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tv   Washington Journal Rep. Buddy Carter  CSPAN  September 19, 2022 7:28pm-7:59pm EDT

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energy issues, the economy, and congressional news of the day with louisiana republican published in congressman in california to cover somatic of a watch washington journal, live at 70 start tuesday morning, on c-span or on c-span now, our free mobile video app enjoyed the discussion with your phone calls, facebook comments, text messages and tweets. >> virtually next by representative betty carter who has served the first congressional district along the atlantic coast since 2005 in congressman welcome to washington journal. >> thank you forjo having me. >> by profession your pharmacist and you number of republican colleagues have introduced a bill in the house tunnel the pharmacist conscious protection act bill that would give pharmacist range of dispensing medication a suspect abuse to terminate a pregnancy and can
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you tell us more about what ise in this legislation. >> in the motivation for introducing a. >> over 12 motivation is el camino just because you wear white coat does not mean that you don't hold up the first amendment rights we do love, we're treated to protect thent patient's do no harm and whenever the pharmacy and whenever our practice pharmacy and if i have a patient coming was pregnant and i'm treating to patients, mother anna pretty that child in this extremely important and you know, to think that we would be forced to dispense prescription that we do that is going to harm that child, goes against everything that we are trained to do and it simply to force somebody to do that against their moral or conscious objections, that is what we are trying to prohibit here and simile wrong for the
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government to be involved in healthcare like this in healthcare should be between the patient and the pharmacist and the doctor, not the federal government. >> and some of that though, what with the legal for the legal measures your legislation proposed legislation would do to ouallow emesis to divert or rest dispensing the type of medication. >> but what i would do is i would say that they have promulgated these roles try to enforce the rules to not have the right to do that. ... essentially, it would say tht pharmacists have the ability to morally or consciously object to filling a prescription that they know is going to harm a patient. and listen, a baby is a patient. listen, a baby as a patient. a baby in her room as a patient to us. that is the way we are trained. that is the way we approach our jobs it. it is to protect both the
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patient and the baby. we are constantly warning mothers, if you are pregnant, you should not be taking this. it could harm your fetus.ra that is the way that we are trained. to think that the government is going to force us to dispense a prescription that we know is going to that child, that goes against everything that we believe in prefixed with that legislation also allow pharmacists to his biggest, now perceptive medication? likeke snow. i cannot imagine but i am sure it is in the millions of birth control pills throughout my career. but we are talking about as a patient to abort. listen, i experience that when i was a pharmacist. i knew it there were certain drugs go if i got this drive and
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it was written for a quantity of one i knew what deployed to be a good sport. and i was not going to dispense it and i refuse to dispense it. when is a member of the georgia the state senate i sponsored legislation passed legislation that said pharmacists could not be fired from their job because they refuse to fill a prescription they knew was going to be used for an abortion. >> could you think of another instance in your professional life or other pharmacist that you know you phase this moral quandary or decision not to prescribe outside the realm of abortion medication? cox absolutely. we are faced with that every day but there's no better example than opioids. back when we had the big problem with opioids, we still have a big problem with opioids. but prescribing of opioids, but they got it under control. i remember a time there were
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pill meals their physicians out there who are doing nothing more than writing illegitimate prescriptions. we would get those we would refuse to fill them if we knew. you knew that was what they were going to be used. we called the holy trinity of drug abuse. you get three prescriptions one for xanax, oxycontin and the other for salma. you can get those prescriptions in quantities of like 180. it would be from a pill mill. i remember specifically i was working on one presidents' day. i was in the georgia state legislature. we were not in session that day but i was working. i had a patient, they had three of those prescriptions from a physician down in florida. she presented them to me and then presented me with herky kentucky driver's license. here was in georgia and i refuse
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to fill those prescriptions i do they're going to be abused by. >> , or somebody carting up with a sub until 8:00 p.m. eastern (202)748-8000. for the democrats line printer republicans (202)748-8001. independence and winds (202)748-8002. will get your calls momentarily. one more question about your legislation, congressman for the american medical association and other medical o groups have come out opposed to that legislation, concerned about the legislation for amaedne pharmacist flag patt access to care. they write in their statements they say the language of your bill is vague. it's unclear whether it prohibits certain medicationseri only when prescribed to induce abortion but whether medication is prohibited entirely. it has the potential to induce abortion regardless of the condition for which it was prescribed but our members and
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patients report this uncertainty is disrupting care. patients rely on these medications for reasons unrelated to pregnancy termination have new challenges in accessing these i and other medications. it's placing our patient's health at risk according to the statement from the ama and others. what are your thoughts on that? >> personal is not surprising from the ama paired they are as liberal as they can be. i'm a member of the doctors caucus and the republican doctors caucus in congress. we are talking about the fact consistently talking about that. frequently talking about how woke the ama has been. nothing can be further from the truth. if you need medication for arthritis. if you need medication for >> ulcers, you are still going to be able to get that medication. when i get a prescription for one i know it's going to be used for and i'm not going to dispense it. that is my right as a
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pharmacist. and that is what we are talking about here. too simply try to fear mongers they are not going to be able to get legitimate prescription, the ama knows that is not true. they know it is not hindering anyone from getting medications that they need. you will still be able to get those medications.s armistice have a responsibility then they accept that responsibility to make sure they dispense those medications. >> host: one other quick question before get the calls for the inflation in august climbed to 8.3%. inflation remains stubbornly high in august, rattling consumers and investors. congressman, if the republicans take the house for the wonder 18th congress is coming midterm election, it is the biggest thing house republicans can do to stem inflation in your view? >> stop the spending. do no harm.
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the democrats just do not get it. you'd think they learn their lessons from the american rescue plan. economists tell us, a lot of economists say at four percentage points to our inflationn rate. now they have come out with inflation reduction act which i refer to as the inflation acceleration act. that's doing nothing but pouring fuel on the fire. when you talk about inflation linked over 8% you are tied by average person losing a month's pay a year. can you imagine going without a month's paycheck? i don't know many of us can afford to doha that. that is what inflation is doing. nothing more than taxation and who does it hurt most? hurts the working class and it hurts the lower class. those are the ones who suffer the most. those on fixed incomes who can ill afford to pay more for goods when ever they are not getting it increase or if they are there getting an increase, and their
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retirement checks is not keeping up with the rate of inflation. those are the ones who are hurting. do it let's hear our viewers and listeners first to steven and pennsylvania. on the independenten line, stevn good morning. >> caller: good morning. "good morning america". good morning representative carter. the reason i am calling as i take issue with your statement that healthcare is between a doctor, a pharmacist, and a patient. i do not know how you inserted yourself into the equation and why you wish to make moral judgments based on your religion for dispensing medications prescribed by a doctor. there is no confidentiality agreement between myself and my pharmacist. he is there to do a job.
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if you are worried that a pill might give someone an abortion, that is your problem. i wish that you would wish more about the unwanted children that are born every year. i was raised unwanted. i felt unwanted and unloved all my life. i would not wish that on anyone. you are promoting it. what are you going to give the 1 million unwanted children that are going to be born every year? >> host: steven will get a response recover spring order. >> first of all i could not agree and disagree more the caller. i do believe healthcare is a private thing between the patient and the physician, and the pharmacist whenever time but dispensing medications. and yes, i do believe pharmacists have the right to morally object to dispensing a prescription that they know is going to harm a child.
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we are trying to do just the opposite. we are trying to warn patients this is going to an adverse effect on your child. that is the way we are trained. we are trained to do no harm. that is the way physicians are trained. the federald. government should not be inserted into that equation. that is what this is all about. we went let's are from fort lauderdale, barry on the democrats line. barry, though you are go ahead. >> caller: yes, good morning and thanks for taking myy call. what i don't understand is i am sure senator kart is a good christian, good man and probably evangelical. but what right does he have to take his religious feelings and insert it to myself who is a jew who has absolutely no problems with abortion. what about separation of church and state? i think he is the biggest hypocrite god ever created, athank you.
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spent constant car to a late response but let me ask you also what you think of the efforts by senator lindsey graham of south carolina for a federal law a federal ban on abortion after 15 weeks? >> first of all as far as the legislation is hundred graham has introduced, i have not seen it yet. i've not had the opportunity to review it. on the surface i would say the supreme court has made ath decision and that is a federal government is not involved. stit goes back to the states. it should be up to the states to make those decisions related to abortion. i make no homes about the fact i am pro-life. i do believe life is sacred. i believe life is precious and should bero protected. we are all created in the image of god. i have very strong beliefs on that. but i have to say i disagree with the caller. i don't think i should be forced as a pharmacist to do something
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and i am trained him and pharmacists are trained to do no harm. this because we put on a white coat does not mean we lose our first amendment rights. sue adheres deborah in south bend, indiana on the republican line. >> caller: hi doctor carter. yes. i want to ask you this question. i am a great grandmother. i have access to my great grandchildren as well as the neighborhood children. and what is alarming to me and what i am concerned about is the encinal sweet tart candy that is
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going around. i was in walmart a couple weeks ago and i saw these little candies laying around. just myself i was tempted to pick one up. and i thought wait ae minute. i've got to educate my community and the young people. we have got to teach our children that candy you are serious now you i had a conversation over labor day we have got to do something different now. we have got to tell our kids halloween is coming up. our kids are not going to be able to have candy. candy is a bad thing now. do i will let you go.
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congress or anything to add to that? >> guest: what a great cause she is spot on with it with fence so we need to secure southern border when to keep people from coming over here you're inhumane that sense. but the flowro of drugs across e border that is infesting all of our communities. and it is killing our children. it is killing our population here. there's enough encinal to kill every american seven times over. last year we lost over 107,000 people due to overdose. much of it to fentanyl. we lost over 300 people every day to fentanyl poisoning. and just as the caller pointed out many of this is being masked as candy. our children are the ones who need to be educated and need to understand that this is dangerous it. sue adheres bill in florida on the independent line. >> caller: good morning
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representative. >> guest: good morning. >> caller: my problem is trying to understand what people like you who sit around and say we want to do this to protect the unborn, this and that. how many kids have you adopted out of foster care? how much of money comes from your personal budget to support kids in foster care? how can you come representative, got no problem trying to protect the unborn. but what do you personally do to protect the born? especially on black people the police will shoot onha the spot and said i feared for my life. how many people have you adopted of color out of foster care since you have been aso representative out of your personal budget? >> guest: arete congressman carter? >> guest: i don't really know how to respond to that.
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i do support different charities that help with this type of thing. and of course in congress we support programs that help foster children. i understand that is and concer. and certainly is something we need to be helping with. as part of our outreach, as part of the outreach of the church and ofur our faith it is called upon us to make sure we are helping these people. and i participate in that. i am not going to be apologizing for the way i feel about a child and about abortion. i am pro-life. i am proudly pro-life. we are not talking about -- when you talk about a six week old. we are not talk about a glob of or a conglomeration of tissue. we are talking at six weeks a
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child, a fetus you can see they have developed eyesockets, eyebrows, they suck their thumb. at 12 weeks they canuc feel excruciating pain. this is a real child. this is a baby. we need to be protecting them. >> host: deadline you and your colleagues faces two weeks from today with the end of the fiscal or the headline from the executive lawmakers are eyeing a stopgap spending measure to avoid shut down. that's through mid december. in other words past the midterm elections. what are your thoughts what might be and that continued resolution the short-term spending measure,so congressman? >> well, not being in the majority we do not have a lot of control over that. i do not know what the democrats have in mind. first of all we need to get this done. we do not need a government shutdown that's not good for anyone. that's not good for republicans, democrats, independents and especially not the taxpayers. we do need to continue on at the
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end of this month september 30 we will have to have something done. i hope it is a clean cr. i hope there's not a whole lot of things added to it. if we have to do acr and we are going to have to do a cra hope it is clean it will probably h just kick the can down the road till after the midterm elections. the first of december will come back up in an lame-duck session. there's a lot of rumors what might happen during the lame-duck session. as i get i do not know. >> host: from steven and wilmington, illinois the democrats line. >> caller: you are an example of the arrogance white mail christian in thiss country. if you do not want to dispense these medications maybe should not be aon n pharmacist. you say this law is not going to go any further and what you just pointed out. yet you have three justices on the supreme court who lied to get on the bench. so why should we trust you on this? and in closing i would justt? le
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to say i always thought sherman did not do enough in georgia, goodbye. >> host: we will move to tony and arkansas. republican line, go ahead tony. >> caller: yes the first thing i would do us and wondered thousand expeditionary force marines down into mexico to kill the cartel. i would put 50000 people on the border. i would shut all of that down. and who is here will decide what were going to do with that of the other people. tobut we've got to take care of the people bring fentanyl into the united states that can poison our water systems and kill millions of people within one week. we have got to do something about this people, thank you. do it alright but he carter your thoughts? >> i can't agree with him more about the fact we have to do something about fentanyl. look, this is infesting every community. i think a lot of people think of this as being a problem at the border states, texas, arizona,
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new mexico, california. no these are coming across these border. they are infesting every community. even in my district iny the rurl communities of south georgia private semi county sheriff's tell me they have got drug cartels. they have got gangs that are influenced by the drug cartels right here in south georgia. do not think for a minute this is not infesting every communitt in america. it is that we've got to stop this. how the vice president can sit there and say we've got a secure border is beyond me. i've been to the border five times since i've been a member of congress the last eightm years. the president of the united states as senator, president vice president has never been to the border. this is simply ridiculous what's going on the border right now. a country without borders is not a country at all. >> host: to maryland in next step. good morning on the democrats line. >> caller: good morning.
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so i've been listening to this whole conversation. it is amazing how republicans try to impose on the rest of the country. you have every right to never want to get a medication. but neither going as far as saying pharmacist have a right how far are we going to go with this? you're trying to impose your belief on the rest of us. when are you going to stop playing god? let god be god. i do not know why you are concerned about other people's medicine. n let's stop this and focus on what is important to the country. you guys are worried about inflation that'sng g okay. they get out of abortion and all these other crazy corporate wars.
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smut punishment card on proposal of legislation giving pharmacist that right to refuse to dispense that medication, have you heard from colleagues in that business in your profession? that they would like to have this as an option. >> guest: absolutely. absolutely. we are not saying if a pharmacist chooses to dispense that medication, and certainly they have that right. all we are saying here is we should not be forced to do it. that is what the federal government wants to do. they want to force it. these scholars are saying you should be making that decision. but you are telling me someone else iss going to make the decision to force me too do it. that is what is wrong here. if a pharmacist wants toat dispense a medication that they know is going to harm a child, that is up to the pharmacist. i disagree with it i don't like this should be doing it. but i'm not telling them they can't do it. but the federal government tell him think they can tell me i must do it, that's the problem
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here. >> guest: you mentioned earlier as a pharmacist he brought the example of refusing that prescription. the woman from kentucky, you were in georgia. in hindsight look at the opioid crisis in the country to thinkll pharmacist overall should have been more vocal in about what was going on with opioids prescriptions across this country? >> we were vocal, we were vocal, we were hollering could we were asking and begging the dea. it took them too long to do it. they drug at their feet did not do it quick enough. they have done it now and it has helped. and the changes that have been made, the dispensing of prescriptions of dangerous medications and up opioids fores illegitimate uses has decreased significantly. almost to the point where it is decreased too much and we are hurting people who need that medication. sometimes you can swing that pendulum too far. in a lot of cases i think we've done that.
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late 2005 to 2012 is introducing legislation to do away bring pharmacist of this is wrong there participating in this period that some of them are still practicing now and that it wrong. >> host: let's go to couple more calls were going to julia's in chicago heights, illinois independent line. >> guest: mr. carter you as a pharmacist would deny a pregnant woman prescription prescribed by her doctor which might save her life's remark and if she don'te. survive the baby can't survive.
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you sound like you've got about as much sense as trump. i would like for you to respond to that. >> guest: i'm not sure what i'm supposed to respond too. as of got as much sense as a trumpet or dispensing a prescription that i know is going to harm a child. look, i don't care how many washer pass i'm not doing it that's all there is toou it. now i am trying to protect pharmacist thing give them the right to make that moral objection that conscientiousus objection if they want too. that is up to the pharmacist. but for the federal government to force a pharmacist essay you are going to give this abortion. it would be the same thing as a federal government going in and telling a doctor you are going to perform an abortion. you're going to kill that child. what do you find a successful abortion? only one person dies. we are trying to protect people, to do no harm. that is what we're trying to protect there is to give the pharmacist to write if they more morally, conscientiously object to this that they can do that.
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sue and here is a been southern pines, good morning democrats line. >> guest: yes good morning. mr. carter you really sound like a hypocrite. i cannot understand what you are saying. because on one hand you say you want to protect the child. that is understandable. but on the other hand once the child is here, i don't hear you republicans attack them how to protect life once it has gotten here. still it will let you go there, abe a couple have brought that up as a topic. what are your thoughts on that buddy carter? >> guest: certainly there are programs outou there. there are centers out there,he that help patients. stthey are there to assist the parents and assist mothers who
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need it. we've got a number in our district here in the state of georgia. you've got quite a few. they are here to help in just that situation there. look, we want to help people. we understand there are some unwanted pregnancies here. and that a spy we have programs out there and we have centers out there that are to serve those people and to help those people. i would submit to there are programs out there people are not utilizing that are available. they could help them in these types of situations. >> host: george represented jet buddy carter from the first district thank you for being with us this morning. >> guest: thank you. two. >> coming up on cspan2 mother jones washington bureau chief david discusses his book american psychosis. historical investigation how the republican party went crazy. at 9:00 p.m. eastern the brookings institute's host a series of panels discussing issues related to the russia
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ukraine war. and at later, officials discussed the perseverance mars rover mission. >> this week on the c-span networks, the senate homeland security committee holds a hearing tuesday on unaccounted deaths in american prisons. then, on wednesday the same committee considers nomination to be head of the national archives and records administration for the agency's been in the news daily for its role in the fbi's seizure of documents and for president trump. later wednesday federal reserve chair jerome powell holds a press conference. the house and senate are both in session for both chambers are expected to take a short-term spending bill to avert a government shutdown at the end of the month by the senate was about on nominations and a ratification of changes to the global climate treaty. the house plans to take up student loan relief legislation. watching this week alive on the c-span network or on c-span now our free mobile video app. head over too


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