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tv   Politics and Public Policy Today  CSPAN  November 16, 2015 3:30pm-7:01pm EST

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themselves. since my visit we have yet not been able to agree on specific authorities in both syria and iraq. however, at the regional level, i am pleased to report that concluding a framework of cooperation with the league of arab states which can cauterize have emphasized we must ensure protection and consistently included as a center consideration in all effort to prevent violent, extremism and counterterrorism prevent violence extremism. third, we must undertake legislative and other measures to announce protection a'd warning and risk mitigation. this includes program to support and women's group who are1/xñ t front line.
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legislative frameworks have[ív idps. girls and to secure the status thousands of children who risk becoming stateless generations. 52h support to survivors of sexual + violence. critical services of survivals in syria as well as neighboring countries and this shall extent to support programs. fifth, no meaningful actions can be taken in the absence of knowledge. therefore, we must invent information, analysis, documentation on sexual violence as a basis for advocacy and action at all levels. we must be relentless in our [.dprosecution of sexual violen
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of crimes. combatting impunityóvixy is a k aspect of deterrence and ultimate prevention. this will 1ñ primarily entail and global and regional level require new approaches and frameworks to dilute unprecedentedhdap juries dictio and challenges. cou'tries. finally, we must livext÷ñ up to qéjh ensure women's participation in )ñnñ wñ processes and explicit inclusion of conflict related sexual violencñ stated, nothing about us without us. the strategy and vision targeted initiated under the seven
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priority areas. catalytic in nature, filling critica& gap and strengthen overall response. if my capacity u.n. action would bring entities, the network to propose and take theñr÷ lead on specific initiatives in accordance with t åñch respect advantages. the strategy issue shared vision of priorities and in sz doing and as overall coordination. political and financial support and that of other member states% will be absolute crucial. weeks and months to share more details about a strategy and rely on your steadfast commitment. amman, jordan, to attend a meeting organized by the office of the special advise on the prevention of genocide and the responsibility to protect
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with 25 religious leaders and conviction that the role of community, religious and ing silence survivors are embraced by their families and communities rather than stigmatize and shun. peace and respect for women, which is at heart of islam. it is essential that we engage and empower them as one of the enough to defeat defeat the ideology they are propagating. i would like to conclude by flagging one of the greatest
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challenges of the agenda for syria and the middle east and beyond. how do we enforce compliance of this will require new approaches and tools. obviously, it will not be possible to engage terrorist groups like icele and other extremists of their kind. however, we need to make calculated and strategic with nonstate actors to ensure and that will take attention.% >> thank you for your briefing. i now give the floor to miss laila zarugi. >> thanks, madam president. ladies and gentlemen.
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>> translator: allow me to begin, the current f france and thent french people and representatives of other peoples who are with us work all of the paris and beirut all to us in the most tragic fashion that we are all vulnerable to violent extremism. today more than ever, we must come together and work together to find solutions to the extended conflicts that can feed these acts of terror. >> thank the u'ited kingdom, presidency of the security council and the secretary of state for international develoñment for this opportunity to brief you on the situation of children syria. syria continues to have disastrous humanitarian consequences for children, and i
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highlighted some of what is happening. after five years of intensifying hostilities and in the absence of inn nat /* innate humanitarian lieu continue to be violated dalely. increasing outflow of refugees and displacement democrat straight deteriorating. displaced are children. madam president, children are exploited by pa jeopardized by attacks on schools.
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drawing up an information documented througñ the monitoring and reporting mechanism in 2015 i briefly will focus on threq of six great recruitment, attacks on schools, it will complement briefings by my esteemed colleagues. mr. o'brien has already briefed you civilian casualties of the conflict. was estimated at 10,000 in 2014 and is expected to have increased significantly. 2015. the majority of children having been kill or injured as a result indiscriminate attacks conflict in violation of international humanitarian law.ñ
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area of bombardments of civilian areas byzy?m syrian government forces including the use of bombs and successive air strikes have continued to cause a significant proportion of verified child casualties in 2015. for example, in may a bomb attack on a school in aleppo city killed six children and injured 20. the indiscriminate sharing of densely populated area, example, on 15 september, 19 children were killed, and another 85 injured, by more than 100 rockets and mortars fired by armed opposition groups in area of aleppo city. on 26 september, another 19
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children were killed, and 21 injured by a mortar fired from a government position into a park. isil has committed brutal atrocities against children. while it has been difficult to verify cases of grave violation this group continue to be reported. this includes recent horrific video footage allegedly portraying the masç execution of 200 children. it has also been reported that children recruited by isil have conflict, the rifbsk jt grave violation of children increases. it is reported that children have also been killed and maimed in air strikes conducted by
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international forces. i reiterate that all par÷ies to conflict must abide by their humanitarian law, in principal the proportion nationality. the ongoing methods and means of warfare, which failed to distinguish between civilians and combatants and the use of indiscriminate weapons in populated areas are a clear violation of these obligations. madam president, continuing future of the conflict in syria is the widespread recruitment and use of children by all nonstate armed groups, including affiliated groups. isil and nusra front have also recruited and used children to perpetrate acts of extreme
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violence. reports have been received of armed groups targeting children as young as 7, 8 years of age, and forcibly recruiting children through coercion of family and abductions. isil allegedly recruited up to 400 children in the first quarter of 2015. and the united nations has verified cases of their use of foreign children. indoctrination and military training of children play an important role in recruitment by isil and al nusra front. children have received military training in three isil centers in aleppo and raqqah. in addition, isil opened kindergarten for boys in raqqah can nusra front instructed
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communities in id lib to send boys age 8 to 12 to education syrian government forces have arrested and detained children for alleged association with armed groups. there are verified cases of children who were subjected to torture during detention and of the death of children in custody. i reiterate that children recruited and used by armed groups are victims and should be treated as such. madam president, at the end of september 2015, over a quarter of all schools in syria, about 6,000 school, were fully or partially destroyed. the united nations has verified att government forces, isil, and al armed groups in 2015.
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in addition, military use of schools by syrian government forces in id lib led to the target big armed opposition groups. prior to the conflict, primary school enrollment was almost universal in syria. now the right to education has been compromised by hostilitieh, displacement, and restriction in isil-held areas. an estimated 2 million internally displaced children and 700,000 refugee children are not pátending schools. we are witnessing a generation at risk of not receiving an education. with serious long of-term consequences for the future of the children. we can mitigate the consequences if the international community makes significant investmentñin protecting education and providing education emergencies.
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madam president, ex-le lex len e years of conflict has taken a toll on the likes of children. i urge all parties to respect their obligation international law and violations agar'st children and personal accountability for violation. to this end it is critical that every member state with influence on the parties to the conflict play a constructive role. since my first visit to syria in 2012, r have repeatedly stated z the conflict in syria. finally there is now a broader consensus that a political solution must be reached. the acknowledgement of the linkage between a cease-firek(gd
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international syria support group in vienna this weekend and the willingness of participants to confidene building measures that contribute to a viable political process and nationwide (u and constructive development. in this context, i underscore that the issue of children has "t(roven to be important point. of any -- it is our response to support the solution with concrete commitment and actions to bring an end to the conflict and suffering. i call on all of you to be the voices of the children in syria.
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and take collective action to allow them to live a life free from violence. thank you. >> thank you for your briefing. i shall make a statement in my capacity as secretary of state for international development of the united kingdom of great britain and northern ireland. let me thank the three for their sobering briefings. and indeed the uk expresses its condolences in relation to the terrorist attack they were recent days in pariák beirut, elsewhere. they are a vivid reminder of the horrific human toll the syria and regional crisis. like others here today, i've met syrian refugees who have fled the bloodshed and violence consuming their country over
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four years now. theirpales are of experiences no one should have to go through. but we must accept that these people have been let down. the generosity of countries bearing the brunt of the turkey has not been matched by similar generosity from the whole international community. u.n. appeals 45% funded, overwhelming suffering loss has been matched by political deadlock and in adequaadequate financial response. for its people, for us all, time is running out to meet the most basic needs of the syrian people, whether inside syria or have fled the country. time is running out for syria's children, a whole generation who have been robbed of a childhood
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and education and future. and time is running out for the international community as we try to cope with the overwhelming number of refugees who have themselves run out of hope and are now looking elsewhere to bill a new life for themselves and their families. since dpv one, britain has worked hard to help people on the ground and been at the forefront of the humanitarian response to this crisis pledging $1.7 billion to date. but the need is immense and growing. greater efforts are needed not needs but to provide jobs and an that's why our prime minister has most hosted a global conference in february next year. this conference must be a turning point.
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it must raise the resources and deliver the policy changes that are needed. let's not forget our response to this crisis, the actions we take, how we respond to other protracted emergencies. the challenge of educating whole bpgenerations of children at ri gj enerations of children at ri forced displacement likely to remain a major feature of the global landscape. the challenge of supporting refugees and the countries that host them. host them. e recognize that humanitarian action alone is not sufficient. syria isn't -- [ inaudible ]. we all know what's causing the deaths and suffering. the assad regime bears the
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primary responsibility. but it's isil's brutality too. it's the targeting and kidding of aid workers and the disregard of the humanitarian law, dressed up in the false -- of sovereignty. negotiated political transition is the sole way to end the conflict in syria and is key to alleviating the humanitarian crisis. i am encouraged by the @r(t&há% constructive discussions in vienna and the new momentum behind the process working towards peace for the peoplq of syria. but until that political settlement is reached, we must recommit to ending targeted and indiscriminate attacks on civilians particularly aerial attacks. to protection of schools and essential infrastructure. and ensuring unimpeded access
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and an end to the use of siege tactics. and preventing and responding to agenda based violence. as is the case in all conflicts, u and women have been left the most vulnerable to abuse and exploitation. as we meet today, there is a long list of things that we will fail to agree on in relation to the syria crisis. but help for those caught up in the crisis humanitarian aid being able to reach those in need, these things shouldn't be on that list. these are things that we should be able to agree to. there can be no excuse for flaunting humanitarian lpjjjp r% excuse for preventing humanitarian agencies from reaching those in need. but the council must make that clear. we agreed resolution 2191 on
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allowing the u.n. to use cross border routes. this has been critical for helping us getting aid to people who otherwise would have had none. it is essential that we renew that resolution. syria is perhaps the defining conflict of our age, not just for those in the region but for all of us. it is shown all too clearly where there are favorites in the humanitarian and political responses. next year we'll be -- it will be a vital moment for us to commit to a in -- new 21st response to crises that brings together or development, humanitarian work and human rights. and in this age of crisis, this summit is a vital moment to recommit our humanitarian values. and as the u.n.
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secretary-general ban ki moon and peter mora have said, now is the moment to rally for humanty. we must respond to that call for the sake of syria and for the wider world and fr future generations. this is our shared responsibility and challenge. we must meet it. thank you. i now redeem my position as president -- my function as president of the council and i give the floor to other members of the security council. i give the floor to the representative of new zealand. >> thank you, madam president. new zealand expresses our condolences for the recent loss of life in paris and beirut, as well as attacks in ankara, iraq and beyond. we must do all we can to counter isil. this includes finding a
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political resolution to the syrian conflict which is a major driver of isil. these attacks show that the human cost of the conflict reaches well beyond syria. within syria however too it continues to escalate. 21 months ago, this council passed resolution 2139 on syria. which demanded that all parties immediately cease and desist from all violations of international humanitarian law and human rights abuses. this call has not been heeded. a brutal and lawless cjjj$ @r(tc human rights violations and abuses can lead to and fuel conflict. they underpin many of the conflicts which come before this council and this is especially evident in syria.
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a common feature conflict is the disproportional impact it has on the most vulnerable. this is true in syria for women and for children. as we have heard today, 2.7 million syrian children have been deprived of the right to education. some for four years or more. the fact that more than half of all attacks on schools worldwide took place in syria says it all. as you heard from other colleagues, children continue to be recruited and indoctrinated by isil and other groups. women and girls insider is ya and those who have fled are subjected to sexual exploitation and harassment. the desperate economic situation
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of families is exploited with young girls coerced into early máárpttáy isil must be singled out for its brutal campaign of sexual violence. sexual violence is not a woman's issue. it is a weapon of war. it terrorizes individuals and it destabilizes families and communities. we need to move beyond the narrative of a woman being victims of conflict. they must be provided the opportunity to be powerful syrian women have shown resilience and strength. at the political level, syrian women must be included in policy dialogue about syria's future as called for by the foreign minister last week and has been
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echoed here today. at the community level, the views of the women must be included and need a program designed, implementation and evaluations of humanitarian and development programs. international humanitarian law violations and human rights abuses in syria is not optional. it is essential for justice and it is essential for healing. new zealand is working with jordan and spain to renew security council resolution which has allowed humanitarian 2191 has enabled the delivery of food, nonfood humanitarian items and medical supplies for millions of people. however, millions more remain
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hard to reach including those in besieged areas who are intentionally denied basic necessities as a cruel tactic of war. new zealand sees that it continues to be obstruct by the syrian government. humanitarian access into isil controlled areas is almost nonexistent. new zealand supports the effects of special -- but he needs the support of the international community. and in this regard, new zealand welcomes the ongoing talks in vienna. they are an important step towards the political solution. affirming the benefits of pragmatism and diplomacy. we also welcome the agreement of the international syria support the inteo encourage confidence building measures by parties on the ground. including better implementation 2139, 2165 and
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and increased humanitarian access and an end to the use of indiscriminate weapons. these measures will advance the political process, which is the humanitarian crisis.the they will protect civilians in áhe short term. their implementation is long overdue. finally, we welcome the strong role of the security council by the vienna process. we look forward to working closely with council members to on questions emerging from the ⌞$"inding a political solution. it is shameful that it has taken quarter of a million peopleñ;re dep",ç>háñ 4.2 million people w
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is almost the exact population of new zealand, fleeing syria to get where we are today. commit to ensuring that now is nd of the ensuring that now is and in this regard, we welcome 'ñyou, mada >> thank the representative of >> before i begin my statement, i would like toçc's2c>zrdlñk zeáp'ce. you can always count onz.r,#955% llied and friq'dly country.w?t9ñ
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my own secretary of state;x1 $x grateful you have5ó( convened t are equally;&"ñú xg:[ñ we have been moved to above all action. t lives of this very traumatic experience. l$4dç sáñy, care fo' ju:$ox lives,v for their education. conflict zones but manyl1hcj o
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dñh assistance for quiteursq @r(t&h% w3vrlv@u+ui:ìáhp &hc% x syria where there are  children in taken them in. thousands ok)=hools have been fo p+e humanitarian law. response plan for syria. to prevenáv)ia from losing an ° most deleterious effects on @ú.o children in0zq
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all walks of life are the new @ l'&fzjñn8n dçns% no'brien, and in this kaód=6aw attacs as my (2 effectiveness of which has b demonstrated since the process of renewal of this resolution should also be an opportunity
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w#(fae]já$jt(r& to make the most of. to deal with otherf aspects of humanitarian of sierl! under siege areas @r% i believe that all of the speakers that none of the efforts we'll make in tìáhp &hc% humanitarian area will bep0( %y2úb(t&háhp &hc% a political solution which will kylìáhp &hc% du!55uad÷ujip (pj)u$e geneva vienna and we welcome the road 14th which demonstrates the kj puttiñg tuvp'k you very ndqçmuch.
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hñ$ym;v;$ve of spain for his statement. i now give the floor to t(iyr(t% >> (!1c-jáuz!,6 y meeting. the undersecretary for secretary-general on sexual government.íp$ñnrw!n/ñóóc5ñ ø
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paris. we stand shoulder to shoulder combatings"fiñ>byjv,-p terrori. web.!ak(qñ condemn alluñ+z ter egypt, and all friendl terrorism. we are deeply saddened at the situation and our neighbor adde syria. over the past five years the humanitarian scene is humanitarian sceouik5sn(éoverea hu1tfñ statistics, ú@#i goes beyond the humanitarian law and humanúi rights law by the conflicting rights law hallma)k there. the indiscriminate bombing ofth
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?c8? s scene. let alone the displacement, salvation, destruction of infrastructure. bombing schools and heaí3 avin -?ip r(t&háhp2(k the syrian identity and l-áf artifacts. u)w=÷ poss!ááu+ @zgñ we will look to renew the k+ the ongoing delivery of secure
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syri international community should work and should make efforts, notably isil. actions have c-lhave continued espactions france, lebanon and iraq of ky the most important humanitarian syrian crisis in the world after the second world war. we are the largest host of refugees in the world and the second largest host of syrian refugees compared to our -- to the number of our population.
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citizens account for 1. 5 million people living in different areas of jordan. 9% are syrian refugees. this has put tremendous pressures on health, education, security, employment. and put tremendous treasures on the public treasury in jordan at a time when they're facing challenges geared to the regional situation. we are sharing with them our resources and our infrastructures that are fatigued by all -- by all this, this heavy burden. the kingdom and its good people have opened their homes to refugees from all over the region. we will continue to pursue this generous approach under the
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leadership of our leaders. however, the international community should back up countries that are hosting syrian refugees, that start to feel that they're -- that the world betrayed them due to insufficient support. syria and other countries hosting circumstancian refugees are facing -- syrian refugees are facing serious problems. there are set backs in development at all levels. therefore, the international community should coordinate and cooperate with governments of the host countries in order to secure a reasonable future for those whose lives have been shattered due to these tragedies.
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the international community shout buttress the resilience of the countries. because that has to do with the -- the interest of the whole world. we are thankful to the young ndp for organizing the development for the abilities to face the crises of the symposium. which starts a new period, to support syrian refugees and a new international partnership to that end. we continue to work in order for the consulate to maintain the item on the syrian refugees and its agenda and its deliberations. due to the serious consequences of what the syrian crisis for the whole world, we stress the importance of the implementation
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of the presidential statement that the council adopted in april this year. and we should vote on it. there is no humanitarian solution to the crisis in syria. rather, there should be a comprehensive political solution to the syrian crisis. we welcome the vienna meeting and the ministerial declaration of vienna. the great number of participants made the vienna meeting a historic one. however, we should build on it in order to launch a political process in order to achieve political transition and to realize the aspiration of the syrian people. the comprehensive political solution is that the solution to
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the crisis should be based on the geneva one, that is this -- there is global agreement and should meet the aspirations of the syrian people. it should achieve a transition to a new political reality that enjoys the blessings of all the syrian people and defeats terrorism in syria and would lead to the -- to this return of stability and security in syria and that will lead to the voluntary return of the idps and the syrian refugees to their country and to maintain the independence state. >> i give the floor to the representative of the russian federation. >> thank you so much, madam president. at the out set of course we'd like to express our deep
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sympathy and condolences to the people of france and to all people, to all cities who fell victim to this horrid terrorist attacks and some of them have been facing the terrorist threat on a daily basis. and in expressing our condolence we would like to state our solidarity in the fight against terrorism loudly and clearly. madam president, we'd like to start by extending to the undersecretary-general for having presented the report and of course we have to pay tribute to all of the humanitarian workers. u.n. and other international staff who are working in syria and risking their very lives are help those who require medical assistance, food and indeed housing. enormous humanitarian efforts are being undertaken.
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every month 4 million individuals receive food assistance. the system for the delivery and distribution of humanitarian assistance across borders, pursuant to security council resolution 2165 and under u.n. oversight is working effectively. by the end of october, over 2,000 -- 207 convoys crossed turkey and jordan's borders. this is over 5,400 track loads. a great deal is being done by the syrian government in ensuring the delivery of humanitarian shipments where most of the idps are concentrated but also in territory beyond its control. as the secretary-general's report states. we should praise the very noble actions of the people of syria
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themselves. whether we're referring to the red crescent volunteers who provide the basic necessity products across front lines or individuals who host refugees in their homes. it's entirely clear that regardless of what humanitarian efforts are, regardless of how many convoys are sent across borders or front lines this problem will not be solved in this way. it is only through achieving a political settlement within parallel a determined fight against terroris that we will achieve a real and viable improvement in the situation. international community must combine its efforts in this fight against the terrorist threats from which the people of syria have already suffered for five years for now. which knows and recognizes no respect and geographical borders. this is something we saw yet again based on the tragedies in beirut, paris, baghdad, ankara and other cities.
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the participants of these support groups for syria in vienna on november 14th condemned these terrorist acts. further more, they set out concrete steps of the process in syria and underscored the performance of ensuring humanitarian access to all parts of the country. this decisive stage in stepping up political efforts what is especially unacceptable is the politicization of human rights and topics. engaging in speculation with humanitarian issues in an attempt to score political points is simply immoral. in this context, we are outraged. by different types of information regarding alleged -- alleged civilian deaths as a
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result of missile and air strikes by the russian armed forces. and the operations of the russian air force and space forces are covered in daily briefings for both russian and foreign journalists. during these briefings and -- an objective picture is drawn. and attempts at disinformation are allayed. for example, the media had information regarding the air strike on october 20th of a hospital in sar mean ya. allegedly, this is something claimed and confirmed by the media, there were civilian casualties. this is also referred to in the secretary-general's report in paragraph four. the media spread photographs of a destroyed building. how, on saturday pictures -- satellite pictures which were
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taken on october 21st the hospital hasn't been damaged at all. the use of verified, confirmed information remains one of the main criteria to ensure the unbiased impartial nature of the u.n. system. we note that the secretary-general's report has been drawn up in a more balanced way. in so so far as it doesn't have hasty assessments on possible civilian casualties. those who drafted the report were not brave enough to allay the air forces which contained in the previous report that russia continues to provide humanitarian assistance. a great many flights of the russian ministry for emergency affairs are providing basic
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goods to syria. we have handed over 100,000 tons of wheat to damascus. we are providing assistance for u.n. channels including to the world u.n. program. the path to a sustainable political settlement and effectively fighting terrorism lies through a combining of international and regional efforts. there is growing understanding of the need to create a comprehensive, united anti-terrorist coalition. recent terrorist attacks have clearly shown not only terror, not only can terrorism not be justified in any way, but what cannot be justified is the passivity and the lack of unity in the fight against this evil. we stand ready to continue joint work in this field. thank you. >> and then the representative of -- i thank the representative
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of russia for the statement. now to the representative of lithuania. >> our hearts go out to those mourning the loved ones in the latest terror attacks. thank you for convening this open security council briefing. i thank the briefers for their statements, reports of unvarnished quality on the consequences of nearly five years of brutal war on the people of syria. as we look at the signals emerging from vienna, all those people have is more flood shed and more displacement. lebanon, jordan and turkey are approaching dangerous saturation points. they're profiting and gaining millions from tragedy, refugees are dying literally to escape. the syrian network for human rights, government forces dropped 1,500 round bombs. in the month of october alone, attacks against the abusive
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civilians continues for more sides of the conflict. starvation and siege are used as a tool of war. but they're committing gruesome atrocities, public stonings and beheadings and rapes. slave markets are up and running and young girls and women are sold like cattle. administrative visa procedures are delaying the citizens by the u.n. agencies and partners including humanitarian ngos. every minute counts. every day means more lives lost. all those acts constitute a glaring violation so that provisions contained in security security council resolution 2139 and subsequent resolutions, the council's inability to enforce
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its own resolutions undercuts the relevance and credibility. the council should ensure that parties to the -- and including across the conflict lines. we need to increase and expand access to the millions of people living in all hard to reach areas. and also in view of the coming winter which will further aggravate immense suffering of those in need. madam president, the ongoing conflict has deprived the syrian people of basic medical care. 307 attacks on the medical facilities since the start of the conflict. in march of 2011. syrian forces responsible for 90% of these attacks. concerns about safety and concern of humanitarian personnel do remain high, but u.n. vehicles attacked and workers kidnapped and killed. we condemn the attacks on the
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personnel and reiterate that they hold a special protected status which must be respected. furthermore, such attacks may constitute war crimes and have to be taken more seriously. much needed referral of the country's situation to the sea was blocked by a veto last year. one of the four that allowed this crisis to deepen and expand by protecting the perpetrators not the victims. we support the recent calls of secretary-general and usual the international community not to allow accountability become a victim of the syria's war. we inquire in the human rights organization to register the violation and hopefully sooner rather than later the testimonies that they collect will bring them to account. madam president, syria remains one of the most dangerous places
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in the world to be a child. and a veritable hell to be born a girl. 7.5 million children have lost their homes and schools and their parents and according to the unhcr, what future do they have illiterate, malnourished an maimed? we applaud all those who shine a light on the plight of syria's children and provide them support and sustenance. they demand justice. those children don't have the luxury of waiting for geneva or any other format to succeed. be of them have been exchanged for food. recruited and ordered to kill. or will have succumbed to the shellings, the aerial attacks and the bombs. this council and can and should at least act on the barrel bombs
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to protect the children and the remaining population. madam president, i conclude that the military has a long standing position this is no -- the sides must choose a side over violence. and that's based on the communique of 2012 building on the glimer of hope that vienna now offers. but that road will be long and full of hurdles. it requires time with -- all within its power to make sure that those who the peace is being built will see it alive. thank you. >> i thank the representative of lithuania for her statement. now i give the floor to the representative of angola. >> thank you, madam president. first of all, let me express once again on behalf of the angolan delegation our sincere
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solidarity to france because of the attacks in paris. and to condemn the acts. madam president, we thank the undersecretary-general for the -- as well as mrs. laila and the others for their comprehensive representations. on the humanitarian situation and challenged basically the syrian population. it is a deeply troubling to -- up the nations of the human rights and by the parties to the conflict and to their continued suffering of communities and
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individuals inside syria. facing syria's neighbors and now europe is one of the consequences of the international community's inability to promote and facilitate a political solution to this conflict. additionally, growing radicalization -- it's very bitter medicine with long term consequence that will affect the region and the war as well. madam president, we have a common responsibility of solving this crime and as much, we must step up and force, you're supporting the folks being held in vienna for a political settlement to this conflict.
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the country's participating in the political process including the members of the secret council are getting leverage over the warring parties. there's a possibility to work together and for the parties to end violence. vienna hopes through a worldwide effort, it has been -- [ inaudible ]. between the government and the opposition in general and also in ways to enforce the cease-fire. we believe that the establishment of the cease-fire and ending the proliferation and supply of weapons and this is for support for the groups on
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the ground. it is is a priority. only then will the syrian people feel like the real event by the shake holders to reach a comprehensive peace process. madam president, security council resolution 2139, 2165 and 2191 will determine the under the syrian conflict and find ways to alleviate the subject of populations and the stressful suffering. however, to respond, we must
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insist that the part in conflict show respect for civilians' rights of assets to basic necessities including food, water and medical care. it reached rational proportions and with regard for human rights in law in a safe world. the circumstance happened as to hire -- syrian and to reach the political settlement for the peace process and the political transition be hold accountable for the atrocities and of the woman's rights for a true healing amongst syrians. thank you.
4:34 pm
>> thank the representative from angola from statement. i now give the floor to the united states representative. >> thank you, madam president and thank you undersecretary o'brien and special representatives for your deeply sobering briefings. reflecting on your statements and on the secretary-general's report on the humanitarian situation in syria, it is disturbing to hear can yet again that the security situation has deteriorated and that humanitarian access to those most in need have not materialized. before addressing what you raised today i want to express my thoughts and prayers are with those affected by the attack in paris on friday and those in buy
4:35 pm
route on thursday. we condemn the vile attacks. we must fight back against what can only be considered as an assault on our common humanity. as the secretary-general and the representatives have said time and time again, if only solution for the crisis in syria including the dire situation is a dire solution based on the geneva communique of 2012. just two days ago, we took a fundamentally important step towards that goal in vienna. more than 20 stakeholders including representatives of regional organizations and u.n. special envoy came together to discuss how to bring an end to the syrian conflict as quickly
4:36 pm
as possible. the group agreed to work to implement a nationwide cease-fire in syria which would come in effect as soon as the representatives of the syrian government and opposition have begun initial steps to a halt in the fighting. the halt in the fighting is essential to advance a political process to end the conflict. for our part it will be critical for this council to support this through a resolution of a u.n. endorsed monitoring mission for such a cease-fire. as discussed in vienna in the working group it is critical that all parties and the international community work diligently to ensure swift delivery throughout all of sy a syria. unimpeded access across the
4:37 pm
conflict lines, particularly as we look to the renewal of resolution 2191 we must do all we can to ensure assistance reaches those in need in syria. while there is renewed energy to achieve a political solution, the situation on the ground continues to be of significant concern. the tragic suffering of civilians from the persistent fighting and the rabid violations of law have continued unabated. we are still stung by the continued use of barrel bombs and other destructive weapons in civilian areas. the attacks on schools, hospitals and medical personnel, arbitrary arrests and detention, torture and disappearances. the syrian inevitable work for human rights recorded -- in just the month of october. including 1,284 individuals at the hands of government forces
4:38 pm
which clearly remained responsible for the overwhelming majority of deaths in syria. further despite its claim to the contrary, the regime's ghastly use of barrel bombs did not stop last month. the regime's use of the barrel bombs in october, in recent weeks intensified in opposition held eastern areas, resulting in the destruction of location. a strike on a public market in duma killed at least 70 people and injured over 500 others. these brutal tactics must stop. we underscore the importance that saturday began a statement that recalled resolution 2139
4:39 pm
which includes the demand that all parties cease any indiscriminate use of weapons in any areas. create fighting inner on north syria has had a significant impact on the humanitarian situation. in aleppo, hama, we have seen about 130,000 new did displaced syrians in october alone. as the secretary-general of the united nations has said, attacks on health care facilities and medical personnel have a devastating effect by degrading the capacity to provide the care people so desperately need. medical facilities and personnel continue to be attacked as undersecretary noted. furthermore, schools too
4:40 pm
continue to be attacked. over 2 million children, one out of three, are not in school in syria. this too has a devastating multiplier effect. if the children cannot be protected, then future general running games are at risk. as has been reported, rape and violence is an instrument of war. this is a vile crime in syria. men, women, boys and girl, and it must end. children also suffering tremendously -- as these children are forcefully recruited to be used as child soldiers and in some cases as human shields by government, and by nonstate armed groups especially by isil. the united states is greatful to
4:41 pm
special representatives for ensuring this council remains informed about the appalling acts. we welcome future briefings to make more informed decision on syria. human rights violations are widespread as thoroughly documented which briefed this council last week. many victims continue to be tortured. the syrian network for rights has 99 murdered by the regime in october. isil continues to abuse the basic rights of those in syria and a marry couple was arrested for teaching both girls and boys -- or kidnap and enslave and rape. including girls as young as 9 years old.
4:42 pm
the overall humanitarian situation in syria of course remains deeply concerning. humanitarian needs overview those in need of urgent assistance now total 13.5 million people and an increase of 1.2 million in just over ten months. 8.7 million individuals are unable to fully meet their food needs at present. meanwhile, 4.5 million people inside syria continue to live in hard to reach areas. nearly half of which are isil controlled. the 400,000 individuals in me sieged areas continue to survive in more dire circumstances. the united states is supporting the u.n. to prepare an active response innicluding the distribution of relief supplies to more than 5 million people in syria.
4:43 pm
as noted in vienna over the weekend, the resolution of the refugee issue is critical and more needs to be done and soon. the u.n. humanitarian response remains only 45% funded. we encourage all countries to consider increased contributions as soon as possible and to begin considering significant contributions at the 2016 syria humanitarian pledging conference to be held in london in february. while we see a cease-fire and a political solution, we need to continue to address the critical needs of syrians on the government and we must do so immediately. thank you, madam president. >> i thank the representative of the united states for her statement. i now give the floor to the representative of china. >> madam president, china and the united kingdom for the
4:44 pm
initiative to convene the meeting and welcome -- to chair this meeting. i wish to thank secretary-general o'brien and the others for their briefings. china, expresses condolences to france. for the series of attacks that happened in paris and condemns in the strongest -- the attacks of terrorists. we wish to express our deep condolences to the victims of those wounded over the past five years. the armed conflict along the various borders are getting more and more apparent. isil and others are running rampant bringing -- to the syrian people.
4:45 pm
the international community should push toward this -- and political process, counterterrorism and so as seizing a comprehensive and lasting solution to the syrian crisis. political sentiment is the fundamental way of the syrian -- and at present, the political sentiment is reported opportunities to vienna meetings and successfully convened. the participants at the meetings reached important consensus by initiating the process, setting up a process holding the elections. the international support was initiated and the political settlement has entered a new phase. and the new phase, the key is to ensure the implementation. and coordinate with each other
4:46 pm
and under the u.n. auspices to initiate the process of political opposition, so as to keep up the hard won momentum. terrorism has been passing security changes facing the international community. the community must pay high attention to the impact that terrorism has on the syrian and regional situation. the council has adopted a host of resolutions ocounterterrorism, as well as combating isis and other forces and has reached a broadly based consensus. they must enhance the principles of the united nations charter as well as other genuinely recognized norms and to further strengthen the organization, especially we must pay attention to addressing the systems and
4:47 pm
the causes and it must be difficult is as to form a united front. china too is a victim of terrorism. the east turkistan forces must become an important component of the international fight on terrorism. -- assistance is crucial to ease the conditions of the syrian people. china wishes to emphasize it. -- to strengthen in engagement with the syrian government and based on the consent of the -- with the assistance. we call upon the various parties in syria to put the future, the destiny on the people first. based on the relevance of the security council resolution, and at the united nations -- [ inaudible ]. second, in syria based on the --
4:48 pm
on international humanitarian law sees the attacks, medical facilities and effectively honor the obligations to protect the civilians. those who have influence on the various parties have more -- third, china supports the international committee of shared responsibility to get support out to syria and to neighboring countries based on the needs of the country's concern to ensure that a guest of people who need it can be put into the use. we call upon donors to give donations to u.n. syria response plan as to alleviate the costs. china has been making
4:49 pm
contributions and we have provided over 230 millions rmb in aid to the syrian people as well as to the refugees outside syria. not long ago china decided to provide $100 million to jordan, syria and lebanon and we'll continue to do what we to help. thank you, madam president. >> that representative of china for his statement. i give the floor to the representative of venezuela. >> thank you, very much, madam president. i would like to welcome you and pay respectful tribute to you as the secretary of state for the
4:50 pm
development of the united kingdom, we welcome you here. and we welcome steven o'brien -- and we congratulate him for the work the special representative for children in nonconflict and special representative on sexual violence in conflicts. madam president, before anything else, allow me to express, on behalf of the republic of venezuela, our heartfelt condolences to people and government of france because of the brutal terrorist attack on civilians. we extend our feeling of solidarity to families of the victims of these criminal acts which horrified the world with the vicious cruelty which with they were perpetrated we also reject the terrorist attack in beirut which led to the loss of hume inlife.
4:51 pm
and in lebanon, turkey, which led to a huge loss of life as well as the terrorist attacks which take place daily in iraq and syria, countries which constantly suffer terrorist brutality of isis. we condemn acts of violence of isis in syria and iraq where the civilian population, especially children, fall victim to the cruelty of the terrorist groups. these deplorable events show us that terrorism knows no borders, it's a threat to international peace and security. if the international community does not act decisively to prevent the financing, training, and transfer of weapons to these groups, as well as use and encouragement to use -- to act as instruments to overthrow
4:52 pm
governments, you the rest of the world will continue to suffer from terrorist attacks as already happening in the middle east and northern africa. emphatically condemns terrorism in all of the manifestations as well as extremism, wherever these acts are committed. there are no -- there's no such thing as a good terrorist. the solution of the humanitarian crisis in the middle east is connected to the root causes of the conflict in this vein as long as it's supported by terrorist groups and maintaining situations of foreign occupation and repressive policy, the flow of refugees and in turn these displaced people. palestine and the crisis in
4:53 pm
syria are examples of the tragic reality in the middle east and as contacts, our country expresses its deepest concern at the humanitarian situation and syrian conflict. the people of syria have pay a heavy price because of the up surge of terrorism in the country which led to a true humanitarian catastrophe. we acknowledge the selfless effort of humanitarian agencies in syria whose work is taking place under very difficult circumstances the result of the same conflict which has sent the country and the population in deplorable conditions to which the activities of terrorist groups, isis or other theater groups which make work of assistance of humanitarian bodies even more risky. this is why we condemn the
4:54 pm
attacks against this personnel and the facilities where they do their noble work. we appreciate the level of cooperation between syrian authorities to resolve the ongoing issues on the humanitarian agenda. we hope this relation will continue to be strengthened in order to facilitate delivery of humanitarian assistance to alleviate or relieve the pressing need of the population affected by the war. however, there are some positive aspects in the report of the secretary-general. one of these is the agreement in the area which led to a cease-fire, thanks to effective action of the united nations. another is the fact that 70% of competence laid down their arms in a clear attempt to establish negotiations for reconciliation, which is a light of hope.
4:55 pm
lastly, national vaccination company in cooperation with the syria ministry of health to immunize over 2.3 million children on a national level except for raqqah. all of these are encouraging signs in the midst of a general tragedy. the areas under isis control are a true challenge for humanitarian organizations, as affected in the report. the world food program is unable to provide assistance to more than 700,000 people needing food. this is an obstacle for humanitarian organizations. we are alarmed at constant use of explosive devices and car bombs by isis with subsequent results of civilian victims. together with the practice of the same terrorist organization of abducting individuals and
4:56 pm
carrying out summary executions as part of the example record of human rights violations and violations of international law. we also reject the deliberate attacks of terrorist groups on schools in syria and aleppo, violations of international humanitarian law and international human rights law. these are illegal actions which set the scene for war crimes and crimes against humanity. those responsible must be brought to justice. in this context, it is extremely strikely there are no direct references in the report to military operations in which the al nusra front took part during the reporting period though there are several references to isis and the nonstate factors which by the way is a misnomer. this act of information unfortunately does not help an understanding of what is happening on the ground.
4:57 pm
we also reject the fact that -- they are using civilians of ethnic groups, minorities, as human shields. these actions must be em fatically rejected by the international community. this is an attempt on human dignity. it is high time that the actions are no longer sheltered under the umbrella of ka so called nonstate factors. we continue to condemn the practices of the so-called nonstate actors and isis of using basic services, such as basic services as weapons of war. we also re jject emphatically t
4:58 pm
destruction of the cultural heritage of syria affected by the totalitarian division of isis which wants to eliminate any historical vestiges of the past which does not cohen side with their vision of religion. we wish to raise our voice in defense of the children of syria. we denounce terrorist attacks on children and we call on the international community to mobilize in their defense. in the search for a negotiated political solution to the conflict, we welcome the fact that the participation of the syrian government is taking into account in the consultations. the syrian government is a prime actor for an agreement. pretending that the contrary is the case and stressing the fact makes no sense. it simply condemns syrian people to greater suffering and all
4:59 pm
humanity to labyrinth of uncertainty. it will only postpone the solution. we reiterate our support to the work of the special envoy for syria, who has full support towards reaching peaceful, political solution to the conflict with full participation of all parties involved in the conflict and the government of president bashar al assad. we are closely following the results of negotiations in vienna and the implementation of immediate cease-fire, which will help pal tate the humanitarian situation. hope to have access to all by the parties as a member of the security council to in order to contribute the necessary unanimity in the work of this council.
5:00 pm
we call for negotiated solution to this crisis. the people of syria have paid an extremely heavy price to defend its integrity, sovereignty, defeat terrorism. the international community must mobilize to restore peace. syriai syr syria unfortunate have become a laboratory of horror and death. history will judge those guilty for this atrocity. thank you very much, madam president. >> thank you for his statement. i now give the floor to the representative of malaysia. >> madam president i thank you for convening the important meeting and presiding over. like earlier speakers before me i wish to convey our deepest condolences to delegation and people of france and appalling terrorist attacks in paris last friday. we stand in solidarity with
5:01 pm
france in this time of grief. in the same sentiment condolences extended to lebanon, tunisia, egypt. madam president i thank mr. o'brien and others for respective contributions to the meeting. all of which have underscored the desperate situations and need for urgent action in syria. alongside other council members, we follow the outcome of the most recent talks in reenna and announce the road map towards peaceful development of conflict in syria. my de delegation stands ready on this matter. madam president, in as much as political we'll play a large part in securing agreement in vienna, will remain deeply concerned by the astounding toll of the syrian conflict to date. more than 250,000 people dead, over 1 million people injured,
5:02 pm
over 7.6 million people displaced, roughly 13. 5 million people in need of humanitarian assistance, including more than 5.6 million children at which life expe expectancy shortened by 13 years. school attendance less than 30%. parties to the conflict remain indifferent to pain and suffering inflicted upon syrian people. acts of impunity continue unabated. we remind all parties of the conflict of the obligations to respect international humanitarian law and international human rights law. the syrian conflicts also continue to be characterized by indiscriminate attacks and deliberate targeting of civilian and civilian infrastructure. the use of bombs and toxic chemicals by the parties to the
5:03 pm
conflict are particularly abhorrent. malaysia remains deeply concerned by continued report of sexual violence against women, girls and children, committed by partied to the conflict. women and girls not only face rape and sexual abuse, they also affect slave and forced into marriage to foreign marriage. is disgraceful that children are stripped of their innocence and deprived of protections. the recruitment and use of children is becoming increasingly commonplace. reports that children are being used as forced labor, as sex slave, and even as human shields are deeply disturbing. the siege mentality or strategy ensuring submission and surrender of the operation is a further disconcerting to the syrian conflict. it is appalling that such a method has been employed as a
5:04 pm
strategy of war by the parties to the conflict. the fact that even schools and hospitals have been deliberately targeted is a reflection of the absolute disrespect, disregard and contempt that the parties to the conflict have for the values of humanity. madam president, in the face of such misery and desperations, we are -- by the various u.n. agencies in providing much-needed humanitarian aid and support to the civilian population in syria and commend the efforts. in this regard we deeply regret across line access continues to face security and administrative obstacles. the populations in the hard to reach areas remain critical. madam president, on our part, my government is constantly taking steps to honor its commitment to take in 3,000 syrian refugees. we call on international
5:05 pm
community to do as much as possible to help syrian people in their time of need. i thank you. >> i thank the representative of malaysia for his statement. i now give the floor to the representative of nigeria. >> thank you, madam president. we welcome you to the security council and we thank you for convening to this meeting. we also want to thank you for -- we express our appreciation to the secretary-general for his monthly report on the subject. we also want to join other delegations in expressing very deep condolences to the people of france, lebanon, on the horrific despigable attacks on the population by isis. the briefing we have had today and the report of the secretary-general clearly
5:06 pm
indicate humanitarian situation in syria remains dire. the conflict continues to take a heavy toll on the civilian population, noncombatants, especially women and children, face grave hardship with hundreds of thousands trapped in besieged areas. s is it deeply troubling international humanitarian law continues with impunity by the parties of conflict. over the past month, hundreds of civilians have been kill or injured or maimed in direct or indiscriminate attacks in populated areas. the warring parties must refrain from actions that jeopardize civilians. it constitutes a war crime and those responsible for such acts are war criminals, must be brought to justice.
5:07 pm
we note the commitment of government of syria to refrain from the indiscriminate use of weapons. we condemn the deliberate targeting of civilian infrastructure, which is causing cut in water and electricity supplies. we also condemn attack from health care facilities and medical personnel as well as denial -- it is regrettable that the delivery of humanitarian challenging due to active conflict, insecurity, and administrative bottlenecks. there is a need for humanitarian actors to be allowed to perform their duties without hindrance. the parties must facilitate
5:08 pm
rapid and unimpeded humanitarian access to affected people throughout the country. we want to pay tribute to the u.n. humanitarian agencies and unrelenting efforts of reaching the millions of people in need, in need of aid, despite challenges and operating environment. we do recognize the u.n. mechanism is fulfilling by ensuring the strictly humanitarian nature of the united nations humanitarian shipments. we conmend governments of jordan and turkey for cooperation with this mechanism. madam president, i clearly indicated this afternoon, as in the briefing, the plight of children affected by the syrian conflict is deeply disturbing. the use of children in combat has become commonplace in syria. we are particularly concerned
5:09 pm
about cases of abduction, killing and maiming of children as well as attacks on schools. we underscore the need for international community to act syrian children from the disastrous consequences of war. sexual violence in the syrian conflict is also a matter of great concern. as stated, displaced women and girls are at risk of various form of sexual exploitation including sexual enslavement, mass rape and forced killings and forced marriage. we condemn these acts in the strongest terms. these affairs underscores the need for more to be done to protect women and girls, and the sev seven-point strategy of what can be done is worth exploring. madam president, we must all
5:10 pm
admit the cause and effect relationship between the humanitarian situation and the conflict in syria is what we must explore further. the solution to this humanitarian crisis in syria lies and ends in the conflict and path to end in the conflict is in negotiation. after five years of fighting, it should be clear to the parties that there can be no military solution. we encourage the warring parties to lay down their arms and pursue negotiated solution. the meetings in vienna involved an expanded group of international stakeholders provided much needed -- we believe sustenance will provide an opportunity to develop
5:11 pm
framework of peace along the key pieces of the geneva community. i would hope they would lead to lasting peace, resolution and stability in syria. i thank you. >> a thank the representative of nigeria for her statement. i now give the floor to the representative of chad. >> madam president, thank you for leading the session. before we start, allow me to associate my voice with that of previous speakers. to pay tribute to the french government and people for their steadfastedness in light of this barbaric act of terrorism which struck them. we condemn the horrendous act. we'd like to extend our condolences to lebanon and lebanese people who also fell victim to terrorism. i'd like to convey my gratitude to mr. steven o'brien and the
5:12 pm
other two for their briefings. close to five years now, violent fighting on a almost daily basis marked the live of the syrian people. horrendous statistics of displaced people, refugees, of day further plunge syrians into a situation of despair. the humanitarian situation in the country continues to deteriorate. this despite the huge effort undertaken by united nations staff members and we'd like to pay tribute to their courage and their commitment we condemn all attacks committed against innocent civilian. as well as the basic vital infrastructure of the country and ask all parties to
5:13 pm
immediately lift all obstacles to the access of humanitarian aid for yicivilians in combat areas including besieged zones. we would like to reiterate for all parties to put an end to the violence and underscore their obligation to respect international humanitarian law and international human rights resolution 2139. there's a need here to recall and that this systemic refusal to provide humanitarian polatiog them from the basic necessities they require for their survival, which is water, medicine, are serious violation of human basi principles of international
5:14 pm
humanitarian law. madam president, the security council meetings on syria succeed one another without any improvement in the situation experienced by the long, suffering syrian people. it's high time for security council to consider firmer, strong, more robust of international humanitarian laws and reduced the security council to the role of a powerless observer. we urge the donor community to respond to the various calls and appeals for humanitarian financing, which would enable
5:15 pm
the united nations staff members and partners to provide the necessary assistance to the civilian population in need. both within and outside syria. becoming winter will expose civilian population to very difficult living conditions. for this reason, we require special mobilization by the community as we've have always said, humanitarian action, despite its scale, will never be able to substitute itself in the political process. and this is a reason why we have to step up our efforts aimed at helping the parties to find a negotiated solution to the conflict. a/jli0wñ solution which is able an end to the suffering of the syrian people and launch an inclusive political solution. inclusive political solution. behooves states possessing anyg
5:16 pm
parties to spare no effort, to prompt them to commit themselves in good faith to direct negotiations to implement the geneva,z kucommunique. ntr(t&háhp &hc% >> i thank the representative of clad for his statement. i give the floor to the representative of chile. >> translator: thank you, madam president. we welcome you, secretary of state, for international development of the united kingdom. we are also grateful for the presentations of the deputy secretary-general for humanitarian affairs, steven o'brien, and representatives of the secretary-general on sexual violence on the conflict and the issue of children in conflict. we extend our condolences in solidarity to the victims, s,pe
5:17 pm
franceúand people of government of lebanon and all countries and regions who daily suffer from the scourge of terrorism. any act of terrorism is criminal and unjustifiable and the organizers and backers must be brought to justice. madam president, the latest report of the secretary-general is one of the many warnings that the situation in syria has become unsustainable. the conflict breaks down the basic conditions for a society, syrian society's identity, security and dignity. it is impossible to remain indifferent faced with the enormous vulnerability and effects of the crisis on the civilian population. which cannot access indispensable, basic elements
5:18 pm
for its daily life. all parties are aware of their grave consequences of the facts which cannot take shelter in impunity. those responsible must be brought to justice. we reiterate the need to promote mechanisms to protect the population, opening corridors, displaced people's camps and areas which are difficult to gain access to. because imperative to the conditions to ensure respect for humanitarian law and humanitarian resolutions calling on parties to refrain from continued attacking medical facilities, schools and basic infrastructure. madam president the presentation we heard from special representative simply confirms the gravity of the situation of
5:19 pm
sexual violence and gender violence in the syrian conflict. where it has been used not only as a tactic of war but tactic of terror. it is essentialsvlurzw÷ for the nations to prevent measured based on the situation noted on the ground. we must fully implement tolerance for sexual violence. also concerned at the devastating consequences of constant attacks on boys and girls and limited access to education amongst other fundamental rights. we cannot allow generation to be lost and we are responsible as security council when it comes to the tragedy, as pointed out. it is fundamental to implement the declaration of safe schools as wells resolution 2143 of this
5:20 pm
council to protect schools from military use during armed conflict. lastly, we wish to conclude by reiterating the political situation is the only path to respond to humanitarian needs. recent talks in vienna are a glimmer of hope and we call for implementation of the vienna communique of october 30th and elements agreed upon by the international syria support group. also essential to have political process led by syrians themselves as enshrined in the geneva communique. however the political solution will continue to be as far away as the situation is militarized we call for an end to supply and flow of weapons to all parties. thank you very much, madam
5:21 pm
president. >> i thank the representative of chile for his statement. i now give the floor to the representative of france. >> madam president, allow me to start by thanking all of the speakers for their briefings, o'brien, they remind us with their work how many civilians, how many women, how many children suffer directly in syria. i would also like to thank in a heartfelt way all of those who extended to my country the sympathy as well as solidarity after the horrible attacks committed on november 13th.
5:22 pm
on that day, france was struck at the very heart in paris by terrorist attacks masterminded and planned in syria. the record, as you know, is a very heavy one, at least 129 dead, over 300 injured, and a great many individuals who right now, as we speak, still hang on between life and death. france received a great many gestures of solidarity and friendship throughout the world. these gestures, these messages touch us and illustrate the unanimous support which international community has led my country. france, of course, was not the only country which was attacked friday evening, at least 19 different nationalities were affected. our thoughts go to families of the victims both in france but our thoughts also go to all of
5:23 pm
the families which were affected these last few months by terrorism which acknowledges -- lebanon, turkey, denmark, kuwait, libya, tunisia, egypt, and other countries yet. madam president, i am the representative of a country which is still standing, which is united, more determined than ever before in the past who speaks to you. we are committed to combatting terrorism, a respect for the laws and rule of law. the motto of the friend. republic never meant more. france is a free and independent country, strong in terms of its multicultur
5:24 pm
multiculturalality, the france hit on friday, november 13th. the monster feeds of ethnic and religious division in the region and beefed up by hatred and rejection of the other. it oppresses and massacres people in the middle east on a me ? ñ wealth whe mankind. we need to bei: guidef5ruuz udo objectives and they compliment! -do. a resolute determined -- there's a need for resolute determined fight against terror up. the whole international community can be united in this fight. adopt a resolution aimed at fighting againstujc'& terroris. also called for togetherness within the framework of a great and united international coalition to combine our
5:25 pm
strength and our means to destroy daish. daish is a common enemy and we must put an end to those who destroy and kill such determination. finally, the search for a political solution in syria more necessary than ever before. syria has become the greatest factory in manufacturing terrorists. members of the council and countries in the region must unite to relaunch a political transition, one in which bashar al assad is not part of the solution. there's a need to achieve concrete progress in the field of humanitarian issues as well as the cessation of all indiscriminate attack of civilians vienna, france, made a
5:26 pm
number of concrete proposals at a time when the situation on the ground, which is already alarming, is further deteriorating. the resolutions adopted by this council must be implemented without delay. this is something -- it is crucial that we stand united in the face of these two objectives. the refugee crisis is one of the most direct consequences of the humanitarian disaster. if it lasts this situation cannot ub create a highly destabilizing situation. more important than ever before to help the countries bordering on syria, they after all host the greatest number of refugees and i wish to thank them here for this. right after the country's other other region europe is at the front line. inhabitants of iraq and syria, including territories control by daish are fleeing because of being oppressed. welcoming them in a dignified
5:27 pm
way, a moralgbq÷añf> i thank the representative of i now give the floor to the representative of the syrian arab republic. >> translator: thank you, mr. president. the way certain security council
5:28 pm
address the situation in syria reminds me of a quote by shakespeare, there is an elephant in the room. this means that there is a huge, visible problem that cannot be overlooked. however, certain members in this chamber pretend that it doesn't exist. and they choose not address it or seek a solution to it. this is precisely how council members address the situation in syria. when the decision makers ignored the key surge destabilizing syria, the region and the whole world, the scourge which was the reason for humanitarian tragedy
5:29 pm
besetting several areas in syria which was the main reason for the suffering of children and women in syria, and transforming segments of the syrian people to idps and refugees. this scourge is that tra transboundary terrorism fund by well-known state, chief among them, saudi arabia, the blood line that provides life to terrorism. the scourge of terrorism was unleashed from the what hab byness, it struck in a bare barrick and indiscriminate manner, da mass kas, baghdad, kuwait, tunisia, libya, algeria, sydney, boston, paris, and other states. and other cities.
5:30 pm
condemning in the strongest terms the terrorist act, paris, and expressing our condolences to the families of the victims, we recall that in this very chamber there are members who prevented the security council nine times from issuing a mere press statement condemning similar attacks that targeted innocent civilians in da ma s d aleppo and others. what we have witnessed in the cities did not come from a vacuum and it has not -- did not happen by chance. it is the certain outcome of the attempt of certain parties to ignore this issue and to -- failure to address it with the serious and attention that is
5:31 pm
required. so long as it struck the other this is a certain outcome of the exploitation by certain parties to blackmail the syrian government. we have warned those have fall silent will be burnt by terrorism because it is a dynamic transbou boundarboundar. however, our calls fell on deaf ears rather certain states managed to make terrorism enter the political arena from the main door. they resorted to workings, dividing terror up into two categories.
5:32 pm
calling certain terrorists moderate opposition, disregarding the consequences of such. and not realizing that if you have a political problem with syrian government, this is a negotiable issue. but if you resort to sanctions and if you fund terrorism and if you refuse to what the syrian -- this is a crime that you commit against your own people. as much as it is a crime against syrian people, because, as you know, we are in syria, we are fighting on behalf of the whole world, filthy terrorist groups, every time the syrian army kills a foreign terrorist, dozens of
5:33 pm
innocent victims, potential victims are protected. when this terrorist go back home and do the same thing, those who distort this reality is an accomplice in terrorism. he or she is a partner in the bloodshed of victims. recall the perpetrators of many terrorist attacks in several cities in the world, including the recent bloody attacks against paris where, among the thousands of europeans whose entry into syria facilitated as jihadists. after receiving -- funded by
5:34 pm
well-known gulf states, there is an awakening on the seriousness of terrorism. that led the president of a permanent security council member to amend the constitution of his country to face to the terrorism. hence, acts should accompany words with regard to combatting terrorism in syria, that is funded by 40 states, in addition to the illegal trade of oil and the illegal trade of artifacts in syria through our borders with turkey. this requires serious political will to implement relevant resolution on combatting
5:35 pm
terrorism. which were asserted by the second communique. this requires also concerted, coordinated, collective efforts unone front against terrorism, away from the political opponents or amateurs. time and again, we have expressed our resonance to cooperate with any state that is serious in combatting terrorism. this is precisely what has happened through the joint syrian, russian military nopgs combatting terror up in addition to then tell against coordination between syria, iraq, iran, russia, which led to practical results in the field, namely retreat by terrorist groups in many areas which led
5:36 pm
to the secure, safe, voluntary return of 1 million syrian idps to their home. addressing terrorism, sir, leads me to address the political solution of the crisis in syria. combatting terrorism seriously and effectively will contribute to the successful -- to the success of the solution. from outset the syrian government expressed readiness to contribute to any serious efforts in order to achieve political solution. this is why we cooperated with mr. kofi an an, aaccepting his six-point plan. we've then cooperated to the geneva ii conference. we cooperated and accepted the proposal on aleppo and accepted to take part in the four working
5:37 pm
groups, suggested by him. our political message to you, ladies and gentlemen, following the end of the vienna meeting is that the syrian government stands ready to contribute to any sincere effort in order to achieve a political solution where syrians decide their own future and their choices through dialogue among syrians under syrian leadership without external intervention in a manner that accuse the sovereignty, independence, territorial integrity of syria. this what has been asserted by the several resolution adopted by the council in addition to the vienna communiques. unfortunately the recent reports by the secretary-general on the
5:38 pm
implementation of resolutions 2139, 2165, 2191, was politicized by us including ereas ereas erroneous information. we introduced two letters on this issue. i wish to address a serious matter in this report, namely, report is based on unreliable sources from sources whose connections are very well known, which mislead the members of the council. with regard to the allegation that the government is using indiscriminate weapons i assert that the syrian army does not, has not, will not, use any
5:39 pm
indiscriminate weapons. it acts in accordance with international law in the framework of combatting terrorism. those who are killing civilians are those who are using them as human shields in many areas in syria, including our deliberati deliberations on the dangers of terrorism and importance of combatting should not be misunderstood, but we do not realize the seriousness of the humanitarian situation in syria, the situation of our children and our women, that this should not be at the expense on the crux of the problem and should not be politicized or should not be subjected to double standards. we are in discussion with mr. o'brien. we have organized missions to
5:40 pm
syria in order to address any outstanding issues. i welcome mr. o'brien's visit next month to syria. we stand ready to cooperate with good intentions, security council members in order to improve the situation in syria. i thank you, sir. >> i thank the representative of the syrian arab republic for his statements. there are no more names inscribed on the list of speakers. the meeting is adjourned.
5:41 pm
>> so
5:42 pm
5:43 pm
5:44 pm
. test. test. test. test. test. test. this is 1:40. >> my name is suzanne clark, executive vice president of the u.s. chamber of commerce. let me be the officially 12th person to welcome you all here to the great building today. one of the great privileges i have of the chamber is to help
5:45 pm
lead its foundation where we spend a lot of time thinking about america, about its competitiveness and about our future. we all know that america is a special place. i came across a quote recently that sums it up perfectly. america is the greatest, freest, most decent society in existence. it is an oasis of goodness in a desert of cynicism and -- help me -- basherism -- thank you, margaret. education at your core. this country once an experiment unique in the world is now the last, best hope for the world. we flow this, our military men and women know this. you served for it. sacrificed for it. we all know that america is a special place. and for that to continue a strong country needs a strong economy. it needs a strong business
5:46 pm
community. it needs a strong killed, able workforce. so my message to the military community is this, your opportunity to serve your nation done end when you hang up your uniform. it doesn't have to stop when you retire or transition into civilian life. you can continue to seb your country in new, vital, valuable way, america needs you. our economy needs you. our businesses need you. there's been a lot of talk of hiring our heros and hiring our heroes program to help veterans and military spouses part nate in the workforce. but i would say that's just a start. it's really about empowering them to lead in the workforce, to propel innovation, to drive our economy, and to create opportunities for so many other people. many of the industries that we saw highlighted in the video represent the future. this is where we're headed. and we believe and hope and pray
5:47 pm
that our military men and women are going to help lead the way. so let's match up this great generation of talent with the next great generation of american business. if we do, if we harness our industrial might and unleash our human talent, there's no question that america in remain the greatest country on the earth, the nation with the most resilient economy, the most innovative businesses and greatest opportunity for individual advancement and reward. this is a new opportunity for service, for america's heroes and there's no one better suited for the job. thank you very much. >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome general peter pace, eric ebersol, ross brown, sandy ogg.
5:48 pm
>> good afteren, i'm pete pace. it's my privilege to be part of this today. introduce these three gentlemen whose organizations and as individuals are doing so much for our veteran community. next to me, sandy ogg, from the blackstone group. next to him, ross brown from jpmorgan chase, and you've met before already today, eric ebersol, who seems to everywhere doing everything. we have about 20 minutes, we're not going to spend a lot of taim taimtime on introductions. tell us about the organize, what they've accomplished and lessons learned along the way. >> thank you, general. first of all, i'd like to say that i consider it a real privilege and loner to be here.
5:49 pm
[ inaudible ] to the business point of view, we come to have the patrol hire 50,000 veterans, i know relative to some of the numbers that people have been accomplishing, you know, we feel like we still got a lot of work to do. we've been at it for two years now, we've hired 28,000 veterans so far. and we think that the original commitment we set that we will meet and exceed. and for us, it's been a very practical matter of getting it done, started with leadership and then as we went to our ceos
5:50 pm
and we have 80 different companies that are led by excellent management and we said, hey, is there something we can do? and they came back to us and said we think we think so. and relative o to that, to be sure we had leadership from the top. i know that sounds like a cliche, but what that has done is it has given permission for every one of these organizations to run hard at it. it creates that sense of permission and alignment to go. once we secured the leadership at the top, then the second thing that we asked of those leaders was we need a number and we need a champion. and the number was nothing e we forced. the number was something that we asked them. it needed to come from them and it represented ambition.
5:51 pm
it was representative of that. and with that number we needed a champion. those in the room today one person without his leadership and guidance as our champion who is right here that we have derek blake. . we have melissa and lorna here from hilton. these are the people that are making this happen day in and day out. [ applause ] and so a number and a champion, once we had a number and a champion, we knew we needed to mobilize. our theme of mobilizing
5:52 pm
something like this is to think big so we wanted to have a big, bold number. but to start small. and not try to overwhelm the thing. start small meaning let's do something meaningful and then move fast. and so with that montra, we have been able to get this initiative mobilize d and i would say the second thing that besides leadership and ambition that has been extremely important for us is with the government. people told us in the beginning that if you try to part fer up with the government people they are going to e slow you down. that's been exactly the opposite of our experience. i know kurt coy is here from veterans affairs, but the people that have helped us from d.o.d.,
5:53 pm
veterans affairs, we got together the first time we run a summit once here and got together and we said that there was all this talk about having a warm handoff. that what our service members need is a warm handoff. and we all said a warm handoff, bull. the people in that room have done is to build a bridge and there have been very practical things that have been delivered by kurt and the team at the v.a., by the team at the department of labor, by stephanie and the team at d.o.d. to help us and essentially i thought public/private partnership was a cliche. but it's real and it's really working and it's helping to accelerate the way that we're getting this done. so a big thank you to all o of
5:54 pm
those people and even bigger thank you to the champions that are here that are representative of those making that happen. >> thank you very much to you and to all your portfolio companies. >> it's a privilege to represent the leaders of the jpmorgan chase and the commitment. there are three pillars that comprise of jpmorgan. employment, education and training and housing. employment alone this year over 900 veterans alone. and over the past four years, probably what we're most proud of is being the leader of the 100,000 jobs and the 100,000 jobs division consisting over
5:55 pm
fortunate 500 kpans have hired 242,000 veterans since 2011. so we're, treatmently proud. the second pillar for our firm is education and training. and under this pillar, we partner with the great work that mike does at syracuse university and we kind of focus our program on two things. one is we have committed a million dollars at seven different universities and colleges to see what can be done to facilitate the success of veterans as they pursue their education. i think there's going to be some great lessons learned that we can provide back to the v.a. and to other organizations. the other are the programs that were alluded to initially. the veterans transition program that we helped sponsor that allows service members and their
5:56 pm
spouses to be certified on different certifications that afford them opportunities to be employed. i.t. is one of them. so we'll continue to and look forward to continuing to work with them in education training. finally in housing, jpmorgan chase provides over 900 homes to deserving service members throughout the country. while we're continuing to provide these homes as they are available, we're also partnering to help the v.a. and others fight veteran homelessness as well as continuing to look for opportunities to provide veterans the opportunity to own homes. so inside, i'd also like to thank our public partners and the support we're receiving from them and look forward to working more with them as we move forward. so thank you very much. >> thank you very much.
5:57 pm
eric? >> thank you, general. we started hiring our heroes program a little over three years ago. actually, it's been four now. with a pretty simple mission. we wanted to utilize our network of state and local chambers to connect can them with businesses across the country. . we were going to do that at hiring events and i think most people in the building thought it would be a couple hundred. . we have now done over 900 in the last four years. but i think that's just one aspect of the hiring events that we do. a lot of what we have been guided by is hiring 500,000 heroes campaign. you have heard a little bit about that today. we partnered with capital one on that. that's really about going out in these local communities and getting businesses of all sizes to first and foremost make that commitment to hire veterans
5:58 pm
because it starts from the top down. but give them the tools and resources to actually help source and retain that great talent in the workforce. so we've really had the great privilege of working in communities large and small with businesses large and small all with the senior focus of helping veterans and their families make that transition into the civilian sector and not just find them jobs, but find them the right jobs. >> while you have the microphone, if you don't mind, what are the gaps that remain and what are the next steps? >> we heard a little more about this today, but one of the biggest gaps, they need to learn how to sell or market their skill sets to american businesses. they certainly have them, but often times there's no course in the military, but there's really this need to help service
5:59 pm
members understand these value skill sets that translate in a meaningful and impactful way for businesses. that's one aspect of it. but i also would encourage the industry leaders and business leaders not to sell their industries. these young men and women as we have all heard are tremendously talented, but they are looking for real economic opportunity in this country. it's the business's responsibility to sell those opportunities to those young businesses. let them understand that when they come to work for your business that they are continuing their service. they may wear a slightly different uniform, but they are still serving this it great country. those are the gaps i would focus on. >> thank you. >> the one gap that i'll talk to is data. . being in the financial services industry, numbers mean something, as you might imagine. while we all in this room know
6:00 pm
that hiring veterans is not only the right thing to do, but it's a beneficial thing to do, there's an opportunity to provide more data in support of this case. we're going to pursue a study here soon wherein we'll look at the retention and performance of veterans within our coalition and specifically within jpmorgan chase. because while i think we all know that it's absolutely beneficial, we want to demonstrate that to the organization at large by providing this data and these numbers to support that. so i think we need to provide more information on the business for hiring a a veteran. even though those of us who are veterans know that. across our coalition there's an opportunity to do that. >> i see two issues. one is accelerating hiring.
6:01 pm
we're off to a great start with a couple years behind us. but with the help of miguel and the help of eric, we're getting the best practices. what are the things that can be done to help us move faster. so accelerating the hiring would be number one for us. then number two, because we now have 28,000 veterans working in our companies, what are we going to do to retain them and keep them excited and to help them develop a career? because we didn't take this on to hire people. we have a number of businesses where we have people come and go a lot. for example, we have people who take inventory in the middle of the night at walmart. those people come and go. fortunately, the veterans stick around. and they stick around at a higher rate than others, but.
6:02 pm
you have to capture them in the right way. and so with our summit this fall, we're going to balance our efforts. in the beginning we said we were going to hire people. we got busy doing that. and now we need to accelerate that, but with the population that we have, we have to dig in on this second issue, which is how are we going to transition it from a job into something that is a really meaningful career. because if rod and the team at hilton bring someone in and they get them trained up and they are doing a great job running the front desk or run ining a whole hilton hotel, we want them to stick around and find ways that we can continue to help these people. those would be the two things, general, that we're really focused on now.
6:03 pm
we've got some interesting data to potentially -- we will share with you in terms of the business case. because we see each one of these veterans represent a very substantial business case. not only the skills that they bring, the benefits that bring real, tangible things with them. we have the evidence now to say that not only is the right thing to do, but it's smart, it's smart business. >> senator, thanks. you mentioned it and it's absolutely true. there's a huge difference between providing jobs and careers and to the extent that we can help folks get on to a career path, we have enough time left for one more question. i'd ask each of you to go down
6:04 pm
the line. if you have a transitioning stfs member in front of you, you have 60 seconds to give a speech about what they should be doing, what would you tell him or her that you think would benefit them in transition? >> the thing we did at our summit this past fall, which sort of blew everybody away sitting in the room are it's not literally this way but on one side of the room and that have done great work in helping us to build this bridge. the other side of the room, you have a bunch of people who are representing these businesses. . they are really putting people to work. in front of the room we had five veterans we had hired collective ly that we had hired. and you went down the row of the five veterans and people jump out of their chairs saying i have to get me some of that.
6:05 pm
these people were amazing to a person. one person was driving a humvee in iraq and another person was a fighter pilot from the navy. the thing if i were in front of a veteran would be to -- this notion of translation of what it is that you actually bring to the party i think that sometimes there's a little bit of shyness about what is it that i'm actually bringing that can be beneficial to this business. and i think it's important to do a little bit of homework to understand a little bit deeper into that enterprise. what is it that i bring to the party that is going to help to to translate the why would you hire a sniper. i thought that was a pretty cool thing. there's lots of reasons why you
6:06 pm
would hire the sniper. but that it's like we need to find each other. the business has the need and the veteran really want to see it get lost in translation. >> what i would encourage them to do is harness the energy of their network. they had a network when they were in the military. those that have gone before them in transition, i would suggest they make contact with those they respected and served with previously and get the lessons learned in the transition. whether it be the communication, how to properly communicate what you have done but equally what you're interested in doing from the lessons learned z that have already transitioned. >> you get the last word. >> thank you. you have to own your transition. just like you own your military service. you need to prepare just like you prepare for any mission. you have to go out and execute and do it early on. if you don't do those things,
6:07 pm
you're going to come up short and it's no different than any day in the military. own it and execute it. >> thank you to each of you for your efforts and your organizations are doing for the veterans. thank you all. my husband is a sergeant in the united states army. we have two kids. one is a 6-year-old boy and one 3-year-old girl. money was tight. we weren't sure how we were going to be able to pay for christmas. that's the most heartbreaking feeling for a a parent. that's what motivated many me. >> my name is clarissa and i'm an uber partner driver. it's the best thing for a a military spouse that has kids. now that i have been driving for uber, i didn't have to justify going to disneyland.
6:08 pm
>> i'm the dad. i stay at home and take care of alice. mom goes to work and makes the bulk of the money. if i can go out every weekend and make a couple hundred dollars, then i can contribute to the family. >> with uber, i'm able to earn income and provide the time with my family that's needed. >> next week was valentine's day. it was the first time in five years i was able to volunteer at my son's school. it allows me to be at home in the important times. >> the biggest thing that uber has given me is the convenience of my schedule. i turn my phone on and activate myself when i choose to. >> good morning, everyone.
6:09 pm
it's a a privilege to be here with all of you. the chamber, i want to thank them for their tremendous work on hiring our heroes. there's no more important program in the country. and obviously, we're also appreciative of the amazing work president bush and laura bush are doing on this program. all the remarkable leaders in the military and companies who are doing what they can to take care of those who take care of us. when i work at the white house, one of the things i love to do most, i didn't get to do it often because the hours aren't family friendly, but sometimes at night on a weekend i would take a run on the mall, which is one of the great running roots in the world. partially because the gravel is nice on my knees. it was always a great reminder . it was going to be with all ofhouse. part of what i enjoy doing is a reminder of those who built this amazing country that we have the privilege to live in.
6:10 pm
we have won the lottery by living here every day. the general who founded this country and defeated tyranny and the commander-in-chief who saved the union. you also see the e memorial and you're reminded that there's tens of millions of people who stood by them who made everything possible. . and so i think that continues today and will continue tomorrow. those are the people who are the true heroes in america. they will never let us down. so all of us who have an opportunity to help them when they are done serving, there's no more important job. so we at uber are so excited to try to play our part. we have a program called oouber military, which the video spoke to. with the guidance of military lead rs including the chairman and secretary gates. our goal back then was to bring 50,000 veterans on to the platform.
6:11 pm
we're almost half way there already. we have now expanded this to military spouses and mull teili families. what's exciting is the opportunity it provides. uber is a technology platform, it's an app. you press a button and you summon a ride with an entrepreneurial driver. it's in 311 cities around the world, but 7% of the people in the u.s. have access to it. one of the reasons that veterans and families have gravitate d t it, first of all, we're all about serving cities. and you see our part nors, that's what draws them. is that they are able to deliver everybody home safely after a few drinks at the bar. they can take them to work or community college. they are able to take someone to chemo treatment at the hospital. it's no surprise our highest rated partners on the platform are veterans.
6:12 pm
they provide a terrific service. but they are so focused on serve ing. and what we hear from them about why they enjoy uber is is it's a great way to get reconnected to your community. you get to meet people. you're delivering people all over the city. you get to see new businesses that have propped up. so it's a great transition. we're pretty unique in that we are a technology company, but veterans really enjoy the opportunity. to come home and serve and it's a great transitional job. a lot of people come home and may go back to school or searching for their next career. may be interested in starting a business. what we allow is they can get on the platform, veterans love to drive, most of them have vehicles already. and within a few days they can get on the road and make money but on their own terms. there's nothing like it in our
6:13 pm
econom economy. you can drive or not at all.txb you basically turn the app on, turn it off when you want to. as people are comb king home any
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about lost. morgan will tell you when e she left the air force, she lost hr confidence. she didn't feel like she was important anymore. i dare say there are tens of thousands of veterans. we fwot morgan's picture up there. is that in 2013 while at a job fair, morgan's trajectory took a turn. she met a usaa recruiter and at the time usaa was looking for a few good men and women to join this new program that had been developed in concert with loc
6:44 pm
locals. the program was called veterans for i.t. or vet fit for short. over 200 people applied for this 22-long week trauning course designed especially for warriors in transition to develop the skills needed for them to be a java software developer. 22 people were selected. they joined usaa as full-time employees and each week during their training, one semester focused on being a developer. all 22 people graduated and they are still employed with usaa today. i'm even more excited to tell you that we have a class that's currently formed. we have 28 participants in that clasp. they are all doing quite well
6:45 pm
and i fully anticipate that they are going to be graduates of that program and then will join fellow developers at our i.t. shop. so at the end of the day when morgan was selected and she joined this program, she started to flourish. because she was learning something new. she was surround ed by people that had similar experiences than she had. she was also working for a company that had a true mission that she could connect personally with and she was proud to work for and was caring. now morgan, if you talk to her, whenever she thinks about it she gets emotional. because that sense of confidence that she had lost, well, it's come back.
6:46 pm
this is a picture of the first graduating class of this program. i love this dog. front and center, as it should be. so she has done exceedingly well. she's not alone. because others are doing exceedingly well. but the fact that she was doing something meaning fful, she was surrounded by people that had the same experiences that she did and it was just the lift she needed to get back on track. now morgan's employed, graduate of the program, our work here is done, right? it's really not. we're talking about retention here. so even at usaa, when i sat back
6:47 pm
and look at the numbers, veterans still turn over more than any other population. here's what we have learned. we have learned that, again, not only do you have to make the right hiring decisions, but you have to connect them to each other. this vet fit program is just one of the ways in which employees a at usaa and veterans in particular can connect with one another. our most popular is a network called vet net. it's designed specifically to connect veterans and spouses. you get access to career mentoring, access to team building activities and learning events. it's really quite helpful. recent conversation i had with morgan, i met her on the very first day. she's a very different woman right now. but. i talked to her recently and e she said she's enjoying her job.
6:48 pm
she feels like the work she's doing is is mean iingful and looking for other jobs at usaa. you know what? i'm fine with that. this is where most. companies just get it wrong. they are focused just on the hiring, but they are not focused on retaining. so if morgan has been a successful software developer and can take other roles in the company and other veterans can do what she has, our organizations are going to be far better off. now this is a difficult challenge and not all companies today are equipped to be up for it. what i would argue is companies that are successful can help others and that's what i think this conference really is is all about. now, we believe that successful transition is about retention.
6:49 pm
because the more people retain, the less candidly we have to hire. let's focus on retaining them. so it's not just about the job. it's about veterans finding the right place for them. not just about the job, but it's finding the right fit. so i always ask myself the question, could we do more? the answer is yes. the question is can you all do more? and i dare say, same answer is true. general mcarthur said no good plan ever survives. first contact with the enemy. there's a lot of great planning going on. there's a lot of data that we can analyze. that's important work that should continue. make no mistake. but i fundamentally believe and we believe it's the companies that allow their employees and their veterans in particular to learn about their organizations
6:50 pm
and then follow their own interest in aptitudes and give them the flexibility to explore new things. that's going to be the key for that's one of the keys for success. here's what i challenge you to do. motivate your recruiter to go find the morgans out there. who are seeking their place and the quote unquote normal. hire them. connect them. to your organization. develop them. then watch them flourish. make it personal for you and for your organizations. that's what we try to do. when that happens, they like morgan, they can declare,
6:51 pm
mission transition accomplished. thank you. ♪ hope that's not me. welcome back, everybody. we're talking mission, transition, hiring our heroes and magnifying our impact. i want to introduce you to our panelists. far on the other side, barbara parsen, she's the acting administrator for the office of
6:52 pm
veteran's dwom. nice to have you. she was commissioned as a second lieutenant in the united states air force on her graduation day and she served as an intercontinental ballistic crew member and achieved the position of senior missile combat crew evaluator for the peace keeper force while on active duty. she earned her masters degree from management from leslie university in cambridge, massachusetts. she left and joined the reserve and earned the specialty. currently a colonel at the ussba where she pursues the office of veterans business development, promote policies and programs to support veterans small businesses. nice to have you with us. thank you very much. we appreciate it. vivian greentree is right next
6:53 pm
to her. first data as a senior vice president and head of military and veteran affairs in february of 2014 and in this role, she created first data salutes, a company wide military engagement strategy to provide the military community with access to career opportunities and best in class education resources with while offering premier business solutions to veteran-owned businesses. it's nice to have you with us. paper work. >> after that, it's not going to -- >> i want to give everybody a good sense of our panel. craig is a svp global service delivery and chief procurement officer at usaa. he and his team are responsible for strategy, governorer nance, procurement, global delivery, enabling all customers to better
6:54 pm
success, implement. he enlisted in the coast guard in 1984 to have a wide variety of rolls and experiences in his four year career there. he joined in august of 1997, bringing with them ten years of information services, engineering and business experienc experiences. bash, i'm going the start with you. give us what goes through specifics on what the spa is doing to help veterans interested in small businesses. >> i would love to do that. i think you heard multiple speakers say the word, entrepreneur, entrepreneurial. i'm listing for it. i know i heard it. i'm very grateful that small business administration is partnered with department of defense labor and education in the transition assistance program because there are options, military members and their spouses, you can get a job, go to school or make your own job and that has been the choice for 27,000 people who
6:55 pm
have gone through what we offer business to business at transition. we use the terminology, military life cycle, it means that the minute somebody walks through the door on active duty, to learn at that moment what transition means and it would be the best decision in the world to start thinking about what's next. to do well, quickly tell you what sba does, capacity building. teaching a spouse and military member. training them on what it takes to be a business owner and helping to make the choice to do that and learning what they must have in place to do that. second is access to capital. getting money. i have partner this is the room, in financial institutions, sba also guarantees loans so that banks will take a bigger risk on veterans and military spouses. we have some deals for you. i can tell you about them later.
6:56 pm
finally, we can find opportunities for you. whether it's federal procurement or going back and rejoining your community, farm, family owned business, a franchise. so, those are the things we are engaged in. >> what is usaa doing and what have been the challenges you listed, the transition. it's really hard. a completely different mind set to be an entrepreneur. what does usaa do for those interested in making that shift? >> we want to do more. sean just gave you a great example from the hiring side, but from the procurement side, i'm constantly looking for either small businesses that have services that can align with usa and a lot of what we talked about here today, small business owners that have that same character and willingness to serve continue to serve through usa because of our membership as well. so, finding the right people to
6:57 pm
connect to, like the small business administration and that binds up the sources, is very hard to do. but that's what we're at. working with the rosy network. i know some of that work that's going on and the coalition is trying to get into these networks where these small businesses live. another thing we want to do is help build entrepreneur as well. so, i'm actually, i work with some mentioned the american corporate partners. i'm on my third mentorship and the gentleman i'm working with is a young enlisted guy who's 18 months out. the deployment road map hooerks thinking ahead, which is awesome. but everything we're talking about in the mentorship is not about finding a job. the right places, go develop it. so, whether that's a concept like the bunker, we've been talking to the bunker, other accelerators out there that can help those strive and then as a
6:58 pm
private organization, i can come back and then actually procure and source with them afterwards. >> i was just going to say, craig, i've got some resources. and i won't take too long, i promise. but in every community, sba is there with free mentoring counseling with everything from marketing and legal advice, taxes. >> first data has been leading the charge on business, the first of its kind national platform that will support the success of veterans, service member and military spouse small businesses by connecting them to entrepreneurial education and training. small business resources and products and opportunities for simply chain. and it was built upon much like the 100,000 jobs mission, bringing companies together who wanted to hire veterans and spouses. bringing companies together who want to support veteran
6:59 pm
entrepreneurship, many of whom are represented in this room. we'd like many more. certainly represented well on the stage as the hiring our heroes usa and sba are founding members, which allows us to say that we will provide unparalleled and unprecedented access to education resources and train iing. >> so, where have the challenges been? because clearly, there's lots of ways to provide and lots of interest in providing the training and interest. where have you seen sort of the hurdles and what are you doing to get over those hurdles? >>. >> the whole transition process, which i think somebody mentioned earlier today as well, being revamped. they want to be a small business owner or entrepreneur even, don't even know they want to be a small business owner yet, they have an idea, where can i start to think about that?
7:00 pm
access to capital, or am i just willing to sell my idea to a private company and say i'm not just coming from a job. what we're trying to do is create those opportunities. it's past hiring and career. and if we can't use them ourself, we have a supply network that's rather large. >> what kind of pressure can all of you put on pliers and is it a challenging conversation? is it an easy conversation? >> i had a great conversation just today. we have garrett on your team. entrepreneur. these are great people that companies want to bring into their chains and do business with. so, we're asking corporate america to be a good citizen and make a commitment to them. so, there


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