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tv   Pete Hegseth Battle for the American Mind  CSPAN  October 10, 2022 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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book with, wilbur said, no bird ever soared in a calm. you got to have adversity. you have to wind in order to lift off, and that's so true, so very true. if everything were easy you would do nothing but sit around, not only would you not accomplish much of anything, i don't think we would be very happy. .. human perseverance and admirable use of the mind and working together, all of it. >> what would you say the legacy
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you be most proud of having achieved? >> he tried to do his best. >> ladies and gentlemen, please join me in welcoming pete hegseth and david goodwin. [applause] >> welcome both. >> thank you very much. >> thank you all for being here, we appreciate it. quick biographical stuff. you were in the armed services about scuba player in high
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school, year career as a commentator and a news guy how did you and fox news? >> my first television appearance ever was on msnbc with chris matthews, i've never done tv before in my life in either marine buddy who had done tv twice, he was an expert. he told me he said leaned forward that was his first tip. it makes you look better stature, better posture, leaned forward and don't let the host cut you off. 46 times chris matthews cut me off. i was a newbie i did never anticipate i would go into tv, i ran a couple of that organizations when i came back from iraq and afghanistan one supporting the battlefield and the other fighting for reform.
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through that i did appearance at different places and a lot of it ended up being fox and a lot into the beam fox and friends and i'll never forget one day they said have you ever thought about asking questions instead of answering them, i said i'm happy to try one time the first thing i could do is make a fool of myself and it must've gone okay, that was in 2015 early 2016 and then tucker carlson was a fox and friends ween can host took the primetime gig and thank goodness because he is amazing and then i took tucker's slot on fox and friends weekend. >> the rest is history. >> i'm not sure who wrote these words but the fact that the two of you got together was like
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indiana jones and his father and hears important, my first question to you which is you sean connery. >> leave that to the imagination. but i'm older than he. >> even looks like sean connery, doesn't he. >> i can pull off accent. >> how did the two of you get together for this book. >> i won't monopolize i promise i was out of fox and feinstein every in north carolina and a beautiful young family in the corner who have their two young daughters there in uniform. as i do with every daughter i diner i walk around and they ta thislking about wonderful christian school in north carolina that they sent their kids to, i had known about classical christian schools but my interest had peaked around that point i want to learn more the school system is broken, what we do, you they said you
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have to meet this guy david goodwin he loves the association of classical christian school so i shot him an e-mail and i said i wanted to learn more, whatdo u guys do and he shot me tons of information he had already done a lot of writing and research on thisan topic and i kept reading and reading i'm calling them too much i think, on a regular basis avid question about this, can this really be true, is this true and at one point i looked at my wife and i was sitting in my office and i said babe, runs a lot of the live stuff on fox nation and i said we have to make a movie outno of this, peoe need to know what is going on from john dewey to the original pledge of allegiance we can get into that to the ability salute and the progressives, the whole story and what david had done in the research he had done is a no-brainer so we got to work on the film and that eventually the book but none of this happens
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without david goodwin and the research and the expertise he brings. [applause] >> i would bet just about everyone in this audience has now some familiarity with the whole critical race theory, it had been taught and are nation schools today but what i found fascinating in this book is right up front the two of you make a point that that's just the very recent tip of the iceberg, this problem is really as much as 100 1 years old, will one of you please explain that. >> it is, what's really an amazing part of the story in the development of the book, we started in march of 2020 which if you remember that is before crt went friend center in the riots in before covid, the
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interest early on nine need to do be told what was in the story. as we went along history was unfolding in front of us in the schools were deeply involved and he kept coming back with what about this i have this person on tv today, they said this, pretty soon it was a truly collaborative project where pete was writing and he wrote most of the part of the books about our day and what we found out we fit together like hand in glove, john dewey no sooner gets through with his work that i researched and columbia university than the frankfurt school shows up, pete had a lot better grasp on that side of things than i did so as a whole i think the work is really providential and something had enough in the time and the place in the partnership.
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>> the progressives had the targeting of our youngest mines on their mind on the very beginning they knew they had to remove the one removable object inside american civic life in western civilization if they were to evervi catch on. in the understood the removal object was gone, was faith enough the centerpiece of the american classrooms since the founding, they had to replace it the way we describe it to keep the indiana jones analogy going. it's like when you're trying to grab a precious artifact but it's on a pressure point and if you take the artifact off the pressure plate the alarm bells go off, if they had removed god immediately 100 years ago the parent culture, churches would've revolted but ultimately wrote in the publications this is the research that david did, how do we remove god from the
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classrooms that is a removable object, they ultimately landed on a forgery which the culture at the time was willing to accept which effectively with allegiance toe the state it was the flag that was a new pledge of pledge of allegiance written by a socialist, it did not say under god when it was originally written, i lovee the flag i woud probably say the pledge of allegiance at the beginning, i reviewed it.t. for them it was a new idea which they could get society cohere and more malleable and nationalism being more malleable than biblical truth because when you biblical truth and b objecte truth you can't move people off ofou that. what you'll find when you read the story from the characters is almost to a man into a woman, they are atheist, luminous, socialist and eventually marxist who reject biblical truth who
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reject the idea of human nature in a fallen nature, simple nature. once you can change and reject that, then you create a laboratory for societal change inside classrooms. one of the other things that david discovered through his research and we write about in progressives started prohibition, woman named margit willard, frances willard. frances willard who is a suffragette socialist said if we can put this into the curriculum of third-graders maybe we start to have a chance. on the 1870s, there were a curriculum into alcohol was put in and it wasas sold ad hoc system, this is before john deweyy, loose public associatio, but a third grade curriculum was put in by 1919 what you have in
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america prohibition of the sale and assumption of alcohol, the progressives said if you can do that with their grade curriculum what else can you do with thirde grade curriculum and theycu discovered a word called by deyo, they knew it sorted our founders i learned it from david we talked about in the book which is how you educate and train up the youngest if you can ship the youngest of mines to have a different understanding of the value of a good life you change the entire way of society and a civilization what they value. >> as we said the pledge one nation under god, indivisible, would you go so far to say when socialist and those who created the pledge were after what you describe to them, undergone, god is officially the state. >> yes, originally but the original pledge written by
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francis melody did not include under god. under god was added by eisenhower when we were fighting the godless communists. the original has no mention of god. to oversimplify, basically what the progressives did, they said it was always under the vocational training for a new academy, what they did they replace the cross and a bible in the classroom with a flag and pledge. over time a gradually speaking while saying working to start a different type of school over here where god is not allowed inside but we have a pullout. where you can go to instruction outside of the school, not on school grounds, we still respect you have faith in god. it was always incremental. when they moved into new york they took a a different approac, you should explain the idea of the gary plan, that's what of the things that blew my mind they started a school in indiana that potentially try to change the way school worked altogether, k-12. >> intentionality was visible
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because they created the model schools in several places around the country but gary became the center point of it. the thing about gary anybody who knows it from the musical, it was formed in 1905, it was a very new city and they could take the education wherever they wanted to take it, one of dewey's disciples was the superintendent of the area and they built gary's plan there in indiana and its features were something that you probably all thought were always in school, like bells that ring over 55 minute. , seven. day, the idea of subjects broken up in the social sciences being inserted into it. he talks about about the social sciences, this was all packaged up and they remove religion, christianity from the classroom by simply putting it in a
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pullout. period where i first encountered the story when i was reading the back-and-forth in the editorial pages of the new republic in 1915 and 1918 where they are arguing about how to get god out of the classroom for good. the ones that they put in a pullout. we can eventually just drop it. the other side was saying we should have a pullout. especially when you imported back into new york which happened when the gary plan wase successful so they put it back in new york. the whole modern american experience especially in high school was designed without god. it was the first design of that type. >> in the book you describe to some links this whole woke movement and part of being woke, those words are harmful and all the rest of that, i read this and i cannot believe it when i read in your book, that is the
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united states the national archives and regular administration and agency of the nation's attic keeps all of our turecord and takes care of the constitution of the united states of the declaration of independence. when you access the archives website, it suggests that the top right-hand corner, there are harmful words in these documents, how can this possibly be. >> it's true you go to the website of our national archives for the declaration of independence and the constitution of the united states of america and there is a trigger warning of potential violent content, inappropriate content. that's a logical extent of the view of the left, they want to reject they have rejected the idea of our founding inner theories were dedicated to that
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from the beginning of when they landed ong our shores, david talked about the early progressives, john dewey another name shall be introduced to, then you have the critical theorist of the franklin school who flee germany, they're all marxist, they landed new york and their welcome at columbia university where john dewey had been a professor, what is columbia at that time and what is columbia teachers college still today, the preeminent teachers college in the united states of america and the marxist arrived with a new theory called critical theory, sound familiar? it is the precursor to critical race theory and critical gender theory and they began to teach it and they began to teach in the teachers colleges which means most teachers go out and become head of their department and other places so their teaching critical theory, what is critical theory to your point critical theory is to
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deconstruct effectively christian paideia or western civilization, to criticize all things that lead to the patriarchy capitalist system that must be torn down if we were to advance marxism, they saw an economic sense but it soon became a cultural sense because they knew the class warfare wasn't going to fly in the united states of america, instead are terrible past of racial justice was more belowground the critical theorist landed on critical race theory as the way in which they can indict america from the very beginning, we call the first chapter the covid 1619 moment. covid-19 happens, the zoom classroom comes into all of our holmes and you open up the laptop of the american history
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are teaching 1619 and the founding days they have rejected 1776 and the printable arab, that type of logic is the academic level made its way pervasively into the k-12, that was the premise from the very beginningon, they use only teach in higher education, all the teachers that invented the teachers colleges and handled accreditation that are in bed with the unions, i see rebeccaat friedrichs here a great friend of ours, she was standing up to
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goliath she took on the teachers union in california for 30 years as a teacher, an amazing individual. , we've drawn on a lot of wisdom from a lot of people who have been on the front lines. frankly we were yelling about it before people were paying attention to now they areno payg attention, those theories have been embedded into our institutions and that's how you get to the point how something like that appears on a website. >> well explained, this is what you have to read this book, really well-known all pull a quote from your book and i'd like you to explain it for us. the white has held the right principles but the left controls the pollutions, what you mean by that? >> a political question, you can. >> what we mean by that, look at local school boards, look at union representation, look at
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our universities. we stand on principles that we know are timeless and believe that they should be timeless and they do stand on their own whether the brilliance of our founding or the biblical wisdom and then the left goes ahead and runs for all the positions and takes over all the institutions and then pushes out all the stuff that we thought was timeless and will be there no matter what if there is one thing you can fault the founders for assuming this type of education would continue, that is how kids will be educated at some level with an understanding of greek and latin and great books in her biblical western civilization narrative and kind of assume that would be the waters that west swim in and thy hadn't anticipated the critical theorist and others who came about and tried to deconstruct everything that they did. that's why were not try to be pessimistic in this book but you guys remember the stuff that we covered on fox appearance rising
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up at school boards, lauding county virginia, glenn youngkin gets elected it is amazing stuff and it's wonderful to see it and it's heartening. i mean that sincerely. those types of actions in today's government schools of thought what we should call them, government schools, public schools or government schools. those types of actions as we say book is charging a fortified machine gun with nerf guns. we salute your effort, but were going to. while because those school boards, what did they do to those parens 95% of the time? , my mom protested a pta meeting in the school board in the 1980s and 90s when i was in elementary, god bless her she took me out of those courses whether it was a ed course or the new self-esteem thing that is quite benign by today's
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standard, nothing, 99% of the other kids still went through the education and still got those programs in an hour in a 95th iteration of forest lake high school in conservativeig minnesota. they control the pipeline of every aspect of the educational industrial complex. the unions be the most powerful arm of that but the teachers colleges, the textbooks, the curriculum, the certification, the accreditation all hard leftists, so we want to disavow people the idea that you can move to a nice zip code or i'm going to move to his conservative community and everything's going to be okay the problem is the pipeline spin federalized and they control those additions. protesting is getting doing something tog the could and its utterly insufficient at this
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point. if i can add one thing the money involved is icing on the cake, the biggest industrial complex coeven rivaling the military compex in this country, dollar for dollar not only for the infrastructure unit to the progressive but the money is two. and for the university, your quest was to find not an elite education but rather a best education what is the difference between the elite education in the best education. >> by today's standards and elite education would be princeton where i went as an undergraduate or harvard w wheri went for program i don't abuse on fox and friends recently.
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i did send it back to them live on tv. , the most elite institutions are poisoning the minds of not just her kids but our country and we hold them up of standardbearers of excellence a gatekeeper of credibility we discontinue the cycle perpetuation is not just my so-called elite background and it's all your maters to, take your pick. unless she went to hillsdale or liberty or college of the ozarks, yale, university is probably beautifully pumping out hard leftists and marxist on a rapid pace. reader alumni newsletter go back and take some coursework, by default we like the sports teams
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or the nostalgia of drinkingju beer in college we pumped checks to these institutions and we might as well send it straight to theck democratic party any pt of perpetuating that is part of the cycle is hurting our country in the best institutions are david school i'm talking about classical christian schools at the k-12 level because my mentor at princeton robbie george is an amazing professor that are not 25 conservatives all because of one man who started an institution has built a phenomenal but he has a book and he is ais liberal professors tht lick their chops and they showed upr at college, it is the conservative professors among them who licker their chops undoing the indoctrination in
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the case that you alreadyop show up, the problem is not higher education, higher education is already gone the problem is k-12 that is the focus of our book and they are consolidating that there k-12 when i talk about a great education not an elite education the kids david pumps out as elite performers there elite students, criticalrm thinkers, debaters and the ready to go into the culture and engage and win by that definition of elite they are elite if you mean elite pays $50000 can be woke, they're not elite that's what the elite high schools are middle schools look like when their pipelines to the ivy league, these are pipelines to wisdom your letter, i didn't
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get the education, every time i talked to david, the first thing i would say to him why can i go back to whatever schools, i learned almost nothing, as i look back at the social studies that i learned, all disciplines made up by marxist used to be geography, philosophy, civics and politics, they deconstructed it to dumb it down to make it all the scientific method that can be explained because there is no more objective truth, we all got in education and we didn't know it. what david is doing iss unearthing a hidden form of education that the progressives almost completely buried by the 1970s and giving a generation to get educated, my seventh grader who has been in a class
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for six years understands ancient greece rome more than i ever will he's engaging in the ideas of the founders engaged with as he goes into a culture that was washed and avoided, that's what i would i call elite and that's how i would like to try to redefine it. [applause] >> perhaps the two of you, what you note it's not what's being taught in our schools but what's not being taught in our schools, give some examples of a classical christian education that you think will in fact develop. >> one of the things to take for tegranted that history gave us o
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long ago, seven liberal arts which are the basis of christian education, they date back to the ancient greece, the principal was if you were going to form some type of public democracyre you had to prepare your children to think for themselves. if they just listen to whatever doctorate the summit he gave them they would vote for the tyrant, your going to go back and deteriorating, that was a fear of the greeks and the romans and it was the basis of this country when they built the country, that's whatun we had legals honor stanchions and many other roman artifacts because they were harkening back to this idea that thehe republic requirs freethinking people to the seven liberal arts the first three logic and rhetoric to use
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language and how to use logic into think well formal and informal practice and as we practice thinking we don't tell kids what to think wee practice them in the art of good thinking, very different kind of education not one teacher standing with 25 kids in in the third subject is rhetoric, which is now a dirty word because politics shuffled out, it was originally the art of understanding the whole of the topic and being able to communicate that other people and persuade them to follow you and to have this course and will receive right now been shut down
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from every angle because we can't stand hearing things we don't like to hear. , where should i send my childhi to school the solution at public schools or the government schools that you talked about which are thech real problem the solution is not necessarily all spent $50000 and send my kid to a private or independent prep school correct? >> correct in fact i would argue most of the private schools are even worse and more woke. in fact a lot of the christian schools and catholic schools are maybe not as bad on the surface and bill on the progressivess model of education that's what shook me so much at the beginning and working with david once you start to dig in and
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realize you like into a capsize ship if you been living for 100 years you feel like the wall is a four and that's what you lived in. when you tip it back up and you realize you been living sideways for 100 years everything looks completely different and with the 1970s when there was no such thing as classical christian, they were very close to doing so, they tried to outlaw the schooling as well in oregon and before that, they'd still like to iff they could in the supreme court ruling that we got last week in maine amongst other rulings. , it's been a good week for our founders. [applause]
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many other leaders in this country including ronald reagan who have been fighters for life for generations and here we are, you know what i'm saying, i would just say you have to break down the assumptions that you have about what education means especially in a christian context and that's why think classical christian is so different, what we've tried to do is break down the preconceived notion that classical means outdated, dusty, old how people have looked to homeschooling and homeschoolingg means weird or not socialized which is not the case and if you look at how it's done today and done so well it is amazing what they're doing andg homeschooli. including pods and co-ops an online curriculum and classical christian homeschooling, there are more options today than there have ever been for a great
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education for your kids and grandkids which is one of the stories out of this david has almost 500 brick-and-mortar classical schools across the country in 46 states there is a bunch in california there is a bunch across the country. we argue for parents and grandparents taken a radical reorientation of your life and say next to your family in next year faith, the next step you can take is where you educate your kids, where they spent 16000 hours between the age of can garden in 12 grade 16000 hours that is the original title of the book 16000 our work, that's what it is do you really want to send your kid to 16000 hour of democrat camp? because that's basically what were doing right now when we send our kids to 90% of the k-12
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schools that exist in america today. i would argue you don't want that. even in some of the articles that david uncovered the progressives wrote about that and you would know the quote better than me what chance does one hour of training on sunday morning have against 40 hours of secular training during the week, who said that, i can't remember. >> charles potter, they knew from the beginning in the christian church we did it to ourselves as f a movement when e church advocated responsibilityt on education david write so beautifully, the social justice and the fundamental arm ultimately the social justice joins the progressives and the fundamentalist say were just here to save souls which is wonderful but it basically said were not in the school business anymore, what got created at that moment, sunday school, instead of sending our kids to
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school monday through friday that has god in it we take the out of the school and send them to school one hour on sunday and then you see what happens as a result, i would look very closely at any elite school, any private school many christian school and look at the baseline prerogative to what they teach and compare against the liberal arts the david has and i think there will be a stark difference. >> at grasp on the really quick, exhibit a and what were talking about with the deep educational state where they can control accreditation, teacher certification, it doesn't matter if you go to a christian high schoolol or an independent prep school, they're all trained in that system, that's the point were trying to make, the reason there woke they get the same training aske everybody else, te prescription we have in the book
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is get out and a go in totallyio different direction. >> tactical retreat is what we call w it. sometimes when you're surrounded in this immediate moment the first movement is retreat and then we argue for an educational insurgency, the warfare the week against the strong, the smalluc against the big, david started the insurgency throughbi his schools and we are seeing arizona having a universal credit program, it's a beautiful thing, there is movement there. >> will turn it to the audience are questions in just a minute, i have twoa trigger words that you said, remind us first the foundation and the institute that you were able to give a million dollars in college scholarships each and every year with 20 students and what were finding more and more of those
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that have risen to the top and become finalist competitors are homeschooled, it's really been a fascinating thing to watch, the second thing before we go to questions from the audience i want to read a quote from michael's father president reagan in his speech to the nation in january of 1989 the president said patriotism is what we want are we doing a good enough job teaching our children what america is and what she represents in the long history of the world and what it means to be an american we've got to teach history based not on what's in fashion but what's important, if we forget whatat e did we won't know who we are, i'm warning of an eradication of the american memory that could result ultimately in erosion of
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the vacant spirit. >> that is the end of the beginning of reagan's term he commission on educational assessment of america. i can't get this quote right but he concluded that if a foreign country would've done this we would've called an act of war. lookul it up it is the report coming out. >> we would likely turn to you the audience for questions, just a quick printer, if you have a question, raise your hand but please wait until we get a microphone put in your hand so that we can hear your questions. we have one right here in the front. >> thank you very much, he question for you because of your occupation in the circle that you traveling do you encounter media from the left and you have discussions with them on their
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positions, can you go back and forth or do you pretty much stay two people on the right, how does it work in your profession? >> just when i talked to run williams. [laughter] , i would love to, first of all i get a chance to work with the best conservators in the business, rachel campos-duffy, we talk from fox and i'm grateful for that. i will say this the left-wing media is not the most tolerant bunch these days, not only would they not want to have a conversation with me i would talk my self discovery has gone to left-wingy universities and i'm happy to have a conversation knowing that we disagree another were probably going to come to i different conclusion at the end of the conversation. the problem these days you talk
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to most members of the media on the left side of ohio and the only way that conversation is going to go there going to end by saying you are a racist. really an absolute mischaracterization strongly in characterization of the opponent as less than human. the private conversations i have with people left of center at fox are wonderful. because they are at a place to actually tolerate, i have a bunch of friends that work at cnn and every single one of them has gone running for the exit because eventually there cornered andev ran out and told what horrible human beings are especially if they supported trump, find the door or you going to sit him on a shelf and never be on tv. i've never met a liberal that works at fox they didn't say this is the most wonderful place a worked.
9:42 am
we do tolerate we have discussions on the air and we have it out but at the end of the day i askedfe him about the kids in their lives and what do you think about this in the compliment me on the book i saw this, it can exist when he foster the environment that exist in that environment at fox is the shared value that america is a good country and god is worth celebrating. when you can agree on the basics you configure the other stuff. >> thank you so much i'm so excited to read your book is overwhelming to listen i have three millennial kids that have a high kid yet but you have a suggestion as to how we can communicate besides just giving
9:43 am
them the book. it's a two-part question. that, i like to communicate that to two of t the couple of my kis were trying to have kids to look at this but the other side what can we do in the audience to help this movement. >> i talked to gal last week they had the same question she wasn't sure she was going to get them to read a book but they did watch the miseducation series and is very influential for millennial kids. they had never heard f that befe i would commend the on fox. >> i agree miseducation of america's a six part series we tell the abbreviated version of the book and film form and we work with a great producer john casey who put it together. after knocking want to read it,
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after watching it the probably want to read it even more and i think ultimately coming up the topic of humility with your kids is exactly what i'm going to do to mind when they're old enough to understand why we made the choices remain i have no idea, you're going to want the best for your kids and maybe i didn't know that when i was going there because it wasn't laid bare in frontnt of me but now i know and you're going to want to know because i know you're going to want the best for your kids, do yourself a favor before you're five years old and read this book. also covid reallyy did this beig more intentional and i say this to californians as somebody who lived a lot iny minnesota. a very hopelessly blue state being more and more intentional about where you live meaning the city in the county that you live in covid showed us how much more
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impact that local control can have. david's website classical has a map every school is on a pin on a map and i would move to a school that's what my wife and i are doing moving to a school. i think it's that important that you can't say here's the biggest problem we all pay property taxes and we probably moved to a place that is nice because of the schools we pay the property taxes, i think that's a hard thing to get past for some people but ultimately is that sacrifice worth the future of your kids and their souls in the way that they view the world. tom the watch a movie. >> there's another benefit to this movement i'm an association member we help these independent
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schools outside of us other schools doing classical conversations in the homeschool if you kids can afford seven or 8 thousand dollars homeschooling is an option there are many other options classical christian education is 2000 years old nobody owns it. it is oliver's we just have to recover. i >> i went through the whole catholic homeschool and i started my kid with that, he is in college now graduating. i had a big problem about what you said about progressives plan it was coree curriculum even though we homeschooled catholic school in napa they still had
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core curriculum that we had to do, i stopped going there and we did other things for his schooling and groups but when we wanted to go back to high school for sports and they would not accept him he had to go to an alternative school i was so glad i was able to homeschool because it meant so much wendy turned out great and he's an eagle scout and all the other stuff we did but that was a big block for me why do we had to cater to the core curriculum one other thing lbj he decided he did not want to have school buses for christians andis catholics so en
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though they publicly pay to get the kids to the public schools he eliminated taking kids to christian schools and i like to turn that around also in turnaround the core curriculum. >> the school buses is a great challenge to the supreme court these days, i'm serious the core curriculum is how they consolidate the control how you navigate that classical christian. >> they don't. >> when you don't take the kings gold at some level not that you were, you're right when the testing of high school level requires the core curriculum that sally box most parents and that's a lot of extra effort to do it on your own that's what the next step also we talk about this in the book the sat
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recently stopped testing for reasoning because it's racist in the same guy that took over the sat wrote common core which is the federalization standard under the obama administration so the classical learning test sat for classical christian pipeline of curriculum, there's accreditation teachers colleges need to be created it's an entire ecosystem that's going to have to live parallel to a progressive pipeline that controls every single aspect at this point. >> that's great when he ran for president of the united states a first time one of the main things inn his campaign was to get rid of the department of education therefore by jimmy
9:50 am
carter and he was fully upset with after 8 years of being president of the united states he was never able to get rid of the department of education. i remember one of his great quote we received one nation under god for a nation gone under and i quote that all the time where can we get a list of schools, my parents sent me to a military academy i went to st. john's alcatraz i was taught by the sisters of mercy and then i went to the judge was. god was having fun with med frm the very beginning, where you give a list. >> i have to give credit to my wife son she's a webmaster she developed a great tool that you
9:51 am
can sort by date, city there's pins on a map anything that you want, classical school finder she built that and it'll get you there fast every school has its own. page that yu end up back where an association of like-minded independent schools. >> to your point, the reason your dad i will believe is so adamant in getting rid of it is because he knew how andnd why it was created we break that down in the book as well. a lot of the work that rebecca has done focuses on that to. unions used to be conservative teacher association which were unionization the union, that union turned around and endorsed the first ever presidential candidate in 1976 the teachers unions had half the delegates at the 76 convention when they endorsed jimmy carter. when jimmy carter was elected wapresident he turned around and gave a gift tour the teachers union which was the department
9:52 am
thof education in the naa and at openly bragged that there would be no department of education without thend teachers union but from the very beginning the department of education has been a creation of the teachers unions and politically they try to make it impossible for people to understand that to get ridenf it because in your anti-education which was a problem among weak kneed republican senators in congress of that era who would not be willing to make that move. hope were at a point because of how corrupt the unions are especially after covid being against something like the department of education can be decoupled for being against education they corrected it they created an opportunity to expose it. >> we have time for one last question. >> thank you i was homeschooled and i learned a lot about it my
9:53 am
granddaughter is a sophomore at hillstone and he gets a lot of stuff after he provides courses for kids through high school and has online courses you can take, no charge it's absolutely wonderful it's amazing and that college is hard to get into and they have a tremendous student body in the court of honor like the military academies, if you break the code youe, kicked out, she still in high school, get the phone call and she said talk to embry, she lied to me about not doing homework so, granddaughter, lying about your
9:54 am
homework is simply a problem, if you have a problem we fix it, lying to mother is a character flaw you've lost your confidence never do that again. so they interviewed her with the code and they said are you missing anything that you think she said there and yes, don't lie to yourself my grandson is making eagle scout this month. >> congratulationsns. >> i was just talking to jason chaffetz about the book and he was talking about his friend trey gaudi he said in all my years of prosecuted. there was a questionable education and he said i never had to prosecute homeschooled kids or eagle scout and we got two of them here, that's a testament to parents ahead of
9:55 am
the curve and willing to do something for the kids now there's brick-and-mortar options are more online options to the point that we can get too critical mass for republic out three, four, 6% of graduates in this country that can be part of a leadership change for the future of the nation. >> each of you will have an opportunity to say hi to pete and david at the book h signing were heading into now. >> author and journalist appeared on book tv monthly in-depth or graham, to talk about his books and the deadly impact of synthetic drugs, he also weighed in on the question of marijuana legalization. >> i would like to see personally as legal lies one drug well in right now we are mandolin the job with marijuana in my opinion. think about it what is one of
9:56 am
the great lessons of opioid epidemic? i believe this is one be careful what drugs you make legal and widely available with outlandish claims of the risk-free nature that the whole story of opioids in our country, you can say maybe we should make all the drug legal but the opioid epidemic starts with legal drugs is not the illegal druggist or the stuff is doctors and pharmaceutical promoting the hell out of this and this brings me to another part of this topic and i wrote about a little bit that is to say that i'm not sure i don't believe in fax that we have the kind of culture in america that will tolerate and have as much appetite for the kind of government regulation
9:57 am
that would be required to successfully legalize a drug in america, other countries may be able to do it, i don't know that we are there is a culture i think we bridled too much against government intrusion and regulation and all that kind of stuff. were in the middle of climate change this is an exponential threat to this planet and yet were in california and other places we made it literally illegal to sell marijuana that's been grown indoors this is weed that grows outdoors perfectly but were growing indoors with enormous carbon footprint, why economic interest pushing because it benefits them it doesn't benefit anybody else. my feeling, we don't have in this country and appetite for the kind of serious regulation
9:58 am
that would be necessary to legalize drugs successfully. marijuana is a disaster it seems it loses track of all the lessons and prohibition, after prohibition was over we do not legalize all of this bathtub hooch and all the stuff that made people blind and all that kind of stuff, the pot world is filled with versions of marijuana 30 or 40% thc and vape that are 90% in thc the active ingredient in marijuana it seems like we need to step back, go very slowly, very cautiously, take our time and be aware that we are really, really bad at this we don't know what were doing instead were just opening up the doors, to me it feels right now in some states it
9:59 am
feels very much or generally alcohol pre-prohibition which is like anything kind of goes. >> watches interview in its entirety by clicking on in-depth tab on the book tv homepage. >> the 2022 national book awards was recently announced the annual awards were established in 1950 to celebrate the bested american writing since 1989 they have been overseen by the nonprofit national book foundation. in the nonfiction category this year finalist include making a work for the invisible kingdom reimagining chronic illness and money. for soft america journey below the mason-dixon to understand the soul of the nation, david wolman for breathless the scientific race to defeat a deadly virus ingrid for the man who can move clouds, memoir and robert samuels and tony for his name is george floyd one man's
10:00 am
life and the struggles for racial justice, the winners of this year's awards will be announced in new york city on november 16 in book tv will be covering the award ceremony. >> you are watching book tv with top nonfiction books and authors every weekend. book tv television for serious readers. . . . don't burn this country. i know that a few years ago. you wrote a book. don't burn this book and so i can see that you know, this is kind of building upon and you know kind of evolving on that book and i was hoping that to get us started today you could talk about what prompted you to writ i was hoping to get a story today you could talk about what prompted you to write this book. >> guest: sure. it's good to be with you, emily. the first book i'll start with the first one first. the first book i wrote just laid out my


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