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tv   White House COVID-19 Response Team Holds Briefing  CSPAN  May 20, 2022 9:48pm-10:35pm EDT

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and dr. fauci is here. >> dr. rochelle walensky and dr. tony fauci, and i'll turn to
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both of them in a minute. i want to start off by >> and joined today by two people who don't need any introduction and doctor faucin i will turn to him in a minute but i want to take a minute to talk about whereg we are in this pandemic and what's going on and our challenges. so to take a step back to begin with where we are the country. more than 200 million americans vaccinated have a pretty high degree of community in our population. but we also see in this moment a lot of infections across the country. depending on which tracker and 100,000 infections, we know they are potentiallywdi higher e
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know exactly how many that those that are being diagnosed —- diagnose for contested been a huge fan that but that under accounting cases and what is driving that and primarily is that incredibly contagious sub the syrians with a wave of infections in december and january and now we see in a large part of the country they are more contagious and they are driving a lot of the increases in affection across the nation. that is a huge challenge. >> how are we thinking about this moment we will hear from that from doctor wilensky and doctor fauci how we think
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about that very broadly, we have to do what we can to prevent infection have to continue being on the lookout for new variants and continue to do that surveillance and certainly last but not least to take a global footing and strategy because we know there is no domestic only strategy and then to do it we can to make sure they are widely available for the world. >> so talk about two recent developments over a few weeks
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and then also to talk about funding and congress and then i will wrap that up so with two major developments if you have been watching we have launched a third round of test you can get from covid why are we doing that? because the administration has put in a lot of work and resources from arp to make sure we had adequate number of test. given the threat of infections across the country we know the use of a rapid test is an effective way to keep infections down. if we go to a large gathering it's an important way to reduce the spread of the virus this is one of the tools we have. we open that on monday to a third round and now we have made eight sets available for order. in the past we could do for we expanded that.
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there are multigenerational households and more than four people and make sure as many tested be can make available. i think that is an important part but how do we make sure infections with illness and for five or six weeks ago under the administration has done an extraordinary job with therapeutics. but yet six weeks ago it really had not started to get out there we put in a series of steps and made it much more widely available to let pharmacies order directly from the federal government there will be more on that coming in the days and weeks ahead we did a big effort to connect with providers to simplify the
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process to make sure they understood what drug interactions really mattered and then to talk more broadly to the media and what we have seen is a dramatic increase it's about a fourfold increase in the last month and the latest is aboute 20000 every single day. i think that's an important reason why despite this very recent infection we have not
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increased we have seen hospitalizations but not as much as you would have expected and then those numbers continue to beloved be honest vaccinations think it's
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making a very big difference as well. >> just a little bit about congress. we have been spending a lot of time making sure we have the resources to protect the american people and with those key capabilities to prevent infections and reduce severity masking and testing and vaccination and therapeutics ventilation and filtration. we want to make sure as this continues to evolve we can continue to protect america. we are in the middle of developing vaccines and then to make decisions the expectation is a new generation we have to plan for that. i want to make sure we have enough resources to buy enough vaccines everyone who wants one have the resources right now. we are using therapeutics to save lives. with those additional resources that people getting infected so those new generations the treatment coming online companies making them with promising data with that negotiation for treatment and the companies know that and therefore to access the generations of therapies and so what we will find in the fall and winter we americans can look around with access that they will not have and
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with the issue of testing we've done a lot of work to build up domestic manufacturing capacity as that happens it's important to keep that demand high enough to continue manufacturing without other additional resources that they are laying off workers and then to get out of the business we can find yourself without additional resources. no domestic manufacturing capability and is having to rely on other factors. all of this is incredibly preventable we are planning for all sorts of contingencies but i remain very confident congress to step up to protect
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the american people more than two years into the pandemic people want to find it in a way better place we were two years ago because the capabilities of the vaccine boosters and therapeutics and testing all of that make an enormous difference and we have to use that as the virus evolves. we always have a strongri ownership with congress somehow congress will continue to playan that critical role to play the resources of leadership to the american people i will start turning it over to the cdc director for her comments. >> thank you. it's great to be back with all of you again i will start with the overview of the data. over the past five weeks he seen a study on —- a steady
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increase and while cases remain much lower the current seven-day d daily average is now at 94000 casesis per day which is an increase national of 26 percent the previous weekend a threefold increase over the last month similarly increase in admissions are increasing much more than the micron surge it is now 3000 per day and increase over the previous week death remains low but we still see a tragic seven-day average of daily death 275 per day and of course remember each person lost is a tragedy and 300 us today is far too many the prevention measures and treatment options are working to save lives however we know those who are not consistently using these tools continue to
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remain vulnerable with hospitalization and death we have many tools to help prevent severe disease from covid-19 including vaccination andud boosters. the cohort studies have shown they generally remain effective to have severe disease including protected against all micron but we also note becomes less protective over time especially in this era. this is why boosters are so riimportant so to show the time of two different age groups between 50 and 64 and 65 and older. w the lighter blue bars indicate the percent whose last vaccine dose was part of the primary
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series and the darker blue bars indicate those his last dose was a booster dose you can see those 62 percent have not received a covid-19 vaccine in the last six months and in the bottom graph those 65 and older 67 percent have gone more than six months since the last vaccine dose many individuals are eligible for another covid vaccine dose to help strengthen their protection against infection or urgent care visits and especially hospitalization and death. with your first booster or your second if you have had a vaccine dose now is the time. let me close with a brief word on the community levels that looks at a set of metrics
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including hospitalizations and system capacity it was designed to be predicted anticipated where we will see further increases of hospitalizations and death and then to inform communities and local leaders and individuals a lot measures should be implemented. right now as shown over 32 percent of americans live in an area with a medium or high level those counties are shown in yellow or orange so with an additional 8 percent of the us population is living in a county with a medium or high covid-19 community level. for areas currently with high community levels in orange thehe urge local leaders to encourage the use of prevention strategies and to increase access to testing for individuals those can be used
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to have personal decisions how to best protect in areas where community levels are high everyone should be using prevention measures wearing a mask in public settings and medium community levels they should consider taking prevention measures based on their own risk wearing a mask increasing testing. and in any community level individuals may always choose to wear a mask to protect themselves. 's we are currently seeing a steady risee of cases differency
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have dominated the situation globally as determined by the sequencing of various isolates throughout the world. as you can see we went from a group of alpha beta gamma d early on, overtaken completely by delta. most recently over the lastdo six -- five -- six months we
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have seen omicronon dominate. how does that spell out with regard to the different waves that we have seen in the united states? next slide. as you can see here we are looking at the united states now. again going f from left to right we had her alpha wave, delta wave and then we had a big, big spike with omicron which is gone down, now over the last several weeks that she covered we are seeing increases in cases. next line. right now going with the united states as an example, again the data are really very clear and somewhat fascinating. if you go from the left to the right you see in the omicron era be a one in the orange,
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gradually over time, over a period of months it got taken over by ba 1.1 nba too. which ishe the purple that got larger and larger until around april, the beginning of april the end of march we started to see the very dark purple, which was the ba.2 .12.1. and when you see the gradual evolution of a one particular variance, overtaking another there is a reason for that. next slide. here we see the exact same thing that south africa is experiencing but only a littlete bit different than what we are seeing here in the united states. because they wanted the same evolution of one variant taking over another variance, taking overer another. and now as we have heard from her south african colleagues,
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they are seeing a v-8 for an nba five. ba four particularly in the westgate and cape town. ba five in natal. this is what they are currently seeing. it is expected this dominance will continue. why is that the case? next slide. this is a very simple >> diagram of the stepwise increase in transmissibility going from left to right. note the big jump was from delta to omicron it. that a multi fold increase in transmissibility. but within the omicron sub lineages to see what it actually shown you on prior slides of white one particular sub lineage has taken over the next one and the next one.
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i should go to the far right, that is what i just showed you on the south african slide. so what does that tell us? next slide. as weight heard from the doctors, we are experiencing an increasings, cases. certainly more increase in infections because of the situation with regard to home test people may not be reporting. we are seeing that due to the following. a one, the increase transmissibility i just showed you on the latter waning immunity to both protection and/or vaccination i will get to it in a second what we can do about that. and also, as we all know there has been a relaxation of mitigation is not wearing a mask and door and having a lot more indoor congregating
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without masks. so on the final slide, how do we meet the challenge that has been posed to us by the variant? let's look some of the facts. variance will continue to emerge if the virus circulates globally. a strong argument what was said about a global pandemic requires a global response. we keep the level of virus to the lowest possible level which is the best way to avoid variance because the less replication, the less mutation. the less mutation the less variant. importantly, vaccines continue to provide strong protection against severe disease. that is the reason why as cases go up and even more infections in our recorded cases, the discrepancy or ratio between hospitalization
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and cases clearly is much less then it was for example in the delta wave. however, immunity doesn't wane and that is why it is so important to stay up to date with vaccines and particularly boosters apropos of the slide and dr. walensky just showed you. again we can do very simple things like improving i ventilation and indoor spaces where possible. and to monitor the levels in your community by the colors codes dr. walensky showed two. follow the cdc guidance and recommendation for masks and other mitigation. now, as doctor mentioned treatment for covid 19 are now widely available. if you test positive for covid 19, talk to a healthcare provider as soon as possible about treatment options. including the test to treat.
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and finally we do need more resources. the development of generation of vaccines and therapeutics is critical. and in order to do that we need the resources we have been asking for. i will stop there and back to you. clark's great thank you tony. r and rochelle. we are going to open up to q and a. so kevin open it up for us. cooks thank you. as her mind will take as many questions as possible which means one question per person. first wasasy go to liz at usa today. asked him if liz is asking a question we don't hearut anything brickwork sorry aboutab that.
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i've muted on my computer. sorry about that thanks for taking the question. there is a paper in nature today from the gladstone showing the omicron variant doesn't induce immunity against any of the other variance. i am curious if looking forward that might have impacts on continuing to talk to americans about vaccination or other issues? quirks tony jewett to take that? seen that since i was doing other things this morning. i'll be looking at that very carefully. obviously we are seeing even before that paper that omicron itself, when you get infected does not have the broader coverage of the other variance such as delta and alpha and beta. which is the reason why one has to be very careful in doing those studies about what the next a boost should be.
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that includes omicronr variant together. either with a other variance. we are aware of that phenomenon i have not seen that particular paper. that is exactly the reason why we are doing studies right now to determine what the best boost would be estimate get into the fall and early winter. quirks are right next question let's go to meg terrel at cnbc. corrects hi. thank you. i like toth ask about with rebounds which seems potentially rare. thought about 2% in the clinical trial. but we hear about it. when people are testing positive, again at day ten i'm wondering if there needs to be some federal guidance about isolation at that point given
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in people testing positive again they could potentially be contagious, how are youi' guys looking at that?t? quirks let me start may be in that all over too rochelle or t tony. let me start by saying you're absolutely right the clinical trial showedou about 2% in the grip about one half% in the placebo group. i was with delta. and so the question is, is this more common withut omicron? were actually doing a lot of work right now to sort thatbu out. we are t talking to health systems getting real world experience data. if you think about it, you have 20000 people and getting everyday even if it was only 2% that's 400 people having rebound everyday. it is hard to know exactly how often it happens. i think the public key points that are really important, one is that the people have that rebound are not getting particularly sick or not ending up in the hospital. if the goal of this treatment was to prevent hospitalizations and deaths,
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it is doing that incredibly well. so that rebound issue something we are looking at very carefully. but it is not leading to people getting particularlyul sick. the issue of those people are contagious, how we should be advising them let me see if rochelle or tony have any thoughts on that, or show to you first brickwork snake i'll just add we've always said in our cdc recommendations if you have symptoms you should put your mask on. but safeth your systems we woula recommend putting a mask on. quirks tony any thoughts on that? quirks and no absolute not. confirming with what rochelle just mentioned. quirks let's go to tamara y npr. quirks thank you. on the rebound question, are you also looking into whether there should be a longer course insteado of the five days, maybe ten days? i'm going to sneak in a point of personal privilege what's
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with the under five vaccine? it just seemed like a shelf there, that is a large population. quirks tony jonas started off with the five versus ten days, yoursc thoughts and what we know? quirks exactly weird active discussion about studies that we might do here at the nih but our own study capabilities as well as with the people from pfizer. in fact we have been direct communication with them. we will continue that about what the best study to do, to determine whether or not we need a longer course or not. that is imminent. not only talking about that planning what studies we are going to be doing relatively soon with the next few days. quirks on the under five i will just say i think there's actually quite a bit of urgency. the fda has all the data for a moderna. they're going through right now.
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and thought that continues. we have been hearing from our colleagues at fda that evaluation is moving as quickly as possible. i want to remind folks because often people bring up with some of the other pediatric vaccines time from submission to authorization was a little bit shorter. this is the first pediatric vaccine when moderna has submitted all of its data prayer there's a lot of data here fda is going through. i think we all feel the sense of urgency. we want to get this done as v quickly as possible but we also all agree we want to get it done right. i'm very confident based on conversations i have had that as soon as fda feels like they've got the data, analyze as soon as the other standards omega determination. right next question. quirks looks good to joshua. clark's hello there good morning thank you for doing
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this. briefly to clarify what you just said there, is it your expectation didn't pediatric vaccines for under five will be rolled out separately regardless of manufacturer? or the thinking is still would confuse or potentially confuse parents to have one arrive before the other and secondly like to circle back to the question of ordering the vaccine if in fact it becomes available. what are the steps? what would you have to enter talks with these companies? if you don't get money from congress and the coming weeks is there anything you can do with dollars in the seat cushions or what have you can you give us an update with the immediate turn looks like on that without funding from congress if it doesn't come through? thank you. clicks on the fda under five question and this is really driven by fda and driven by
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fda. but i've heard from her colleagues at the fda's they're looking at the data they have in front of them and that is what they're focused on. they will make a determination as soon as they are able. that is really ultimately what we want to hear from them not going to delay they're not hearing fromn anything else seems to getet analysis omega determination that's expectation. seems to make the determination of over the cdc makes this determination if urthe determinations our kids should be getting these vaccines, we will make sure this vaccines are widely available. as quickly as possible for kids under five. quirks on the b question of vaccine the way to think about this is it takes about three months to manufacture these. if we want to be ready for the fall it's not too early to start thinking about this. in fact leave heads and preliminary conversations with
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the manufacturers. but the negotiations around it have not yet begun partly because were waiting for resources. the truth is other countries are in conversation with manufacturers. i'm starting to advance their negotiations i was i don't have details of what other countries areve doing. every day we wait, every week we wait the fall a little further behind in line. we are very committed to finding enough resources that means we are looking across all the programs we have and asking work and we pull some dollars to at least be able to get some of vaccine the fall and winter. i think it congress that the response was not acceptable for us at the administration to go to the winter with no vaccine on comparable fine minutes able get some americans vaccinated. maybe it's the highest risk we don't know. these are not decisions they
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want to be having to make bread about congress to step up and fund our ability as it affects all americans. quirks let's go to cvs. quirks thank you doctors for doing this. just a follow-up question about vaccines for those under five. realistically because this is a question we get asked a lot too. are we weeks are we months away from noel shots? and when you say you feel congress has been receptive to what you've been talking about in terms of funding, can you describe a little bit more what's holding things up? how are they receiving these warnings to put out there if there is no money then hundred million infections could happen those are bigwh numbers to be tossing around all they
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must take the under five question on high think the under five. quirks he said it very, very clearly. the important thing is going to leave the fda but they do well without unnecessarily pressure or interference. they are totally aware of the fact this isle a pressing problem. they will do it as expeditiously as they possiblyti can. it is a process for getting a hole of the data and having the time. they do not waste time to analyze the data the united states public will feel comfortable about because theyrr did it correctly and put all of their resources into it. it would not be appropriate for either myself or rochelle to give you days versus weeks
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versus months. they are going to do it as expeditiously as they possibly can. quick sent on the issue of funding, i've spent a lot of time up on the hill. i was there again this morning. i think about my one on one meetings and my small group meetings small republicans and democrats about both members of the house and the senate. what i have been laying out for folks is what we need the resources for. i want that are not getting those resources. what it means for the fall and winter it may bring. there is a range of models out there if we might in the fall and winter. we've got to plan for a range of scenarios including we have to plan it will be irresponsible that we have to plan for a scenario we don't get any more resources from congress. i think it would be terrible i think we'd see a lot of unnecessary loss of life that were to happen. we are looking at all these areas and planning for them. but i think at the end of the
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day congress works in the way that it works. i remain confident that congress is going to pull through on this and give us the 22 and half billion dollar supplemental request put in print that is our request its emergency supplemental and i remain confident congress will stand up and provide the resources we need to protect the american community. quirks are right were going to get as many questions as possible. quirks thank you all for doing this. do you expect the current uptick in omicron cases to continue should people be considering any plans they have? given the situation. unnecessary loss of life is her number you can put a range
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about the resources you need for the buyers? quirks i will see if tony or rochelle. any thoughts on the summer and urexpectation? quirks and helped lead back to the government team committee members map which demonstrates right now some areas of increased infection and hospitalization in the northeast. in the eastern core door as well as the upper midwest. prior increases of infection in different waves of infection have demonstrated this travels across the country cap potential we have the tools to prevent it. we would ask you to widely use these tools we have always said put your mask aside when infection rates are low and pick it up again when infection rates are higher.
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we know we have vaccines and boosters. we know we have treatment. we know the case before they gather they can work towards making sure you have an environment that is a safer environment. we would ask people to engage in the activitiess not to engage in. but to do so widely do so and you're up-to-date with the vaccine. when you've tested before you gather. the probably mass before you gather document estimates new scenario planning most do not have a models would go as far out as the november, december, generally. we expect the small start coming out over the. summer. we are trying to implement night data. for a policy point of view one can't go into september
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without knowing what the fall winter will bring. the estimates right now how much immunity did be a one how much of that actually generate did it generate a lot of population immunity will see fewer infections with the summer, fall, winter can generate only a modest amount of community will see more infection. will happen with mitigation? are we going to put in anymore mitigation mitigation or will mitigation this much of factors that will drive what happened but it also think are we going to have a new generation of vaccines will be able to deliver for the american people? that will make a big difference in the fall and winter. no degeneration or very few are only for the highest risk individuals, i will also make a difference there's a lot of factors here. we are trying to scenario plan across all them are not trying to get into the prediction business which much of the scenario planning business to make sure we know it may be
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ahead of us so we can plan for an obviously lay this out in front of congress. if they choose not to fund appropriately with the resources we need to protect the american people then but the likely consequences. last question let's go to jeff m mason. quirks thanks very much. my question is to have a broad one abouts. eligibility for the treatments and the vaccines. you mentioned talking to doctors andxl the fact it is available for a lot of people. but at least anecdotally a lot of doctors are telling folks they are not eligible forne it. is that a disconnect on the administration and doctors not knowing is not as good as you are suggesting? and you mention the fact people are eligible should get
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that next boost. there are lots of people certainly in that age group getting omicron again. like to take another vaccine or booster, or will the eligibility open ittm for them as well? upcoming talk about treatments the mayville turned over too rochelle to piggyback vaccine eligibility. the way i think about this, when we first got authorization went very, very limited supply for the messaging was keeper for the highest risk. and that kind of messaging almost a scarcity mindset tends to set in. it takes a lot of effort to get people to shift. and usually, under normal circumstances it would take changeo get doctors to their practice patterns substantially. we don't have years for this. we have been going pretty clearly and u pretty strong helping doctors understand the range of people who are eligible is quite broad. it is not my definition it's
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the if you look at emergency use authorization of anyone who at increased risk of severe disease and they talk to a cdc document it is a veryge broad range of people. until my general advice as we follow the usa. should be relatively permissive about this not get excessively restricted plenty of supply it right now. we are not trying to prevent americans from getting them for the opposite were trying to make sure everybodyic wassu eligible which is a large proportion of the population. what we are doing is tracking very closely, ordering. were making sure there's any municipality or local district or pharmacy that feels like they want more will make sure they get more. but we are making sure the supplies are adequate. we have substantially increased more than 30,000 sites across the country. and we are not done by the way this is been four weeks of work going to keep going adding more sites, adding more opportunity.
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it is about messaging comments about clarityak it's making people understand who is eligible. and as people get eligible there are eligible get the prescription it is available, very, very widely. rochelle t on the vaccine question quirks thanks. what we do know about these vaccine as they work well to prevent severe disease for they work very well to prevent severe disease ift, you're up-to-date. those are eligible for those over 50 those are those at severe risk. i haven't gotten either to severe disease. under the age of 50 the third dose is really important.ei we would encourage those peoples at the third dose.
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the fourth dose for those thunder the age of 50 that is going to require action from the fda. cracks i think we are done we will wrap up by saying thank you all for joining us.oo this is my first coveted press briefing since i check on thisow role verse about we both, tony and i and rochelle as well have been out in the media talking i think tony i counted between you and me with done 50 media appearances we have been out there but want to do more ofse these briefings. i commit to continue doing these briefings on an ongoing basis. w obviously with this major news we will do it. otherwise we will make sure we do it in a regular basis so we can continue sharing information with peoplege through thinkable for joining us i look forward to seeing you all again the next time we go. thank you.
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