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tv   Films on Cuba and Fidel Castro  CSPAN  December 28, 2014 6:27pm-6:31pm EST

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agonal along the wabash river from attica and to the southwest. those trains went diagonally across the city. you had one set of tracks -- you will see this on the map. one set, you had to have hospitals on either side. you had to have fire stations on either side. you always had excuses for why you are late. you said, the train held me up. everybody would believe you. it was probably true. ultimately, you begin to see railroad cars built here, and at one time, the largest employer in tippecanoe county. they moved their shops from salem, indiana, and moved them here to lafayette. you had railroad cars being built here. lafayette, its location near the river, the resources, the people here, a significant number of enterprising people -- those are all the reasons why lafayette became significant.
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>> you are watching american history tv, all weekend, every weekend on c-span 3. to join the conversation, like us facebook at c-span history on . each weeks american history tv's "reelamerica" brings you stories that help tell the story. >> 1 million peasants jam the square before cuba's -- before the sixth anniversary. it is perhaps the greatest mass rally ever staged in the western hemisphere. a telling demonstration of castro's sway. showing another aspect of his character, the unpredictable castro dons a baseball uniform to pitcher full inning and a benefit game for his agrarian land reform fund. his new president tosses the
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first ball and the game is on. castro pitching is credited with striking out the team. that is one game where the ump has to be careful. viva fidel. for many castroubans, the years before 1959 were hard. the peasants barely owned the land they worked so hard to till. life in city slums was depressing. filth and disease florist, but most of these poor cubans suffered their life almost as if they were unaware there was another way to live. when fidel castro is ready to come out his support is based not on the poor but on the middle class. ironically it is the
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knowledgeable who form the advance army of the revolution. but when the pied seeks to broaden the support for bread and peace, the poor are there to listen. many believe, few doubt the revolution is a success. castro's brother raul is a self or claimed communist. his close associate che guevara has participated in an article from revolution and. in the enthusiasm of the revolution, few cubans believe that fidel castro will ever turn communist. at first he promises free elections and acknowledges many of the rights of citizens and this established institutions of government. but the elections never take place, and the government quickly becomes an instrument of coercion. the takeover is a success. [gunfire]


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