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tv   U.S.- Vietnam Relations in the 21st Century  CSPAN  June 11, 2016 3:38pm-4:01pm EDT

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>> you are watching american history tv, all weekend, every weekend. to join the conversation, like us on facebook at c-span history. >> in 1995, two decades after the fall of saigon, the united states normalized diplomatic relations with vietnam and president obama recently spent three days visiting the country. next on american history tv vietnamese ambassador to the , united states pham quang vinh talks about the history of diplomatic relations between the u.s. and vietnam and how the relationship has changed since the end of the war. this 20-minute program is part of a three-day conference at the lbj library in austin, texas.
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>> i was pleased with the opportunity to address, particularly to introduce to you , the vietnamese ambassador to the united states. pham quang vinh started college the year that saigon fell. he graduated in 1980. he went to australia to brush up on english and he came back and much of his career subsequent to that has been focusing on international organizations. s in theone two tour vietnam embassy representing the united nations. he is the highest-ranking career diplomat and still a very young man. it is a great honor for me to introduce to you ambassador pham
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quang vinh. [applause] pham quang vinh: thank you very much. i feel a privilege to be invited to this event. i thank you for the invitation, hospitality and arrangements. especially from the lbj presidential library and foundation. earlier today i had a chance to talk with the director of the library. and the chairman and executive director of the lbj foundation. i did take a brief tour of the library and i had a working lunch with the chamber of commerce here in austin.
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and i was able to meet with the daughters of president johnson. i expressed my great banks to you all -- thanks to you all for that. been briefed on the schedule of the summit and its panels, which i think provides a wide range of perspectives and experiences, the antiwar "give peace a chance" movements. and i knew that since the end of the war there have been numerous discussions on this war, including those between vietnam and america. addedaven't added -- have to the facts and studies of our
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actions. i have been invited to share with you on the theme america and vietnam in the 21st century. i believe that this panel will give us the chance to discuss how far our countries have come since the end of the war and what we can do more to further this constructive and comprehensive relationship -- partnership of our two countries. i want to share with you a little bit of the history. vietnam and the u.s. have a long history. ago, thomas jefferson who would later become the third u.s. president, was -- had been trying to get the right fit from vietnam. and he wrote at that point in time, this has a reputation of
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being the most productive. and more than 100 years ago, back in 1911, 1912, ho chi minh to find ways for the liberation of his country of vietnam, at that time under french rule. and as early as 1941, during world war ii, the vietnamese people stood by the sides of the allies. and by promises made by the .llies in september 1945, vietnam got independence in the french declaration the new
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of independence included the ideals of jefferson. "all men have been created equal. we have the right to life, to be happiness." eve between 1945 and 1946, president ho chi minh wrote several letters to president truman. he was in full cooperation with the u.s., however the relationship was missed 70 years ago. was painful for everyone. for us in vietnam, we were forced to defend our freedom and national dependence. we had on told sufferings -- u ntold sufferings, at least until today.
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4 million exposed to the agent orange. andas a haunting war painful war, as president clinton called it. secretary kerry called it a failure of the diplomatic spirit. but we are happy to have a new chapter. a chapter of friends. in 1995, president clinton announced normalization of diplomatic relations with vietnam and as we look back today, we thank all of those who have played a part in ending the war. thank those who played a part in ending the war and the american people from all walks of life for supporting the vietnamese people in this regard.
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vietnam has been cooperating fully with the american side. we will continue to be working together for a new future of our relations. and from the humanitarian spirit, wishing to work with the u.s. president clinton, when he announced the normalization of diplomatic relations, on july 11, 1995, took a special note of those who had difficulty. and includes john kerry representative peterson, among others. and we have many others,
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,mericans and vietnamese working hard to help in the efforts of healing and reconciliation, especially the veterans. from both sides. , sincerelationship grew 2013 the two countries have established comrades of partnerships -- comprehensive partnerships, outlining efforts of cooperation on such paths. in july of secretary last year observed, 20 years ago few people could mention how u.s. on -- vietnam and the could overcome the war and have development of today. and now, when you hear the words vietnam it is no longer
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conflict, but country. wish to talk about vietnam as a country of development. we have worked hard to overcome the consequences of the war. and we have innovation and reform to rebuild our country and all areas. haveresult today we brought the level of poverty from -- to only 5%. and we have achieved a growth rate of 67% for many years. vietnam has been a leading importer in several areas such as rice, coffee and other types of productions. including steve. and we continue -- including seafood. and we continue to strengthen further our market economy innovation and entrepreneurship. that the pert
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to 3500ill be raised u.s. dollars in the next years. we have an industrious population with more than 50% connected to the internet. 38% using social media. and 142% having mobile prescriptions. and on external relations we have always advocated peace, friendship and cooperation. based on mutual respect and benefits. and we now have diplomatic relations with more than 190 countries in the world and have been active members of many regional and international organizations, including the united nations. partners inbecome
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many regional and bilateral arrangements, such as the tpp and the fta within the eu. you can find vietnam a reliable partner and a good place for visitors. now on the u.s. and relations, i think we have strong partnerships. last year, 2015, we commemorated 20 years of relations and it was marked by the first ever visit of the secretary to the u.s., during which he and president obama met in the oval office and really a joint it meant on strengthening further the partnership. recognize the out 90 -- outstanding achievements so far
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in our cooperation, including the economy and trade relations. addressing health care issues, technology, education, environment, climate change, security and defense. and in regional and global issues of mutual concern. we have also been able to talk on differences with human rights. earlier this year, in 2016 president obama will soon be , visiting vietnam next month in may. we have been making preparations to make sure the visit as a success. that will further strengthen our two countries' relations. today, we have stronger partnership as we look to the future of our relations and
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further enhancing the partnership. and i want to highlight the following key areas. we agreed to continue to deepen the relationship on the basis of mutual respect and benefit, including the respect of each other's political systems and sovereignty, and to advance in both multilateral levels, -- tovative two-piece peace and prosperity. in this regard, we will increase as a priority, the exchange of high levels in building trust and to promote cooperation in all areas. trade and investment cooperation has all -- always been a key part of the relationship. the trade volume has increased 90 times and i think that secretary kerry also mentioned
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from half $1 billion to now, over $45 billion. u.s. ranks number seven was about 11 billion. more can be done especially in the context of the tpp. we believe that the tpp agreement will have enhanced trade and job expansion for all participant in countries and wider region. as a member, vietnam is committed to the tpp and it implementation. and we also request that the u.s. will recognize vietnam as a market economy and do away with technical barriers in our trade relations. on defense and security, we will
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continue our bilateral as onation in these areas defense relations. adopted last year, 2000 and eight. and -- 2015. and the cooperation in 2011. including areas like search and rescue. we will further our cooperation as a priority -- issues and we expect the u.s. to give more assistance to vietnam in funding and technology. [indiscernible] vietnam calls on the u.s. to lift the arms embargo in vietnam.
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and believe that this is a barrier of the past and should be removed to reflect our normalization of relations. of we have a lot corporations and other areas -- cooperations in other areas, such as education and technology. we further advance our cooperation in these areas. vietnam appreciates the u.s. vietnamd assistance to and all of these areas, including in the area of startups. as the achievements of the 1,2,3 agreement, we are looking to further promote cooperation in nuclear energy. vietnam now has more than 19,000
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students studying at universities in the u.s., rick and first among the south east nations. and we went from the establishment of universities in vietnam to further her education cooperation. today, every year more than 500,000 americans visit vietnam each year and week encouraged to -- we continue to encourage greater numbers of tourists, students and businesses for these countries. we always recognize those overseas, including the u.s., as part of the nation and facilitating those ties with the the roleand appreciate of relationships with the host country. in the statement of 2015, the
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two countries recognize the success of the vietnamese community in the u.s. and their many contributions. and to better the u.s. and vietnam relations. on regional and global issues, we continue to increase our cooperation on development and on attracting issues of mutual concern, including natural disaster, border security and wildlife trafficking. the two countries will also expand cooperation on global activity and on other initiatives. -- highlighted the partnership. role in that
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cooperation. we work together with other asian companies -- countries, including in the initiative to support the community. security and freedoms of navigation in the south china sea. we expressed concern over the recent developments in the area. all countries must abide by international law, especially the united nations convention on the law of the sea. we will refrain from actions and implement fully the declaration on the conduct of parties in the south china sea. and work for the early conclusion in this area. thatnclusion, i think
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vietnam and the u.s. are important partners. the two countries have met and created astounding progress in their relationships. this is beyond expectations. and our partnership today has moved to multilateral compliments. i believe that the two countries have solid foundation to strengthen our partnership, especially in the context of the coming visit to the is not -- vietnam. i am honored to be here and thank you very much. [applause] >> you are watching american history tv, 48 hours of her grammy and on -- programming
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every weekend on c-span tv. online for information on our schedule you to keep up with the latest history news. ,> next on history bookshelf david talbot discusses and reads passages from his book, "brothers: the hidden history of the kennedy years" and explores the personal relationship between john f. kennedy and robert f kennedy, arguing that the brothers and their closest advisers continually pushed pretty peaceful resolution of the cold war. he also proposes that robert kennedy spent a great deal of time searching for answers on his brothers associate -- on his brothers assassination. this is about one hour. >> good evening and welcome to book passage. with what we think is the


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