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tv   U.S. Senate U.S. Senate  CSPAN  October 14, 2022 11:29am-11:33am EDT

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but that was the beginning of it. and that never reallylet up until just before the book came out . >> kthis is somebody who knows a thing or two about all this . >> might be about the sackler's. are you as pretentious as your wife says you are? >> for anyone who follows patrick on twitter he is a great follow .te >> thanks and. >> one other question obviously publicly. >> she called him incredibly pretentious. go ahead. >> just want to publicly thank you for what empire of pain has done shining a light ghon the family that's responsible for more deaths in america then any other family that i know of. and the other question is, to questions.
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in your new book which i actually got halfway through already story and someone said i can read one story, is there one what story would you recommend? >> we're going to break away to take you to the senate, part of our commitment to bring you live coverage of congress. we will take you back to tbook tv following what's expected to be a short pro forma session here on c-span2. >> the parliamentarians will read to medication to the senate. >> ctto the senate, under the provision the rule one paragraph three of the standing rules of the senate i hereby appoint the honorable jackie rosen a senator from nevada to perform the duties of the chair side patrick leahy, president pro tempore. >> senator from delaware.
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>> i ask unanimous consent to be recognized notwithstanding the order that no business being conducted during today's pro forma session. >> i asked consent notwithstanding the order it be in order for committees to report legislative business from 10:30 a.m. until 11:30 a.m. tuesday october 18 2022 and that the senate stand in adjournments in accordance with the orders of september 29 and october 11, 2022 four previously ordered pro forma sessions. >> without objection i. >> under the previous order and the senate stands adjourned until 11:30 a.m. on tuesday, october 18 2022. >> the senate holding a brief session between now and the november midterm elections. no votes are planned until monday, november 14 and as always you can find the senate life here on c-span2 now we take you back to our book tv programming.
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>> guzman is your unfiltered view of government funded by these television companies and more including media,. >>. >> giving you a front row seatto democracy . >> middle and high school students it's your time to shine, participate in this year's cam documentary competition . in light of the upcoming midterm elections that you yourself as the newly elected member of congress. we asked tye


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