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tv   Senate Republican Leaders on Legislative Agenda  CSPAN  June 8, 2022 12:59am-1:16am EDT

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the hard right people who don't represent the majority of people in his district. not even close. thank you. >> good afternoon everyone. so everybody is concerned about inflation and gas prices and without exception every employer whether large business or small business has
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difficulty getting people back to work and all that is a result of the $2 trillion against the advice of larry summers and now they have admitted they made a mistake and it's hard to find in this town but it was a gargantuan mistake with regard tod the ongoing with one of violence and we are hoping to actually get an outcome that will make a difference in the areas of mental health and school safety and things that are related and what occurred in
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texas. >> the last three president biden came out with a plan to deal with inflation but white it consisted of is more instead of acknowledging it was the 2 trillion-dollar tax and spending spree that is not complete partisan basis. you would think after having had that experience they would not want to double down because even at that time you have liberal with a lot of spending and dollars of their.
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>> record gas prices which are hitting the pocketbooks every day. even though the president may talk about job growth and wage growth is not keeping up with inflation with that de facto cap. what is the solution to that they aree still trying to revise discussions of the build back better bill and that is the exact opposite trying to combat inflation? and then to stop the reckless idea of $5 trillion. but this drives the inflation if there is anything that gets
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people's attention is a price for get on the gas in the way to solve this problem is to allow american energy producers to get off the sidelines and back in the game and start producing energy right here in the united states and all of the above makes it shows crushing the pocketbooks of the american people. >> $4.92 a gallon 30 cents higher than when we were here two weeks ago. and then to try to make things differently.
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and tragically refusing to take the steps needed for the americanam people and then with the ideas of drilling for the united states. he doesn't want to use it for pipelines and approaching five dollars a gallon. secretary yellen in the finance committee and then back to the same blame game with putin and the pandemic. families are paying $5000 a year more this year than last year they believe their own two eyes and empty wallets that we have the secretary of
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transportation and energy say if you're not happy with high gas prices than by's goal. but these people are tone deaf. out of touch and democrats have wanted high gas prices for a long time when biden was running for president said he guaranteed he would eliminate fossil fuels. just last week once again this president has come out siding with the environmental extremists he went home 2000 with their actions just last week andt these were granted 2015 to 2020. the president is taking and ask to american energy and shopping into the paychecks of the american people.
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and then always to lower the cost off gasoline and the president is lying. >> so two days ago in texas 19 elementary school kids are killed and two teachers are killed and all of those families in the way it has changed forever that is the topic of the weapons use but also mental health and part of this discussion but the last day of october 2013 there was a piece of mental health legislation we went to the last bill president kennedy
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had signed 50 years before that date and the community mental healthhe act. so that was designed to close facilities and also designed to create alternatives that never quite got completed. so for most of the 50 years the local police and the emergency room as the de facto mental health system for the country that is beginning to change but it can't change as quickly as we wanted 41 states now that are part of the program that we developed with legislation that we were also talking about that day and then fully certified community behavioral health clinic program making a difference in the states and to people are
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thinking about harming themselves or others and we out to look at that is one of the things we figure out to take advantage of. everybody with mental health problem is not dangerous they are more likely to be the victim of the crime they and the perpetrators. while we have this important discussion of mental health we don't want to do anything that would discourage people from stepping forward to say i have a mental health problem and i ndneed help the national institute of health says one out of five has and almost three to treatable behavioral health issue. we cannot give one out of five adults and then to have anyone
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hesitant to step forward because they see themselves as becoming part of a class on —- a class seen as dangerous. doesn't mean mental health is not an important part to deal with people who are troubled. almost all of these cases involve not justho somebody was decided that also who was purposely decided this is a way for them to end their own life. so whether suicide or homicide but also have the mental health system and the balance of that this is an important balance to be sure to achieve.
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spent the president will attend the summit and l.a. and has never said for democracy. denniston nothing to get the peaceful protest including teenagers that are prison. and with the family members they took those organizations terrorism and has never done anything for people in the freedom. piece of policies don't work and let me give you an example. after the obama appeasement
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policy but then to get infected and i do her policy where she complained her school be closed in the neighborhood. these dictators whether castro or ortega or any of them doesn't have the people of this country's. and this is the week the biden should start doing that. >> that there is a small percentage of republicans a t what does that say for the republican party? >> obviously to get a bipartisan agreement and then
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to represent texas. and then to get an outcome. and how many will vote for it to have an agreement yet. i want to speculate. and step onee is to get a deal and i said repeatedly. and it is definite related to the subject matter. >> [inaudible]
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>> on the issue of energy production it is utterly ridiculous that senator barrasso pointed out the various ways this administration is depressing fossil fuel production in ourn country. that they were exporting. and it is starting to get her own production up.
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>> we have heard from survivors. and to say it is time to raise the age limits on a semi automatic rifle. >> that would it surprise you to know i will try to negotiate the deal with you. waiting to see if we could get an outcome that directly relates to the problem that brought this issue to the floor one more time i personally would prefer hopefully to have
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