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tv   Politics and Public Policy Today  CSPAN  June 2, 2016 9:00am-11:01am EDT

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. so, we have the status quo, i don't know people said that okay, anchored by russia and iran. it's anchored by super power, like, iran. . who is going to take over. we'll see. not the moderate position. okay. so what we just said, we are after our vision. we're vision for inside with ron
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paul, with ron paul and with richard, the senator black. the senator ron paul and congressman ron paul. and also who resigned schedule of defense. nobody, i saw on the news, he designed because of syria. another question asked, why syria brought, because isis came to iraq from syria. why? within minutes, a second attack to muslim, the city of my mother, by the way, people suffering right now. the city of my mother and i'm entitled -- i talked to them they say they would rather die than to live under isis. they need help. they need help. they need to work hard and please come and help us and save us. so we have the status quo, say today in iraq we terminated isis. we finished isis and we left
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them. after one week, one month, they're going to come back. when you have a termite, you tent it the -- you terminate. you terminate the termite. and isis and al qaeda, if you want to destroy them in iraq, you have to destroy them in the syria. you cannot do half the jobs. you have to do complete jobs. it has to be package, totally. and i know i'm limited in time. i know i'm limited in time and i do have the signal light the time is over, okay. but we have question and answer at the end of the program, i would love to use it today, mosque of carabela. he'll present -- he'll present the american muslim. he's going to give you the
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vision. he was invited to the -- the lc. they invited him one time and he was in all the news and talk about, you know. he's very well spoken. and he's one of the founder of the iraqi opposition in america. he's one invited over president george bush. he's so popular and so lovable, he's going to give you the image about the american muslims and islam and he will tell you that islam, not from isis. no. i loved it, you know. thanks. [ applause ] . >> very revolutionary speech that you have given. good morning, everybody.
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peace of god be upon all of you. it's an honor to be here with you in washington, d.c. to speak to you about the problem of the time, the problem of the generation, present generation, terrorism and how can we solve it? how do we look to it? who is behind it? is it growing? is it getting less? who is getting interest? who is getting hurt? and in this 15 minutes i don't know how i'm going to do that, let me give it a try. first i would like to start with iran. it seems regime, [ foreign language ] >> god said in the koran the
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same thing he have said in the bible, i always it bible. but it's different but the same dote, the same sources. so with that said, whoever killed an innocent person like he or she, killed the whole humanity. and whoever saved human being, like he have saved the whole humanity, so here we have a goal, christian, jewish, muslims, we have to unite against terrorism, because terrorism has no faith, no religion. it's against all the humanity and we are not here as a shiite fighting, half of my family are from iraq, from baghdad. and what a bridge, you know,
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there's about 40% of the baghdad population about 8 million people, 40% of them are integrated, so the problem is not religion, it's not faith, the problem is that there's a new enemy. there's eflism. there is an enemy of god, enemy of humanity, his name isis and this kind of germs, they recreate themselves, some kind of hollywood movie, you know, you kill them, they come back again. they become isis and then a muslim and then what's going on. so first of all, we are in a global mission and it's not only islamic. it's not only shiite, it's peace against evil and the bloody evil
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like isis. second point, we have to have a plan. there's a holy plan from a religious point of view, there is a holy history. there's a christianity and ju judaism here as the children of isaac and muslims of children of ishmal of abraham. i'm not going to take too much. come to deer born, we'll have a museum and we'll show you. there's a similarity. there's the 12 disciples from this, 12 sons of jacob, 12 tribe leaders, there's a balance. any way, there's a picture of his son his name john baptist. but the point is this, there's a savior on this side, his name jesus, we are waiting for him to come to the earth with peace and
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jesus. i'm a muslim, i believe in that. he's the son of virgin mary, waiting for him. maybe that's not normal, we cannot deny one mess sajer. this is what islam means peace. so on this side we have a savior. it's holy plan and they're going to come and meet. jesus will a i peer in jerusalem. they'll pray together they'll fill the earth with peace and justice. the problem for this -- deniers of jesus and deniers are of je hue ma' muhammad should unit against evil and terrorism. and there's a time limit if you
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do not unite with the iraqi people to terminate isis, they will grow up.
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>> 30% of the antibiotic is not helping and they stopped using it why, there's a material that use to antibiotic. now isis get them to europe, give them to america, come on. help us to stop this bacteria, otherwise it will kill us all. >> it's going to be fairness, justice, turkey, same thing to us in iraq and isis, saudi arabia supporting them with money. and the west, some of them give them weapons and they'll treat or injured wounded people.
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how can we win that battle. you cannot say to the world, we are antiisis but you help them, you have to mean what you say and to say what you mean. this is what religious and faith and gut is teaching us. you cannot only worry about yourself, you cannot only worry about your people, you've got to worry about what god wants you. god wants you to bring peace to the whole humanity. why if there's one person getting killed in europe by terrorist, so many people getting worried. what about iraqi's people. a couple of weeks ago, 300 people got killed and injured and wounded and swear to god, you cannot figure out whose hands and legs, where is the world. why if there's one people getting killed in europe, everybody gets worried. 300 people getting killed, is the blood different color, it's the same color.
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we're all human being. all our children of adam. they cannot play double standard here, dividing iraq, but uniting the world, cannot do that. want to create country in the north and iraq and kurdish and sewny in the west. well if you be that loose, then we won't have you united. every state will go on their own. so there's a test to be justice. and the justice has to be its own value. you cannot have justice in the court without value. so the law is based on value. that value should be justice. so you should not -- only concern about interest, you have to worry about justice, united nation, here they are.
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i mean, how you want us to fight nonenemy. . he was clear face, you know this is out, that's why they picked him out. when they kill us, which country should sue, which government should you choose, where do you go. it is a wild enemy or wild recreation. we should help united nation should help us, why you've been waiting. you waited for sdam -- now we see isis destroying iraq and syria and the rest of the world. how much do you want us to lose. so if there's no peace in one -- there will be no peace in the other, no justice, no peace.
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. world order based on spiritual power, see, we have in iraq, we have popular forces. . the iraqi soldier fighting in the iraqi army when he moves to the popular sources he fights better, stronger, wise erp, because there is an energy that is a spiritual energy. we have to use that energy. there's a nuclear energy and there's a chemical energy and chemical energy and there's a spiritual energy. we have to use that energy because a politician without faith or without god is fearless. and the world is going toward
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nonconventional politics. you know my time is over, but half minute. trump is not republican, sanders which i voted for not democratic. so in philippine they choose president from the people, so there's a people power and that's why we have. . god bless you. i forgot to show you a picture, my city, every time they have an explosion, they put a red dot on the place when they have it. that was in 2012. okay. and right now it's more dots, so all the dots are red and i chose
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red dot because for two reason, 20,000 suicidals in one city and the people are still alive running without being terrorized. i tell you, again and again in our meeting to make baghdad symbolic for the city and the war for fighting isis and al qaeda and i have had a lot of meaning in this picture, okay. i'm going to talk more about it. isis a big family. that's what i see that picture, i can bring it. that was i cannot see it. i cannot see it. but i have the passion since
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i've been to the prison, i feel the pain of the people. i feel -- all the time the shoes of the child who is being burn. and that's why i cannot deliver for the isis al qaeda. today it's been a pleasure to have a unique person a character, a man with a character as so. he's the one that presented on the in iraq. the man's popular forces fighting isis and al qaeda and daily dropping, daily they fight and they die to protect the christian, everyone on behalf of
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the whole world and on behalf of the global, okay. and also i've got to tell you, he served the three prime minister as an advisor, senior adviser. he's the only one that kept him because of his character, because of his style. he's a doer. he's the one in charge of putting sadam on trial. and all the mission impossible, that he was in it. . forgot to have here today. i do give the hand.
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>> would they call not mandatory, it means volunteer basis for this paperwork to be part of -- to protect your city and to protect your homeland and this was only a couple of days later, was it june 15, the -- it
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was issued in june 13, 2014, only couple of days later, june 15, 2014, it was backed up by an iraqi government mission of defense and we pay about $700, not a whole lot of money for individual to fight. you'll see the training with the coordination with the defense. some of these volunteers happen to be like they work for the minister. they have every day job, usually give them a 90 days contract possible for renewal, we pay them about $300 only a month and
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they go, leave their job, they go on assignment. they finish and go take care of business. they fight to be part of this global mission. a lot of people ask me, what are you talking about here. the number fluctuates, it got up to about 200,000, 220 at buoyant all the way into 60,000. today the pmf, we have about 185 or so. something very important. a lot of people think this is an iranian influence. this is backed up by iranian help. this is shiite dominate and i'm going to talk a little bit about falluja and what's happening in the problemization, how they take place in the battlefield, you know, we have -- was it january 15, 2016, the prime minister issued 40,000 from the provinces of umbar and falluja
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and to create these cities, the sunny cities, we recruited and i was in charge of these payrolls, by the way, at that time. we recruited 40,000 individuals from the cities and we have about a couple of thousand from the christian iraqi people. and that was not only for the shiite dominant or the shiite, a lot of shiite, they came just to protect the city and protect the homeland, but a lot of these are from the christian centers. something very important that we need to talk about, the pmus, it's really honestly, i'm going to be very frank about these to the media. i'm sick and tired every time i google the word pmu and it's going to show shiite militia, it's not. these are not shiite militia, these are iraqis fighting to free the cities of iraq. but the shiite are fighting to
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free for who? for their own people, for the people of muslim. same thing with falluja. we salute the iraqi army, we salute the pmus fighting today making great progress in the city of falluja, we just got a couple of bridges and the other bridge coming from the main street and hopefully in the next couple of days, hopefully, or maybe, you know, three or four days hopefully we'll have the great news that falluja will be free of isis. a lot of people asked me last night when we get some supporters, it means, slow down just a little bit because we let these civilian to get out, okay, we've been making announcement left and right with the helicopter saying all to get out and there's protection next door to have protection for the families of the children, a lot of people wish to stay. the battle just kind of slow for
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the last 24 hours or so, just because we'll give them a chance to get out. people asked me, you know, what these organizations. we'll dominate by the group. each and every area of these may belong to -- some of them are belong to iraqi political party in the iraqi parliament. that's okay, as long as they receive the training, they go to the war with a good cause. i've got to mention, 1,200 people about 10 days ago, 1,200 from the city from falluja participate in the war to free their own cities. today number 3,000 individual from falluja joined the pmus. it's about 326,000 individuals. the population of falluja. they had 3,000 from the own
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cities participate in the war fighting, that's a great number. the enemies win. al qaeda yesterday called september 11, and today isis or isil islamic state of iraq and le bonn, what we called in arabic. we have to be united to fight isis. isis is not something they're doing to go away, it's like snowball, keep rolling and the numbers are great. keep getting greater and greater and bigger and bigger every day. we have them in the backyard here. it happened yesterday, you know. same bern -- san -- promoting isis when they call islam e -- when they call it, these are not islam, they do not represent islam just because they're evil, it's a cult and we have to stop
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it. the way we stop it. we have to be united to terminate isis and only one way, but if you don't -- if you don't have the power, military, but you have the power, cyber, you know, media, social network, you know, we have to fight them. it's very easy to target them and find them. they're all over, they're coming from europe. they were in belgium and france and san bernardino. pretty soon they'll be here. i don't think -- what do they do about it? not a whole lot, honestly. we're getting a lot of help, all right, from surrounding country and the american administration, honestly, giving us great protection on the air, but hopefully when we get to muslim, hopefully, you'll know, we'll get more aid and more protection military wise from the american administration. there's been a great deal of hate towards the americans
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unfortunately. this is a fact. why? because we have not done a great job. i'm an american and i go back and i travel a lot. i go and flash my american passport, they don't like this. guess what, oh, great deal of sentiments and hate towards the american now than ever. you know why, i'm going to be very frank, very honest about it, a lot of these folks in the middle east, they believe, isis is the american creation and. >> who are they, they received the training in 2014, i think it was west point report, about 3 to 4,000 chinese, train and
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stumble. they move to muslim, to fight with isis. do you believe this. from russia or europe, few thousand people to fight with isis, did we know this. have we done anything about it. we need to pay attention to this. . we're not going to gain the heart and mind of iraqi people by helping the iraqi army that way. we need more support and more help than ever. the blood of james follow lee, you've got media folks here today will not go in vain. we need to protect our media individual to protect the right of this individual to fight. a lot of media got killed from isis. you know the beheaded who started this. it was then.
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free one of the major city of falluja. a couple of days ago, end of may that issued their report. about 2,300 people in iraq were killed as the victim of isis, that's a great number, by the way, obviously of the iraqi official member about 1,800 and always different. issued a statement, a couple of days ago 2,300 people were killed in iraq for in may 2016, that's a big number. like we said, you know, if we have a couple of these people killed in the backyard, the whole world will turn upside, it will got no invade. we vow to the people of iraq. we vow to the victim, the family, we will not let them go and keep continue fighting and get to isis as we reach to victory. hopefully, we'll never be victorious unless we be united, thank you. [ applause ] plap.
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>> thank you so much. it's a pleasure and thank you all of you to be here today, actually. . everyone knows how things are complicated. when it comes to the battle of iraq to fight isis, it's clear cut. it's clear, clear cut. thank you mr. obama, i do say on the behalf, thank you america for standing with the iraqi people, with the kurdish people. >> united we stand to terminate isis. i see the american soldier with
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the american soldier turning them, we love it. that's what we're heading for. thank you mr. president. i love president obama as republican, by the way. i'm republican. i love george bush went to iraq and i wanted to vote for him but also i voted twice for president obama. he's a character. i know how it goes in this country. i wish he would go for the third terms and i will vote for him as republican. >> such a complicated moving in
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the same house and the sister, the brother, the nephew, the niece and everyone that -- the niece with the mother, grandfather, with this against that as such complicated. i can write a big book about it and i cannot see what is the z puzzle of that book. united states foreign policy so clear, so clear. and i love him. the confusing is about the opposition. it was our proposal, 95% of the rio forces in the ground is isis and -- it's al qaeda that people of 9/11. the question, where is the stop sign to stop? it's clear.
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president obama said isis got to be terminated, got to be out. we love you, mr. president. the question we as american, we love democracy, we stand for democracy. that's the principle of the essence of our nation. that's why we love america. should present adviser. she'll have an angle of you. nothing to do with -- you have to be -- when he talked, that's his view. i don't know much about her, but i ask mto come. to give the biography about it and after that, we're going
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to -- she's doing to give a speech and after that question and answer, okay. >> this is the part y you -- this is the part where you guys respond. good morning. thank you. it is my honor to present you guys today the doctor, the political and media adviser to the syrian presidency. . the doctor sets an example to women all around the world, where they can influence decision makers. she's the nobel peace prize
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nominee. so without further adieu. . please submit question to have a skype q and a, a live q and a.
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>> good morning to you. allow me first to thanks for advising me to join you in this important endeavor at the global alliance with isis. and allow me also to thank mr. -- for making their best to make -- to have them take place.
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at the outset, i would like, first, to question with you two of the most important technologies that have been collected for the last five years in corporate media before we start our discussion of the topic, the two terms are on opposition and are on opposition. and i would like to ask all of you, did you ever hear of an armed opposition in any country in the world and to my knowledge, opposition is political opposition, but once they're being taken, killing is being perpetrated, they're being done against people, it's no longer an opposition. it is terrorist movement that
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kills and destroys. this leads me to question the narrative that has been circulated also all over the world, but particularly, in western countries about events in syria. since march 2011, that is owned and -- and allowed to be on tv that's by their behavior, had been the major source of information about syria, although your information both -- for respondents right from the very first two months of the war in syria and they started to rely on what they call eyewitnesss. the same thing applies to the
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human right for human rights, which also have been a major source for western media. i do not how many you know that only one person who lives in england is the one who providing all of this information about syria. that's what i'm trying to say is that the western media. >> original who are in syria and that's, i feel, that the fourth narrative and the media have been used by our adversity in order to misinform western
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audiences and, therefore, how can western people know what's going on in syria and how can they question their governments about their stance towards syria. however, living through the thin and thick of all that has happened in syria for the last five years and living through all the problems and all the pain, we have reached few important conclusions, which i would like to share with you this morning, few important conclusions about combatting terrorism and the best way to combat terrorism as this is the theme of this event. . in five years of this war in syria -- through the five years of this war in syria, we've discovered that nothing terrorism is adopted by certain
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countries or certain powers or certain parties. terrorists in syria have support of countries in the region and, indeed, some international powers that our country is speaking out against terrorism, but in reality the arrival of terrorists providing arguments and providing money for these terrorists. although, there are understanding being breached in je kngeneva and although they cl for combatting and under mining terrorism, but these have not been implemented. howeve however. this is a clear definition and i would like to remind all of you that syria has been struck by terrorism before in 1979 to 1982 and in the aftermath of that
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very difficult period, the government tried its best to call upon international community to reach a definition of terrorism and to make an alliance of international powers against terrorism, but all of the syrian government to define terrorism when needed and there were no listening ears to what they're saying. we renewed the invitation after the events of 9/11 and before the war ended up, for the international community for to define terrorism and make one stronger stand against terrorism but we're not been able to do so. however, 2015, find the resolution reached -- reached -- it is 2253 which calls upon
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countries to stop facilitating, arming or financing terrorism. within 24 hours it reached another resolution, which is 2254, which calls for political solution in syria. however, the resolution 2253, which are taking in the chapter 7 is hardly mentioned, or by the countries who are trying supposedly to reach political solution in syria, but political solution in syria cannot be reached without addressing the elements that led to this situation which are terrorist elements led by isis and by it. the government of syrian of republic have been cooperative with all international efforts.
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in order to reach a political solution. turkey, qitar and saudi arabia financing and terrorism in syria and unfortunately international powers including u.s. and russia do not seem to be able to put an end to this financing and facilitating terrorism into syria. if you imagine syria without the 860 i can kilometers all of tft -- now we come to resolution 2254 and the will of the russian and the americans to try and
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implement this -- the solution. unfortunately, as i said, the regional partners do not want this resolution to be implemented and they're not saying for some reason or another, does not seem to be able to restrain from financing and facilitating terrorism into syria. since the end of february of 2016. insis stens that we are based opposition with drew from the talks and military groups allowed to turkey begun on the government's help part. turkey also ingesting over -- injected over 8,000 terrorists
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into the northern part of syria in the last two months and unfortunately they perpetrated massacre there and everywhere. between now and then, we hear some good statements from western officials, such as what drove by them said, the vice president who said in 2014 and i quote, the turks, what were they doing, they were so determined to take down and essentially have a proxy, what did they do. they pulled hundreds of millions of dollars and thousands of weapons into anyone who would fight against. he also said that turkey admitted it had led too many foreign fighters across its borders into syria. these politics ended up helping militants linked to al qaeda,
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between the brackets and ultimately isis. and, of course, afterwards vice president apologized for saying that, but actually he said the truth about what is happening in syria. i don't think we would like american officials to wait for mental wards to right there truth. we would love american officials to say their truth to their people and to the world about what's happening in our countries because covering the truth is costing us blood, people, lives, history, culture, identity, this is what's costing us. it is not an easy matters. any way, the war -- what the united states decided to bring together is the international coalition of countries. all of you know that this has
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happened about two years ago. unfortunately, they a -- the united states was not able to strike a terrorist or was not willing, it's not for me to tell, but when terrorist drive over 200 kilometers in the desert to destroy the city, we can't believe that americans they didn't see these terrorists in a flag desert arriving and destroying the city without hitting them and without doing anything to prevent them from doing so. why when the russians planes came, they struck the trucks that are putting oil from the north and east of syria to turkey, they discovered where terrorist are and they stuck them and actually the syrian army with the help of the russian air force were able to
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lib -- including and the huge part of syria from terrorists after it comes. the question is, why does the united states refuse to cooperate with russia, inciting terrorism and syria. if the united states really means to fight terrorism in syria, why doesn't russia said to me is fighting terrorism in syria, out of army, why doesn't the united states accept the hands with the russian federation and fight terrorism in syria and under mine isis and under mine -- which is call al qaeda and syria. the fact that -- that president putin and foreign secretary called all the time upon the united states to join hands with them inviting terrorism, but as you heard, the spokesperson of the pentagon flatly refused this
9:50 am
offer by the russians. so on the contrary, the united states brought in 500 soldiers into the northeastern parts is what it calls the kurdish democratic forces in order to liberate areas from isil, but only in order to put the flood of the kurdish party in this area, which means in an effort to partition syria. we have been living in this country for tens of thousands of years. sunni, shia, christian, kurds, armenian, caucasian, we never talk about these issues in syria, and that's why this should not be allowed to happen and will not be allowed to happen in syria. unfortunately, what we hear from the united states is confused statement. there was an agreement on two points between the russians and
9:51 am
the americans in geneva. the one point is to separate what they call moderate opposition from al nusra so that the u.s./russia can't target them, and the second point is to close the turkish border. the united states refused to cooperate on any of these points. and i can give you my analysis, because there is no such thing as moderate opposition t. they're in the field, al nusra, isis, russia, islam, they are all killing people. they are all destroying our industry. they are all destroying our cities and villages. and therefore, it is very difficult for the united states to do so because it is not a realistic objective. the realistic objective is to target all those terrorists who are exercising terrorism and perpetrating acts of terrorism all over. so, who is a moderate and who is not a moderate is an issue that
9:52 am
i think exists in the media and exists in the minds of some people in the united states, although there are, as you know, reports also that the united states is supporting and financing and giving missile and other missiles to some groups, arming groups in syria. in his last statement in the security council on the 27th of m may, he spoke about two points -- humanitarian assistance and cessation of hostilities or implementing the truce in syria. as i said at the beginning, the implementation of 2253 is a prerequisite for the implementation of 2254. it is a logical prerequisite for the implementation of 2254, because without fighting this terrorism, without undermining
9:53 am
terrorism in syria, how can you bring peace about and how can you restore syria to be a peaceful and good country? i would like to tell you, respectable audience, that the syrian people are not very happy with the humanitarian assistance. they have never been used to eat tin food and macaroni brought from somewhere. syrian people are used to eat fruits and fresh vegetables and fresh crops that they themselves grow in syria. since the 1970s, the syrian people raised the motto, we eat from what we grow and we wear from what we manufacture. syria produces the most delicious fruits, vegetables, the best. it has the best type of sheep all over the world, the best meat. so, the syrian people are able not only to feed themselves but
9:54 am
to feed millions of people with them. only they need peace and security. and when syrian people and the syrian arab army are fighting terrorism in syria, believe me, they are fighting a cancer that will spread to the region and the world if we do not initiate that international alliance against terrorism, against isis and against nusra. it's from this perspective i would like to go back and thank gafta again for this commendable effort in order to create or at least raise the awareness for the necessity of a global alliance against isis and against al nusra. we have a great experience now after six years of horrid war on our people and our army, to join
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hands, with who would like truly to fight terrorism and not contain isis and nusra but undermine and get rid of isis and nusra, because between you and me, what the united states is doing is trying to contain isis in syria and in iraq. and by the way, the suffering of the syrian people and iraqi people is the same, because our enemy is the same. terrorism is the enemy to all of us. we would love to join hands with the international community, with western people, in order to get rid of this horrid 21st-century disease. one thing is needed, and we will definitely prevail, is to be honest in one thing, to fight terrorism, not to take it as a cover for geopolitical purposes and for achieving geopolitical interests for some countries. i thank you again for inviting me and hope to see you in person in syria after it is peaceful
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and secure and free of all terrorism. thank you. [ applause ] >> okay. please, i would like just to tell everybody, we're going to have a session for q&a. put your hands up, okay? so, in this session, i will take your -- okay, you're question number one, okay. but please, control everything, control your emotional. i would like to get, you know, a fruit from this meeting, okay? unfortunately, to talk with her live via skype to ask any question. so, you ask the question, and you can have the answer. okay. until they set up the skype, okay, i would like to see if anybody has any question to our guests. okay. go ahead. >> wait for the mike, please. >> oh.
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thank you. you all three has made a call to not call islamic terrorism. but you're still using isis, unlike in middle east, they use the term daesh, which i haven't heard from you guys. >> yes. >> thank you so much. to whom would you like to send the question, anybody? anyone? okay. bassam. >> well, i mean, unfortunately, the -- no, this is good. can you see me? we don't call them that, you guys do. i'm sick and tired of you all calling them islamic individuals. these are not islamic. these are hard-core cult terrorism, vicious individuals killing humanity. you know, we don't call them islamic. we don't believe they're muslim to begin with, you know that.
9:58 am
they've been called islam in the media, left and right, and we need change. that's why gafta's here today to make this a new concept, a new phenome phenomena, saying, well, these people are not muslim to begin with. they do not represent islam. they made it very clear, the media call them islamic estate. al jazeera calls them islamic estate. they've been coming from all over the country, from europe, from the state, you know. they've been attacking and killing our people in iraq and syria and everywhere else, and our backyard right here, you know? so, we do not call them islamic. they do not represent islam whatsoever. the name has got to change. we'd better call them just terrorists, period. thank you. >> yes, do you want me to laboratory f elaborate for a few seconds? yes, a few seconds. islam means in arabic peace. salaam, peace. so, a cult who destroys children, women, man, they don't
9:59 am
care about faith, they don't care about sex, they don't care about age. they cannot be called islam! and let me challenge isis. if they are really true muslims, clear your face and let's see you, because our beloved prophet muhammad and his family and his followers, they have a clear, shiny face. show us our ugly face if you are muslim. >> thank you. we have right now dr. shaaban on the line with us live. and thank you for giving us a chance to be here. it's a pleasure to have you here. and i'm going to give you the opportunity, dr. shaaban. we have a lot of questions to you, a lot. and everybody's so excited just to have the opportunity to talk with you dataically. thank you so much. so, i'll give the first question -- go ahead. yeah.
10:00 am
>> hello, dr. should beage. it's a pleasure to speak to you. i'm reese sherlock from "the daily telegraph." i wanted to know whether the syrian government is going to give the u.n. permission to carry out aid drops to besieged areas in syria, given that the syrian government has apparently failed to allow access to these areas? and separately, i wanted to know, there's a man called amil absi. and in 2011, he was released from prison and he then went on to become a senior member of isis. how does releasing people from sedanai prison who have then gone on to join isis, how does that fit in with a government strategy to defeat isis? thank you. >> thank you. thanks. dr. shaaban. sorry, the voice is -- sorry, we have technical problem. we have technical problem. who is in charge of the -- no,
10:01 am
sorry. we have problem. so, okay, until we get, fix the problem with the skype, okay, any question to my -- she got your question. she will answer. yes, go ahead. welcome. >> there was an investigative piece by abc today, released today, that said that the popular mobilization forces have committed atrocities in fallujah and that there is a big fear by so many humanitarian organizations, american organizations, that there would be more atrocities committed in fallujah by the forces, these forces. so how do you respond to this investigative piece? >> what type of atrocities? >> beheadings, torture and other
10:02 am
things. on abc. >> i made myself very clear about these beheaded. they started this. we did not. >> according to this investigation report -- >> by who? >> by abc. >> abc. >> and with the help of humanitarian organizations, american organizations, that these were committed by the forces, these popular mobilization forces. >> yeah, i'll be honest with you, there was a movie about some bad apples called "three kings" in 1988, about the liberation of kuwait, when saddam hussein occupied kuwait. you know, i happened to play on it, yeah, made some money. well, i mean, there's always going to be some bad apples, honestly. i mean, look at the american soldier, what they did in iraq, you know? you remember the haditha case? remember the abu ghraib prison? we're always going to have a few bad apples here and there, okay? i'm not saying these are perfect individuals. these people lost their life. but i guarantee you, i was in
10:03 am
charge of about 20 cases myself, but some cases, they were actually human rights violation activities done by the pmus. and a looked in each and every one cases. honestly, we never had enough evidence. and sometimes, honestly, you know, we don't have enough evidence, period, you know. a lot of the media, established by isis, it goes in the internet saying that, you know, the pmus did those things, you know? and we turn out it's what they are creating these images on facebook and social media. i mean, we don't have a clear case, but i will be happy to look into this. and honestly, it's going to happen. it's going to happen here and there. there will be some human rights violation here and there. this is not an easy war. this is a battlefield between a very vicious, you know, criminal, isis, you know? we can't be perfect.
10:04 am
>> okay. just to be sure the skype is running good, because we have a problem with the sounds. okay. >> can you hear me? >> yes, right now, yes, we can hear you. yes, we can. >> i think -- let us do it with the audio if we can do it with the audio. >> yes. >> i would like to participate with you in this panel, even if it is without picture. >> no, dr. shaaban, we can see your picture. right now we fixed the sound. i think we are great. we can hear your voice, okay? keep going. you can answer the first question. >> yeah. for the lady who -- from "the daily telegraph" who asked me about the syrian government not allowing airdrops, i would like to tell her that these are our people in syria and we are trying our best with the u.n. representative here to try and find the best way to make all medicine, all food, everything reach every single citizen in syria. by the way, the u.n. envoy here
10:05 am
is the one who was discussing with our official that it is impossible to drop, for example, children vaccine or other important medicines from the air, and it is very costly endeavor and it is very dangerous, and it is not secure. and there is no need for that so long as we, all of us try to reach every single syrian citizen. i hope you will put aside a lot of what is circulated in the media, because it's all targeting the syrian government and whatever it does, and the syrian people. as for what you asked me about the sednaya prison, i have no knowledge of this case. but i can tell you that since the beginning of this war, there are many -- there were many decrees issued in order to allow other people to get out of prison or to reach
10:06 am
reconciliation with the syrian people and with the syrian government. and if someone of those turned out to go and be a terrorist or join isis -- somebody from norway the other day while joining isis and killing people. do we say norway is responsible for this terrorist who joined isis? i mean, this is only a logical question to ask. there is no doubt, there should be no doubt in your mind that the syrian government is the one, the syrian arab army, the syrian people are the ones who are fighting isis, fighting terrorism, because this terrorism has knocked syria 100 years back. it destroyed our schools, it destroyed our hospitals, it destroyed our factories, it destroyed our land. so, it's only sensible that we are desperately and very strongly against this terrorism that is hitting syria. >> thank you, dr. shaaban.
10:07 am
thank you. >> thank you. >> we have another question. you're going to have a lot of questions today, and we have one hour. we're going to get to everybody, okay? so, please, one by one. >> i'm ready. >> thank you. thanks so much. >> dr. shaaban, i'm a syrian citizen and an analyst in the center of religion and geopolitics, tony blair foundation. my question to you is, as a syrian, what are the concessions that the government, syrian government, is willing to do in geneva in order to overcome, yes, the turmoil the syrians are feeling, but what is the political solution? when you talked about political solutions with their concessions -- look at tunisia. there was concessions from both sides to come into a solution. so, please -- >> thank you. thank you so much. dr. shaaban. >> i assume that you follow up the news, as you are a journalist and tony blair foundation, and i think you should have known that in the last meeting in geneva it was
10:08 am
very hard delegation that withdrew from the negotiation and who refused to meet with the syrian delegation, and they left geneva while our delegation, the syrian government delegation, the country's delegation stayed in geneva and talked with them until the very end. we are very constructive, we are very positive. saying concessions is the wrong word, because there are not concessions that are being asked to make. what we want is, all of us to make our country a better place for all the syrian people. but to be put in a position that is left by turkey to leave geneva, and they leave geneva, and to be ordered by saudi arabia, i don't think syria is a first priority. i think you should ask these people how can they get rid of the orders that are given to them from outside and how can they put syria first in order to bring peace into syria.
10:09 am
thank you. >> thank you, there shaaban. next question. please introduce yourself every time. >> hi, i'm elian al hamisi from press tv. is there a complete plan by the resistance front to combat terrorism or is the resistance front still on defense? >> is there -- sorry, is there a willingness on the resistance front to approve terrorism? to combat -- >> is there a resistance plan, a complete plan to combat terrorism, or is the resistance on the defense still? >> no. the resistance comes if you mean by syria, hezbollah and iran and iraq also. this is all what they are doing. all what they are doing is that they are combating terrorism. but as you can see, there are so many complicated issues in the region and with regional power, financing, arming, as i said in my speech, facilitating terrorism. we have a big problem. otherwise, you know, if we close, if the international
10:10 am
community were able to close the syrian/turkish border today, half of terrorists will be undermined immediately in no time. so, it needs the will of regional and international power to have one alliance, real alliance, as gafta is saying, global alliance against terrorism. it's very difficult for the resistance front to approve terrorism while others are feeding into this terrorism all the time. thank you. >> next one. okay, we'll go this one and after i come to you. >> mohammed kenasari from turkey's agency. there are tons of reports suggesting that the isis oil and natural gas used by the regime in exchange of electricity and other utilities returned to isis, i was wondering your position on that. and if not, if you agree with that, how does isis get the electricity and other facilities?
10:11 am
thank you. >> i think the best person to point this question to is the turkish government, because it has been proven and no doubt that the turkish government -- >> excuse me, excuse me -- >> -- who is buying oil from the terrorists in syria, it is the turkish government who is making billions of dollars out of this. and those who are making billions of dollars out of blackmailing europe about refugees while it was turkey who started the whole syrian problem about refugees. i stop at that. thank you. >> okay, because we have too many question, please, just listen. go next one after. maybe we will take you again. okay. let's start with this. i'll come to you after. go ahead, next. >> i'm from the tower. >> where, please? >> from the tower. >> from? >> the tower. is this better? >> yes, okay. >> sthiwd be a follow-up --
10:12 am
>> put it up against your mouth. >> the u.s. treasury department said in december that isis is selling a great deal of oil to the assad regime. and secretary of state john kerry said in november that assad has cut his own deal with isis. they sell oil, he buys oil. they're symbiotic, not real enemies in this. how then can assad be a part of a coalition to defeat isis when his government seems to be assisting the group? >> okay. dr. shaaban, there's a question. >> i really didn't understand the question. i'm sorry. >> can you repeat it again, please? >> if you can repeat it, please. >> the question is -- >> thank you. >> say it loudly. >> the u.s. treasury department said in december that isis is selling a great deal of oil to the assad regime. secretary of state john kerry said in november that assad has cut his own deal with isis. they sell oil, he buys oil. they are symbiotic, not real enemies in this. how then can assad be a part of a coalition to defeat isis when his government seems to be
10:13 am
assisting the group? >> thank you. >> well, the answer is in the question. there is no question that the syrian government never buys oil or sells oil to the terrorists. the syrian government, the syrian arab army, the syrian people are engaged in full battle, and we have paid with hundreds of thousands of martyrs against terrorism. there are so many unfounded views that are suppressed in the media. i don't think you have to believe all of them. thank you. >> right now to the next. >> dr. bouthaina shaaban, we're with al jazeera here to listen to you and broadcast your views. so, we did not boycott the syrian government. my question is, you just said that all terrorists, and i'm quoting you, all terrorists, all terrorists came from the turkish borders, all the terrorists inside syria.
10:14 am
but the examples we just heard, zadan al loush, who was killed inside syria, covered extensively by government-owned media, he was described as a big terrorist leader by your own media. he was inside a syrian prison and he was let go in 2011 by the syrian government. did you not know about his past? and why was he in prison, then released, based on that? and of course, turkey -- that means they did not all come through the turkish -- >> thank you so much. thank you. try to make the question short to give more portion to everybody to answer. dr. shaaban -- >> i really don't know. you know, if you are insinuating that we could possibly know that somebody is going to turn such a terrorist and we let him out of prison. he was taken to court and then he was released just as any prisoner would be released after he spends the time that he had
10:15 am
to spend in prison. but i meant all the terrorists who came from out of syria -- actually, i should have said most of them, because some of them came through the jordanian border. and the fact that mcveigh made the explosion in oklahoma and killed 70 children doesn't mean that mcveigh was a friend of the american government to go and kill children in oklahoma. the same applies to zaham al loush. thank you. >> thank you. and next after i come to you. actually, they're on the line. let's go there and then i'll come to you. i spot you, okay? >> my name is skina. i have a question you need to clarify because i am very confused. mr. kubba, you were talking about iraq and said all of the terrorists were coming from syria and dr. shaaban says they're coming from outside syria --
10:16 am
>> let me clarify my position -- >> let me finish. that's my first question. we need to know exactly where we're standing from here. are they coming from syria or outside of syria or both? elaborate. >> thank you. >> second question, dr. shaaban, you're saying that, you know, the syrian people who are, like, you know, they're not receiving the human aids are syrian and still they're under siege and not receiving food. what they received only, like, you know, birth control, and some, like some you know, covers from mosquito. what about, like, you know, the food? we need to clarify that. thank you. >> thank you. thanks a lot. dr. shaaban first and then to defend myself as a gafta to clear it. when i said, yes, isis came from syria. but before, they came from turkey. they come from syria -- it's very clear. i'm from syria. they come to iraq. it's very clear they invaded more so, isis came from syria. it's a fact. it's a fact. and isis was exist. so, when i'm saying all the
10:17 am
terrorists coming from turkey to syria, to iraq. it's fact. and i'll let dr. shaaban -- >> i would like to tell you that the two americans who were killed in syria, their passports were stamped in turkey, and that was it. there was no other stamp on their passports. so, it is a fact that russian satellite and even american satellite in the last one month, so over 8,000 terrorists coming through turkey. you know, the proof of that would be, if the international community were able to close the turkish border tomorrow, you would see what happens to the war with syria, you know? so, but the issue is not where they came from. the issue is how to fight them. the issue is how to undermine terrorism. the issue is how to end terrorism. and if you are talking about it, i think i am the one who is living here.
10:18 am
i can tell you that they are producing peas and beans and food and wild berries that is enough for the entire syria. it is a very fertile land and nobody is starving in that area. but what we are trying to take into that area is the school curricula, the children vaccinations and whatever the few citizens who are left in that area are asking for. i wish that you would be a little bit more humble, because you don't live in syria, and we are the ones who live in syria. those are our people. it's our country that is being hit, not yours. >> okay. >> thank you. >> hi. my name is kimberly helkit from al jazeera. ms. shaaban, yesterday the state department's spokesperson, john kirby, called you a "propaganda mouthpiece." you have appeared now via skype in violation of the u.s.'s sanctions by the u.s. treasury department. how can your appearance today be viewed as anything other than a syrian push for legitimacy?
10:19 am
>> thank you. >> have i violated american law by appearing here on satellite? >> repeat that question. >> please. >> i guess that would be for the treasury department to determine. so, let me rephrase the question then. there is, of course, as you are aware, sanctions against you preventing you from traveling to the united states. still, you're appearing -- >> no, there isn't. excuse me. let me correct you. when the decision was made against me, it was made freezing assets. that's all. my colleague, he is with me and he traveled to the united states many times after that. so, i don't have any legal decision to prevent me from traveling to the united states. >> why are you not here then today? >> the decision -- >> hold on a second. >> the decision is freezing assets. and as i have no assets in the united states, so they can freeze any assets they want. >> okay, so just to quickly follow up, is this a push for
10:20 am
legitimacy? is this an opportune time? >> well, i received an invitation and i was glad to receive it, and i am happy to participate in order to give an insight into what is truly happening in syria in an effort to combat terrorism, because all of us will be victims of terrorism if we want to fight terrorism united. thank you. >> hello, everyone. my name is susan. i am with the syrian american council. great questions by the media today, actually. the question is to gafta. i want to know how you can hold a forum calling for a plan to get rid of isis and al qaeda, and yet, you're providing a platform to a foremost enabler of isis and al qaeda? a lot of the questions today stated shared that with you. also, it is openly stated by the assad regime, by your organization that support hezbollah openly when hezbollah is actually on the u.s. terrorist list. >> no, okay, i -- >> a lot of what bouthaina
10:21 am
shaaban said today was absolute b.s., which happen to be her initials as well. but i wanted to mention, she talked about how can you have an armed opposition? we only talk about political oppositions. you will have an armed opposition, bouthaina, when people go out into the streets peacefully and protest asking for democracy and freedom, when at the same time, the assad regime lets go of extremists in prisons to go to iraq, kill american soldiers, while on the streets of syria the assad regime rounds up these peaceful protesters, throws them in prison, rapes their wives and rapes their daughters, kills them. >> okay. >> provides chemicals to kill them, slashes their throats with knives, and yet, you want them to stand and not be in armed opposition? the moderate opposition exists and is still standing after five years. >> okay. >> they will -- excuse me, they will accept an armed opposition that destroys your factories and the schools and hospitals in the united states under the name that it wants to change the government? do you accept that?
10:22 am
does any country in the world accept that? is iraq better now after the american occupation of iraq than it has been before? did you establish a democracy and the human life in iraq? are the iraqi people living in heaven after the american occupation of iraq? i think it's about time, please, that western audiences be real and look at our countries and see what we are suffering from. we are rooted in this land. we are not going to go anywhere. we want to make our countries better. but with every american intervention, with every western intervention, with every terrorist intervention, our countries are knocked 100 years back. you are not here to see what's happening to syrian women, to syrian children. you didn't see the man who killed his mother, you know, because he's a terrorist. you don't see that. so, please, you know, take what you read with a great pinch of salt. >> thank you so much.
10:23 am
number one -- haida, stop just a minute. okay, what i was saying -- first of all, as gafta, i want to answer you, okay? we in gafta, we look as independent organization, look to the geopolitics. we calculate forces. people like you, okay, people like you -- hold on a second. when i talk, no interruption. okay. when we -- okay when we look to the geopolitics of the region -- i'm a realist, i calculate forces -- people like you, by promoting that way, more suffering to the syrian people. i want to tell you something, the war became proxy war. russia and iran, it's fact, you agree with me. i don't think you disagree with me. you agree with me. based on that fact, the status quo is going to stay for another ten years. and who is suffering? the syrian people and the iraqi people, suffering.
10:24 am
people like you, people like you, you promote just to keep the status quo without giving an alternative solution. i am here not to support or endorse any regime, not to -- but to open gafta like a lake and all the rivers around the global. come to this lake to open channels in a civilized way. i give you an opportunity, to you, to give a question to dr. bouthaina shaaban. you would never dream about it. i made it for you, okay? so gafta would like to hear voices. that's the idea. as an opportunity to everybody to ask any question you like! that's the idea of gafta. >> mr. kubba, would you allow me to -- isn't there a freedom of the press in the united states? what is the problem if you hear a voice from the syrian government as you have been hearing thousands of voices of
10:25 am
asians who sold their countries and who are only interested in pleasing their masters? what is the problem? i am a peaceful person. i'm talking to you through satellite. i love my country. i taught in the united states for two years. i had three books published in the united states read by american people and the beneficiary of american educational system. i did my ph.d in england. i am not against the west. i am western oriented. but i am a syrian, deeply rooted syrian. and i know that this war is very destructive on my country. and i know that the western people should learn that they cannot go on in this way destroying our countries and destroying our people because they are misled or because they have illusions about what's happening in syria. i think even the american government acknowledges that it should not have withdrew its ambassadors. all european countries acknowledge that they should not
10:26 am
have withdrew their ambassadors from syria. at least they should have left an ambassador to know what is truly happening in syria. >> thank you, dr. shaaban. >> thank you. >> we have one and after you. okay, after you. and after we come to you and after we come -- >> from "voice of america," persian news network. my first question is dr. shaaban. you mentioned that it's dangerous to let the food aid to drop into area which people are starving. i mean, are you afraid that the boxes might kill starving people? and why is the government avoiding letting the u.n. convoy and the food aid to get to the people, civilian people? and my second question is to mr. bassam al hussaini. you mentioned that the ayatollah issued a statement for the people to raise against isis --
10:27 am
>> 2014. >> 2014, yes. but now last week, ayatollah sis tani issued it for the people to free fallujah to save the people and not have made atrocities. so, if there is such a concern with the leadership of the shia leadership, how can, even if fallujah is freed, how can sunnis and shia can live together in peace? what are the shia religion leader, the other leaders going to do about after, you know, if such a -- >> okay, we got the message. the time is limited. >> madam, i did not say it is dangerous to drop food. i said it's dangerous to drop children vaccine and medicine, and this is not what i said. this is what the representative is talking to syrian government
10:28 am
about. that area is the food basket of damascus. there is nobody starving in that area. we all take our food from that area. i don't think you should take things at such face value, you know. and you should always be accusatory in your questions. and even now you are accusatory in hearing me. i didn't say food. i said medicine and vaccine. and i am only repeating what the u.n. is deciding, you know. and although i know your second question is not directed to me, but i can tell you that sunni and shiite were not only living in fallujah and iraq and in syria. there are intermarriages among them. not anybody would ask who is a sunni and who is a shia? by the way, my husband is of iraqi origin. i know iraq as i know syria. we are all arabs. we speak the same language. we have the same problems. we have lived here for tens of thousands of years without any ethnic or sectarian problem. it's only western agenda that is
10:29 am
creating these problems among our people. thank you. >> thank you so much. thanks. >> let me answer the second part of the question. actually, just because a lot of these supports that some of you asked me earlier about these human rights violations done by the pmus and, you know, or even the army itself. you know, sistani issued a statement, we want to take care of the people of fallujah, do not kill them, do not hurt them. i want to make something -- something funny i read the other day about, like they accuse the pmus that hurt or abuse the woman. you know, guess what, when we got a hold of these women, they were actually isis dressed like a woman. and so, i concur, we did abuse those type of woman only. >> thank you. behind you. >> yes, hello, my name's paul shrinkman with "u.s. news & world report." dr. shaaban, i've got three straightforward questions for you.
10:30 am
one is a follow-up. can you say yes or no whether the syrian government will allow u.n. aid drops? and if not, why not? secondly, while we've been speaking, there have been some reports about an explosion in alatakia. do you have any details on that? and lastly, the journalist austin tice remains missing. i wonder if you have the information on that and can you say declaratively that he is not in syrian government authority captivity? >> so, only your last question? i got the first two, but what's the last one? >> austin tice, the journalist who went missing in-t2012. can you say he's not under syrian government authority? >> thank you. i don't know why, you know, you are so interested in air drops and you are not interested in at least mentioning what the terrorists did two days ago,
10:31 am
killing 200 civilians. air drops or no air drops, trucks on the road, this is something that is being discussed between the u.n. and the syrian government, and this is not very important to us. the most important thing to us is to uproot terrorism. because as i told you in my speech, the syrian people are able to feed themselves. and by the way, when the first baskets, food baskets used to arrive from the u.n., the syrian people would cry and would never accept to take any food baskets because they have never accepted aid from anybody. syria has never taken aid. it has never taken a loan from any other country. syrian people are very proud. this doesn't mean that we are not trying our very best to make everything arrive to our citizens. but as westerners, i would love you to be more interested in fighting terrorism, in uprooting terrorism, in encouraging your government to take the right stand against terrorism, because
10:32 am
this is what will bring a lasting peace, not only to syria, but to the entire region. i did not say the explosion today and i think austin tice came to the terrorist area and the syrian government knows nothing about him. we have been contacted, and if we knew anything about him, we would tell, because we already made others, americans who were here returned to the united states so their family, although they were fighting with the terrorists. this is how forgiving we are. >> thank you. next. >> hi. i'm the bureau chief in washington. i'm a syrian american who actually had to flee for my life from syria in late 2011 because, not because i'm isis, not because, you know, i'm endangering anybody in any way, but just because i'm have an opposition family who i, you know, joined the revolution in
10:33 am
the beginning just as a syrian youth. and i just wanted to ask bouthaina shaaban about when you say you have no legal implications against you here, mr. michel smaha was always in your office in the presidential palace who later on, he is a lebanese parliament member who was taped while he was taken bombs to bomb christian areas in lebanon. he is an adviser to you and to bashar al assad, and he was at your office all the time. can you please verify your relationship with this guy who's -- >> thank you. >> -- actually been imprisoned. and i want to talk -- [ everyone talking at once ] >> the second question is about iraq -- >> -- to circulate rumors that serves your purposes. and i already said at the beginning of my speech that it was absolutely a major tool in
10:34 am
initiating this war against syria. therefore, i do not expect anything, any contribution better than this from you. thank you. >> thank you so much. please, i need everybody ask only one question because we have too many people that want to ask. to cover everything. and we have only half an hour left. so, please, one question and briefly. and that would give everybody the chance, the opportunity to ask, please. go, next. introduce yourself. >> leandra bernstein with spud nick international news. i have a question about the peace proops and under u.n. security council resolution -- oh, i just forgot the number. the road map, the timeline set august as a date, a deadline for a new constitution transitional government bodies to be formed. first, do you think you can meet that deadline? and given the number of players in the country, is a unified
10:35 am
syria a foregone conclusion at this time? >> thank you. >> i think this question should be addressed to him whether there is a deadline at the start and whether he can face the deadline. because as i said, the syrian government delegation has been absolutely cooperative on every step. so whether with so many players in syria, i think with so many players in the region and in the world. but syria, you know, this city from which i'm talking is 10,000 years old. it is the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world because the syrian people are very resilient and they are going to keep syria together and they are going to restore peace and security and syria will be again a pride of the world. thank you. >> thank you so much. introduce yourself, please. >> yes. born and raised in lebanon. we had a lot during the years
10:36 am
suffering from the syrian regime in lebanon -- civil war, sectarian war. i can tell that you're smiling now. you know what i'm talking about. so, that being said, back to mr. michel samaha. he was found guilty and charged with four years in prison just for transporting these explosives from your place to lebanon to kill innocent people, muslims and christians at the same time. we heard the phone call. there was no al jazeera, no saudis. so, back. the lebanese government was backed up by the syrian regime, charge him with four years. what do you say about that? >> you know, i wish you could be constructive. we are here with gafta to talk about a global alliance against isis and al qaeda and al nusra, and all what you are bringing is something that you think it's embarrassing to me, but nothing is embarrassing to me, but it's something irrelevant to me. thank you. >> no, excuse me, to control -- security. security.
10:37 am
you cannot interrupt. hold on a second. no, no, no. you cannot corruinterrupt. you have to respect. you have to respect. please stop. >> somebody asked a question. >> please stop. okay. because you have to respect us. no, no. okay. no, no, ask that question. >> can i say something, please? >> no, no. after. >> dr. shaaban, you said. >> introduce yourself. >> i'm sorry. paul wood. i covered syria for a number of years for the bbc. you said that the syrian people don't want the international community's macaroni and tin fruits. do you accept -- >> don't want what? sorry? >> the international community's macaroni and tin fruits. do you accept, one, that people are dying of hunger in opposition areas? and do you accept, two, this is because of the regime's policy of surrender or starve? >> can i correct you, please? i said syrian people always lived on fresh fruits and fresh
10:38 am
vegetables, and the best thing you can do is to help us defeat terrorism so that we can go back to grow our products and eat from our products. it doesn't mean that we are ungrateful to what the u.n. is giving our people now who are in need, not only in terrorist areas but in also other areas. there is a lot of poverty after five years of war. but i think you have to take the point as i meant it and as i said it and as we want it. we want peace and security to come back to syria so that we don't have to talk about any humanitarian assistance, and this humanitarian existence could go to people who need that more than the syrian people. so, please, you know, try to be positive and understand what i am saying, because i am saying it with a very positive attitude. thank you. >> thank you so much. please introduce yourself. you represent who? >> again, i am alfredo with
10:39 am
hispan tv with hispanic media. briefly, this meeting, and as you stated, it's to try to unify forces against the terrorism which involves civilian and governme government. how optimistic you are to have the united states government involved in this task when the ultimate goal of the united states is to overthrow bashar al assad? >> is to me the question, to gafta? >> no, no, to mrs. -- dr. shaaban. >> i see, dr. shaaban. >> i don't think now the process has developed during the crisis, and i don't think now that the announced aim of the united states is to overthrow bashar al assad. i think the problem now is the dangers that is defalling syria and iraq and the region. and i think the attitude of the united states government now has developed a great deal from the attitude at the beginning of the
10:40 am
crisis, because they can see that what's happening in syria is very dangerous to the safety and security of iraq, of the region and of the world at large. and therefore, we are cooperating with very good intention with our russian partners and the russian partners are cooperating with the united states and talking to the united states, hoping to find a solution to to undermine terrorism and to restore peace and security to syria and iraq, god willing. thank you. >> more question? i have this gentleman. okay, after we'll come to you. please introduce yourself. >> bbc out of washington. dr. bouthaina, all this happened in syria because there are a lot of people went out on the street demanding that regime change, and that led to this situation. hundreds of thousands of syrians
10:41 am
are now out of the country. have you ever regret you being in power that led to this position? thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you very much. i think, you know, the diagnosis you give is the wrong one. i think if the syrian people went out to against the government, the government could not stay for six years against the will of its people. and i would like only to remind you that the turkish government, ugandan government put hundreds of tents on the syrian/turkish borders weeks before any syrian refugee crossed the border. so you can't diagnose something wrong and say do you regret. i don't knorr the moment regret being part of the syrian government because we are standing for our people. we are standing against terrorism and standing for the peace in syria. and may i break something that will be very dangerous?
10:42 am
i will take millions of dollars to leave the syrian government. by countries and parties who claim human rights and who claim that they want to liberate syria. we are here because we abelieve in our country, because we hate treason, and because we hate to be satellite to any power in the world. thank you. >> next. >> hello. karen deyoung with the "washington post." there's been a proposal by the opposition for a ramadan truce starting this weekend. does the government have any interest in that, or do you see that as a possibility that could stop the fighting at least temporarily? and secondly, certainly from the outside there have been a lot of accusations against the government for its use of barrel bombs, particularly indiscriminate weapon that has killed a lot of civilians. would the government think that
10:43 am
in order to stop the death of civilians that it might be a good idea, or does the government have any desire to stop the use of that particular weapon? thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. you know, honestly, i don't want to give up on the idea of a free press, but you are forcing me to do so because i am amazed at how the questions are coming from completely distorted perspective. the opposition does not want to go to negotiate during ramadan because they are all islamists. we do not mind serving our country. the true islam is that islam that fights for the people every day, every night, because the lives of people are more important than anything else. the accusations to my government did not pay any accusation of all these horrible bottles being
10:44 am
dropped on the people. you did not hear about the horrible explosions, about the scho school. it's amazing that you never condemn any terrorist act that the terrorists are taking about against our civilian people. i invite all of you respectable people in this room to rethink what you've been questioning, to rethink what you've been thinking and to try and search for the right information, because we need your voices against terrorism. terrorism is not a monopoly for syria and iraq. you'll find it on your doorsteps. thank you. >> if i can just follow up, actually, we did write quite a bit about the attacks in latakia and we have written quite a bit about the use of what you call gas bottles.
10:45 am
but i'm asking a specific question about the government's action and whether the government believes that there's any advantage in stopping the use of this particular weapon? thank you. >> the government believes in stopping all this war in syria. the government believes that the maximum effort should be made in order to restore peace and security to every corner of syria. because this is all what you are working for and this is all what you want. and this is what we live for. thank you. >> dr. shaaban, i am bassam al hussaini, one of the speakers. there are 40 or 60 countries that are supposed to fight terrorism in syria, the coalition. could they prevent the transferring terrorists to mosul or they fail? that's one question. and the second, we hear that
10:46 am
some of the drop from the coalition went to isis! and they claim it was because of the wind or something like that. so, can you tell us something about that, please? >> i don't think the coalition is interested in stopping the terrorists from raqqah to mosul or mosul to raqqah. and i think it is not a rumor, but it is an established fact that some of the weapons were dropped to the terrorists earlier on, really, and not only once, more than once. i believe that the space for terrorism between raqqah and mosul is the same space, and therefore, we should fight it together. and that's why i said i can't see why the russian federation and the united states cannot join hands in fighting terrorism both in syria and iraq. this would be the best way if we honestly, if everybody honestly believes in fighting and
10:47 am
defeating terrorism. the problem that i face and the problem that we all face, and now it is confirmed to me by the questions of the respectable audience, is that there is no honesty in handling this issue, and there is a lot of rumors that are taken as a fact. unfortunately, investigative journalism is no longer here, and i can see that rumors are making up the minds of so many of the respected journalists, which is a shame, which really is costing us blood here. thank you. >> thank you. next question, please. introduce yourself. >> dr. shaaban, jeff sullivan. a couple questions. you mentioned earlier about some of the things russia brought to syria in terms of finding terrorists and being able to strike to them. given the russian capabilities brought to bear, why have there been so many reports and air
10:48 am
strikes, barrel bombs, but others, hitting hospitals and schools where innocent people would presumably be, and why haven't those russian capabilities been used to avoid that? and my second question. a number of weeks ago, the russians pulled out some of their air power from syria and there were reports that the reason they did that was because they were upset and not satisfied with some of the words and some of the things that president assad was saying. what is the relationship between syria and russia right now? and what more is syria asking from russia to improve the situation? >> i really -- i got your first question, but i didn't get your second. can i sum up your second, that is what syria is asking russia to do? >> yes. given that there were reports that russia was unhappy with some of the statements being made by president assad, what is the relationship right now and what more are you asking of russia? >> okay. okay. thank you.
10:49 am
there is no doubt that, you know, before the russians came to syria, the syrian arab army and the syrian plains were trying their best to fight terrorism. but definitely, we don't have the russian air force, you know. we are not as equipped. we don't have the sophisticated weapons. we don't have the air force capability. that the russian federation have. it doesn't mean that we did nothing before the russians came. we are fighting terrorism for the last five years before the russians came to help us. but when the russians came to help us, we were able to liberate a huge amount of land in syria and many cities and many villages with the help of the russian air force. as for the reports that the russians are unhappy with some of the statements of president assad, you know, we hear that every day, and i think you can judge that those who are not happy with the russian/syrian
10:50 am
relation are always circulating rumors that russia is not happy with the syrian government or iran is not happy with the cooperation with russia. i can assure you that the russian syrian relations are excellent. the cooperation between us is fantastic. and with iran as well and with hezbollah. the russia syrian relations are historic. we know our russian friends very well. our army has always been armed from russia, the officers have served in russia. we know our russian friends are people whom we can rely on very well and we can trust completely. it's a relationship of respect between us. thank you. >> thanks. go ahead. please introduce yourself. >> hello, i'm from reuters,
10:51 am
could you comment on reports that the syrian army and the russian air force are about to launch an operation on the isis held area of dezor, what is your reaction to the u.s. backed operation? >> i'm sorry i'm not a military officer and i have no clue whether they are preparing for operation or no. >> okay. next. >> thank you. >> hi, again, dr. shabaan. >> introduce yourself again. >> ruth from the daily telegraph. we absolutely don't want for you to feel that this is questioning is unfair and we have been doing reporting from both sides. but it's absolutely sort of great to be able to get your responses to some of the questions we've been asking ourselves for a long time. so there's been some in depth studies of bombing patterns by both syria and the regime --
10:52 am
sorry syria and its russian allies. >> didn't you say the syrian government, it's a government like the british government. >> okay. the syrian government and its allies, russia. and it's been found that over 90% of the air strikes that have been seen to date according to spokesman john kirby in october 2015. 90% of those air strikes were not targeng isis areas. 90% of those strikes were targeting smaller less known groups that do not have the same reputation of extremism. i'd like a response to that. >> this is an absolutely unfounded report. i think the americans -- i don't want to say what my opinion -- but even you know the spokesperson of the state department said it's very difficult for us to separate between the other group and to
10:53 am
say who is an extremist and who is not. i would like just to remind you when the russians and americans agreed on the truce or on the cessation of hostilities, they called it -- john kerry himself said anyone who doesn't abide by this cessation is going to be hit very strongly by us, by the americans. unfortunately they didn't do that. i think you have to be on the ground to see how kidnapped people have been sold to one group and another, including the two christian clergyman on the borders of turkey. and they ended up with very different groups. once you are in the noman's land where the terrorists are it's very difficult to tell who it is. i can tell you that they are definitely terrorist groups. they are butchering, kidnapping,
10:54 am
hitting, destroying institution. i would like to make just one clarification. that these people have nothing to do with islam. i'm a muslim woman and i know one major objective of this terrorism is to distort the image of islam in the eyes of western people. even the prophet muhammad have not given the okay to kill non-muslims. thank you. >> thank you. yes. police distributi please introduce yourself is. >> voice of america, persian tv for dr. shabaan, question. the syrian government has
10:55 am
enjoyed a support of the alley iranian government for a long time fighting the opposition. but they have suffered a lot of losses and the iranian government is sending ordinary army troops there to help the president assad. is there any discussion between the government and basher al assad? do you think they are sort of cooling down on supporting military as a strong as before? >> if you allow me to correct one word. they are not fighting opposition, they are fighting terrorists on the ground. again, our relationship with iran is a historic relation. i would like to remind you also that when the war on iran started by saddam hussein, syria was the only country who stood
10:56 am
by hussein. when he was fed with weapons and armaments from the united states of america, we knew that saddam was wrong and that he's attacking southern country which he has no right to. our relationship with iran is based on principle. human rights, sovereignty, international legitimacy and it's not a by chance that the iranians and hezbollah are supporting us. they're supporting us as friends and also on a point of principle in the small global alliance against isis and against al qaeda. i go back to the wonderful title to this lovely meeting. >> please introduce yourself again. >> is it working?
10:57 am
dr. shabaan i want to ask, when was the last time you were here in the united states? have you been in the united states since 2011? and doctor, a quick question for you. how old is your organization? >> very good i will answer this question. >> no, i haven't been -- the last time i was in the united states -- it's a good question, thank you for it. is in 2005 when i was a minister. i arrived there as a minister to see syrian expatriots. they kept one of my assistants for two hours in another room without me knowing why and what they should do. and since that time, i decided that i do not want to visit the united states. although, i receive many invitations, but i have an integrity and i'm not ready to be humiliated at any airport. >> thank you. i want to ask the last question to dr. shabaan. tell us about your nobel prize. a little bit, tell us about it. >> i was one of a thousand women
10:58 am
who were nominated for the nobel peace prize in 2005. i'm very proud. we went long way. we made exhibits, we made conferences. and we have over 50 arab women from the arab world who were nominated because of their work for peace and because of the many years they spent in pursuit of peace. this only brings me to the contradiction between the european union decision and the united states decision not to consider me as a peace advocate while i am. i have always been and i always will be and i hope we shall live in a world where the media performs a better world. i can't thank you enough for allowing me this opportunity. i would like to tell all your respectable audience, this is the least thing that should be done is to communicate with each other, to ask other questions and to hear each other's answers
10:59 am
so that we reach the truth and we do not keep watching a mirage other than finding out the truth. >> thank you so much, dr. shabaan and have a good night. >> thank you very much. >> the last comment from mister -- >> let me make an official announcement. i'll be leading the negotiation with the state department and the american officials. so if you want to volunteer to be on our team, give you name, title and position the outfit that you present, that way you can headed with our team. the team will be a small committee to be doing a negotiation what the next step of gafta and what we're doing to convince them to fight terrorism and al qaeda in the middle east and here. thank you. >> and the last thing i want to ask the question, gafta born in 4th of april, 2014. i think it happened the same day
11:00 am
of martin luther king when he was assassinated. thanks so much. thanks. [ applause ]


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