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tv   Prime Ministers Questions Time  CSPAN  May 21, 2022 12:28am-1:09am EDT

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right, before we get to the prime minister questions. i'd like to say the sign language proceedings are available. eye start with steve mccay. number one sir. i know members across will join me in offering our best wishes to rangers. mr. speaker. this is my duties. >> eating report reveals this be good. last year in the country 9,000
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people over the age of 60 -- he gave a gar rein tee if not higher than this time next year. >> mr. speaker everybody has sem think with people facing what they are facing. that's why the government stepped-up an extra billion tons. warm homes allowance, mr. speaker. we will continue as the support people. just as we did throughout the pandemic. >> thank you, mr. speaker. the department of education showed that last year once again, the council became the highest rejector of children applying for education, health, and care assessment in the country. nearly half of children were rejected compared to the
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national average of just 23%. can the prime minister outline how this will help children and their families get access to the education that they deserve? prime minister johnson: i thank him >> thank you v for his campaign. and then to ensure. >> mr. speaker mr. speaker on one off tax profit. across the country.
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and there are two. cancel this you are for it or against it. and when i am in favor of it the question for the prime minister is busy for it or against it or sitting on the fence like hisre chancellor? >> . >> attend have to define what a woman was. [laughter] >> but they love it.
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and with taxes. what we want to do with the impact of investments and jobs. that is a strong economy. it was revealed to come down to the lowest level but i was ten years old mr. speaker last week to say we will have a look at it. yesterday he posted against it anyone else would think they are for it now against it
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again. theba business secretary also said so when when he stop the windfall tax. >> and those to raise taxes on businesses. and those that they i face.
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and driven partly by coded on —- covid everyone in this house voted. but i want to tell the right honorable that giving in and not stickingg the course ultimately is a far greater economic risk. of course mr. speaker we will look at the measures. that would not have been
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possible it just doesn't get it. is an understandable working families have going through. and those with extra 53 million pounds on thein energy bill every single day. every single day and with those 32 million pounds ofer unexpected profits. and then to delay the inevitable and choosing to let people struggle when they don't need to.
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he says this government has no sympathy. so let me tell you. are already helping people with a cost of living in any way that we can. the reason we can do that is we have those tough decisions to make sure we come out of lockdown and away. and then cutting taxes in july and 335. and the reason i can do that because of a strong economy. but the only reason we can do
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that in the middle of an economic crisis. to say more help is coming and then to say we will do more right now. so to stand there and to say we will do both as soon as we can. but still nothing. chancellor said at least t is on us. but doesn't the prime minister realize he can afford to wait while he vacillates.
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and with those long-term problems of the the answer and to have 30 billion pounds. and that pressure on mortgages. is why there's ever been labor government lower from those realities. . >> when inflation is at 9 percent the highest and 40
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years. those at the cost of living. >> clearly he cannot just make his mind up who is for and who was against it? on one side the chair of the treasury select committee, all support a windfall tax. and to encourage investment. when it's not sticking notes and when will he finally get a grip and get on the right side of the argument.
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>> there can be nothing more transparent then to raise taxes. >> we don't want to do it. we believe in jobs and growth. and those oil companies was 70 billion pounds putting into the economy they are already at a rate of 40 percent and then with a long-term energy provision canceling ourer nuclear power. the people who are suffering from high energy prices from today have previous labor governments. and of course we look at all sensible measures of
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investments and employment unemployment has hit a record low minutes half a million more people. >> so on the side of excess profits on the y side of working people that clearly doesn't like me pushing on this. the reason i keep coming back to the subject and why am so frustrated is because so many people are living throughhe this nightmare that they feel totally abandoned by their government. and then to do dialysis week.ies a and dialysis is life-saving
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and then working extra shift during the winter they have to serve as a central heating office to make ends meet but the energy bill is still doubled and those vulnerable neighbors of the sharp end of the crisis they simply cannot afford the decisions we make here people need action now. the plans are already there. to stop the delay to put them into place.
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and those that simply cannot afford to wait. >> can you send me the details? the nhs covers the cost of those on dialysis. and with a key points the 22 billion we already put in is a problem. without the strong economy has been delivered. and that we r have record low unemployment. and the speech we have been debating is about putting in
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the infrastructure and the skill skills to build a platform in this country and that is what the government has committed to doing it was wonderful to see her majesty the queen 72000 jobs already delivered so let me just ask the right honorable gentleman and he was a prime minister. >> and that is a big issue. but part ofly that problem is
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when those are required and then to use some of those. >> i think my honorable friend. as i discovered just the other day. and what we are doing with 13576 more. >> . >> and it's always a joy to
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see mr. speaker people did not need to see with the highest inflation and 40 years and ignore it families cannot afford food they cannot pay their bills those are prudent. the month after month and as a prime minister with that cost-of-living emergency.
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>> ik support the chancellor's work to with another 22 billion pounds. nine.1billion already but the cost of energy and above all i support what he has done to deliver a strong economic foundation which makes that possible. >> my goodness everyday the prime minister remains out of touch and 20 pounds a week were taken out of people. some think it would be silly to intervene and then the tory
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minister who thinks women chancellor who thinks that would be silly. the prime minister has been briefingan if this had an emergency budget for the prime minister. >> mr. speaker, the right honorable gentleman should understand. and then to say have a spike
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of global energy prices to be exacerbated then to deal with it andil then to put billions already with the cost of energy. not either through local castles but everybody in the country we are not through this yet. and we can also know the only reason we canec do that with massively high employment and that's a crucial thing. meant to be the images carry a label. mental health awareness week was last week.
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and then to pledge not to alter their images, with theup prime minister support that pledge? and those who are not what he vowed to make sure we consider labeling. >> and thankwe you to my honorable friend for his fantasticnk campaign for mental health to young people to bring forward extremely useful from the mental health plan. i wish them good luck.
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british farmers of the best in the world the farmers are spiraling upwards. and 60 percent mr. speaker. and with their own food producers two /he the support payments that farmers rely on. so will the prime minister meet to understand the extreme
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challenges they are facing? so well familiesaf and pensioners want to put food on the table during an economic crisis.. >> i do recognize the challenges with the inputs and working why we are so hard to abate those costs and everything else we can do with the energy crisis. and then to champion uk farming. and now has 73 trade deals with uk food and drink.
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for my right honorable fran think myo constituents and with the russian invasion. and then to secure the long-term stability and security. and then to beus rightly concerned about russian aggression. >> i think her very much to help the ukrainians fleeing war and aggression. and those up and down the country have constituents that are being incredibly generous. >> it is true the uk.
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to reinforce our security and to fortify europe's differences and that's a massive change in the case of sweden and finland. so then to have those that take six months and then to pick those losses into this unacceptable problem.
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and with the prime minister that has instructed ministers. >> so mr. speaker to disagree with the implication and those to be productive as being in the office and then to be more productive and more efficient on the whole if we can find ways to get back. >> thank you very much mr. speaker. following my campaign now being granted by the council. file time this is happened to
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how applying for the condition improvement funds. and then to good jobs are available for a social evening. some people will not get in we see the time and we are only a number 16. i want c everybody.
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>> and that calls wales home and those that are waiting for the money. >> and then to fully the dementia. and with 13 billion times per year extra. >> and those to renew those spaces.
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and then to b be back on the road those that to be successful with the applications. i thank you mr. speaker. prime minister food prices are going up. rent is going up energy cost is going up every day more constituents are coming to me to say they thought the day would never come that adjust cost too much. at the same time people are anchored to the minimum wage and they just cannot afford
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it. and those to say why they should take on more hours or get a better job. or to have an emergency budget. >> i accept that of course and is caused by the factors that we have mentioned. andt billions of tax putting into that because we can do that with strong fundamentals. but unemployment as a lowest itat has been since 1974. >> and then to be recently submitted then to have
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extremely high-risk of those beingbe constructed that place to the structural risk and now 20 years beyond the life expectancy. but we willwi be able to deliver which is fit for the future. >> we are reviewing all applications and that is the biggest of the generation. >> thank you mr. speaker.
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and those that comeom into effect. no attempt was made by the uk government and then to struggle on that flight with the uk government what does the prime minister personally do to have any similar breach of science from happening in the future? >> and to wait to read the
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decision and then entirely in the greenbelt with a 1000 letters of objection. do you agree that listening to local communities to protect to have local residents have their voices heard. no more powerful voice. and with the>> taxpayers money and that public life and that must be honored at all times.
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so can you tell me on a scale of one through ten with those principleses quick. >> we can tell you what we believe in this government adhering to the principles of the ministerial code. the vast majority that members of parliament and then syria and the ukraine. and with the 31st of may 90
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team young single males of a small rural village children. it will devastate a community. on behalf of the community. please stop these plans. >> and the recipients on this
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matter and then further meetings betweenen him. we will lead it clear
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