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tv   U.S.- Vietnam Relations in the 21st Century  CSPAN  June 4, 2016 7:20pm-7:45pm EDT

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also called upon to craft policy . for the complete weekend schedule, go to >> in 1995, 2 decades after the fall of saigon, the united states normalized diplomatic relations with vietnam and president obama recently spent three days visiting the country. next, vietnamese ambassador to the united states pham quang the history oft diplomatic relations between the u.s. and vietnam and how the relationship has changed since the end of the war. this two minute program is part of a three-day conference at the lbj library in austin, texas. >> ladies and gentlemen, please admiral bobby inman.
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[applause] >> in july of 1967, i arrived in be head of sweden to intelligence for the pacific fleet. i would go in party -- i would go in country. to be of 1969, i went out the seventh fleet intelligence officer. a combat by the end of that time, i had grown pretty pessimistic about how this event would play out. when the agreement was signed for the withdrawal, i was not serving in intelligence role.
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i was very pessimistic for what our relationship with that part of the world was going to be over the ensuing years. optimistic, never did i conceive of vietnam that would become a significant trading partner and that we would have substantial number of common interest. i was pleased with the and tonity to address introduce to you the current vietnamese ambassador to the united states. pham quang vinh started college the year saigon fell. 1980, went down to australia to brush up his english, came back and much of
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his career subsequent to that has been focusing on international organizations. in thedone two tours vietnam -- vietnam embassy representing the united nations. he is the highest-ranking career diplomat, still a very young man. it is a great honor for me to introduce to you ambassador pham quang vinh. [applause] pham quang vinh: thank you very much. it is a privilege to be invited to this event. thank you for the hospitality. lbj presentrom the a library and foundation.
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-- presidential library and foundation. i took a great tour of the library and have a working lunch with the chamber of commerce here in austin. i expressed my great thanks to you for that. a wide range of perspectives and experiences.
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chanceiwar give peace a movements. numerous discussions on this war, including those within vietnam -- between vietnam and america. i have been invited to share with you on the same america and vietnam in the to the first century. -- in the 21st century. i share the belief that this will give us a chance to discuss how far our countries have come since the end of the war and what we can do more to further this constructive and comprehensive relationship between our two countries. vietnam and the u.s. have a long history.
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jefferson had been trying to get the right fit from vietnam. he wrote at that point, this has the mostion of being productive. in 1911, 1912, ho chi minh came to find ways for the liberation of his country of vietnam, at that time under french rule. 1941, during world
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war ii, the vietnamese people stood by the allies. in september 1945, vietnam got independence from france. the new declaration of independence included the idea of jefferson. certaintor has given us rights, the right to life, the right to be free, the right to achieve. between 1945 and 1946, president ho chi minh wrote several leaders -- several letters to president truman.
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the war was painful for everyone. president war -- clinton called it a painful and haunting war. kerry called it a failure of the diplomatic spirit. we are happy to have a new chapter. in 1995, president clinton announced normalization of diplomatic relations with
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vietnam and as we look back today, we think those who played a part in ending the war and think the american people from all walks of life for supporting the vietnamese people in this regard. hasunum has been -- vietnam been cooperating fully with the american side. we will continue to be working together for a new future of our relations.
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president clinton, when he announced the normalization of diplomatic relations, on july 11, 1995, took a special note of difficulty.d we have many, americans and vietnamese, working hard to help in the efforts of >> especially the veterans from both sides. cools, thetionship two countries have established a conference of partnership. such efforts of two countries
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and general treatment. p people can mention how vietnam andthe u.s. could overcome be in a relationship of positive . and now when you hear the world -- word vietnam now it is no longer a conflict but a country. we have tried to overcome the consequences of the war. we have reduced poverty to now and achieved a growth
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rate of 67% for many years. vietnam has been leading in several areas such as rice, coffee and other types of productions. we continue to strengthen further our market economy innovation and entrepreneurship. expand the per capita to 3500 u.s. dollars. we have an industrious population with more than 50% under 30 years of age. 38% using social media.
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relations we have always advocated peace, friendship and cooperation. based on mutual respect and benefits. we have been active members of organizationsonal including the united nations. and we have become partners and many bilateral trade tpp andents such as the the fta within the eu. you can find vietnam a reliable partner and a good place for visitors. u.s. and relations, i think we have strong partnerships.
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it was marked by the first ever historic video -- visit to the secretaryg which the met with the oval office on strengthening further. as we address health care and environment and climate change. and in regional and global issues of concern. i've been able to talk about human rights. earlier this year in 2016 president obama will soon be
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visiting vietnam next month in may. we have been making preparations to make sure the visit as a success. that will further strengthen our relations. as we look to the future of our relations. i wish to highlight the following key areas. we continue to deepen relationships on the basis of mutual respect including the sovereignty. it is for the benefit of both peoples.
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in this regard we increase as a priority the exchange of high levels to build trust and cooperate in all areas. it has always been a key pillar and our relationship. i think he also mentioned these figures. from half a billion u.s. dollars to now. was ranks number seven about 11 billion. done especially in the context of the tpp. we will have enhanced trade and economy for all participating
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as a member of tpp we are committed to the tpp and its implementation. we also request that the u.s. will recognize vietnam as a marked economy and do away with technical barriers in our trade relations. we will continue. that was adopted to us last year and the defense corporation of 2011 including in the areas of this security. we will further our core -- cooperation as a priority.
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morepect the u.s. to give assistance to vietnam. vietnam caused u.s. to lift the arms embargo in vietnam. to reflecte removed our full nomine station at the current level of our comprehensive. cooperations such as files and technology. advance our .ooperation in these areas vietnam appreciates the u.s.
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continuation in all of these areas including in the area of startups. we are looking to further promote cooperation in nuclear energy. and number eight across the world. establishmenthe today every year more than 500,000 americans visit vietnam each year and week encouraged to continue greater numbers of tourists, students and
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businesses for these countries. we appreciate the role of relationships with the host country. the two countries recognize the success of the vietnamese community and the many contributions. we continue to increase our ofperation and on attracting mutual concern including natural disaster, border security and wildlife trafficking.
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will alsountries on thecooperation and lower objectives. it highlighted the partnership. we will work together with other for the follow-up of these outcomes. we support the millions in the south china sea. we expressed concern over the .ecent developments in the area all countries must abide by international law especially the
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united nations in the law of the sea. we will refrain from actions and implement fully the declaration of parties in the south china sea. in conclusion i think of vietnam on the u.s. that they are important. met andcountries have created a astounding progress in their relationships. i believe that the two countries .ave solid foundations
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i am honored to be here and thank you very much. [applause] >> american history tv. >> more than 10,000 flee cuba. florida ino key west nearly 2000 votes. why do they come? why are they so many? approximately 100,000 cuban refugees arrived in florida from the port of mariel, cuba. hear from these new arrivals and find out why they left.
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bill clinton accepts his party's presidential nomination in new york city. >> i proudly accept your nomination for president of the united states. incumbent president george h.w. bush excepts his potty -- party's nomination in houston. >> i am proud to receive an honored to accept your nomination for president of the united states. 4:45, on the creation and evolution of british village. greenwich village. >> nobody ever crossed that line. they might cross the line to work as a


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