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tv   President Biden Touts Electric Vehicles at Detroit Auto Show  CSPAN  September 15, 2022 12:29am-1:03am EDT

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>> it's great to be back thank you for the introduction. [applause] god love you. you are the best. i don't know. get appear lieutenant governor. [cheers and applause] i'm taking a long time that
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you have the best mayor of the united states of america right here. [applause] we have to spend more time than we ever thought with the two administrations ago when president obama said joe, go fix detroit and i said no problem. [laughter] and i put myself into theou hands of your mayor i know almost every single home in your city you heard everybody else speak so far and my colleagues and from the commander. [applause] whatever she says i do. by the way over here mr. president that she's
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always right thank you. debbie is like my sister just tells me what to do and usually she is right. thank you to everybody and thank you for the passport into the city. million dollars for your airports. [applause] and then my friend is here. [cheers and applause] ray? and the city that i moved to in delaware when i was in third grade.
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and then run me to the dance and then i was elected 1972 is a 29 -year-old kid to the united states senate. and used to have the highest percentage of autoworkers of any state in the nation. higher than here because we had such a high population and 14 percent of our entire population without a workers. we love to thank you as well as the ceo of the major auto companies who are here today to lead the way and has stepped up. i am a car guy and i am here for the auto show it gives me reasons to bemi optimistic for e.the future.
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and then to invest in our people and ourselves and something went wrong along the way. with china and the rest of the world are catching up with the entire gdp in research and development but not anymore now are choosing to build a better america. that confronts the climate crisis america's workers leading the way with a clean energy economy from the bottom up and middle out i am so tired of trickle-down i cannot stand it. [cheers and applause] by the way everybody does well than the wealthy does well. don't forget new built the
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middle class. [applause] that is a fact. nowhere is that more evident and right here in michiganri building the future of the electric vehicle bringing back manufacturing job 680,000 jobs just since i took office. good paying jobs and jobs to give you a sense of dignity and a fair shot just to have a little bit of breathing room to be treated with dignity. with an electric car used to have to make compromises but not now it's all changing. and then made in america. by americans.
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and then we're making it easier for folks at home to buy here in america. companies have announced new investments and $36,000,000,000.48 billion and we are just getting started. i signed into law the inflation reduction act giving tax credits for fuel-cell a vehicles and meet in america. was seven.$5 billion and to charge the stations all across america. i'm pleased to announce improving funding for the first 35 states including michigan to build their own
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infrastructure. and then to be part of a network of 500,000 charging stations. [applause] 500,000 throughout the country installed by the ibew. [cheers and applause] and a special thanks for the last election, look the great american road trip will be fully electrified driving coast-to-coast along i tenderize 75 here in michigan charging stations will be often easy to find as gas stations are now also investing $7 billion to have batteries and other critical materials that they need. ford and gm and chrysler.
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my dad worked for them for a while. all of our partners. and then to have the skilled autoworkers in the world that is not hyperbole the skilled workers are right here today with the uaw. [cheers and applause] joking. do you know what i tell people? and i'm not joking whether to the business roundtable or major organizations why am i so prounion? they don't understand for you to get to go to the apprentice program and other trades it's for five years like going to college. you are paid a little bit that you are working like hell before you are certified.
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it is cheaper long-term to hire you because you do it the best in last the longest and you do it with everybody. [cheers and applause] i really mean it. by the way we don't tell people that. people don't know that they just don't understand. if they show up and you have a trade you are separate you work like the devil to get there. and your work product shows s that. i recently signed the chips and science act to invest billions of dollars of research and development workforce training to bring semi conductor manufacturing back to america. we invented that little computer chip period in the united states of america. last week i was in ohio with
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the multibillion-dollaruf manufacturing plant 7000 jobs that folks 3000 full-time jobs making an average of 135 bucks per year and you don't need a college degree. skilled workers. investing more than $135 billion to advance electric vehicle structure.'s
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is like what your governor does. and then if you do it. and we have awarded $25 million upgrade to miles of michigan avenue downtown and clark town because of the leadership you all know the neighborhood with the tigers use to play? at the corner this will help restore michigan avenue and with the governor's leadership spending $1 billion to clean up and restore areas around the lakes and that goes to you folks right here in front of me. and they are a big deal.
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that will make a significant impact on the economy of the state and the entire great lakes system. i don't want to take your time that there is so much to explain to people say i didn't know it would do that. but do you see these two ladies? don't get in their way. and then to make sure it would get done.e. if you see these projects andn what you to feel the way i feel. pride in what we could do do it together. the economic agenda where does
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it say we can't be the manufacturing hub of the world? where does it say the most advanced nation in the world i will go into that. [laughter] many of you watching at homech you feel left out and leftwh behind in the industry that is rapidly but i understand i really do one of the reasons why my dad move from scranton when coal died everything died. we had to find new ways to learn new skills and new work.
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we won't leave anybody behind. we will work with companies in community colleges, technical schools, unions to make sure american people are prepared to compete and i'm not joking. i am nott joking. earlier this month a note a $52 million grant for the american rescue plan that is a partnership right here in detroit including the united auto workers to upgrade factories for electric vehicle revolution. just like building carburetors are not doing that with electric vehicles but we have to build allied of vehicle batteries in the first people that get those jobs that train for the jobs if anybody is displeased i work with the longshoreman and we have all this new modern equipment but
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i suggested. [laughter] i shouldn't say i made it. [laughter] so anybody displaced by any modernization, they got to get the jobs to be trained on every new thing going on and the same thing will happen with autoworkers. i ran for office to build better america so we launched once and generation effort to invest in america to deliver in economy working families taking us from economic crisis and resurgence people are back
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to work and this is a government that knew howat to take the money and use it to keep cops and firefighters and ambulance. [applause] some of the governor's literally pocketed the money they wanted to reduce taxes but you used it to keep people employed keep schools open and keep it running you are a great governor. [cheers and applause] and by the way american manufacturing is rolling back. with a 15 year low there is more than we can do but the american people should have confidence we are on the right track. and then to always hear from
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my friends yes they spend a lot of money but they are just increasing the deficit that the first year in office we can reduce the deficit by $350 billion. guess what cracks this year we are on track at the end of the fiscal year to reduce by $1 trillion. [applause] and will cut upon hundreds of billions of dollars more because of the inflation reduction act because medicare can negotiate these investments are also tools to fight against climate change building cars with zero pipe relations running out a cleaner grid and inventing the technology to empower the
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future. president obama and i took office the auto industry was on its back and we were told my state east of the highest percentage of autoworkers than any state in the nation but now they are all gone. it's all gone now is to have the highest percentage. guess what cracks we were told when the automobile industry was going belly up that they would never recover and then to sell american-made cars. and then we bet on the uaw to bring it [cheers and applause] and swear to god we brought it back. i'm not joking.
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with american innovation and because of that the drives period he the head. i believe we can on the future of the automobile market andan on the future of manufacturing detroit is back into never have that against the american people. never never never. [cheers and applause] we are the united states of
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america and i mean that sincerely there isn't a thing we can do if we do it together god bless you all and may god protect our troops. thank you. thank you. [cheers and applause] ♪♪ ♪♪
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