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tv   Reel America Movies at War - 1943  CSPAN  May 21, 2022 5:08pm-5:31pm EDT

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everyone. we got a lively conversation as we knew we would and we are just want to say thank you to all of you and for all of you who have participated this afternoon we hold it. this has been food for thought and it has been a wonderful way to start the new year. so to everyone please remember olmstead 200 activities are in full swing here yesterday usa ss and sounds left behind for the duration but never forgotten. the motion picture is seen to that it follows the soldier to the far reaches of battle right lights laughter home for those who thirst for sights and sounds
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not aliens to american eyes and ears. from the first day. he's in camp motion pictures play a varied role in the average. soldier's life. not only is he entertained by them? he's also oriented and trained through the medium of the silver screen. training films boss to worldwide attendance of 30 gis monthly to date the army is produced 78 training films. the industry adds 101 as its non-profit contribution. army operated libraries supplied the armed forces with all types of films and equipment for projection of motion pictures. 260 libraries in this country approximately 60 overseas booking soaring into astronomical figure a barometer for gauging the response of the using branches to film designed solely for the military. and there's no denying johnny doughboys interest in the
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fighting men series a 100% hollywood product providing grim training lessons. to fully appreciate their popularity is to reveal that 5 million soldiers monthly attend screenings of the fighting men film. these and thousands of additional reels shown and reshone must necessarily receive careful handling. passionate repair of films and machines occupies soldier technicians skilled at this type of work equipment that gives life to precious solenoids such as the why we fight orientation films passion by hollywood train craftsmen. worldwide army release alone requires 225 prints per subject dramatic to the extent of arousing those who must meet the common enemy. this series goes a long way toward familiarizing our soldiers and the nation with the fitness and ruthlessness of the fall. written in russia display wide interest in these and other
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united states army films foreign versions 2 275 training films for spanish-speaking good neighbors as well as 212 translations for portuguese speaking truth. 30 subjects over a brief period for friendly french troops we've translated 177 films for the chinese army putting strange words into gi joe's mouth. you don't like it to engine the photo lay young two non-portsw. in our army entertainment shorts mean gi movies and screen magazine overall total 320 prints per release. behind the scenes of the soldier producers writers directors cameraman editors drawn from hollywood to do a job for the military.
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including all armed forces the industry. roster has reached 29,652. however is vital is anything the film people are contributing is the role. they're playing in the maintenance of morale among the rank and pile of our embattled legion. those assigned the terrific task of storming the beaches of the seven seas are carrying out their assignments with decisive theory but apart from the actual fighting they have definite cravings letters from hall and entertainment motion picture. hollywood features that will provide free press fit from the nerve chattering thunder of battle. the industry is giving the films and the armies getting them right up to the firing lines through a world network of exchanges. iceland england gold coast africa north africa middle east iran india greenland northeast
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newfoundland bermuda trinidad panama northwest canada alaska hawaii australia new caledonia and fiji in new york the army's oversees motion pictures service handles the complex problems of wartime shipment with trained efficiency. three new features every week 63 prints per subject donated by the motion picture industry. a top priority is granted those responsible for moving the 16 millimeter films to the combat area. the objective not only to give the troops the best in entertainment pictures, but also to get the films on screens overseas as preview performances. or at least to show them simultaneously with their release in the state.
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a staggering assignment this considering the distant land to be reached yet. global mileage is shrink before today's transportation and air express with military right-of-way is just the kind of handling most of these shipments received. film distribution moving in the trend of the times faster than ever before a million dollars worth of morale wrapped in each carton programs for shipment by boat accreted and rushed to ports of embarkation ammunition for entertainment unrealing to span the universe stretching out to the 19 central depots and then to flow to the pinpoint fighting outposts on the earth's surface. not a single area will be overlooked no matter how many news. whether the potential audience be 10,000 or just a handful of 11 or 12 is of no concern the movies will reach them. and here they are over there films to be routed through exchanges and sub-exchanges to thousands of exhibition points.
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from the very first moment the new pictures touched foreign soil. they see few idle moments five months is the playoff time or life of the average feature arriving overseas during that time. the emotion is literally worn from the film by ceaseless projection. leaving this one exchange in new delhi that features branch out the circuit of far-flung area. today you can safely say that a tactical map is also an army film distribution map stretching for countless miles in every direction, but this is only the beginning from here on the films and equipment must be moved to the interior must be moved by whatever modes of transportation are available and those that can be improvised. naturally much is contingent on the risk and terrain, but it can
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be said that wherever supplies are moved by what means they are moved. so the films are carried right up to the threshold of battle. in the sky is over the battle scarred southwest pacific area film containers are part of the cargo on route from new caledonia to a strategic island outposts below is bougain field. similar landings are made throughout the solomon islands and surrounding areas. hard fighting troops are making it hot for the --. the welcome passengers begin the last leg of their journey moving right up with a male bags. letters from home and movies tonight at the bougainville, roxy. films are greeted like long lost friends weary, but eager warriors converge on their little theater as the word races through camp a brief law means that some of the men can see the new show while others. keep up the jungle watch. the names of these island battlegrounds are familiar to
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all who follow the war in the pacific yet. how many know that men star for entertainment are carving their own makeshift theaters out of a tangled wilderness. these scenes and all that follow were photographed by combat camera crews. this is the real mccoy spot coverage that breeds realism into all that has been written about the average gi and is craving promotion pictures. wire reels for seats coconut logs for seats in a palm grove selected for added atmosphere. they even line up all the empty gas barrels inside anything that can be sat on. ingenuity born of necessity and their arrangement makes good sense right up to the placement of the projection booth. sometimes rear echelons can go in for fancier and more permanent structure. this is the best in the area. but fancier, otherwise the same results are produced countless thousands of war miles millions of troops heterogeneous, and
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other respects yet maintaining a mutual interest in screen entertainment. here promotions reduced to their simplest formula men weary from battle and long frets through the no man's land of a score of front then grasping for that. symbolizes home and loved ones and enjoyment of life strange appetites can now be satiated. and for those resting behind the lines while recovering from battle wounds there is added interest in appeal in the motion
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picture time passes easier and more quickly imaginations are stimulated and the scars of combat minimized for the moment. here waiting for the show the early birds catch the best vantage points. land lease troops of allied nations find the welcome mat wherever films are unreal for american doughboy. a special treat tonight for new zealanders fighting side by side with the yank in wept and heated jungle rain is no barrier the
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show must go on shielded by jungle ponchos and other coverings our troops sit through the pouring tropical rainstorm and it would be bad for the operator where he to stop the show. army nurses at an undisclosed fighting front a notice is posted enough said woman's the same in the army or out. naple where we find the air core taking a fire in a gas buggy minus the familiar wing they're heading for the movie in big cities. the problem is much more simple. just find the right kind of auditorium and you can give the man the same presentations they used to get at home.
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in the outlying areas along the italian front mobile units are doing the job of bringing the movies to the troops most outfits only show about three nights a week. so it's not uncommon for the men to visit another camp close by even though they'll see the same picture as the night before. you come and see it man and that they do. it's the same story each time operations permit time out for relaxation. one of the bigger problems is
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getting sufficient films to the right places at the right time 1500 and more shows a night with a five and a half million weekly attendance is big time exhibition. naturally every soldier wants to see a brand new film something. you can write home about like a world premiere on an airplane mounted screen. but demand and supply can't always coincide. although the army's doing everything possible within tactical limitations to rush the best in screen entertainment to its men wherever wherever they may be stationed. greetings for troops and convoys on every ocean and for patience avoid hospital ships. by supplying the films the motion picture industry is creating goodwill. that could not be bought at any price. there should be ample reward in merely studying the scenes that are to follow. excerpts from five typical features already shipped overseas will help to illustrate the joy and appreciation of servicemen and women the world over.
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voices speaking of the united states i agree with. myself and establish the time i love you. i love you. very much. great for me. you are now in heaven and on earth. your life begins our benedict
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this is been the real life portrayal of the average soldier and his reactions to entertainment field. he likes them he wants them to keep on coming more and more often. the armies official appreciation is voiced by lieutenant general brian somerville accepting for our troops the 10,000 movie presented by the motion picture industry more overseas exhibition. general somerville recently i have vested. australia india china and africa and i know from personal observation. what these motion pictures mean to the men oversee?
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while it'd be difficult to place a value on these programs the motion picture industry is providing. we do know this. the morale of our troops is hot. the laughter music and general entertainment which comes out of a single small package like this one have helped
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