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tv   Washington Journal Niels Lesniewski  CSPAN  July 18, 2022 1:39pm-2:01pm EDT

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comcast supports c-span as a public service along with these other television providers giving you a procedure democracy . >> joining us now is neil majewski, he served as their chief correspondent covering the white house andcongress . thanks for yourtime is always . >> thank you. >> when we left congress last week we saw the votes happen in the house when it came to abortion -related legislation. could you give us a sense not only from the senate's side or even the white house sign what's next considering the status of that or are those bills actually becoming law? >> sure. is not likely any of the legislation the house has passed recently related to protecting abortion-rights is going to make its way into law. we saw in the senate that senator cortez masto and her
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colleagues were trying to get the unanimous consent to take up one of the bills that the house had passed related to protecting rights for interstate travel. to make sure that women have the opportunity to cross state lines to receive abortion services and reproductive health services. that was blocked. we have also seen the women's health protection act, the legislation that would largely codify the old leroe versus wade decision. ththat has not advanced in the senate. it's not clear frankly whether or not chuck schumer at the senate democrats will take another sort of bite at the apple. they're trying to pass it but quite frankly those are
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largely questions for voters in just a couple of months here and through the primaries and into november in terms of whether or not they want to elect a larger and sort of pro-choice abortion-rights favoring majority in the asenate or whether they want to go in another direction that's where this is going to go . >> we saw the president overseas talking about this becoming a campaign issue. you said there may beth hesitancy on the senate side to take another bite at this as you said . what is the basis of that hesitancy just for the time that's left to do other things in the senate or are there other factors there? >> the biggest factor h, this may not be true for the bill regarding the access across state lines. but the broader abortion-rights bill has been something that has been
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debated in the past. they may call it up for a vote but that wouldn't necessarily take that long just to call it up for a vote. i don't think they're e going to dedicate serious amounts of force buying to it because there is a limited amount of time . we look at what the senate democrats want to get done in the next couple of weeks before the august recess and then dpresumably a truncated session in september because of the eagerness that always exists for members to get home in anelection year . there's really only i would say 3 to 5 weeks of legislating most likely left before the election. and there are bills that i'm sure we will talk about here in a couple of minutes that leaders, democrats and
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republicans want to get done before the voters start voting. >> neil joining us for this time and if you want to ask questions about those things taking place this week in congress or even the white house you can call and let us know. 202748 8004 democrats, 202-748-8000 14 republicans and independents 202-748-8000 two . text us at 202-748-8000 three neil, one of those things on the senate side if i understand correctly. bell taking a look at china. semiconductor chips, competitiveness. can you put that together and explain what this processis ? >> so that bill looks like it's going to be narrowed significantly from what we saw when the senate passed its sweeping competitiveness bill and had spent under discussion in the house. there is talk that as early
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as tomorrow senator schumer may try and call up at least start the process of calling a narrower bill that provides something on the order of $52 billion in incentives. to help promote domestic semi conductor chip manufacturing. other provisions that have sort of broad bipartisan consensus from that earlier package which was a broader effort to counter chinese influence in technology and manufacturing. and so that could come up wethis week. there was some discussion last week in the last couple of weeks in which mitch mcconnell the minority leader in the senate had said that that couldn't happen or that it wasn't likely to happen as
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long as there was still a partisan democratic reconciliation package rewith a lot of environment related provisions and tax provisions that were kicking around out there. but as we learned in netsuite at least from john cornyn the republican senator from texas over theweekend , now that joe mentioned the democratic senator from west virginia has basically torpedoed anything other than health care provisions in the reconciliation bill, that objection from the republicans may go away. so again we are at this point where we've got all these moving parts that are moving at once. it looks like the narrow semi conductor bill is the next one is going to move. while the democrats are working with the on parliamentarians in senate to
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figure out exactly what they can do on the healthcare front. and can fly combined with the sentence reconciliation procedures. >> thank you for the segway because i want to talkabout joe mentioned, a democrat from west virginia .as far as the reasoning he gave pulling back the response he's getting from his fellow democrats oncapitol hill . >>. >> great people. it is one of the poorest states in this country. you ask the people of west virginia whether they want to expand medicare. you ask the people of west virginia whether we should demand the wealthiest people in large corporations start paying their fair share of taxes ask the people of west virginia whether all people should have healthcare as a humanright . that's what they will say. my humble opinion joe mentioned represents ofthe wealthiest people in his country not working families in west virginia or america . >> want to end with if
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these provisions don't get past and it looks like they will what does that mean for democrats climate goals and the climate itself ? >>? it isn't democrats, it isn't the president. it's the future of the planet when he sabotages climate change this is that for future generations what's going on now in the west over theworld , , we get significantlyincreased more and more heat waves . you're going to look at your flooding. this is anaccidental threat to humanity . and what this election must be about is whether or not we're going to vote for candidates who will stand up for workingpeople, stand up for the planet and have the courage to take on the billionaire class who dominate our economy . that's what this election is about. the republican party is not there. we need moreprogressive democrats who are going to fight for workers . >> there's one reaction from a democrat on the senate.
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you can talk about othersand also talk about white senator mansion chose the steps he did . >> so obviously senator sanders they are expressing the sentiment that we've heard from several members of the democratic caucus. over the past few days. martin heinrich i democratic senator from new mexico questioning openly whether or not manchin should be chairman of the energy and natural resources committee. there are other democrats like john fetterman, the lieutenant governor of pennsylvania who is the nominee, that democrats have this for the senate there who are willing to a sickly counter manchin on the campaign trail, talk about the need to eliminate the filibuster andthe need to basically bypass manchin . that's something we're starting to see as the democratic talking point to
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convince voters they need to elect more democrats so manchin doesn't have a functional veto over the process . manchin most recent claims, he's said that he's sort of pulled back from the bargaining table. most recent time because of inflation concerns. remember there was the report last week of the nine percent inflation. he wants to see what happens in the next inflation report which should come out in the middle of august course that means if democrats were to wait for manchin to read the nextinflation numbers , you really wouldn't see this move until after labor day. so what it appears is happening thanks in large part to president biden deciding this would be a bridge too far taken is there just going to move ahead with what manchin seems to be
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willing to go along with for the moment which is the health care provisions, efforts to expand benefits, expanded benefits under the affordable care act, under obamacare that were sort of largely came about because the pandemic and so i think we're looking at here is a narrower effort but always with the senator from west virginia you never know quite what the questions he is going to ask are going to be and this inflation report certainly changed his calculation. >> will join us again, 202-748-8000 four republicans and independents 202-748-8000 two. democrats like you're on with neil, go ahead . >> thank you for taking our
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call. i have a question for mister linsky. the semi conductor industry that is the backbone of the economy boof the united states for used to be, that's going to fade away very soon. looks like because you know, china is taking over the most in everything. these supply lines and they are now making all the achievements with their new technologies so that is something about it. we've pretty soon are not going to be in the running and also there are new technologies that are coming on the horizon but it's so difficult to get any traction . so my question is congress
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should be doing something and does mister zelinski have a plan. >> that is of you are,mister linsky . >> thank you. so one of the things that the caller reminded me of is the fact that there are so many of these emerging technologies that he he was frankly a lot chip. i remember last year when the senate was first working on this bill. that there were discussions about how many chips are needed to operate the backbone of the oncoming electric cars and the emerging technology regarding self driving vehicles. a lot of these emerging industries are so dependent on semi conductors that
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relying on the idea of potentially having to rely on chips that are chinese in origin is sort of a dangerous national security question. particularly with more advanced technology and that is part of the reason why this has become a priority and why the congress both house and senate last week had closed briefings on the risks of not getting this done. te>> let's switch the house side for a bit. later on this week judiciary is expected this committee is supposed totake up a markup. the topic being assault weapons. can you explain what viewers can expect ? >> so the house is going to try and continue to advance
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more gun safety, gun control legislation. one of the things that the presidents has said is that he is continuing to advocate for a return to the assault weapons ban that was obviously in effect for 10 years from about 94 through 2004. that he was the chairman of the senate judiciary committee atthe time when it passed . it was in the big so-called crime bill. the house will presumably be taking it up in committee or some variant of it in committee and calling it up for a vote on the floor . it will not go anywhere in the senate with the current construct of the senate. this is another example of the house attempting to lay down a marker and we're at that point in the year where
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the house is going to be laying down harder going into the election where we are house democrats are going to say if you reelect us and keep us in the majority, this is what our agenda looks like. on the opposite side you're going to have probably almost if not uniform republican opposition in the house and you'll sort of see the makings of what the agenda would look like it's speaker kevin mccarthy comes into office next january. >> greg in pennsylvania, independent line. >> good morning mister chavarria. how could it be worse if the next speaker is kevin mccarthy than what we've got right now? how could that possibly be worse? of course anything's possible but the sun may not come up tomorrow but the bottom line is why doesn't c-span cover
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what the governor of california did in the white house while the president was overseas. >> i think what's going on is there's a lot of white guilt out there. there's a lot ofpeople who were afraid to say what they really think . we'll find out in november . i certainly hope that there's a change, a big change. and then people can say all right. here's the big change and , when who knows who's going to run for the democrats. i mean, it's ridiculous how many people are out there going well, maybe joe is not good enough . so is it going to be joe and
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donald again? if it is i'll vote for donald to cause this guy, you don't have to like him. he knows what he's doing. >> that's great there in pennsylvania. let's assume as that pulling tells us or if the republicans do take control of the house has there been any telegraphing of what republican-controlled house would look like under a speaker kevin mccarthy . >> the republican majority it does come into existence as my colleague nathan gonzalez the inside election would be suggesting is the most likely outcome as our a lot of the other prognosticators. because there is a democratic president in the white house, much of what the house republicans be doing would be the opposition play.laso you
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will see a lot more investigations. they've already telegraphed if you look at with a judiciary committee inthe house that would likely be chaired by jim jordan of ohio . and other longtime allies of formerpresident trump of course . and others mewith gavels in republican hands. there rshas been some talk that they would investigate the operations of the january 6 committee. as well as various departments and agencies. of the government. it won't see legislating that would become law all that much. so when you have the opposition party particularly if they make control of the senate as well but the only control it narrowly and mitch
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mcconnell doesn't have 60 votes . you're not even going to be able to spend a whole lot of things to president biden's desk to be vetoed in the next couple of years. and so legislating is not likely other than that would what needs to be done to keep the government operating and even that maybecome a challenge . you're not going to see a whole lot of legislating ngif you have a divided chgovernment based on what we're seeing out of the people who are likely to be leaving committees and among house nrepublicans. >> glenn from california, i ask about joel weisman's reelection but in california independent line. >> hello. i like to talk about joe biden and the iran deal that he's brokering with russia. >> ..


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