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tv   Senate Republican Party Leaders Hold News Conference  CSPAN  November 30, 2022 12:27am-12:45am EST

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the world changed in an instant, but mediacom was ready. schools and businesses went virtual and we powered a new reality because at mediacom, we are built to keep you ahead. >> supporting c-span as a public service along with these others giving you a front row seat to democracy. >> senate minority leader mitch mcconnell comments on the recent
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dinner former president trump had. the remarks came as the senate republican leaders briefed the press on capitol hill. other topics included the spending bill, competition with china and energy prices good afternoon, everyone. first, let me just say there is no room in the republican party for anti-semitism or white supremacy. anyone meeting with people advocating that point of view in my judgment are highly unlikely to ever be elected president of the united states.
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second, senator schumer, speaker pelosi and leader mccarthy and i had a meeting with the president earlier today to go over a range of issues that we are all familiar with at the end of the session. the president indicated support for legislation. i believe i heard we are likely to see that on the floor later this week. second, we had a robust discussion and this will continue in the coming weeks over the way to end the session with regards to government spending. it's a difficult choice frankly. if you were interested in reducing spending, probably the best way to do that would be a
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one-year cr. on the other hand if you are concerned about the country and the funding of the ukraine war, somewhat hesitant to go that direction. i have members in a variety of different positions on this and i think the way forward continues to discuss it and to see what is in the best interest of the country to see how many people we can bring together on both sides of the aisle to figure out how to finish off this year sometime over christmas. ..
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>> . >> at droid document despite this fact. the democrats recently passed $80 billion doesn't include
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any accountability for how the $80 billion can be used and only 4 percent was allocated to improving taxpayer services. it is clear that the irs's right for reform i have introduced multiple bills to address this issue. one of which is with sarah crapo to protect taxpayers who make less than 400,000 on —- $40000 per year from being audited this would make it clear senator collins and i have introduced legislation for customer services reach the more acceptable level and senator grassley and i have introduced a bill of how the new irs funds are spent freezing those for congress for approval we can protect
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taxpayers and improve the irs. but it is not by handing them a blank check for $80 billion and another 87002 new employees are has to be accountability for the american people and we insist that we will get it. >> i had a chance this thanksgiving to spend time with soldiers serving our nation. i do this every are for thanksgiving this year with 15 marines and air men and women who are currently stationed in okinawa japan halfway around the world eyeball to eyeball is communist china and want to think them for the sacrifices they are making on behalf of our nation. i also hear from them as well
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as commanders in the field the situation on the ground. what i hear from them is china is getting more aggressive , more assertive in the daily interactions with communist china. hours soldiers are ready, able, and prepared to fight when the president makes us less ready and less prepared by surrendering our on strategic advantages as a nation. in the world economy the universal currency is energy. and the democrats are forcing us to keep american energy in the ground. china knows that energy is a long-term weapon. they gain strength and economic strain by using all
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of their energy resources and they will not commit economic or military suicide by showing concerns about the environment. with the joe biden's wishful thinking. and just last week at the climate conference in egypt once again. john kerry to set up a slush fund for paying reparations and china the largest polluter is contributing is nothing in
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terms of payment. and they continue to do great damage to our economy and national security. >> a few weeks ago the rules committee the electoral count act a huge bipartisan vote and then the three things that it does are the most important to further clarify the role of the vice president counting the electoral votes. and then to challenge votes
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than that disruptive language about what they would do with the failed election. and the for this congress sends. >> i talked to folks back home in red oak iowa and it is cold and miserable and nasty and unfortunately that means folks need to heat their homes. but we saw not too long ago the democrats in full force with that inflation reduction act we have not seen a decrease in inflation the cost of fuel has gone up so for folks back on to heat their
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homes they are facing extraordinary cost and bills. we have heard many americans americans are turning their heaters often it's like living in an igloo. this is tough times for america so what we need the democratic friends to do is wake up and see the energy policies are hurting american families. we have turned out to countries that are dictatorships like venezuela to help ease the pain in the united states. knowing full well we have resources that are fingertips. please wake up. and then to ease the burdens on american families.
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>> and then to say they go over budget that they are shocked balancing the budgets every year eight years in a row to pay down debt and a business person you have to balance your budget. now we are stuck democrats have decided they will not let us know and then floridians as senator thin said they are frustrated with more irs agents and frustrated with military members kicked out because they did not get a vaccine. a few weeks ago these issues we have to address.
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>> you characterize the consternation in your conference with the spending bill. >> you just have to work a little harder. we have mixed views. >> and those that may be inclined to vote against it. >> doing that is to great.
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>> would you support donald trump if he wins the nomination? >> there is simply no room and the republican party for white supremacy or anti-semitism. >> [inaudible] >> i have been voting and i will be voting later. >> [inaudible] >> what i have said as majority leader we would have passed months ago and wrote the appropriations bills so that we did not end up at the
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end of the year with a massive bill. the majority leader and then to decide the order once we do these things. but that is what we have done. [inaudible conversations]
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