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tv   Pete Hegseth Battle for the American Mind  CSPAN  October 11, 2022 12:00am-1:01am EDT

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>> they're there and if everything were easy they'd do nothing but sit around and not only not accomplish much of anything. i don't think we'd be very happy. people need help and all these advances that's happening and happening right now under our very noses will be written about for years and years and maybe the most important events of our time. it's exciting and it's all human ingenuity and human perseverance. admiral use of the mind, all of it.
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>> please join me in welcoming pete hegseth and david goodman. >> what a crowd. >> welcome both. >> thank you very much. >> thank you all for being here. >> appreciate it. some quick stuff for you first, pete. pete, as i was noting, you were in the armed services, heck of a basketball player in high school. i don't think you started off asa commentator. how did you and fox news meet?
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>> my first television appearance was on msnbc's hardball with chris matthews. i'd never done tv before in my life and marine buddy and >> i was a newbie and came back from afghanistan and another one fighting for reform at the va, which is still an ongoing issue obviously. through that i did appearances on tv in different places and a lot ended up being fox and a lot was "fox & friends" and i'll never forget one day they said have you thought about asking
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questions instead of answering them? i said i'm happy to try, let me do it one time. first thing i did was make a fool of myself. must have gone okay and that was in 2015, early 2016 and tucker carl son that was the "fox & friends" weekend host tookan the prime time gig and goodness who is amazing and then i took tucker's spot on "fox & friends" weekend. >> the rest is history. >> i'm not sure if i had it and the two got together and my first question to you is when one of you is sean con reigns
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connery.>> leave that to the imagination. i'm older than pete. >> he looks like sean connery doesn't he? >> i was at a "fox & friends" diner in north carolinai and a beautiful young family in the corner that had two young daughters in their uniforms and as i do with every diner and walked around and was talking to everybody and they were talking about this wonderful school, sand hill christian school in north carolina they sent their kids to and i'd known about it but my breast peaked around that point and iha want to learn mor. the school system is broken, what do we do? to meet this guy, david good wid wynn. i shot him an e-mail and said i want to learn more.
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o what do you do? he shot me tons of information. he had done a lot of writing and research on this topic. >> ask this really be true? i remember looking at my wife and sitting in my office and she runs by the way a lot of live stuff on fox nation. i b said, we got to make a movie out of this. like people need to know what is going on from john dewey to original pledge of allegiance to the belamese absolute and the whole story and david did the reservice connected and have it was a no brainer and we got toid work on the fill and will eventually the book. film and eventually the book. none happened without david goodwin and expertise and research he brings to the book.
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some flairty and the two of you makes a point that that's just a very recent tip of the iceberg and this problem is as much as 100 years scold one of you explain that. >> well, it is. what's an amazing part of the story, the development of the book and we started in march of 2020. if you remember, it's before crt went front and center and it was before the george floyd riots and going along, history was unfolding in front of us and
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which schools were deeply involved and pete kept coming back with what about this?s? i had this personality on tv today and parts of the book and emperor of the day and the work i re-semperred in columbia university and the -- researched in columbia and the frankfurt school showed up and as a whole, i think the work was really prove den issue and something that wouldn't have come together had it not been the time and place and the partnership. >> yeah, the progressives had the targeting of our youngest minds on their mind from the very beginning. they knew they had to remove the
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one immovable object inside the american lifeic and western civilization in they catch on and the movable object was god and faith. it was at the centerpiece of the american classroom since the family. we had to keep the indiana jones analogy going and trying to grab a precious artifact but on a pressure plate. a if you take that artifact off the pressure plate, the alarm bells go off. if they removed god immediately 100 years ago, the parents, culture, communities, churches would have revolted and they openly wrote in the new republican other publications and this is the research david did and how do we remove god from the classrooms? that's the immovable object. they ultimately landed on a forgery, which the culture at the time and it was a new
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pledge, pledge of allegiance written by a socialist. it didn't say under god when originally written and i probably said the pledge of allegiance today at the beginning and iod revere it. for them it was a new idea around to get society here and more malleable than nationalism than being more malleable than biblical truth. when you read the story from characters, it's almost to a man and to a woman, they're atheists, humanists and marxist who reject biblical truth and reject human nature and fallen nature and once you can change and reject that, then you create a laboratory for societal change
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inside classrooms. one of the other thins that david discovered through his reservice connected and have rewrite about is the early progressive study one of the first successful movement is prohibition. a woman named margaret -- what was her name? >> will lard.
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if you can do that to third grade curriculum and we talk about it in the book and you advocate and train up the youngest and if you can shape the youngest of minds to have a different understanding of the value of a good life and change the entire way of society in the way civilization looks at the value. >> when the socialists pledge thereafter and describe to them ad as goddesses of the state and did not include under god and under god was added by eisenhower when we were saying god was a communist in the 50s and the original pledge has no
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mention toe god and to oversimplify what the progressives did and under the vocational training for the new economy and replaced a cross in a bible in the courtroom with a flag and a pledge and over speaking saying we're going to start a different type of school over here and they can't vote. god's not allowed inside and there's a pullout period and instruction outside of the school and we expect you have faith in w god and always incremental and you should explain the gary plan and that blew my mind and they start add school in gary, indiana, that intentionally tried to change the way school worked together k through 12 and intentionality was invisible and created those model schools and several places around the country. gary became a center point.
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>> the ideaio of subjects broken up and social science being inserted if got god out of the
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classroom for good. the one side saying, hey f we put it in a pullout period, we can eventually just drop it. the other side was saying we shouldn't have a pullout period if you import it back in new york. which is what happened to gary being successful and putting it back in new york. the whole modern america was designed >> i read it in your book and could not believe it and the archives and it keeps all of our records and takes
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care of the constitution and the deck la ration of the independence and the archive's website and suggests the top right hand corner, these are harmful warning, harmful words in these documents. how can this possibly be. >> it's true, go to website of national archive for the declaration of independents and constitution of the united states of america and there's a trigger warning. potential violent content and inappropriate content. founding and theories were dedicated to that at the beginning landing on the shores and david talked about early progressives and john dewey and other names you'll be introduced to and the theory of the school
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that fleed germany and flee hitler and land in new york and they're welcomed at columbia university where john dewey had been a professor. what is columbia at that time. columbia's teacher college today and the teacher's college in the unit of america. it's a precursor to critical race here and i critical gender theory and they begin to teach it and begin to teach in the teacher's colleges and those teachers go out and become heads of departments and they're teaching critical here reigns leading. what is critical here reigns theory to yourpoint? its premise to deconstruction effectively western civilization.
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the white, euro, patriarchy capitollist system that must be torn down if we advance in the economic sense. nay thousand the class warfare wasn't going to fly in theth united states of america. instead our terrible past of racial injustice was more fertile grounds and it landed on critical race theory and in the way in which they could indict america from the very beginning. the covid-19 zoom classic comes into all of our homes and open up the laptop and in american history, they're teaching 16/19 as newfounding date and they're indicting america to be from the
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very beginning as being a terrible country. so that keep of logic at economic level made way through k through 12 and leads government constitution to say the deck la ration and constitution is in a trigger warning. they must be canceled and we need to find a newfounding date and all the wisdom that they had despite their flaws has to be rejected. that was the premise of critical theory from the very beginning. they used to only teach in higher education and >> they've
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been embedded and something like that appears on a website. >> well, explain. this is why you have to read this book. really well none. explained of course and the right has long held the right principles but the left controls the >> what i mean is local school boards and it's the line that they believe it should be timeless and they do stand on
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their own and it goes for all the positions and trying to deconstruct everything they did. we're not trying to be pessimistic in this book and you remember the stuff we covered on fox of parents rising up at school boards; right. loudoun county, virginia, glen youngkin gets elected and it's all amazing and heart warming
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sincerely but those types of actions in today east government we call them government schools, public schools are government schools and those types of actions we say in the book, i feel like it's like charging a four to five machine gun nest with new -f guns. we -- nurf guns. we absolute your effort but we're going to bury you all. see you later, next. she recognized it for what it is back then. she protested and pull it hadedt and at the central middle school. nothing happened. 99% of the other kids at forest
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lake high school went through that education and still got the program and now we're in the 95th iteration of that in minnesota. they controlled the pipeline of every aspect of the educational industrial complex. the unions being their powerful arm of that, but the teachers, colleagues, textbook, certification, accreditationsd are all hard left is and we want to dis-avow people of the idea that you can move to amo nice zp code or i'll move to a condition servetive community and everything is going to be okay. the problem is the pipeline has been federalized and taken under control.
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control. >> going to the hand of the progressive and what is with the education and what is the difference between the elite education and the best education and and princeton and harvard best and i did best open my diploma to harvard and write return to sender and mail it
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back to them. live on tv. >> phenomenal we hold them up as standard bears of excellence and capability and there's a cycle of perpetuation. it's not myco so calmed elite background and your alma maters too. unless you went to hillsdale or liberty or college of the ozarks and yours is pumping out dutifully leftists and marxist at the same time. take course work and improves the whole. we like the default and like the sports teams and is pump checks through the constitutions and might as well send straight to the democrat party. that's part of perpetuating that
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and perpetuate ago cycle that's hurting our country. what i'm talking about are david schools. i'm talking about classical christian schools at the k-12 level because my mentor at prince toll, his name is -- princeton, his name is robbie george and amazing constitutional conservative professor and there's now 25 outed conservatives on the faculty of princeton, all because of one man that started a constitution and built it and it's e if. there's a quote in the book where it used to be the liberal profession sores that licked their chops to get these naive students in college and now it's the opposite, it's the socialist state of the unions that get them and show up woke and indoctrinated. it's not higher education. higher education is gone. the problem is k-12.
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that's the focus of our book and they're consolidating that on k-12. when i talk about a great education, not an elite education, the kids david pumps out are elite. they're elite performers, they're elite critical thinkers and debaters. they'ree ready to go into the culture and engage and win. if you're an elite person and pay $27,000 so your kid can be woke, they're not elite. they're pipelines to the ivy leagues. these are pipelines to wisdom. timeless was the type of education that our founders receive and every time i talk to day of the accident the only thing i. would -- the first thiv i would say is if i learned
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almost nothing. if i look back at the social studies that i learned and we all took social studies. i bet you all d. guess what, all disciplines made up by marxists. all of them. if t used to be geography and philosophy and theology and civics and politics. they deconstructed it to dumb it down and make it a scientific method to explain it because there's no more truth. we got a progressive education and we didn't know it. what david is doing is unearthing a hidden form of education that the progressives almost completelyrt buried by te 1970s and is now give ago generation of americans a chance to actually get educated. my seventh grader that's been in a classical christian school for seven years understands ancient greece and rome better than i ever will and he's engaging with the ideas that the found herbs
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engage with and goes into a culture that washington is totally devoid of. that's what i call elite and would like to region it. >>-- redefine it. >> wow. >> following up on that and perhaps the two of you and this centers in your book, which you note is the problem is not what's being taught in our schools but what's not being taught in the schools. getting some examples of a classical christian education that you think will in fact develop elite thinkers. >> one of the things that we have a tendency to do is take for granted things and history gave us so long ago we've forgotten. the seven are the bases of inventory classical and they
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applied to anogent greece and going to form a republic or y,democracy and prepare your children to think or yourselves and listen to whatever doctrine and vote for the tyrant and you'll go back into tyranny. it was the fear of the greeks and the romans and the basis of this country when they built this country and that's why eagles are on our sanctions and many other roman artifact and hardening back to the idea that republic requires free thinking people. seven liberal arts and training how to use language well and logic and to think well through the study of both formal and informal logic and practice and we practice thinking. we don't tell kids what to
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think. we practice them in the art of good thinking.g. the different kind of education is notra one teacher standing in front of a room and telling 25 kids what to think. they're around tables and engaging and trying to learn the to argue well. and the third subject is rhetoric, which now is a dirty word because politics kind of shuffled it out and the comprehensive hole on the story and they'll follow you. it's thehe heart of a democracy and it's the heart of a republic of discourse in what we're seeing right now. this discourse is not being shut down from every angle. we cant stand to hear things. ...
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>> you feel like that is what
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you have lived in bed when you tip the capsized ship back right ways then it looks completely different that has david's movement since the 1980s to revive a0' lost form of education because it was almost completely gone the darkest days there was no such thing as classical christian they almost outlawed homeschooling. they tried toan outlaw all parochial school in oregon before that they would like to if they could think goodness for the supreme court that we got in maine among the other fabulous rulings. but it's been a good week for the founders. [applause] and for so many other fighters.
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>> you have to break down the assumptions what education means especially in the christiann context. that's why i think classical christian is so different. what we have tried to do is break down the preconceived notions that classical means outdated how people have looked at homeschooling which means weird or not socialized which is not the case. if you look at how it is done today and done so well it is amazing that they are doing with homeschooling. including pods, co-ops come online curriculumum and classical christian homeschooling this more options today than there have ever been. great education for your kids and grandkids which is one of the good news stories out of
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this. david has almost 500 brick-and-mortar classical christian schools in 46 states there is a bunch here in california. there's a bunch across the country. now for appearance and grandparents to say next to your family and next year faithth the next step you can take is where you educate your kids where they spend 16000 age between kindergarten and 12h grade. 16000 hours that was the original working title of the book the 60000 our war. do you really want to send your kids to 16000 hours of democrat camp? [laughter] because basically is basically what we're doing when we send our kids to 90 percent of the k-12 schools that exist in america today. even some thoseth articles david
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uncovered the progressives wrote about that. you would know better thanpr me. what chance to have against secular cheney then during the week. >> they knew from the beginning and then to do it ourselves as a movement from david ray so beautifully about this the social justice arm joins the progressives and the other say we're just here to save souls which is wonderful but basically were notot in the school business anymore. what it created at that moment? sunday school. so instead of sending kids to school monday through friday with god we take it out and
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send it to school for one hour on sunday and then you see what happens as a result. i would look at any closely school at the baseline prerogatives of what they teach and compare it again and you will see a stark .ifference >> exhibit a with deep educational state because it doesn'tea matter if you go to a christian high school or independent prep school they are all trained in the system. and then to get the same training as everybody else. the prescription in the book with different direction. >> tactical retreat.
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[laughter] >> sometimes you are t surrounded in the movement the first movement is retreat. and then for the educational insurgency the former welfareed of the week against a strong the small against the big. david started the insurgency through his schools and we are seeing. there is a movement there. [applause] >> turning to the audience for questions but some to trigger words that you said that the reagan foundation and institute were blessed giving collars on —- college scholarships every year between ten and 20 students. what we are finding those that have risen to the top have become finalist competitors are homeschooled it's a fascinating thing to watch.
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so from president reagan in his farewell speech to the nation january 1989. the president said, the informed patriotism is what we want. we have to do a good enough job to teach her children where america is what she represents the longis history of the world. and what it means to be an american we have to teach history based on not what is in fashion but what is important. if we forget what we did we will not know who we are. im morning of the eradication of the american memory that could result ultimately in and erosion of the american spirit. [applause]
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>> that was at the end of reagan's term he commissioned an educational assessment of america. and i haveas this right but essentially he said if a reformed can't you have done this he would've called an active war. >> so wait until there's a microphone before you ask your question. >> because of your education and the circles you travel and you encounter media from the left and have discussions with them on their positions and go back and forth urdu stay on
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one side? in? yourit work profession? >> just when i talk to juan williams. [laughter] [applause] i would love to. first of all i have a chance to work with the best in the business. but i will say this the left-wing media is not the most tolerant bench in the world these days. [laughter] not only were they not want to have a conversation with me, i have gone to some pretty left-wing universities. i'm happy to have a conversation with you knowing we disagree. and will come to a different conclusion but the problem is these days you talk to most members of the media on the left side of the aisle they will end by saying you are a racist. really.
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it is absolute mischaracterizations strongly and characterization of the opponent as less than human. the private conversations i havele left of center are wonderful because they are at a place that tolerate. i have a bunch of friends that worked at cnn were conservatives. every single one has gone running for the exits because eventually they are cornered and run out one —- run out and told how terrible they were as human beings especially they supported trump. find dorset on the shelf feel never be on tv. i've never met a liberal that works at fox that did not say this is the most wonderful place of ever worked. because we do tolerate. yes we have discussions on the air and have it out but at the end of the day i can ask them
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about their kids and their life in a will compliment me on the book. it can exist if you foster an environment that exist in our environment at fox is shared value that america is a good country. [applause] after that you can figure the rest out. >> thank you so much for both of you to be here. i have three y millennial kids that have not had kids yet. do you have a suggestion as to how we can communicate besides just giving them the book? it is a two-part question because i would like to be able to communicate that to
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two of the couples of my kids who are trying to have kids , to look at this but the other side is what can we do in the audience to help this movement? >> i talked to a gal last week you have the same question. she wasn't sure she was going to get him to read about that did watch the this education series it was influential they never heard that before so i would commend them on fox. >> i agree miseducation of america is a six part series on fox nation where we tell the abbreviated version of the book and film form and work with a great producer who put it together and did a phenomenal job. they will probably want to read it even more but i think ultimately coming at the top
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of —- topic of humility which is what i will do to mine some day when we make the choices we made w i had no idea. you will want the best for your kids and maybe i didn't know that because i wasn't so laid bare in front of me. but you will want to know for the best for your kids. do yourself a favor before your kid is five and read the book. also to be more intentional i can say this to californians who is in minnesota a hopelessly blue state to be more and more intentional about where you live meaning the city and the county live in. ship covid showing us how much impact the local control can have. so it is a map every classical
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christian school is a pin on a map and i would move to a school. that's what my wife and i are doing we are moving to a school. it is that important you cannot say but we'll pay property taxes. we moved to a place that is nice because of the schools and pay those property taxes. so does that sacrifice of each of your kids and their souls the way they view the world? >> there is another benefit to the whole movement so we just help the many independent schools. outsidee of us classical education in class a full testicle for the homeschool so if your kids cannot afford
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that homeschooling is available pod school. classical christian education is 2000 years old. >> i went through the whole catholic homeschool. but i had a big problem with what you said about progressive plan it was core curriculum. even though we homeschooled to the school here they still had core curriculum that we had to do. i stopped going there and said
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i will not do that anymore. i did things for his schooling and groups but then when we wanted to go back to high school for sports they wouldn't accept them here to go to an alternative school. i was so glad i was able to homeschool because it meant so much to me he turned out great. [laughter] he's an eagle scout but that big block why do we have to cater to the core curriculum i know that lbj decided he didn't want to have school buses for christians and catholics so he eliminated taking kids to christian
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schools i would like to turn that around to the core curriculum and how we do that. >> the school busting some take a great challenge to the supreme court these days. [laughter] i'm t serious. i think the core curriculum is how they consolidate the control. obviously. how do you navigate that? >> we don't. >> when you don't take the kings goal that some level homeschooling is not that. so testing at the high school level requires the core curriculum aspect that so theyfo try to box the parents in and it takes extra effort to do it on your own. that's why the next step is also as we talk about in the book, the sat just recently stopped testing for reasoning because that is racist. the same guy that took over
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the s sat is the same guy that wrote common core which is a federalization of standards under the obama administration. so the classical learning test. the sat for classical christian schools there is pipelines of curriculum there's accreditation. it is an entire ecosystem that has toe live parallel to a progressive pipeline that controls every single aspect to your point. >> but when he ran for president the first time where the main thingspa in his campaign was to get rid of the department of education like jimmy carter and after eight years of being president he was upset he could never get rid of the department of
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education. one of his great quotes is if we are nation under god and we are nation gone under and i quote that all the time when i speak to him people. other than that when can on —- where can i get a list of the schools for those of us with grandkids now? my parents sent me to a military academy. [laughter] i went to st. john's miniature alcatraz. [laughter] and brought up by the sisters of mercy. [laughter] and the jesuits. so god had fun with me from the very beginning. >> classical christian it will get you there fast and we are
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in association of like-minded independent schools. >> and one reason your dad is so adamant in getting rid of it he knew how and why it was created we break that down in the book as well the work rebecca has done t focuses on that. is to be conservative teacher association that the union movement turned around to endorse its first-ever presidential candidate 1976 the teacher union had half the delegates of the 76 convention endorsing jimmy carter. and jimmy carter was elected president he turned around and gave a gift to the same powerful teachers unions and they openly bragged at that moment there would be no
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department of education without the teachers union. so from the very beginning it has been a creation of the teachers unions. politicallyen they tried to make it impossible foror people to understand that because then you are anti- education which is w the problem so many other week mean republican senators and congressmen of the era were noti willing to make that move. i hope we are at a point how corrupter those are being again something like the department of education can be decoupled from being against education a corrupted it so much they created an opportunity to expose it. >> one last question. >> my grandkids are homeschooled my granddaughter is a sophomore at hillsdale.
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it is wonderful it is amazing and thatll colleges hard to get into bed they have a tremendous student body if you break the code you are kicked out what my granddaughter learned the hard way that she lied to her mother. bad mistakes and then i get the phone call and she said talk to emily. she lied to me about not doing homework. so i called my granddaughter and said lying about your homework is a problem. you've on the problem and you
12:54 am
fix it lying is a character flaw. you lost your confidence. never do that again. someone hillsdale interviewed her. she said yes. don't like yourself and my grandson just made eagle scout this month. [applause] >> i was just talking to jason on thes podcast and trey gowdy set all my years of prosecuting i never prosecuted when he gets a question about education and never had to prosecute a homeschooled kid h or anut eagle scout. [applause] and we have two of them here. those are parents you are ahead of the curve trying to do something for the kids and now there are brick-and-mortar options and more online options we can get to a
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critical mass we are pumping out four or five or 6 percent of graduates that can be part of the leadership change for the future. >> . >> seeing justeh on behalf of this terrific audience thank you so much. [applause] >> i guess personally, i would like to see us legalize one drug well and right now we're mingling the job with marijuana in my opinion. pink about it. what is one of the great lessons of the opioid epidemic? be careful what drug you make
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legal and widely available with wildest claims of the risk-free nature that's a whole story of opioids in a country but the opioid epidemic starts with legal drugs. is not the illegal drugs that start it is the doctors and pharmaceutical companies promoting the hell out of this which brings me to another part of the topic that i wrote about in the least of us and that is to say that i am not sure i don't believe that we have the kind of culture in america that will tolerate as much appetite for the type of government regulation that would be required to successfully legalize a drug in america.
12:57 am
others may be able to do it at no fear there is a culture we are too much against government intrusion but we're in the middle of climate change with as an existential threat to the planet but yet we're in california and other places we have literally made it the goal for what has been grown indoors. we are growing indoors with the enormous carbon footprint. why? because it benefits them. it doesn't benefit anybody else. so in this country we have the appetite for the serious regulation that is necessary to legalize drugs successfully.
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marijuana is a disaster it seems to me and loses track of all the lessons we should have learned in prohibition after prohibition was over we did not legalize all the stuff that made people blind but the pot world is filled the first of marijuana like that. but it seems like we need to step back go very slowly, very cautiously, take our time and to be aware that we are really bad at this. we don't know what we're doing but to me it feels right now in some states anyway very much or may be generally like alcohol pre- prohibition were anything goes. dave it's great tu
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today. i've been very much looking forward to our interview to discuss your new book. don't burn this country. >> it's great to be with you today looking forward to our interview to discuss your new book, don't burn the country. i know a few years ago you wrote but call don't burn this book. 's now you are building on and evolving on that book. i'm hoping that we can talk about what prompted you to write this book? >> it's good to be with you emily. the fir


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