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tv   U.S. Senate Sen. Paul on Domestic Terrorism Prevention Bill  CSPAN  May 27, 2022 4:42am-4:53am EDT

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time, the senate will vote on gun legislation, gun safety legislation. let me repeat. if these negotiations do not bear any fruit, the senate will vote on gun safety legislation when we return. but our hope, even amidst our deep skepticism, is that during this week democrats and republicans at long last will come to agree on something meaningful that will reduce gun violence in a real way in america. senator murphy and some of our colleagues believe that it's worth a chance, and we will give it that chance. unfortunately, though, republicans haven't come forward in too long a time. there hasn't been this debate in too long a time. but even though it hasn't happened in too long a time, we feel an obligation to give it a chance. officer: the junior senator from kentucky. mr. paul: today we will have a
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bill before us, os stebsably -- os spencably tiled r titled -- titled about domestic terrorism, but it would be the democrat plan to name our police as white supremacists and neo-nazis. i met policemen and throughout kentucky, and i've not one policeman motivated or -- or consumed with any kind of racial rage. what i've met are proud policemen and women who care about the people they protect in our society but also who care about their fellow officers. i've not met one policeman who would not defend their partner, black, white, jewish, christian, muslim. i don't see the kind of
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insulting rage that the democrats have for our police. i met our country's young soldiers and marines. i don't meet racists, i don't meet white supremacists, i don't meet neo-nazis, i meet young men and women who are courageous enough to defend our country and what an insult it is to put a bill before the house and say our marines are consumed with white supremacy and neo-naziism. how insulting. i don't think you can look at a group of men and women who are more adapting of the times, and i have never heard of a marine say, i'm not going to carry my fallen colleague out because he's african american. i've never heard of an african american marine say i'm not going to carry out my fellow marine because they're white. if there's any kind of grouping in our country more acustomed to
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treating people because they're your fellow soldier and your friend, it's the military. to insinuate that the military is consumed with white supremacy is an insult. to insinuate that our soldiers are somehow these terrible people, these neo-nazis and white supremacists that we're going to get a new government agency to police the marines -- the marines are a proud part of our military. our soldiers are a proud part of our country. these are the people who do not see color, who do not see race, who do not see religion. these are the people who don't leave their fallen. you think the marines go around saying we're going to leave our fallen if they have a certain race or religion? you don't see that. the marines, the soldiers in our country, the people who defend our country are the people who defend and love our country are the least consumed
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with any kind of notion of race. how insulting. this will bill states as if it were ago fact in the beginning of section 5 that this bill will create an interagency task force to analyze and combat white supremacists and neo-nazi infiltration of the uniformed services and federal law enforcement. this is not just an insult to your local police or to the marines or to the army and to the navy. this is an insult to the f.b.i. it's an insult to the capitol police. this bill says that they have been infiltrated. this says that our police are consumed with some kind of race rage. it's untrue and it's slander, and it's scandalous, but it's predictable. this is the party that wants to defund the police. but this party not only wants to defund the police, they think the police are full of hatred and racism. it's not true.
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every policeman in our country, every soldier in our country should look at this bill and say who are these people. white supremacy and neo-nazi infiltration of the marines, that's not true. it's an insult to every marine in our country. it's an insult to every soldier in our country. it's an insult to every policeman in our country. it's an insult to the capitol police. i don't see this in our country. i actually see our armed services as probably one of the areas where people intermix regardless of race and religion, better than any segment. these are young men and women who live in close quarts in barracks. these are young men and women who go overseas. these are young men and women who are given arms and legs, and i don't see of an example, i don't know of an example of some guy who says we were blown up by an i.e.d. but decided to leave that guy because he's of a different race. how insulting. you're going to have a task
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force to investigate our soldiers. this is a federal task force that is going to go in and investigate our soldiers for white supremacy. i guess read their e-mails, read what websites they go to. because the implication is they're guilty until they can prove themselves innocent. that's what this will set up. it will set up more of government agencies that presume your guilt, but it's an insult to our armed services, to our police, and to anybody who works in law enforcement. one might well ask if democrats believe that the u.s. military and federal, state, and local police departments are all corrupted. there's white supremacy and neo-nazis running around our country? when i visit even the larger cities in kempt, when i -- in kentucky, when i visit the louisville police department, guess what? i see african americans and whites working together and brown, hispanic, whatever you want to call people, all working together. i see high-ranking people in our
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department who are african american. i don't see that everybody is running around haigget each other -- hating each other. i see black officers and white officers who work together, are partners who care about each other and would defend to the last breath their partner if they were shot in the line of duty. i've seen the officers who have been shot, black and white. i don't see any of them say yeah, we're not going to do anything because that person is a certain race. this bill is an insult to every police officer in this country. this bill is an insult to everyone in our armed services. this bill says that the armed services have been infiltrated by white supremacy. so if you were a soldier in our country, if you are a policeman in our country, you need to let your congressman or senator know that you are not a white supremacist and that it is an insult for the democrats to call you a white supremacist. it's an insult for the democrats to say our police force is full of white supremacy, that our armed services is full of this.
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everybody in this country who works in law enforcement should be outraged by this bill and should respond and say no, that's not me, and that's not any of my colleagues. that's not what the kentucky police force is about. that's not what the national guard is about. that's not what the marines are about. what an insult. what an insult. so what do they do? they set up a new department in the homeland security. aren't homeland security federal too? have they not been infiltrated as well? the implication of this bill is that all people are bad, that there's this great and worrisome thing that is infecting america when the opposite is true. i was born in the 1960's. every decade has gotten better. people get along better. we have more intermarriage between races. we have more integration within churches. we have -- i see less and less of this that everybody saying is now infecting us. but they don't realize that they're insulting everyone.
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they're insulting the police, they're insulting the marines, our armed services. the bill creates two other departments. these essentially are departments that are going to be the thought police of the military. we just took down the ministry of truth which was in the department of homeland security. it took after couple of weeks for them to finally be ashamed that they were going to try to censor speech, and the biden administration has canceled it, or at least put it on pause. but this bill will create two other agencies, two other thought police offices at the department of justice and the f.b.i. it seems like a self-defeating choice since elsewhere in the bill we are told that federal law enforcement is completely infiltrated by white supremacists and neo-nazis. but again, none of the bill makes sense. it doesn't make sense because it was a bill that was never intended to become law -- and won't. it's a dumb washington-talking-points memo masquerading as legislation, but it's also a grave insult to
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anyone involved in law enforcement, anyone involved in the military. but congressional democrats have gotten so radical, so extreme, so out of touch with the american people that when they read it, they think this is something worthwhile to do. it's a messaging bill for today. this bill will fail today, though, because the democrats' message -- hate the police, defund the police, the police are terrible people, the military are terrible people -- to slander the military and the police as racist and white supremacists, it has been roundly reap jected by the american people and -- the presiding officer: the majority whip. mr. durbin: thanks, mr. president. this morning, we're going to consider h.r. 350, which is legislation which i introduced some time ago. i want to describe it, because it's been inaccurately described before, and let members know what they're voting on. first, what does it relate to? domestic terrorism. is that a federal crime? you bet it


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