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tv   Prime Ministers Questions Time  CSPAN  May 20, 2022 6:12pm-6:53pm EDT

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before we come to the parameters questions. sign language proceedings are available on my tv. we'll start with questions. >> mr. speaker i know of members across the house want to join me in offering our best wishes to the rangers for the big match. >> i spoke with military --
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>> a report reveals mr. speaker that last year in this country 9000 people over the age of 60 died because their rooms were too cold. will the prime minister give a guarantee you'll be lower not hired this year? >> mr. speaker i think everybody has in the city -- sympathy for the people facing this. >> that is why we have an extra
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9.1 billion pounds and we will continue to support people in the aftershocks of covid is as covid is as he did throughout the pandemic trades back thank you mr.. speaker. the department of education showed last year once again sudden council became the highest trajectory of children applying for education helping care assessments in the country. nearly half of children were rejected compared to the national average of just 23%. can the prime minister outline how would help children and their families get access to the education that they deserve? >> yes indeed innate tank the member very much for his campaign and he's completely right mr. speaker. that's why we will have for review and we will ensure that send children and young people
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can get access to the right support at the right place at the right time across the country. >> mr. speaker i.t.. summit this wishes -- mr. speaker taxon huge oil and tax profits would raise billions of pounds across the country. the chancellor rightly says there were two camps on this. you are either for it or you are against it. which camp is the chance to putt himself and? >> neither. snack while i'm in favor of it. the question for the prime minister is is he for it, is he against it or is he sitting on the fence like his chancellor?
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>> mr. speaker the right honorable gentleman struggle to define what a woman was. and he could make his mind up on that point mr. speaker. look this government is not in favor of higher taxation. and what we want to do, they mr. speaker. they love putting up taxes. labor put up taxes and what we want to do, what we want to do is take a sensible approach governed by the impact on investment and jobs. that is the test of a strong economy and by having a strong economy we were able to look after people as we have done during covenant and as we will do in the aftershocks of covid
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and i'm practicing mr. speaker this week it was revealed in employment has come down to the lowest level since 1974 when i was 10 years old mr. speaker. i don't know how old he was what i was 10 years old. >> mr. speaker last week you said we will have a look at it and yesterday you voted against it and anyone picking up the papers to say think he's for it and now he's against it again. clearus as mud. to be fair, to be fair it's not like the rest of his cabinet either. the same thing the chancellor said was something he was looking at said it would be disastrous. the business secretary called it a bad idea but also said considering the windfall tax.
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when will r we stop the hokey pokey and back labors plan for windfall tax? >> labors plans are always and everywhere to raise taxes. i remember him campaigning in 2019 on the biggest taxes for business that this country has ever seen. this country and the world faces problems in the cost of energy driven partly by covid and partlyss by the putin's war of choice in ukraine. we always knew there would be a short-term cost in weaning ourselves off of carbons and sanctioning the russian economy. everybody in this house voted for those sanctions. we knew that it would be tough. i want to tell the right
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honorable gentleman that giving it -- not staying the course would be a far greater economic risk and yes of course mr. speaker we will look at measures and we will look at all the measures we need to get people through to the other side mr. speaker the only reason we can do that is because we took the tough decisions that were necessary during t the pandemic which would not have been possible if we had listened to him. >> he just doesn't get it, does he? he doesn't actually understand what working families are going through in this country. struggling on how they are going to pay their bills as he dithers british households are slapped with an extra 53 million pounds on theire energy bills every
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single day. meanwhile every single day oil and gas companies breaking 32 million pounds in unexpected profits. doesn't he see that every single day he delays his inevitable u-turn is going too do it quick sees choosing to let people struggle when they don't need to. that mr. speaker uses this government has no sympathy for people who arere struggling. let me tell you what we are are ready doing. we are helping people in any way that we can mr. speaker that the reason we can do that is because we took the tough decisions to get this country through covid and to make sure we came out of lockdown and to have a strong
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economy with robust employment growth mr. speaker and we will continue and he talks about cutting taxes. in taxes. in july we will have the biggest tax cut in 10 years 335 pounds on average for 30 million people who were making insurance decontributions and the reason e can do that mr. speaker is because we have a strong and robust economy. i vote for all measures in the future to support it that the only reason we can do that and the only reason our companies are in such a robust health is becaused of the decisions as government has taken. >> still pretending the economy is moving and still with his head in the sand in the middle of an economic crisis. the prime minister keeps saying more help is coming. we havee heard it all before. may the 13th he stood there and said we will do more right now. a week has passed and there hasi
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been nothing. on april 19 he stood there and said we will do more as soon as we can. a month has passed and still nothing. the chancellor said wait until the autumn and at least he's honest when the plan is to did nothing. doesn't the prime minister realize the working people across the country can afford to wait while he vacillates? it's time to make his mind up. >> i will tell you what has happened in the last month. bywe have 300,000 more people of welfare and in into work on her way to work program mr. speaker and because we get people in to work those people are 6000 pounds aa year -- getting getting people into work we fix the long-term problems of this economy. his answer in addition to putting up taxes is to borrow more and we heard it from the chancellor this morning. he
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wants to borrow another 30 billion pounds and you know what that means mr. speaker? the means more pressure on the interest rate in mortgages and pressure on every family man woman and child in this country mr. speaker. that's labor economic policy and that'she why there has never ben a labour government -- and that's the reality. >> mr. speaker on the day inflation went to 9% the highest for fort the years for the public the least they can expect is for us to concentrate on the cost of living crisis. clearly he can't make his mind up so let's have a look at who is for it and who's against it. on one side the chair of the treasury select committee the chair of the education select committee brown and all support a windfall tax.
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even the current said it wouldn't discourage investment. and on the other side the member from somerset. when he is not sticky notes on people's desks as an overgrown prefect is dead set against it. when is he finally going to get a grip and standup for the people of britain and get on the right side of the argument? >> nothing could be more transparent from this exchange in their to raise taxes. we don't relish it and we don't want to do it of course we don't want to do it. we believe in jobs and we believe investments and growth as it happens the oil companies are on track to invest 70 billion pounds into our economy over the next few years
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and already taxed at a rate of 40%. what we want to see its investments in the long-term energy provision which they singly failed to do by the weight canceling our nuclear power. the people who are suffering from high energy prices in this country today have previous labor governments to blame and of course we will look at all sensible measures that we will beol driven by considerations of growth investment and employment and i will remind you mr. speaker unemployment is at a record low and employment is -- they are a half a million more people in payroll employment. >> excess profits for oil and gas companies we are on the side of working people in there you have it. he clearly doesn't like me pushing them on this but the
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reason i keep coming back to the subject and why it's so frustrating that he hasn't acted to so many people are living through this nightmare and they feel totally abandoned by their government. this week i went to -- a rare kidney condition means phoenix has to do dialysis from home from 10:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. for five days a week. just so he can to take his daughter rosie to school. his dialysis is lifesaving so you can't turn it off. his wife who is a midwife works extra shifts and during the winter they have to turn their central heating on. he skips meals to make ends meet but the energy bill has still doubled. phoenix says he feels like. he's being priced out of existence and it's not just him. millions of our disabled
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athlete -- elderly and vulnerable neighbors are on the sharp end of this crisis they simply can't afford to live with dignity. the decisions we make here matter anddo the cost of indecision is enormous. people across the country need action now. the plans are already there. the prime minister stopped the delay and work with us to put them in place. do it for households who face bills they can't afford and do it for phoenix. we simply can't afford tor. wai. >> it would be great if you could send me the details. the nhs does cover the cost of those are on dialysisn mr. speaker. and by the way they voted against the vital investment of dhs that this country needs and i would remind him and the house of the key point now that this
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is the 22 billion we have put in is impossible f in the further -- e put in is impossible without the economy that his government has delivered its because we took the tough decisions that i mentioned that we have record low unemployment and spend record low for the last 50 years mr. speakert' and it's about putting in the infrastructure, the skills the technology that will contain to build the platform for jobs in this country and that is what this government is committedd to doig it that's the best way out of the economic problem and was fantastic to see the majesty her queen. 72,000 jobs delivered a 90 billion will produce for the whole of the uk economy and let me ask the right honorable tillman who was the mayor of
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london and who wasas the prime minister who completed it we get the big things done in mr. speaker and there's never been a labour government -- >> mr. speaker people are -- and part of that problem is the local police when response calls are required. lancaster has more police thanks to this government and does the prime minister griz may we need to use some of those to been police response open and the fabulous police and the crime commission of made that happen? >> i think my honorable friend
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for her constituency. just the other day -- we'll what were doing is recruiting more police officers and moreon lancashire and of course i'd be happy to arrange making sure we continue to drive neighborhood crime down even further. >> thank you mr. speaker and nimes read should the whole house would want to join me in the final tonight. families can't afford food. they can't pay .. tories, the poorest are punished the most. for months people have been trying out for support. month after month, as downing
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street has failed to lift a finger to help, does the foreign minister sill support his chancellor's insulting statement that acting knows and this cost of living emergency would just be silly? prime minister johnson: mr. speaker, i support the chancellor's work in lifting the living wage by a record amount, mr. speaker. by making sure people on universal credit pay 1,000 pounds less in tax. by making sure -- putting another 22 billion pounds 23450 supporting people with the cost of living. 9.1 billion already on -- to help people with the cost of energy. above all i support what he's done to deliver a strong economic foundation which makes all that possible, mr. speaker
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>> the chancellor, the chancellor who thinks it would be silly to act now. this is the cost of living crisis from westminster. for weeks the prime minister has been briefing, blame for blocking financial support for strapping families. the prime minister has to stop snipping from the sidelines. if this chancellor wants to live on an emergency budget budget, it's fine for the prime minister to sack the chancellor and put somebody else in office. prime minister johnson: the
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right honorable -- we have been through covid. we are facing a spike in global energy prices which has been greatly exacerbated by what putin is doing in ukraine. to deal with it of course what we are doing is putting billions and billions already, >> billions and billions already and your duty by records with the speaker in helping people and it alsos some ways and through local councils and another billion billion times but of course is bigger and everybody in the country, knowst we are not for this unit and everybody can see that they all know that the government is going to do more and so they also know they can do that is because we have a strong economy with massively high employment and that is a crucial thing and is only possible if we listen to
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the members and. [backgroundpr sounds]. and the prime minister boat will be aware my campaign and last week was mental health awareness weekend and anyone .25 millionen people, with eating disorders 1 million people using steroids now 84 members of his house in seven parties, side the company to pledge not to alter the images in their address and for those who aren't taking the pfizer mobile you go to make sure that we consider labeling these altered images with proportions are effective is. >> might honorable friend come i think himim and he and i have talked about this like that and for this mental health is the young people are scared and they should look because of the stuff that they see and i think there is arw type mark suggestion that
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he has brought forward extremely useful like sure that that's part of mental health plan. >> and can i join other new fans of the ranges and. [laughter] and i wish him good luck and mrn the mess in the world. and they can be a big part of the big thoughts of how then families intentions up to put food on the table drink the cost of living emergency, and from areas the farmers own - they are firing up words and animals are up 60 percent mr. speaker, and therein lies the prices more than double and getting entered instead of helping britain's own food producers, the governmentsu is flushing the support payments for the farmers rely on and
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sometimes for up to 50 percent of their income and even before the new scheme is in place. so will the prime minister meet the leaders of myself to understand of the extreme challenges they are facing and to our farmers so they can do about to have the families to afford to put food on the table during this economic crisis. >> i think the gentleman i can tell him about i do recognize the challenges the farmers are paying the cost of their cost of fuel and fertilizer that's why were working hard to obey because but what we've also got to do in order to have us andan everything else that we can do to ensure that we fix the energy crisis but what we are also doing is happening the farming which hasas fantastic it markets
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around the world and that at 73 trade deals to exploit in a world elevated, four did vicious wholesome nutritious uk food and drink i'll be very happy to organized the meetings. >> thank you mr. speaker, my friend join me in thinking my constituents for offering helpia from ukrainians suffrage fromas the russian invasion it and happy and his visit to sweden and finland and georgia corporation with allies to secure the loan since ability and security of europe and my constituents are really concerned about russian progressions. >> i think are very much i want to think those constituents very much for what they're doing it to help ukrainian and aggression
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and i know the members in the country have constituents of the incredibly generous so you'll be proud of the uk's evers and yes mr. speaker, and is true uk side the decorations the other day with sweden and finland to reinforce our security and mutual security of his support by europe's defenses i think it is been a massive step change in a corporations and i thoroughly good one and driven in the case is about sweden and finland by the people who themselves see the logic of this nato leadership. >> yeah and thank you mr. speaker in the home office has and others now regulate take six months to respond and in these cases in which to hear anything that but instead of putting these losses into -
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unacceptable problem, their choosing to fire hundreds of and they wonder around these notes on what it looks to empty. [inaudible]. with the prime minister looking into this issue and instruct those to give this top-secret that the attention they deserve. >> i think you very much i have to say mr. speaker, i respectfullyor disagree with the implication for the civil service workers everywhere is productive as being in the office and returning and i simply accept that i do think that we will become more productive it more efficient on the whole we find this. >> thank you very much indeed mr. speaker and following my
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campaign, primary schools numbing printed 350 grand by the council and the only time this is happened is now after begins on the first time ever, 100 years for the real school and primary school and duties are also going to be applying for the condition improvement loan so can average my on the levels to ensure those cases taken it as seriously as possible pretty and more broadly agree with me and leveling up answering more good jobs are available and so there is more than just the light of being friends for socially in the takeaways. [inaudible]. [inaudible]. >> so the real problems of people seem to timed it out with all these questions and on give
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everybody time with my minister. >> i just want to thank my friends the massey and champions 19 i'm delighted that he been arizona supporter in the city and culture and precipitation and i support him. >> here here enter the primero minister knows that and proud of also to say in 2019, the significant promise to double funding the research, when still waiting for thehe money and so n the prime minister tell me in this action we, when this will be delivered. >> here here. >> and will never forget this process of the 13 billion times a year extra.
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[background sounds]. >> and the delays to renewing that thoughtful in cases of the reunions in the drivers having trouble and they assure me that every single thing is done withs the government to address this issue and back on the road before holiday.e >> your hair. >> and i am told that the driving his license will now be issued and no delays in a successful online driving and the customer should receive with within a few days and i assessment my honorable friend and thank you mr. speaker. >> prime minister, the food prices are going up, rents are going up, and the culture going up and every day i have more and more constituents coming to me
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to say they thought they would never come and things just cost too much fun at the same time, people are anchored minimum wage working two and three and 45 jobs on and benefits and they just cannot afford it and at the same time we have the saying that theyre should take on more hours and this enter disagree with me we have an emergency budget. >> mr. speaker, i say of course, the economic pressures country now caused by the factories and we mentioned that already that it was an increased 5000 times and an increase and all of the measures, billions and billions of sporting incomes but the reason we can't do that is because we have strong economic fundamental with unemployment.
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and unemployment is below 16 it is 1974 had that is giving us the foundation to take our countries. >> thank you and they recently submitted everyday this is because there'sex dream lehigh n about 83 percent of the building being constructed of concrete in the at the structural risk and now 20 years beyond this original life expectancy in the prime minister, kaz assured me w that we will be able to deliver a new possibility which is fit for the people. [inaudible]. >> i want to get to another. [inaudible]. i can tell him that we are reviewing all applications on this program and for the generation and calling me
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mr. speaker level make this campaign of his make a final decision. >> thank you and on the 26th of february the flight to moscow at the airport and the battle floods of the nature from midnight the day before an air traffic control transcripts publish this weekend the press and journal newspaper revealed that the spike of the intended flight, may fill you keep government border agencies to prevent something like in the morning, the earliest opportunity traveling on the flight, ny is by being informed in advance a fight by the government on the ground and live a they do to try to prevent similar things from happening in the future. >> i thank you very much so make sure that the specialist in
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immigration on.- [inaudible]. >> thank you and earlier this week, they waves through a decision it to build a massive logistics of add the policy entirely in the greenbelt, haspp been approved despite more than a thousand objections. does the prime minister agree with me that listening to theoc communities and protecting our precious we built must be at the heart and planning politics and what they need to be is to see how the localvo residents togetr voices are heard. >> prime minister, local residents can have no more powerful voice than that of my friends in the house would've heard this in another ministry is not only up and i would heard a loud and clear and i will make sure.
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>> the tax payers money orr actual perceived in the precious principles of public place this documentdo must be honored at al times and mr. speaker in the prime minister's - ed they can you tell me on a scale of one - ten how you doing to keeping to those principles. >> what we believe is government and in this hearing to the principles of the ministerial code and by the way, it's an important to point mr. speaker, a lot of information on mps and workers all over the place and always worth stressing the vast majority of the people who work in this providence and members of parliament are doing a very good job working very hard and are not misbehaving.
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>> another question. >> here here. >> first of all well, including syria and the ukraine, and the plans just announced on the 31st of may come up to the start of will be up to 1500 non- detained a young single males from different parts ofnt the world, on the base that will be the center of a small village 600 people, children and all of the way through the elderly residents, without streetlights or police presence will devastate the community and will devastate house prices which will plummet in the residence there in the village will not feel safe to leave their homes alone and with my friend, please on behalf of the community, please stop these clans.
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>> prime minister. >> i think you very much and i know that the home secretary is engaging with him and with others locally about the use ofi these areas i hear loud and clear what he had to say as a recipient of many from this on this matter and i understand what the feeling in his constituency and i'm sure there will be further information from the home office about what we can do. >> it will going to let it clear. [inaudible]. >> officials from the internal revenue service and government accountability office, recently testified unhealthy irs trees taxpayers based on their annual
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