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tv   U.S. State Lawmakers Hold Roundtable on Abortion  CSPAN  May 27, 2022 3:32am-4:31am EDT

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committee. this is one hour. >> in afternoon, thank you so much for joining us during a very serious moment in our country. i just have to say i share my deep sorrow and anger about the horror that happened yesterday in texas after one more after another. 19 children, two teachers murdered in an elementary school two days before summer break was set to spot start. we all these grieving family and every other grieving family around the country to act to stop this.
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i am appreciative of our leader schumer and leading us in moving forward in this. all we need is for republican members of the senate to find the teeniest bit of courage and join us. courage is what were talking about today. it is something that we all need to have when we have courageous elected officials were hearing from today who are standing strong against attempts to rollback 60 years of women's freedom to make our own health care decisions. if row v wade is overturned by the supreme court it will have grave, grave consequences for women across our country. this is especially true my home state of michigan if roe v. wade follows michigan he goes back to a 1931 law that makes abortion at any stage of felony with no exceptions for rape and incest.
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we will soon hear from my governor, governor gretchen whitmer who is fighting and leading us to prevent this law from going into effect in harming michigan women. is not just limited michigan as we know, wisconsin will revert back to the law from 1849 in at least 17 states would ban abortions with no exception for rape and incest. this issue all comes down to who should make decisions about your health care, maga republican politicians, right-wing members of the supreme court, democrats stand with women across the country who deserve the freedom to make our own health care decisions. i want to welcome our leader who has been steadfast for standing up for reproductive freedom and
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working from all of us to make sure we can do everything humanly possible to be able to protect women's rights to make your own reproductive choices. senate majority leader chuck schumer. >> thank you debbie and thank you for putting this together debbie is head of our democratic tcc and does an amazingly good job. thank you and i think my other colleagues who is been a leader on this issue for decades. senator klobuchar, senator baldwin and i don't know if i'm missing any of my colleagues here. i certainly think our guests for their strength encourage in fighting back against these attacks on abortion access and for joining us to share their on the ground perspectives on the battle to preserve women rights. i want to take a brief moment as debbie did to acknowledge the massa care and the second, third and fourth graders and their teachers entry into texas yesterday. we are outraged, we are heartbroken, we're stunned.
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i woke up at three in the morning thank why has this happened to my little grandson, three years old and every one of us has had thoughts like that. we are stunned at our republican colleagues ability to work a tragedy overwhelming tragedy and refuse to act. the senate will though on gun safety legislation and we can start as soon as tomorrow if our republican let us proceed on the domestic terrorism prevention act. we need ten of their votes which would directly address racially motivated shootings like the one that we saw in my home state of new york in buffalo and i repeat, we are going to vote on gun legislation, we hope republicans will join us we know they have in the past, chris murphy is leading the effort, people are tired of silence, tired of the kind words offering thoughts and prayers, the senate democrats we want good, strong,
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legislation with bipartisan support, republicans refused to join us and will continue to pursue gun safety legislation on our own. we owe that to our children and grandchildren. now on the issue of the day. since the draft decision became public, the american people have seen a stark contrast between democrats and republicans on abortion. in recent weeks republicans have revealed their plans from an all-out assault on women's rights. mitch mcconnell, senate minority leader set a national ban on abortion is possible if republicans retake the senate. in oklahoma the new six week abortion ban does not even include exceptions for rape or incest and for the incoming legislatures are already planning a total ban on abortion. the mega republicans are extremist, you can see that in their proposals. on the other hand two weeks ago the american people saw democrats fighting to protect women's freedoms. americans see state level democrats like a guest here
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today and taking unconstitutional restrictions to court and using their voices to uplift women and protect their rights and we know that the american people are on our side. that's while republicans pursuant all-out assault on abortion, republican campaign committees are urging their candidates to avoid the subject because they know the public is overwhelmingly with us. again i want to thank our guests from being here for everything that the viewing at the state level. keep it up between now and november americans are gonna see the contrast between democrats and republicans again and again, and again. democrats won't stop fighting for women's rights to make their own choices until we succeed. thank you debbie and thank you everybody i very much appreciate the opportunity. >> thank you so much to talk, thank you for your incredible leadership on this. now i want to introduce the
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members of a really outstanding panel today. i will introduce all four of them and ask a few opening comments. governor gretchen whitmer of michigan my home state she served as governor of michigan since 2018 she said an absolutely incredible job in many challenges of covid in all the other challenges that we've been facing. i'm so proud of her she was the first governor to file a lawsuit to protect a boy abortion access following the leaked draft opinion if roe v. wade is overturned. michigan would revert back to a 1931 law and which abortion had anything and no exception for rape and incest. were plan to have attorney general of wisconsin with us and josh has served as the attorney
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general for the state of wisconsin since january 2019 doing a great job if roe v. wade is overturned wisconsin will revert back to in 1849 law in which abortion is a felony. attorney general has said his justice department would not enforce the law. missouri state representative emily weber we are so glad you are with us state representative emily weber is the first asian-american women to serve in the missouri general assembly, she has filed legislation to protect the freedoms of women and missouri if roe v. wade is overturned. missouri has a trigger law meeting if roe v. wade meeting all abortions will be banned with exception for rape and ancestry. oklahoma state state
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representative pittman is the first millennial woman in the third to serve and the oklahoma state legislature. she serves on the public health committee which recently considered the harshest abortion restrictions in the country. if roe v. wade is overturned oklahoma will revert back to a 1910 law. we are so appreciative of each of you taking the time to join us today. i want to turn things over to governor witmer. >> thank you, senator. i have to think senator schumer as well were proud of our u.s. senators are well represented here in michigan. we know with the release that came in if confirmed what many of us on the front line were
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fearing, the worst case scenario where roe is completely overturned. in michigan as senator beautifully surmised, we are to revert to a 1941 law that's been on the books making it a felony without any exceptions. after five decades of women in michigan having a full ability to make her own decision, informed decision that are incredibly hard and incredibly personal and unique to the individual. they are now a threat of watching michigan go from a pro-choice state to having one of the most extreme laws in the country as soon as that decision is rendered. michigan is not just the state were michigan women had access to healthcare and reproductive support and medical care the state where women from ohio and
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women from indiana, as well. my team and i looked at what tools did we have to fight like hell and protect this right for women, lawsuits have been filed using unique powers and i have the governor of michigan to attack the constitutional rights in the go right to the supreme court. planned parenthood had their own lawsuits and we had people collecting signatures to amend our constitution. we do not know which one of these might work if any of them but we are pulling out all of the stops. this is not just about the rights that i've always had, let's be honest i'm not with 2.2 million women that are reproductive ability and age right now. these are my girls but the thought that my girls and their generation may have fewer rights than we've always had, fewer
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abilities to make decisions. the most important economic decision a woman will make in her lifetime is whether and when to have a pregnancy, that is why is so crucial. that is why it's so stark what's happening across our country. we will fight like hell to protect these rights. i am grateful to be here and i'm grateful to be in the company of so many folks on the front line in other states as well. >> thank you so much governor witmer are so appreciative that you are pulling out all of the stops. this is all hands on deck moment. thank you for everything that you are doing. somebody else that's going to all the stops is the attorney general. thank you so much from another great lakes state in wisconsin. we are so appreciative of you been with us today. >> thank you so much for having me senator and thank you to the other senators into my fellow panelist and a special thank you to senator baldwin we are
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incredibly fortunate to have you representing wisconsin and thankful for your leadership at the national and state level. reproductive freedom issues and so many issues as well. wisconsin is in a similar situation to the one that michigan faces. we have a 19th century ban on most abortions that remains under statute in wisconsin. there is some uncertainty as whether that will go into effect if roe is struck down but there will be an argument made that does go into effect and i suspect we will see litigation over that issue. if it does it would and posterior coney and restrictions on women in wisconsin. it bans all apportionments except for abortions that are necessary to save the life of a mother and abortions and excludes the mother from the band. if you think about what that means, other than abortions to save the life of the mother, the only abortion that will be lawful in wisconsin would be
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self ministered abortions. that is incredibly backwards and incredibly dangerous. that's not the future that anybody else wants to see for women in our state of wisconsin. even as the litigation plays out access to abortion in wisconsin is going to effectively be restrictive, the reason is for planned parenthood which currently is the abortion provider they will stop providing services because of the 19th century ban on the books they can be prosecuted under that band. that would mean if roe comes down, abortion services that are safe and legal will effectively and in the state of wisconsin and potentially until legislation is passed there is no exception of incest.
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there is no exception to protect the health of the mother unless it's necessary to prevent the death of a mother. this is a coding situation that we can find ourselves in very soon in the state of wisconsin. to investigate or under the 19th century abortion law das under that man is my hope they will not do that they have far better things to be using the resources on and investigating cases with an old abortion ban but it remains to be seen how that will play out. it's mild that we act on as many friends as possible one of those is to have action at the congressional level.
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i got the senators tried to work to codify roe at a national level and those are critical efforts. also encourage the senators for other operant whether it's through grant powers and traditions whether through protecting interstate travel and making sure the mail system can be used and finally making sure people can't access abortion services for medical professionals in their home state that as many options are provided as possible to allow for access to medical professionals and other states through telemedicine or other means that those visits are reimbursed. the last thing i would say a court that is willing to throw out two generations of precedent and overturn a fundamental right that is also violated its norms regarding secrecy as this process is played out is a court that may not stop overturning
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roe v. wade and the role that we will play at the state level in our elected representatives will place the federal level will be critical to protecting our fundamental freedoms in the years and decades ahead. thank you so much for all the work that you are doing and i look forward to hearing your questions. >> thank you so very much i appreciate all of your suggestions where we live begins
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at conception. here in missouri it is required to have antiabortion in-person counseling followed by 72 hour waiting period for an abortion, to parental notification of consent of a complete ban of roe v wade is overturn with no exceptions for rape or incest and public and private insurance restrictions. missouri is welcoming a place for people seeking reproductive healthcare, this is not just in missouri it in 17 states going back to abortion van with no exceptions for greater incest. subdivides her to be lost, abortion was here before roe and it will be here when roe is overturned. the attack on reproductive healthcare will be on birth control. here in missouri that has been happening and we must do everything to protect reproductive rights. some of the anti-reproductive
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healthcare bills that have received the most attention this past session in missouri are defunding planned parenthood by eliminating medicaid payments for any and all reproductive health. a requirement for fetal remains of abortion the texas copy capital including $10000 to anyone who wants to act as a state bounty hunter threatening private universities endowment as training abortion continues, kriebel be committed if you seeking abortion across state lines and at one point we had a bill that stated if anyone had in up topic pregnancy in using abortion to terminate the pregnancy they could in the prison that help them get the medication could receive a felony charge. we have 163 seats in the missouri house this session, we had 19 bills listed that relate to abortion. seven of those bills are prone reproductive healthcare and i sponsored two of those bills.
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one of the bills would require all organizations that provide pregnancy related services or counsel to provide medically accurate and unbiased information about birth control, adoption, labor and delivery and postpartum care to receive state funding. my other bill respects people's abortions decisions act, the bill prohibits the state from denying a person's right to obtain an abortion as established by the united states report in roe v wade. this session we defeated a lot of horrible bills. in missouri we have a trigger law passed in 2019 that would make abortion illegal if roe is overturned. this will hurt our missourians and if roe is overturned in missouri a child that is raped
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by their uncle will not have an option for abortion i child will have to be forced to give birth. here in missouri we are fighting but we desperately need your help and we need to act now. we cannot let states attack medicare and medicaid. we need to find ways to desensitize states were there trying to find laws and restrict access. not only as abortion but as the gun-control law. >> take is a much. you are in a tough situation. you are very courageous and we really appreciate that you're not giving up on this. we will not give up on this. we will get through this whether it's right this minute or the november election. we are going to get through this and make sure women have a capacity for our own reproductive health decisions. oklahoma, we would like to hear from the state representative
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a.j. pittman. thank you so much for being with us and another very tough statement. >> thank you for having me it's an honor to be here with you today along with my distinguished colleagues and the rest of the panel representative emily and i have been on a number of panels together over the course of this legislative session about this topic specifically. oklahoma nears exactly what she says. i'm fortunate to see it on the public health committee and be on the frontlines of these bills. i've been told in this committee that my colleagues would rather be a slave than a dead baby to my face. those are the comments i face each and every day when i come to work. we are fighting so much in the state of oklahoma as we talk about access to healthcare rights. even though were talking about abortion or breaux versus wade being overturned we don't even
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get access to that mortality. for not caring about the mothers who are carrying these children faltered we say were pro-life or pro-birth but you're not helping the mothers who are losing their baby and sending them right back to work without any of reason. that's what were doing in oklahoma were now making laws that will dramatically change the future of women in our state because they will have no access to abortion, we are changing the lives of these positions because now they can have civil suits filed against them by people who are not the family member receiving the abortion those are the laws in oklahoma i fight of a minority of the minority of the minority on one of the 19 democrats i'm the youngest female serving in the state of
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oklahoma and the only african-american native americans and serving the state legislature. i represent so many people in the state that are not represented on the house floor or in the senate. these bills that we are passing were called a state of emergency by the author of this bill. it's not obvious state of emergency to make sure our children are not hungry is not a state of emergency of education is not a state of emergency to keep our students safe in school but is the state of an emergency to ban abortion, those of the conversations were having in the state of oklahoma. my solution is i know i 2022 election cycle our legislature is not going to change for the better. my solution we have to have national help. we have to have national support i would love to see a resource
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guide of human services passed on to the regional directors so women know what states to go to them what nonprofits will help them and where they can get transportation and who will support them. oklahoma is not changing anytime soon and it's going to take work, i want to save lives today i want to make sure women are not self inducing abortion without medical help. that means we have to bring other resources into our state and not just rely on the people elected to serve and protect all that are doing that. thank you so much. thank you so much all of us helping women across the country. i appreciate all of you. i want to start with senator
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patty murray who has been with us a long time reproductive choice issues. senator murray why don't you go ahead with your first questions. >> thank you so much debbie for putting this together. thank you all for coming and talking to us about the real impacts of what is going to hit everyone in this country and your work to advocate for the right to abortion. we are doing everything that we can hear in congress to fight back against the cruel agenda that will force women to stay pregnant. i know a lot of the site will be in your state. this is really helpful to us to know what we need to focus on in the federal level and what real fight is going to be. thank you for being here. i have a couple of questions, right now republicans across the country are going beyond attacking abortion providers in their own states to attack
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medication abortion as well trying to limit what america is doing in the mail or their own house. i want to ask each one of you is this a threat you are seeing talk about in your state governor witmer maybe if i ask you first? >> thank you i appreciate the question. i veto all the ugly stuff that comes to my desk whether it's attack on voting rights or an attack on women's reproductive rights. there have been a lot of different bills that have been introduced and passed through a chamber but not headed to my desk because they know the stage of that. i do think these efforts will continue and there's no question that we in reinforce how high the stakes are as we think about the upcoming election this fall. 100% of the people on the other side are really enthusiastic candidates in terms of people
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for this position are supporters of the 1931 law. i think that tells you everything that you need to know. my veto will continue to keep these apt day and the threat of my veto. this is a high stakes for our nation and certainly the stakes can get higher in michigan. >> what about wisconsin? >> wisconsin already has laws regarding medication abortion. our governor is committed to be doing legislation that would further restrict access but there has been legislative efforts to impose new restrictions on access and i mentioned how restrictive the old 19th century band was before but there has been discussion of legislative efforts to make it even more restrictive for example by eliminating the protection for abortions to save the life of a mother. although it is really deeply
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concerning what we may be facing the day that roe comes down it could be that were seen legislative efforts to further restrict rights and limit reproductive freedom. >> representative weber. >> thank you for the question and thank you for asking that. 100% we are seeing this this past session. the up topic pregnancy, the one i mentioned. part of that was the medication she received through the mail. we are seeing those 100% we will most likely see more of those. >> representative pittman. >> thank you so much for the question. we currently have not seen that. however, we are in special session right now to discuss our governor's authority and we feel are senate is going to try to slide one of those bills into a
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special legislative session in the next two days. however, the last bill that everyone has been talking about hb 4327 does not directly affect that. >> representative pittman i know as soon as tomorrow, if not today your governor is going to sign into law the bill that bans abortion in your state and empowers your neighbors. it is stunning to me. i know that was despite all your hard work, describe what that means for women in your state. >> yes, ma'am it is on his desk he has not signed it yet and you are exactly right, it mentions that you consume anyone from your church, from your neighborhood, you can see each other and that for me says that we know he says she says stuff happens all the time. if you think about young girls in school or college or people who have had an emergency this could be someone who you don't
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know from any walk of life and get a with of what you've done in your personal life. then they can bring a civil lawsuit against you, not a criminal, the bill is not criminal, it is civil but they can bring a criminal lawsuit for you or what you do in your life and your home in the discussion you have with your family and things that personally protect your life without knowing your medical history and without knowing pre-existing conditions and without understanding your finances or your circumstances, they can do that. in the bill it says there is a section that the senate added to a bill that says no court of the state should consider any action that speaks to clarify relief to prevent a private individual from importing any provision of this act. you are basically saying no court not even our supreme court
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in the state of oklahoma can take action to overturn this or take action to be able to tell someone that they cannot sue someone else or make a private decision for their own personal life. that is something. >> this is like we are freezing people with talking, you can't chat with your friends or say i was raped or say this might've happened. you cannot talk to anybody, this is frightening to me. >> no ma'am, we have a law that was passed this legislative session where you can soothe the position now to. if you think about your primary physician and your mental health professionals. if you think about those type of individuals, where do we have a safe place. where is the safe space for these women to be able to talk to somebody, we are mostly now taking that completely away from this. >> even your own family members? >> yes, ma'am.
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>> frightening. >> as i'm listening to the responses i keep thinking about the republican colleagues that are really telling us they don't support government regulation and yet we are talking about for women, for healthcare providers, for everyone in the senate. >> for health counselors, anybody. >> it is really, really frightening. i want to ask governor witmer, i know you have a short time with us. you are doing a number of things to fight the michigan law trade i wonder if you might speak a little bit more about the kinds of things that you are trying to push back on having this 1931 law take effect. >> absolutely, thank you, senator i will have to excuse myself after i replied to this
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question. we have been in the mindset that we have to try to do everything that we cannot the state level. we don't know where this is headed but we know what options we have in terms of fighting back. i followed a lawsuit taking us to the supreme court, they are asking us to brief the number of questions. planned parenthood's final different lawsuit got an injunction, we don't know if that will last our call continues to take a race to the ballot. another thing that i wanted to do explore what we can do across state government i signed an executive directive requiring the state department identify opportunities to increase protection or reproductive healthcare although departments of how they can increase choices available for mental, physical and reproductive health and
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safeguard the privacy of individuals for seeking care and assure the safety of reproductive healthcare providers. we must reliable the cost and increase public awareness about increased perception and assist with any investigation or proceeding against anyone for accessing reproductive healthcare that is legal in michigan right now. we are using every tool available to me as governor at the state government. and working with our allies and we have to take out and pull out all the steps. i have encouraged my colleagues to take a similar tack in states that would see a dramatic change in policy and access for women to have reproductive care. abortion is healthcare. >> absolutely, thank you so much
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and thank you so much for taking the time to join us today let me turn it to tammy baldwin who is a tremendous champion in this issue. >> thank you very much senator sabado for convening us, is really grateful for all of our panelists today. i want to ask attorney general call a couple of questions about wisconsin. it's not quite deprived that our state is the one that would revert to the oldest law. the one passed in 1849. i think about what rights women
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had in 1849. this is not going to be a history question, don't worry. it was passed at a time when there were virtually no rights. the only eviction was for the life of the mother not the health of the mother or any focus on the victim of rape or incest or in the mid-1800s, there was no idea of the medication, abortion which you are the touched on. an ancient statute. i would like to hear what sort
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of impact and outright repeal or overturning roe v. wade will have on rape and incest and what restrictions wisconsin has a really put in place when it comes to medication abortion. >> thank you for that question senator. first let me say you are absolutely right. this was passed not only well before the 19th amendment was ratified but the legislation that would go in effect in wisconsin was passed before the civil war, that's how far back we would be turning the clock. part of me that is so unfair about the idea that the whole wall may go back into effect, people have not legislated on the court issues for almost two generations. because roe has been in place and that the protection people have relied upon as they have
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made all sorts of critical conditions about the future of their lives because of the law that we have in wisconsin is so old that has not accounted for all sorts of different scenarios that will arise in the real world, there were certainly no medication of abortion in the middle of the 19th century. it also has it thought through all sorts of other issues that could've arise. how to lose the ancient law will apply to the modern reality and the confusion to lead to a lot of mitigation in the meantime it will choke people from exercising their rights. with respect to rape and incest there is no exception under the wisconsin law that is on the books. what that means people who are victims of the serious violent crimes under this law would potentially have to carry a pregnancy to term. they would be forced into labor.
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we just recently enacted a state constitutional amendment that provides rights to crime victims. the idea that after providing this right to be treated with dignity and respect and a right to privacy for victims that we would turn around and allow a lot to go into effect that would force victims of a violent crime to carry a pregnancy to term. that is fundamentally inconsistent with any notion of freedom and liberty and fundamentally consistent with our values. >> absolutely, amen. let me ask each of our state representatives the question and then we need to turn and see if we have questions from the press. representative in reading about oklahoma they just recently
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passed legislation that is expected to be more restrictive and most restrictive abortion laws in the nation. even stricter than 1910 law that you would revert back to. can you talk a little bit more how this would restrict women's freedoms even more then than 1910 law? >> yes, ma'am, thank you so much for that question. our new law would restrict abortion at conception. we had a bill that was sb 612 that was a criminal bill which made abortions a felony and made abortions to perform abortions a felony but we also had a heartbeat act which was sb 1503 and i'm happy to provide these numbers or send this to your staff so people can see them. that was a heartbeat bill that would stop abortion at the sign
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of a heartbeat. now we recently had one which was the most strict one that would stop abortion up conception. that essentially does that and that also goes on to allow civil litigation as well against the provider. the goal of the bill was to give liability. the provider as well as provide civil litigation to anyone who wants to provide litigation for the provider or to the victim. the goal for that bill is to ban abortion and to basically say there is no timeline. there is no two weeks, there is no three weeks, there is no heartbeat, there is nothing for rape or incest in this particular piece of legislation. it is impacted carry the child full-term and the abortion is illegal at conception. >> it is stunning actually.
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it's hard to fathom what that really means the implications of that for girls, women and someone. it is really stunning. >> 's were further stunning to think that these bills are being offered by women. that is a lot of what were seen in the state of oklahoma. these particular bills that are coming through the legislature and coming through our floors are being offered by other women and it's very hard to stomach that a woman would take a right from another woman that we had to fight for. we talk about the 19th amendment that was designed for the rights and freedom of all women and we witnessed in a pandemic last year how the pandemic exacerbated how being
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food insecurity and these are mental health providers and we cannot get a governmental official to vaccine to save lives. now we have women elected officials that are mandating harmful laws to other women in the 21st century. we are facing an attack on each other and i look at them as the jim crow because we know black and brown women in tribal women and women of color, minority women have already been looked at as second-class citizens. their pain has really been discounted by doctors when they go to their physician and say they are hurting and they need medicine and now we take additional right to healthcare that they can have and it's been stripped by another woman. >> it's scary and really frightening. thank you. representative weber, somebody women today in our country have grown up with the freedom to
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make their own reproductive decisions. they cannot imagine with all of this happening, these government regulations and taking away their freedoms and someone. could you talk a little bit more how overturning roe v. wade would change women's rights. >> definitely. i actually grew up in a very conservative upbringing. i grew up in an area where it was catholic religion and they believed that abortions were bad. i always am the black sheep of the family because i grew up very, very strong pro-choice and strong supporter of women's reproductive health care and finally overturned by mother to have a full understanding of why women's reproductive health care
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matters. with all that being said, i grew up in an area i felt like a reproductive health care was always under attack one of the abortion providers was gunned down in a church in wichita. before i was an elected official i was a planned parenthood volunteer and i was a patient escort for years. i continue to see the attacks on our reproductive healthcare and live that. roll begin overturned was not blindly before i was an elected official. it was not something that i ever thought would happen. now as an elected official seen everything, that was a scare that we all were waiting for i
4:19 am
guess. this is going to be very detrimental to women's healthcare and women's lives. again abortion was here before roe and will be here after. it just depends on if this is going to be safe and legal and therefore gonna end up murdering more women and children. at this point it is going to hurt us. it's going to hurt really bad and we need to fight like hell to make sure our reproductive rights are here. >> absolutely. that's why were here and in the end as we all know it's about who decide these very personal healthcare decisions, politicians in washington are in your state. or do we decide without faith, family, doctor in america. this should be easy and a freedom that is very basic and
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has been for 50 years. now because of a right wing court and a group of right wing republicans we are where we are. for the last few minutes of our discussion i'm going to turn it to our communications director matt williams to see if we have members of the press that would like to ask any questions from us. >> take you senator we have a couple questions in the keel. the first question or i would reveal news. unmute yourself and ask your question. >> my name is laura roe onto the rail. this question is for anybody that would like to weigh in the focus on the rise on antiabortion violence and harassment for targeting abortion providers. as many of you know these acts
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will only continue to escalate after roe v. wade is gutted at the country and remaining clinics. what measures are you taking or can you take to ensure the safety and security of abortion providers. >> thank you. >> before opening up let me just say were very aware of what's happening were hearing more and more about people's locations on their phones being tracked and where they're going whether it's abortion clinics and the bounty hunter approaching the state and they have made it very, very scary. we are focused on what we can do to be able to address this arbitrator to my calling in the piano and they want to talk more specifically about the. >> i want to duck tail on what the senator just said about the
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ability in the digital age to track people's movements and observe where they spend time. we raised the alarm in recent weeks having learned about this but there are data brokers that are selling data that would include individuals movements including the people who work there. that is deeply disturbing and we want to make sure we get the bottom and put a stop to it. i do think also this is what have a very different impact in different states. as we were sharing our likely
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wisconsin experience. there will probably not be end state provision of abortion care because the main providers have said they will not expose their positions to that level of risk and prosecution and imprisonment. we still have the issue we touched upon in several of the questions relating to medication abortion. first of all it's really important that we educate on that topic. i think there's a lot of voters out there that say of roe v. wade is overturned it won't affect me because that's the predominate form of abortion care in this particular era. that is not true it does affect everyone and i think it will vary in states as the laws, the
4:24 am
new laws are passed in current laws are reviewed. whether it is available at all and i think we have to focus on the safety of people who services our prescription service as well as those providers of abortion care and comprehensive reproductive care in the state that are permitted. >> i don't know if anybody else wanted to respond that will go on to the next question. >> here in missouri i hate to say this but there's a lot that we can do. we have one abortion provider in the person, the doctor, they
4:25 am
have to have security nonstop with them. gated security with their phones and children schools and things like that. this is going to be a tough one in all honesty i believe the gop in missouri would love to have multiple attacks on abortion providers on their personal life and on them. i think that's what they're looking forward to. >> i will just briefly touching add to what she said. here in the state of oklahoma we currently don't and i don't perceive as having anything that protects providers. the whole goal is to make sure the providers are not performing abortions. i know some of our republican colleagues are getting pushback on the last bill hb 4327 because they sent out talking points to each other that said this is not about each other's bill, they are getting phone calls and
4:26 am
hearing from their constituents because their constituents are concerned and we are getting the same phone calls in the same outcry from our constituents saying what is going to happen to these providers and the fact that we now have a bill that allows litigation against providers in litigation from anyone is setting someone up to be unsafe. it is setting them up for people to hunt them down to find evidence for their lawsuit. even though this bill does not outright say it is a bounty hunter bill, what it does it provides contacts for you to be able to go hunt someone down and say i was getting evidence for my lawsuit or my civil suit that i now have the right to introduce to the court based on the new legislation. >> i want to add political violence in any form is
4:27 am
unacceptable. we work through a statewide intelligence center to identify potential threats to wisconsin. but we also are committed to working with law enforcement agencies and prosecutors wherever we can to hold folks accountable that engage in political violence whatever their motivation is for doing so. i would emphasize this is one of the reasons that a commitment to injustice in the rule of law into not politicizing our enforcement efforts is vital we need to make sure were protecting the fundamentals of our democracy and that includes engaging and robust debate on whatever issue it is of concern. >> thank you. >> our next question is lori, go ahead and unmute yourself. lori, are you still with us?
4:28 am
those are the questions in the queue. other any other questions? we can close it out. >> thank you again really to all of you for your courage and your commitment and your dedication we are your partners at the central level and we know how serious this is. this is a fundamental question of whether our freedom is rolled back 50 years or more and whether we will be able to continue to respect and protect our freedom as women have a choice to make them reproductive choices in our country. we have a lot of work to do together we are very committed to doing the vote in the senate, whatever we can do directly in the senate legislatively what we can do with the biden administration and ultimately
4:29 am
what we can do in november to make sure we have more pro-choice members of congress and in the state legislature. so women don't have to worry about everything were talking about today. a lot to
4:30 am
mr. schumer: madam president, today the senate will have a chance to act on a pernicious issue that has recently become an increasingly prevalent component in america's gun violence epidemic, the evil spread of white supremacy and domestic terrorism. in the past two weeks the united states has endured two of


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