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tv   Politics and Public Policy Today  CSPAN  February 3, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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doing a rapprochement with the >> thanks for watching. israelis? did you see that? they are. >> caller: you're welcome. mr. leventhal, this is just a because they're a mutual question, call me naive, i'd interests over there. just like to know. see, it's a complicated place. you have all these candidates and here's what my view is on that are getting donations to israel and that whole area, you help support their campaign and, will never have a permanent you know, get them out there and hopefully get elected. peace. and people who search for a my question is, we just had mike permanent peace are searching for something that doesn't exist. what you want to search for is huckabee just now the alert went stability. every day that you go by without across the screen, unfortunately there being major problems there is a win. rand paul is dropping out of the race, martin o'malley dropped out of the race. and, you know, and i can tell we jeb bush has raised i think he can bully israel all we want, has $58 million in his pocket to but we're not going to bully them. continue to spend on his it's their survival, and, you campaign. once a candidate drops out, know, so it's a serious problem. i'm not trying to dismiss what where does the money go? do they put it back into the you're saying but it's just very community? serious stuff. do they give it back to the man, we want to survive. people who donated it or do they that was my problem with iran. just keep the money and keep why doesn't iran just recognize going? thank you. >> it's a great question the the right of israel to exist? caller asked. in fact, we did a long, every day, you know, one of investigative report a couple these clerics come out, we want years ago that looked at this very issue of, well, all right, to destroy israel, we want to a candidate drops out. they no longer are in the race
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redraw israel, paint it on the running for office. map. come on. what do they do with their so, on all these subjects we money. stay cool, calm, deliberate and depending on the type of organization that they are -- firm. and let's just focus for and i'm going to suggest to you candidate committees in and of that we have an opportunity now itself without getting too like we have never had that i legalistic on you here. they do have several options and can think in recent times with some of the notable ones are the world to be united. this. they can transfer some of that money to, for example, a and here's what i mean. national party committee. so, they can, if they're a egypt, thank god the muslim republican they can give it to the republican national brotherhood's not there. committee. if they're a democratic, they can give it to the democratic saudi, you think the -- what do national committee or one of the you think's going on between the other party committees. they can also make a charitable saudi arabia and iran? what do you think they're doing donation. so, if you're a candidate who is in yemen? somebody said, well, why don't sitting on millions of dollars we get in the middle? and that is not unheard of, you what are we going to do about could donate it to your alma the shia and the sunni? i tell you what we do, stay out mater. you could donate it to an of it. but they're threatened. organization that is a nonprofit doing charitable work in a jordan? you know every day they worry variety of different ways. about the collapse of the these are all definite options. monarchy and in saudi arabia as oil prices come down, you know, what some candidates choose to they made a deal long ago with do with it is nothing at all. they sit on the money. the devil. they got a problem. the gulf states, we get along -- that money can generate interest, so they can even make we are building the cleveland money off the money that they've clinic in abu dabdy, there's an raised. opportunity with those countries and why would they do that.
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and turkey if we can pull them well, they might say, you know, to the west instead of the east i want to keep my options open and work with our friends in europe to try to build a if i run for office again in four years or maybe i'm running stronger bond to represent civilization. for president today. perhaps i'll run for senate so that women can have equal tomorrow, then they want to have rights. that money sitting there in an so that we can have freedom. account so that they can use and the law of humanity. that money when they decide to so, we can talk about it go a different direction with their political future. sometime. you are obviously a smart guy. and then another option that come to a town hall or, you they do have, it's not typically know, you can't ride on my bus because there's no room anymore. common or not typically the no room on the bus but another route that people go, although they have, is give the money time -- >> saturday. >> where you going? back to the people who made the >> we're going back to donation. so, if you had somebody who's a minnesota. we're all from minnesota. >> you live in minnesota and -- supporter, they gave $1,000 or geez, oh, man. $2,000 the candidate can say, i spent all this time! all right. hey, didn't use your money, but listen, listen, you know tim here you half ve it back. penny? tim penny's a former the problem is when you have somebody that makes a donation, congressman, do you know who he is? great guy. usually they're giving that money thinking it's going to be an independent, big supporter of used for some purpose and it's hard to account what money you mine. there's one here. used, what money you didn't use because you're constantly >> one more. >> i do? i'm enjoying this. bringing it in and you're yes. constantly spending it and so the math gets very difficult in okay. yes, sir? that part. >> just a general question with
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>> how about ad spending? regard to cybersecurity because who is spending the most money it's a very big threat for us on ads right now? and everything's electronic as >> you have a couple of we all know. different story lines now. all the accounts, all the access let's look on the superpac side, on the republican side this is to everything and yet we have where most of the ad spending is countries that are literally coming from. using that in warfare against typically when you see an advertisement on television and us. it's about, oh, i don't know, i just wanted to see what your -- what your administration donald trump or ted cruz or would do against something like marco rubio or chris christie or that, keeping in mind obviously john kasich, you're probably thinking that it's either the political aspects of dealing with other countries. sponsored by the candidate, him >> we have to protect ourselves or herself, or it's sponsored by with cyber. another candidate attacking a we need to strengthen the candidate. on the republican side that cybercommand. somebody like hookstra served as really has not been the case so the chairman of the intelligence far in the primary. most of the advertisements that committee could go shake that place up and get it built. have been aired have been proxy we need to have a defensive advertisements. posture on cyber. they're being aired by the we cannot let them take down our superpacs out there that are grid. we can't let them hack into our supporting one candidate or another candidate, so it would accounts. i mean, we can't have that happen and we need to have a be inaccurate to say that those clear policy not just on defense ads are coming from the but on offense. you do that to us, there is a candidates because technically it's coming from this organization that can raise as much money as it wants to and mutual assured destruction on spend it to support or to attack you. and in addition to that, if we a candidate. know there's a -- there's a lot so, in that regard jeb bush has of hackers out there. they live all over the world. been at the head of the pack
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and we're going to catch you, followed by several candidates, you're a criminal. including ted cruz, including you're an international criminal marco rubio, even carly fiorina and we will prosecute you. so, this whole issue of cyber is and chris christie and a couple of the other candidates have really, really critical. been active, and lately donald and not only cyber, but the trump his campaign has been more whole issue of encryption and active after really doing no all that. i don't like to talk about advertising at all simply because donald trump has been encryption. it can be solved but it relying on his celebrity. shouldn't be talked about here. >> more of your calls in a moment. it should be talked about in here's an ad with mr. rubio and some soundproof room with mr. cruiz's name attached to it. people. but here's the thing i will tell you, sir, i will put my money on >> ted cruz calculates his silicon valley. positions for political gain. in the last year alone cruz period, end of story. what we have to do is to make it switched on immigration, syrian easy for people to come and help refugees, ethanol, trade, you name it. even on national security. the government and be able to cruz first praised the traitor keep their jobs or not be, you edward snowden. know, so strung up with rules now he's changed his tune. and regulation and bureaucracy what's changed for ted? he wants your vote. we lose common sense. see, one of the things that i did was when -- with rumsfeld, i ted cruz, consistently calculated. conservative solutions pac is recruited people from silicon responsible for the content of valley to go to the pentagon to this advertising. >> so, one example out there. deal with technical problems. >> and if you notice at the end it was hard to get some of them,
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of that ad, what does it say? because do you know what it's like to try to work with the it doesn't say sponsored by government? i mean, it's libe the hotel chris christie or marco rubio or california, you go in, you never donald trump, it says sponsored come out. it's just really tough. by conservative solutions pac, and we need to have a process, well, 99.9% of all americans are haven't figured this one out going to have no idea what yet, of commonsense clearing. conservative solutions pac is, if you got a conflict, i need to even as reporters we're clear you. if you can have -- offer real constantly having to look up, you know, what is that group. value to the united states, then who's behind that group. i need to be able to have you and the center for public come in and help, whether it's integrity has launched a project restructuring the va or whether called source check which serves it's dealing with the issue of that very purpose, to answer the cybersecurity or whether it's dealing with the issue of question of what people and what kind of money are behind these encrypti very anonymous-sounding names encryption, whatever it is. we need to have a system. that you're going to see at the we've lost common sense. you know, everybody that goes in end of an advertisement because there wants to do something is, it's very difficult for voters you know, not in there trying to to suss out who truly is the line their pockets. in fact, most of the people i know in silicon valley, their sponsor of many of these ads that, again, on the republican pockets are already lined, okay? they don't need to learn about side are accounting for the majority of ads. lining their pockets, but we on the democratic side, miss out on great expertise. candidates themselves are this is one we're going to have typically the ones that are to deal with because the meant sponsoring ads but you do have you bring them in the press is superpacs and other groups going to go crazy, but i think involved, too. we have to do it, because we >> jeff is calling from cannot afford to not make gains springfield, ohio, democratic
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in so many of these areas. caller. good morning to you, jeff. and the last thing i would tell >> caller: good morning, thanks for taking my call. you is this, one of the biggest >> sure. go ahead, sir. challenges i think we have is -- >> caller: i just wanted to say that in my opinion these here we have it. superpacs ought to be outlawed. you know, i told people, maybe they never should have been i'll do it again tonight. allowed in the first place. i was in florida with my kids, it's nothing more or less than a special interest group or a and they said, daddy, what is lobbying group and i don't think anybody should have the right to that over there? try to buy their way into the they're 16 now. this was five years ago. what is that over there? white house. i said, well, it's used for two this has been going on for far too long and it needs to be stopped. things. one it's where superman changes i think we also need to term his clothes, and the second limit senators and congressmen. thing it's where we make telephone calls. they didn't know what it was. that in and of itself allowing somebody to spend a lifetime on am i right about this? they didn't know. the floor of the house leads to the corruption that goes on in speed of light. d.c. today. >> dave leventhal. >> there have been many calls you can go now from central park typically from the democratic side to do just that, to try to in new york to the tip of, you ban superpacs, to try to limit outside money that's flowing know, all the way down where the into a race, to do away with freedom center is, all the way what's often referred to is dark down to bottom of manhattan, five bucks. money, quote-unquote. and let's seize on dark money they're now trying to uberize for a second.
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what is dark money? dark money is money that is aircraft. apple-tv. you got it? flowing into not superpacs you do? typically, but nonprofit organizations. apple-tv. okay. there are certain types of you're not tied down anymore, are you? nonprofit organizations following the supreme court's everything is changing to seminal citizens united versus federal election commission constantly connect the consumer. so, what's the only thing we decision in 2010 that because of have in the world that's clunky, that decision and a couple of other lower court decisions have big, and slow? can you tell me? >> government. the ability to also raise and >> government. spend unlimited amounts of money we have to figure out how to like superpacs except because innovate the government to get it to operate in a 21st century they are nonprofit organizations they don't have to disclose the mode, and if we can, we can get sources of that money. better services at lower prices. so, let's use an example here. more creative and imaginative if i want to give a million solutions. that's a big idea, but i think we ought to have a major study dollars to a superpac, the to figure out how to get it superpac ultimately is going to have to publicly in a document done, so if anybody wants to sign up, i'll include you. filed with the federal election okay? so, anyway, i have to go. commission say that, you know, let me just say this for those dave leventhal gave a million dollars to the superpac. who are not from minnesota, if i give that money to a well, i'm going to be coming to minnesota, okay? nonprofit organization, that has the right to be politically and i like prince. active to some extent -- not as so, anyway, for those who are
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its primary purpose, but still here in new hampshire, i would can spend million of dollars very much like for you to vote for me. conceivably -- the world is never going to know i'm the one you know, i do have the experience. who is funding that superpac. i have the knowledge, i have the the way it plays out in a record, the success, and i'm going to get people together to presidential race nonprofits solve these problems. have not been the big story yet but likely they're going to be a so, thanks for letting me be much bigger story and a lot of here today. democrats in particular are very and, bruce, it is great -- berky upset at the way that this works is in charge of this whole firm and some republicans, too. and it's really impressive that donald trump being a prime he's working with me. example of somebody who says, thank you, bruce. hey, this whole system is crazy, >> all right. it should change, we should get rid of it, it's bad. >> let me go to gene, hillsboro, >> thank you all for coming, and may i encourage you to take this pennsylvania. good morning, jean. white sheet that's at each of the tables. this is the op-ed endorsement of >> caller: hi. congressman -- former congre thank you. i have a question. congressman charlie bass, son of the limit you can send to a campaign itself is very small. one of the founding members of this firm. it's a great read. and a lot of these pacs are not and hope you enjoy it. thanks for coming tonight. just the super rich, they are individuals contributing to them. and the reason they do that is the american voting public does not fact check. they don't follow these people.
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when harry reid stands on the senate floor and says the koch brothers this, that, and the other i went to the superhighway and found out that the top seven pacs and the most money were in the democrats' hands. >> that is so great. harry had the largest one. >> i met your wife a couple weeks ago. if we don't start voting with >> my wife's coming back. common sense, 321 million people, if you look how many >> and we're doing fine. people actually didn't come to we're not going to go negative. vote. and you have these award-winning >> good job, governor. >> thank you. obie, award-winning obie, i say, campaign spend, the people have got to start fact checking. and if you would start in your local community, who you're voting for and who you're sending to washington, you would know what's going on. it doesn't cost billions of dollars locally. the new hampshire primary's >> thanks. dave leventhal? coming up on tuesday, and >> before the citizens united c-span's road to the white house decision we just had pacs, coverage continues today with jeb bush holding a town hall political action committee. and pacs still exist today. meeting in laconia. it's coming up live at 6:00 p.m. caller was i think referring to eastern. we'll have it for you here on political action committees of a
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c-span3. traditional sense in terms of and at 6:30 p.m. eastern chris democrats being out in front in terms of who's raising the most christie is holding a town hall money through them. meeting in milford. democrats have definitely been can see it on c-span2, c-span's very successful in that regard. but the citizens united decision road to the white house in new hampshire. animated and helped animate superpacs which are a whole different breed of animal, and the citizens of the granite they can, again, raise unlimited state are not easily won. the country meeting places are amounts of money where traditional political action hotbeds of political discussion. committees they are limited by the amounts of money that an individual can give to them. in village, town and city, you can only give up to $5,000 voters brave bitter snow and to a political action committee. sleet to cast their votes. so, basically you've got a situation where the superpacs >> thanks to the people of new hampshire. >> good to be back here in new that are active today, both at hampshire. >> first in the nation primary. the presidential level and also >> new hampshire. >> new hampshire. the house, senate, congressional >> new hampshire. >> new hampshire. >> new hampshire. level, most of them are being >> hey, he's from new hampshire. >> it's great to be back in new funded not by people who are giving limited amounts of money, hampshire. >> one reporter has called new but giving $100,000, six hampshire's primary the most cherished of american political figures, seven figures, eight tribal rights. ♪ figures. so, when you look at superpacs on both the republican and the
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democratic side and the biggest one on both sides are a very, very, very small number of very, very, very wealthy individuals >> governor, thank you so much who are the ones who are fueling for coming to new hampshire. those particular operations. >> give us a few more names. >> this is a place where you can who are these people? observe a candidate in the heat >> well, on the democratic side you have a number of folks who of a dialogue, in the heat of are household names. getting tough questions about their positions on the issues. you know, i'm thinking movie directors. it's not just a place where i'm thinking people from, you there's a scripted speech. know, all walks of liberal life >> new hampshire takes its first who have gone to fund them. in the nation primary status, on the republican side, it's a you know, really seriously. lot of businessmen. >> this is one of a whole series a lot of people who have been of town hall meetings that we're very active, you know, going going to be having. >> this is my 20th town hall back to the democrats, people meeting. >> welcome to our 115th town like to often highlight george hall meeting here in new hampshire. soros over the years who has been a leading contributor to ♪ democratic politics. he came in with about $8 million to democratic superpacs supporting hillary clinton this last go-around through reports. so, he's somebody who definitely now a look at campaign 2016 is at the knife's edge. fund-raising and spending. steven spielberg would be another one, too, who has been the center for public integrity very active.
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it's people you almost have in order to get involved with those was a guest on this morning's type of superpacs and be a "washington journal." this is 35 minutes. player have millions and >> talk about money and campaign millions of dollars to bring to 2016. fund-raising and spending. bear. >> we have robert on the line, our guest is dave leventhal of independent caller for dave the center for public integrity, he's a senior political writer. leventhal. >> caller: thank you for picking thanks for joining us this my phone up for me. morning. what i wanted to ask about was >> it's a pleasure to be here. >> as we follow the money in the i'm kind of undecided right now, campaign there's this piece you put together, the $1 billion and i haven't heard a candidate figure, there it is, the white yet on tv say they're going to house race is nearing $1 billion get rid of the lobbyists on this cycle and perhaps the reason why is just below. capitol hill. now, the president when he's not big-money superpacs have raised in office he said that's the first thing i'm going to do is more than half of all kick all of them out of there. presidential cash. tell us more. i haven't heard anybody yet say >> we've probably already exceeded the $1 billion figure they're going to get rid of in part because we got a whole them, so as long as they're bunch of new numbers that came in and they're only good through around that's going to be -- the end of december and, of that's going to be a problem in course, a heck of a lot has been the government. raised and spent in the time it's broken. it needs to be fixed. since. that $1 billion figure >> thanks for calling. let's move on to -- let's see, represents not only what the candidates and their campaigns themselves are raising, but also it's jan calling from roseville, this constellation of superpacs, california, now, republican caller. hi, jan. these organizations that can >> caller: hello, good morning. >> good morning. raise and spend unlimited
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>> caller: quick question or amounts of money. and in 2016, unlike past actually it's a statement and a question. if bernie sanders gets elected, presidential elections, are forming to do one thing and one thing only, and that's support the government will own the single presidential candidates people. in a way that is akin to a and why is that? because there will be no need campaign structure. so, you can sort of view these for 401(k)s, pensions, health type of superpacs as parallel funds, mutual funds because all campaigns. cynics may say shadow campaigns. the big companies whether but the bottom line is if you're they're pharmaceutical or oil a donor and you want to support hillary clinton or ted cruz or companies, all you have to look at are what type of funding do rand paul -- although he's out today -- or any of the other you have in the teachers union candidates who are running, you can give a limited amount of money to the candidate, him or or the 401(k)s, you'll find herself, into their campaign. pharmaceuticals and oil companies and all the large corporations. $2,700 per election. and that's what makes these but if you want to turn around, i got a lot of money, i want to spend it on politics. funds stay alive is because of i want to get involved. the companies. i want to try to change the so, you want bernie sanders? trajectory of the election in a the government will own the people. way that's going to benefit the thank you. candidate i like, you can write >> dave leventhal? a check for $100,000 or a >> i think both callers hit on a notion, well, what is the power million dollars or $10 million of the presidency? and give it to one of the going back to the first caller's
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superpac organizations that in comments, barack obama came into turn can put television advertisements up supporting office saying lots of things about lobbyists and special your particular candidate of interests, and ultimately for choice. can put up tv, radio or digital one reason or another very few ads attacking candidates. things -- very few things that very, very different than the conversation we would have been he talked about in the campaign having, for example, eight years ago when hillary clinton was initially in 2007 and 2008 came running for president against barack obama. >> so, to the details, dave to pass in the way that met up leventhal. you have this piece now it looks with what some would consider to be pretty lofty rhetoric in that back at 2015, so in terms of of regard. this superpac money, who's and that does to some extent getting all of it? speak to the president's give us the rundown. ability, any president, whether >> number one, jeb bush is it's barack obama or any of the people who might be president getting the lion's share of the money coming in. after the 2016 election, to come he has a number of wealthy in and just wholesale change the benefactors that very early on when it seemed like he was the way that government works. it really doesn't work that way. front-runner and that he was going to be at least the we're not electing an autocrat. establishment, standard-bearer we're not electing a dictator. flag waver for the republican and here we sit here overlooking side, money was flowing in like capitol hill, well, because of the balance of power of our crazy. it's been less lately, but still government you have to have a jeb bush's superpac an congress, first of all, that is organization called right to willing to work with you as a rise usa is sitting on more than president on your ideas. and oftentimes you're going to $58 million, and jeb bush clearly is making his last stand have to as a president either
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compromise or simply be or stands in new hampshire and stonewalled with ideas and the president currently has been south carolina. so, it's an indication that very frustrated by congress on superpacs alone won't many of his initiatives. necessarily win you a race, even some love that. some think it's great others are very frustrated about it. if it's something where >> back to ads as a sampling of candidates effectively have to have one and have to have a good what is out there. one in order to compete because here's an ad from hillary everyone else does. now, there are exceptions to clinton called incredible. >> think about it. that rule. >> i would bomb the [ bleep ] bernie sanders being an obvious out of them. one. donald trump, although donald >> one of these republicans -- >> carpet bomb them into obl trump is his own superpac, despite him decrying superpacs. but you have ted cruz who is oblivi notable. you asked who is getting the oblivion. >> our wages are too high. money. ted cruz's superpacs and i must >> defund planned parenthood. under line pacs because there's >> they are backwards and about six or seven different dangerous. ask yourself, who is the one ones that are supporting ted candidate who can stop them? cruz right now, they've been hillary clinton tested and tough raising a heck of a lot of money to stop them stand with her. and it kind of puts ted cruz in >> i'm hillary clinton and i approved this message. a curious situation because on one hand he's saying, i >> anything you want to respond really -- i'm not part of the to there? washington machine. >> well, it tastes of what we're washington is bad. i don't like billionaires. going to have going for many, i don't like lobbyists. many, many months. i don't need them, but the the advertising that works superpacs in part are being funded by a couple of very oftentimes is going to be negative advertising.
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notable, wealthy individuals it's not going to be happy, including robert mercer who is a hedge funder from new york city shiny photos of candidates who's pumped in eight figures kissing babies and shaking into a ted cruz superpac, so hands. it's going to be stuff that it's a very different world, draws a very stark contrast from again, than we've had in one candidate to another or it's presidential politics here in 2016. >> we get to calls in just a going to be the types of ads moment. that you see right now at least here's the headline david in the primary where republicans leventhal, jeb bush spent $2,800 aren't talking about other per vote in iowa. republicans, although they do a put it in perspective for us. lot in their ads, they talk >> it's incredible. and it shows that sometimes spending alone is just not going about hillary clinton because to get you nearly the return she's the ultimate boogeyman when it comes to many of the that you would ever want to. republicans. and some of the superpacs have and likewise hillary clinton in order to show that she should be been spending money in i guess the standard-bearer for the what you could call traditional democrats not going to go after political ways, television bernie sanders. she's going to go after donald advertising, radio advertising, and we're not necessarily seeing trump or ted cruz or marco rubio a huge bang for your buck in or any of the other candidates terms of that type of activity, out there, so that plays better, although it is still eating up or so her campaign thinks, with the most cash in terms of money its base. >> john from pennsylvania, being spent by these big, democratic caller. hi there, john. >> caller: how you doing? >> good morning. outside, nominally independent >> caller: i have a few comments to make about people and how they vote. organizations like superpacs or they should realize that, you
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nonprofit organizations which is know, whatever result we get at the end of the election process slightly different but a different story line in this is really the voter's fault. presidential race. but the point is that you have to have a candidacy that's you can't complain about things if you put someone in there that resonating with people. you have to have a candidate who doesn't do the job and i found out a long time ago as a is having success on the ground. democrat i'm going to change to the war cannot just be fought on vote republican during this the air and candidates are primary. when you talk about hillary learning that the hard way in clinton, nobody ever asked her some cases. >> well, to illustrate some of what her accomplishments were when she was involved in this "the new york times" has a washington. and the question is she has story about marco rubio the senator from florida who none. bernie sanders is making finished a strong third in iowa. promises to people that he can't they do have a passage here in the lead piece -- or on the lead keep. you captan't give away free stu page here. wall street financiers are someone has to pay for that. when you look at a politician, increasingly moving toward him as disclosures this week by a i'm done with politicians, superpac backing him have made period. the democrats went off the clear. so, there's momentum in his charts someplace where they used favor regarding the superpacs. to be and what they used to >> there is momentum and there have been a number of folks who believe in, that's a big have gotten on the rubio train disappointment for me. not only in recent months but i'll never vote for a politician recent weeks and with the again. never since abraham lincoln has success that he had in iowa, politics gotten better. finishing a strong and perhaps it's a disaster. you put them in washington and even unexpected third place, we'll see what he does in new they forget who put them there. and it takes democrats to elect hampshire. but conventional wisdom at least republicans and republicans to
5:18 pm
elect democrats. at this point is that some of they don't figure it that way. the establishment donors who want to get involved in the race it's my republican and it's my idea if a democrat brings an but have been keeping their powder dry, have been staying on idea up we can't vote for that because it came from a democrat. the sidelines, are going to get we're supposed to be behind marco rubio and begin representing the people in this donating to superpacs that are country. democrat or republican. but they're not looking at it supporting marco rubio and that that way. donald trump, say what you want have been active and that do have already a lot of money to about him, you know, he's not bring to bear. one of my favorite people, but i another very important question vote on issues, not people who i going forward is what's going to happen with superpacs supporting like, okay? and i believe his issues are hillary clinton. hillary clinton talks a lot cool because here's a about how she hates big money in businessman that became politics and if she became successful by hard work and his own two hands, okay? president that she would try to change the system, but in the here and now, hillary clinton is he does -- he is not going to take a presidential salary. being supported by tens of he's not owned by anybody in the millions of dollars that have establishment. and i believe he says he'll do been raised by superpacs that what he says he does. are supporting her efforts, he works with world leaders. which stands in stark contrast he works with a lot of people that none of these politicians to the situation for bernie ever could work with. sanders, who doesn't have the and he has a team second to none same kind of dedicated superpac and if you don't do what he that many of the other wants you to do, you're fired as presidential candidates including hillary clinton does. although he does have a nurses he says -- >> john, thank you for calling, union that has a superpac that's john. been supporting him, but the i want to squeeze in another
5:19 pm
point there is hillary clinton caller before we wrap up. superpac with all this money and that call mentioning donald trump, this headline on cnn, its all these resources going to bring it to bear against bernie website, donald trump and sanders. they certainly don't want to. sanders using anger. they want to keep that money in its coffer until the general we've seen that for a while. election when they can use it to try to beat up on a republican is there anything you can see instead of another democrat. with the iowa results to see if >> lots of money out there and the issue will continue to lots of phone calls coming in resonate? for our guest dave leventhal >> the caller mentioned political participation in part he's with the center of public of what he said and i think integrity he's a senior that's an incredibly important political writer. point to make about not only dominick is calling first from iowa but also new hampshire, you saw some pretty big turnout in new york. is it mayopak? iowa. people have to go to the polls in order to elect the person they want to elect. >> caller: it has nothing to do about the money. new hampshire is a fascinating i heard ted cruz was born in state. it's close to my heart because i work covering politics in new canada. and yesterday my son-in-law hampshire. it's my first job out of college and i saw with my own two eyes googled it that he was born in how it works there. we're a few days away from a 1970. i was drafted in 1969 and i was primary where not just wondering if you do know if his republicans are going to vote for republicans and democrats father was a veteran or did he are going to vote for democrats, go to canada to dodge a draft? but independents have the i'll take my call off the air. ability in new hampshire to vote and have a good day. in either election. >> well, completely off topic so, it's sort of the big unknown there. so why don't we move on to mary in spring branch, texas, in new hampshire every four years is which way are the independent caller. hi, mary.
5:20 pm
independents going to go. mary, are you there? and also to which election are >> caller: no, it's not mary, they going to vote in.2c]y it's a point that especially in it's larry. >> larry. a race this close, where you thank you. >> caller: yes. have so many candidates, where >> our apologies. go ahead, larry. the winner and the person who >> caller: okay. places and shows might be thank you c-span. separated by a matter of and i have a comment. thousands, even hundreds of votes, that's a factor, a big why cannot these people that are running for presidency of the x-factor, that, you know, polls united states all the way down even right before the election can't always necessarily pick up to the city commissioners of and we saw in iowa the polls every city in the united states not -- not really capture exactly the result that be audited one year after they happened. and not a fault of the polls so leave office. much as the polls are different than the system. >> let me squeeze in one more >> and why are you suggesting call, bob from campbellsburg, that? >> caller: well, because of the money pacs and these deals that indiana. if you could be brief, that would be great. are done underneath the table, >> caller: good morning, paul, you know, like, to me aarp, and mr. leventhal. i wanted to ask mr. leventhal if which is a part of the insurance he investigated the industry in the united states i megacorporations and the megabanking institutions that might give to both parties and feel like a lot of times they many different candidates in order to gain access to whoever
5:21 pm
fill these people's pockets up after they leave office. wins office. >> dave leventhal. >> thank you for calling, bob. >> well, the caller raises an issue that i think hits on the >> center for public integrity spirit of a question a lot of and you can go to our website to people ask sometimes which is, all right, it seems like there's read all about it. a whole lot of money coming in. unions and others try to affect a whole lot of money going out. the trajectory of elections, so there are any shenanigans taking it's something that when we do our investigations, we're place. and there is an agency here in constantly doing them in the washington called the federal context of political influence, election commission and they do in the context of how money have the power to audit affects politics, both on the campaigns if they get wind of right and on the left, and i something that may seem a little would encourage the viewer and off kilter or perhaps illegal. anyone else to go and read many of those reports. and sometimes there are audits >> what will you be looking at that are conducted on next in this area? presidential campaigns or political campaigns for congress >> in the area of money in politics in general, i mentioned or any other office at the it earlier, but i think it's federal level. going to be a big story line for and there have been times where the next couple weeks as to campaigns have been fined as a whether the superpacs are result of the findings of either supporting hillary clinton get an audit or a complaint that had off the sidelines and go after been waged -- that had been bernie sanders. a big open question right now. levied against a particular also going to be looking for marco rubio to see if the candidate or campaign. so-called establishment so, it does happen. but the flip side to that is republicans who have not yet been terribly active or active
5:22 pm
that the federal election at all in the primary start commission is a body that has lining up behind him because three republican appointees and they're afraid that either three democratic appointees, and donald trump or ted cruz are going to have a path toward the you probably don't need me to tell you what happens when you nomination. and also ted cruz and donald have math that works out like trump, first donald trump is he that. so it's not necessarily going to going to have enough momentum to come to pass all the time where start winning races. they're going to be able to it's a big open question right agree, the commissioners, who now. and is ted cruz going to be able sit on the federal election to sustain that momentum going commission, as to whether a certain campaign should get a into super tuesday when a lot of southern states are voting and penalty lodged against them or that's really an area that could hit with or if it should just potentially be of strength to simply go away. them. >> let's hear from wayne in >> tell us briefly how folks can hanover, pennsylvania, navigate your website. democratic caller. how are you, wayne? what's that there? >> caller: hey, how you allel? >> we have a whole bunch of >> doing good. >> caller: listen, dave, i got reports and investigative journalism about money in one thing to say. politics and political influence two words, bernie sanders, as well as other topics. eliminate all these problems. >> david leventhal, center for i mean, this is ridiculous. special interest. public integrity, thank you for pharmaceuticals, you name it. oil company can't a bunch to your time this morning. the road to the white house stand on right now. coverage continues today with they crying they made $16.8 jeb bush holding a town hall meeting in laconia, that's coming up live in just a few billion last year, oh, isn't that awful? minutes, 6:00 p.m. eastern time it ain't like they're 37 for
5:23 pm
here on c-span three. and at 6:30 p.m. eastern new exxonmobil. but anyhow, that's beside the jersey governor chris christie point. the thing is it's a rigged will be holding a town hall in economy. bernie sanders has got it right milford, you can watch that on on spot. c-span2. and it's time this changes. c-span's road to the white house in new hampshire. next, maryland governor this is downright ridiculous. and thank you. thank you for c-span. god bless america. larry hogan delivers his state >> thanks, wayne. of the state address in dave leventhal, bernie sanders making news in one respect this morning. he raised $3 million in 24 hours annapolis in the asset house, he talked about business expansion in the state. we'll show you as much of the after iowa, his biggest single speech as we can before the jeb bush town hall in new hampshire day yet. there is the headline in "the hill." you want to respond to the caller? >> the caller clearly had a lot of energy and was very excited about bernie sanders as have been millions of people all around the country. bush town hall in new hampshire. bernie sanders has tapped into a >> thank you all very much. certain excitement or perhaps speaker bush, president miller, better said frustration that a lot of voters have had with members of the general assembly, politics, either on the distinguished guests, fellow republican side or the democratic side, and they wanted a different type of candidate. marylanders. hey, bernie sanders if anything a year ago i stood before you, is a different type of presidential candidate, and he's confident in our collective been able to resonate with ability to usher in a new era of
5:24 pm
people who are looking for something different. looking for an alternative to cooperation and prosperity for hillary clinton, who we've known for decades at the national maryland. while mindful of the challenges level. so, bernie sanders sort of has a and the uncertainties that we double-edged sword working for him right now as it applies to shared. money. in spite of political mind sets on one hand he's been able to get a number of very small that may drive us apart, can we dollar donations, in increments find little ground and could the of 5 or 10 or 20, 50 or $100 citizens and their government be prepared. that cobbled together have added would we as elected leaders up to significant money as you choose serving the people over just noted. the past few days he's raised serving government? several million dollars by yet none of us could have virtue of his finish in iowa, foreseen just how much we would and that has been the case for many weeks before that as he's be asked to overcome. been able to do it a different way than many of the other candidates. >> as for hillary clinton the riots and the lawlessness. headline in "the wall street journal" she raises the most cash in the beltway area in a-aldering diagnosis requiring washington. in a year in which campaigning me to publicly wage what is a against washington is politics hillary clinton is vacuuming up campaign donations from all very private battle. last week a winter storm that corners of the city and much of the suburbs according to left a season's worth of novel
5:25 pm
in just two days. financial reports made sunday, together we have been tested. they are trouncing their in the face of adversity, we opponents when it comes to were not democrats or washington insiders and vast labor unions. republicans looking backward. >> the vast majority that we were marylanders with eyes hillary clinton's campaign for a better tomorrow. together itself has raised has come from people who have given in increments more than $200 we like to call them big dollar donors, as compared to small dollar donors less than $200 and that's where bernie sanders is getting the lion's share of his by working together, we have put maryland on a new path and we money. if you add them up, hillary are changing maryland for the clinton is leading a little bit, better. but bernie sanders and hillary i want to extend my sincere clinton quite close to the money raised. thanks to your presiding officer bernie sanders has a lot of who is have risen up to meet the resources to bring to bear and he's been able to use it to pour challenges of the past year. the money not only advertisem t speaker bush, our state's longest serving speaker is a man advertisements and communications like that but staffers and people in iowa and who strongly believes in sound new hampshire and other states. the question right now for bernie sanders is, is that going policy to achieve good to be enough money to sustain him beyond the early states. government. once we get to, for example, super tuesday where about a
5:26 pm
dozen states are going to be conducting their primary and president miller, the longest caucus nominating contests. serving presiding officer in the and beyond that where you'll have some major, major fights nation spent a lifetime along the way, is bernie sanders tirelessly working on behalf of going to be able to stay all marylanders. financially in this race for the long haul. that's an open question right now. and a lot of that's going to depend on whether supporters are going to continue to open up their wallets and get out their though there sometimes points of disagreement. credit cards and make donations to bernie sanders' campaign. at the heard of us, of each of >> let's go to debbie wilson, us is a man fiercely proud of north carolina, independent call for david leventhal. this state that we all love. hi there. >> caller: hi there, paul, let and time and time again over the me say thank you. i really, really love c-span. past year we have chosen compromise over conflict and for that i say thank you. thanks to every person in this chamber who knows the potential and promise of this state. together we have spent the past year working towards that
5:27 pm
potential and because of that, i am pleased to report that the state of our state is now strong and getting stronger every day. last year i challenged each of us to put aside partisanship and work on behalf of all marylanders and together we answered that call. because of it, we have made incredible progress. we have the will and the support of people solidly behind us. the first and most important task was to correct the fiscal course and get the economy back on track. working together we adopted a budget that did not include a
5:28 pm
single tax hike. not only did we not raise taxes, together we actually cut them. >> in an unprecedented show of bipartisan cooperation, every single legislator in both houses who had previously voted for the rain tax mandate changed their position and voted with us to repeal it and the people of maryland thank you.
5:29 pm
in this year ahead, let's continue to make progress and move the state forward. marylanders are demanding relief from years of crippling tax and fee hikes. we are delivering $600 million back into the pockets of maryland's taxpayers. this year let's work together to help even more struggling marylanders and find those areas where modest and reasonable tax cuts will have the biggest impact on our economy and improve the lives of those who need it most. working families, retirees, and small business owners. last year we introduced tax reon retirement income for veterans. with the support of this assembly, we passed it.
5:30 pm
this near we wanted to extend this same benefit to all of maryland's retirees. for working families, let's deliver most of the tax inkroess in recent years. they deserve and desperately need our help. they need tax relief. we have already need and save taxpayers $51 million. now we ask you to join in our
5:31 pm
efforts by reducing or eliminating another dozen fees in statute to save hardworking marylanders another $71 million. they have a purpose. but they simply have gone too far, over-burtening and dampening prospects for economic growth. maryland is now open for business. businesses are returning to and expanding the state. over the past 12 months, they had their best year in years with some of the most important brands and employers like under armor, fk cormick, fedex and amazon growing jobs in the state. let's build on that progress and
5:32 pm
it be to make maryland a more competitive and business friendly state. let's begin by rebusing taxes and making it easier for the smallest of maryland businesses who have been struggling the most and renew the proud history and address chronic unemployment by instituting the manufacturing jobs initiative and to wave all state taxes on company who is commit to bringing jobs where unemployment is highest. places like western maryland, the lower eastern shore and baltimore city. this is an innovative concept with the prove track record of
5:33 pm
success by attracting more businesses and jobs to the places that desperately need them and benefit the everyday lives of maryland's working families. let's continue to eliminate needless burdensome regulations. the reform commission has been hard at work conducting a top to bottom review. let's reach across the aisle and continue to do everything we can to help the state compete in the region and throughout the region. maryland's business community can and will be strong again. together let's usher in a new era of ingenuity and entrepreneurialism. we had several robust quarters and improving state economy over the past year. in just 12 months, we added more than 55,000 new jobs, the
5:34 pm
largest gain in the mid-atlantic region and adding jobs at one of the fastest rates in the country. by improving the economy and creating jobs and standing up to special interest groups, holding the line on new spending and
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