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tv   U.S. Senate Senators on Right to Travel for Abortion Services Part 1  CSPAN  July 15, 2022 6:47am-7:17am EDT

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unanimous consent for a request. park manor president i rise today and support the freedom to travel for healthcare act. something confederate senator cortez impasto your colic about leading taking to take aen momet to note there are many things we
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need to do to reduce cost right should the words of my colic in the neighboring state of south dakota. i think he is well aware pharmaceuticalic prices are numr one in the minds of people in many of ourep states. ethical problems with joint negotiate with the band so we can negotiate expensive is committed to an out of office. we hope to get to the next month. recently a 50/50 is one competitive fuel that should be a major help is a strategic petroleum reserve in so many other areas where we are working together. i don't think anyone thought we could emerge between pandemic and everything was planned for the same. honestly the country to prevent
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cross in the spirit but also on our minds with what has recently worked in the decision no space. they said, next line this ruling i think it's a precedent of healthcare positions at the mercy of state laws govern their ability to access reproductive care. leaving them with fewer rights and fling us. over 20 states and just families, over 20 states have laws in place that could be used to restrict access to abortion. twenty-five faithec in public ae expected to abortion in the days and weeks ahead.
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but, comets, the worst of the legislation was introduced to allow private citizens to act as a vigilante. some people who helped cross state lines for reproductive care. vigilantes just like we saw in texaswo. in texas, legislatures are working on a bill to criminalize businesses that provide resources simply to help their workers obtain abortion services in other states. these proposals don't just hurt those in need of care. they're also creating an uncertain environment for documents. three clinics in states like minnesota we protected rights are protected. two major states in the u.s., that is that. illinois, minnesota spoke on the phone theh head of the red river clinic at a fogger, the conference had to resort to help fundey a page to get the money e needs to look for clinic across the river to minnesota, to a safe place.
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planned parenthood of more i met with only ay week ago about the services of the work they are doing right now. in montana, clients of r8 become upper residency residency program at sycamore supposedly are afraid it mightsu be pursued by out-of-state. prosecutors. we should never settle for situation when the committee sortre of different rights that women emissary. or equipment in illinois than women in texas. but with so many extreme republicans raising to stay cap up to be the first to take away women's rights, it is clear we must explicitly protect travel to other states to access reproductive care. we do not have to at manchin white this might d matter. we do not need to conjure up hypotheticals. we already know whatap happens. think h about the heartbreaking,
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and raging story the 10-year-old girl in ohio to go to indiana to get an abortion after she was r impregnated by her rapist. when a story came out last week, some people doubt it. now a clear print in the criminal complaint out of the state of ohio, so yes, this happened. this man right a 10-year-old girl and she got pregnant. i think she get the care she needed at age ten to get an abortion she had to go across state lines to the state of indiana just to get her care. the next little ten euros right or 12-year-old right, or 14 euros right to get the care that she desperately needs to be put in jeopardy? what about her mom? what about her doctor? where will this end? that is most not codified roe
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versus wade love that the bill be voted on trust last month. we must also pass the freedom to travel for healthcare act by unanimous consent right now. that's the bill are great colic senator cortez mastro is leading our bill protects women and girls for big punisher traveling to another state to access abortion services. adventures of c doctors not be punished for providing reproductive care outside the home state. claims across the country struggle to navigate the post row nightmare landscape, they should not have to add to their list of worries whether they will be criminally prosecuted for serving in a nearby state. this is an issue, as i noted, that hits close to home. because minnesota, being in the neighborhood thatut includes the states of north dakota, south dakota, iowa, wisconsin. all of which have been recent issues with reproductive health care for the freedom to travel
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cannot be an empty promise. that is why the bill gives the department of justice, those women and doctors the power to sue people who infringe on the right to travel for healthcare. whens in states abortion events arty face obstacles to care. we cannot wait to see what antichoice state legislatures criminalize next too. we have to act now. all of this comes down to one question, who should get to make the d personal decision or woman? or for h a 10-year-old girl? you to be her family? should it be a woman herself? or should it be politicians? our colleagues on the other side of the out support these justices in place in the supreme court. as to where we are right now. think the answer is clear, to each and every one of my colleagues have the opportunity to show whereom the stanford wil become together and protect to seek healthcare across state lines for the sake of the women
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and, yes girls across this country? i hope we do. i thanked senator cortez mastro for leadership. i yield the floor. asked madame president could collect senator from colorado request document present a very senior senator from minnesota for her remarks. and for what brings us to the floor today. this is the first time in american history, better president, thefu mental rights d fundamental constitutional right is been stripped away from the american people and especially american women by the supreme court of the united states. dobbshe, united states supreme court demolish 50 years of half a century of democratic and republican appointed justices upholding a constitutional right to s privacy and is now been
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obliterated by the united states supreme court. a fundamental right that has been upheld and over again right justices appointed as i sent by both presence of both sides of the aisle. madam president, if you had said to me when i was in a law school in the early 90s, this day would ever come sit supreme court using a radical, a radical method of constitutional interpretation called regionalism, that was invented basically when i was in law school. you would have told me h there s a president of the united states would appoint the majority of the supreme court without radical interpretations i never would have believed it. i would never have believed it. and that is what has happens because of the justices donald trump put on the supreme court. i want people to hearing are
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republicans in this country. in this chamber. look at outfit i know it is called regionalism. but's it started in the 1980s and started in the 1990s but is not the way our constitution is been interpreted all these years. this is radical. it is not conservative and no sense is that a conservative decision? it has happens. americans no longer have a constitutional right to privacy to make their own health reproductivean choices. i read every one of these opinions. and the majority never even have the courage to grapple with the nature of this fundamental right. what is stripping away would mean for millions of americans especially millions of american women like my three daughters. instead, what he said was when
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he wrote was about was right in 1860 it's not right today. that was the death of his analysis. opinion dripping with hostility. a cavalier attitude toward what he was stripping away from the american people. i know, i live in the state where there are people that hold very sincere beliefs on both sides of the question. it's hard for many americans. that was like i always believe the right place but the decision to be made is by a woman with her doctor. by thea state. states that you have to carry your pregnancy to term affect any regard to individual circumstances that you might
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face. an instant, as a result of this court's decision state laws to ban abortion art literally from the 1800s, are coming back into being. politicians are writing state laws. force a woman to carry a term without exceptions. think about that. even for women and children who have been raped, like that 10-year-old girl in ohio, who have to travel to indiana for an abortion is living in the state where they are talking about a ilpersonhood bill. soldiers serving in my soldiers serving, i have heard, in my own state, from women who served in the armed forces who are worried about women serving in the armed forces, on us military bases in states like mississippi that have banned abortion.
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was supposed to happen to them? what has happened to their right to privacy even if we paid for them to travel everybody is going to know what is going on. pregnant women could easily find themselves, in america today, in an emergency room with life-threatening complications, it happens literally every single day with doctors unable to help because somebody has to go and consult a lawyer, doctors afraid to prescribe medications for their patients, a conversation about reproductive health for fear of prosecution, all over the country there are elected leaders, so-called leaders, politicians putting themselves between a woman and her right to choose. nothing i'm saying is fantastic. everything i am saying is being talked about, contemplated,
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legislated in america today, all are cross this country as a result of what the supreme court has done, woman with cancer could learn she is pregnant, happens every day, every day, and can't get the treatment she needs for her cancer. this is literally crazy. it is literally crazy but as you have heard on the floor today this isn't even crazy enough for some of these elected politicians around the country, now they are threatening to use the law to prevent women, american citizens from exercising their right to travel across state lines to access reproductive healthcare in the united states of america. it wasn't enough to strip women of this fundamental right and have the state force them to bring a pregnancy to term,
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that's not enough, now they want to use the law to prevent her from traveling from one state to another in the united states of america. i see the pages sitting here today who are the age of my daughter, one of them is 17 years old. i can't believe this is what we are handing over to the next generation of americans. i can't believe it. i cannot believe it. this is despicable. especially coming from the same people who can never stop telling us how devoted they are to freedom and liberty. what a lie that is! what a lie that is! i am coming to the end. i know my colleagues from
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oregon is next but let me say one last thing. i am so grateful to live in a state like colorado, a western purple stage where we have already codified a woman's right to an abortion, a woman's right to choose. we understand and we always understood protecting a woman's personal liberty to make these decisions is fundamental to her freedom to participate in our so side he. people from other states need to come to colorado to access the care they need congress has the obligation to shield them from prosecution. and we need to make sure healthcare providers no matter where they are, colorado and other states are safe from prosecution to say nothing of
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the women themselves, to say nothing of teenage girls themselves. i can't believe we are even having this conversation on the floor of the united states senate. i can't believe it. but that is the america we live in now because of this supreme court. because of this radical ideology they have perpetrated, and that is why i strongly support this bill from my colleague from nevada catherine cortez mastoh, on behalf of my three daughters i want to thank her for her in valuable leadership on this issue. i yield the floor.
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>> senator from oregon. >> mister president, many colleagues want to speak and i'm going to be brief. the name of senator cortez massedoh's bill sums up what this is really all about. the senator has proposed, she is a former attorney general, a very skilled lawyer, she has proposed legislation, the freedom to travel for healthcare act. and i just want us to take a second to think about the name of my colleague from nevada's legislation and i would submit to the senate the you know something has gone horribly
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wrong in america when the senate is forced to consider a proposal entitled the freedom to travel for healthcare act. colleagues, just look at those words. the freedom to travel for healthcare! my colleague has introduced a bill that is as basic as it gets. freedom, and the fact is six republicans on the supreme court have ripped that freedom out by the roots. now state governments are moving toward criminalizing travel for healthcare. they are even moving towards criminalizing helping people travel for healthcare.
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that is unthinkable, in my view, millions of americans are thinking about it and being terrified every single day. in my home state of oregon we are fortunate to live in a state that protects women's health and women's basic freedoms. in my home state is going to be there for people to get the healthcare they need including an abortion but the fight cannot be left up to the states. that is why i am so pleased to stand with my colleagues from nevada, senator cortez massedoh, my partner from the pacific northwest, senator murray, to call for the senate to pass legislation with the
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name the freedom to travel for healthcare act, and what my colleague's legislation does is protect women and doctors, and she does it by protecting a constitutional right, the constitutional right in her state to travel. colleagues, even after these three weeks that overturned row it is shocking and appalling to see what has come next. we see states sprinting toward banning and criminalizing abortion out right. are you a victim of rape or incest? no exceptions. are you a child? you will still be forced to birth your child comes your life in danger should you carry a pregnancy to term? better get your affairs in order. that is the world millions of american women are living in
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now that the republicans on the supreme court have ripped away row versus wade. more women's lives are in danger, more american freedoms are disappearing, the legislation proposed by my colleague from nevada is as basic as it gets. the senate needs to act now and it needs to act without any further delay. i yield the floor. >> mister president. >> senator from colorado. >> mr. president, the senate should absolutely support the freedom to travel for healthcare act. currently abortion is banned in ten states, many more are set to follow.
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but not in colorado where we acted strongly to support access to reproductive care. like other pro-choice states we are seeing a large influx of patients, yet we have heard tragic stories of women sleeping in their cars overnight outside of clinics after traveling hundreds of miles as they wait for appointments. after the texas abortion ban took effect one woman had her water break at 19 weeks, on her wedding day, she moved up her wedding day. doctors recommended terminating her pregnancy to protect her life, but it wasn't allowed in texas so she flew to colorado for emergency care. her doctor had her make a plan for this travel, make a plan in case she went into labor on the
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flight, the plan was to sit near the bathroom. that is what it will soon come to for women and half of america. without this legislation a woman could face prosecution for traveling across state lines. let that sink in. her choice would be possible jail or probable death. this bill will protect every woman's right to travel to seek reproductive care, basic treatable, also protect doctors who would practice in states like colorado and protect them from prosecution and lawsuits for helping out-of-state patients. fundamentally my fellow senators said this is about freedom.
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in this new post row era women can be forced into government mandated pregnancies, states are stripping women of the freedom over their bodies and their future. the least we should do is protect every patient traveling to receive care for just a few weeks ago was permitted nationwide. threatening millions of women and doctors from jail time for seeking, providing reproductive health care would be a true staying on this nation. i hope we can find 60 senators to support this bill. i yield the floor. >> president. >> senator from rhode island. >> i am glad to stand with
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senator cortez massed02 support this legislation and recognize the leadership of senator murray on this issue as we fight to protect fundamental rights belonging to the women of america. for nearly half a century women relied on row's recognition of the constitution protects their right to decide if and when to have children. a radical, and captured supreme court has revoked this constitutional right disrupting the reliance and trust of generations of women to make fundamental decisions about their own health and their own futures. overturning roe is wildly unpopular which is why extremists went to the captured court to get a change that they
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could not get through the democratic process. deep-pocketed extremist interests invested hundreds of millions of dollars over decades to build a court where that kind of stuff could get done. it is an outrage women across this country are angry, democrats in congress are angry and we are fighting back in every way we can. in addition to state abortion bands, emboldened legislatures are ready and even more extreme restrictions on women like proposals to investigate, prosecute and sue women who travel out-of-state to get the care they need. think i'm kidding? legislation has been introduced in missouri. the constitution already protects the right to interstate travel but as we
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have now seen, we can't rely on an increasingly extremist supreme court to protect our rights. remember, in a large number of pregnancies, abortion becomes medically necessary, medically necessary for the health of the woman to bear children in the future, for the life of the woman to survive the risk that pregnancy presents, the risk to other children. it is extremely important to make sure we can get that medical care, extremely important to protect their right to make this choice themselves, and to protect medical professionals in states like rhode island, my home state, from punishment for
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providing care to women from states where state legislatures have made abortions illegal. i was proud to work with senator cortez-masto to help draft the freedom to travel for healthcare act. it will protected women's rights to cross state lines and seek medical services and protect providers in states they are traveling to. i join my colleagues to urge swift passage of this bill, this is just one step. there's more work to be done to stand against discontinuing assault on women's constitutional rights. i yield the floor. >> colleagues are joining us to speak on behalf of of the cortez-masto language, i wanted to thank the senator from nevada for her legislation and emphasize how important this is to people all through the


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