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tv   [untitled]    July 10, 2012 9:30pm-10:00pm EDT

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c-span every day at 7:00 a.m. eastern. coming up at 10:00 a.m. eastern, the house agriculture committee holds a markup to -- the measure sets policies and programs for the agriculture department for 2017. this version differs from the bill senators passed last month. including cuts to the food stamp program and consolidating more than 100 agriculture programs. you can see live coverage of the markup starting at 10:00 a.m. eastern here on c-span 3. >> we have great threats to our existence today as a nation. and i would think in my opinion greater than any threat we've ever faced. whether it's been our civil war or revolutionary war. whether it's been world war ii. whether it's been the
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depression. and that threat comes to us because we've spent the last 30 years in this country spending money that we did not have on things we did not absolutely need and the bill is do. >> colorado christian university held a western conservative issue summit featuring speakers from the netherlands and this country. watch the forum at the c-span video library. the association of former members of congress honored gabrielle giffords tuesday with a distinguished service award. the arizona congresswoman resigned from her house seat earlier this year to focus on her recovery after being shot while attending a constituent event in tucson. representative debbie wasserman schultz accepted the honor on giffords behalf. this is ten minutes.
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>> it is my distinct honor truly an honor and a privilege to present our 2012 distinguished service award to representative gabrielle giffords of the great state of arizona. bestowing our association's highest award on gabby giffords was an easy decision. in all her endeavors in public service, she's held and led by example in commendable distinction and courage. i've seen her as a unifying force on the house floor as well as in the nation. as you well know, her challenging schedule which includes focusing on getting well and still working on those issues that are so dear to her absorbs her time. therefore, we didn't want to impose any further on her schedule, but we are thrilled that on her behalf, one of her very best friends in the house of representatives,
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congresswoman debbie wasserman schultz will accept the award on gabby's behalf. but before we invite her to come up and make comments, another friend of gabby's, our former member, jim kolbe of arizona, i'd like to invite him to make a few comments. >> jim? >> madam speaker, gentle lady from maryland, connie, thank you very much for yielding to me. it's a wonderful privilege to be back with my colleagues, former members here today on the floor of the house of representatives and especially for me to be able to participate in this award. i have the privilege of serving for 22 years in the house of representatives representing district 5 and then district 8 in the house of representatives, district 5 and 8 from the state of arizona. i retired in 2007 and was
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succeeded by representative gabrielle or as we all know and love her, gabby giffords. but my association with gabby runs back much further than that. when i was in tucson even before i became a member of the arizona state legislature, i knew gabrielle giffords and her family who were a prominent business family in tucson. and she was deeply involved in the community even then as a very young woman. i had the privilege of serving -- not serving with her, but alongside of her, serving from here while she was in the arizona state legislature. she had a very distinguished career in the legislature. as she did here, reaching across the aisle, accomplishing legislation because she was able to talk to people to compromise and reach those kinds of decisions that needed to be
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made. she's been involved for years in education with young people in our community. she's loved by virtually everybody in arizona and certainly in tucson. when i announced my retirement shortly before 2006, gabby giffords quickly jumped into the race as a sitting member of the arizona state legislature. she didn't hesitate. she left the legislature to campaign full-time. she threw herself as she did with everything, body and soul, into this campaign to serve here in congress. and even though i had represented as the republican for 22 years, she won quite easily in 2006 as a democrat. and then, of course, was re-elected in 2008 and re-elected again in 2010 in a district that was at least nominally, marginally republican
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in its registration. an indication, i think, of how gabby giffords is able, was able and continues to be able to reach across the aisle. after she was elected to the congress, i became -- got to know both gabby and her husband, then later husband, mark kelly, a lot better and it was a wonderful relationship that they had together and a wonderful relationship that i had with them and the relationship they had with our community. again, loved by everyone. gabby was successful, i think, because she did reach across the aisle. because she didn't worry about partisan labels. because she thought about how she could accomplish things. and it is in that spirit that following in the tragic accident we have formed the national institute of civil discourse which has been mentioned here in
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and our new executive director is with us here today. i think it is a real tribute to gabby and a real tribute to all of us who care about bipartisanship and about achieving things in this house of representatives that this organization came about in her spirit. i think gabby is the definition of an eternal optimist. the matter -- no matter what kind of trouble she faces, no matter what travails, she's always cheerful. always looking forward. always looking up and always thinking about what is the very best kind of what is happening in our community and our state and what -- and how she can make things better for all of us. so it is a great pleasure, i think, for our association to make this award to somebody who i think has made a real
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contribution to bipartisanship in the house of representatives. and i now would ask representative debbie wasserman schultz to come forward with me here and to accept this award on behalf of congressman gabby giffords. debbie, thank you for joining me here at the podium. we hope you will let gabby know as we have already done how much we miss her and how much we appreciate her good work and how honored we are that she is receiving this award. we have also invited members to send personal note to them which we've collected in this -- in a book which i'm going to hand to you here in just a moment. it's a great pleasure and honor for me to present our 2012 distinguished service award to gabrielle giffords of arizona. if i can have the plaque. >> yes. as a matter of fact, mr. kolbe may i read it. it's small print. the 2012 distinguished service
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award is presented by the united states association of former members of congress to congresswoman gabrielle, gabby giffords for her exceptional public service and bravery in the face of adversity. through her efforts on the house armed services committee, the house science, space and technology committee, the subcommittee on air and land forces, the subcommittee on readiness, the subcommittee on technology and innovation and as chairwoman of the subcommittee on space and aeronautics, congresswoman giffords worked tirelessly to represent not only arizonans, military families and veterans but all americans. congresswoman giffords served her country with honor reaching across party lines to forge bipartisan solutions to our nation's problems. even after the tragic events of january 8, 2011, congresswoman
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giffords continues to inspire all americans with her incredible strength, courage and perseveran perseverance. congresswoman giffords is an example to us all and her former colleagues from both sides of the aisle salute her. washington, d.c., july 10, 2012. all of that is on this plaque, along with the portfolio of letters of congratulations. >> thank you very much. [ applause ] >> thank you so much. madam president, madam chair, wow, all on one plaque. that's impressive. i'm just going to set it down for a moment. i also, madam president, have additional letters that were sent to my office for the book. so i'm the repository going forward. so i'll make sure that we add to this for gabby.
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good morning. thank you, congressman coleby. i hope to not join for quite a while but that i'm really glad exists and exists in a bipartisan way. because it's important to note, especially given that the struggles that we're going through right now to come together and work together that there isn't a republican former members of congress association or democratic former member of the congress association, there's one united association. we're all americans and we should all work hard to work together. i also want to acknowledge the presence of gabby's former chairman of the armed services committee, my former colleague from missouri. wonderful to be with you. there really is no one more suited to receive your association's highest award, the distinguished service award, than my dear friend, gabby giffords.
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gabby, as has already been said but can't be too often repeated has led by example. as an incredible public service woman and friend. gabby was the third woman to be elected to serve in the u.s. house. gabby's worked tirelessly over the years to represent not only arizonans, military families and veterans but all americans. here in congress, we all came to recognize that bright smile of gabby's, which is so often what people refer to when they're talking about her. as she reached across party lines to forge bipartisan solution toss our nation's problems. in doing so, she inspired so many people with her strength in the wake of unimaginable tragedy and heartbreak. for more than a year, she's been working hard every day to get back to full strength. gabby never does anything halfway and her service in congress, as well as her recovery is no exception. i'm so proud of my friend for her commitment to her constituent, to her work ethic and her perseverance.
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it will always be one of the great treasures of might have life to have met gabby giffords, to have served with her in congress but especially to share our special friendship. she's always been an inspiration to me and seeing her become an inspiration to the world warms my heart i'm sure, as much as it warms yours. i know that you all believe as gabby does that our country must be strong enough to come together to solve the challenges before us. compared to the object stack als that gabby has overcome, surely this is an attainable goal. we must recommit ourselves to fulfill the promises of our democracy. a commitment to making america stronger so everyone can fulfill their american dream. this association, really is the epitome, the example. you could lead by example. and be the catalyst and help us forge the way toward compromise, toward working together. so many of you looking across the chamber have served in the time when relationships were much tighter.
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that when the fabric interwoven between the two parties was really thicker. and we could learn from your experience and i would urge you and encourage you to reach out to the leadership of both parties in the congress and try to help us. because we're going to have a better nation if we work together. i know it's possible. you know, even from the political position that i hold in addition to my service in congress, i know that it's possible. i know that there are committed members on both sides of the aisle. i work with them every day. i would urge you to extend your involvement in the political and public policy process and help us make things work and get things done. so on behalf of gabby and her husband, mark kelly, thank you for recognizing her today. i know it means a great deal to both of them. thank you so much. [ applause ] on washington journal
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wednesday, we'll look at the tax provisions of the affordable care act with donald marron with the urban brookings tax policy center and joseph henchman from the tax -- we'll be joined by editor of men's health magazine to talk about the recent story on surveillance across the u.s., including which studies are the most watched. washington journal is live on c-span every day at 7:00 a.m. eastern. coming up at 10:00 a.m. eastern, the house agriculture committee holds a markup to work on the 2012 farm bill. the measure sets policies and programs for the agriculture department for 2017. this version differs from the bill senators passed last month. including cuts to the food stamp program and consolidating more than 100 agriculture programs. you can see live coverage of the markup starting at 10:00 a.m. eastern here on c-span 3.
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shreveport in march. april in little rock. oklahoma city, may. wichita in june. and this past weekend in jefferson city. watch for the continuing travels of c-span's local content vehicles every month on book tv and american history tv and next month, look for the history and literary culture of our next stop, louisville, kentucky, the weekend of august 4th and 5th on c-span 2 and 3. the house will vote on a bill to repeal the 2010 health care law on wednesday. the supreme court's ruling on the health care law was a topic of this year's western conservative summit in denver. at the event, william bennett, former education secretary under president reagan, said the high court's credibility took a major beating when it upheld the affordable care act. his remarks are 50 minutes.
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>> this morning a member of colorado's republican congressional delegation you will meet more as the summit goes on. in 2010, the summit became and i'm not exaggerating a booster rocket that i believe significantly helped colorado do what it had never done before, and that is turn over two congressional seats in one election. [ applause ] we hope summit 2012 has a similar booster rocket effect for winnable congressional seats, one of which newly with this year's map, one of which is now the formerly democrat locked second congressional district. it isn't just boulder anymore,
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it stretches north and east towards fort collins and larimer county. after a spirited primary this tuesday between two good friends of centennial institute, the nominee whom you met briefly last night to become the next republican congressman from colorado district 2 is ccu alumnus, ccu former trustee, invaluable to each year's summit and many other centennial events with his videographer and he's on duty now, we'll call him up to tell you about his aspiration to turn cd 2 back to the red republican column. welcome state senator kevin lundberg. [ applause ] >> thank you very much, john. i appreciate just a moment or two. of course, as we all know, this past week the roberts court gave congress a blank check of power
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over we the people in our 50 individual states. the court may have turned this election into a referendum on obama care. or shall i call it obama tax? a referendum on the sovereign authority of every state government and the freedom of every citizen. if the court cannot follow the constitution, we need a congress that can. [ applause ] and that, ladies and gentlemen, is why i am running for congress. we need a congress that will repeal obama tax and once again hold high the limited government principles of life and liberty. i'm challenging gerald polis in the second congressional district because he's a part of the big central government agenda that is dismantling our constitutionally-based, limited
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government, federalist system. i'm running, but i can't do it on my own. i'm running because i believe that's my role. but, again, it can't happen without a big army army of peop. jared polis is, some say, the richest democrat in the u.s. house. and that's a daunting obstacle, but i look out across the people here and i look at the several hundred people that have already stepped up and i know we can make a difference. but i ask for your help today. we've got a booth space out on the exhibit hall on that side of things. please drop by and pick up a
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contribution envelope. we must make a difference this year. if we can dislodge obama's jared polis, we will make history, and ladies and gentlemen, this year, we must make history. thank you very much. >> colorado state senator and we hope soon to be the colleague of corey gardner, doug lamborn, scott at this pointon and mike kaufman in a republican congressional delegation. congratulations on your primary win, senator lundberg and we hope soon to be calling you congressman lundberg. now, if you're anything like me, and i know i certainly am -- >> [ laughter ] >> you were tremendously impressed at summit 2011 with
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former pennsylvania senator rick santorum who was part of last year's terrific doubleheader on opening night, along with the governor of texas, rick perry. if you're anything like me, and you live in colorado and you participated in our caucuses in february, you were gratified to help senator santorum win a dramatic upset and sweep those caucuses. if you're anything like me, you've been also gratified to see him strongly fall in behind the imperative to replace barack obama with a conservative minded republican such as mitt romney. we're pleased that senator santorum has sent us a special video message to the summit this year, since he and karen had hoped to attend in person, but they're on a well earned family vacation this week. let's hear now from senator rick santorum by video.
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>> i'm sorry i can't be with you at the western conservative summit. i certainly enjoyed my time there last year, and i greatly appreciated the warm welcome and response that i get at the summit. more importantly i just want to thank all the folks of colorado for the wonderful surprise, i think, of all of the states that we ended up winning, we won 11 of them, i don't know of any that was more of a shock and certainly did more to boost our campaign effort than our win in the caucuses in colorado. so to all my friends and supporters out there, i just want to say thank you so so much for giving us the opportunity to have our voice be heard in the primary election process. and for my voice to be heard, so is yours. that's one of the reasons that we decided to start patriot voices, which is a website and an organization that is to make sure that that conservative voice, your voice, continues to be heard, not just throughout this election process, as we
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campaign for candidates all over the country, to make sure the conservatives are nominated and then of course, elected in the general election. also to make sure that your voice on the issues that we brought to the forum, the issues of faith and family, freedom and opportunity, making sure that we stuck to the traditional values of this country and the founding principles of this country. that that vision continues to be front and center in this election and beyond as we hope, after electing conservatives and republicans in the general election, mitt romney to house and senate candidates across the country, that we hold their feet to the fire and we continue to be that voice of strong conserve timp. i wanted to encourage you to do your job out west, some engaging primaries that i've been involved in and continue to be involved in and of course some tough general election fights to hold on to some senate seats and
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to pick up a few that will be necessary for us to get the majority to work with mitt romney to make that happen. i want to thank you for the opportunity for being here today. i want to congratulate all the great organizers, my friends who put this event together. and i want to encourage that this is the most important election in the history of our country. it is our watch. it is a time when you've seen from the president's abuse of power, we saw most recently with his usurpation of congressional authority, his change of position on ga marriage, the destruction of the economy through the regulatory and the tax ma gedon that's on the way if he is re-elected. this president is someone who has to be stopped from doing great harm and disruption to this country. this is a turning point. we need your help and support to get out there and make it happen
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out west. two years ago we had a great election cycle across this country, except out west. we cannot let that happen this time around. so i encourage you to join patriot voices, to get involved with campaigns across this country, and to make a difference for the conservative cause in this election cycle. thank y'all very much. god bless you. [ applause ] >> senator rick santorum, as we would have expected, not leaving the battlefield at all, continuing to fight under new colors for his conservative agenda that you and i largely share. i was trying to think what they call the mass transit system in the philadelphia area, don't they call is septa? that may have been filmed in a septa station. i think it's a symptom of what happens when you spend your campaign budget down, but you
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still have intentions of getting your word out to your friends in the west. speaking of hearing things loud and clear, lots of us in colorado and up and down the front range don't know what we would do without 710 k and u.s. radio, sisterication kzmt 1410 and the whole sailem radio network, which will be very well represented at the summit today because we've got another one on tap for this evening. his friendly rival, i'm not sure whether the rival or the friend part dominates on any given day, but we're absolutely delighted that william j. bennett heard every weekday on 710 k in the u.s. and across the salem
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network is our speaker. i want to give a moment to a great friend of ccu, centennial institute and western conservative summit from the day bee began creating the summit two and a half years ago, the general manager of 710 knus in denver, for upon purposes of an introduction of bill bennett, please welcome our great friend brian taylor. >> thank you, john. appreciate all the work that you and the centennial institute do. and also to you, senator armstrong, thank you so much. i think the first time i was around and you ellen's dinner table, but certainly has grown to quite a vision. we appreciate that. big week in media. not always such great news, but when you combine things like with the fires and health care decision and the president coming to town, these are the things we all live for. although i didn't miss the
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president's comments. did he say we were the 56th state or the 57th state? i'm not sure. my 90-year-old mother says always say something nice, so i had to think about this. rose garden is looking good this year. obviously his golf swing has really picked up. he's got -- i like his dog a lot, bo. and you know, bo has papers. just want to point that out too. [ applause ] thanks so much. we are so proud to be a partner with this event. it's a publicly owned broadcasting company. and we're the parent company of 710 knus and some of the other radio stations that you'll find here in town, we are primarily a christian broadcaster, also focusing on family


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