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tv   Washington Journal Derrick Johnson  CSPAN  May 20, 2022 1:29am-2:09am EDT

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his time serving in the trump administration interviewed by the retired marine corps general and national defense industrial association chair man. booktv every sunday on c-span2 and find a full schedule on your program guide or watch online anytime.
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the president and ceo of the naacp thanks for giving us your time today. >> thank you, good morning. it's reported that you end of their leaders on the naacp are set to meet with the attorney general over the events in buffalo. can you elaborate? >> the naacp along with the national urban league committee, legal conferences and several other organizations buffalo is another example of the problem that we have in this country and the response only guarantees
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more activity causing harm to communities and death to individuals and either loading our democracy. >> host: when you see lack of response, what do you mean by that? >> r many of these individuals e being radicalized on the platform. others ongoing efforts to undermine the democracy and some of these individuals i know some of these groups i know when you have individuals that are able to convene on social media and you have a platform like fox news. they are causing harm and attacked by c the nation's capil and the committee's in el paso
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texasno and louisville kentucky. this is a problem we must deal with as a nation. >> as far as the statistics from the attorney general what would those be? to be aggressive and identify and isolate and to go after them to stop what we have seen we do recognize in the past administration thatop gave licee for people to be i more bold in their division but we have an administration manyy of us believe should be moree aggressive. this isn't about taking anyone's rights or free speech. it's about keeping citizens safe and protecting our democracy. terrorism shouldn't be tolerated as of the conversation is what are you going to do about it to
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ensure that when children go to school they can feel comfortable and protected. when we go to places of worship we don't have to worry about someone coming in to cause harm. we have to change the aperturere in the country. >> host: even on the federal investigation they say it could take weeks or more to move that as far as the federal ncinvestigation does that concen you a as far as how long it's going to take to investigate the specific case? >> i think the specific case they should take the time they needed to ensure people are held accountable. this isn't about the specific case. we want a conversation about what they created over the last several years and what we are going toin do about it so we dot have another specific case and
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inthe justice department and we have tension with the state officials who are focused on this because this is a serious threat to the communities. >> our guests with us and if you want to ask questions (202)748-8001 for republicans and independents, a 2002 you can text 8003. what do you think the justice department can do to expedite what's going on or satisfy the concerns you have as far as what they are not doing and what they should be doing? >> that's part of the conversation we are going to have. w what are the tools in the toolbox that are not being used and how can we have coordination with state and local officials to ensure we zero in on the critical individuals who are growing by the numbers. anytime you can have a social media platform you can radicalize a young person in the
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pandemic and they carry out this type of act. that should be alarming. if this was an isolated incident that is one conversation but it's not and we know it. this is one of several. think about the shooting at the walmart in el paso, talk about the killing in louisville kentucky, then the synagogue in pittsburgh within seven days. we keep repeating these instances we have to take them as not isolated situations but these are part of a larger scheme we believe in the justice departmentnt focused on this so that we can protect communities and democracy. >> does that mean more gun control efforts, efforts along the lines of what's put out on social media? i wantnt to clarify what are the tools you think the justice department has in this? >> that's part of the
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conversation i think the social media platforms have allowed them to not be liable for some of the activities on their platforms. we know we need to have sensible gun control. i am not saying take people's guns but you don't need an ak-47 to hunt birds word year. we have to address that. there are a lot of things the department have. you go to the website they talk about the rising crimes. that's important but what about the rise in hate crimes. we've already seen the summit on the horizon crimes but what about the rise in hate crimes? we were going to have a conversation about that and these are not isolated incidences. we will be addressing this much more aggressively, there will bo more focus but we know this is a domestic threat we have seen evidence over and over.
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we must step up to address this problem. >> this is the first call from john in california. the president and ceo of the naacp. john in california, go ahead. >> good morning. i was glad to speak with you thisis morning and i am excited you're going to be going to the department of justice. i might offer a suggestion one of the reasons i think the shooters do this is for exposure and the media has a huge eco- chamber they go into all these different subjects about guns and all this other stuff but i think the idea would be to take this to the department of justice and create a special court with a judge, no jury and if he's caught red-handed like
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this guy or the one in aurora they come out and catch you red-handed there should be a swift judgment manning the judge would say you're the shooter and there should be an execution within ten days of the crime. we will leave it there. you can respond order as far as what you would like to see the justice department do. go ahead. >> for me it's not about the individual. we have to find ways to be radicalized. what platforms are they using and what tools do we have in the toolbox to address it.
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if this was a threat to source the majority community and not the black jewish or latino, what would we be doing it's not enough to say we can't do anything and the reason we are having this conversation is the need to do more to ensure a young person isn't being pushed into the mindset that creates when he would go out and cause nthese arms. we have not responded to this
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threat. the difference is that it's looking for equal rights. >> host: you are on with the guest. what would you like to ask? >> i just wanted to comment and tell the republicans what the difference was between last summer --
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>> i've never met or seen anybody that operates under. it's made up. that's a part of the rhetoric. there are certain limits. we have seen this before where
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it gets so high people begin to carry out harm towards others. that is the question we need to ask ourselves. if my grandmother goes to the grocery store she could be subject to being killed because she's african-american. i know i'm not comfortable. i'm not comfortable when i know that my wife can go to kroger's to get groceries and can be killed because she's african-american. so that is theca balance that we have to address and i do know that if there was political will from the society as a whole this is the problem that can be
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addressed. >> the reason we cannot legislate for gun control, background checks is because of the filibuster there was a 75% agreement on background checks but it was blocked because the filibuster. the other point i would like to read quickly hear it says 2014
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ira and intelligence service of the russians. [inaudible] >> caller: basically this information could be considered perhaps an international problem
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there's the belief in evidence that there's outside influence from foreign countries. the question ises what are we going to do t about it that's wt we need to put on the table to talk about what we can do as a government and as a nation in corporate america that's changed the narrative of what's taking place.
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we are not going to be talkings about this anymore. we will be going to the next emergency and have another shooting. it's about the current climate of that we must address but to address the threat that we all know is upon us. many havet noted in new york state getting access including the shooter and other people brought up the topic of mental health and i want to factor those in are those conversations to have as well as slide from what you are seeking in the justice department? >> absolutely. the mental health crisis that we have before the pandemic was problematic. post pandemic is only escalated.
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you look at countries like canada, australia, great britain, they don't have like we do and they have much more when you have the majority of the members of the nra, majority of the public that essay they should be insh place but the gun industry controls the outcome, we have a problem that corporate america is dictated in ways that is causing harm to the general
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citizens. the proposal to expand background checks in 2013 and in hopes of getting support have the chance of passing the 50/50 senate. >> one of thebu callers talked about the filibuster weaponize during the segregation period. whether it should be in place in thisis context within overwhelmg majority of the american public going in one direction and we could be held hostage by a few senators beholden to the interest. we have a problem in that process that needs to be addressed. from connecticut on the
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republican line, go ahead. >> caller: i called in on the democratic line. >> host: i have to stop you there then only because let's hear from roy in woodstock georgia on the republican line,: go ahead. >> caller: i wrote you a letter yesterday i think the problem is the problem we have and we are afraid to talk about a few months ago there were six people killed in wisconsin. but we don't want to talk about
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that and as you talk about there are black people afraid to go to the corner store in their own neighborhoods.ot .people shot in chicago in one weekend. they are going to tell you the truth. youre need to really start watching the truth. >> guest: crime is a problem in this country committed by individuals that live in close proximity, individuals familiar with one another and individuals
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who operate in the same area. white on white, black on black. no one is afraid to talk about the crime problem so you will have crime. let's stop segregating the problem. it's also undergirded you look at the news and see what crime looks like in those states. it's about poverty and about the deficits. it's about the infrastructure and lack of opportunity so the issue of crime is the problem and we must stop talking about it as some unique thing.
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the problem is the lack of opportunity. of those are the things that create the environment people liveve in. my zip code determined the outcome. i happened to be able to cross over the land mines but i am no exception i just happened to end up in thee right place at the right time. itof is a lack of infrastructure to support and develop human capital. >> host: the house coming in in about 15 minutes, president and ceo joining us from michigan on the democrats line and be
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here next from henry. >> thank you for your service. if i might, one suggestion is that if the fbi, the military, police would step up their surveillance and in states like michigan and pennsylvania where there are huge militia populations they have training camps land on every given weekend or holiday you might hear automatic weapons going off in the woods or loud explosions going off we are under occupation as far as our
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military and police. we need to reform and step up. we need to take a more serious attitude towards domestic. january 6th was a good example. the fact federal officials were able to catch before the executed. we have a threat here in the homeland and understand it is the cause of harm. h african-americans we know
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throughout history if you allow the activities of known individuals to go unaccounted for, we are guaranteed to have more threats particularly in the south.ti every time it happens it only emboldened more activity. when you talk about the attempted kidnapping of a governor were you look at the video look at the video of what happened on january 6th where for the first time you have someone walking with a confederate flag as they attack law enforcement officers trying to protect the capital of the thethreat needs to be addresseds
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such. >> steve in san jose. >> i find you totally disingenuous when you started referring in the comment that you dodo not to believe that it exists. i find that you are working towards the moral and societal destruction and until such time as you go on and insist on going on the tucker carlson show to debate this issue i will have no respect. >> my statement was very clear. i've never met or seen anyone associated or operating under. i believe it is made up and i stand by that. second, most of the viewers have never heard of the critical race theory until it became a
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popularized conversation on social media. had never been heard of in fact it is a researched area mostly done in advance. it is by no means implemented to my knowledge at elementary school, high school across the country. it's been a manufactured fear mongering approach we have seen over and over again whether you talk about replacement theory, critical race theory all these things are put out to generate fear and we must address who is doing this and why and stop it. >> caller: good morning. thank you for taking my call and thank you to c-span. when the other caller called and
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talked about black on black crime, you dismissed it as a buzzword but the association is called the national association for the advancement of colored people, and i was always taught charity begins at home. that is a buffalo happening in baltimore.or every two weeks i see it. i live here and only it is a dereliction of duty if i see you speaking outt at the national where there's more zones in the city and others poverty and lack of education but there's also just bad people. for us, since columbine the only responseun is gun control. if they are already doing something illegal, how is this going to stop it? i think there needs to be an outcry. i think you need to have boots
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on the ground rather than the opportunity of the sensationalized happening to come out and speak. we need you on the ground every dayme as it is going on. >> host: we will leave it there and let our guest respond. i said we have a crime problem and it takes place in close proximity where guess what it's going to happen in those communities. what accelerates the problem in many communities is poverty, lack of opportunity, lack of infrastructure for the human capital. those are things that are accelerated and then youit add n top of that guns and then you have a problem. we've always spoken out against that. we shouldn't say it's a problem. it's the system of all of the
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otherun underlying problems arod the lack of developing the potential in communities that are living in poverty because where you are born, your zip code unfortunately determines for far too many. baltimore is a great example of that. >> host: have you had meetings or discussions on the things yo are going to talk about today and in the past and if so, what has been said? >> we haven't had this very specificha meeting. we talked with administrations about what are we going to do about social media platforms and how do we address the rise against the targeted committees? we've had those conversations but right now there's a different level of urgency because when you look atwh this young man, he had a manifesto much of which was copied and pasted from other manifestoes. we have a pattern here we must address the pattern because our
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democracy is at stake. it's not about the individual instance but when you look there isan a pattern we must address this pattern. ..
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these things. everybody knows this is wrong. everybody comes out and says it. you do not have to have laws to control everything we do. why don't you stop doing this ascension with each other? it is nuts. you are evil people. host: mr. johnson, if you want to respond to that. guest: we have to have a society, an approach to stop
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racialized killings that we see. we have to have a society, an approach to deal with crime in general. what we are witnessing, whether it is january 6, el paso, pittsburgh, what happened in the bay area with a federal official, is a cordon needed effort by individuals -- coordinated effort by individuals using social media platforms to cause harm to our communities and democracy. it is for us to be in a place where we bring people together around a civil society so we can be honored with equal protection under the law and feel safe in our community. we have to have an approach to bring people together, not continue to allow tribalism to bring us apart. host: what would laws do, even if you create these laws, would it stop the problem overall? guest: first of all, you have to
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change the political climate. this is not a republican versus a democrat. this is about maintaining a civil society. secondly, you have to address the systemic problems around gun control, quality education, the disparity in income and future opportunities. those things create anxiety and the problems we currently are confronted with. host: let's try to get in one more call. democrats, sarah, ohio. caller: i'm going to be quick. i think you should put metal detectors and grocery stores like they do at the airport. you cannot get through unless you screen. these people will not be able to get into our stores. host: we have to leave it there.
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i apologize. mr. johnson, 30 seconds if you want to make a final thought. guest: fear causes us to react in a negative way sometimes. i understand we need to act, not react in a proactive way
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