lost by the third of the seats the ones who won were practically ironclad. some had different tweaks for
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better or worse on redistricting. but we expect theman all to come back. and tooan add to our numbers. thank you for giving me the opportunity to talk about the optimism we have about how urgent this election is. our democracy is on theal ballo. people expect that to be taken care of. we want to know what they're doing about the kitchen table issues. food, education, 12 of them voted with us to make insulin cheaper. our democracy is about freedom that springs from our democracy on the ballot. a woman's right to choose is on the ballot. that is a kitchen table issue. so we are comfortable. we love the candidates, they are great they emerge from the district as our message will
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emerge from the people. we want us to win. from the standpoint of their generosity other ideas and volunteering of time as well as the necessary resources to win the day, we feel pretty confident. we are very proud of sean patrick maloney. >> thankan you. [background noises] the senate has passed an additional $40 billion to assist ukraine in the fight against russia. it's on hold much of it because a kentucky sender ran paul special inspector general be added to the bill to oversee how the aid money is being spent. center pollen ten other republicans voted against the measure which was already been approved by the house.
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