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tv   James O Keefe American Muckraker  CSPAN  June 29, 2022 8:02pm-9:09pm EDT

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program guide or watch online anytime ♪ weekends on cspan2 are an intellectual feast. every saturday american history tv documents america story and on sunday @booktv brings you the latest and nonfiction books and authors. funding for cspan2 companies television companies and more including cox. >> homework can be hard. squatting in a diner for internetwork is even harder. providing lower income students access to affordable internet so homework can just be homework. >> cox along with these television companies support cspan2 as a public service. x you know who our guest speaker is i am not going about his
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qualifications credentials and achievements, which are both impressive and far too numerous to mention. so instead i like to point out just a few things that might have escaped your notice. if you're anything like me when you saw this video you realize there's probably a side james o'keefe you never know. [laughter] having seen it you may not now be surprised that in 2002 he was the lead in a stage production of george roesch went crazy for you. and 2011 he starred and another music video as recently as last year he was cast in the lead role for outdoor production of oklahoma. who knew.
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is it outstanding, incredibly effective investigative journalist like no other. when he founded project he did not just investigative journalism. he reinvented it. we are pleased to have him here with us today. and are truly grateful for his existence. ladies and gentlemen please give the warmest peace valley weapon to james o'keefe. [cheering] [applause] yermak. [cheering] yermak. >> thank you so much. what an honor to be here in southern california.
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go brandon can i sing that? wow i have never seen so much musical talent in this room. i know i am in california both telling randy have never seen sending him a very musical person i am the founder of project truth. most certainly with the project we expose powerful people that we deal with such flair. the guy would have started if i was not a musical person and artistic person-artistic mission to expose them. we are not really a political organization we do not advocate for solutions or public policy we just expose them.
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only one truth one set of facts. our mantra our motto is be brave to do something.o you've got to be courageous. he promised as you all know i was the lead in oklahoma this past year. i was curling the cowboy i have a picture of myself. there we are, that was me. this was an outdoor production of oklahoma. you don't have to act that much i just looked around. this is me thisk past summer. he may say had had time to do musical? i just took 19 days of rehearsals and we did this performance. in the interest i am inro a crod somewhere in ben hur. there are some really theatrical people. i am h going to sing for you oh what a beautiful morning.
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here we go. and i do not member the pit i'm just going for it, ready? [laughter]hi i sang this on a horse, on a horse. i'm a little allergic to horses but i pulled it off. ♪do there's a bright golden haze on the meadow ♪ ♪ is a bright golden haze on the meadow ♪ ♪ the corn is as high as an elephant's eye ♪ ♪ and it looks like it is climbing clear up to the sky ♪ ♪ oh what a beautiful morning ♪ ♪ oh what a beautiful day ♪ ♪ i have got a beautiful feeling
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♪ everything is going my way. second verse here we go. ♪ oh and the cattle are standing like statues ♪ ♪ of the cattle are standing like statues ♪ ♪ they don't turn their head as they see me ride by ♪ ♪ a little maverick is winking her eye. ♪ oh what a beautiful morning with a beautiful day ♪ ♪ i have got a beautiful feeling ♪ everything is going my way ♪ ♪ oh what a beautiful day ♪ ♪ i write one more.
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♪ oklahoma where the wind comes sweeping down the planes ♪ ♪ over the waving wheat can sure smell sweet ♪ ♪ when the wind comes right behind the raid ♪ ♪ oklahoma every night my honey lamb and i ♪ ♪ sit alone and talk ♪ the harp making lazy circles in the sky at ♪ ♪ know we belong to the land ♪ ♪ in the land we belong to his grand ♪ ♪ and when may say we're only only saying you're doing fine oklahoma mocha oklahoma okay ♪ ♪ [cheering] [applause] >> i sing that on a horse. all right, now i am a very
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optimistic person but i'm a very hopeful person. and i travel around the country and i encounter a a lot of cynicism. and a lot of hopelessness. hope over the next 30 minutes i can inspire you just a little bit. i did sing elwood a beautiful morning. i think it's kind of a metaphor where we are right on this country. and that we are in some dark times. people are very divided and they should not be on most things. we are on this book to her. i have read this book called american muckraker. all profits. what is a muckraker? it means a journalist who exposes information that powerful people do not want exposed. releasing unauthorized information. this country is founded on very unique principles. one of which is the first
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amendment. we talk about the first amendment. where is the first amendment mean? it means informed consent. it means you cannot elect your people unless you know what is going on. so i've written this book and it took me five years to write this book. i really thought a lot about principles and values that we cherish. i try to define how to be a wotruth teller. how to speak the truth in clown world premiere living in clown world. i'm going to get to our mission paid by the way our mission is to exposehe them to expose wast, fraud, abuse, corruption bradyp member of the china wood into a with my female companion dressed like that but that is how we were dressed. and we go undercover into these institutions we as pretense, we as disguise, because if we justt go up to people and identify ourselves as reporters they will never tells the truth. so we have to do these things the last 12 years i have been exposing these institutions may
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have hit back at me hard. but this week something extraordinary happened. president jeff soccer at cnn resigned. she's waving the american flag. he did some bad things. i wish more of these things would come out. and because the news organization doesn't have any core values or behave ethically all of these people chris cuomo and they are attacking each other on if you saw that, i don't know what's going to happen but may be at cnn will actually get back to its mission of reportinghi the news, "stranr things" have happened. but we went undercover into cnn recently aired i would to believe but not for what we did he would not be leaving. this man charlie chester is a control room director. the choice in videotape of him.
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this video is one of things he ever did. charlie chester at cnn talked about cnn's mission. by the way he does not say the most trusted name in news. charlie chester says there's propaganda network designed to hurt donald trump. listen to this. >> i think we got him. got him jogging? you'd take him as a young. >> didn't know anything. [inaudible] [inaudible] is to get trump out of office without saying it. cooks right there he makes the admission our focus to help
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invited to put aviator shades on biden to make him look cool. without saying that is what our focus is. right there you see it her mission as of these things. the most trusted name in news. why isn't cnn our focus is to get trump out? if you want to be a propaganda network that is your right just call yourself a propaganda network. but they don't spread so we have to use hidden cameras for this guy did notot know he was being recorded. in this clip he talks about the covid pandemic being gangbusters for cnn ratings. it is all about fear. it's all about money. it's not about science but don't take my word for let me quote cnn's control room director. exit is an gangbusters. x they put the numbers on the screen the death toll.
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i don't think anyone here watch as don't think anyone watches cnn. they have 17 viewers, most of them and airports. but their content the stuff is shared on instagram, facebook, twitter, google news the tech companies share it. here you have the death numbers and chester says we do this intentionally. we put thel death toll on this screen to make it higher. we need more o people to die so that our ratings can go up at organizations like cnn. many people in this room james what is behind this? i am showing you what is behind it. this is that media machine trying to scare you out so they can make money, get ratings and do what they do but do not take my word for it let me quote the guy behind the curtain.
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i is in a high enough? it would make it better. >> the guy literally wanting the deaths to be higher. why isn't it higher? twenty more people to die. this is a disgrace. it is a disgrace. you already know this but the more we can expose this the better. use the information is accountability. if we need more information you collect all the people you want to elect an office.. but unless you can change people's hearts and minds including in your state of california where you failed to mrecall your governor that meas people in your state disagree with you. so unless you can change their hearts and minds, you are not going to both fix the issues you are having. any of those people believe what they see on cnn. it's a really an information war. that's not an easy thing to hear we want easy solutions for many politicians fix it right away.
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a function of people who believe what they read and what they see your point have the same problems. so at veritas we have a lot of fun. are the best we ever did wastw this. i don't if you saw this, we have whistleblowers everywhere. we have informants everywhere. that may be why the fbi came to my house i do not know. note frequently asked question what is next? my response what is noteo next. we have people everywhere you'll see a story come out tomorrow bh the way, big story coming tomorrow. now, in this video one of the most amazing moments ever at project veritas watch such insider gave me access to president jeff zucker's 9:00 a.m. conference calls.
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i proceeded to record those 9:0r two months. nonstop. heyou see it's all about transparency. we want to know how they make the sausage. we want to know how they manufacture the consent. on the 61st day i decide to dial into the conference call and say hello to jeff zucker. and tell him i've been recording them for the last two months. in my colleague live stream this you're about to watch this for the saliva stream moment unplanned, un- muted dialing the conference call here we go. >> hate jeff zucker this is james o'keefe. we've listened to your sitting calls for basically two months recording everything. just wanted to ask you some questions if you have a minute. do you still feel you are the most trusted name in news?
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i have to say what i've been hearing on these phone calls i don't know about that pretty letter recordings indicate you're not really that independent of a journalist. >> thank you four -- i think if yourr comments. so enlightened that i think we will set up a new system. [laughter] i was kindha of shocked that he actually to me for a minute. thank you for your comments will set up a new system. i say to my staff will get on the new system early on your new system. maybe instead of setting up a new system do not be fraudulent. do not lie do not deceive. because veritas will find you. we are watching.e. we are waiting. we are everywhere. [laughter] in fact the person or persons who got us access to this is
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still there. and if the person or persons heinsight abc news that got us access to the amy jeff which is a big deal, that person is still there you're not going to intimidate project veritas. all right let's fast-forward i am in california we did a big orstory people say what your favorite story over the last year or so? i would have to say the store we did on the teacher in california andd sacramento. you guys have a lot of very interesting people in california. tickle your public school teachers. now our model has changed in the beginning we have to infiltrate pre-know the people on the inside come to us. but send us a picture of a classroom and sacramento the teacher was hanging a picture of chairman mao and teeth a flag in the classroom. i found thatt interesting.
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so we sent one of our brave undercover journalist to meet with this guy. his name is gabrielle, this is august of 22021. and met with him and recorded him talk about how he wants to turn the students to revolutionaries. this is at a coffee shop in sacramento. >> how do you do that? >> get out of the students and send them to events where they will get extra credit for protesting with ntf. i wonder if the parents know about this? >> they take a picture they write. [inaudible] students heard about that. [inaudible] >> he wants to make your students feel uncomfortable. so wehi confronted this man in e
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street in his neighborhood and he told us we were making him feel uncomfortable. >> gabriel how are you? i am a journal with project veritas nice to talk with you. tdon't mind my calling recordig we are s recording. i think you're going to be more interested in what i have to say here. there is saying he doesn't feel comfortable' update hammer and sickle shirt on. this guy is a high school teacher, communist. he was stamping homeworkom assignmentssi with stalin's fac. this was actually happening. this happened and they sought for the new is happening andt they did nothing. it was not until veritas showed up with recordings the red everyone got outraged. that's the real scandal where the school still there. release the video the school board meetings the next and
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sacramento california hundreds of parents flooded the school board meetings is a moment and project veritas that really defined in its righteous indignation you have people who don't agree with you to agree with if you want to affect change. but nothe like you they're not activated at all in politics
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nursing their kids affected bysm this dangerous abuse, as a form of child abuse. i'm going to play this clip really, really like this woman and what she says. a couple other parents again organic, righteous, passionate people that are just pissed off. >> in two weeks, 13 days he was allowed to change my daughter's mind about some fascist crab that allows them to run the school. x this is ridiculous. i am from texas. [cheering] this is not go on texas. there are two grades higher than california. so to think that my very sound minded daughter would go against me and my wishes in the values
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in our home to be able to go and support this man and he is putting her in harm's way, what are you all doing? >> goes on and on these parents were outraged. got his we live stream this board meeting on instagram flooded in that parents continue to flood. this is right about the time the other board things were happening inab virginia. >> was concerned about that happening. >> only tell you i am not shocked. why? is another teacher right down the road at the academy did the same thing to my son. >> let teachers in california doing this for they just need to be exposed. always interesting about this in california which is a very difficult state to fire a tenured teacher they actually fired this teacher after they exposed it.
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local news covered at this is local cbs 13 big. >> the past month gabriel hasee been put on paid administrative leave. tonight the school board make an esofficial decision to fire him. >> a lot of people say james, how do you get the information out there? that's another question i was asked in the hallway here. where do you distribute your videos? and i say cbs news distributes my videos. you see you're not thinking big enough. to a seat on breitbart prospect receipt on fox? well hopefully. but i want them to talk about it, okay? and you say that is impossible. no it is not impossible i'm showing you it is possible. but it requires getting information that is so powerful that they cannot ignore. that's really our mission isn't it? to get information that is visual. not just text or speeches or
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white papers or articles but visual information but the chapter this book called image where i say obviously image is transfixed and they are more powerful than the spoken word. there are some things as a country i still think we are united on. very few. but you do not i abuse children who do not brag about it. t there are certain things you can focus on and get things like this to happen but you might say that is just one teacher. you're not going to change the world all in a new york minute. it's going to take a little while. you have to expose all of it. we need an army of these exposures these grassroots people. veritas is a lot of incredible people coming to us. one recent one involved documents from the defense department. i don't know if you saw the story, now if whistleblowers everywhere. sources everywhere. people givest documents inside
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the department of defense. literally the pentagon papers picked interesting i said yesterday i do not even of the so-called pentagon papers from the 1970s was the "new york times" even publish those these days if it made the administration look bad? i do not know. but a lot of these sources have nowhere else to go for the really don't have anywhere to go so they come to us. in these documents you have revelations about gain of function research that was approached -- darpa it was approached by eagle health alliance to do research coronavirus' and it was rejected because it was too dangerous according to the department of defense. documents also say anthony fauci was approach that proved it under his leadership niaid produced documents are accurate would mean anthony fauci lied under oath. this was authored by a marine corps major named joseph murphy
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at the department of defense but he was not the source of the documents to us but he did author them. he actually issued a statement to me when we approached him for comment, listen to what this marine corps major who wrote these documents again not the source of the information, listen to what he said to us. >> he askeded this person was le to make a comment about this video? here is this what what this marine said. >> i offer o no comments on the investigation or internal record deliberations. i offer a brief comment to those that desire answers and those who withhold them. those seeking answers i offer encouragement. there are good people striving for the truth working together in and out of government and they succeed. to those who withhold, i pray for you. find that moral courage to come forward, do not let alive be a legacy to posterity people will forgive, a commitment to truth is in the heart of this nation. >> really powerful.
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what is interesting about a statement i found there are good people this in his words there are good people striving foror e truth working in government. so in other words, i have seen this. there are good people at these places. they are not necessarily good institutions. as to the vast majority are good people they are following orders. so what we must do is appeal toe their consciences so they can do the right if we do not do that there is no hope for the country. it's the only option. i think you will see more people in the government coming forward with this information. we have too have this people's backs. we have towa defend them when ty come forward. okay.
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[inaudible] doublelo down stop apologizing. do not apologize there's nothing to apologize for it. i saw this morning a rumble offered rogan $100 million to go to rumble and is spotify. i think mr. rogan should have me on his podcast he would be a great podcast. but anyway, here's what he had to say about this anthony fauci stuff. it's really interesting, theyn' ask you to reject the evidence of your own eyes and ears don't they? they ask you to trust them by virtue of the decree they are credible. by virtue of their own decree. the self-anointed racket. not going to trust that video because it's that guy okay, it's not me arson the documents or fake? this is what they do.
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this is the propaganda the sq trust in your time of the virtue of the decree they are credible because they say so. they never show you any evidence. the trump tax return story which the newewoi york bombshell conse their minnesota story a year ago they did not show anyey on the record sources d they did not sw any video they deny me show you any documents. but they ask you to trust them. you have no reason to trust them. we have no reason to trust the media says joe rogan. >> okay from project veritas on the other day. that guy is the bogeyman. he is exposing threats to democracy. he is exposing real live corruption. he is exposing real live conspiracy. ,the like no. even if what he is saying is a threat to somehow or another decided an individual can be it's almost like a cure to the
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reality of whatever he is exposing. because that doesn't matter because it's jamesat o'keefe. and you put that on top of the thing it all goes away. it is wild brick works and think you're going to continue to attack us until they stop attacking us. our continue to question our credibility. the results speak for themselves. the results speak for themselves. even dr. fauci, even this man. [inaudible] [inaudible] this guy was in the senate after those documents came out and confirmed the authenticity of the documents. and even mention us by home. project veritas. >> what came out last night on project veritas was a good ranch that wasrs submitted.
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next we got to keep exposing what is inside. you asked me how to redo that? i am giving you a roadmap. the book talks about it. it is about getting people inside to become public which is really hard thing to do. it requires sacrifice, requires pain, requires perseverance first chapter of the book is called suffering for it while you write a chapter about that? well i'm glad you asked. three months ago the fbi came to my house. this is the second time in my life that the fbi has put me in handcuffs. and i am a journalist. i may be the only man you will ever know who is not a gangster, mobster, or terrorist who has had this happen to him on multiple occasions but have itth in 2010 in new orleans around the whole of the book about that. and i was innocent.
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but i was a falsely accused. incarcerated, put on probation, eventually i got a misdemeanor for the incident in new orleans bro showing up asking questions. and then last year or a year before about a year end a half ago or so we were approached by a source with joe biden's daughters diary. a woman named ashley bided many people don't realize joe bidenan has a daughter named ashley. someone approaches with her diary but we looked into it's all the diary we decided thatt the published the diary we could not verify with certainty it was actually hers. i did not to publish something and then blow it project veritas by publishing something that was not real. there are other reasons for not publishing it. we did approach to biden for comment. we even tried to give the diary to ashley biden, her lawyer would not receive it give it to law enforcement in florida where it was found.
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a year later the agent show up at the with two of my colleagues on november 3 they make a statement about this, this is ridiculous we are not going to be intimidated by this. run to keep doing our jobs the southern district of new york this is the federal court in southern new york state where i live was behind i this. i said i'm not going to be intimidated by this. maybe their goal is to intimidate us but maybe is to scare us. maybe it is to get access to our phones. and then on saturday november 5, november 6 i hear a knocking on the door at 6:00 a.m. by the pefbi. they are banging on my door, open up fbi. i run to the door, open the door there's ten -- 12 agents with flashlights in my face. when that happened i was immediately taken back to my last encounter with the feds ten years ago and i said here we go
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again. they put me in handcuffs. this is three or four months ago november 6 and they threw me against the hallway wall in my apartment building. make two-bedroom apartment in about an hour north of new york city. they put me in handcuffs put me on my couch and proceeded to show me a search warrant signed by a magistrate judge a lower federal judge in new york city. mike could not understand why this wasei happening. as a recorder i have a right to receive documents from anybody. so long as i did not participate in the obtaining of them. that is as american as apple pie. the supreme court is protected right of journalist to receive such documents some have claimed this diary was stolen. i did not know if it was. even if it was i had nothing to do with that and i did not publish it for this is running through my head as i'm sitting here the fbi agents rummaging through my home with this
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warrant that was signed by a judge. why did the judge sign that warrant? i do not know. and they left the home i will be honest with you it certainly scary may beat this why people don't do what i do. you all fear this happening to you if you do it i do and isn't that the point? isn't that their goal? so really this is about fear, isn'tve it? that you cannot solve the problems that you want to solve unless you eliminate the underlying problem which is your fear. not my fear. i have been born again. i am afraid of very little. but i my countrymen are so afraid. we are all going to die one day. i was asked two days ago, i get asked these questions that are so hard. aren't you going to end up with julian sanchez? only know how to answer that.
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my going to end up in solitary confinement? i do not know. but we are all going to die it is the only certainty death and taxes. i'm going to follow my conscience and do the right thing. that is what i am going to do. [cheering] [applause] that's what h people say how do you get any rest? thatw is how i sleep at night. because i do follow my conscience. on that day in my apartment building, yes i was in danger. you could say i was in danger. whenever you are incarcerated or in handcuffs or of federal agents pounding on your door the battering ram it safe to say you are in danger. this is a gross violation of my constitutional rights. your constitutional rights. because the first amendmentig is the bill of rights and make all the other rights possible. kevin informed population you have nothing. if they do this to journalists in this country you are screwed.
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and you are next. i just want to play a few clips of commentators talking about why that is. >> two properties linked to project veritas have been rated by federal agents. project veritas is a news organization are they not? >> yes they are news organization per they should be treated asuc such. project veritas to the right thing for they did not publish this because they could not the authenticity of the document. what is so bewildering about this is why in the world are the feds even involved in this? let's assume it is a theft or a burglary. that is not a federal crime. >> also tucker had some comments about it. >> most amazing the point of kyiv's win is the fbi respond to domestic burglaries? can you call the d.o.j. thes next. targets broken into? the optic presents a drug addicted kid i got it this is totally third world. it's an attack on press freedom. >> this happens the person sitting there in my apartment holding the search warrant and
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minutes later yes i get a text message from, the "new york times". which somehow knows all of the details. the neighbors would not know the subjects of grand juryur subpoe. the neighbors would not know thing listed on the search warrant. but some help mike nationals security report of the "new york times" knows about some of these things. and i am still sitting there in a state of shock. and that is the problem, our media is working in concert with the fbi? how is that left a wing what is liberal about that? it is build a liberal. people say are right wing so in ala world where pharmaceutical companies, the fbi and the "new york times" are workingn in harmony i don't even know what that is. it is certainly not liberal. but i am sitting there dealing with this going through my head
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something extraordinary happens on november 9. just three days after the raid. a brave reporter at the "new york times" of all places the same institution trying to ido guess destroy us, project veritas. by the way there are times i don't know what they're doing they written like 12 front page hit pieces about me. they should be investing in the government.t but one of the report is a different reporter ben smith who works in that media columnist a brave reporter i give him credit he tweeted out i don't think journalist should be cheerleading the raid on james o'keefe. heat defended us and got attacked for. after that happened what other peoplele defend us edward snowd, trevor trim freedom of the press perspective i am sorry this is from press unless they these evidence that trauma was involved in the theft, which we work, there is none these fbi rates are a violation of the privacy protection act.
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he followed up are not going to get two dozen replies trish with my treatment o'keefe is not a journalist said read the statute doesn't matter. i don't personally like o'keefe or veritas. imagine this is a liberal organization of donald trump it by the way trump never rated a journalist home before. like biden's department of justice did. also with other organizations come to our defense. fbi raid on home sports questions about press freedom. we had a "washington post" unintentionally ironic bison darkness democracy dies in darkness. jeff obeys owes or wokee click bait the "washington post". but even they defended project veritas with the overreach of invading our home. we had the committee to protect journalists and the reporters committeen in court writing
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letters to the judge that signed the warrant, why did you do this? there was a little hope. it seemed to me at least for the briefest moments of time left and the right had come together. there is some agreement, some consensus you just don't do this in the united states of america. the politics of fear will not prevail in the united states ofh america. there is an overlap here and there is principles that are so fundamental by the public's right to know which is really what would do it project veritas page on what the doing at the the "new york times"ly except stocking veritas. we had national secure borders adam gold and i'm going to name them you know who you are. sitting outside of people's homes trying to docks my sources. these are your media, your cnn, york "new york times". but here some of the other employees and andrea mitchell of nbc news is on this report.
8:45 pm
we are writing to this judge saying you should not do this to project veritas pre-pretty extraordinary. where people on the floor thef house railing on against these raids. >> matters figure the hollows of this held republican darken with the smut and felt the corrupt justice. imagine a predawn rate waking for a dead sleep and sheer terror to men with guns screaming, searching furiously for damning evidence against their authoritarian master. this horrifying vision is not pulled from the pages of some graphic novel for this was last week's headline. >> is it scary? yes it scare you bet it is scary. another thing that happened oafter this is we had senators write letters to the department of justice asking about this. talk about these cases to protect the rights of journalists and i'm proud to say just a few days from now that veritas, myself, and our attorneys will be meeting with 50 chiefs of staff united states senators on how to hold the department of justice accountable that is this week.
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so we are going to be meeting in washington with the number of these senators. they are trying to figure out who authorize this raid, was that the attorney general? was it the president? it was unconstitutional the attorney general expresslyly forbid the execution of search warrants against journalists for obvious reasons. so also going to get towards my conclusion here of the speech, speaking of the "new york times" we have sued them for defamation and we scored a huge victory. defamation lawsuit against the "new york times". so again your question is how do we hold them accountable? nothing ever happens to these people.
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we are looking we do things then they hit hard. it's a championship prize fight, right? they knocked me down. what's important is we get back up and we don't stop with these "new york times" lawsuit involves an article written about us for this article was in september of 2020. the headlight was project veritas releases misleading video part of what experts call a coordinated disinformations campaign. i don't know who these experts are. this is what they do. rather than address the evidence they collect some professor at stanford or wherever and the professor says yes he's disinformation. what is that even mean? does it mean the evidence is not true? it is hard to know. in this tape. [inaudible]
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it certainly looks like evidence of voter fraud to me. there is one tape people say where is the voter fraud? you are looking at voter fraud. it's in an anecdotal piece but is in fact a criminal back to you are looking at in minneapolis where this is recorded. in this recording you see it in the act. you see a voter or a valid harvester give money to a voter in exchange for a ballot. that is a federal felony. there is indeed fraud obviously there's going to be fraud in various places. and we release this the "new york times" attacks me as a disinformation expert? it is definitely hard to digest. one of the things he wrote in this article was project veritas making claims without evidence.
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i have not made any claims. i am making no claims.ho i am showing you a video recording of an interaction between two people.o. but this is what they do. you say why is this the way it is? this is what they do. and as a result of this "new york times" article is the result of this "new york times" article facebook banned the video i just showed y you. because facebook uses c the "new york times" as their fact checkers. in the circle of propaganda is complete. so what you do about it? we sued the "new york times" and scored a victory against them. [applause] and this is a recording these are the words from the judge in the supreme court of the state of new york saying it was the
8:50 pm
"new york times" that engage in disinformation and deception. listen to this. >> articles of the subject of this action called the video quote deceptive. but the dictionary definition disinformation and deceptive provided by defendants counsel certainly applied to choose a failure to note they did not check their opinions and news articles as they now claim. >> they injected their opinions in a news article that and they claim it was an opinion, we sued them for defamation. but they're fanning the video based on an opinion? think about that. that p is precisely the very disinformation and misinformation they are projecting onto me. so we have to do something. this is on christmas eve the judge ruled against the "new york times" but somehow the "new york t times" got access to my attorney/client privileged evidence after the fbi raid they
8:51 pm
publish those documents. these are the documents written by the attorney representing me in the lawsuit against the "new anyork times". this is science fiction but it is not science fiction it is real life. the judge is saying the "new york times" are sanctioned. they should not be publishing these in turn attorney-client documents for. >> this is index number 639 to one of 2020ew project veritas versus "new york times" company. i am cognizant there are basically two bedrock principles of our republican issue here. certainly freedom of speech and freedom of press and the p attorney-client privilege to significant bedrock snow in this country would want to live without. ask very quickly pointed out we packnowledge our front there ae two fundamental bedrock principles of our republic i believe was the fashion camper. >> that would be the first time
8:52 pm
you quoted me right, thank you. >> it's pretty cool to see the judge go after the "new york times" whether the "new york t times" had never been held accountable in their lives. they think they are above the law. they think they are god. think it was the head of the "new york times" and we do not get religion. they need think they are more powerful and the government. nothing holds them accountable. but wes are. this is the judge. [applause] in the case. >> in both size here art media organization for the times is claiming that it has a different status as a news organization. >> but it doesn't break the law applies equally to all people involved. so projects veritas will be deposing "new york times" reporters under oathn on video asked them questions and releasing those deposition videos for the world to see. speaking of deposition videos i have been deposed many times. by the way i like being deposed. you know why?t
8:53 pm
because i've got nothing to hide. i don't release the names of our sources that is protected by don't release the name of our donors at thehe first amendment right. everything else is fair game and lawsuit. by the way project veritas has never lost a lawsuit. not once. that is because we are ethical. but they are not ethical. by the way they do not like being deposed. they hate being deposed. think when they started suing me and they have sued me a lot. ten years ago they were betting on the fact i would settle the lawsuit and give up. but they quickly realized inou e discovery part of a lawsuit you get to depose them. that is under oath deposition ten, 12 hours sometimes. you are cross-examined. and when they are cross-examined this woman in the 2016 election
8:54 pm
on behalf of hillary clinton and we did a story about what they wered doing. they sued us thinking i would back down. we eventually won that lawsuit. but in that discovery part it was really fascinating to see they conduct themselves and now you will see in a way that words cannot explain just how devastating a videotaped depositionon can be against our adversaries. [inaudible] >> to hear the statement of the been to the barkley sharks who said that? that was me. >> did you eventually publish a video? >> i publish the video events that occurred earlier that evening. >> so you edited out these parto
8:55 pm
parts were you in writing clayton were confronting? [inaudible] you are here and will object for you. >> i disagree with your characterization for. >> which? >> i edited anything out. >> okay. so what did you do with the part that didn't make thell video? >> it's called editing. [laughter] [laughter] now do you understand the importance of a videotapedpo deposition? you start to see this is apathy brady see the doublethink, would george orel described as doublethink which is to change your mind in a moment. these are your journalists. this is your "new york times",
8:56 pm
your hillary clinton operative, it is all the same. i am not a psychologist i'm not qualified to say this. some have described it as psychopaths. i am just showing you. we intend to depose more people. really our mission is about illumination. i love this picture because it describes our vision for theex future. everyone wants too know what is next for this is what is next. you are looking at what is next. brave people, regular honest people working in society institutions that expose what is t'going on. it's going to require sacrifice for that is a probably were all going to have with this. dennis says it better than i can. there are three things you canan do. number one, you can do
8:57 pm
something. number two you can donate to people who do something but we are a registered 5o1c3 tax deductible tax-exempt nonprofit charitable organization. or it number you can do nothing. not a condemnation if you do nothing. here's how to raise your kids, pay your mortgage and live your life that is fine. but you know what to do. the question is do you have the will to do it? are you willing to face the sacrifices? the uncomfortable into? are you willing to be uncomfortable? are you going to have huddle her reads agents harass you questioner cuts probably going to happen again. but if you keep going. if you get back up if you do it my mentor andrew breitbart described his run towards the fire you will send a message to other people who are watching you, rooting for you that they can do it too.
8:58 pm
until we can solve the problems in our can society that's how we can brink's consensus for it comes to information it comes to revelation. it comes through veritas thank you. [cheering] [cheering] [applause] [cheering] [applause] >> i think they wanted to do a couple of questions, is that correct? okay you pick on who you want to ask the question. there are so many questions. >> i hope i answered all the questions.
8:59 pm
they can pray. faith without works is dead. but thank you we do need and we appreciate very much your prayers. >> james have they release the documents yet in connection with the ashley biden diary? >> someone else publish it. some other organization got access to this document and they publish it online. it didn't cause and impact. do i have bodyguards question i'm not going to disclose my security article that would defeat the purpose. >> james when dide you realize these people were just democrats with the media when he realized they are ebola they would kill you and you said you'd never commit suicide how many years has it been questioned work it took me a while to realize it's not political they are bad breakups when did i realize it
9:00 pm
was about bad people? very young. i was very young. it's an evolution obviously. you are raised to pledge allegiance to the flag and you believe in these principles. we all believe these principles but everyone except for 2% about 2%. it is really extreme. everyone grows up e pluribus unum who know him and quality before the law. these are great, radical very i american things. i was probably a teenager and i was a big consumer of newspapers as a teenager. especially when i entered college i would read the newspaper everyda day. i would read the "new york times" every day i read the star ledger and from new jersey i read usa today. some of these papers almost a longer exist by the way they become a shell of themselves. i really read all of that. i wanted to do something.d i wanted to expose what was going on. : : : as a young person that
9:01 pm
things were not as they seemed and rarely as they should be i didn't know what to do about it, but in the beginning i started i started a newspaper on my college and i tried to confront professors and the first video ever did was a band lucky charms because the racist against irish people it was like a form of satire, but that was the first hidden camera thing i did so i was trying to expose them expose their mentality. that was the first video. another question yes. that you had something popped up on my email that you had exposed vaccination the wrong vaccination being given the children. is is that something that you're going to cover down the road going to cover down the road? >> yes with all these stories, the price of liberty is
9:02 pm
vigilant. youe just keep going. aco nurse had recordings of her colleagues saying that they were injecting children -- this was in new york city. homeless and impoverished children, they were injecting the children with the wrong vaccine. they were mixing the covid vaccine with static water, but you're not supposed to do but it was in competence. new york city has been given billions of dollars to administer the vaccine to all these kids and it was just to these people are not qualified to give the vaccine, so the recordings showed statements that they were doing this. and she went public and she's a brave person i speak about and will inspire all people to go public as well. yes.
9:03 pm
>> you're speaking about keep people coming forward and being brave so my son is a political commentary, 22 and b he's been n blazeha tv. so he's been exposed and reported to the fbi. he was seen as a russianou operatives and we are waiting upon our immigration so 54,000 people, he's on every political and s social platform. t elijah schaefer, as soon we see thesend up and coming conservate speakers they are out for them and they come out with
9:04 pm
everything now. reporting to the fbi hotline they are on his radar. i want to launch a defamation suit. they rated the bank account and how do we get these young people to continue on. like this is his life. are you asking me a psychological question? how do you keep going.
9:05 pm
i wrote three books the latest one i encourage you to read the first chapter of the book and then we will talk because a colleague of mine was writing about californiahe and the hard drives. the guy that exposed the videos. remember that, the state government took his hard drives. that didn't stop him. he just keeps going. i know that sounds like a simple answer but it'su true. the only one that can stop you i' you stopping us. less cynical than the boomers as far as i am concerned. i was 24. twenty-five when what happened in new orleans. it's good parenting, good
9:06 pm
motivation, but it's not easy so tell them to get back up and keep going, keep reporting. litigation isn't easy. it's expensive and that is another issue. butmy i've been saying this on y talks that they do have a lot of power, and we are nothing but we are not alone. so keep going. [applause] one more? one more question and then we will call it [inaudible]
9:07 pm
>> i am not familiar. i need to look into that. sorry. we will look into it and see what that is. thank you all. i appreciate it. thank you. [applause] if you are enjoying booktv, sign up for the newsletter using the code on the screen to receive a scheduled program, author discussions into book festivals and more. booktv every sunday on c-span2. a television for serious. only on c-span do you get it straight from the source. no matter where you're from or
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