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tv   Campaign 2022 Sen. Rick Scott Speaks at New Hampshire GOP Fundraiser  CSPAN  May 23, 2022 10:09pm-10:55pm EDT

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hampshire republican committee. senator scott is chair of the national republican senatorial committee which is working to elect gop candidates to the senate but he talks about the upcoming midterm elections and key races that could determine which party controls the chamber. this is about 45 minutes. [applause] [applause] so, is everybody ready for campaign season again? two years ago and i came to one of your events.
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we made some promises. and guess what, we kept them all. [applause] along with the senate, the new hampshire legislature put together and passed probably the most conservative budget if not in the history of the state certainly in the last 50 years. [applause] reduce the business profits tax we reduce the enterprise tax credit but $100 million into the swap fund. we reduce the room to meals tax and we are facing out the entrance and dividend tax. we passed education freedom
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accounts. [applause] we passed and banned abortion for the first time in this state after six months. so sixth, seventh, eighth and ninth month you cannot legally get an abortion anymore. those are just some of the good things we did. so, what i am asking for is to return republicans to the statehouse. only i am asking for a little bit more cushion than we had this year. we have the tightest margin that we couldn't see as far as the history of our state as far as majority goes. we were able to get all this accomplished with the tightest margin we've ever had.
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yesterday we just passed another $70 million to go back to the cities and towns and we are hoping every single one of you elected officials especially, and we figure out all the figures of what each city and town goats of going to go to your city council or government are going to bring a big fat check and say look more public instead. we are reducing your propertyan taxes. but a $100 million that we sent back to the cities and towns that is $100 million that you did not have to raise for town and city taxes. $100 million. and a lot of that was one of your great representative's my deputy speaker steve smith who came up with that idea.
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[applause] we have a probably one of the best working relationships between the senate and us than i have seen in a long time by the senate president and i, i believe a close personal friends are. this is how we got most of the summer able to sit in a room together and talk it out and make sure we got what is best done for the people. mom yesterday late in the day we also passed the parents of bill of rights. [applause] now, let me talk a little bit about the federal side of it, which may be steve will talk and i'm sure the senator will talk about it. i was coming up the highway the past couple of days and guess what assault they rest stops, gasoline at $5.
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and i am sure all of you have been to the grocery store lately. and the last i saw the stock plunging. let's be real. this is joe biden and the democrats of this is their fault this has happened. we are energy independent a year end a half ago. now look at us it is not ukraine's fault it is not pollutants but it's not iran's fault, this is joe biden and the legislators we have in washington d.c., maggie hassan, shaheen, castor and pappas. they have to go. [applause] we need to take this country
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back andy put on the solid footing again. that. can only happen by getting rid of those. we need to increase the numbers in the house. we need to increase the numbers in the senate we certainly need to keep theiv executive council republican. it will be great if we could get all five seats wouldn't you like that, joe? so it is going to take work, it's going to take a lot of work andry it's going to take every single one of us getting out there now that session is over i note most of us in the house or going to be going into campaign mode. we are going to do everything we can to make sure new hampshire stays republican. new hampshire stays conservative and we don't go back to the democratic leadership or democratic house or a democratic new hampshire because that would destroy this state. and if that happens will be gone
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forever. we cannot let that happen, thank you. >> i was remiss in my introductions. i forgot to include kevin smith u.s. senate candidate. and now we would like to hear a few words and age cop chair steve. [applause] works thank you so much. thank you to all the people who have worked so hard to make this event successful and all of the hard-working people here in sullivan county. the state of the republican party newpa hampshire is better now that any time in the century. over the last three plus years we have built under the
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leadership the best grassroots organization anchored by our network of town committees in the history. in 2020 under the leadership of tucker we recruited and filled 387 house seats in 24 senatece seats. we will exceed that this year with all of your help. even though we did not do well at the top of the ticket, working with the house, the senate and the executive council, we flipped the house. we flipped to the senate we flipped the executive council we kept the corner office republican. we are the only state in the country to do that. because of those wins we passed last june what i consider to be the most republican budget in the history of new hampshire.
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reduce the business enterprise tax credit we reduce the profits of tax we reduce the rooms and meals attacks. we not only reduce the interest and dividends tax but we have it on a glide path to go to zero. and then we will be as good if not better than florida senator. we did not stop there. we put $100 million into the education trust fund and then reduce the statewide property tax by $100 million. we passed prohibition on the teaching of crt in our schools. we put a ban on abortions after 24 weeks. we passed the freedom education account which i am most proud of. money the state allocates to each student stays with that students. they can go to a private school, they go to parochial school, they can be homeschooled and the money stays with them.
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this legislation has become a nationwide model for other states like new hampshire are looking to give back control of a student's education to the students and their parents. [applause] of course he democrats and the allies the teachers unions are up in arms claiming this will destroy public education. i am here to say the democrats on the teachers unions have already destroyed public education in new hampshire. i'm across this great nation. freedom education accounts are the first step in rebuilding public education. we are not done this year we introduced a constitutional amendment that says only a united states citizen who wasn't domiciled in new hampshire and that new hampshire is her primary residence can vote in new hampshire.
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now we knew we did not have thee 60% we needed to pass that onto the ballot ballot. but we wanted to make sure that we said to the people of new hampshire loud and clear, who stood for what. every single republican in thee house and the senate voted for this. guess how many democrats voted for, zero is right. so now we are going to go back in november let the people of new hampshire know democrats think it's okay for non-us citizens to vote in our elections. once we take even bigger majorities than we have a right now, we are going to pass that constitutional amendment in 2023 with the 60% we need and we are going to put her on the ballot in 2024 and i guarantee the citizens of new hampshire are going to see with clarity the fact that we must make sure,
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unlike new york, unlike vermont and other states that only u.s. citizens and a new hampshire can vote in our elections. all of these endeavors require money and on that front i can tell you the 2020 cycle per week extremely successful at your state party was able to invest hundreds ofll thousands of dolls in house races, senate races executive council races on top of what the house impact in the senate packs from the individual candidates accomplished. moments the last time a state party invested that kind of money in state races? ask anyone around and you will get an answer. we currently have over $300,000 cash on hand for the upcoming
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election. by the time we get to november we will be able to invest between five and $600,000 in the state races on top of what the house are raising right now. new hampshire has been designated as are target state d his already and has continued to invest significant resources here in new hampshire. we haven't opportunity in november that i have not seen since 2010.em when the primary is over on september 13, this party, all of you must unite and support all of our republican nominees going forward we must unite behind our party because we have to be united in defeating the democrats. we must f take nothing for grand we must leave no stone unturned. some people say it this is the most important election of our lifetime. tif i disagree.
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2020 was the most important election of our lifetime. we wanted the state level and we save new hampshire. we lost at the federal level the nation and the world are paying the price. biotin and all of their democratic powered colleagues the progressives, the liberal and bureaucrats are destroying this country. they have given us record high gas prices, runaway inflation prove you're about to see sky high interest rates. i am a little older than most oe you, i remember how excited i was my bought my first condo. and i got a 15.75 variable rate mortgage. the prime rate p was 21%. ladies and gentlemen, that is where we are headed that us with the democrats have done to this
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country. biden has democratic policies policies and actions have emboldened our enemies overseas. we have a military that's more concerned about training our soldiers on how to be woke not how to fight, how to win and defend this country. biden and the democratic colleagues have thrown open our borders. this year the number of illegal aliens who will come across the southern border will be double the population of new hampshirei we have criminals, drugs and terrorists coming across into our country with impunity. criminals have been given a free pass at the expense of law-abiding citizens giving rise to out-of-control crime across this country. we lost in 2020 that was the most important election of ourel lifetime. we have to win in 2022.
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this is a second most election in our history because when we win we stop the destruction of our country. if we lose, god help all of us and more importantly god help our children and grandchildren. make no mistake we are at war and this is a war have to win. thank you. >> of course i forgot representativeor skipper rollins please see the folks that are selling raffle tickets over there if you have not bought your raffle tickets yet. at this point it gives me great pleasure to introduce our keynote speaker for the evening rick scott was elected to the u.s. senate in 2018 is currently
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serving his first term represents presenting the state of florida. prior to his election to the u.s. senate rick scott served two terms as the 45th governor florida. firms with charm as governor he championed more than 10 billion in tax cuts uncut thousands of burdensome regulations that led florida businesses to create nearly 1.7 million in jobs. rick scott grew up in public housing in the midwest. his adopted father was a world war ii veteran and a truck driver and his mother a store clerk. after marrying his high schoolch sweetheart scott joined the navy where he served active duty as a radar man aboard the uss glover. use the g.i. bill to attend the
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university of missouri kansas city eventually opened his first business, a donut shop. scott went on to run the world's largestt healthcare company and continues to fight every day so families across the state can have the same opportunityty he d to live the american dream. in november 2020 center scott was selected by his colleagues to chair the national republican senatorial committee the senate republican campaign act passed with a winning back a majority in the senate. that is one of the reasons he is here today. senator scott and his wife and have been married for 49 years. [applause] they have two daughters, allison and jordan, six and grandsons
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august, quintin, sebastian, eli, louie and judy. and one granddaughter zelda and. please adjoin me and welcoming to the lectern senator rick scott from florida. [applause] why would you ever do this? why would you ever run for office? sounds like there are a lot of people here who have a run for office or are in office. everyone probably for the same thing. we grew up in a country that a kid that never met his natural dad, lives in public housing, how to mom told you you could be anything, that is all we all
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believed. we all went off and try to do things but we all took different paths. we all believe it didn't matter where you start anything was possible. i think the democrats have tried to ruin this country.y whether it is intentional or not they really believe in socialism which only leaves at two things. poverty and oppression. it's not something new. i the opportunity to build a lot of different businesses help manufacturing about the donut shop when i got out of the navy you're going to school full-time i adopted dad was disabled my mom dated a jobs we bought for her and she ran it. my wife is a good donut salesperson though. you couldn't tell by how much she works out but she does like donuts. so we moved all around the country on these different companies i was running eventually end up in florida.
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that was in 2003 but i always once lived in the south like up in the midwest born in illinois gripping kansas city hate cold weather. especially with this haircut that's much better to be in warm weather. i always wanted to live in florida. we moved there in 2003 by 2010 people forget. i believe the most important thing you can do forg somebodys get them a job. so in 2010, four years the state of us 32000 jobs. you forget that the day i got elected 1.1 million homes were in foreclosure in florida. and for years the home prices had dropped by 50%. we are going to default on her state that it only balances budget once in 40 years. we had a record debt part of it was about too go into default.
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you are in by the credit agencies. they had raised taxes, increased regulation was a place we had a lot of problems with lawsuits. as i was running for governor and nobody knew me and i said i have a plan for 700,000 jobs over seven years and i've got seven steps to do it. in the end i think i won the race. iran and a primary basically no endorsements my opponent been a congressman for 22 years he was sitting attorney generalal and e stateed everybody in the country had endorsed the guy. think i won because i had the plan to turn around the state. elections matter i can type what we were to accomplish not because of one person because i had a legislature that worked with me went 1.7 million jobs. we didn't balance the budget, we balance the budget every year we
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cut tenant have billion dollars of taxes and paid off a third of the state debt over $10 million. we cut about 20% of the state regulations printed out to a .40% of the judges tourism went by 50% from 80 million probably came down to 126 million people and home prices skyrocketed. all because of what we did we do it we should be doing we balance the budget we cut taxes we made it easier to get a permit we enforce our laws and we cut the regulatory environment. so in 2019 which is fine with me i believe in term limits iran for the senate think i'm theub only republican center that one in a swing state it was not the easiest year to run as a republican. iran to see if we could do the exact same thing at the federal level. the federal government is notrn
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functioning. not at all. the information they give you is not honest in my opinion. the regulatory environment is horrible. the information we get, i'll give you an example mayorkas ist homeland security, he comes and testifies who ties the border is secure. that is what he says pretty comes and testifies about every three months. running, she testified about two weeks ago i said what you doing for inflation she said it's not my fault it's all the federal reserve. secretary of transportation buttigiegfi what you doing about supply chain? i said you've only been out to the port in california at one time since you've been in office. by the way buttigieg the last ttime they testified inflation was 1.4% in think it was.
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they took no responsibility. the shortage of formula buttigieg took no responsibility. testified this week i asked her why are you guys shutting down fossil fuel? or not we love fossil fuels. i said you're not giving permits for quick given record permits. that is how they testify. so here's the latest senate works. in the senate you don't get to vote if you're not majority. that means if i have a bill every republican center likes i cannot get it voted on the senate floor for chuck schumer controls the entire floor, everything we vote on. we do not get a vote. so if we are not in the majority we can fix anything. so is a 50/50 senate right now.
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think about what they have done since biden took office placement $1.9 trillion not covid at less than 10% had anything to do with covid. they have an infrastructure bill which i think incremental increases roads, bridges, airports and seaports spending. at the same mass tempo year as governor. incremental new spending $10 billion a year for the whole country. they want another covid build with a much open up our border to anybody on title 42. they voted to take away control over your election laws and according to her secretary ofth state that would impact your primary. inflation, gas, everything the democrats have voted every
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liberal wild idea they could think of. all we can do is block it right now. i got elected to serve a year ago january 11 to try to see if we could win back the senate is a 50/50 senate we have 20 republican senators up there 14 democrats. that does not sound very good. but here's where we are biden's numbers are horrible deservedly. i mean he has single-handedly caused gas prices i think your average now is like every states the highest ever is $4.62. just think about that if you are rich you can drive an expensive car probably doesn't matter. but if you're poor like my momom you are struggling every day. if you want fixed income paid by the way wages are not setting up with inflation but wagers are doing nothing.
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the by the ministrations like an ostrich braidedan with her headn the sand to do nothing. second they go on television and they blame somebody else that's all they doo. up there right now that's all what's happening out by administration. when it gas at the baby formula. can you imagine that in the united states of america young women have to worry if they can feed their children. that was inflicted by the biden ministration. we have her kids unfortunately in florida we had four major hurricanes. every time we had a hurricane before we would always run out of gas. when my hurricanes we did not run out of gas here is why. what i would do before it ever happened i would make sure every gas station was full. and then live get on the phone with everybody involved in the gas industry twice a day what do you need to make sure we do not
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run out of gas? we never did. have you seen anything the biden ministration has done on a formula or any issue, none. how hard is it to figure out if you shut down the abbott plant that you are not going to have a shortage. and if you are going to do that, why wouldn't you allow imports? finally they allowed imports and finally they said you can fly them in. this is just pure incompetence. so we have and here's where the races are. probably the hardest race of our incumbents is ron johnson. so ramos from wisconsin it's not the easiest state. he is a hard worker he has been up there 12 years he is a business guys great to work with. it's going to be a a hard race t the candidate on the other side is going to be a bernie sandersg type or he's going to rent have
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to raise a lot of money but he should win. the hard rates is to defend republican sellwood pennsylvania, north carolina either doctor oz or dave mccormick will win in pennsylvania they're both good candidates. it will be a hard race but we will win their paid north carolina going there later tonight for speech in the morning. ted about i it when the primary it's a great kid we should win that they're all going to be harder going to be expensive. we should be able to keep my r21 if we stay on message give people eat people a reason to vote buicks by the dems are due in your opponent, raise money like crazy and work your butt off and you can win. our pickup opportunities are georgia. first is georgia, herschel walker is winning big time in the primary. he is actually ahead in the general election. so with the committee does as an example we raise money we hope we don't get involved in primaries we help anybody with
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what we can help them with and then we run ads to define the democrats until our primate that we do both we help define our opponent and help our candidate when they get to the primaries. so in georgia we are to have and add up. we already announced last week $53 million we have raised 150 plus million dollars in the last 16 months. but we need to raise a lot more we need to double that. these races are expensive. we are the one before everybody thought the runoff was going to be easy and it wasn't had the opportunity to define himself or our candidates were fighting. we are defining the now. we have every reason to believe people when their and nevada we should win there. when i get sam to heated primary. adam versus he is up points in a
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pole. arizona kelly act like he was a moderate he ran a biden campaign did not answer any questions, didn't take any positions as a moderate he has been with chuck schumer 98% of the time but arizona border security support. he voted against three times. we have every reason to believe we have five people in the primary there was be able to win. now we get to new hampshire. we should not lose here. and here is why. so maggie has already spent somebody might know this number better i think about $7 million to get her face up she is still in the low 40s but the problem she is god's people know her. [laughter] you know, when you're the governor you get known when iran 18 the reason i wanted side 98% name id on i think my approval
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rating was around 60% you get known when you're the governor people know who the governor is. and unfortunately she has known. let's look at herle record. we have not put an ad out right now about her she suddenly allison cares about energy prices. do not today was the eighth anniversary of? when she signed a bill to raise your gas taxes. because she really cares about gas prices she has an ad up at the craziest thing she cares about gas prices. so that she is responsible they for gas, these gas prices their attitude is they hate fossil fuel they hated for some reason. i actually like my car and i like lower-cost energy. think how crazy the democrats are they love electric cars but they don't know where electricity comes from.
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[laughter] so maggie spoke to gets border security just like mark kelly has. and then she goes to the border and says she cares about the border but she doesn't care about the border. i'm on homeland security committee with her so when there is a surge right when i first got up to the senate i've been three and half years. and so ron johnson was running the committee would have hearings with border patrol people sync but can we do and how can we help? do not she took the opportunity to? scream at border patrol. just screamed at them called him every name under the sun. i member one hearing i said i was next to speak republican democrat i sit how does it make you feel when you're going down there trying to keep our border security have a senator that comes- in here basically calls all sorts of names, that is what she does.
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i mean why would you beat -- like the border patrol is not out there lying. she was a jerk to them. you can almost name the issue we are dealing with and she's been on the wrong side of it. all the sudden she's figured out she is going to lose so now we have been calling her mega maggie. because she went to the and acted like she was donaldd trum. then she came back here and of course got protested by the left. you look what she spends on every spending bill she is on it. there is no limit to what she will spend money on. it's like these people don't get where inflation comes from. it comes from spending money we don't have. you know how bad it is? we are going to run between one
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and 2 trillion-dollar deficit for the next ten years under trtheir budget. we have $30 trillion worth of debt now. and under biden's budget it takes us to 45 it limits i how good they are. the person that it biden's budget came to testify them on the budget committee should be really good because bernie sanders is the chair. okay, a year ago i think it was like july, biden put his budget out in june buried the person that does budget for biden came to testify i said what were our revenues last year? i don't know pre-true story i said what are your projections? not sure. i said what's the national debt? don't know.xp i said what is her interest expense? i am not sure. she said i only know percentages pick. i said okay what is the percentage increase you are projecting in revenue, i don't know that. who did not know any numbers now
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she came back this a february she's going to get the top job she was number two at the offic of budget now showing at the top job. i was really controversial i said i asked her the same questions due to how much she knew? nothing. i am a business guy. here's what you like in business if you want to beat somebody ine business what you hope is the hair wholeig bunch of incompetet people on the other side. because you know is going to catch up with them, right? that is what biden has done. you would not vote for any of these people they are the most radical left people out there. and so here's what we have to do. we have to win every house each weekend. we have to win every senate seat but if you think about it, here is why i think were going to do really well. think of how many people are going to show up that have never showed up to vote for school
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board. or district or state attorneys they are seeing how bad the school boards are around the country. what they are teaching our kids with its critical race theory, trying to teach kindergartners about gender. it makes you mad. i mean this didn't happen when my kids are young or at least i didn't know about it, probably didn't happen. but i think people are going to show up for these local races. here's what ron johnson will tie about his race in wisconsin. he was a tea party candidate back in ten. so what he did as he worked to make sure there was a republican that ran in the lower house. think there is called the board of assembly. he got a republican in almost every seat running.e guess what, he got the exact same number of votes is all of those people, all of those republican statewide. so you actually have a very good state party, right?
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i have been up here what three times i guess? everyplace i have been you have a group like this that really cares read that is why you're going to win the senate race. i think five people say they're going to win, whoever winds up going to bust my butt to make sure they went and beat maggie. if d you guys do what you are doing tonight if everybody runs you can easily win statewide. so i can tell you when iran in florida ran for reelection in 14 pretty frustrating because there's not many competitive house orr senate seats. and so if youou don't, nobody gs the vote out it's hard to get the vote out. i don't see any reason why we don't win. i think we will end up we have every reason to believe will end up with 54 republican senators or more. you would be surprised if got great candidates because h peope
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see this as the year for republicans to win you got great candidates in the state of washington and they are not very far behind for there's a lady out there was running againstt? who is out there, she doesn't talk to me. [laughter] who is it? oh yes. it doesn't matter shouldn't talk to me either. [laughter] it's funny and go to the senate floor do unanimous consent. tie a good story. you can do a unanimous consent and less somebody votes against and blocked his sword to the senate floor a fewes months agoi said i am not going to let joe biden required masks before you get your social security check. they blocked that. so then i said i'm not going to let him do it before you get your medicare check. they blockeded out. so i'm not going to forget your medicare check they blockede
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that. and i'm for sure not goingre too it before you can live in public housing. so senate from ohio who i have never talked to who's office is right next to me and the hurt building he got up and said i'm leaving know who thiswh guy is. he said i haven't seen them and by the way he said he does everything about public housing i'm mr. public housing so he went on for about ten meds i felt as it did not actually i live didn't see learn an little bit more when you live in it. these guys are just crazy on the left. we've got patty murray in the state of washington i was at a donut retreat gathered at the bunch people in d.c. i said have any of you ever invited her to dinner? no, nobody would. she is not nice to anybody. i think we have a shot to win all over the place. we'veo got to work hard it's wt
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you're doing here that matters. because you guys get the vote out. so i'm trying be a full-service senator. i have nineni offices in florida if you need a realtor i know all the realtors. [laughter] if you need a hotel reservation i know those two. we do a lot with -- we have a lot of va issues we have a lot of immigration issues. we have a lot of hud issues. if you need something and your senators don't do it, we are dealing with you and call my office in d.c. or callc. one ofy offices in florida. we help people all over the country of nine people nine offices they give you a budget of nine offices for need something that'sg, my joke whens governors trying get everybody to move to florida it's not really my job right now. i try to get the said it.
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it's a beautiful building for go to florida we don't have a lot of buildings like this. if you go back on this as built everybody in florida liveded within 20 miles of the northern border, nobody lived in miami, nobody lived in naples where i live we did not have air conditioning. it wasn't as nice a place as it is now. thank you for your help. i will do anything i can if you have any suggestions as we running against maggie maggie though the senate committee works are trying to explain how these are voting costly on the senate floor. of seven or eight people all they do in english and spanish is explain how maggie maggie votes every day. you can tell she talks to me a lot, right?ef very appreciative of my efforts up there. thank you very much congratulations on myon success hopes -- on your success.
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>> u.s. house returns after it's memorial day break on tuesday june 7 for legislative business and boats. over on the other side of the u.s. capitol the senate returns tuesday at 10:00 a.m. eastern. lawmakers will vote later that week on whether to begin debate on domestic terrorism legislation following the mass shooting in buffalo earlier this month. centers will also vote on more present by its executive and judicial nomination including kenneth weinstein for homeland security adviser to president george w. bush to service under secretary for intelligence and analysis in the biden administration homeland security department. watch live coverage of the senate on cspan2 under free c-span now audio app ♪ ♪ c-span's unfiltered view of government funded by these television companies are more
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including cox. cox is permitted provided affordable internet connected computer program. bert one connected and engaged at a time. cox, bringing us closer. cork socks supports c-span as a public service long phase of the television providers. giving it a front row seat to democracy. >> next a hearing on the president's clemency power and what were formed for the process would look like. lawmakers examine the fixed clemency acted. this hearing runs just over two hours. the subcommittee will come to order pro withoutbj


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