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tv   Washington Journal Derrick Johnson  CSPAN  May 19, 2022 8:23pm-9:01pm EDT

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c-span is a public service along with these other television providers giving you a front row seat to democracy. starting us out derek johnson the president ceo of the naacp. thank you forsi giving your time today. >> thank you good morning. >> good morning supporting you and other leaders in naacp are set to make the attorney general on the events in buffalo could you elaborate? >> naacp along with abl national urban league, and several other organizations. we are going to have a conversation with the ag and the justice department to talk about how we should be approaching this level of domestic terrorism. it is not just about buffalo. it's another example of an ongoing problem we have in this
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country and our lack of response only guarantees more activity causing harm to communities causing harm toea individuals in our democracy because you sit lack of response would he mean by that? >> we know we just found out about 180 page was almost sick copy manifested many are radicalized on social mediaia platforms. there is ongoing efforts to undermine our democracy. we have individuals who are able to convene on social media. platforms like fox news who are promoting false narratives the ghost of the heart of our democracy. if this was a foreign threat we will be much more aggressive ann responding. these are domesticc terrorists. the synagogue in pittsburgh they
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attacked a canadian's in el paso, texas where they attacked communities it louisville, kentucky this is not an isolated incident this is an ongoing problem we must deal with as aas nation. >> is far specific she would like to see coming from the attorney general for that meeting tomorrow, what woulde those be? >> first valve and a heightened awareness that d.o.j. needs to be more aggressive in identifying and isolating these cells. and those who go after them to stop but we have seen. we do recognize with a past administration gave license for people to be more bold in their racial division. we have an administration that many of us believe should be much more aggressive. this is not about picking anyone's right of free speech. this is about keeping citizens safe it's protecting our democracy. terrorism should not bele
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tolerated. a conversation with d.o.j. ish s what you going to do about it? what tool for your toolbox are you going to bring forward the mixture when children go to schoolfo they feel comfortable.t as we go to the grocery store there so protected will be qatar places of worship will have dooi about seven causing an cause harm. if you change the aperture in the country boy. >> are supporting trade in the federal investigation with buffalo could take weeks and more to move through that as far as the federal investigation is concerned. does that concern youer as far s of august going to to investigate the specific case? >> the specific case they should take the time the need to ensure people are held accountable. this is not about the specific case. we want to have a conversation with the overall atmosphere that is been created over the last several years and what we're going to do about it so we don't have another specific case that
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we have the protection of the justice department we have the attention state officials who are focused on this because this is a serious threat to communities but again our guest with this event to ask him questions (202)748-8000 for democrats 8001. for republicans in independence 202-74-8800 tubing taxes choose 8003. what he think the justice department can do to expedite what is going on or at least satisfy the concerns you have as far as what they are not doing what they should be doing? >> is part of the conversation were going to have i understand where the tools in the toolbox? what are the tools not being used? how can we have coordination with state and local officials to ensure we zero in on the critical mass of individuals any time you can have a social media
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platform you can radicalize a young person in the backdrop of the pandemic and they carry out this type of act. that should be alarming if this was an isolate an incident that is one conversation but it is not and we know it. as one of several. think about the shooting at the walmart and el paso. but the killing at the kroger and louisville, kentucky. you turn around too have the killing at a synagogue init pittsburgh that is within seven days and we keep repeating these incidents. we have tois take this is not isolated situations that these are part of a larger scheme we believe in the justice department must as a focus on this so we can protect communities and protect democracy pick.e >> does that mean more gun control efforts? more efforts along the lines ofq was being put out on social media? you keep talking about these tools, what are these tools
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using the justice department has in this? >> as part of the conversation on friday. i think social media platforms are not being accountable section 2:30 have allowed them to l not be held liable for activity on the platform. we need to have physical gun control. look, i like to hunt. you don't use an automatic ak-47 to hunt bird or deer. we have to address that. there are a lot of things that they have of their current toolbox to go to their website the turn but thehe rise in crim. yes that is important what about the rise inn hate crimes? we've seen them have a summit on the rising crimes but that is important. what about the rise in hate crimes? from what art would have a real conversation about that and understand these are not isolated incidents but if this was a foreign threat? we would address that much more aggressively we be much more focused on we know this is a domestic threat we have seen
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evidence of it over and over we latino community the jewish community we must step up our efforts as a nation to address this problem. >> is our first call for you it is from john he is in california republican when you're on with their johnson the president ceo of naacp john, california go ahead. brexit good morning derek i am really glad to speak to you this morning i am excited you're going to be going to the department ofrt justice. n.i might offer a suggestion one of the reasons i think these shooters do this is for exposure and the media has this huge ech. chamber they go into all of these different subjects about guns and all this other stuff. i think the idea would be take this idea to the department of justice to diminish the shooter. that would be to create a special court with a judge, no
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jury. t caught red-handed like this guy for the guy in aurora they come out and catch b him red-handed there should be a swift judgment a swift judgment meet the judge would say you are the shooter and there should be an execution within ten days. that way the shooter is diminished. everything is done it is over, it iss done. the guy hasn't paid his price and moveho on. it went okayav john we will leae it there. what was like to see the justice department do, go ahead? >> for me is not about the individual part we have to figure out a way to be or radicalized our young people. the exact same time address who is treating this i atmosphere wt platforms are they using and
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what tools do we have in our toolbox to address it? it's not enough to say this nothing we could do her hands are tied. if this was aue true emergency there are many things that could be done. i go back to this, if this was al qaeda what would we be doing? there are things we could do. this was a threat towards the majority communityh, not the latino community what would we be doing? it's not enough to say we can't do anything for the reason for having this conversation is to press upon the idea to do more. be more visible. to ensure have not been pushed into a mindset that creates tension who actually go out and cause harm. this is not a videogame. these are people live not as a whole where the government,
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corporate america or citizens responded toit this threat thats played itself on multiple occasions by. >> in california at desert hot springs and is on the line for democrats hello. >> i would like to tell all of the republicans out there the hedifference between a t felt lt summer and the white national riots going on right now. the difference is antifa looking for equal rights for they were just looking for equal rights and they weren't getting none. and they were protesting. these white nationals today are just looking for power. >> color you are on with our guests will shy to ask him? >> i just wanted to comment i just wanted tell republicans what the different was with the antifa riots of last summer.
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whenee you got that point out. thank you. mr. johnson you have a background to allow opera to have a law degree. you want to see more these tools employed but had to go about fighting the larger issue of domestic terrorism up by the same token preserving civil liberties and is there a balancing act there? >> a little bit from your color i have never met, seen anyone who operates under this antifa it is made up. that is a part of the rhetoric just like critical race theory is a threat. it is made up. the people can respond. wewe shouldn't even repeat it ty do not exist. time's up with the children not talking about civil liberties but as a matter of national security which i think it is. we've seen this before with the
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drumbeat of division and tribalism in hate get so high people begin to go and carry out harm towards others. the real question is how far do we go with civil liberties before we begin to address the harm that's happening to society's individualistic communities? >> what level do we have as far as we go? >> that is a question we need to ask ourselves. i am not comfortable knowingng f my grandmother goes to a grocery store she could be subject to being killed because she is african-american. i know i'm not comfortable with my mother who goes to worship at the baptist church she could be killed because she is african-american at a black church. i'm not comfortable when i know my wife can go to kroger's she's african-american. tot's the balance we have address. i dow know there's clinical wil for our society as a whole.
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a political will this is the problem with the address. >> from joseph in florida independent line hello. ask mr. johnson number one, i think the reason we cannot legislate for example for gun-control background checks is because of the filibuster. personally i believe the filibuster ishe unconstitutiona. i think the supreme court should address this. we cannot get things done because the filibuster their attempts made after sandy hook for example 75% agreement on background checks but it was blocked because of the filibuster. my other point is this you mentioned it's a domestic problem not internationalan problem. i would like to hear quickly from the mueller report called
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russian campaign. 2014 intelligence service of the russians they sent employees to the united states on intelligence gathering with instructions it's a blocked out. instruction information warfare via social media. staging political rallies inside tomorrow. impose u.s. grassroots and persons. >> hewitt collar for time you need to summarize that for what you want addressed. >> caller: basically with this information it could be considered perhaps an international problem for. >> okay thanks collar. do i agree. came out after the 2016
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elections. there is evidence there is outside influence in terms of how social media campaign is a german name from foreign countries. yes. the question is what are you going to do about it? how are you going to address it? how are we going to hold social media platforms accountable for putting that information radicalized young people to cause harm i guess our community. those of the things we topu actually put on the table and talk about. what is it we can do as a government as a nation in corporate america and that is not acceptable we have it incident, people mourn and feel bad. aa week later is no longer topf mind. by the time the last funeral of
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the last victims of a buffalo is been done were not going to be talking about anymore. we'll go onto the the next emergency and have another shooting. we have to stop this treadmill. it's not about the individual. it's not about the individual incident it is about the current climate that we must address. that climate is deteriorating by the day paid not to take away anyone civil liberty but to address the threat that was upon us. many have noted the strict gun laws in newtr york state and stl getting access to guns including the shooter. are those conversations to have aside from what you are seeking from the justice department? >> absolutely. the mental health crisis we have pre-pandemic wasn't problematic. post pandemic it only escalated but let'sal be clear you could t
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have 50 states and have strict gun laws and one state. all you do is create a black market. you look at countries like canada, countries like australia. countries like great britain. they have much more -- but the gun laws are much more rigid. and they still enjoyed the sports they enjoy. let's not say it new york not changed. it can change and it should've gone to virginia but let's talk about how do we have a sensible approach on gun control. and that background checks have majorities of the members of the nra the majority of the public say gun-control should be in place they control the outcome we have a problem that corporate america's dictating public policy in ways is causing harm.
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>> reported a couple of days ago it was democratic senator joe manchin the pared down proposal to expand background checks have negotiated 2013 in hopes of getting support for the nra is the only reform that has a chance of passing the 50/50t: senate. >> the prior collar talks with procedure rule of filibuster. is it antiquated process weaponize and we need to really evaluate the procedure rule of the filibuster that should be is place in this context. the overwhelming majority of the american public in one direction we can be held hostage by a few senators were beholding the corporate interest. >> have a problem in that process that needs to be addressed. it really needs to be addressed to talk about sensible gun
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control. message from connecticut's. >> i called on the democrat line regress and doctor stopping there only because we invite you to call back on the proper line pick a line that best represents you. let's hear from roy. roy in woodstock, georgia republican line, go ahead. >> how are you doing? >> sent a letter is to help she received it. probably the one problem we have and we are afraid to talk about it is black on black crime. they think about it, short ten people are killed by a white man. the same time this weekend 20 ot people shot milwaukee. twenty people shot in milwaukee a few months ago there people killed by a deranged black man in wisconsin. we know the subway in new york,
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black terrorists. but we don't want to talk about that. talk about mother being afraid to go to the store there are black people afraid to go to the corner store and their all-black neighborhood. 104 black people shot in chicago in one weekend. seventy-two being shot and killed in onene weekend. and we don't want to talk about that? and one last thing you have got to stop watching watch some conservative opinion. they are going to tell you the truth. you don't want to receive the truth but you need to really start watching the truth. >> okay that's georgette mr. johnson. >> crime is a problem in this country. over 80% of all crimes are committed by individuals who live in close proximity. individuals who are familiar
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with one another. individuals who operate in ape safe area white on white crime, black on black crime. crime is a crime. no one is afraidis shot by the crime problem in this country. if you have an african-american community are going to have a crime among africanl americans. if you are in a white committee crime is white on white paint latino committee, latino on latino pilots stopped p segregating out the crime problem. the crime probably undergirded by the lack of sensible gun control. it's also unregarded by the high propensity. to go too west virginia, you go to kentucky look at the news producer crime looks like at the state. that's about poverty that is about mental health issues that have gone unaddressed. that is about the infrastructure and the lack of opportunity because of poor education of poor communities. the issue of crime is a problem
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some unique thingme african-americans. whites have crime among themselves with the real problem here the lack of opportunities, the loss of hope. physical gun control the lack of infrastructure. those are the things that create the environments they live it. i grew up in one of those neighborhoods. my zip code determine the outcome of their life. crossover, jump over the landmines. i amex no exception i have an ed up in the right place at the right time. we have to begin to talk about this holistic way than some black on black crime that distracts from the underlying issue of poverty. on the lack of infrastructure to support and develop human capitol per. >> the house coming back in about 15 minutes. dirk johnson presidency eo
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joining some michigan we hear next from henry. >> mr. johnson, thank you sir for your service. if i might, one suggestion is that if the fbi, the military, police would step up their surveillance the military definitely, drone surveillance of woods in states like michigan in states like pennsylvania and a huge militia populations that have training camps. on any givenho weekend or holid as weapons going off in those woods. you can hear loud explosions. they are training camps for right wing militia.
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this farce our military. as far as our police. twenty-two reform qualified immunity. we need to step upp our purge f right wing seditious and rapturous soonest in our military and police. we need to take a more serious attitude toward domestic terrorists as we would with al qaeda, with any kind. >> host: thanks collar, thanks collar. >> guest: i agree per generate six is a great example that's in front of us. the fact that federal officials able to catch before they executed with the governor of michigan. we have a threat here in ourla homeland. we understand the threat is
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causing harm to many communities. african americans we know through wow our history you allw the terroristic activities have known to be accounted for we are guaranteed to have more threats. that is been the history of the african-american community. particularly in the south but is more than the south of the rush of killings and lynchings in the 40s and 50s in the 70s of people would not accountable. ourmm community. well, we have gone beyond our community now. your talk about and attempted kidnapping of a governor. when you look at the video and quick to news of platforms look at the video it happened on january 6. for the first time of someone walking in there with a confederate flag is they attack a law enforcement officers trying to protect the capitol in oural democracy. we have a threat and is to be addressed as such.
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>> from san jose, california our guests this is stevenn san jose. steve you are on with eric johnson, go ahead but. >> mr. johnson i find you totally disingenuous. we started referring it made the comment you do not believe that ntfs and crt exist. i find you are working towards the moral and societal destruction of the usn. and still such time as you go on and insist on going on the tucker carlson show to debate this issue i have will have no respect for you. >> well noted i will not go in my sample is very clear. i have neverer met, we never sen anyone associated or operate under a better cause than antifa. i believe it is made up. i stick with that.
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secondly never even heard of. in fact it is a research area that's mostly done in advance, and some law schools but it hasn't by no means been implemented by might knowledge and elementary schools and high school is been manufactured fear mongering approach that we have seen over and over again. by the attack but replacement theory, critical race theory, and teeth all these things are put out there as red meat to generate fear. we need to address who is doing this. why they are doing it and stop it. >> assist ed from baltimore democrats line. >> good morning, thanks for check my call and thanks for
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c-span. sir, when the other caller called in talks about black on black crime you dismissed it as a buzzword. the association is called the national association for the advancement of colored people. i was always taught charity begins at home. yes, there is a buffalo happening in baltimore every two weeks. i see it, i live here. it is a dereliction of duty if i only see it coming and speaking out atg these national issues where there were zones in the city. yes there is poverty andnd lackf legislation for this also bade. people. since columbine the only responses gun control. they are already doing something illegal, is having guns more illegal going to stop it? i think there needs to be an
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outcry from the naacp. think you need to have boots on the ground in these war zoneng cities rather than taking the opportunity of a sensationalistic happening to come out and speak. we need you on the ground every day as it is going on. charity begins at home. >> host: you made that point will leave it there letter asked to respond to that. cracks are declared and saved black on black was a buzzword i said we have a crime problem crime actually takes place in closer proximity to people therefore the segregated society live in a black people in committees crime is what happened in those communities. what celebrates within many community is poverty, lack of opportunity. lack of infrastructure for human capitol but those are things accelerated. you add on top of that gun said to have a problem for that is probably have heard we have also spoken out against that.
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we should not go and say black on black crime is the problem right know it's a symptom of all the other underlying problems around developing potential for people living in poverty. where you are born, unfortunately your zip code determines much of an individual life. baltimore is a great example of apra. >> mr. johnson of you had meetings it was discussions with the attorney general, things are going to talk about? and if so what ise been said? >> what we are talking about today? no it notis have the specific me too be talk to the administration about what are we going to do about social media platforms? how do we address the rise in racial hate against targeted communities. we have had those conversations but right now there's a different level of urgency because when you look at this young man he had a manifesto much of which was copy and paste from other manifestoes.
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we have a pattern here we must address the pattern. because our democracy is at stake it is not about individuals it is but when you look at all the individual incidents there is a pattern but we must address this patternus but. >> this is dave in las vegas independently and save the house comes in about five minutes go ahead with your question or comment. ask when the hate group black wife's matters a hate group service and they don't get a verdict a lot of blacks have killed white people. in the paperer every day this gy is preaching hate all this talk about slavery it's a long timeon governor talk about it some black person hears it on the radio. >> because those accusations are
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going to let our guest respondes directly to that but. >> i'm not familiar with people killing white people. >> from andy in kentucky. >> i really think this gentleman here is really an evil person for the reason you will won't hear me out i'm sure. this guy is like a white people, to the same thing they just absolutely want to so division. you do. not have to have laws to fight these things. everyone knows it's wrong.o not to have laws to controldo everything we do. once you stop doing all of this dissension with each other. it is just nuts your evil people. >> okay mr. johnson doing to respond to that go-ahead.
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>> we have to have a society, an approach to stop racial is killing that we see. what we are witnessing where this january 6, el paso, pittsburgh, what happened in the bay area with the federal official is a coordinated effort by individuals or entities and fox news to cause harm to communities. to cause harm to our democracy. it is for us to be at a place you bring people together around a civil society and feel safe in our community and country. to give tribalism to pull us apart but. >> the point he made about laws what would new laws doing
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specific even if you create these laws would stop theov problem overall? >> the first of all you have to change the political climate this is not a republican versus democrat this is about maintaining a civil society. secondly you have to address some of the systemic problems roaround gun-control quality education, address disparity in income and jobs with few. future opportunities all the sins create anxiety and create the problem we are currently fighting with. >> let's try to get in one more call come alive for democrats sarah and ohio go ahead very quick thank you. go ahead. sarah and ohio hello kuester. >> and going to be quick thank you for taking my call good morning. think they should put metal detectors in the grocery stores the same as they do at the airport you can't get through and she got there a screen.
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so these people won't be able to get into the stores. >> we have to leave it there i apologize for that mr. johnson got 30 seconds if you want to make a final thought. >> feares causes us to react ina negative way sometimes. i understand we need to act not react in a very proactive way to create a level of civility in this country where people can see themselves as a part of moving forward. ♪ c-span's washington journal every day we take your calls life on the air on the news of the date we discussed policy issues that impact you. coming up friday morning we'll talk about the republican primary result president trump influence on the party and what it means for the upcoming midterm elections with "washington post" columnist and senior fellow at the ethics and public policy center henry olson will also discuss gun violence
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