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tv   Charles Love Race Crazy - BLM 1619 and the Progressive Racism Movement  CSPAN  June 21, 2022 12:44am-1:45am EDT

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and there is a very big problem with immigration. is much as she wanted. but we are not going to end up. so then we can start relaxing. and then they would check
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themselves to get the treatment. speaker have the pleasure of introducing charles who is the executiveec director of speaking educational excellence not the profit his mission is to empower disadvantaged students to reach their full potential. and the cohost of the podcast. 1776 unites contributing writer in l.a. this book race crazy comes out on tuesday. real clear politics.
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and on the rush limbaugh show. he writes frequently on race andd politics is passionate on solutions rather than political partisan bickering it's my pleasure to introduce charles love. [applause] >> i know that some say it needs to be louder but i apologize in advance because i speak a little fast. i will try to be slower but i want to beo able to allow you to ask questions in speak at the end. so i want to talk about the book and why wrote it and then to talk about j how we ended
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appear. seeing what was happening but not so concerned withh that. the first is starting up as a ercollection of notes and then my friends were talking about politics and they had not done that before but it didn't make sense so i wrote the truth about logic and the black in the republican party it wasn't an ' endorsement because i was not republican at the time but then i wasn't now i'm not again. [laughter] so if you are liberal with liberal ideas then you should do that as of the country is about. i don't understand why they believe in the bogeyman view. and then to debunk a myth of sharing amongst themselves.
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but then i noticed the culture something in dramatic fashion can talk about thisnd way think it should be. so i said i have a busy life with wife and kids of i'm doing this i need to say something that other people are not things i wrote my last book on the fight to the quality and the point was we used to have legitimate fights in the best proof that things are better now that people are manufacturing lies. so i take the things that they say and then say is it true and a different approach like many conservatives right with the left does that i disagree with and i do the same things but i don't do it in attack mode but beyond that i have a second argument i say give them the argument so let's assume you are right now you cannot debate me because now
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we are agreeing that all whites are racist or police are hunting down black men or whatever they are doing. let's assume that's true so is what you are doing going t' lead to a solution? even if you are right was trouble because you're not focused on a solution or talk about a solution soo that is the point of the book. i was fortunate enough to write i was on man out. theverybody else because it's important politics is downstream from culture but we only talking about downstream so i just keep going about my business until 2020 now george floyd is killed and it is election year. and here im and when i wrote
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the book and i said this culture will shift further to the left and be incredibly toxic in about five or six years. and then the george floyd thing accelerated. so i got an opportunity to move to l new york and let's see what i do next and shawn thompson had the opportunity to sit in because he went to work for trump. i took over his show the liberty our if you ever listen to his show it's all constitution and politics. said on one hand and the constitution and the other. i thought iai could do that for 13 weeks leading up to the election. election year but i am building my own approach. do the show the way you do the show. so i stepped into his highly partisan political shoes and
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i'm talking about culture. people say why you talking about this? yorty know what to do we have the blueprint from the civil rights act movement were from the bible. i love my neighbor as myself. but my argument was that make sense and logical but you're not dealing with logic. if you're not talking about race and they are talking about race then you lose the race conversation just like politics or school or everything else if youck are a republican anyone know why blacks agree with you on certain issues but that's because you don't goit to a black community and all they hear is telling them what you believe and did a good. you are not there to defend yourself so i kept going along with the culture and this is whatdu would happen so with educational excellence side a guest on talk about fixing the problems of education whether
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it's discipline or the country as a whole sliding behind the rest of the world so get to the end of fall solutions and they say school choice and i say wrong. is not because i'm not an advocate but what you are missing is that when you're fighting against school choice he will win all over the country and say we wantis missing in and look up and find out because you are not paying attention to the cultureho you will find that the vouchers we get to go to better schools you'll be sending these. disadvantaged kids that are cleaner and safer but teaching the same toxic ideology that you are
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trying to get them out of a look at what they are doing today and look at the main argument i should say this because it's rude but i told you so. [laughter] so s now what? was writing about when george floyd was killed writingit an article and then speaking in the extreme manner and talk about racismn those are people who are racist out there but they were all absolute and all blacks are being shot in the street all blacks are in the criminal justice system and they are wrong even if you think there is an issue i wrote an article i was upset at the time so i just started to write inus the went viral and then amazing newspapers picked it up so that i said what is
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missing and how do i address this? and that's where race crazy came from as i call the progressive racesf of movement i we see the adjectives because then you change it you cannot say social justice if you want justice you just want justice why put social in front of it? but this is a play on and i say progressive racism but it's racism because in their mind they do the same thing blacks we must separate them and they say that's racist that the guy today says whites are not inherently bad but the whiteness is centered everywhere we need to break it up to separate the country from that andnd we need whites to admit they are guilty and only guilt 50he years ago. think they are genetically different no no nodi but it's different because the intent is different we are doing this
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from a good place so it's not racist. it is progressive racism and the two best examples are the 1619 project and blm i took the same approach. i write how it's wrong and a false premise. are there issues? csr we hunted down? no. they indiscriminately shooting ?black men? because you complain about mass incarceration. if somehow they end up in jail. nobody is hunting them and simply not true. so how you go about fixing a problem is dependent upon how bad you think the problem is if you think yes we have a problem not taking overor the whole country but it needs to be addressed and talk about
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what works but if you think the country isbl holy racist and hunting down black people killing them for no reason of course your solution will to be to burn the whole system down. that's why point out whyd they are flawed my target audience is really conservative because they say i agree i know some conservatives don't agree with me but there is a difference between liberals and the far left is not like politics they disagree they have a different view of government but they don't like the fact they are being called racist right now if you don't believe me go look at the things they are saying. they are liberals politics didn't change. i was on your side and now i'm
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a racist? it is silly. and then to go out and speak about it makes it easier because they can talk to an audience we cannot talk to. so that's the case how do we solve it? the left says burn it all down. so join us in solving this aracism and then we can argue about issues after-the-fact so i explained what they really believe. is people felt bad corporation signed on wee get new holidays and they get all the money. and then there is a problem and where iss it going?
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i explained why that a is hard to do kudos to demand policy can pull itng off but i doubt and i talk about why in the book. isget where the money going that's a harder fight that go to the people who are given the many and clearly explain what they believe can you still give them money? dot it. i don't think they know whate the debate. and then to say that is a euphemism. we advocate resources and support to bring in some social workers. we are abolitionists. abolish the immigration detention centers we don't want security guards it's hard
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to take those words out of context. the most people don't even know that. originally debunking the blm movementso defined that what they say but i cannot find anything. this is weird so i find an article about a group getting $100 million over five years. and then they give it that takes the money and gives the movement for black lives. and then take nothing else. the movement of black lives it is a treasure trove. may have a preamble like a constitution about all the things that they believe all the demands that' they have and
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it's reparations for migrants lgbt gender focused. is called since hetero patriarchy. we placed in the front of our movement gaze and lesbians and clear gender nonconforming, precariously housed, cash for is not if you agree with that but just add police brutality because i thought that's what you're movement was l about? we will work on the rest later stop giving them money so the other piece is the 1619 project in this really bothers me so you know the crt movement the only thing i say is why i didn't write about crt. the conversation surrounding
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that it still doesn't matter because it is the blurb on the back. but the issue is used here crt is terrible for children. yes you are you don't even know what itor is. but you can't do that with the 1619 project. no one teaching you that schools it was written at the end of the summer 2019 dc baltimore and all of chicago had adopted it it's everywhere so with that piece of the argument falls away so in my mind technically i am literal it is worse than crt because
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that says race is important and endemic to the countries we cannot ignore it so the country is centered around whiteness and white's control everything so we need to have that focus and amplify the voices of the blacks i disagree is you want to keep that culturally relevant pedagogy so this black math teaches the wayso they learned which is everybody else i'm not saying that's bad. [laughter]n but now contrast to the 1619 project that was founded to reimagine the founding of america when the first black africans were brought here and what they say is slavery and antiblack racism is endemic to
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america n but for it could not have been founded and it is the dna of america but i thought your dna could not be changed so if it's in the dna of america and i'm giving the argument let's assume that i agree where we trying to change it? why are we fighting what happens if you peered down the system when you rebuild the system guess what will be in it? white racism is still there and it makes no sense but the other thing they say everybody write an essay on all different topics trying to explain their problem and why it's a problem so every problem we face in america today can be directly linked
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to slavery if education is bad slavery. more blacks are in jail. slavery. i think that is worse than what crt is pushing it's in the schools and nobody is saying it is not so i write a chapter on every essay in the 1619 project and say this is what they say i forgot to take the third reason why it's so dangerous because it is mostly true. i have to be honest it is well written see you cannot instantly disputed say that's not true so they paint wonderful pictures of slavery so they tell the story of a black man through all the races and found a way to make
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money in the racist whites killed them because they were making too much money. the problem is they leave a lot out if you are teaching us in school and going to 11th graders who don't know much and let, me see if that's right they don't know what you left out they think that is all of america so that will make for angry disgruntled citizens. and now the book of the founder of the project with those inaccuracies. she should have been better son and not all. so talk about the founders she
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never said some now she is. but not that they were abolitionists. and then and in the general who won the war of the two-term president jenna. on —- don't mention that. there cannot be any positive in the pod on —- in a project. plaques did this and then they hung them from trees. all of this imagery the nobody talks about booker t.
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washington figure what they said about whites can you please give me something good about blacks? and lastly like crt and blm there are no solutions nobody says that so this is what we should do you have 14 essays from harvard law grad and attorneys who argue cases at the supreme court. and nobody even offered a solution? not one. how many blacks are in elected office to help suppose that this system? nothing?em this is the power the progressive racism movement. things are not as bad as you paint them and if they are
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you're not doing anything to make them better. i think it is a great tool because those of you who have not just on upper hands to move away you can get into these key debates in fact that i highlighted for charles his words with an explanationhe and is much as we talked about the media and they are bias there's another piece on tv especially so to bebe fair i think everybody is treated unfairly in the media. even nancy pelosi because of nancy says something she will speak for 11 minutes with a 32nd clip so i just want to make
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sure i give you enough i'm not taking it out of context you may get twohe paragraphs of a quotation. and then they write essays about weird things. let me tell you about things that are linked to slavery. sugar. ever caught in a traffic jam? that is segregation race and slavery. [laughter] it's in. the project. how me if you have read the project? it is in the kids school they argue crt on the tv and 15000 schools and nobody has read it? i'm not making this up if you have time to go behind "the new york times" payroll get the book and turn to the chapter on whatever essay and then they say they are right liabout this capitalism is
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racist american capitalism is brutal and racism now slavery is capitalism i thought that was an economic system so whether capitalism is good that american capitalism is bad? so heth see them in interviews and look them up they say no i love the country but you cannot write the things you write another country. i had that country. i country is horrible. it makesw, no sense so they talk about blm is a marxist group but the average person will not listen to that but to do is the best thing is people are starting to wake up and read what they are saying.
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and that controls the something that that is good for the radio station but the problem is and i talked to my friend we all get caudally are working on. with educational criminal justice we don't hear the noise and see what's going on. >> 330 million people. go look it up. with the most popular show on fox news? what about msnbc? to look at how many viewers they have the most famous new york times writer for the economist to see the
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circulation of new york times but my point is we are so focused we see how bad it is and we are concerned that sometimes you have to take a step back we a hundred 30 million? my guess is 200 million don't know what's goin' on. so keeping up with the kardashians. going across socioeconomic level and race. my brother is in his fifties did not graduate. what are you talking about? go get something to eat watch a movie. they are not watching the media i do think it's an important message that i get
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on tucker people say that's weird you are on tucker 2 million is nothing i'm trying to reach 330 million. you all have cousins and coworkers and you get into the uber and go to starbucks or go get coffee. so i always tell people talk to everyone. don't mention republicans i mentioned trump once an ancillary way because that's not theou goal use that method do whatever you do but talking to liberals or random people just be likee colombo. just one more question so when you say whites are racist you mean allll of them? you are a racist. if that's the case how can you
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speak about racism if you are a racist? i'm just trying to understand. i remember being in a coffee shop once the tv is on local news in chicago. know the topic but trump came on screen. it was about whatever the hot topic was that day. what do you think? is using trump is crazier the topic is crazy? i don't know let's find out. so if he says something and he trump and that is true. but you do agree. what about that racism in the school? is that okay what about whites being the reason?
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do you think trump had to do with that? and it's hard so s i created this tiny brand so i don't i getbout politics so on a lot of media. so anybody that invites me on we can just talk so we went to know what happened so now will the virginia election. i and not going to be a republican strategist that i will come on. i just say what i believe in the way i believe it not talking about progressive republicans out that i don't have an opinion but helps to get into all that because it's a cultural problem not a political problem. it was after the police officer was shot and killed and we were talking about that
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so thiss progressive mayor and they say look there's a lot of problems going on and issues in chicago thatt the fair they were shooting before it is a cultural problem we want to stop the shooting we cannot focus on that? that's how you talk to your liberals because our friends and families why are you talking to them about trump? that argument is over nobody oned that argument so we talked about the issues because we don't talk about the issues anymore ask your friends and families you think just because parents sendst me stuff? i know what they are doing do
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think it 12 -year-old should be asked sexual preference? they say no. do you think an eight -year-old should have ae form they can fill out if they what they want to be called? do your parents know? if they say no then they keep it a secret that is 100 percent of m' liberal friends. so to the black community they are not leftist and they get it but most black people on your side i disagree with it from the race thing, of course. but we had to go through some unfair crap in the worst thing is being called racist but they t don't care of jen mann —- the gender think they will fight for and from array standpoint do you think that
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there racist? know then why didn't you say thating what about culturally relevant pedagogy? what about blacks can only learnho math? to say this is ridiculous and you say get rid of shakespeare. because blacks cannot win culture less they can relate s to w it and then they say what? that's crazy natalie what help theirr vocabulary but it's also racist because you can still learn if you are white and read shakespeare. and to put us at a deficit they don't want equality they want equity. so if you approach it that way
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you will get more people on your side the army will get bigger that is all i have if you have any questions let me know. [applause] i want answer that question but any other question. just get in line. >> i'm not sure the name but that is 1620 project has tried to refute the 1619th? >> there is a lot like 1776
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but and a.s. had a whole thing about it a friend writing a book next year about it but i'm trying to bring it back up at nobody is arguing because of crt but is interesting to see what she says in this new book because she's's fixing things that she fix racism? [applause] >> i just want to tell you that i do agree with you i think there's a big difference between the left liberals and actually i work for the united s for a white supremacist that my point is we need to unite the liberals and pro-life liberals especially to get the undecided and the independence
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and also the libertarians i think that's possible but the left spreads lives and kill freedom. >> thank you but you said you ran against the white supremacist? [laughter] thank you very much for what you are doing. [applause] >> good to see you. >> when you took a pass on that question of the urban community you don't believe her policies contribute to the violence happening ines our community and those like the police not being able to do a
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foot chase or stop people for ag minor infraction maybe it was built into trumpet they had to pull them over for the expired plate that they cannot do that anymore. you don't believe those policies contribute and if you don't how do help the urban communities and if you don't what is wrong with you? >> i'm saying i don't believe any of the issues i'm sure there are some that i agree with b but beyond that i'm speaking to a a national audience every state in every city doesn't have the same policy i wrote an article about the problem of eliminating qualified immunity i wrote about it openly about think attacking people i can say letting people out of jail is bad but want that to be the focus so think about that we
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send the same thing name it was bad and now they say this is worse because changes and always a solution. >> he didn't put forward policies it was an abject failure. and the police have to follow. >> and so you are arguing what is part of the problem if it makes it easier for criminals are back onha the street have a personal story about that for chicago. i'm saying you can enter figure out why it's happening and why the culture has evolved into a place in the black community where we don't necessarilys condone it we'd talk about snitches getting stitches to sayay we don't
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support them or that is not really their fault that's far worse than anyot policy because we say it's okay and allow it to happen. >> she i plays ftse with black lives matter. >> i'm not spending the rest of my time talking about this. [laughter] >> he will help you out. [laughter] >> i'm not a parent. >> that you know people with kids. >> i missed out on a lot of good stuff. i went to know what are they teaching? because they were tearing down or defacing a statue of abraham lincoln and they're notea teaching cursive. but i heard that they are not teaching civics or government. when i was in eighth grade i could not graduate unless i
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passed civics when i was in high school i checked government summer school because they had two chances to pass it if i flunked in summer school i would have another chance but what they are making to people is not required reading the books in the library of pornography and a lasting you want to say is i am not criticizing people that are transgender. i don't understand and i don't think some' of them understand it either butde there is a guy on the radio who was a proponent of transgender let's these people have their rights and i have a transgender three -year-old. oh my gosh. >> that is important.
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>> wine t i am not 70 and i had to learn civics before i had to graduate but they are still teaching government that the foundation doing as civics initiative and i will be in dc to give them a contest but until that happens what was the second case? >> what are they teaching? >> so the problem is what they are teaching math and english and all the same things but infusing culture science in a certain way that we know certain people are not learning at grade level anyway
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so remember year and a half ago but because of those words that are devices. or to kill a mockingbird. can't say certain words and this is like the crt argument. so show me a curriculum put in the library and it's open and then you are promoting it loan out so it's not in the curriculum and i have the whole argument but it's not on —- but it's they are.
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but they are asking kids you heard the gabby clark story she's suing the federal government. >> and then to identify as an and action with the essential purpose was in unit asking the 70 on he likes why are we even asking that makes a sense and then to interview a translate about the movement and then less than 1 percent of the population.
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and those without all the fact checking are putting into the schools so that we should not be telling kids at three or six years old that they are transgender. and now n we don't call them babies anymore but think about it you think liberals agree with that? know. this is why you need tohi talk to them. >> that t you said something about not taking things out of context make sure you listen to everything about the person said. i'm sorry but the day that nancy pelosi held up obama care and said we passed it now we can read it. that is the end of it. i don't want to hear anything i did not have to hear the rest of her speech. [applause]
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>> first of all that was a great presentation one of the things that struck me is blacks cannot learn shakespeare just to tell you about a corporation that i know where they are instituting racial equity programs and then to say we need to get black employees box to stand on so they can see over the fence like the rest of us. >> do you know what i said? is that what do you think of this i want to say i want to
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know why they are still in the baseball game. [laughter] they are leaving out some of thee people. are they people to? >> my only question is don't blacks financial team quick. >> yes. >> the media tells them i like democrats but my option is the devil. so it is. and to be fair it sounds silly but all they think about and i agree with them i'm on my kid growing up majority white town. my parents say nothing about race.ou so all the blacks on tv play drug addicts and pimps and
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then you watch movies why when i think that's a condition of blacks on a normal basis? so the reverse is true know many white people growing up in a white neighborhood if they come into my neighborhood and then say let me show you what i'm really doing that does work and fortunately. >> . >> i am very sorry precinct 81 has a lot of pretty houses. there are black lives matter
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and i'm y asking you this how do we reach those people? >> are giving you a sign not to talk to me that the leftist is crazy. is wasted seven minutes. needs to be seeing thank you now i know not to waste my time. not tell you talk to liberals or people who are agnostic. we can talk after. >> so the question or the issue i think maybe you should address come it seems like the attack is on the white culture and my mom it's a uk be a millionaire if you did not get off your behind. so to me, hold on so he is
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successfulul don't want to do what he is doing? don't want to have a family and get married is that coming over to smell a diesel oil. so s to me those guys are successful. >> and i was little me and my friends waited say i wonder what he does i want to be successful and now they say who did he steal that from? capitalism and all kinds of that stuff not just should we learn from the rich guy that that all whites are racist but if we fix the problem they over 60 percent of thehe population is a problem of
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defend the police's we have to fix policing but they don't get to talk if you come up with a crazy idea rethink what about trying this and may be the dumbest thing but we've never done it i did not even think about that so we have cap throwing marshmallows that people. because we did not know that was the crime. really thely last one. >> i just want to comment coming to the freedom summit the two youngest are in the front we sent some kids to public school. and we where just have dinner time three orr four times a
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week talk about what we believe politically and religiously in our kids have told us in the teachers am so glad your kids are here in school because it'ss the only one of 30 students that speak up for the other side. and how important it is to talk to your kids so they are not put down by ap or pressure. thank you. [applause] >> how did this project get started? >> i started to watch c-span i
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don't know where that formulated i just had this gravitational pull and an interest specifically in the facts and the minutia so the first book was about faxon american politics then i get a book tour swayed talked about american politics and with that political trivia book and a presidential trivia book in the question answer. so i have all this information inside my head and i want to put it together as well as interesting so 21700 and with those questions later i put it together for anything that i can think of an intake we thank you know to primary sources and then say this
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happened as well. and then soon you have seven more questions out of it. >> 's is a full-time job for you writing political books? >> . >> so watching c-span at nine years old are you still watching? [laughter] >> yes i'm 22 years old once cable came to my municipality it became almost an addiction with the gravitational pull you want to get as much information as possible but it's also entertaining and i enjoy it. >> how did you find out rather on —- rutherford b hayes? [laughter] >> he's pretty much a household word. as a matter of fact if you go
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to his birthplace in delaware ohio is a gas station the actual house has been torn down but in paraguay when he was president that there was the agreement between argentina and paraguay with 60 percent of the land it has today and he is accredited with that so in a national holiday form there is a postage stamp for him and a scholarship in ohio where and with that presidential library and museum. the only president born in delaware ohio. >> when you put the book together is itself published? and what is that process like
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for you? >> there are definitely pros and cons to have editorial discretion but you have to do a lot of the promotion yourself and then using a lie the context and you do your editing yourself and then use a company called great space and then you get endorsements for the back so basically you write a book you publish it yourself if you don't have a publicist and you promote yourself as well. >> and then you dedicated it to c-span. >> yes. that is probably unprecedented. i don't know if anybody has done that that should a dedicated to an individual? where did my interest in politics come from? and i thought coming home from
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school actually starting on snow days and coming into watch c-span i remember watching special orders and i remember watching some more than others and watching mississippi come on with the budget deficit and there is a very charismatic way and then they would have other blue dogs on in and thinking how much time i spent going through the c-span archives as a hobby it's amazing how much you find out how much is lost to history i was watching a speech from michael the cost on —- dukakis in this era some of the great lines about the caucus specifically and he said bob dole says george w. bush isn't much of a leader.
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now this time i agree with both of them neither is much of a leader. that's a great line and you can only find that through c-span i would not have had this book had it not been for c-span so obviously it was appropriate to dedicate that to c-span. >> my favorite part is during a senate vote because you can see all the interactions on the senate floor. i spent hours watching that. with the great american political trivia challenge you have a whole section on political insults quick. >> i find them fascinating. politicians are very good to be very creative in the way that they insult people there's also some overlap between nine and presidential campaign marion barry
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congressman from arkansas southern accent talks about a congressman from florida and said he had mischaracterize the budget and said you dirty looking nimrod and said that on the house floor he went after him that is extremely creative and then americans of tax reform and with the affordable care act and then to say a politician said this? jesse jackson is running in 1994.
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and then to be the front runner was talking about hubert humphrey running for president in 1960 and then in 1972 he was the only real progressive leader who ever came out of minnesota so putting two and two together so he will go out there and then to think that is a great lines so the insult is that no matter what side you are on you can appreciate the way politicians are able sometimes it's just the first grade insult but sometimes it can be great. >> the author of the book the great american political trivia challenge. thank you for spending a few minutes with us. >> it was great to be on the station that i dedicated the book to


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