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tv   Commerce Secretary White House Press Secretary Hold Briefing  CSPAN  September 7, 2022 4:38am-5:35am EDT

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that? >> hello everyone, welcome back. i would like to introduce gina rolando has joined us here many times before. we are announcing the next step to implement the $50 billion of chips act funding. with that, i'm going to let the secretary take it away.
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>> hello, everybody. it's great to be here. this is very exciting for those of us who are excited about chips. this is a big day. as you know, thanks to president biden's leadership we now have an incredible opportunity to unleash the next generation of american innovation, protect our national security, and protect our local economic competitiveness. as we have talked about for decades, our innovation, ecosystem, and investments in innovation has been on decline. today begins a new chapter in revitalizing u.s. innovation on research and development. today we begin to reverse the decline and lead the world again in the semiconductor research and development. chips for america as the bill is
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called represents an investment in our manufacturing industry. it has critical implications for our national security. with this funding we will make sure that the united states is never again in a position where our national security interests are compromised are our key industries are immobilized due to our inability to produce semiconductors here at home. this past year, we saw the impact of the chip shortage on american families when the car crisis drove a third of inflation because of lack of chips. factory workers were furloughed, household appliances were often unavailable all because of a lack of semiconductors. hours -- as our economy and military becomes reliable on technology it is essential we develop a strategy that enables us to plan foreign economy that positions us to compete today, and into the future.
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i want to take the next few minutes to lay out for you where we are and how the department of commerce plans to implement the $50 billion in chips funding that we will be overseeing. with the chips funding, we are setting out to achieve four primary objectives. first, to establish and expand domestic production of leading edge semiconductors in the united states. today, the united states consumes more than 25% of the world leading edge chips and produces zero of those chips. number two, we want to build a sufficient and stable supply of mature known semiconductors. we consume 30%, produce 13%, we need to fix that. number three, invest in research and development to ensure the next generation is developed and produced right here in the united states and number four, the process of doing all this we
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will create tens of thousands of good paying manufacturing jobs and more than 100,000 construction jobs. this effort will ensure the pipeline for these jobs expands to include people who have historically not had a chance to participate street including women, people of color, veterans, and people who live in rural areas. we will carry out congress's intent. to achieve these goals, chips for america will support three distinct initiatives. two of those initiatives, which total $39 billion is for making investments to make chips here in the united states. we will make large-scale investments in leading edge manufacturing. chips for america will target approximately $28 billion in manufacturing inset -- incentives.
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second, we will invest $10 billion in new manufacturing capacity for mature or current generation semiconductors. this will help us increase domestic production across a range of chips including the chips that are used in cars and medical devices and innovation technology. third and finally, we will make historic investments to strengthen innovation and research leadership. $11 billion and this is not talked about. we always focus on the incentives for the companies but this could be the most exciting piece of what we are doing, $11 billion will go to research and development programs including the creation of a national semiconductor center. in terms of timeline, we expect to begin a position to receive applications from companies no
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later than february 2023. we are targeting february 2023 two but the notice funding on the street. the companies can begin to apply. our priority is funding applications for incentive programs. it will be put out on a rolling basis and we will evaluate each application one at a time. before i close, i want to take a second, or a minute, to send a very clear message about how we plan to protect taxpayer dollars in this program. this is not detect the companies, this is not for them to pet the bottom line, there are clear our drills on this money and the department of commerce intends to be aggressive in protecting taxpayers. it cannot be used for buybacks or replace private capital. that is key. we are going to look after every
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nickel of taxpayer money. taxpayer funds are only used to secure gaps -- filling gaps. not to replace five it capital. it is intended to help companies maximize the scale of their project. we are going to be pushing companies to go bigger and be bolder. if the company already has funding now we want them to think bigger. and convince us how they go from 10 billion to 50 billion with use of the taxpayer financing. the congress department has the ability to call money and make no mistake about it we will use the authority if giving the money to a company and they fail to start the project on time or complete the project on time, fail to meet the commitment they made. we are also going to be implementing the guardrail to ensure those who received chip funds cannot compromise national security, they are not allowed
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to use the money to invest in china, they cannot develop leading edge technology in china. they cannot simulate technology overseas. these are some of the most stringent taxpayer protections and guardrails we have ever had and the american people are counting on us to get it right. it is a responsibility we take very seriously. let's end by thanking the president and thinking congress for their leadership. no one has done more to revitalize american manufacturing and chips for america is a key component of that work. with it, we will jumpstart manufacturing and drive economic growth. we will create the kinds of jobs that will create opportunities for americans, high wage jobs we want our children to have, we will revitalize and act ecosystem that has been withering.
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ensuring that america maintains its status as a leader for generations to come. first and foremost, this is about protecting our national security and providing a blueprint for long-term prosperity. people say to me, secretary, chips past what you do now? now we get to work and we are excited to begin that work. >> we are just going to take a couple of questions. >> the taxpayer protections that seems to be a natural intention. [indiscernible] how it works in terms of ensuring that the companies don't have leverage even how much the government wants to kick this on high gear. >> we put out the strategy
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document today which sets forth our principles and criteria at a high level. now we begin the work of putting forth between now and february more granular criteria attached. what we know is companies who receive funding cannot use the funding to invest in other countries or stock buybacks. companies who receive funds cannot advance facilities in china. companies who receive the money can only expand to serve -- they cannot serve the chinese market. this is what we know. what i can tell you is we are also recruiting a team of experts. we are going to have those who have a history with the private sector, those who are
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semiconductor experts and negotiate deals one at a time and really put it to these companies to prove to us, they are going to need proof in the form of financial disclosures, capital investment plans, prove to us the money is absolutely necessary to make these investments. they are not going to get any more than necessary to make these investments and as i said in the beginning this is money to make them more profitable -- not to make them more profitable it is to make these investments and invest in the community. >> on a different topic, reviewing the situation with tiktok when do you expect that will resolve itself? and will the administration take any action about tictac or short of that -- tiktok? >> is under review and i have
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nothing more on that today. >> with china tariffs, i know there was an announcement about that last week. would that preclude the administration [indiscernible] where does that stand right now? >> i have nothing else on that right now. >> if you don't mind, on the terrace question it's been public domain for quite some time. is it fair to assume it's not going to happen before the midterms? >> i don't have anything else to say. on-topic? if it's on topic go ahead. >> talk about the stringent review and the information posted. bottom line, how quickly as an american going to get hired with this money and how quickly before somebody is buying a
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phone with one of these american-made chips in it? >> great question. you have already seen chip companies making big announcements. micron is announcing a huge new facility. i was just in new hampshire breaking ground on a new facility. intel announced a new facility. these investments have been made by these companies because the chips act passed and have confidence now that the money will be put out the door. i can't answer you, you know, how quickly exactly a specific tick -- chip is going to come but you are already seeing it. i would say immediately. the effects are immediately being felt. in terms of our process, february we will begin the process i think you can start,
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i'm going to hope to start putting money out the door next spring. here's the thing, it's going to be a range of projects. there will be smaller, simpler projects for the expansion of simpler facilities and then there will be very large leading edge projects. i think you can see in the spring of next year the money going out the door. >> you listed a very stringent list of criteria. can't be invested in stock buybacks, or beaver chips that get sold in china on the chinese market. a bunch of other things. you know if any companies exist right now that are milling -- willing to meet the stringent demands? >> yes. >> they are ready to go with what's there? >> yes. >> and do you have the money to hire those top-notch investors?
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here comes our government and we are telling the story how the money was mismanaged and how the -- you are saying you do? >> what we are doing right now, we are in the process of hiring about 50 people. we do have money. they will be experts. i have absolute confidence we will be able to do this. also the answer to your first question is, again, micron would not be announcing a massive expansion so they know the strings are attached. and yes they will operate under those strings. >> final question. >> can you talk a little bit more about the protections or guardrails from doing work with china? just, you know, the administration was pushing back on intel plans to boost production in china. has that stopped and will that
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prevent companies like intel from getting this kind of funding? >> so as i have said as they take the money they cannot take it to invest in china. if they expand, their mature node factories in china is only to serve the chinese market. and by the way, if they take money and then do any of those thing we will pull back the money. >> as i understand this was announced previously is there a grandfather clause? or does that, does the fact that they already announced it let them continue with those plans? >> we will take it on a case-by-case basis. the month -- the number one incentive is to protect american national security. every deal we do, every criteria we evaluate it's going to be with protecting national
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security. so we will not have any deal happening that undermines our security. >> thank you, secretary, we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> thanks, everybody. i have one thing at the top and as you all know, we probably have about 30 minutes or so for the next event that the president has so we have to get out of here and a 30 minutes. i want to take a moment to acknowledge the attack in canada over the weekend. it was senseless and devastating. i won't get ahead of the canadian law enforcement as they continue their work. our thoughts are with the victims of this horrific attack. we stand with canada, our ally and neighbor. and all those affected by this tragedy and condemn this senseless violence. with that, we can start with
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that. >> have you spoken with her? does he plan to what is his plan? >> he is going to speak to her later today, this afternoon. he is planning to call her to congratulate her. the new prime minister and that is going to happen later this afternoon. >> the fatal shooting of the journalist shireen abu akleh what is the probability that an israeli soldier killed her but that no one will be held responsible is the white house reacting to the military conclusion? know what will be held accountable. >> i know this report came out yesterday as it was reported by the israeli defense. as you just said we have extended our deepest condolences to the family of shireen abu akleh. there will be she was a journalist killed in the west
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bank peered we condemn this killing as we have for the past several months. she was an inspiration to millions and a friend to many in the u.s. government. her death is a great loss into tragedy. we continue to call on all sides to maintain, and avoid further escalation as you just mentioned and you said it was reported yesterday the israeli defense concluded its investigation into the circumstances surrounding her death and there was a high possibility that her death was accidentally idf gunfire as you just mentioned. we welcome israeli review of this tragic incident and we underscore the importance of accountability in this case. such as policies and procedures to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future. our thoughts remain with abu
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akleh's family. not only was she as an american citizen she was a fearless reporter his journalism and pursuit of truth earned her the respective audiences around the world. >> [indiscernible] tourism even after president zelenskyy said he is not taking that step. why does the partisan think that? >> as the president has said and as we do think as well, it is not the most effective or strongest path forward as we have said many times before to hold russia accountable. this designation could have unintended consequences to ukraine and the world. for example, according to humanitarian experts we have
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spoken to it could affect the ability to devote -- deliver assistance to ukraine. it could drive critical humanitarian actors away from facilitating food exports, to help mitigate the global food crisis, and jeopardize the black seaport deal which is already led to delaying food exports. it would also undercut our unprecedented multilateral condition that has been so effective to holding putin accountable and could undermine our ability to support ukraine as a negotiating -- at the negotiation table. we have to think of the most effective way to go or the strongest path forward. >> potentially punishing allies. >> what we have done is put in place consequences in line with
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those that would be imposed under such designation. our sanctions, expert control affects further isolates russia from the global economy or are having a significant impact. so that is the way we have seen with the work we have already done. russia defaulted on its foreign debt for the first time in a century. russia has two rely on north korea as you all heard and iran are military equipment. just last week, the g7 committed to implement a price cap deposed on the price of teutons oil and start him of his main source of revenue to fund this work. our course of support, we are going to support even further tools that will work to promote accountability for russia's war against ukraine so that's going to be our focus efforts we move forward. >> when the president speaks with the new prime minister of
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the united into him, will he discuss the northern ireland arrangements if there is an expectation that he will call on the prime minister to delay protocol bill that she has supported would allow the kingdom to override the provisions? but i'm not going to get ahead or speak to what the president might say would say on the call. i will say this, i will have a readout after the call this afternoon. he has been clear about his continued interest in northern ireland. our priority remains protecting the gains of the agreement. again i'm not going to get ahead of what the president will or won't say. ask -- >> they are going through economic concerns with the energy crisis going on is there room for aid, assistance, or
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more to be done in terms of supporting them on an -- lowering energy costs? >> what we see russia is doing, the may be very clear about this, they are using energy, they are weaponizing energy. it is choosing to reading over things. the sanction we have imposed we believe does stand in the way of the pipeline to continue operating so the u.s. and europe have been collaborating to ensure sufficient supplies. as a result of these efforts the reserves will be full by the critical winter heating season. we have more work to do. but again, we are working closely with our allies on this. >> is there any kind of trade negotiation? >> i don't have any updates on that. again, i'm not going to get ahead of what's going to be on the call with the prime minister. we will have a readout for all
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of you once it's done. >> just one question, the president tweeted earlier today, i want to be clear about -- not every congressional republican is a maga. he is also over the last several days talked about how not one republican back to the agenda that he has had for example the inflation reduction act or the recovery act. more broadly, he has talked about the republican party is not your grandfather's republican party. the whole party has changed. can you talk about what group of people does he think are maga republicans? when he said not one republican supported the agenda. >> he has been very clear when he talks about maga republicans. he talks about the leadership in
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the republican party. one of the first times he actually use that term was to talk about rick scott's plan which was, to your point, using an agenda that they had which was to put medicare and social security on the chopping block and for him that was an extreme measure. that is taking away something that is, if you are thinking about it medicare and social security are very popular. majority of americans at support that as well as the inflation reduction act. majority of the -- republicans, democrats, and independents support those policies and you have leaders in the republican party who are offering extreme agenda. so that is what he means. let me just quote the president on friday he took peter's question the only reporter he took the question from on friday and he said in answering your question about this, i'm only
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saying there is a certain way i can take his question on friday in the briefing -- briefing room but the crest president will take a question that they. there we go. so when people voted for donald trump, this is president fine, and support him now they were not voting for attacking the capital they were not voting or overruling an election for they were voting for what he put forward. i am not talking about anything other than that is inappropriate and not only happening here but other parts of the world. there is a failure to recognize and condemn violence whenever it is used for political purposes, failure to condemn and attempt to manipulate electoral outcomes and fail to acknowledge when elections were won or lost. that is from the president when he things he is talking about the leadership. he is talking about the
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leadership who put out extreme agenda. also, what i just laid out and not condemning the violence when there is violence out there. >> just one quick follow-up. you can talk about what people mentor didn't mean like voting in the 2020 election but there are lots of republicans, just regular republican voters who do support for example rick scott's ideas about what to do with the budget or social security. there are a lot of voters who do agree with the president and they think the election while the former president. does he consider that the president -- does the president consider all of these people that he -- he has been very clear that he is talking about officeholders. he is talking about elected officials who have these ultra maga republican agendas and he
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has been very clear about that. here is the thing, the point that we are making is majority of americans at support medicare. support social security, majority of americans of support our democracy and want to protect our democracy. they want to protect our rights. that is when the president is going to continue to stand up for and fight for. >> don't have a lot of time. >> the question about russia in the president's decision not to go into russia. is that a final decision? >> yes, it is. i will let his words stand for himself he answered it pretty simply peered i just laid out why we it wouldn't be the strongest path forward. i laid out three reasons also we want to make sure that ukraine has what it needs in case it has to go to the negotiation table.
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it is very important that we give them the strongest, you know, negotiation armed that they can have. >> did the president directly convey that to president zelenskyy before? >> i can't speak to the conversation, private conversations on this that the president has had with members of congress or president zelenskyy. as you know this book recently. we laid out a readout of what the conversation said. i just said, i can't speak to what conversations the president had with members of congress. >> where were you when -- >> i don't have a timeline on when he made that decision. he was asked that directly yesterday. he answered that very straightforward. i just laid out what our concerns are. >> can we get an update, and i
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know you have answered this question before. as the president or anyone within the administration [indiscernible] on the intelligence assessment of the classified documents retrieved from mar-a-lago? >> no. is there a protocol? given we are talking about government documents? >> as i said many times at this podium and your airwaves which is we are just, we get the interest. we understand the interest of food we are not going to comment on an ongoing independent investigation. or anything that is related to it. this is something the president has been very clear about. we are going to make sure the the department of justice has the independence when it comes to investigation. we are just not going to comment
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anything related to it. ask one more quick question on the atomic -- topic of maga republicans. who are the republicans he believes are a threat to american democracy does he denies the effort by pro-democrats who prop up republicans? >> i'm not going to talk about political action or what is happening in the midterms. that is, i am not going to talk anything that is related to the midterms or politics as well. i cannot. standing where i am, and also the role i have. i'm going to go to the back and then i will come back up front. >> thank you very much. does president biden, the holder of executive holder does
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president biden -- [indiscernible] . >> anything related to the independent investigation that is being done by the department of justice, we are not going to comment regardless of content or any underlying material. it not going to comment from here. >> the judge herself said biden has not weighed in. that's refuted in the national archives letter. but does president biden have an opinion on and has he exerted an opinion on whether executive privilege applies to former president trump after he left office? >> i am not going to comment about what the judge said yesterday. the court has laid out, again that is for the department of justice. this whole independent investigation. i'm just not going to comment on it at this time. >> i wanted to ask you the department of veterans affairs out a report this morning on access to abortion offering
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abortions in special instances. there was a conversation about this idea of doctors performing abortions on federal land and he was talking about that at the time what changed and what do you believe the real reason was to make this happen? >> i leave that to the veterans affairs department. that is their decision to make and i would refer you to them on that particular question. we don't have a lot of time. >> go ahead. >> thank you. [indiscernible] next 25 years. in what way u.s. can assist?
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>> the united states and i do know india we will continue to work together to deliver opportunity, security, freedom and dignity to our people. we are partners in mourn -- many important areas including defense, vaccines, climates, tech and our ever-growing people to people connection. the united states will continue to work with a free open into post visit -- indo pacific. that is our commitment that we have in our partnership with india. >> a year after [indiscernible] -- >> say that [indiscernible] one more time. [indiscernible] the withdrawal of afghanistan. >> we are committed to supporting the afghan people and we have said that many times before. we are proud to be the largest
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single provider of humanitarian assistance. we are working closely with the united nations and partners to provide the assistance directly to the afghan people. without benefit to the taliban. we will remain vigilant. again, if there are any terrorism threats as we have demonstrated just recently in july as you know, when we took out a leader. we will prioritize relocation efforts and welcome our afghan allies to the united states. this is our commitment to them. we will also continue to press the taliban for the safe release and respect human rights and fundamental freedoms of all afghans including women and girls. and that will continue to be our commitment. >> the inspector general, a permanent id?
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has he nominated a permanent person? what is the white house doing behind the scenes to find someone for the important position? ways i don't have anything here to read or lay out to you. i refer you to state department specifically on anything on what they have laid out and how they work through that. i don't have any updates on, naming anyone or anything that we have to share. >> i understand that these are the president's nominees. the state department doesn't make that -- >> that you also asked me what is it we are doing as well. that is why i said you should go to the state department to figure out what it is the have been doing wealthier tried to figure out the permanent ig's i don't have anything to preview at this time on our process or where we are on the question. >> in the administration has
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encouraged that by november 15. is there an and deadline when is the last time folks can apply or is there a deadline considering this would already have to be done? >> we talked about this, i talked about this last week about the timeline and how that's going to work. that's an order of, we are saying in order to receive before the payment pause which expires december 31, 2022, that is why we want we want to get the relief and the cause coming off that is the best way to make sure that you are not put in a bind. that is why we recommend doing it by november 15. department of education will continue to process applications as they are received even after the pause expires on december 31. the reason why we gave the deadline of november 15 is because we know the causes going
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to be lifted -- the pauses going to be lifted. we want to make sure we give americans a little bit of breathing room. >> so we can apply into 2023? >> yes. >> tell us about the maga republican attention. if we are all in agreement that it is incorrect what about 2016? >> i'm not towing -- going to go back to what happened in 2016 we are going to affect -- focus on what is happening today. the inflection point the president pointed out very clearly very decisively. with the country needs to do, at this time, to bring the country together and he believes that is where i majority of americans are when it comes to protecting our democracy, when it comes to protecting our rights, when it comes to protecting our
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freedoms. that is what we are going to focus on is where we are today. >> trying to understand the new attention on the macro republicans. --maga republicans. >> i was waiting for when you were going to ask me that question. >> you tweeted brian hemp stall and election is denying election results as extreme now? >> was be really clear. that comparison that you made is just ridiculous. i have been, you are asking me a question for me answer it. >> you said it was ridiculous. >> i was talking specifically at the time with voting rights and what was in danger of voting rights to that's what i was speaking to at the time. here is the thing. i have said governor kemp one the election in georgia and i was clear about that. i said president trump won the election 2016 and i was clear about that.
5:20 am
what we are talking about right now, let's not forget what happened january 6, 2021 free sought a mob incited by the person who occupied this campus, this facility at that time. it was an attack on our democracy. let's not forget people died that day. law enforcement was attacked that day. that is with the president has called out and that is what he is going to continue to call out. when you have maga republicans, extreme party republicans who just deny or do not want to really say what exactly happened on that day or say it with a protest when it totally was not a peaceful protest, yes the president is going to call that out. here's the thing, majority of americans agree with him. majority of americans agree with this president on protecting our democracy, or taking our freedom
5:21 am
and protecting our rights. that is what we are talking about today and that is what the president is going to focus on. i'm going to cosmonauts. >> do you have any preview on [indiscernible] ? >> president biden is looking forward to walking back president for obama and michelle obama to unveil their official white house portraits. over the course of their eight ears together in office a close partnership between the two men grew through the highs and lows of the job and life. president biden and dr. biden are honored to have former president obama and former first lady michelle obama back to the white house for the unveiling their portraits. which will hang on the walls of the white house forever as reminders of the power of hope and change. >> in recent history, tradition,
5:22 am
press secretary it didn't happen under the last administration why didn't president biden hold the same ceremony for president trump? >> these are personal questions to the white house. historical association who they lead the process on official portraits for both presidents and their spouses. so that question goes to them. >> is there anymore action that the president will have tomorrow? >> i don't have anything else to share at this time. if there is more interaction or more to sure, we certainly will. ask going back to the prime minister, can you talk a little bit about what president biden's relationship is has he met her in the past? >> i can go back and ask to see if they have a prior relationship but i do want to say this, as we talk about the
5:23 am
change that is happening. our countries have a close long-standing personal relationship as friends and nato allies. we are looking forward to continued close cooperation on key priorities including supporting ukraine as it defends itself against russian aggression and addressing the challenges posed by china. we see our relationship, not just with the leadership, but with the people of ukraine. >> [indiscernible] >> the question about migrants and whether they have been walking across the southwest border. senator ted cruz has publicly invited, suggested that you come down to see that for yourself. >> who? >> senator ted cruz. he suggested you come down and see for yourself whether they
5:24 am
are actually crossing the border. is that something you think about doing? >> i have been to the border. i went in 2018. i stood outside facilities where the trump administration was separating families. tearing babies out of their mother's arms. some of those kids that still have not been reunited with their families. and, so one thing i've will say is i certainly don't need lectures or invitations from republicans about the border or border policies. you know, and i certainly won't take advice on borders from anyone who voted against securing record level of funding for the department of homeland security and, you know, while folks are sending invites i will use this opportunity to invite him or anyone else next time to vote for record pending for dhs as president biden has requested.
5:25 am
we will move on from there. >> what about the migrants who drowned >> -- last week? bikes that is a tragic, that is tragic when we hear news like that. our hearts go out to the families, certainly. that is what we try to work very hard to do to secure the border and make sure that we don't see those types of tragedies and heartbreak. i know the department of homeland security is working very hard on continuing to secure our border, did do work that was not done in the past several years. and so we are going to continue to focus on that. >> go ahead. >> the u.k., [indiscernible]
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is he planning to call the new president of angola? >> i spoke to angola a couple times last week. the president actually took a question i know on and gola specifically. on kenya, i will say this, we congratulate the new president and the people of kenya and we e people of kenya on the conclusion of a peaceful electoral process. we commend other candidates for abiding by the supreme court filing, transparent electoral processes, and that education -- are testaments to the strength of democratic institutions. the u.s. and can you share a long-standing partnership based on a commitment to democracy, security, economic prosperity,
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and we look forward to enhancing this partnership with the new president and his new government. i do not have anything else at this time. >> talk about the decision -- the main problem right now is -- that has been there for 21 months. is the president going to press the prime minister to lift the blockades and gain access to the millions of people there? >> i will not get ahead of the special envoy. we announced that last week. but i will not get into a conversation he will potentially have. clearly, this is a priority for this president. and when we have more to share, i will share more. i have to jump around. go ahead. >> a question on israel and iran. israel is on high alert and the
5:28 am
president of israel talked about taking unilateral action against iran. will the biden administration back israeli action against iran's nuclear program? and can you talk about the mossad chief, who he has been meeting with? >> i do not have anything to share about mossad being in town. it has been announced for several weeks that he would be. i do not have more to share on that. look, when it comes to the jc poa, i will keep it simple. we have said this many times, we have taken a deliberate approach to these negotiations from the start. if iran is prepared to comply with its commitments under the 2015 deal, then we are prepared to do the same, the administration along with allies are preparing for scenarios with and without a mutual return to the full implementation of it.
5:29 am
the president will only conclude a deal he determines in the national security interests of the united states. i when i -- i when i have hypotheticals of what will happen or may not happen. we have been clear about what we intend here. and it is to make sure that iran does not acquire nuclear weapons. and that is our ultimate goal. ok, we will move around because i literally have two minutes. >> i have a follow-up on the iran nuclear deal. the timeline that the president is looking to put forth for the state department, for the diplomats. >> i do not have a timeline for you. i can give you an update on the status of the negotiations. it's a regular back and forth. we are studying the response and in coordination with our e3 allies. again, we will not negotiate in public. some gaps have closed, but
5:30 am
others have remained, as you know. the president will only conclude a deal he determines is in the national security interest of the united states. i cannot get into further detail. i can take one last question. one last question. >> you read a statement about -- and the administration continues to talk about accountability, but there have been no charges. so what is the biden administration going to do to press for accountability? >> i can tell you that we have been -- we have been in constant communication. we have been very public about making sure that there is accountability. the u.s. security coordinator, the u.s. cc, finding that there was no reason to believe the killing was intentional. and it was the result of a
5:31 am
tragic circumstance, based on a series of engagements. and a review of the totality of the available evidence, situational and environmental factors. again, our profound condolences go to the family. we hear their concerns, we understand their concerns. the examination was conducted by two members of the u.s. cc with over 42 combined years of forensic expertise. in addition to the forensic and ballistic analysis, they were granted full access to both israel's defense forces and the authority of the investigation, and concluded that gunfire from idf positions was likely responsible for the death of shireen abu akleh. they final reason to believe this was intentional but rather the result of tragic circumstances. again, our hearts go out to the family members. and i have to go.
5:32 am
i will be back tomorrow. >> how should journalists read this? there's comments like our government does not have our backs. >> i disagree. welding the president has been very clear about is making sure that we stand up for journalists. we stand up for the freedom that they should be given in order to report. whether it is here or across the globe. and the president has always been clear about fighting for human rights. that will never change. he has talked about it boldly and clearly. and he has talked about it with leaders, as well. so that is something that he respects. the freedom of speech. and he will continue to speak to that. alright, guys. i have to go.
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