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tv   1965 U.S. Army Documentary Tried by Fire  CSPAN  December 28, 2014 12:56pm-1:01pm EST

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the c-span local content vehicles are going, next, online at content. you are watching american history tv, all weekend, every weekend. >> today at 6:30, "project runway" cohost, tim gunn hosts a discussion on holiday decorations and traditions at the white house, including lyndon b. johnson and chief usher, gary walters. you're on the c-span three american history tv. >> each week we help to tell the story of the 20th century. >> 70 years ago, 1944, the german army launched operation
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on the rhine. in a plan by adolf hitler to surprise the allies and capture the belgian port of antwerp. paul newman chronicles the story of the 84th infantry division and it includes american and german veterans reflecting on their experience a few years later. >> i dug out a pair of blue silk pajamas and i put them in my bedroll. i put them on, i crawled into my bedroll to sleep for the night. of course, this news spread through the battalion immediately.
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>> these are the men that served in the division that distinguished itself in critical engagements during world war ii. this story could be the story of any division where courage endurance, and self-sacrifice become commonplace. >> it reminds you of the kinds of things that the american people are made of. the mortar shell came in and wounded several men. per one man it was almost in
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arms reach of me. i tried to comfort the man, but in all this time -- i shall never forget this -- the man was trying to apologize for me -- to me from being hit. he would not get to carry on and continue the fight. >> situated as it was they received the full weight of the german attack. for the men of the 84th, there was no question as to what must be done. see it next, on "the big picture." >> this afternoon on "reel america" we feature the 1965
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episode of "the big picture" narrated by actor paul newman. december marks the 70th anniversary of the world war ii battle of the bulge and the film chronicles the story of the 84th infantry division during the battle including american and german veterans reflecting on their experience. that is today at 4:00 eastern on c-span3's american history tv. >> president obama announced major changes to american policy towards cuba including restoration of full diplomatic relations and easing of banking and travel restrictions. next, author lars schoultz presents a history of u.s. policy toward cuba since the cuban revolution and what he deems are the failures of 10 administrations. his book is titled "that infernal little cuban republic: the united states and the cuban revolution." this program was recorded in 2009.


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