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tv   Washington Journal Sen. Mike Lee  CSPAN  June 9, 2022 5:54pm-6:17pm EDT

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>> host: we are joined by utah republican senator mike lee veteran of four supreme court confirmations now the author of book "saving nine" out this week "saving nine" the fight against the left's audacious plan to pack the supreme court and destroy american liberty. before we get to "saving nine" i did want to get your reaction to the man arrested at brett kavanaugh's house yesterday. yet ay. knife on him and your reaction to that incident?
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>> guest: it's fortunate they caught him and it list or he was there. they were real problems with showing up at the home of a supreme court justice. to try to influence the outcome of the case. in his particular instance he appears to have been showing up to influence the outcome of the case in a way that is unthinkably bad. i'm grateful they caught him. we have really got to get serious about the fact that this is prohibited in this is the federal criminal ends with showing up to protest are having a weapon? >> guest: showing up to protest at the home of a supreme court justice. it's a criminal offense. doing so with a weapon and breaking into his home to carry out the execution is unthinkably
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bad. i hope and expect to hear condemnation from republicans and democrats alike and the president himself. people are showing up for supreme court justices home. >> host: is released to members of congress and is there a lot that's been going on is illegal to go to members has to stand on the sidewalk outside their house in protest? >> guest: to my knowledge there is not a federal law that similars to 1507 with respected members of congress. i will say this and i talk about this and "saving nine" when you show up to the home of a public official to try to influence a public official andd trying to protest i think it's inappropriate and it should be. because when you show up to protest at the home of a private person because that private person is a public official you
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are sending one signal. you are saying we know where you sleep and that's implicit threat of this occult violence and in this day and age i think there's a time place and manner issue in the place for a testing ought not to be where someone sleeps. >> host: in "saving nine" why is nina magic number for the supreme court backs >> guest: there's nothing magical about the number nine and nothing mandated by the cut situation about the number nine and yet that's the number we arrived at by 1869. this number jumped around. it was five for a while and it was six for a while back to five and seven and back to eight. he got up as high t as 10. since 1869 the number >> nine minutes that point we realize it's a country it's probably better not to overly
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letter-size the supreme court which is in evidently what happened when you mess with the numbers. it would have been better put that in the constitution i would support a constitutional amendment changing it to mind. this is one of these instances were not unconstitutional to increase the sizes bring corporate it's fundamentally and severelyit anti-constitutional. it would be deepest -- destabilizing to the federal judiciary and i felt so strongly that i read a book about it. >> host: several colleagues and they said i'll effectively going to expand the court. this is senator warns youtube video with her argument about one minute minute long. >> republicans feel power to ram through an agreement for an unpopular agenda. they seek protection like roe v. wade supported by 70% of americans hanging by a thread
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and that is just the tip of the iceberg. this radical court opened floodgates for corporations to spend unlimited sums of money to buy our elections. it sided with big businesses over unions, it upheld a racist ban and it gutted one of the most important civil rights laws of our time the voting rights act. this is not a court that represents the will of the people. we can't take this lying down. the only real solution is to expand the supreme court. the constitution gives congress the authority to change the size of the spring court and congress has used that authority seven times before. expansion is the only way to rebalance the court after republicans stole two seats and undermined the legitimacy of the
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courts. >> host: senator elizabeth warren part of the youtube video she put out last year. yourou response? >> i live to unpack there and a lot of errors in a statement. she refers to republicans have restored power and the words dole or steal twice. i'm not sure what she's referring to there. there's nothing about the manner in which republicans nominees to the supreme court stole anything or the republican senate stole anything by confirming donald trump's nominees to the u.s. supreme court. she may not like that it happened that way and she may not like republicans held the majority in 2016 when republicans chose not to confirm merrick garland to the supreme court and she might not like the fact republicans confirmed amy
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coney barrett and 2020 and get those were all legitimate exercises of power. there's nothing about them that was stolen. it's significant that she'd denigrates and delegitimize his and tries to cast aspersions at the supreme court itself. i think that iss particularly dangerous. she is talking about the supreme court as if it were a political institution. this runs like a political attack ad which of course it is in its import to remember the supreme court is not a political body. i the entirety of chapter 1 of "saving nine" makes winning with the supreme court is and warm partly what is not. it's's not dared to decide cases according to popular will. it has one job. its job is to interpret the law to resolve disputes over the meaning of the law. everything in that statement
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that she played is something that i vehemently respectfully vehemently disagree with. it's counterproductive and dangerous to speak of the supreme court iner these terms. i've tried to remember we owe respect to the end of tenants of the judiciary even when we disagree. the supreme court of the united states is the greatest institution of its kind anywhere in the world. and i say that as one who strongly disagrees with its role but it's not a bad entity that sometimes makes good decisions. it's a remarkable institution that's being run by mortals who are fallible and sometimes you make mistakes and it's important to differentiatere those. those ghosts "saving nine" came out tuesday by senator lee at the topic of phone lines are open to calling republicans
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(202)748-8001 independents (202)748-8002 and callers are filling up the lines for the question on your expect nations of what(2 happens with a person negotiations in this country? >> i'm not sure. every time there is a mass shooting in this country many laws have been violated and in some cases dozens of loss have been violated. i think it's an unwise thing to potentially fraught with peril if when dozens of lots have been violated to rapidly conclude that well but the next time around is yet another law. the government exists for the purpose of exerting and you don't want to punish the law-abiding for the crimes of those who are 10th on
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behavior. i also think it's important we look short-term and long-term at how to respond to it. in the long-term we have to look at the isolation and despair because a lot of especially younger men who react with such violent behavior and why it is the social isolation and their social connections whether it's through their families neighborhoods communities whether it's through faith groups they are becoming isolated. in the nearer term i think it's helpful to look at patterns we seee developing with these events. very often these younger men have posted things on social media signaling what they want to do and very often they appear to be craving attention and notoriety and fame even though
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they know they might well die in the event. social media companies can somehow discern what kind of toothbrush summer is going to buy and whenn they are going to buy before they are even thinking about a toothbrush. when someone posts things often outlining their plans and detailed plans for the want to do and other times it might just be something along the lines of expressing admiration for killers or a desire to engage in a mass killing event rate social media companies out to be reporting that and they should do itul voluntarily and if they don't we'll make them. >> host: mike on -- from akron ohio you are on with senator mike lee. >> caller: thank you for c-span.
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the head one full year after scalia passed away. why is it that happen in february in four years later we nominate one. that's wrong no matter which party is inn power. july the first to august the first of the presidency are and if they retire before that time it's a choice. eight is wrong, wrong for one full year. >> guest: you raise some interesting points and i don't agree with your assessment that the answer has to be forcing the senate to confirm anyone. the vacancy occurred in february. we have to remember under our
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constitutional system the president nominates and the senate confirms. plea the senate empowered the chose not to confirm merit harlins. he was president obama's nominee. that is the prerogative united states senate to confirm or not i don't believe that is something the law can or should compel a sent it to doesn't want to confirm a particular nominee. it has no obligation to do so. cisco this is kathy good morning, republican. >> caller: goodd morning. hi senator lee. i hope and that you all take the house and the senate. you all need to take it back and get something done. joe biden --
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[inaudible] people need to see it. it's too bad they can't go in there and get him out of that whit' house. >> guest: kathy thanks for your concern -- thank you for your call and i have great concern with what president biden at doing of the biden is made so many things for the american people. in utah the average family is spending $750 a month in increased monthly household expenses relative to what they were spending since the beginning of last year. this is a typical foreseeable result of failed policies that president biden continues
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unapologetically foisting upon the american people. this is in good for them. it can cause rampant inflation and is making it worse. the fact that american moms and dads can even get baby formula. there's no baby formula shortage in canada and mexico and for that matter anywhere in latin america or the caribbean. there's no shortage of baby formulae in asia or in europe. it's only right here in united states that there's a baby formula shortage. why is that? that is the case because this is not a natural shortage. there is no inability in on the part of theth u.s. economy to produce baby formula. this is entirely a government creation. that's why they introduced a bill called the formula act that would remedy this problem and it would do so by fixing. homes in particular that the
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federal government has created. number one you would put in place protectionist trade barriers on the importation of baby formula that could be imported from countries with regulatory systems that are more stringent if not more so than ours. pub number two we have label requirements that even if they could be imported lawfully and effectively the labeling requirements prohibit the sale of for example certain european formulas that would otherwise be lawful for sale here. for minor differences in the way those things are labeled. problem number three is the fact that through the week program to which program issues vouchers and those factors contained unbelievably unnecessarily specific limitations on what kind of formulas that voucher can be used for.
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if the particular formula described with specificity on the voucher the formula act with excess problem and suspend all of those limitations for six months and would bring americans very effective relief from the formula crisis. your concern coming of a right to be concerned about president biden's failed policies and some of the recent i predict and i hope and that republicans will weed through these elections and gain healthy majorities in the house and the senate this fall. let's go you yearned the term president biden four times and wouldho you agree it's an illegitimate president? >> guest: the election that matters that determined the outcome of the presidency is they electn college. i did see the movie 2000 mules
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that does raise significant questions into what might have happened in that election. they are questions that need to be answered and i'd love to get the president's response to it and an explanation of why certain things happen. it's importantnt to point out there is a difference between the possibility that cheating may have occurred and whether or not -- the president of the united states is chosen by the college. the opening opening and accounting of electoral college votes resulted in a clear victory for joe biden. doesn't mean it didn't happen along the way but he is the president. >> host: alabama michael, democrat. good morning. >> caller: on the long-term listener, a veteran and i have a
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couple of things. first of all i have lost confidence in the supreme court in because of -- i think you are correct on this. the fact that anyone speaking on supreme court i don't care who put them there can get there than 60 votes. putting someone on that court and that's the problem i have read you could get 60 votes -- that's where i lost confidence. you also said earlier in no tv time you didn't give the nominee a vote.
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when you don't give them a vote you don't even try to move forward on that. >> host: michael let me give the senator a chance to respond. >> guest: michael thanks for agreeing with me with the conclusion i make in my look "saving nine" that nine justices would be the appropriate number. as to your point about the 60 votete threshold being required for presidential nominees the way it was in the senate all presidential nominees require a 60 vote cloture standard trades as simple passage in the senate takes a simple majority. but to get a simple passage you have to bring the debate to a close and that takes 60 votes. all presidential nominees were subject to that standard up
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until november of 2013 when harry reid and theha democratic majority at the time came to the senate. they nuke the filibuster inat tt area.. although he blamed the desire to not have that spread elsewhere everyone understood at the time once you nuke the filibuster as to presidential nominees there's no principled distinction between differentiating people to the suprememi court or other nominees. that changed. the kind of change that doesn't getes undone or get ignored. as for not holding a vote on merrick garland the senate job is to review and decide whether to confirm. we decided not to confirm your ireland and whether we do so by a vote or whether we do so by declining to schedule a vote. the decision was made by the
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republican leadership at the time which was to not put them through the laborious and exercise of hearings and votes when we knew we weren't owing to confirm him. understand and respect your viewpoint. i do disagree.


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