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tv   Charles Love Race Crazy - BLM 1619 and the Progressive Racism Movement  CSPAN  September 1, 2022 6:07am-7:01am EDT

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stephanie trussell. i have the pleasure of introducing charles. love charles love is the executive director of seeking excellence. i'm sorry seeking educational excellence a non-for-profit whose mission is to empower disadvantage students to reach their full potential. he is the host of the charles love show on am 560 the answer he is the co-host of cut the bull podcast charles is a scholar at the 1776 unites contributing writer at city journal and the author of now three books. the latest book race crazy comes out on tuesday. he has been he has his work has been featured in the new york post real clear politics, newsweek. and on the rush limbaugh show. yeah, he has appeared on fox
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news newsmax and various radio programs podcasts and local tv shows. he writes frequently on race politics current events and cultural. issues and it's passionate about solutions rather than political partisan bickering. it is my pleasure to introduce charles love. hey, stephanie. thank you. let me adjust this because i know some say it needs to be louder and i apologize in advance because i speak a little fast. is that better? yeah, i'm a quick talker. i'll try to be slower, but i want to be able to allow you to ask questions and speak at the end. so what i want to do here today is talk about the book why i wrote it what it's about who the target audience is and let you ask some questions and talk about that in the end. but before i talk about the book, i want to talk about how i ended up here. so i like many of you were just a regular guy going about my life seeing what was happening,
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but not really so concerned with it. and i wrote my first book as stephanie mentioned. i wrote three books, but the first one was just more like starting off as a collection of notes. it was after obama had won and my friends were talking a lot about politics and they hadn't done that before but what they were saying and i kind of like a history book this didn't really make sense. so i wrote the book. it's called logic the truth about blacks in the republican party, but it wasn't really an endorsement of the republican party because i wasn't a republican at the time then i was and now i'm not again we'll get to that but so but i wrote it because i said if you are a liberal or you have liberal ideals and you want to vote for democrats because they align with your beliefs you should do that is with this country is about but i didn't understand why they were believing this boogeyman view of republicans like they were out lurking corners in the out to get you so i kind of wrote that to debunk some myths that they were believing and you know sharing amongst themselves about republicans, but then i just went back to my life. i didn't do anything else and then i noticed the culture was
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shifting in a dramatic fashion, and i said somebody no one's really talking about this the way i think it should be talked about and so i said i got a busy life and wife and kids and a job like anyone else so if i'm gonna do this i need to be saying something that other people aren't saying so i wrote my last book we want equality how the fight for equality gave way to preference and the point was we used to have legitimate fights and the best proof that things are better now is that people are manufacturing fights. right, so i i take the things that they say and then i would say but is it true and a different approach that i take too, which is really important. i like many conservatives right about what the left does that i disagree with so i'll say they say this and this is wrong and i do the same thing, but i don't do it in an attack mode, but beyond that i have a second argument where i say, let's give them their argument. so let's assume you're right. so now you can't debate me because i'm not seeing you wrong. so we both agree that always erases or the country is, you
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know, robin black people. whatever they're doing police are hunting down black men. so let's assume that's true. and that's just simply ask is what you're doing going to lead to a solution. it's that simple right? so even if you're right, we're still in trouble because you're not doing anything. you're not focused on a solution. you don't talk about a solution. and so that was the point of the book. so i was fortunate after writing a book meeting some people at five sixty got a radio show and i was the odd man out i was talking about cultural when everybody else on the station was talking politics, right and they're like, well, why are you talking about this? i'm i say it's important. we all hear that politics is downstream from culture, but we're only talking about the downstream right? so i just kept going about my business pushing on and you know, it was fine until 2020. so now george floyd's killed things, you know erupt and it's an election year and it's very partisan. so everybody's even doubling down on the political talk and here i am talking about the culture and when i wrote that book, i think i wrote it in 17. it came out in 18 and i was
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saying this culture is going to shift further to the left and it's going to be incredibly toxic and about races probably in about five or six years is what i thought and to george thing just kind of accelerated it. so i got an opportunity. i had moved to new york. and so i love to show i was on here and i was like, oh, let's see what i do next and sean thompson who you all know had the opportunity to sit in for steve cortes because he went to work for trump. so i took over his show the liberty hour now if you ever listen to his show his show is all constitution and politics, you know cigar in one hand and the constitution in the other hand, so i was like, it'd be great to do that. i was doing 13 weeks leading up to the election. the election year i said, but i like, you know, i'm building my own idea when my approach i don't want to shift. what do you want me to do? they say well do the show the way you do the show. so here i am stepping in sean's highly partisan political shoes, and i'm talking about the culture. so people were calling in and like well, why are you talking about this race thing?
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we already know what to do. we got the blueprint either from the civil rights act and the movement right martin luther king's words or from the bible. you know, i love the my neighbor as i love myself solves a problem, but my argument was that that makes sense in its logical but you're not dealing with logic. so if you're not talking about race and they're talking about race you lose the race conversation. it's like politics. it's like the schools. it's like everything else if if you're a republican and you wonder why blacks agree with you on certain issues, but they don't vote for you. it's because you don't go to the black community and all they hear is the democrat in that community telling them what you believe and let me tell you it ain't good. right and you're not there to defend yourself. so i just kept going along with the culture and i said this is what's going to happen the other piece because seeking educational excellence. we work on education. so i had a lot of guests on talking about how we fixed the problems in education and we talked about an issue whether it's discipline, whether it's the curriculum whether the kids
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the country as a whole sliding behind the rest of the world and they would all say i say get to the end. it's about solutions. so what do we do and they all say school choice and i say wrong. and it's not because i'm not an advocate of two school. i am and what i said was what you're missing and this is where i become president. i said what you're missing. is that why you're in this fight and the other side's opposing you so it's a fight you're fighting to get school choice and we had to win in illinois. you have wins another places. you're gonna win all over the country. you're gonna say yay. we won this thing and you're gonna look up and find out that because you weren't paying attention to the culture. check this out. you're gonna laugh because this was two years ago where you're gonna find is that those vouchers you get to go to these better schools. you're going to be sending these this disadvantaged kids to schools that are just as bad at the schools. they were there to clean her they're safer, but they're teaching the same toxic ideology that you're trying to get them out of and look at what we're doing today. look at what the main argument is, and now i shouldn't say because it's rude, but i told you so so now what so, you know
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i wrote i was writing about what was going on. george floyd was killed. i wrote an article about this. i think i called it white woteness about white who felt seek for blacks and they're saying and they were speaking in extreme matters, and it doesn't mean that they're not issues in the black community. they're not racism and races out there who you know think whatever they think or some things in the system that needs to be changed, but they were all absolute. they were like all blacks are being hunted down all blacks are are being shot in the street. all blacks are in the criminal justice system and they're wrong. even if you think there's an issue, so i wrote this article and i was upset at the time. so i just started writing and this one just went viral and they picked it up and then the major newspapers picked it up and rush limbaugh. read it on the show. and so then i said, okay. what is missing? how do i address this? so that's where race crazy came from? i wanted to talk about what i call in the book the progressive
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racism movement and i always say don't put adjectives in front of the thing because when you put an adjective in front of it you change it right so you can't say social justice if you want justice you just want justice. why do you need social in front of it? it's justice when you put social in front of it's different, but this is kind of a play on that. i say progressive racism when really it's just racism, but i call it progressive because in their mind they do the same thing. so the races from 1840 said i am white blacks are inferior. so we must separate them and we all say that's racist. and the guy today says well whites are inherently bad. the whiteness is being centered everywhere and we need to break that up and we need to separate that us the country from that and we need whites to admit that their guilty and own this guilt from 50 years ago. so saying that they're genetically different is the same thing that the other people were saying. no, no, but it's different because our intent is different. we're doing it from a good place. so it's not racist. so i say okay fine. it's not racist.
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it's progressive racism. that's what it is and i figured the two best examples i can use would be blm and the 1619 project. and blm, i wrote about first and i took the same approach. i said blm is wrong. i write in the book about how it's a false premise are there issues? yes. are we being hunted down? no are the police just indiscriminately shooting black men. no, can you prove it? yes, are there black people in jail? yes, because you complain about mass incarceration. so i say, how'd they get there? because if the police wanted to hunt down the black man, the easiest ones to shoot would be the ones who break the law yet somehow they end up in jail. why are they shot before they get there? because no one's hunting them is simply not true. now if you want to fix the problem, this is why it's important because how you go about fixing a problem is dependent upon how bad you think the problem is if we think that yeah, we have a problem. it's not, you know taking over the whole country, but it needs to be addressed we can get heads in the room and we can think about what works and we can work on it, but if you think the
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country is wholly racist and it's hunting down black people and killing them for no reason. of course your solution is going to be the burn the whole system down. so that's why i point out why they're flawed. but beyond that i know my target audience is really conservative to because i may say i agree with you, but i think you need to try a different approach and actually liberals and i know some conservatives don't agree with me, but i think there is a difference between liberals in the far left. and so liberals don't like republicans. they don't like most people in this room. they don't like your politics they disagree with you. they have a different view of government. however, they love free speech. and they don't like the fact that they're being called races right now if you don't believe me go look up brett weinstein and and bill maher and and look at the things that they are saying, right? they're liberals. they didn't politics didn't change. they just like, you know, i was on your side left and now you call it in today's left. i'm a racist. it's silly. so we need to talk to them we need and because the media is not on our side.
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we need more foot soldiers. it's not enough of us physically. there's many of them. so if they start to go out and speak it, you know, makes it easier because they can talk to an audience that we can't talk to. so to them. i say i give them the argument so all blacks are being hunted. so we agree on that. so let's not, you know debate that what we can do though is say if that's the case. how do we solve it? because the far left is saying burn it all down. right, you don't agree with that in the liberals. like of course not so why don't you join us in solving this cultural slide and this racism and then and it's radical left and then, you know we can argue about issues after the fact so that's what i do in the book. so from the 16, i mean from the blm standpoint, i explained what they really believe because that's a george floyd was killed. we had people giving all this money people feel bad corporation signed on we're gonna give new holidays, we're gonna give them all this money and many people saw that and said, this is crazy. look at how much money they get it and there's a problem. and where's this money going? i'm like we can look for that for days and i explained the book why that's gonna be hard to
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do kudos to rand paul if he can pull it off, but i doubt it, but and i talk about why in the book but what i say is forget about where the money's going that's a hard fight. but what we can do is we can go to the people who are giving them money and clearly explain what they believe and say if you believe this after knowing what they believe and you still want to give them money by all mean do it, but i don't think they do like i don't think they know. that for instance the police. you heard the debate between defund the police and people on the right would say that's bad. it'll be it'll lead to dangerous neighborhoods. and the people on the left said well, we don't really mean to fund. that's just a euphemism. we really just mean, you know reallocates resources and give them some support and bring in some some social workers to help them go to domestics not true in their own words. we are abolitionist. we want to abolish all prisons jails immigration detention centers. we don't want police in school. we don't want security guards. we don't want surveillance kind of hard to you know, take those words out of context. but most people don't know that
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because it's not on the blm website when i was doing this research for the book originally it was gonna be like debunking the blm movement finding out what they say, but i couldn't find anything. anything. i'm like, this is weird. so in doing research i found this article about a group getting a hundred million dollars over five years, but it didn't say blm the article said the headline said blm, but in the article, they didn't talk about it was this organization gives it to this philanthropist which gives it to creates the black lead movement bond, which takes that money and gives it to the movement for black lives. and so i looked up all the organizations and with you if take you take nothing else from this when you leave look up the movement for black lives. i found it and it was a treasure trove. it's insane. they have acts that they have written that they're ready to give congress once they move far enough to the left. they have a preamble like a constitution. it's all about, you know, all the things that they believe all the demands that they have and it's anti-capitalist. it's a reparations for migrants. it's lgbtq gender focuses.
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i think they use a word that they made up. i'm good at it now, but i couldn't read it at first called sis heteropatriarchy. multiple times in a book we stand behind we push to the front of our movement gay trans lesbian queer queer affirming gender non-confirming, uh precariously housed cash poor all the stuff, but it's not about whether you agree with it or not. you just have to ask is that police brutality? because i thought that's what your movement was about. right, it's simple. so you say that to a liberal you have them read that you know, they might be like oh, so the goal is really baby steps. stop read this stop giving them money. we work on the rest later. and then the other piece is the 1619 project. and this really bothers me. so again, you know the crt movement and i talk about the only thing i say in the book about crt is why i didn't write about crt. and the reason was mostly that the conversation surrounding that was really starting when i wrote the book, but it still doesn't matter because and i'm
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not against that fight chris rupaul writes a blurb on the back. so it's not that i say don't have that argument. there's different ways to attack a problem. but the issue is if you notice you watch the news, what do you hear you hear crt is terrible for our children? we're not teaching to crt. yes. you are. you don't even know what crt is. we just want to teach black history and then you go nowhere. right, they can't do that with the 1619 project. so i take three approaches why cr the 1619 project is more important than crt one. no one's going to tell you. they're not teaching in schools. the project was written at the end of the summer in 2019 by the fall that was in 4500 schools, dc baltimore and all of chicago had adopted it. so it's in the schools. they're never they're bragging about it. it's everywhere. you know, it's in the school. so you lose that piece of the argument it falls away. two in my mind, technically. i'm kind of a literal guy. it's worse than crt because crt says, you know race is important
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and endemic to the country so we can't ignore it. so we have to bring it into the schools and talk about it fairly and let the kids understand what it's about. so the country is centered around whiteness and whites control everything. so we need to have that focus and we need to you know, amplify the voices of blacks disagree with it agree with it doesn't matter to one i disagree because they say stuff like we want to teach, you know, culturally relevant pedagogies. that means we need to add culture into every class. so this cultural science that's black math blacks will do better. you want black to do better at math teaches the way they learn it, which is the same as everybody else. so i'm not saying it's not bad. not saying it's not bad now soak that in and contrast it to the 1619 project. the cincy 1619 project was founded to the founding of america. framing it around when the first black africans were brought here slaves. and what they say is slavery and anti-black racism is endemic to american to america, but for it
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america could not have been founded and it is in the dna of america. now what i went to school it's been a while, but i thought dna your dna could not be changed that that's your dna so it kind of lends to my logical argument then if it's in the dna of the america and i'm giving you your argument not saying that i agree, but let's assume i agree. why are we trying to change it? why are we even fighting what will it do? what good will it do if you tear down the system because it's in the dna. it's still there when you rebuild the system guess what's going to be in it? white racism it's still there because it's in the dna and it makes no sense. but the other thing they say is it's about 14 essays that everybody writes at essay on all different topics trying to explain, you know, their problem in the process with the country and why it's a problem. and they're all framed around slavery not racism and what it says is every problem we face in america today can be directly linked to slavery. right if blacks black wealth is
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lower slavery. if education is bad slavery. if more blacks are in jail slavery. right, so i think that is worse than what crt is pushing and it's in the schools and nobody's saying it's not right. so what do we do? so in the book i write a chapter on every essay in the 1619 project and i say this is what they say. oh, i forgot to tell you the third reason why i so dangerous. it's because it's mostly true. they do they i have to be honest. it's well written. it's i don't know. i throw a number at the 90% true. so you can't really? instantly just dispute and say that's not true. so they talk they get they paint wonderful pictures of slavery. they'd use the individual stories because people love and learn from stories, right it drags them in. so tell a story of about a black man who threw all the racism found the way to make money and the racist whites in his neighborhood killed them just because he was making too much money. he was too uppity look it up. it's gonna be true.
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the problem is they master the lie of omission and they leave a lot out. so if you're teaching this in school and you go to you know 11th graders who don't know much and this is the first learning and you teach them this and they're like, let me just check and see if it's right. they looked at up that parts true, but they don't know what you left out. they think this is all of america and what will it do? it's gonna make for you know, angry disgrunted citizens who just love hate the country. but what they don't say, so for instance they talk about the founders and they say the founders own slaves. is that true? but and now nicole hannah jones has a book the founder of the project has a book coming out. my book comes out tuesday hers comes out the following tuesday, and i saw a printout of an interview she did and she said in the book. she corrected some of the inaccuracies and she admits. this is another thing. how can you deny it? you can't say i'm wrong. she said it that she should have been better with her words, and she should have said some and not all some wise and not all that's true. but what she talks about the founders and what i write in the book is so the founders on slaves, but she never said some
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now. she's saying that she never said that some of them not only didn't own slaves but were abolitionists. she never talked about abolitionists. they talked about reconstruction. but they mentioned haze. rather be hayes the one-term president and the 1876 election and never missing grant the union general who won the world two-term president who wrote two civil rights moves including the kkk antique kkk act of 1871. still mention because they can't be any positives in the project. other issue there are no positives in the 1619 project. nothing. not one. not one thing. nothing positive about whites and the only slight positive is blacks made money, and then they killed them. blacks did this and then they strung us from trees, right? there's all that imagery, but no one talks about you know, they talk about a couple stories of blacks who has some struggles and their families, but they don't mention booker t, washington or benjamin banneker
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or any of those people forget about what they say about whites. can you at least give me something good about blacks? and lastly like crt like blm, there are no solutions. nobody says well all this is bad. so this is what we should do. so you have 14 essays from harvard law grass and attorneys whose argent cases at the supreme court. the edit of the new york times magazine all these people writing these wonderful essays and nobody even offered a solution. not one. nobody talked about how many blacks are in elected office and what they can do to help this suppose that racist system nothing and we think we should be teaching this to kids. it's terrible. so this is a problem with the progressive racism movement. and what i try to approach in the book it is to simply say that. things aren't as bad as you're painting them and if they are you're not doing anything to make them better. so, i think it's a great tool to give to your liberal friends if
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you know because i'm sure those of you who haven't just thrown your hands up and moved away. you kind of getting these heated debates. don't debate just say read this in fact if they're really you think they're really on the on the custom. they won't listen to that. don't read this but don't i hide it for you don't even read charles's words my rebuttals to what they say my explanation of why they shouldn't, you know, believe what they say just read that quotes and that's the other thing to be fair as much as we talk about the media and they are biased there's another piece on tv, especially you only get a small finite amount of time. so people are gonna be like wow, but to be fair, i think everybody's tweeted unfairly in the media. more so on the right, but even nasty pelosi because what happens if nancy says something she'll speak for 11 minutes and they'll play at 30 30 second clip right ted cruz to say something. they'll find that clip play 30 second clip. so what i wanted to do was make sure that i give you enough that you say i'm not taking it out of context you might two paragraphs of a quote.
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you might get what they said the research they used in a quote. and they write essays about weird things. so sugars racist. let me tell you some of the things that are slaves that that linked to slavery sugar. it's right. you ever been caught in a traffic jam who's been calling a traffic. jam. that's that segregation and race in slavery. now really, it's interesting not making a house. oh, here's what i always forget to ask. how many of you have read the project. often that's the thing. so it's in your kid in the kids school your grandkids school. the argument crt on the tv this is factually in the school. probably 10 15,000 schools and nobody's read it. i am not making this up. so if you don't have time to go and link it and find and get behind new york time pay walls get the book turn to the chapter on whatever essay. i say what they say who the person is. i give their bona fides. i say what they write and i'll say they are right about this, but they didn't mention xy capitalism is racist and what i like about that so they'll say american capitalism is brutal
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and racist this flavors of capitalism now. i thought capitalism was an economic system. what is americans say, so other capitalism is good. but american capitalism is bad. but but they claim that but here's a funny thing these people claim they love the country. right if you see them in interviews or you look them up. they're like no. i love the country. i just want to be there's no way you can love the country and write the things you're right slavery and racism is in the dna. why would i hate that country? what do you mean you love the country? that country is horrible? right, it makes no sense. and so, you know, they talk about, you know, people will say well blm is this marxist group of this? whatever. i just think that's too high in the average person's not not really gonna listen to that but to leave you before i open with questions with some hope the best thing we have going for us is people are starting to wake up. they need to read more of what they're saying, but you know the left has control of the media not even the liberals the liberals have lost the media to
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the left. so the left controls the medium and that's true, but it's kind of a bad and good being here for a radio station, but the problem is and i talk to my friends and family and i get it and i don't know if how you're so active you. we all get caught in what we're working on whether is you know abortion or education or criminal justice. we focus on that thing and we don't hear the noise and see what's going on. so what is important for you to understand is this? the country is 330 million people. go look it up. find out how many people what's the most popular show on fox news? i'm assuming it's tucker. who's the most popular show on msnbc maddow? go look up how many viewers they have. right find your most famous new york times right on the left or right or whomever your john mcquarters or your what's the guy's name the economist freeman and see how many how many of the circulation of new york times? my point is we're still focus on this. we see how bad it is and we're
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concerned which makes sense. but sometimes you got to take a step back. 330 million people my guess and i think i'm conservative. it's 200 million people don't know what's going on no idea. don't know what crt is don't know what to say. i used to say they're just keeping up with the kardashians, but that's too old. so they just watching the real housewives. i and it goes across socioeconomic levels race. i always talk about my brother. he's been on myself so he doesn't care my brothers in his 50s. he's a blue collar worker didn't graduate college get four kids. they're all grown. so he has no kids in school. so i tell him some of the stuff he's like, what are you talking about that either so what do you do i go to work get something to eat. i watch a movie. i don't listen to this stuff. i say you ever heard this no. he's the people we have to reach but how do we reach them? then i encourage anymore and then some of the churches works woke so we can't do that. they're not watching the media so i can do as much media as i can and i do because i think it's important message, but you know, i get on tucker and people like that's a win you were on tucker two million. people saw me. there's nothing i'm trying to
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reach 330 million people. so you have to keep doing it, but the real key is you you all have cousins and coworkers and you get in ubers and you go to starbucks. well, maybe that's something you go get coffee, right so i always tell people whenever i talk to people get a chance to talk to people. talk to everyone. but that's why i use my guy now when you talk to conservatives you can get all those that like, i don't write anything political gonna put i don't think i mentioned democrat at all. don't mention republican. i think i mentioned trump once but it's in an ancillary way because that's just the goal. so use that method when you do whatever you do with the service, but when you're talking the liberals are just random people you just got just questions just play be like i write new books. they say be like columbo just be like, well, you know, just one more question. i just don't understand. let me just let me ask you a question here. so you say when you say why is the races you mean all of us? so you mean me and you don't even know me and you so you're racist right? well then if that's the case, how do you get to speak about races if racism if you're racist, i'm just trying to
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understand it. i'm just trying to understand not saying you're wrong. just trying to understand so if you take that april, so what i do is i remember being in a coffee shop once getting some coffee few people in the shop. they got the tv on his local news here in chicago, and i don't know what the topic was, but trump came on the screen, you know, you can read the bottom, but you can't really hear so trump comes on and it was about whatever the hot topic was that day. and so a guy looked at the tv and say crazy, huh, and i'm like, yeah, man, what do you think? is he saying trump is crazy or is he saying the topic of people attacking trump is crazy. i don't know let's find out so he says something so let's say he says something anti-trump or whatever and i say that's like well trump is doing there's a domestic. yeah, that's true. but just do agree that you know, i just give it to him right say yeah trump is he hates black? he was a gay does but what do you think about that racism in the school? you think that's okay? oh, what do you think about whites being the reason that black people, you know rob people or something like, you know, there was a robbery neighbor there was a shootout and five people got shot. do you think trump had to do with that? you know, and it's hard so i've created this little little tiny
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brand that i'm trying to grow so i don't talk about politics so i get on a lot of media and most of it's cool because they're talking about whatever my topic is, but sometimes, you know, i'm pushing the book so i'll go on anybody but invites me on so they'll say come on, but we can't just talk about your book. we're timely new so we want to talk about whatever happened to us. so i went on shannon bream and it was like we want to talk about the virginia election and i and you know, you don't want to turn down i was like love you shannon been on before i want to do i'm not gonna because me on a panel with a democrat strategist. i am not going to be a republican strategist. so i'll come on say no, that's fine. so i just so so i just say what i believe in the way. i believe it without talking about democrats and republicans. not that i don't have an opinion. but i don't think it helps to get into all that because that's it's the cultural problem. not a political problem. i was on eric bolling and it was after the police officer was shot and killed in chicago and we were talking about that. i was on with the fop president and asked him a question goes to me and he turns to me, you know how to do it says so charles lori lightfoot. i mean this progressive mayor,
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she's just crazy. she's doing a terrible job. what do you think about her being a man? i pivoted because i'm so good. i was like look. there's a lot of problems going on a lot of students in chicago, but let's be fair to lori. they were shooting with ron was mayor and they were shooting before rom. this is a cultural problem. so we want to stop the shooting we get focused on lori like that. you like that good. i got to pay it all laurie, but i wasn't giving it because that's not why i was there. so that's how you talk to your liberals. i mean because all your friends and family who don't want to talk to you and don't want you on thanksgiving because you want to jump trump why you talking to them about trump? that's all that argument is over that you nobody won that argument. neither side. i want to hear anything good or bad about so just move on to other stuff. so you talk about the issues because we don't talk about issues anymore. ask your friends and family. what do they think about don't say crt because they don't believe the talking point say it's not in schools. just say do you think that because i go to parents group so parents send me stuff for my organization, you know, kind of like whistleblower stuff so i know what they're doing. so do you think that a 12 year old should be asked his sexual preference.
6:40 am
and they're like no. it's like okay. do you think an eight year old should be have a form that they can fill out and say what do they want to be called? his name's bills. like i want to be called james and then there's a box he could check and say do you parents know and if he checks? no, they don't tell his parents and they keep the secret from his parents you cool with that all 100% of my liberal friends. they know that's crazy or i'll say so here's a good life. this is the last thing i'm saying to the black community. i talked to my black prince. we're kind of liberally leaning but they're not left us and they get it what you need to understand it most black people on your side, but they just have that they're just like well, i i disagree with it like from the race thing. it's of course, it's silly to call white people racist, but you know, we had to go through some unfair -- and if the worst it is that they're being called racist. it's no big deal. so they agree with you, but then i'll pick up a sign and go fight with you. but the gender thing they will fight for for one thing and from the race standpoint the one thing they will say what you want is when i tell them this so do you think all white so racist? no, so why is you say anything? not my fight? okay.
6:41 am
let's talk about that culturally relevant pedagozy. so do you agree with the fact that they say blacks can only learn math the way they learn math or i tell my friends talking my friend from high school the other day. he's like that's ridiculous. i told him about the music thing and they were saying that, you know, get rid of shakespeare all this kind of stuff. no bog, no classical music and all that kind of stuff and they want to take that away because blacks can't really learn culture unless you unless they can relate to it. so let's use jay z and stuff. he was like what that's crazy. he said not only is it crazy and it's not gonna help their vocabulary. it's not gonna help them excel. it's all so racist because you all still get to learn if you're white. you still get to read shakespeare. i just don't get to read it. my kids don't get to read it. so you putting us at a deficit so you get to learn stuff that i don't get to learn. how is that equality? oh, they don't want equality more. they want equity. yeah, it's not a yeah, and then you guys talk about the d. i think what does equity mean versus equality. so if you approach it that way, i think that you will get more people on your side. our army will get bigger and then we can fight about issues
6:42 am
later. so that is all i have and if you all have any questions, let me know. i won't answer that question any other questions they didn't hear you. okay? oh, i don't know. what about the ones in the front walk around? oh, he said that he has a mic so they can actually hear your question. and as you want to talk loud, he has a mic for you. you just got to go step right by the table. it's a short walk. oh, you didn't want to line up. yeah. there you go. you can all just get it get in line one, sir. kind sir question asking sir. hello. wow, i'm tall back here. i'm not sure the name of it, but wasn't there a 16 20 project that tried to come up and and refute some of the 1619. there's a lot of things there is a guide for 767 1776. bob woodson group. i'm one of the scholars they're glenn larry and will riley and john mcwhorter and all them. yeah, so we do that but there
6:43 am
was a there's a nas had a a whole thing about it. i got a friend who's writing a book next year about it. so let's start to push back about but we lost the fight. no one stop trying to bring it back up again. nobody's talking about it because they're arguing crt, but there's some out there, but it'd be interesting to see what nicole hannah jones says in this new book because she says she's fixed some things. did she fix the racism because if there doesn't matter. hi charles, i want i'm dr. yeriks dr. white. i just wanted to tell you i do agree with you. i think there's a big difference between the left and liberals. i think actually that we actually as you know, i ran for united states congress against a white supremacist. so, you know, you know who i am. so anyway, my point is is that i think we need to actually unite unite actually liberals within in pro-life liberals. especially we need to actually, you know, get out there and get the undecided get the independence, you know, get the you know, and and also the libertarians and i think we need
6:44 am
to actually go ahead and unite that i think that's a possible. i mean the left is america's deadliest virus because i left spreads lives and the left kills our freedom your point your point of view. well, thank you, but i will say i got a question you say you ran. a white supremacist, so i'm assuming i was a junior high school elementary school parent. no because you know there was that yeah. yeah, right, right. oh anyway, no arthur jones's name. you don't talk. things like that. but anyway, but thank you very much for what you doing something else. thank you. hey, berlin. how you doing? look charles. you are you too. well, i want to ask you when you took a pass on that question about lori lightfoot and the crime in the urban communities. you don't believe that her policies and kim fox policies contribute to the violence that's happening in our communities and with those policies in place like the police not be being able to do a foot change or stop people for a minor infraction that may lead
6:45 am
to a bigger infraction. it may have doping the trunk, but they had to pull them over for an expired play. they can't do that anymore. so you don't believe that those policies contribute to the violence and if you don't how do we help these urban communities? you're like if you don't what's wrong with you right now. i'm not saying that that i don't believe that any of the issues that i mean. i'm sure they i you know their issues that she has that i agree with and thumb that i don't and and that's the case and but a lot of that is more fox of course, but beyond that it's true, but you know, i'm speaking to a national audience and i'm thinking about everywhere right? so every state and every city doesn't have the same policies. some of them are pushing like in new york. i wrote an article about the problem with eliminating qualified immunity in the american mind, so i wrote about it openly said, but i don't think attacking people is gonna solve it so i don't have to say lori's bad. i can say letting people out of jail is bad because i want to change the folks. i don't want the focus to be that but because with lori's gone and somebody else's mayor, you know is anything gonna be different we could think about it. we said the same thing about rom
6:46 am
right wrong was bad. we were like rob is bad and now people saying this one's worse because change is not always the solution right? well, he didn't put put forth policies like this mirror. this mayor is an object failure and she's putting polic. that we follow and the police have to follow and they can't serve and protect if they can't if they can't stop criminals, right, but you're asking you but that's too. you're arguing. what is part of the problem because it makes it easier for a criminals. are they get back on the street fast, or they don't get arrested at all. i got personal story about that for chicago for sure, but beyond that i'm saying if you want to solve the problem, you can't solve it at the policing level. you got to solve it at what i mean. you still need to like a violent criminals 100% but you need to want you need to figure out why it's happening and that's not lori life, but why is happening why people why the culture has got dissolved to a place in the black community where we don't necessarily condone it, but we don't speak out against it, right? we talk about snitches getting stitches or we say, you know, i don't trust the police so i don't support them or we say things like well, it's not really their fault. that's far worse than any policy
6:47 am
because we're saying it's okay, and we're allowing it to happen, but she plays footsie with black lives matter go away. i'm not gonna spend the rest of my time talking like no, i'm in trouble, but laurie's great. haha. hello. good morning. he's got to help you out. that's okay. thank you. okay. i'm not. parent okay never had kids but you know people with kids you can talk to them. absolutely. okay? yeah. i know i missed out on a lot of good stuff, but boy some of the stuff i hear i'm glad i'm out of parent. she's got i want to know what are they teaching because they were tearing down or defacing a statue of abraham lincoln because he was a slave owner. bank, and then they're not teaching cursive. okay, that's fine. but i heard and i don't know if this is true, maybe some of the parents can speak out that they're not teaching civics or government when i was in eighth grade. i couldn't graduate from now. i'm 70 years old when i was in eighth grade. i couldn't graduate unless i passed civics when i was in high
6:48 am
school. i took government in summer school because then i'd have two chances to pass it because i wanted to graduate and if i flunked it in summer school, i'd have another chance. and then what they are making available to some people now it's not required reading but there are books in the library declare. pornography pornography and the last thing i want to say is i am not criticizing people that are transgender. i don't understand it and you know what? i don't think some of them understand it either but there's a guy in the radio one day that's is proponent of transgender and let's you know, let's make sure these people have their rights after all. i've got a transgender three-year-old. and i'm like, oh, oh my gosh, that's important. as i got time. let's take me about a minute and a half to do that. so i remember more because oh i remember so it's i like to do brought that up because i didn't get a chance to mention that one. i'm not 70 and i had to learn civics before i graduate. okay, they are still teaching
6:49 am
government though, but the civic speeds actually i partnered with amity slaves at the cougars foundation and we're doing a civics initiative next week. i'll be in dc where we're bringing kids to dc to to give them a it's like a contest so that the best ones get to flown out to dc. they get prizes they get a tour to kind of incentivize people because we got to do it outside the schools that we got to work on two prongs, right? so we have to fix the school so they bring it back but until that happens we still need to get it in this you write about that. what was the second piece? i know what the third piece what was the second one? you wrote it down. no, that was the last what did they teaching? oh, what did i teach him right like cursive and all that kind of stuff. yeah. so the the problem with what they're teaching. is that like like we spoke about earlier. they're teaching math english all the same things, but they're infusing culture and everything so we have to teach science in a certain way and we have to teach all this stuff as a certain way, but we know certain people aren't learning a grade level anyway, so we're not focusing on bringing them up to grade level, which is a problem, but the the trans thing and the genderqueer
6:50 am
thing that's funny too because oh you mentioned abraham lincoln? i'll get that. but it's funny. it's because remember a year and a half ago. about a year ago. they started removing books, right? they were like we can't teach huck finn because you know of words that were in there that are divisive. we can't really to kill a mockingbird, right you take that out, but they replacing them with this so we can't say certain words, but we can have these visuals and this is like the crt argument though. they get around that but they'll say like you said they'll say that's not in the correct. show me a curriculum that says they can read this trans stuff. it's not but you put in a library and you put it in the class and the book is open and it's on a certain page and you know you promoting it, you know rent in, you know loan out any book you want get genderqueer for free. so, you know, it's kind of like they're pushing it right so but it's not in the curriculum so i don't have the whole curriculum argument about whether you're teaching or not. but it's there. we know it's there but like what they're teaching the teaching the examples i gave you they're asking kids. so you've all heard the gabby clark story the woman in novato
6:51 am
whose son. she's suing the federal government because her son was told to pick whether he was an oppressor or presence. so she was on my and she's talking about that and she's telling us the story. she's talking about race and just as in the past again, ask my son to do this whatever and they said he had to identify either as an oppressor or express and this that the other and he's half white whatever and then as an aside and then they asked him what a sexual preference was. i said stop. time out you're bearing the lead. i've seen you i brought you here because you make a national news about this story on race and nobody's asked you about the fact that they asked your 17 year old who he likes. why are you even asking that it makes no sense and to the trans thing listen to my show the charles love show him 560 the answer you go find the podcast and go back. i interviewed a trans woman about the movement and one of the things i asked was do whatever you want. that's fine. but why are we moving helen or and changing legislation for you know less than 1% of the population can't we protect their rights without you know forcing it this on everybody what i haven't, you know, all
6:52 am
these fact-checking things without creating new laws without putting it in the schools. so the fact that people are that trans kids even even gina was saying stop even gina was saying whatever you're doing. i don't think you should be telling kids at three four five six years old that they're trans are writing the book about the article how they were saying we call them babies now instead of babies and let them pick their gender you think but think about it you think liberals agree with that? no, this is another reason why you need to talk to them. thank you. okay, just i just want to say one more thing. you said something about not taking things out of context or make sure you listen to the everything that the person said right? i'm sorry, but the day that nancy pelosi's held up obamacare and said we passed it now we can read it. i mean, that's the end of it. i don't want to hear anything from that woman. i didn't have to hear the rest of her speech. hi charles. hello. first of all, i just want to tell you that was a great
6:53 am
presentation and wanted. of the things that i'm you really struck me about was when you said that, you know blacks can't learn shakespeare and they can't learn classical music. so that's racist. yeah, and i just wanted to tell you about a corporation that i know of where they're instituting racial equity program and one of the officers says we need to give our black employees a box to stand on. so that they can see over the fence like the rest of us. i love that picture makes me yeah, you know what i said the first time i saw the picture they're like, you know, yeah the three different boxes. so they feel the first thing i say when i say instantly somebody said, what do you think of this? i'm like, i want to know why the hell they're still in the baseball game. tell those vagrants to go get a ticket. gonna be really reality.
6:54 am
they're leaving out some of the people so there's three people one on the ground two on the box, but there's 10,000 people in the stadium, aren't they people too? so i think you know that let's focus on these three, it's madness. i'm sorry. go ahead. no, that's okay my own my only question to you is is don't blacks find that insulting. yes. so leave the message. they should be in this upheaval. yeah, but the media is telling them. yeah that i mean i have friends that openly say i don't like democrats but my option is the devil so i don't want to get shot in the face by the races so i go with them so it is and if nobody and to be fair to them, it sounds silly, but all they ever think about on the reverse and i agree with them because they converge i'm a white kid grew up in a majority white town. all my friends are white my parents. don't say anything about race positive or negative. right and i turn on the tv and all i see are not today. let's think about when i was young so, you know, you got all the blacks on tv are playing drug addicts and and pimps and all the stuff you watch the news. they're perp walking blacks after black after black into prison and then you watch movies
6:55 am
in this late movies. why would not think that that must be the condition of blacks on a normal basis? so it's the reverse is true if i don't know many white people, i grew up in a black neighborhood in every white who's coming through. my neighborhood is telling me how bad the republicans are and you don't come say no. i'm not let me show you what i'm really doing then i assume it must be true. got due to work unfortunately. well, thank you. thank you. hello charles. i'm the republican precinct committee. i'm very sorry that you've left the republican party. i'm a republican precinct commitment of precinct 81 and wild township. it's got a lot of really pretty houses. and in front of some of these houses there are black lives matter signs. and there is i'm asking you this. how do i reach those people or you know why you don't they giving you a sign not to talk to
6:56 am
me? i'm not let's be ready to talk to. left wasted seven minutes talking to that guy. no, no you actually you should not gonna go and say thank you now. i know not to waste my time with you bumper stick is honest and no i'm not telling you to talk to the left. i'm telling you talk to liberals and people who are politically agnostic one more question because i don't want to go over they're gonna yell at me. yeah. we'll talk after anybody else's out there. i'm here signing all the books. you're gonna buy but go charles the the question or maybe the issue i think maybe you should address and i don't know that it's addressed enough. it seems like the attack is on the white culture, you know, this white evil culture now, i know when i was a kid, you know, there'd be some millionaire and my mom would say you could be a millionaire to you lazy bum if you didn't get off your behind, you know, if you get off your behind, you know, and to me it's like hold on a second. that guy successful don't i want to do what he's doing don't want
6:57 am
to have a family and get married and and get a job and you know, oh he built cultural wealth. and you know, my folks came over on you know, my group ancestors came over smelling a diesel oil from the hole that a ship or coal or whatever it was. you know, they came with nothing they built past a little more on to their family. i mean it to me that should be the issue that stressed. hey, those guys are successful. let's keep doing that. i might be when i feel about my parents when i was little but me and my friends would see a guy in a fancy guy go by. oh, i wonder what he does. i want to do that. i want to be successful and now people go buy the fantastic guys. like who did he steal that from what he do? yeah. hey capitalism and all that kind of stuff, but i think it's bigger than that. it's not just should we learn from the rich guy? i say that whatever you assuming giving them their argument all white to races, but if we're gonna fix the problem and they're over 60% of the population shouldn't they be at a table? it's the problem with the defund the police people. they don't want police other people who represent them at the table.
6:58 am
so we're gonna fix policing. but no one who's actually policed gets to talk, but ones that know what when you come up with a crazy idea because there's somebody i mean me you if we never done it. we think what about trying this and it might be the dumbest thing that would never work, but we've never done it. they'll say you can't do that. let me tell you why i didn't even think about that, but they're not in the room to explain that so we'll have cops, you know with throwing marshmallows at people like stop that stop thief and then trying to hit them with marshmallows because we didn't know marshmallows wouldn't stop crying. all right, really last one really really go. i i just have a comment. my name is dawn i got this our sixth year coming to the freedom summit and these are our two youngest in the front with we used to homeschool because we didn't like what was being taught in school, but we sent some of our kids to public school. can y'all hear me by the way, just fine. yeah, and it's really important like we would just have dinner time like at least three or four times a week and we will talk about what we believe politically and religiously things like that. our kids have told us and their
6:59 am
teachers are say i'm so glad your kids are here in school because they're the only one of 30 students that speak up for the other side. so i'm just here want to make a comment about how important it is to talk to your kids and so that they can defend what they believe so that they're not put down by peer pressure. so that's the best thing to leave on don't leave the kids in the school and think they're the parent. they're gonna do everything you have to teach them as well. thank you. >> love sunday on "in depth," uc berkeley governmental studies scholar stephen haworth will talk about leadership, ronald reagan's political career in the american conservative movement, he's the author of several books including tool volumes in the age of reagan series, greatness and patriotism is not enough,
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