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tv   Oral Histories Veteran Vietnam War Correspondent Joseph Galloway  CSPAN  May 28, 2022 12:50pm-1:01pm EDT

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releasing photos getting to pick what the public saw and what the public didn't see very different than this day and age that we're living in of social media. so it was just really fascinating to get to see all of this and getting to see the pictures and getting to see some of the old pop hello everyone a.
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my name is sally and on behalf of harvard bookstore. i am so pleased to introduce this virtual event with andy tucker presenting her new book not exactly lying fake news and journal fake journalism in american history. she'll be joined in conversation tonight by kathy ford. thank you so much for joining us virtually this evening harvard book stores virtual event series continues this spring bringing authors and their work to our community and our digital community finder event schedule at slash events where you can also sign up for email newsletter and shop our shelves from home.


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