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tv   Discussion on Birthright Citizenship  CSPAN  November 2, 2015 8:00am-9:03am EST

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captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2008 they would still be excluded. >> that's right. we're consenting to them being temporarily here. we are not consenting to them becoming part of the body politics. they are temporary sojourners subject to territorial jurisdiction while they're here but not subject to the more complete jurisdiction. it's perfectly consistent to draw the line between those who are lawfully permanently domiciled here, those who are lawfully temporarily here and those who are not here lawfully at all. >> in both cases we are talking about people who don't have allegiance. they are foreign nationals.
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>> but at some point, the notion of allegiance is kind of a continuum. the final end point of it is citizenship but somebody who has taken up lawful permanent residence is manifesting a degree of allegiance that's dramatically different than any allegiance owed to people who are temporarily here whose only allegiance is to comply with the laws while they're here, but not anything to the body politic. >> let's take -- we have time for one more question. let's come right down here. >> thank you. i'm a congressional reporter for the hispanic outlook. i'm sorry i'm late. you're right on the questions i was wondering about, what the subject of the jurisdiction means, allegiance or subject to the laws. we won't even get into bicitizenship, dual citizenship. where does allegiance come in on that when people have two citizenships. but my question is, what's happening now with the illegal community is that they are being
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now waived from many laws, and so how does subject to the jurisdiction of the laws pass for the right to birthright citizenship when they are now being waived from labor laws, immigration laws, deportation, just about any law that would require them to be punpunished, they are now being waived from. how did they get birthright citizenship -- >> when they are not even subject to the law itself. yeah. let me take first stab. i think jim will agree with me on this. one of the more silly arguments that i think has been made is that if eastman, if you are right about subject to their jurisdiction, then we can't even prosecute illegal immigrants for coming here illegally because they're not subject to our laws. i think jim will agree with me that if there are in fact two different understandings of subject to the jurisdiction, subject to the laws and subject


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