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tv   Campaign 2022 Dr. Oz Doug Mastriano Give Remarks in Wilkes- Barre...  CSPAN  September 7, 2022 12:48am-1:08am EDT

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senator casey and i can champion the union way of life. thank you very much. it is an honor i live eight minutes away from here. when i leave tonight i have 3 miles away that or you haven't someone with the mansion in new jersey give a friend and ally. sent me to washington dc. thank you. [applause] >> ladies and gentlemen candidate for united states senate for pennsylvania. [applause] ♪♪
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>> welcome pennsylvania. let me tell you a little bit about myself things that you may not have heard my parents were immigrants. they came legally. [applause] they loved america because they witnessed the american dream. to come here and work the heart out to serve american become an american. do i have it right? and then seeing things lately and forfo me though wake-up call
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happened during covid. there wasti no medicine left. with those issues that we never thought especially the federal government would get involved in. ideas crushed and science weaponize deny began to witness the same thing happening shutting down the mandates not fair for the american people nor based in science but we saw the same thing happening with the green new deal which cannot happen the way it is designed and when you push back today crush you it's an ideology the same thing happens in our schools when they would defend teaching complex ideas about gender saying that science said it but that's not true. we have the pushback on what
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really our family values are in pennsylvania. i was curious who was saying these things but you are two but then them at the poster child of the far left radical part of the democratic party. john fetterman. i have challenged him to a debate. i am empathetic, i'm a doctor, i understand how difficult it is when you have had a stroke i have asked him to find a way for him to answer questions but he has not come forth or talk about it. i think for democracy to work you have to answer questions. [applause] we will do dependent on —- pretend debate this is what would happen. i would ask him asking him to
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release one third of all prisoners from jails. why do you want to legalize all drugs? why do you want an open border and sanctuary cities? he wouldba probably say something like it sounded good on twitter. and look what it did to the commonwealth we had the highest murder rate last year and it will be worse this year. people coming across the border human trafficking making money for cartels and that is used to buy fentanyl and then back here taking pictures earlier told me this week he buried his 22 -year-old nephew. jagged that right? that is tragic. it's happening 100,000 times per year.
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i want to stop this lawlessness i got the endorsement from the fraternal order of police. [cheers and applause] because i know and believe we can have safe city streets without any question to have a secure border and to allow legal immigration people who work hard and serve this great nation. and let me leave you with one idea. i played football in college the last words i would hear when i run on the field our home of the brave. why is it brave because you cannot be free if you are not brave. so i will ask you today and i want you to say what you see a know it's hard but i will startt the only thing that joe biden will build back better
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isis the republican party. [cheers and applause] so your homework assignment is to go to doctor to see what i talked about all over the commonwealth 180 visits in the last two months. and share with ten of your friends we will win big in november andit do it because of all of you. thank you. [cheers and applause] ♪♪
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>> ladies and gentlemen please welcome to the stage candidate for governor from pennsylvania. [cheers and applause] [cheers and applause] ♪♪
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[chanting] let's do this. any free people in the house? we are so thankful and humbled by your support and by this movement that will change the course of history pennsylvania and united states of america. we the people are passed. right? i know i am especially after
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that ridiculous speech the other day at independence hall. sleepy joe came crawling out of his whole. what happened? but schapiro, biden there all caps from the same cloth and they all need to go. they do and they will. the democrats are trying to distract us with their dirty laundry list of that ideas. there's a next governor of maryland. [applause] can you imagine how fantastic it would be the governor from
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maryland in the governor from pennsylvania? [cheers and applause] i love you guys. one of the areas the democrats want to distract us with his women's rights meeting to have it cornered so give it up for the next first lady. [cheers and applause] >> thank you so much. we love you. the democrats don't want to talk about the laundry list of all of what they have been doing to us, we the people that wee cannot blame them you cannot run on that so instead they are deflecting trying to talk about women's right thing we don't believe in women's
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rights but republicans do believe in women's rights. [cheers and applause] we believe in a women's right to be born. [cheers and applause] we believe in a women's right to have a say in her child's education. [cheers and applause] we believe that a woman should have access to baby formula and affordable groceries for her family. [cheers and applause] we believe a woman is a c woman's right to raise a child in the community where the government enforces the law and prosecutes crime. [applause] and is not releasing criminals from jail.
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right? we believe in a woman's right to live in a nation with a secure border. [cheers and applause] and if the women's rights to the first amendment and with the second amendment. [cheers andlv applause] we believe it's t a woman's right to compete in sports not dominated by men. [cheers and applause] and you all are more intelligent because you can identify and understand what a woman is. right? >> we are leading the way with
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women's rights on the republican party they don't want to talk about the cities they burned to the ground during the summerey of love they call this the extremist are you kidding me? that want to talk about the businesses they looted are the criminalshe they released or how they turn their back on philadelphia. there laundry list smells bad didn't want talk about racism the kids are taught they hate each other based on skin tone. and how they flag parents at school boards for simply having a strong opinion find them as a terrorist. they don't want to talk about this shut down or the mask mandates forcing your kids to her masks. i call that child abuse. [cheers andsk applause]
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they don't want to talk about but neither do i. sending sixpacks into the homes that was a bad idea but then moms and dads were left to die alone. they don't want to talk about schapiro who did not lift a finger or do anything to help your loved ones. my opponent has been the attorney general for six years and he is a failure. on his watch crime is gone up 30 percent time has doubled fentanyl death isel number fourth worst in the nation shame on him. he ignores sex trafficking while advancing his own political fortune he wants to
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rollback 50 years of women's achievements in sports by having men dominate girls teams. that is extreme. the elitist that he is he is for school choice for himself but not for us. like the guy in seinfeld. no soup for you. no school choice for you. he sued to keep the children mask that. a big time loser and sue to keep your businesses shut down. he is not a man of the people but a man of party politics we will talk about the dirty laundry list on day number one we will rollback like there is no tomorrow.
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we will do pennsylvania become the number one wealthiest state in the nation. one day number one any mask mandates or covid jab requirements are done and over forever. [cheers and applause] on day number one no critical race theory anymore in pennsylvania schools. [cheers and applause] that is january 17 next year be in harrisburg. no boys on the girls team. [cheers and applause]
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on day number one no boys and the girls bathroom. [cheers and applause] i will have the backs of our law enforcement like never before we will be a law and order state we are no longer sanctuary state while we have veterans living on the streets and elderly losing homes because of property taxes and 15000 beautiful kids waiting for adoption or foster care we will not post any illegals in pennsylvania. [cheers and applause] so when sleepy joe sends them and they land at the airport we will have our beautiful pennsylvania state police to greet the buses and then
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escort those down too joe biden's house in delaware. he can have them. it will be a new day in pa. i saw a poll today a dead heat 43 points each which means we are four or five points ahead. that is said in 1776 in philadelphia we hang together or hang separately. we will take backog your statement pennsylvania the greatest aid in the nation. thank you. god bless you. [cheers and applause]
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